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MONDAY, FEU. 4, 1S95.
Ho, Ho, Boys, Look Here.
Como and sec our J.anI limes $20 suits
and f3.r0 pants. ouar.inteeu1 for ono
year at Chicago Tailor's, in with Milli
kcn. A Fraternal Yisit.
Dr. J. L. Hill, grand chancellor of tho
Grand Domain of Oregon, K.of I'., paid
tho ledge of this city a fraternal visit
Saturday evening. Tho meeting
largely attended aud his lecture
i hiclilv annrecialod hv all
Another Insan: Asylum.
"Representative Smith of Josephine has
introJiK-c 1 a I ill for a branch asylum in
Donglar, JacS-eoa or Josephine county,
costing not more than $100,000. A peti
tion asking f cr its location here has been
in circulation
Gaining Notoriety.
Josephine county's lone representative
is becoming Quito noted. Regarding
him the S-h:n Statesman says; If the
house does rcl-munio Mr. Smith of Jos
ephtne i: w 1 leach very little important
business this session, lie undo takes to
ran the whole ai-seuibry, speaker and all,
and flits fr.m seat to seat endeavoring to
bulldoze members to his way of thinkiug
in a most offensive manner aud is on his
feet w;th a chip oa his shoulder upon all
Quarterly fleeting.
The third quarterly conference for the
conference year of IS94, tin' Koseburn
mission, will convene at the church in
this city on the 9th and 10th of February,
thelosmess session to be held on the
9th ins., p:eccdcd by preaching. Ser
vices bigin at 2 p. in., alsa preaching in
tho g at 7 :3e. Sei vices on the fol
lowing Sabbath at 11 a. m , again in the
evening a. 7 .SO To these services we
welcome all. W. Ueynolus, Pastor.
To Amend the City Charter.
Keprc eatative Shl'orede is contem
plating introducing a bill to amend the
charterer It -ebarg. He has written
different ;:-'i s ia l.osebnrg coocerning
the sarr r ar .1 outlines his plans as fol
lows: ift TiiuM have fHtir wards, with
two council men for each ward, all lobe
elected at the neit elect)!-, one half for
-one year, the oilier half for two years,
and one to be elected thereafter to serve
for two years. He woahl also provide
for the election cf a mayor by the voters
to serve cne year.
"Irish Aristocracy.
'Irish A'HtocriCj" at the opera bocse
Thursday an J Friday evenings promises
to draw a Urge crowd. The specialties
to be presented are all "catchy" and will
be much enjoyed by all who attend, i
The music is a very popular feature and !
none like good music more than the poo-1 Oakland.
pie ot Kosebnrg. Barke Broe . have thej E. L. Goodridge, one of Cany onville's
reputation of presenting good things to 'well known citiien, was in Roseburg
the public and they proanise a good en-1 Salnrdav.
terUinment for those evenings. The !,,,, . . .
trick donkey is a winning card and' Meals at all hours at the Kandy
should be seer. j Kitchen, southeast corner Taylor A Wil-
t- t u- r, ' -7" i son block.
Taken His Position. . , ,. . . .. , . ..
i ..... ; Jack Abraham is still on deck, his
Frof. E B M'EJrovassaaied his duties ',, , . ... .- . , , .
as an instruct-- in the University of Ore-
t, i s ..
dorznitorv Las been fitted p for hb use j Md shoe3 made aod repaired at
at prese-It, ,t bei- the oal v room now L Langenberc's shoe store. First class
available fcrnse. The regents arc en- and low pnces
titled to the thanks of the people of Ore- xv- w- Card well, Esq , has been
goa for their selection. Pro. Mc-; spending the past few days at Salem, on
iJioy sicrg years o wocj: in connection
with edcea'ina! interests renders his '
.. u
EchoeL-Engece Register.
The Fair of '94.
A copy of tLe report of F. A. McCall, '
Secretary of the "-ecood Sucthera Oregon
District Agricultural Society, has been
received from the state pria'er It con- .
talcs s list tif premiers awarded and j
pzia, ice rares. etc., ana is -.c.- arm-
pieie sr.a coaveaieauy arraugeu. me (
following is the nttaacisl statement : (
1 il.. j ti i
From stala
Gates .
Hack licenses
Stock ... , . . .
Race entries ... .
Stand licenses
Commissioa on pool?.
.". & 50
57 75 ,
Iwj -ij 1
440 M:
117 50 1
61 SO '
2,374 00
Expense warrants
Speed warrants
j SO
824 40
$-f35S 00
M-oahasd 16 00
The Silver Lake Sufferers.
The following letter is self-explanatory,
and show: that there are people within
the borders ci oar own Etate needing
assistance Tiie letter is as follows :
Silvze, Jan. 27. Mr. D. S. K.
T, r i t..i r ti :
ui. ? i ' proves true we will hare six weeks more
lour letter of January lithis received,!" .
and will answer to the best of my ability. ! ' winter.
I was in town the d2y that I received! Hon. Plinn Cooper and wife left for
your letter, and made inquiries of the ! Corvallia Sunday morning to visit the
derent persons and the cornroittee ap-' w of th who ig eerioa3ly ill
pointed to look after the sick, and find ; . ' '
the following facts as near as I could get ; pncmonia.
at them: Tte following named persons Karl's Cover Root, the great Blood
are the worst cases . Geo. Payne, badly ' verifier gives freshness and clearness to
burned a Soring man with no means ; . , ie Complexi on and mm Constipation,
he may lot the chances are against . 0. '
him; be reisires four watchers, two off: -JCh?., -We., 1.00.
and two on; his casa is truly pitiable;
'ffjTf16 i!,Ioin 3 3nd .oae:faaIf 1
of blood from lower end of spinal column i
every twenty four hours,. Roy Ward !
was badly burned ; requires two watch-j
VhJP1 ;Xards -baTe i"?aie aly 1
' HJIUUI fCUCIVU. .!. " nuj ...
tne war, but did not draw lull pension.
Boy Ward was wording for wages and
lost a child in the lire. Mrs. Labrie
badly burned and requires four nursc3.
