The new Northwest. (Portland, Or.) 1871-1887, December 22, 1881, Page 8, Image 8

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' '
'f A Journal for IA Propl. - -- ' '
' Independent in Putltit and RHlffloiiP- -
".. .4re off Zr wwi, andtfkorovghly Radical in Op-
- poring ana jcrpoetng im row? qr jtiae.
On Ytar, ba Mod
v W Xlonlkt, .
TTkrer Month. -
ir Jtf'MtfM i Cff iWrau (delivered J .M
, yMsertocme irl 6 Jnaerted at Reasonable Price.
4" .Iff 0TffgmwfiMV Mended for ptil-lieation tkould be ad-
drved to Ik Editor, and all buHneM letter to th , ..
' ' Aa H'ajAiHrfew recf , rftond, Oregon.
The date printed aftejr the adit rem of your pnper denote
.Ik t'tn the rrptration of yomr luboeriptxon.
One more the regularly revolving yean bring
round the anniversary of the birth of the Bon of
Man7lf the "chronology' of the BiblCIs correct
and the Christian calendar reliable, It Is eighteen
- hundred and elgbty-one years siuce the birth of
tb risen rl nee whose natal day we celebrate.
Glancing back through the annals of the naysterl-
oua past, we behold aa In a vision the child-mother
of Immanuel, biding away from the abodes of
men, and taking refuge among tbrbrutes,whiie
'gofng down Into death agony that the child whom
human law had denied recognition might be ush
ered Into physical life; No tender eye was there
to see, no kindly hand was there to bjess, and no
"lovlngvolce waathere to cheer the 'suffering
mother of the Prince of Peace; but the stars of
flod looked down upon the scene through rifts in
the wjnd-rlven walls, and the-angelr of mercy
kept guard over her destinies and brought to her
the hallowed fruition of a mother's love a frui
tion that crowned her "blessed among women."
The days were lengthened Into weeks, the weeks
Into mouths, the months Into years, the years Into
-tf ecadesrt hsj-decadea-into-centu ris-,-atwi-al ithe
while the spirit of the Divine In man as exempli
fled In the life of Christ was slowly struggling up
ward ; slowly but surely evolving Itself from the
crude beginnings from .which,, all Nature ema
nates; surelyjbutlslowly" rising up from the brute
'Instincts of selfishness and bigotry ; and gradually'
but certainly emerging . Into the broader light of
reason and Justice, until, in this latter half of the
- nineteenth century, the teachings of Jesus are rec
ognized In different and widely diverging locali
ties all over the earth. They are held up as an
example teeming millions of human beings of
every belief and nationality, of every kindred
tribe and tongue, wherever his name Is spoken.
Diversities of opinion about the.. Trlulty may al
ways exist among men; the doctrines of atone
roent and resurrection, of fallibility and holiness,
of baptlum andpedo-baptlsm, of Calvinism and
Armenlanlsm, of Protestantism and Catholicism,
joLJe wa anlUreeks. oLMohaiumedaue-aml M6r-
beautiful teaching of the Sermon oq the Mount
will live and grow forever. The Oolden Rule will
, never die, and the divine principles Inculcated by
It will rise more and more Into prominence and
power as humanity slowly emerges from its crude
beginnings and more nearly approaches the broad
spiritual life that belts the earth on every Christ
mas day With goodly deeds and kindly cheer.
.To our readers the broad land over, the New
Northwest gives greeting. It salutes the
matdea'ln her boudoir and the matron In her nur
- aery ; the lover at his fireside and the husband at
his hearthstone; the farmer at his toil and the
merchant at his counter; the housewife at. her
- tasks, the teacher at her books, and' the young
girl at her piano. It aends greeting to women In
lonely farm-houses, and does not forget the widow
and the orphan In their bereavement and desola
tion. ' . ".
May the year that Is to follow be one of unusual
Joy and gladness , to all who read these pages.
May Justice ever assert her sway among them,
that Mercy may have little need to Interfere In
any of, the affalTfmen. May the divine pre
cepts of the Golden Rule continue to grow and
prosper till they shall overspread the whole earth as
'wlth-a mantle. May selfishness be outgrown, and
.aujrighteousucja JbejCQXtw
shall the annual advent of Christmas day bring
all the people nearer and yet nearer together In
, the fraternal bonds of a common Interest that
shall yet grow strong enough to last the whole
year through, and every day be made a day of
gift-giving and goodly deeds.
