The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, February 11, 1895, Image 2

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Subscription Rates:
One Year payable in advance... a oo
Six Month, " " x oo
Three Months. " " 50
MONDAY, FEB. 11, 1895.
In polling our took for the year JS94
tee find there art a number of person in
debted to us tr small amount! which aggre
gate several thousand dollars. Like al
most every body else, we art tadJy in need
of money with which to pay our indebted
nessnot for investment or speculation
Our creditors are in the same fir, and art
crowding vs. Consequently we are com
pelled to urge vpon our friends the neces
sity of the payment of the small amounts
due ut. Therefore we will at the tarliesl
possible moment render a statement oj
account, as appears from our boohs Janu
ary I, 1S$4, to erery person indebted to vs
Where there are so -many small accounts it
"it ncrf to impossible to keep all of them cor
rectly, hence when you receive a statement
.and think it is incorrect, even if you
have paid it and we failed to give gou
credit, don't "fly off the handle" and get
- mad, (ut write kindly and tell us about it
if you can't Write kindly, write any way,
for tee want ft hare our books comet. If
you can't pay the whole amount of yourbill,
a vortion of it will be thankfully received.
and if it is not convenient for you to pay
any of it, let us knotc that fact also. We
would be pleased to hare erery person re
ceiving a statement of account to acknow
ledge it receipt at their earliest conven
Hon. John I. Stevens, ex-minister
to Hawaii, died at Aagnsta, Maine,
last -Friday.
Many democratic papers and poll
hcians are sorely distressed because
Senator Dolph has not been re
There is some consolation in the
fact that the present legislature Kill
retire Friday of next week. This is
indeed fotrnnate.
According to tha Oregonian the
judgment of thn pnoplo of Clatsop
county is expressed by the principal
newspaper of the county because it
favors the re-election of Dolph
Hera in Douglas it is quite different,
because every newspaper in the
county is opposed to Dolph.
There is still room for hundreds of
intelligent fruit growers in Douglas
county, such as will plant the right
thing in the right place, take pioper
care of the trees when growing,
prune properly, and when bearing
thin properly, pick at the right stage
of ripeness and pack nicely in clean
boxes, fight all damaging insects and
fungi with the best implements and
insecticides to bo had, and otherwise
using all the intelligence they hare
in their business. Eternal Tigilanca
is the price of good fruit in this or
any other country, and for that rea
son we think there will always be a
good price for good frnii. Concert
of action and union of purpose
among irmt growers, is all that is
necessary to make fruit shipping
, profitable and maintain it so.
A. dispatch from Washington rem
iniscently discusses the fact that dur
ing Harrison's administrariou the
national debt was considered any
thing but a national blessing, for
the then secretary of the treasury
actually offered a premium to the
holders of bonds to turn them in, so
that the idle money in tha govern
ment's vaults might be utilized.
While the correspondent who tele
graphed this observation may fancy
that he has made a discovery, it is
nevertheless the fact that the people
have been well aware of it for many
months, and that the general allusion
of tha knowledge of this particular
circumstance, bad a good deal to do
with the Waterloo of the democratic
party in November last It might
be added that nothing could contri
bute more to the success of the re
publicans in 1S9G than to permit tbe
orators of the party to point to tbe
fact that during Harrison's adminis
tration tbe national debt was re-
duced $250,000,000, and the interest
charge accordingly, while during tbe
reign of Grover it was increased
$600,000,000, as it will be if his rec
ommendation is carried out.
Under the Harrison administration
complete reciprocity was established
with Germany by which the sugar of
that country was admitted into this
free of duty while the meat products
of tbe United States were admitted
without restriction into Germany.
The result for this country was
cheaper sugar and a better market
for our meat products. But now
under the policy which was to "cap
ture the markets of the world for us"
you know, all that has changed. In
response to the demands of the
sugar trust, the tariff npon (hat art
icle was restored, and in retaliation
Germany has laid an embargo upon
American cattle and dressed meats of
all kinds, thus closing to us a market
that had grown to an amount of sev
eral millions annually. In like man
ner the great trade ihat bad been
built up between this country and
Cuba, by virtue of reciprocity treaties
with Spain, has been already almost
as completely destroyed as if tha
island of Coba had sunk into the sea.