Do not know the financial condition of
Mr. Labrie, but she is receiving aid name
as the others. Clara .-nelling 13 also
174U1J ourneu anu requires iwo nurtcs ;
her mother, sister of Mrs. Owsley burned
to death, and lier brother Robert was so
badly burned that he died eoine time ago. 'ciarCi, closed last Thursday evening,
TheSneLings are without means. Gertie! d . re0pened at the Baptist
Eatick was quite badly burned. The i , , ,
ffimiiv- ar carina for her. but thev are I church Sunday evening.
very needy. Ira Harnitlon badly burned, '
and the family are really :n need of assis
tance. Hie chairman of the committee,
Mr. Marshall, told mc that citizens of
Lakeview had subscribed quite liberally,
but wanted to furnish supplies, as money
was very scarce. He also told me that
the watchers generally gave their time
but wou!d have to be boarded ; also that
up to the present time money had been
contribute J to meet their obligations. I
read your letter to Mr. Marshall and ho
said if your people contribute anything,
monoy would be bv-t, as we could get
supplies here easier than money. I
would saggest if you sent any money, to
tend it to Mr. John or Walter Buick who
would apply it where most needed. A
number of families who were in needy
carcumstanses, have contributed beyond
their ability and arc now really in want.
A number more are burned, but are
cared for by friends and arc out of dan
ger. The friends arc doing all they can.
1 remain, Yours respectfully.
A. Salzmau, tho reliable jeweler.
J. T. Bryan, tho Busy Watchmaker.
L. Belfils, watchmaker, Rosoburg, Ore
Tho city tax levy of Salom is 10 mills
Repairing a specialty nt Langenberg's.
For a good 5-ccnt cigar call oa Mrs.N.
A choice linoof stationery at Markers'
drug store.
K. B. Ireland was iu from Ten Milo
last Friday. .
For first-class dentistry go to Dr. Little
of Oakland.
A. Fenton of Myrtlo Croek was in tho
city Friday.
Jas. Tiller of Days Creek was iu tho
city Saturday.
Eastern oysters on tho half shell, at
tho Kandy Kitchen.
Pure fresh candies manufactured at
the Kaudy Kitchen.
The cold frosty uights and clear sun
shiny days continue.
W. Kramer of Myrtlo Creek was visit
ing in the city Friday.
Key West, imported and domestic
cigars at tho Roseleaf.
S. M. Kelly came over from Oakland
on Friday evening's local.
Call at Marsters drug store for blank
and memorandum books.
You can get a 50-cent novel for only 10
cents at tho City News Stand.
The latest novels only 10 cents uach,
at Geo. Langenberg's newstand.
C. Y. Benjimin, of tho Pi.usdkai.kii,
is spending a few days at Salem.
Geo. W. Kiddle was in tho city Satur
day. He is a strong Dolph man.
Pacific Coast and Eastern oysters in
any style at the Kandy Kitchen.
-Miss Virginia Cameron was up from
French Settlement last Saturday.
A. C. Cos came iu from the upper
waters of Deer Creek last Saturday.
Deltner Dison of North Utupqua was
doing busiuess ia town last Friday.
Twenty-five and fifty-cent novels for
only 10 cents at the City News Stand.
-Mi rtle Creek flou-, only SO cents per
sack Delivered free. A. C. Hoiie.
George Zatuwalt after an absence of
several weeks has returned to Roieburg.
J. A. Underwood, county school sup
erintendent, is paying the north-end a
Dr. Strange's dental parlors are in the
Marsters block, over Richardson's music
The latest novels just received by Geo.
Langenberg and sold at 10 cants per
For good substantial blacksmithing
go to McKinney A Manning,
(VlJil Willi il UUO Ul CIll a
-- j
furnishing goods
ycz UJ:.u..
Lee Hendricks was out on the streets
. . . . . .
r: i . J. , - ' -? .
w in. rvwuua muc,.
Churchill, Woolley A McKeazie keep a
very large asso.-tmei.t of first-class cook
stoves. No charge for delivery.
Try the Household Dyes. The same
package colors silk, wool, cotton
feathers, at Marsters' drug store. '
W. 5. Barton and 3IisNancv Branham
. . . .
-rere married at Glendale last Thursday,
y, . Webber, J. P., officiating.
' Protect vourself against cold and
P11601110111-1 b-T feanng a chest protector,
F5ac onts at Marsters drug store.
Isaac Selig of Mvrtle Creek was visit-
iuo w. XI1UA. lit' i t.f-JI
10e times :
nd no senatorial excitement.
G. A. Taylor
has been in Roseburg
ij-.:..-. ti. f- a,.. n :
uutiUL 111c t 'a . . ten ujiic. (ig 13 uu n
travelling for a blank book house of Port-
' ood Karsaparilla, acting through
j tne btood, reaches every part ot ttie sys-
j tem, and in this way positively cures
J. W. Mnllea went to Salem last night
on business in resard to bis duties as
president of the Soldiers' Home com
mission. Saturday was ground-hog day, and if
the old saying regarding his eh ado w
An effort is being made to secure $40,-
003 in subscriptions of stock at Salem for
. , .. , , t i i
proposed railroad from Independence
to Salem, lO's miles.
ews or discussion intended for pub-
' . , ............. .1 ,.,,1,1
ncanun iu iijc x x..ii7ix..ii.x.ii uuiu m-
variably be addressed to tho Plaindealer,
and not to individuals.
Pure blood is absolutely necessary in
j order to enjoy perfect health. Hood's
j Sarsaparilla
purifies the blood and
strengthens the svstem.
The revival meetings at the M. E.
Mrs. Lynne, a pupil of tho late Prof.
Speranzi of Milan, Italy, gives vocal and
piano fcrte lessons. Terms reasonable.
Residence at Mrs. Parties.
Ladies wrappers, a new lino in Cash
mere, etc., Flannclletto and Eiderdown;
price from 85 cents and up. Call and
see them at the Novelty store.
Shiloh's Cure is sold on a guarantee.
It cures Incipient Consumption. It is
tho best Cough Cure. Only ono cent a
dose, 25ctB.,50cls., and $1.00.
Churchill,. Woolley A McKenzio ex
hibit a new model Winchester 38-55 aud
32-40, 20-inch barrel, which they retail at
the low price of fourteen dollars.