The Spokane Falls ChronicU fSloes not blame
Mrs. Dunlway for her scathing criticism" of Hon.
J. W.Graden for introducing Council Hill No.
130 In the Washington Territory legislature, but
ivaahe did the jrotera oUhat couiity.anJlnJutlca
Jby statlug "that he only echoed the sentiments of
his associates voters, remember" -and adds;
"Not' a decent man In this county but wllcon
"demn the Insult to womankind." The" 'ChrtrkicU
might further add that every indecent voter In the
county Is opposed to 'Woman Suffrage." It ought
also to bow its bead In humiliation and shame
because of Us advocacy of the aristocracy jpf sex
JUlSUklUlivllJgljf-olTers. auc legislation 'or the
, worn en jt refuses rapresenTaflon
Slowly but surely is the veil of Ignorance, tyr
anny and prejudice, that has for ages darkened
the vision of human understanding, being lifted
from the brows of the hitherto unreasoning multl
tudes; and with equal certainty" does ttie sunlight
of awakening Intelligence dawn upon the thoughts
of the people, Inspiring thent with better and
higher comprehensions of the Divine wisdom that
"in the beginning" created them "mate and
female" and gave to them united "dominion over
all the earth."
In turning the field glass of mental vision, that
it may sweep the' dltferejrit parts of the-world
whereihe question of woman's euTnnchlsement
is being agitated,, we" find that much progress has
been made In tlie cause since' the changing seasons
ushered in'lhe Christmas chimes of 18HQ. Con
servative England, with her Queen "upon the
throne a Queen who wields her scepter over an
empire upon which the sun never goes downhas
made many advances In the right direction ;
Rusttlawth the ghost of her murdered monarch
haunting the halls pf her capltol, and the fear-
crowned succemorof his well-remembered majesty
1 1 f ... a . a. . .
living in monai terror oi uynamiie, nas nevertne-
less had time to advocate the cause of the mothers
of her people; sunny France, VI th her merouriat
population and unstable government, Is consider
ing the subject favorably ; and historic Italy looks
benignly upon Its progress from the summits of her
The cause that owes its birth to the American
dream of liberty, and its progress to the partial
fulfillment of the dream, having crossed the At
lantic and made Itself heard, in monarchical gov
ernments,-has returned with renewed vigor to the
broad area of Its native land, and from Massachu
setts to Oregon, from Nebraska to Texas, from
Colorado to Indiana, and from Wyoming to Wash
ington Territory, the cheering news comes up to
gladden the hearts of the workers that "The fiat
has gone forth and woman wilt he free!" From
all the wide'domaln of both" hemispheres ave.
even from far-off Australia and the nearer Islands
of-the Pacl flc comes- tlie-re vlaiionr - tlwgood f
glass moves In line, that Woman Suffrage Is
marching on. - ; '
The press, the great reflector of human progress,
has caught the rays of liberty's resplendence and
thrown them Thto the dark pages of hitherto cov
ered history, bringing to the light many a long-
forgotten, because never before disseminated fact,
proving that women in all the bygone ages per
formed valorous deeds quite equal to those of con
temporaneous men. From sunny France, from
phlegmatic Germany, from sun-hidden Norway
and Sweden, from historic Hungary and Alpine
Switzerland, the newspapers come, bringing the
glad tidings that the omnipresent and Inevitable
woman question Is the living ghost of the nine
teenth century that will down at nobody's bid
ding. In our own country the press has almost
universally changed ltshaseNoi-onlyre8TT
goodly number of papers published exclusively lu
Its Interest, but the general tone of 'the secular
No Siecond" birth can retrieve the misfortune
ig badly born at first ..:' '-.-''
dom seen In which the enfranchisement of woraau
does not receive respectful mention. , -
The people everywhere are getting ready for the
change. Imperceptibly to the unthinking hosts,
the rank and file, themselves Included, are irre
sistibly, moving on. Oregou, whose Legislature
gave no uncertain light-upon the question . In
1880, -will, beam .forth wlth yetbrlghter radi-
a m a m. a " '
ance on tne neia 01 vision in. waz. ieoras-
ka'slvoTce will be heard In a clarion cry for
liberty next November.JHassachusetts knocks
rearularly at the doors of her legislati ve chambers,
asking permission for a "majority of her people to
bask In the sunlight of freedom. Indiana wheels
Into line and leads the cause right royally. . Wash
ington Territory Is agitated throughout alU her
bordera because of the unjust Judges whO"4!
to avenge her of her adversary. Women are be
sieging Congress for a Woman Suffrage amend
ment, and demanding a special Senate Committee
for the consideration of their claims. Good men
no longer ridicule the cause, and bad men are rap
idly losing their power 'to "hinder, Its progress.