The democratic administration has
succeeded almost as well in destroy
ing foreign trade as it bos in paralyz
ing domestic industry. But democ
racy is doomed, doomed to complete
This country is the greatest con
sumer of tin plate in the world. Tin
plate, wo need hardly explain, ia a
thin sheet of iron or stool coatod with
tin, the cover or envelope giving tbe
name to the product instead of tho
base or foundation.
Tho history of tin plate has boon
written so often us to mtiko repetition
ridiculous. For years this country
has drawn ii supplies, of tin pinto
from Wales, and it is to bo noted
that whenever tho import duty on
tin plate has beon low tho price of
the article has beou higb, and that
whenever there has betn nn nttompt
to enconrago tho manufacture of tin
plate in tho "United States by a
reasonable protective duty tho Welsh
manufactures hayo reduced tho sell
ing price of their product.
The secretay of tho Association of
Iron and Steel Manufacturers of tho
United States has announced very
recently that tho tiu-plato manufac
turing industry of the United States
is to bo increased at once. Tho pros
ent ontput of tin plate in this coun
try is about 230,000 tons per year,
and the new plants willbring it up
to 290,000 tons, which will nearly
meet tho requirements of tho conn
try. This increaso in out-put is the di
rect and obvious result of tho protec
tive tariff. The tariff act of 18S3
made tho duty on tin plate 14-10
cents per pound; the McKinley bill
raised it to 2 2-10 conts after July .1,
1891; tho Wilson bill reduced it to
1 1-5 cents after October 1, ISM. but
the Wilson rate, takin? into consid
eration the cheapness of tho compo
nent materials .of tin plate at tho
present time, is quite as much pro
tectiou as tho McKinlo bill, and
hence the remarkable increase in tho
number and output of tin-plate man
ufactories in the United States.
Wales has learned the difference
between frep trade and protection, so
far as tin plate is concerned, and it
has been declared pnbliclyftby Eng
lish trade journals that hereafter
Wales could not find a market for
her tin plate iu this country. Wo
can make tin plate to just as good
advantage as Wales can, unless tho
product be put on the free list, and
even the democratic party will bo
shy at taking such a step as that.
Saturday the president sent a mes
sage to congress announcing that,
after "cautious preparations" had
been pending for several days, ar
rangements had been concluded with
parties abundantly able to fulfill
their undertaking, whereby bonds of
the United States, authorized under
the act of July 14, 1875, payable in
coin 30 years after their date, with
interest at therate of 4 per cent per
annum, to amount to little less than
$62,400,000, are to be issued for tbe
purchase of gold coin amounting to a
sun fjlightly in excess of $65,000,000
to be delivered at tbe treasury of tho
United State3; which sum, added to
the gold now held in our'reserve, will
so rest in such reserve as to make it
amount to something more than
100,000,000. Such premium is to be
allowed to the government npon the
bonds as will fix the rate of interest
upon the amount of gold realized at
3J per cent p er annum.
In Memorian.
A fond and loving son and brother has
passed away under circumstances most
harrowing to -affectionate friends and rel
atives at home in Roseburg. One hun
dred and fifty miles north of Moscow cn
Salmon river, and amid bleak winds and
heavy drifts of snow, far away from kin
dred and loved ones, W. Edward Ruckle
met the grim monster Death, was strick
en with his icy darts, laid low wilb tbe
earth, and passed to that realm from
which no traveler returns. He was bom
July 2, 1842, and surrendered bis Euirit
to tbe God that gave it, February 1, 1E95.