Recently we have received n large
amountof correspondence, much of which
wo have been unablo to find space for.
However it may appear in the fnturr.
Improper and deficient euro of tho Ecnlp
will causo grayness of tho hair and bald
nees. Escapo Iboth by tho uso of that
relinblo spocific Hall's Hair Ronewcr.
Do not fail to call on Dr. Strnngo for
your dentistry; in Marsters block, over
Richardson's music store. Fifteen years
successful oxiHjrionco in his profession
Captaiu Sweonoy, U. S. A., San Diego,
Cul., savs: "Shilch's Catarrh Romedy
is tho first medicino I havo over found
hat would do mo any good." Prieo 50c.
A pen-on is prematurely old when
baldness occurs beforo tho i forty-fifth
year. Uso Hall's Hair Renower to keep
tiio scalp healthy and preyent baldness.
Thoso having secoud hand stoves,
furniture, etc., for salo can receive tho
highest cash, prico by calling upon N.
Rice, tho furniture and supply dealer,
221-23 Jackson street Rosoburg, Or.
Word was received from Idaho last
Thursday that Ed Ruckle, son of Matt
Rucklo of Roseburg, was very low with
pneumonia and was not expectod to live.
Much discussion of tho senatorial ques
tion was had ou the streets Saturday.
The general expression of thoso from tho
country precincts was unfavorable to
X. N. Steoves, the Portland attjrney
convicted ot manslaughter, has lit last
been admittod to bail. W. O. Allen and
Mrs. O. P. Mason aro his sureties in tho
amount of $10,000.
The ladies of St. George's Episcopal
church. Rosoburg, will give an entertain
ment and social with refreshments in tho
opera house ou reumary sin. iickcis,
25 cents; children, 15 cents.
Dr. Davis has practiced dentistry in
Roseburg uearly 14 years, and wo I low
tho Dr. to bo a skilled workman. Par
ties patronizing him will savo money.
Dental parlors opposite Slocum's hall.
County Commissioner Wilson is pro
paring to put out a large orchard of prune
and applo trees, also a lot' of grape vines
and strawberry plants, in connection
with his already extensivo orchard, says,
the Enterprise.
Gen. O. O. Howard, the noted war
rior, spent Thursday night last in Rose
burg. He came in on the local, aud but
few of our citizens knew that ho had
been here until after his departure ttie
next morning.
Jack, our Jack, invites everybody to
come and look at his new supplies of
gent's furnishing goods. Yes, Jak
Abraham defies competition in his line
of trade. Call on hiin ; his motto is quick
sales and small profits.
Mrs. T. S. Hawkins. Chattanoogo,
Tenn., says, 'Shiloh's Vitalizer "Saved
My Life.' I consider it the beat remedy
for a debilitated system I ever iued."
For Dyspepsia, Liver or Kidney trouble
it excels. Price 75cts.
Jack Abrahams is continually receiv
ing new goods in the line of gentlemen's
furnishing goods. His low prices for
goods, and his ready sales to his cus
tomers, causes the continual replenish
ing cf the shelves at his store.
Robert Blakely of North Ctnpqua was
ia town last Saturday dispDsing of a tine
lot of buckskin gloves of home make.
There is more than one way of making a
,. . , , . . .
hv:ng. Blakely says the late freeze in-,
jnred the grass considerably.
Captain Syrnons has recommended that
no farther ijjprovemente be made at Ya-
onina. as he is unaUe to devise or recom
mend any moJifica'.'un that would give
anr arrecia,e 1ep.h & vrater.
' . .
Mm K, . S Elliott and daughter. Miss
Mabel, are tack from their visit to San
! Francisco. Mr. Elliott remained in the
. dtv Q a,,end ,0 his dntie3 M ft mca:
j of 'he Kriev;llice comrnitiee of the Broth-:
1 erhoo-J of Locomotive Encineers.
Jnmix. P I-ntiinn of Knno.
;.i ..! r-,, r .,
uvcu j'jnjj n ktrv e4auu c-.vii.uu-
Oregon Masonic Grand Lodge, to fill the
' nnPTnirl tprm nf ?
F. Chadwk-k, de-
ceased. His term will expire next June
when the lodge will elect a successor.
Riddle .Enterprise: Stilla Riddle is
preparing to plant 1COJ more Italian
I prune trees. He already has something
like 0000 of the finest bearing prune trees in h3nd3 for co!iection. Please give this
in the county, and if there is anything j call prompl attontion auJ thll3 aV0id ?d
in the prune business Mr. Riddle w ill j:.:,,..., u Asiitn Makk.
i certainly be in the swim.
Ashland Record : Gen. E. L. Apple
gate's right hand is now healing, after
the "rose" cancer that has threatened
his life has been removed by a plaster
process applied by Dr. Parson. The
general expects to secure the use of hb
hand again soon.
Ex-Representative Geo. V. Riddle is
out in a lengthy article in the Riddle
Enterprise and tells why in his opinion
Senator Dolph should be re-elected. It
will be remembered that Mr. Riddle re
fused to support Senator Mitchell once
upon a time.
A State Census.
The constitution of Oregon provides
that an enumeration of the people of the
stale shall be made every ten years, be
ginning with 1S05. Tho statute further
provides that this enumeration shall be
made by the county assessors, beginning
not later than May 10th, and that, be-
'sides cnumcratiir' the iwonle of the
state, they shall classify them by age
and sex snd collect various simple sta
tistic of production and industry. The
assessors aro to make returns to the
county clerks, and these to the secretary
of state, who is to furnish blank forms
far the enumeration and declare tho re
sult. Penalties are imposed upon assess
ors who fail to perform tho duties im
poaed upon them by law.
Not By a Jugful.
Washington, Feb. 2. There is no
longer any doubt that negotiations aro
about to be completed for the sale in New
York of $100,000,003 of 4 jer cent 30-year
bonds. While tho prospective purchas
ers aro New York parties, it is known that
tho bonds arc expected to bo disposed of
by London bankers, and to be paid for
entirely with foreign gold.
Knights of the Maccabees.