The Goddess of Liberty Is shaking off her chains.
The beacon light of hope Illumines her classic
face, the laurel wreath of victory Is descending
upon her head, and the merry chimes of Chrlst
fnas ring out loiid and clear in her behalf ; and
woman, her friend and ally, bom bards' the hosts
of tyranny with those paper bullets or the brain
ii I . 1 . I . I . - I ! A I ,
that must inevuauiy result iu uuuuuuitiunsi ur
reuder. ' ' . :
The ladles' Latu) League Is so successful in
keeping up the agitation In Ireland that the gov
ernment has determined on Its suppression, and
accordingly Is fitting up a Jail for the Imprison
ment of women. The arrest of the leaders of the
Ladles' League may be looked for at any time.
m m - - - 7
The Christmas number which -.weflVr.- to our
subscrUbers this week has cost much extra labor
and considerable money ; but we shall feel amply
tepaldJorthe, toll and .exrense jfjt serves to fur.
nlsh an additional pleasant and profitable hour to
our patrona. ;- . ' . '.,
A pure, sweet and, gentle motherhood has been
talked aud written threadbare; Is It not time to
talk of a pure, Intelligent and moral fatherhood ?
Decauselthlajourual is known aajnjy vocatejpf
equal rights, divers and sundry women havefrpm
time to time attempted to enlist thesympathy of
Its rounder ana senior euitor in, w or some
scheme to favor the unjust usurpation of the In
dividual and several rights of others IfoaTreasons
personal to themselves and In Jheir interest only.
It would seem to be heedless at this late date In
the New Noktiiwksi's career for anyone, to pre
sume to thus enlist it against the rights of others.
Yet, such is the perversity of human understand
lug, when blinded by thelemon of self-interest,
that persons may always be found who profess
surprise that we, who advocate equal rights in
spite 6f la w or custom, should not become "theirs
most obediently" In so far, as our services may"
be required In accomplishing their personal alms.
While we have very little respect for (lie majesty
of that human Imperfection called "the law.'lan
institution that owes Its existence as it stands to
the one-idead prejudices of the one-sexed class in
power, it Is well known by all who are accustomed
to reading this paper that we have the greatest
right.?' It is iei-fectly proper to V "render unto
Ciesarj he things that are Caesar's;" but It Is
equally right and projer, and oftentimes more Jast
to all parties; to fjrst determine who Is Cicsar, and
by what Judgment of equity or Justice he demands
what he calls his own.
-'Women who oppose Woman Suffrage 'frequently
call upon us for favors, demanding the use of our
time (and money, If needed,) to secure them po
sitions of emolument and trust, their only claim
upon our help and patience, arisiugirom our well-
known endeavors to take down the barriers that
all hinder women from advancing toward the goal
of liberty. Such women growabuslveor"inJured"
if we do not serve them ; while others, who claim
to believe In equal rights, sometimes become
equally offended because we will not stultify our
own Ideas of right in. the Interest of their pet
schemes. To all such we have. only one reply ;
and that Is, Let Justice be done though the heav-
-ens fall TM Journal hr notarespectcrof "persc-mr
but of rights; and thla-bejng its mission, it pro
poses to pursue the even tenor of Its way until the
end for which It strives is gained.
The senior eIUor acknowledges an urgent call
from the officers of the National Woman Suffrage
Association to be present at the annual jjqny.eq
tlon In Washington during , the third' week of
January. A grand convention is to be held In
Philadelphia the-week following, In which she Is
also Invited to participate. t -
If the women of Oregon were financially.' free
and equal with the-menof the'vHta1e, iPwould be
no trouble, lor.inem to raise money enough to
meet the expense of a delegate's Journey, f Cer-
tatn-eitiaens of Portland conclutlet-receiitly-t
send their Mayor, a wealthy bauker, to Washing
ton on business connected with their financial in-
pres. hahangedrtttll rst-darpaper is qaton JiaTbr ..., ti
quirtnl for the purpose of meeting his exjenso
than it would be to raise&!5 for a woman's use In
a cause of Infinitely greater moment than dollars
and cents. " ' . .