Edward Ruckle is remembered here as a
happy-hearted youth, one who was al
ways greeted by bis associates with a
pleasing smile and a hearty grasp of the
hand, signifying a warm and kiting
friendship. Bat that smile will no more
be seen on this earth, and no more can we
grasp that generous, hand now icy cold
beyond the portals of tbe grave. Bet we
can cherish in oar hearts his kindly acts,
bis devotion to kindred, and tbo serene
and cheerful disposition characteristic of
his lite. Yet, we have one consolation,
for no more will tbe tumultuous waves of
life's giddy eea again cause pain or an
guish to his immotUl spirit which is cow
at peace and rest with big God. Wo
drops tear to bis memory, and extend a
heartfelt sympathy to tbe beieaved par
ents and relatives.
Take rosea in both hands and strew
The graves of those to honor known.
But. oh! ono tender thought 11 doe
To him who died alone, far from kindred
andlfiends. A tniESD.
Lower Olalla Items.
Died, at his residence in Ten Mile.
Feb. 6th, Wm. N. McCulIock. aged 6
years. "One more has joined tbe innum
erable caravan that moves to tbat
mysteiions realm, where each ehall tike
Hischamberin the silent halls of death."
MissJLettie Cooper is ajain staying in
the Lower valley.
Mr. Beno has established himself at
W. R. Wells' as "chief cook and bottle
There is eomo talk of a dance in the
Olalla school house tho 221 of this
month. of tbe yonng psople of this place
say tbey are going to Camas Feb. 14, to
attend the mask ball. Perhaps they are
only ''talking through their hats."
It looks now as though there would be
a lively competition for the Olalla spring
terra of school. Wo sincerely hope there
will beno hair pulling.
Monte CmsTo.
How's This!
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for
any cavi ot Catarrh that cannot bo cured by
lull's Catarrh Core.
V. J. CHENEY it CO., Vtop., Toledo. O.
We tbe undersigned hare known F. J.
Cheney lor the latt 13 years, and believe him
perfectly honorable In all business transaction
and financially able to carry out any obliga
tion made by their firm.
Wrrr &Telmx, Wholesale Druggist, Toledo, O.
Kisjuw ii Marvix, Wholetalo Druc
glsu, Toledo, O.
Hall'f Catarrh Cn re Is taken Internally, acting
directly upon tbe Mood and mucous snraccs nl
the system. Price 73c. per bottle. Bold by all
Druggists. Testimonials free.
A Majority In the U. 5. Senate
Favor Freo Coinage.
It is admitted that tho voico of tho
Eastern Statos, especially as heard
through bankers, boards of trade and
commercial .association, is generally
against tbo freo coinage of silver. Theso
classes have lately been Keeping tho
wires warm with nppeals to members of
congrebs to stand by tho president, or to
help out tho administration bill to, do
anything to maintain gold tnonometalism
and defeat, if only temporarily, all plans
for tho remonetixation of silver.
Tho fact is that in the East, as has
been much tin case until lately in Ore
gon, tbo people have heard but little ex
cepting on ono side of the question.
Tboy havo been deceived by an ignorant
or a Rtibsidired press. Ttie same pot
phrases that are familiar to renders of
the Oregonian, such a9 "honest money,"
"sound principles," "natural ' laws,"
"debased currency," "30-cont dollars,"
otc, etc., have been kept before them
until they generally supposo they and
the fallacies and sophistries based upon
them are irrefutablo financial truths.
Yet tho light is spreading, even in
daikcst Now York and Boston, and the
silver sentiment is growing.
It is undoubtedly growing fastor among
the people than is indicated as yet by
their representation in congress, but even
there tbo silver cause has mado substan
tial and practical gains within two years.
Tbat it has done so while during the
same time the republican party won its
most complete victory tinco tbo war,
and the most pbenominal victory of its
history, is of it&lt sufficient refutation of
tho asset lion that the republican party is
and always will be indissolubly weddod
to gold tnouometalism.