The Stato Commander writes us from
Lincoln, Neb., as follows: "After trying
other medicine.! for what seemed to bo a
very obstinato cough in our two children
wo tried Dr. King's New Discovery nnd
at tho ond of two days tho cough entirely
left them. Wo will not bo without it
hereafter, as our experience proves that
it cures where all other remedies fail."
Signed F. W. Stevens, Stato Com. Why
not give this great medicino a trial, as it
is guaranteed and trial bottles aro free at
A. C. Marsters & Co. ' Drug Store. Reg
ular sizo 00c. and $1.00.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Highest Award.
No Change In the Situation at
And still is no chango in tliu sen
atorial situation at Salem. The yolo to
day was us follows : Dolph 35, Hermann
0, Lord 4, Lowell , Hiiro 10, Weathcr-
foril 7, Williams !), ubsont 10."
Following is tho result of tho ballots
thus far cast for United States senator:
1 2 tl 4 5 (5 7 .?
Dolph 4-1 -U 42 42 42 42 42 42
Mooro 17 19 11 0 2 1 1
Haro 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
Bennett S
Lord 5
II ermaim 4
Williams 1
Moody 0
Kincaid 0
Lowell 0
Barkloy 0
Simon 0
Tonguo 0
Weatherford 0
Gatch 0
J. B. Waldo .... 0
Absent 1
9 10 11
.42 3S 35
.10 10 10
. 3 3
. 9 9
.13 11
. 0 0
0 0
10 Hi
Sali-m, Feb. 17. Mr. Smith of Joseph
ino wants a branch asylem located either
in his county, Douglas or Jackson, and
has a bill appropriating $100,000 for that
purpose Not less than 320 or more than
W0 aeies of land are to be purchased as a
site for it and three citizens a-e to be ap
pointed by the board of asylum commis
sioners to act as supervisors of tho new
building, which is intended to accommo
date about 400 piticnts. Aftr its com
pletion and it is given a proiortionate
share of the patients from the main in
stitution, it will thereafter receive all
patients committed from the cpunties of
Klamath, Lake, Jackson, Josephine,
Douglas, Coos and Curry.
Twelve renresenUtives voted in favor
of government ownership of isiilroads
Friday. They were I'uekman, Burleigh,
Curtis, Davis, Hofer, Huffman, Jeffrey,
Nealon, Patterson, Smith of Linn,
Stewart and Tigard six populists and
six republicans.
The effort at retrenchment in the mat
ter of committc clerks and soft snaps
generally, ended as it has every session
for several years, in a complete tixzle.
Svlcm, Jan. 31. By all olds th- most
humorous development of the senatorial
fight is the receipt here of a telegram
from Congressman Hermann, reading:
"Stand firm. Keep my name before
convention. I will redeem promises
made hv friends.''
It seems somebody has beer. imnsing
Ion Hermann, and has led him to belevc
.' he is being seriously considered for the
1 United States senate instead vi merely
being a convenience for caucus bolters to
. temporize w, , , un ... ,u, u... ;
on some one they can agree uiou. the
.m,,,, ,.1.,, iho mwtinof the
bolters, but ot course liau no ettect on me
congressman's vote, the boys beinj de-
sirous ot having something in sigui tor
redemption of promises before they do
any thing rash.
It seems that somebody has been Un
I posing upon on the Oregonian instead of
ii n t .i t ...... i ..,.,
Mr. Hermann, fr the Utter gentleman
! never sent any such telegram. It only
' shows the desperate straits to which the
reg0nian is reduceJ. It dues not hesi-
tate to do any thing whereby it thinks to
! sain a paint. Mr. Hermann's stand on
' 'e senaiorrai quesuo-l I3JU-. ajiur
i wavs has been, and whh-h is honorable
. 3ie to '."mse" anu "ln'ls we" "
i l"3 enemies.
Final Call.
AH persons are hereby uotiied to
make immediate settlement ol their in
debtedness to the late firm of S. Marks
A Co. : otherwise ths same will be nlaced
i,-,;:o,,.r r i.-ii.,t nf s Mnrv-a
A Co.
Expctmc Hill I'nlel.
Any ierson in Douglas county pur
chasing a piano of The Wiley B. Allen
Co. during the fair nt Portland, Or., can
haye the amount of the freight bill re
funded if presented to T. K. Uichaidson,
Roseburg, within 15 days after purchase
of goods.
All rson9 indebted to C. K. Hill of
Roseburg are asked to call and pay on or
before March I, 1 593 . By so doing they
will save costs. This is the iast notice.
C. K. Hill.
Ttie Illscincry S.ivcil III- Life.
Mr. G. Cailloutte. Druggist, Boavers
ville, 111., says: "I'o Pr. King's New
Discovery I owe my life. Was taVen
with Ij Gripie and tried all the physi
cians for miles altout. but of no avail and
was given up and told I could not live.
Having Dr. King's New Discovery iu my
store I sent for a !ott!e and began its use
and from the first dose began to g-t let
ter,"and after using three lottlfS was up
and about again. It is worth its weight
incold. We won't keep store or house
without it." (let a free trial at A. ('.
Marsters A Co.'s Drug Store.
How's This!
Wc offer One Hundred Dollars Itvwanl
any cac of Cntarrli that cannot le cured
Hall calami 1 lire.
F. J. CHENF.V .t CO., rrop., Toledo, .
Wo the undersisnM have knoim F. J.
Cheney 1t the lt l.i years, and lelleve hiin
perfectly honorable in all lm.iiKX transaction
and financially able to carry out ai.y olilina
Hons made lv their firm.
lVrrA TlifX, Wholesale I)rtiat;ll, Toledo, I).
Walmno, Ki.nsan .t M rvin, Wholesale Iltu;
Ki'ts, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure 1 taken internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mueoin surfaces id
thc ey.ktcm. l'rlce TV. per bottle. Sold by nil
I'mcgi'l. Tc-tlmoiiiali free.
Tiie CliurclicH.
IUi-tist Ciii-r.ui comer ot Lnnc and llo'-e
street. Sunday Service: Treadling, 11 a. in.
anilT-tOp. iu.; Young 1'cople's Union, (.:: p.m.;
Mrs. (i. N. Anno, rresideut; Sunday School, 10
c. 111,; James Chamberlain, Superintendent
l'ravcr Meeting, Thursday evening nt T :io.
