The new Northwest. (Portland, Or.) 1871-1887, April 15, 1880, Image 2

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Ttie political cauldron is uow simmer
ing at a lively rate, ami iu a short time
will be boiling furiously. At this writ
ing, the fires are burning briskly, with
a fair prospect of a yet fiercer beat in
tbe sesr future. Ttie Democratic party,
wbteh is eblefly famous for never hav
ing a new idea of its own and always
ready to oppose new issues
Iu other parties, lias followed tbe time
honored precedent established by iu
founders, and led off In tbe business of
bellows-blowing and heated Its far traces
in advance of tbe slower-burning Repub
lican fires. Tbe broth It bas prepared
as a political stew for the sustenance of
certain "regulars," is a liotcb-potcli of
Irreconcilable incongroities. Various
members of tbe party have already
tasted tbe simmering mixture and con
signed It in advance to Salt River.
Poor P. P. Prim, whose nomination for
Supreme Judge is regarded as a cruel
sarcasm by those who know him best,
was plaeed in the kettle to attraet tbe
float! Dg scum from other ingredients.
It Is the Intention nt tbe cooks to skim
him oil as froth after hs has boiled a
whlle. Jas. K. Kelly was added as a
weight to hold the mess down. Nobody
expects him to be eooked to tenderness
any more tban any other old bone that
has lost its substance by repeated boil
ing. Quite a number of first-class men
have been added as body to tbe broth ;
but they were only chosen to give tbe
stew a certain relish, which wilt be
counteracted by tbe fetid odor of other
politicians who have been dead so long
that tbe prospect of their resuscitation
is dolefully doubtful. Ttie Democracy
lias mixed its broth with some culinary
aaumeu. But tbe "now you taste It and
now you don't" is an especial and con
spicuous ingredient in the flavoricg.
now many of tbe members of the aris
tocracy of sex there may be in tbe party
who will eat tbe compound whole, and
without protest, remains to be seen; but
that they will eat it, protest or no pro
test, no matter how prepared or by
whom, is as -certain as that tbey have
always done so on similar occasions in
tbe past; and we opine tbey always will ;
until they progress far enough as a
party to accept a new issue before they
' are whipped into It by bullets and bay
onets. The Oreeobackers are too few in num
ber, as yet, to make much of a stir over
their political broth, though, from tbe
advance taste some of our friends have
had of it, we think tbey like tbe mix
ture pretty well as far as it bas got.
Bat we fear that it is destined to re
main underdone for yet another season.
The Rspublicans are bard at work
with their bellows, and tbe furnace will
soon be in full blast. What sort of
broth will be eventually mixed by
those who have voluntarily assumed
charge of the cuisine, it is hardly possi
ble to guess at present. There is already
some complaint among the would-be
engineers that they have not bad a
band at the bellows, which gives ns
some alarm lest they will not agree as'
to the contents of tbe stew; but tbe
ooeks profess to kuow their business,
and we leave the hotch-potch in their
liandi far yet another week, and com
- pkceutly watch the simmering caul
dron to see whether or not tbe women
raav be allowed to smell tbe broth
which they are not permitted to eat,
It is seldom that a better example of
lass legislation is found than tbe action
of tbe Senate of the Legislature of New
York in unanimously passing a bill to
prevent women from acting as profes
sional pedestrians. It renders liable to
prosecution for misdemeanor any wom
an who lakes part In a walking match,
any manager or person aiding in such
an exhibition, and even tbe owner or
lessee of tbe building where the contest
is held. Penalties of Hoe and imprison
ment are provided to give force to the
bill. Walking matches are, no doubt,
nuisances, and nuisances should be
abated, yet no one can give a reason for
allowing men to practice a "profession"
that Is declared a crime if followed by
woman, aud any objection that would
be inised by men if interfered with
"Infringement of personal or Individual
rights" la equally applicable to women.