No accurate and trustworthy canvass of
the next hcuso of representatives has
been made, though since bimetalist re
publicans are coming to tho front every
who e and confouodiug tho goldoliters,
it tiwy l asnmed that quito a number
of tbe new congressmen who aro relied
upon by tho tnonometnlita will disap
point them when the test comes, just us
tbey havo in the legislature of Oregon
this winter. But in the senate tbo post
tion ot senators has been pretty accur
ately ascertained. The vote taken on the
repeal of the Sherman law, on October
20, 1S93, 6t.o wed that 20 democratic and
23 republican senatora voted for it, and
19 republicans, 9 democrats and 4 popu
list; against it, the total being 43 for and
32 against.
Bet the conditions have since then
changed in favor of the free-silver cause.
Last week press dispatches announced
that several senators bad made a careful
canvass, with the result tbat fortj-seven
senators were in favor of free silver coin
age and thirty-nine wero opposed. This
left Dark of Wyoming and Wilson of
Washington oat- of tho calculation, but
there is little doubt that one, if cot both,
of them will vote for. silver reioonelira-
; tion and coinage. It also counted Dolph
on the side of the goldoliters, but from
present appearances he will not have a
vote or voice in the next congress Tbe
poll as then made up ttands as follows:
For freo silver Messrs. Allen, Bate,
Berry, BUckboru. Blanchard,. Boiler,
Call, Cameron, Cockrelj, Coke, Daniel,
Dubois, Faulkner, G'eorge, Gordon,
Hansbraugu, Harris, Ilnnton, Irby,
Jones (Ark.), Jones (New), Kyle, Mc
Laurin, Mantle, Martin, Mills, Mitchell
(Or.), Morgan, Pasco, reuer, Perkins,
Pettigrew, Power, Prilchard, Pogh, Ran
som, Koach, Phoup, Squire, Stewart,
Teller, Turpic, Vest, Yoorhces, Waku,
White and Wolcott. Total 47.
Against free coinage Messr. Aldricb,
Allison, Brice, Bnrr" Caflery, Cam
den, Carey, Chandler, Cultom, Davis,
Dixos, Dolph. Fryc, Gillmger, Gibson,
Gorman, Gray, Ilale, Hawley, Higgins,
Hill, Hoar, Lindsay, Lodge, McMillan,
3IcPberson, Mandereoa, Mitchell (Wis.),
Morritl, Murphy, Painter, Piatt, Proctor,
Quay, Sherman, Smith, VHas, Wash
burn, Wilson. Total 33. s
Again referring to tbe claim that the
republican party is bound to stand for
the single gold standard, and tbat it
should so stand unitedly, here in Oregon,
it should be noticed that in the first list
above quoted are the names of ten repub
licansnot populists, but men who are
rt ill republicans, such as Cameron of
Pennsylvania, Dnbois of Idaho. Perkins
of California, Hansbrongh of Dakota and
Squire of Washington. Also that a
cumber of democrats, liko Gray, 15 rice
and Gorman, are counted with the oppo
sition. Hill's name is also placed there,
though it is supposed he may .come over
to the free coinage side. Notice, also,
tbe fact, one tbat should have signifi
cance and weight with the Oregon legis
lature, that every fa r-Western senator,
every one not only from the PaclGc wast
but west of the Mississippi (except
Carey, retired, is for free coinage. Is
Oregon to lw alone among all this great
western half of tuo continent?
The list as above printed is not as
favorable to silver as it should ba made,
for Nelson will goon succeed Washburn,
from Minnesota, Clark will succeed
Carey from Wyoming, and Dolph will bo
retired from Oregon. Then the free coin
age strength in tho senaato will be
greater than ever before, and irresistible.
Of course, this does no: carry the causa
through. The hoa3e it yet doubtful, and
the president stand? as an impassable
barrier to the restoration of the people's
money for it is not presumed that two
thirds can bs obtained in both houses for
free silver; but these facts aro sufficient
to show tbat tho people's money cause is
gaining ground, that it has done so con
currently with republican success, and
that tbe West is tinanimoua.for it jav6
only Dolph and his supporters in Oregon.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Highest Award.
1 ot Oregon, for the County of Douglaa.
Kettle J. Kern, I'lalntlff j
George E. Klcrn, Defendant J
To Ocorgc E. Kern, Defendant.