Hkv. (i. X. Annex, 1'astor.
Residence, No. Vl Main Htieet.
Mrtmouist corner of Main ami I.ane
street?. Hunday Service: Preaching, it a. in.
and 7.30 p. 111.; Sabbath school, 10 a. 111.; Dr.
James llarr, Superintendent; Clas Meeting at
cloo of thc morning service; l-'pttorlli League
C:.'!0 p. 111. Clare llunic, I're-ldent. l'rayer Meet
ing, Thursday, at7::W l. 111.
N. 8., l. I)., I'aMor.
1'ar.ionnge, comer Main and I.ane.
l'lintr.VTnr.u.N- Cmui-.lii -corner of Cass and
Hose street?. Sunday Service: l'uplle worship,
11 a.m. and 7:30 p. m.; Sabbath School, 10 a. iu.;
V. V. S. C. K., 7 p. 111. l'rayer SIcetlns, Wednes
day, 7::yj p. in.
II. B. UawoiiTii, Pastor.
The Fair Association;
,V fair this full is an assured fact. Tho
annual meeting of tho Douglas County
Agricultural Association was held Satur
day, at which 322 shares woro repru-erit-cd.
Thero was n largo number uf stock
holders present, aud tho hentimont ox
pressod provod that tho people realize
tho benofita to bo derived from a eucjo33
ful annual fair.
Tho board of directors to servo tlrs en
suing year is composed of tho following
well known citizens: J. C. Aiken, Jm?.
Richards, R. S. Sheridan, E. Dix-m, G.
W. Riddle, T. B. Cannon aud Thos.
Tho soliciting committee rotmted that
they had been successful iu raising tho
necessary $1000 to hold tho grounds, so
that thoro will lib no further difficulty in
that direction, for tho present at least.
A resolution was passed rtsking our
representatives to favor a bill permitting
tho levying of a one-fourth mill tax for
tho purpose of aiding agricultural soci
eties. At a meeting of the board of directors
held Saturday evening tho following offi
cers were elected: President, J. 0.
Aiken; vice president, Thos. Guthrio;
secretary,. F. A. McCall; treasurer, R.
S. Sheiidan. E Dixon was elected as a
member of the Second Southern Oregon
District Agricultural Society.
Following is a list of tho subscribers,
together with the amount subscribed, to
tho $1,000 fund:
A. C. Marstora $20 00
II. C.Stanton 10 00
Alexander A Strong 20 00
Geo. Kohlhagcn 20 00
II. C. Slocum 20 00
D. W. Stephens 10 00
Dr. S. Hamilton L'O 00
Parrott Bros 2d 00
M. F. Kapp 40 00
C. P. Barnard 10 00
Dr. K. L. Miller 20 00
F. P. Brown A Co 10 00
W. Kramer 20 00
A.T. Thompson 10 00
Davis A Beard 20 00
Roview Pub. Co 20 00
A. J. Bellows 10 03
Plaindealer Pub. Co 20 00
J. W. Hamilton 1'0 00
Wm. Lawrence 10 00
Sheridan Bros, and First Nat.
Bank 50 00
Jas. Richards 50 00
Jas. F. Sheffield 5'J 00
D. R. Shambrook 30 00
Dr. B. L. Bradley 20 00
Will Madison 20 00
A. K. Stearns r.u (VI
N. N. Chapman 20 00
Morris Webber 20 00
R. B. Dixon 50 00
Smith Bailey 30 00
G. W. Kimball 20 00
F. B. Waite 20 00
Wollenberg A Abraham 20 00
Geo. W. Brown 20 00
L. S. Shiplev 20 00
Mrs. M. Josephson -5 00
W. W. Cardwell 20 00
J. C. Fullerton 25 00
F. W. Benson 20 00
C. W. Parks A Co 20 00
I. I. Chapman 10 00
J. A. Underwood 10 00
J.T. C.Nash 100 00
W. T. Emery 20 0)
CITnc list has been placed at the First
National Bank where subscribers can
call and make f settlement, l-iftv per
cent ot the amount is now due and pa;
able, and the balance on or before March
1, 1505.
They Memorialize Congress on the
flatter of Pensions.
Gen. John F. Miller and Co1o:k-Is T.
R. Cornelius aud P. F. Castleman, of the
state organization of the Indian War
Veter.ius, in conjunction with M.irs
BenHaydon.T. B. Wait aud John Minto
ofthi Salem camp held a jjint cdui
mittee meet ng Wednesday afternoon in
the state library for the purpose of adopt
ing a form of memorial which wi3 pre
sented to the present legislature for its
adoption and will be addressed 'o
thi national congress for further action.
Mr. Minto was chosen a-j .1 c of
one to present the .natter to the repre
sentatives The memorial is drafted in
the f allowing terms :
"By the House of Representatives of
the Legislative assembly of Oregon, the 1
Senate Concurring. To the Congress
of the United States : ;
We, your memorialist respectf Jlly rep- '
resent, that during the years l-sj and
ISjG war was made upon tho white sett
lers of the territories of Oregon ami
Washington, which, though known
locally as the Yakima and Rogue river
wars respectively, was in fact a collusive
effort on the part of the native race to
exterminate the American settlers of
the north Pacific coast; during which
volunteers were called out to assist the
regular soldiers of the United States and
men and projerty wero furnished by the
settlers of Oregon and Washington .as
found by commission appointed by act of
31th congress chap. 119, sec. 11,, "to the
aggregate amount of $0,011,459.30.
'That this sum found due by the com
mission, consisting of Gen. Rufus Ingals,
U. S. A.,Capt. A.J.Smith, U. S A.,
and L. F. G rover, since governor of
Oregon and United States senator, was
t-tated down arbitrarily and unjustly by
the third auditor of "the United States
treasury the full difference between the
prieesof labor and property on the Pa
cific and Atlantic sides of the continent
at that time to tho scale of the latter,
thus withholding the sum of $3,29:t,543.
SI lawfully and justly duo the people of
Ort'gon and Washington for services
rendered and property furnished.