In the letter of Invitation, Miss Anthony writes:
Oh, Hint or National Aocltlon had iho ranh to pnr
yur Imvcllnit cipfnm I nut we have not; and I far that
your HlMie WoHeljr' will hot tvrl rich enoufh to afford IU
Jrajr see tu It that prrp)n la irprrnented by aninebody here.
If you en n not emie wmte t'onimamiii'i. Henmtors or
lawyer's wife who may be In Waxhliicton this Winter.
In compliance with this request, the Yice-Presl-
dent-at-Large, by power of the. authority, vested
In her, has written to Mrs. Thomas H. Brents, of
ashlngtonTerritory, who Is an able advocate of
the cause, and empowered her to represent the
Slate Association. Mrs. M.-C. George, wife of
bur Member of Congress, Is In Portland this Win
ter, and the wives of our present Senators are hot
known to be In sympathy with the movement.
If our readers know of other Oregon ladles new
sojourning In Washington who would be willing
to assist, they are urged to Inform us without
delay. : .. . ' ,-' ': . 4 ; .
This paragraph Is In circulation among the cur
rent news of the day : "Mine. Edmond Adam, the
distinguished editor. of'theVourrfe licvue. In
Paris, has won the long-protracted probate suit
1.. U A f A 1 i- J- SAHVf M.-. - '
wMigiitngmmet urroy neniroxner-in-iaw. Tnls
gentleman In 1879 tried to upset the will of the
late M. Edmond Adam, on the ground of undue
Influence, the whole fortune of the deceased being
left to his widow. Having lost the case, he ap
pealed against the declsloivwhicli has, however,
been confirmed by the Superior Court.!' It Is un
fortunate for the "gentleman" that his appeal
could not have been made to the Supreme Court of
Oregon before the election of last year. That
body could easily have discovered "undue luflu-
ence" over a testator.who made a woman his heir:
- - T m. I II t I ' I X '" j I A
l . iTiui op in uuiuan irevumc , an , auvuraia ,iu
Woman Suffrage.
law-makers cannot much
longer remafn opposed to It.
.There has been much conjecture as to what In
fluence was used to stop Gulteau'a ordinary black-
gurdUm-and-Jieep-hlra-from-"ripplngup his
wife's record," when sh was on the witness
stand, as he had threatened.. It is now learned
that her present husband sent word by Scot I lie
to the asaasstn that he "would shoot him down
like a dog" If he offered her any Insult, and was
protection" to rlsk.a shot from the Ieadvllle man's
revolver, and behaved himself decently.
-An Associated Press dispatch of December 16th
proves that Miss Antimony's influence is already
making itself felt In the Uulted States Senate, It
also proves that Senators who are not yet a wak
ened, to the proper understanding of. woman's
right to respectful consideration can still be found.
Such men always boast that they protect women,
yet theydo not scruple to raise ajaugh. whenever
right-minded and honorable Senators offer a'reiT
olution that puts such professions to the test.
1. Following is the telegram a1Iudjd to : .
" Vest opposed Ilour'a .resolullon for a sieelleoinmlttee ..
on women's riKhta in theJutereKt-of-eeoaomy ; the Heat
had 41 efimmltiees with idle messengera and elerks; this
committee would neceasltate six more tiiesnengers. He
proceeded to makeayery. humorous speerh on the propri
ety of referring Vonisn HutTraxe to the Committee on Her
olutlonary Claims, which had. only eoiisldered one hlll Vn
.lOyesrs. The committee was typical of that ecstatic voire
th Watt's hymn ; , , 1 ' "
"There shall I bathe my weary soul
" Ju a aea of heaveatyrestr
And not a wave of trouble roll
Acroai my peaceful breast"
However. If women could get this committee stirred up "
urai pr i' I 'i'iyiM inpra, 11 wouiu ena lae question lor
erer, because the public at large, himself Included, would
consider that such a proof or female blandishment and In
fluence that It would surrender at once and Woman Huf
TTBge wiiuld become constitutional and legal. He would
refer It toJhtjTnmlttee.riOst. 31 to 21. . "
RjiyTrd moved to refer It to the Judiciary Comm'litee, m
being asubject for grave legal consideration, and present
ing questions not fit for discussion here.