In the name of the state of Oregon, you ore
hereby required to appear and aniwer the com
plaint filed against you In tbo above entitled
suit within ten days from tho date of thoscrvlce
of thli summons upon you, If served within this
County: or, If served In any other County of this
State, then within twenty days from the date of
the service of this Summons upon you; and If
you fall so to answer forwant thereof tho plaint
iff will take judgment and decree against you to
dlssolrc the bonds of matrimony between
plaintiff and dcfe.idant and award to plalntltr
the rustody ol raid children, Charles Kern, Les
ter Kern, Walter Kern, and that plaintiff havo
her costs and disbursements herein.
Thin summons Ii Duhllshed hv nn'fr nt linn
U. C. Fullcrton, Judge of the aborcd name Court,
iTnicii orucr was mouu at unambcrs tne zil any
of February, 189."..
Attorneys for Plaliitlfl.
$50.00 IN PRIZES
To bo Given nt the grand Mask Ball.
Fob. 14. This ball promises to be tbo
largest and most brillia affair of tho
season. Prizes will bo civen as follows:
Best dressed lady, second best dressed 1
lntfy,. best sustained character, lady;
neatest ana cuoapest uresecu lauy;
best display of old programmes of
dances given by T. Ki Richardson to
be attached to dress, either lady or gent ;
best dressed gentleman, second best
dressed gentleman, best sustainod char
acter, gentloman ; most comical charac
ter, best clown. Doors open at 7:30.
The K. of P. band will ontertain the
audionco with some fine selections, and
also one fine selection from tho orchestra
displaying tho effect, of our fine kettle
drums, while the maskers are getting
ready for tho grand march at 0 o'clock
sharp. There will bo one fino prize given
to the one in tho andienco holding tho
lncky number. T. K. Riciiakdsox.
All persona attending tbo mask ball.
February 14th. can havo one horso kept
free of charce for each ball ticket at Jaa.
Young's stable, by order of T. K. Rich,
Mrs. David Stager
Chills and Fever
Left ma emaciated, with distressing couch, no
appetite, pain In chest, shoulder, back aad
Hood's Cures
stomach. Four bottles ot Hood's EamparUIa
pro mo strensth. pood appeUta aad fceahn.
ilss. David Bioont, VTllcor, Nebraska.
Hood's PIII3 win new friends dally.
It Is sold ca & irsannteo by all drug
gists. It cures Incipient CoastuapUoa
aadiatiiobrrt Couri aadCrouo Cure.
For sale by M. F. Rapp. Druggist.
ViUUryiL&dexpcsKspaldwMkijtroia 1atL3
H rtraaatntpntttlon. ExctsslntrrrttaryBiH
m Experieaco ca&eccry. PeealUrjfMH
M adraataaMtabMlaam. U!mlJk jt
H ccrTln.oq to local WrJVrM
Hcnvtrs ot clua. P00!!
J Lsrty.TtHabto VsassrtiMB II
ff narscrr M fartWrrluLrf. f
Ml sScr. ps' IxwTx aad gastfra-'fl
1 jHKh. pWwmnt TOTOOW.wtiJlB
WsM yby tha trail tatawtrj Is Mil
tmTeSmk 4t3rBXiatltM. Good chun 'orYl
-."vlLdTattcccmt. Oatfit aad fnU par- II
Kunlin rrtw. BROWS BXOS. CO. cor- W
ariTtua. ronuad. Ore. rrau aesx Is 19
Jr rttub:. Xtmtlls hpt- IAJ JJt
' Proprietor of
I The City Meat Market,
Aad Dealer in
CW Orders taten and Delivered Free rncaUn- C
toanj-partoftheCltr. KOSeDUTg, (Jr.
1 1 1
2 3
h 1
WILLIS & WILLIS, Proprietors.
Free Coach. Commodious Sample Rooms for Commercial Travelers.
Blacksm iths and Mach inists
Are now located in their new shops on
Stephen Street, between Oak and Cass,
And are prepared to do work in their lino with neatncBS and dispatch.