" I'iio following section is four of un act
passed by tho Oregon territorial legisla
ture of 1S35-0, fixing tho rate of pay for
the volunteers called for shows the local
valuation of tho service aud property :
"Sec. 4. Whenever such volunteers
are called aud received into the service
of the territory by virture of this act,
each non-commissioned officer and pri
vate shall lo entitled to receive two
dollars per day and rations, and two
dollars n day for the uso and risk of his
horso and eiilimmnnt.o on-put for linrsns I
actually killed in action, unavoidably
lost or reported unfit for scrvico and
turned over to the quartermaster, in
which case the owner shall receive the
appraised valno thereof. And all com
missioned officers shall receive the same
pay nq officers of the simc rank in tho
army of tho United States; provided,
that commissioned officers shall receivo
the same pay for use and risk of horses
us non-commissioned officers.
"The act of which tho abovo is an ex-
tract, contained an emergency clause,
1 1 1. .. ....... . .. 1 . . . .. 1 . 1 . . 1 11
:uu uiu inuii v iiu icaiiuuuL'u 10 uie can
wero mainly of tho patriotic frontiersman'
class, to whom the wealth winners of the
nation are much indebted. Thov ar e
now nearing thoend of life and only nhk ,
.it vour hands what was fonn.l to lo i.isilv '
duo and arbitrarily withheld.
"Trio men whoserved aro many of thoni
old aud needy, andean therefore add
necessity to their plea for justice. More
over, they do not understand why, as
soldiers, they are not as well entitled to
pensions ami land warrants tor services
rendered and risks incurred at any other
soldier of tho republic.
"Wo would also submit that tho sol
diers who eerved 111 tho Cavuso
1SW-H miner mo provisional government
of Oregon should receive pensions on tho
saiuo basis us the soldiers of tho Mexican
, ,
Dr. Price 3 Cream Bakin? Powder
u. v... th. C4 a
Bulletin from the Experiment Sta
tion on the Subject.
Tho discovery of the presence of tho
grain aphis in several field-- adja
cent to Coryalli ma'ios interesting a
bulletin about to bo issued by Prof.
Waohburn, cntomologwt at tho agricul
tural collage and experiment station, says
tho Times. B2side3 tho grain aphis the
bullotin discusses tho Tent Caterpillars,
I ho Pear Loaf Blister, Tho Cloyor Mite
and Koobelo's Resin Wash. 7,003 cop
ies of tho bulletin, which is now in press,
aro now Icing printed, and will lc ready
for distribution in n few days. Concern
ing tho aphis, tho bulletin says:
"Almost all of tho wheat growing dis
tricts in Oregon have been more or less
affected tho past year with the grain
aphis or grain plant louse, causing the
farmer no little anxiety. .Many had
never beforo seen anything like it, aud
wero loth to believe that to the grain had
come a post which they wero practically
P0A'er!c33 to successfully combat. It at
tacked wheat, oats and rye, and the
writer found it on a form of mesquit gras3
within two miles of tho sea-coast, far
from any grain field. Grain badly in-
lested, invariably shriveled, and millers
inform me that Us effect ia easily seen in
tho fact that much of the marketed wheat
ia of an inferior quality.
"It is probable that this pest was in
tho state in limited numbers tho previ
ous year, but unnoticed, and the marvel
ous rapidity with which new individuals
aro produced will account for tho seein-
ngly miraculous invasion. Prof. Fitch,
state entomologist of New York, has
proven, by actual experiment, that tho
females of the grain aphis begin to pro
duce living young when three days old,
at the rate of four a day; hence, in 3
week's time, elimiuating all unfavorable
conditions, tho descendants from one
mother amount to nearly or quite two
millions. The insect is greenish in color,
attacking tho stalks, and later the heads
of wheat, rye and oats. It has a large
bfak with which it extracts the sap.
This absorption of sap is what injures
the berry. As wheat ripens it migrates
to the more succulent oats and when
these ripen it goes to the various grasses.
It spreads over a wide extent of territory
quicker than any insect known.
"Although its existence was. observed
seventejn years before, the grain aphis
first appeared in great numbers in 1SG1,
spreading over New England, ail of New
York except the western pDrtion, north
eastern Pennsylvania and portions of
Canada. Every grain field was invaded
aud many of them thronged. In manv
case3 the wheat crop was reduced one
half, and the oat crop hardly paid for
harvesting. The following year it spread
over the remainine iiortiou of Canada
and into Michigan and then disappeared.
In lSi3 it appeared in ten counties in
California doing considerable damage to
wheat, one man reporting that the yield
of his crop was diminished one-half by
the ravages of tho pest. April 19th and
20th and May 2nd and 3rd large flights
of the winged variety were noticed in
Sacramento, and disappeared after the
rains of May 4th. In nearly every in
stance where the pest has apiearcd it
has been met by a tiost of parasitical and
predaceous insects."
Scottsburg Items.
MuGinty is still with us.
E. II. Burchard is very ill with rheum
atism. Dr. Alex. M. Patterson raa-ed through
town last week
A. E. Ozouf and
friend -i at Coos Bay.
T. S. Miuott was a
wife are visiting
nest at the Palmer
House on his return to Coos Bav
Mr. Dawson came up on the Eva
Tuesday enroute to Long Prairie.
TI,.- -r M..- .l,. .;!!
!. VH- enrri- tr. Liv,r ..f lin, .,rAln"n,U,l til.
Smith from Gardiner was the j
Elzie E. Palmer two davs this
: guest cf
, week.
I Jerry Wilson (the slow jeweler) has
jbeen with us repairing watches and
j clocks.
Miss Genie Sencer. who has been at
' tending school at the train Normal, has
returned home.
Hon. P. P. Palmer has been quite busy
' during the lasi two days removing
stumps from his miadows.
A. B. Seal, our commercial friend,
has nade his farewell trip through our
country, mtuh to the regret ot his m my
Frank Birnes is building a bjat and a
hay press for Will Sagaberd. The boat
is intende 1 for the accomodation of
Loon Lake travel.
Our quiet little town awoke from her
slumbers on the evening of Jan. 2!)th to
celebrate the aniversary of -Mamie B.