IKn, getting unanimous consent, urged a special coni
m ItteeoTie'appoThted, and although the mornlng'hour
bad expired, MorrlHaked thatthe resolution bedlsposedof.
qurhees objected.- ,
This was received on the 20th:
At expiration of the morning hour, Senate resumed con
sideration of Hoar's resolution for a Committee on .Woman
'Huffrage, and Morgan addressed the Henate.after whlclvthe
Senate went Into executive session.
The WomanXurrmge resolution was Informally laid aside.
No wonder ' Miss Anthony Is " tired -tired,"
This constant abrasion of eulightened. women's
brains against ignorant men's ballots would dis
courage anybody not Inspired by exalted hero
ism. This question will come up again soon.
Sttch-ftenators-asl f oaT,ayaTndT2ghwIir
i aaa , If'-
pun aown" tnaCDiie little v est before their work-
is done. " ''..''
Tlie following letter UT the senior editor, from a
well-known lady .of Salem, though. not written
for publication, contains so many sentiments in
common with the religious tenets of many of our
readers that we take the liberty of printing It,
feeling sure of forgiveness, especially at Christmas
timer , ' ;, , r'!, .
Secure as I have leen for many years within my own
happyhome, I have scarcely given a thought to the homes
of less fortunate women until comparatively recently.
Home very sad" Incidents have lately come to my knowl- '
edge how, 1 scarcely know ; but I have been drawn to look.
at the question of equal rights In many ways. Many times
I-have marveled at your patience, your Indomitable perse-
ire of ttiemiwi trying auappoTftririeiflf ahg
discouragements. Your mlssloa for the good of woman la
full of Inspiration, and will most assuredly result ln1ncal-
-The more f niiisldeir"
this question of right for woman, the plainer It become v
that educated women , have great power already in their
hands; power which Is tieing felt throughout the entire
world. There Is an Intense spirit of Inquiry abroad In the -land.
It Is being felt In every home In America, every
home In the knowa worhl. . '
There is'one'great sustaining thought for the women of
to-day; one which may not have heen Intimately associ
ated with this great cause f woman's equnlity, and still It .
may be the central l.l-s with many. It Is that Christ la
for us. Christ, the Incarnation of all goodness, was given -
to the keeping of a nebrew woman. The Father of all
trusted Ills son to the care of Mary,ani that Jewish mother
to-day stands crowned with the loftiest title that ever can -
be bestowed pppn woma-n I speak It reverently mother of .
Immanue.ljtkKl with us. The women of America believe
In hiniywhaoii earth was full of truth and grace. Ilia life
was spent In doing good. Ills dying thoughts were for the
women who stood about the cross, his loving motherone of
them. Women were first to meet him after his resurrection.
He was. woman's truest friend; and to-day he Is her de-'"
fender, her advocate: All through theagee ef the New
Testament this thrilling truth runs like a golden thread.
binding the cause of woman close tojils loving, Ood-given
purposes. The power of. love has won many a bitter con.
fllct.and with this pure and holy gift fiom God, the women
are full of trust, and never will give over the struggle while
hope Is given. .They will win at the last, not hyfhrute force,
but by prayer amTthe all-prevailing power of woman's In-,
fluence rightly employed. ; --...j.
TrtxAriAvN. J.Norember218Si.
o tiir Knirou or Tine Naw Nnnnvmn
I feel sure that We shall cret our sneotal Standing
Committee In both Houses of Congress this Win
ter; ami ir we do, thed we shall have Just hear
ings before them In January. I hope for good re-
ports, .discussions . and votes In both Houses.
Furthermore, the questfon of admlttlnsr Dakota
as a State Is pretty sure to come up; and aa sure
as ii does, both Houses will h divided on the
question of striking the' word "male" from Ita
institution. Mrs. J. Graham Jones, of Chicaco.-
It ipendlngltCVlnter In-WahIngton-and-wlltr
see each and all of the members and trv to inter
est tnem in the Woman Suffrage question.
We are worklmr hard at the awnnd vnlum of
the-yrtmain?iifTrage History. The Xatlonal
tfcnIs temporarily suspended to 'give Mrs.
Gage better opportunity -to hurry up her portion
of theStupendous work. We are all tired tired.
Rut we will never rest till the cause triumphs,
let what will happen. , . ...... .
trrtittp ua iff lira agllAllon at 'V'allIllglou,, as yod 7
nave done in the past.. We shall see the end
sometime. Ever yours. , Scram IL Anthoxv.
i '