Give them them n trial nnd bo convinced,
Four Una or leu under this head 15 cents per
month: each additional line 6 eenti per month. jYo
adccrtitCT.xcnt taken for lest than !5 cents.
Notice to TrcHpuBHers.
Notice- is hereby givon tlmt all persons
hunting upon, removing wood from, or
otherwise trespassing upon tbo "Bushoy
estate," will bo prosecuted.
Kosobwg, Aug. 8, 1894.
D. S. K. Buick, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that nil persons
removing wood or cutting wood from my
land will bo prosecuted. My land is tho
S. Ii. Jjol tlioS W. .'40! section 19,
township 27 south, range Cwest,' in
Douglas county, Uiegon.
KuiHLrn Jknkik.
l'or Hale.
Under this head you can adrcrthe for talc your
farm, houte. horse, cow. or aniithtnn die von mau
with to dUpose of at a colt of ii rents per month.
Try it.
For Sale. Good oak wood at $2 per
tier, promptly delivered; leave orders at
J. F. Barker's store. Zacic Bakkkii.
For Salo. A good home of 1C0 acres,
12 miles from railroad; 40 acres cleared ;
good water, small orchard in bearing,
plenty of small fruit; fair Oregon house
and barn ; 4 horses, 15 cowh ami plenty of
farm machinery to run tbo farm. For
prices and terms enquire of S. B. Hon
drickfi at tho Review ollico or of tho
county surveyor at tho court house
X ; Emu vi liibuc, i wuu iiiivv cji.iij
hack. " V ill trade for grain or cows.
Apply to
Cias. Vanzile.
Good dry oak wood for salu at $2 per
tier, delivered every Saturday. Leave
orders at Mrs. Boyd's" grocery store.
Jons Botcher.
For Sale. Old papers,
at 25 conts per iiundred.
at this cilice.
Wanted, :i reliablo man orhu!y;for
steady position. Address X, ctiruD.iily
Tribune, Wilbur, Douglas Countv, Or.
For Rent.
You cm adeertite your home, farm or room for
rent for 35 cents per month iu this dejjartmctd.
The Odd Fellows Building Association
will receive projwsals for renting the
Opera House lor ono jcar, from Fob. I,
1S95, eusuing. Rents pajablo monthly
in advance. Tho directors reserve the
right to reject any and all bids. Address,
Jos. Micelli, Secy.
Great Opportunity for Prune Farming
On a Large Scale.
1720 acres of choico valley and low
hillside land, all under board aud wire
fence, several hundred acres iu cultiva
tion, the very Lest of fruit lacd.has good
natural drjinage, freo from frost, good
house, wood, water, etc., threo miles
from railroad. The vicinity has tine or
cliards and thi.i is a tare for 11
colony of prune growers. Tho property
ociongi 10 uitser;; parlies ana must
be sold. Price $10 per acre, i,' cash,
balance in eight annual payments with
G per cent interest. (Discount allowed
for cash).
Have lands of every kind throughout
the county for iov prico and easy terms.
D. S. K. Bcick, Roseburg, Ore.
To The Insuring Public
The undersigned has the following
answer to make to thu charges made
against him in the Ros bug Review by
a would be insurance aent who goes bv
the name of Wayne Jones, towit: That
on the ISthday of January, 1S95, the
old reliablo Home Insurance Co. of New
York, with cash a.-ets of $9,000,000, did
Discharge the said Jones us their agent
and appointed tho undersigued as their
Agent for this city and vicinbv. .My
comtnlsstoii hangs' in inv ollico" in the
irjuio in nuicu saiu Jones lormerly had
his and ran be inspected bv anyone de
siring to see it. All who wish to insure
in the Home will please call at my office
in icejiarstcrs oioce.
L. D. Uakix, Agent.
rooiiry, a-isu nun uamc.
In Scnsojt
1 J . 1 1 . 1 1 J 1 1 1 1 , 1 . , 1
4 5 U 7 S 9 10 11 12
Is what we give to every cus
tomer, for vc believe the best
advertisement possible is a cus
tomer pleased with what we
have sold them, they will come
again and again, aud their friends
will come too.