Palmer's birthday at a party given at the
residence of Hon. P. P. Palmer. Tho
evening was most pleasantly passed with
must., recitations ami games the auc
tion game proved most profitable, a.3
some of the old bachelors in the vicinity
were disposed ot to our attractivo young
ladies , the highest bids l-cint: wigs and
ladies' rubber bjj'.s No. 3. The rooms
wero tastefully decorated with evergreens
principally cedar ami ferns, credit
mcnts to thc :
wests, fortv in all.
One of
Tyee Items.
Every body is at work.
Emma Stevens is visiting at Millwood.
Edgar w a weleomo visitor last
Win. Burk's agent has been Iojking for
idle men.
Joe Cole took his spring chickens to
market this week.
C. A. Stevens has just fini-hed making
3000 feneo posts for Biirk and Co.
S. 1' U'llib. li ld tliA Ini.l- t, 1,,..
: ony j,orso, a few days ago.
Mien Ottinger of Wilbur and John
Kichards were on Tvco one d;iv last
Miss Mary ticrnrj.'id of Milhvm.l was
visiting he:e several diy.s as Mrs. Iturk's
A lettendroin Mr. Snydi-r, formerly of
this icinity. leaves him happv and con
tented at Orange county, California.
Coyote3 aro quite numerous on Type.
Thc boys are having a hard time keep
ing them oil ami sav tliov make tr.icks
just like deer
i t 1 .1 . ,i
, ,).r',Lo ,mrtn" "0!,t ? Jox:l""
,ler 3,ll,st T',;,-v f M?. '", u V,"1 w-i".0
: ' 'Vr'011 ""' U ,,at
d,01 Kb. . . , -,
Jim l.arlrin was shaking hands with
his old friends once more. Mr. It. was
raised here but for the l:tt seven years
he has bten in Washington, .la-.k Kun
nerH.ijshc has purchased tho Spaugli
.1 U'K Tin: Kiri'Ki:.
Tor Over rifiy V-rs.
An Old and Well-Trie 1 Uemedy.-Mrs. Win
slow's Soothing Svrup lias been used lor over
of I fifty years by millions of mother for their
children while tccthlnn, with perfect succcs?.
j it soothes the child, softens the kuuis, allays
I -jii pain, cures wind colic, aud Is the best
I remedy for dlnrrluea. Is pleasant to the taste.
I Sold by Druggists in every part of this world.
Twenty-live rents a bottle. Its value is Incut.
' culablo. llo sure and ask for Mrs. IVIusloiv's
SootmnK Syrup, aud tako no other klud.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
How the Oregonian Defied King
By request tho Plaindealer repub
lishes an editorial of the Oregonian, pub
lished a few years ago, as to the nature
and authority of the caucus. Substitut
ing tho name of J. N. Dolph for that of
J. II. Mitchell it is very applicable yet
to the situation at Salem. Under the
heading, "Tho Pretended Authority of
Caucus," tho Oregonian of September
25, 1882, said:
"It is well known by all who know
anything of the inside history of proceed
ings at Salem, that nearly one-half of the
republicans who arc voting for Mitchell
arc his reluctant and unwilling support
eis. Under stresa of pressure of various
kind3, they are committed to him, and
they only hold on because they have not
been able as yet to see a hopeful deliver
ance. It is absolutely certain that a ma
jority of republican members do not
want him elected; and it is known, more
over, that many of these, including, of
course, no small number of those who
have been casting their vote? for him, are
extremely restive under the combination
of circumstances by which they are held
in so serious a dilemma. To pat it
plainly, they are voting for Mitchell be
cause they do not see their way clear to
a sure result of a different kind. The
unorganized purpose, though it be etrong
in numbers, is weak in positive force,
and even loses Us object through its own
"Several members who do not want to
vote for Mitchell are held to him through
circumstances, which, as they conceive,
do not permit them to bring forward
other candidates; and hence they are
giving their support to the man whom
they would least and last of all prefer.
We are not censuring them for their tim
idity, but do say that courage would be a
better quality. Th man who acts in a
representative character ought not to al
low himself to be made an instrument
for doing a thing which his judgment
condemns acd which be knows his con
stituents would not approve. An aggres
sive faction, contending for its object,
has no scruples. Intimidation is one of
its weapons, and it may be a formidable
one, if it be not met by firmness, or, if
necessary, by defiance. Many men,
however, hesitate to propose or under
take a thing unless thev arc first assured
of the result; so there are those who
keep on voting for Mitchell, though
greatly against their will, onlv because ; Ll
they do not see the way to the sure elec- j Teachers' Examination,
lion of some other man upon whom they "tice " hereby given that for the
would gladU confer the honor. I purpose of making an examination of al
'The caucus is one of the instruments 1 Persons who may offer themselves as
of this intimidation. It is the final turn ! candidates for teachers of the schools of
of the screw in machine politics, and the ' ,hia county, the county school snperin
bo33 and his followers alwavs make the ' tendent thereof will hold a public exam-
most of it. Caucus is declared by them
to le a party us.vge and binding law,
though no convention of the republican
t party or other authorized republican
! bodv has ever so declared it. It is a law
invented by profession:-! politicians to
carry their own objects, but the republi
can masses have never approved it as a
I POny WW.
Oa innume-ible occasions
thev have, however, denounced it and
refused to approve it results. It is a de-1 FrQm Oregon,
vice to gag opposition, and is in direct j A corresp;intieut of the PtAISMAllSa
conflict with the fundamental republican Wlites M fo,,ow8 fr03J Ukiah Umatilla
rights of individual voice and conviction. -tv. Snow fell heM the Cth of De
The republican party can exist only in ppmh;r ,tocUmpn :lrc kent hnsv
tbe wildest latitude
01 opiuioii. nit -
, r " " T-1
basis of its existence is voluntary associ -
ation for public objects. Caucus requires
the surrender of opinion, independence
and right of choice, an 1 takes away from
the citizen or his reoresentativethe right
of making an effort to carry his own
wews into public action.
"But since caucus in general has not
the sanction of republican authority -
since no authorized republican body has
laid it down as a role of party action-
still less is a partial caucus like that held
at baiem in the, Mitchell interest ot any '
binding force. It is, in tact, no caucus (
at all. The republican party is the whole
'lUt( 1 llUtl 1 1 J li-.lTu K iJ J I lill.ltUII I'll
it. No section or faction has authority
tospe.ik in its iKUtie. Hence the rump
caucus held at Salem not only iloes not
bind the members who refused to par
ticipate in it, hut is not binding either in
its moral effect, or by any pretense of
; p-rty law upon those who did participate. :
it is said, however, tuat a minority in
sists on controlling the party. The as-
j scrtion is unfounded. One-third of the
J republican members simply, in
; their opinion, the choice of a senator
I ought not to bo limited to a certain man,
land he the man of all others cspeciallv
I objectionable to a very laigu portion of
I the party. What is ttiey? in J. II. Mitch
ell which should a faction to pro-
claim him as Oregon's "o'lly man"?
When did. I. II. Mitchell rise to
tiiesc unapproachable heights? Iu his
ow n esteem doubtless Ino-g ago, but if tho
republican pa;tv of Oregon actuallv has
I only one man of sufficient intellectual
j force and moral worth to lo senator, and
! that man MiU-holl. it is in a bad way in
, deed. Yet that is the statement which
! the members who oppose Mitchell aro re
j quired to accept. An intelligent people
j will judge whether iu refusing to accept
j it they are not on a firmer gronud than
thoso who are tiying to lorce it upon
them. They honor themselves and the
state by refusing so to belittle their rep
resentative character and stnltifv them
Mask Ball Suits,
f.eavo orders at T. K. Richardson's
early or Ik-fore Feburary 1st, in order for
us to recure them for you if possible.
T. K.
Has ordered a large shipment of Wash
burtic musical goods direct from tho
T. K.
Keeps over forty difforeut kinds of
musical instruuicuts constantly on hand.
T. K.
Sells musical gco.Is for less 111 in Tort
laud prices.
Breckinridge and Heard Indnlge fn
Washington, Feb. 1. There was a
most exciting scene in the house of rep
resentatives this morning when Repre
sentative Breckinridge of Kentucky and
Representative Heard of Missouri came
to blows in the center aisle in the middle
of the ball. Representative Heard,
chairman of the committee on the Dis
trict of Columbia, became angered be
cause the Hawaiian question was being
brought foward in the time devoted to
h'is con.mittce, and attempted to seenre
tho floor. The beginning of tho contro
versy was not plain, but suddenly both
members sprang towards each other,
Breckinridge shouting, "You cur, scound
rel, and liar," and striking at the mem
ber from Missouri a fierce blow, which
missed him. Instantly they were seized
by other members, but struggled fiercely
to get at each other, shouting, "Liar."
Representative Pence of Colorado had
Breckinridge by the throat and McCreary
of Kentucky climbed over several seats
and held him by the Eh.nlders. For 3
or 4 minutes there was a wild scrambling,
resembling a football rush, while all the
members of the house poured into the
aisle, and the greatest confusion reigned.
The pounding of the speaker's gavel
could not bo beard, but Crisp's voice
rang abovo the tumult, ehouting "the
sergeant-at-arm3 will arrest tho mem
bers," and then "the sergeant-at-arms
will bring them before the bar of the
house." Deputy Sergeant-at-arms Isaac
Hill rushed down the aisle, bearing the
great mace, and followed by bis assist
ants. The two members were brought
up before the speaker's desk, two men
on each side holding their arms, and
Representative Dockery of Missouri
standing behind them. Breckinridge
was violently red in the face, while
Heard, who is a slender man, wa3 ashen
pale aud trembling like a leaf. In the
course of his explanation to the house,
Breckinridge practically challenged
Heard, and demanded personal satisfac
tion. Both Heard and ttreckinridge
were forced to apologize to the house.
Expulsion proceedings are unlikely.
Breckinridge aud Heard haye mado
statements withdrawing all offensivi re
marks, and the whole proceedings havo
been ordered strisfcen from the records.
Breckinridge and Heard shook bands on
the floor of the house, and good feeling
reigns once more.
inatiou at Roseburg, Cr., in the court
house, beginning at 1 o'clock, p. m.,
Wednesday, Feburary 13th, IS95 ; also
recommendations will be issued for State
certificates, and an examination held for
all teachers who are eligible to a Stato or
Life diploma.
Dated this the 31st day of January,
Jas. A. Underwood, Supt. of Schools.
1 ,-.: , c ti. k;
1 at U)9 WuU Svrin Esther with all
Ug coatenta bnrned the 8th inst.; n0
, -nsaram,e. Thc genIal merchantt j. B.
De3pa5rj u trade tQ be good j g
, Bants who ten a euflVirer of hern;a
, the ,Mt ,hms VMrSf sreat,r -mpr0Ted
We have epe- school in on. neighbor.
, hood eyerv MomUv n;gbt aIso sing-ng
, hool Botb are"well attended. Sleigh
j aod dandng are thu gencral paa.
j Ume far tbe Toung -0,ks Maud
1 m
To Whom it Hay Concern.
In order to introduce our catalogue of
sheet music and music books, we make
this offer: To any person in Douglas
county sending us name, stile,! number,
anil price of piano or organ, bought of
the Wiley B. Allen Music Co., rince July
1 3. 1S'J4, we will pay $2 in sh et music
! and music books.
T. K.
Roseburg, Or.
Hiving mad,-arrangements to go to
Medford, parties having clothing at the
Excelsior Steam Dye Works will please
c ill for them before Februarv 15th.
It May Do As Much For Yon.
Mr. Fred Miller, of Irving, 111., writes
th:it lit? had a Severe Kidney troublo for
miny jears. with severe pains in his
hack and also that his bladder was
affected. He tried many so called Kid
ney cures but without any good result.
About a year ago he beiran use of Electric
Bitters and found relief at once. Elec
tric Bitters is especially adapted to euro
of all Kidney and Liver troubles and
often gives almost iuMaut relief. Ono
trial will prove our statement. Price
only 50o. for large bottle. Al A. C.
Marsters & Co.'s Drug Store.
Dr. Price's Cream 3aking- Powder
AwirJeJ Gold .Medal Midwinter Fair. S.3 Francisco.
.lishest Honors -Worlu'j J-alr.
pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder. Frt
ra Ammonia, Alum or any other adultrraf-f,