We are not here for a day
or for a month.
We are Here to Stay.
.Roseburg, Or.
For a Few Days.
Boys Suits 50
Men's Suits 7 50
Men's Wet Weather Shoes 2 00
Men's Underwear 75
Latest. Style Hats 2 00
Boss of the Road Overalls-Best 50
Hackintoshes at Greatly Reduced Prices.
Ladie's Dress Goods Reduced 25 per cent.
These goods have all been received
within the last month, and are the
. . latest styles and not shelfworn.
Don't delay this golden opportun
ity, and call on
The Boss Store.
32G and 328 Jackson St.
We call the attention of our
friends to our beauti
ful stock of
HEasy Rockers
Bed Room Sets
Parlor and Dining Chairs
Rugs and Carpets
And all Household
Our Stock is $
Unexcelled by Any House
South of Portland NO trouble to
wiuuiu ut roilWIJU. SHOW GOODS.
he Long
is Here
or all Sizes aud Styles.
Turning and Fruit Boxes
Window aud Door Frames
Made to Order. A SPECIALTY.
ttttf mm ttflftfip
Of capacities varying from i to 25
horse power affords the most con
venient, economical and reliable
power for all light service. One of
these may be seen running at this
office. Send for circulars.
121 Main Street, San Francisco, Cal.
4 Stroag
Bet. Oak and Washington.
Prepare for it wisely. We offer
unusually good reasons why you
should buy from us.
Everything offered for sale is fresh;
bought for the Holiday Trade and
sold at very reasonable prices.
We have a very choice"-stock of
canned goods, including both fruits
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your special attention.
Our line of Olives, Gherkins, Pick
els, Sauces, etc., is also complete.
We cany the largest stock of to
baccos in Southern Oregon.
CO., Grocers.
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We are always in the Lead, and mean to
keep there.
The Golden Harvest is npon us, and farm.
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' Iooits to their interest.
Full Trimmed
These aro all Leather and Warranted.
At Reduced Prices.
Consult yonr parse and be sure and see
Woodward before baying.
Eu jut receired a new aad extenaird itock o
Ladies' Dress Goods, Eibbons, Trimiiuiifts,
Laces, Etc, Etc
Of tha test quality and flnUb.
Wood,' Willow and Glass Ware, -
Crockery, Cordage, Etc.
AI on hand in Ur?b quintlUe and at price to
ouit tie times. Abo a large itock of
Custom-Made Clothing
Which la offered at coat price. A fall and
select atoci of
Constantly on hand. Also tha v"'1
General agent for erery Tarietr ot subscription v
cooks and periodicals published ia the United
pera -wuiin? readirar matter of any.
sand -will do to grre tie m.
axyxn a cream bt
I. D. HOLDEN, Stockton, Ca!.
The Turf and Sportsman's Authority of -tho
Pacific Coast.
All the Latest
Racing News
of the Country.
The Best Medum for
Advertising Stallions.
And everything appertaining to the Turf
and Field Sports as well as for Sporting
Goods, Medicines for Horses and other
. 0 , uuuijii(,uca, ciu.
i-na leading paper of its class west of
flhlMm . .1 . .. . ..
uu"6i me representative ot tne
vast breeding interests in California.
Special department conducted by
Jos. Cairn Simpson.
It is essentially a newspaper cotining all
the Gossip and Sportind events of the
day, given in such a bright, entertiening
Ann ronaKTA m r. n n . ...
.v..u.u Aiitmuci as lu ujuko mo pa
per a neceisty to overybody interested in
horse matter and legitimate sport.- Sam-
nl O finnina n m I .J 'i .
. u .ice, uuu vim ue gem. on
application to any address.
313 Bush St., SanFrancisco, Cal.
F. W. Kelley, Manager.
Mineral, Railroad. Aricultural.
HOG G St., N. W. Washington, D. ft.
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Kaiirpaa ana Agricultural claims, and Late?
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Correspondence Solicited