It is said that the New York bill pasted
without a word being uttered In rela
tion to the disgraceful contests of men
pedestrians. Tbe Woman' Journal
doses a short article on this matter with
these words: "In tills we have another
Illustration of the disadvantage which
any elase has in legislation who are not
represented by one of their own uuro
ber. If women had votes, some mem'
ber would at least have aBked tbe ques
tion, Why not also include tbe men V
Tbe Senate bas confirmed tbe no mi
aauoas ior a commission to negotiate
and by treaty a settlement of
suoh matters as are now pending be
tween our Government and China. The
I'aeiHc Uoaat is allowed bat one mem
ber, John 1'. teiti, of California, but he
is -an able man, and hU knowledge of
the Chinese should have gnat weight
with the other members .f the commie-
l ll.flll.Lf
biuu, useii mcDIgan 1 Fi, -ott of
South Carolina. Mr. Angell i. ai, 0i!r
Minister to China.
We acknowledge a pleasant fraternal
call from John M. Murphy, tbe able ed
itor of the Wcuhinglon Standard of
Olympia. Mr. Murphy departed on the
Ia9t steamer for a flying trip to San
Francisco, and on his return will visit
Walla Walla before going back to
Olympia. Mr. M. was the first gentle
man editor of the Northwest to join
with us in advocating Woman Suffrage,
and has always stood bravely by his
record. Success to him.
It is well known that nations decay ;
when tbe tandard of civilization be-1
cotaea so t,vr that iootinust'ess and 1
dissipation are not placed under the tan '
by tbe great majority of the people. In j
view of this fact, it is with alarm that j
evcry patriot notes tbe spread of im
moral and vicious ideas among portions
of tbe population. It may be that tbe
percentage of those with evil tendencies
is not greater tban iu the past, an our 1
population increases so rapidly, yet those
who have occasion to travel much are
prone to think different. I.ct any one
attend a picnic from any large city, aud
his eyes will be greeted with many
startling sights. Tbe public excursions
from jSew York, Boston, Philadelphia,
Chicago, San Francisco, and nlher cities
in tbeUnit'! Stale ir- excellent places
to learn of I'.-- of profligacy and
dissolutely Huuday denies in par
ticular the wanton to flaunt their
lack of dicomru ; aud generally Sunday
plciaics are visiUnl by the lower classes
because of tbe knowledge that quiet and
orderly people seldom attend. Also, tbe
cheap trains a hich counect many East
ern cities terve to collect together tbe
worse specimens of humanity. Henry
B. Blaekwell recently took a trip on tbe
dollar train which runs between Xew
York and Boston. His observation was
that the constant disturbance which
disgraced the train was caused l.y a few
ill-bred women and n.:iny care men.
"Thirty years ago the disorder could not
have occurred." As the number of bold
and biazen women Is ever so small in
comparison with the number of men of
tbe same stamp, it is a natural supposi
tion that if woiueu bail tbe power tbey
would raise our standard of morality.
Verily, "Something is u ceded to check
the growing demoralization." Many
agree with Mr. Blaekwell that Woman
Suffrage If tbe remedy.
J. J. Oweu, editor of
IIjO. J. J. Oweu, editor of the San
Jose Mercury, delivered his lecture on
"Tbe Press" before a small but select
audience on Monday evening in the Y.
M. C. A. Hall. The lecture was at once
instructive aud amusing, and would re
flect credit upon the pulpit of a Tal
mage, a Cook, or a Cruzan, if allowed a
hearing. We hope a certain deacon of
tbe Congregational church was present,
and trust he learned that "Tbe Press" is
a subject that may be discussed witb
propriety before an audience or congre
gation of both ladies and gentlemen.
As we hope yet to bear tbe lecture be
fore a large audience from some popular
pulpit, we will defer a synopsis till some
future time, though we cannot now pass
it by without quoting tbe peroration.
which will give the general reader an
idea of the gentleman's literary style:
Tbe Press is the lever of Archimedes that
moves tbe world. It Is tbe still small voice
speaking out of the silcnee to led nations oat
ol tbelr bondage onward and npwanl to hither
planes of thought and action. Without it
chaos would come again, and tbe dark night
from which we have just emerged return with
tenfold blackness. It Is the handmaid of re
ligion, tbe guardian of liberty, the hope of tbe
worid. It is tbs cloud of smoke by d.-.y and
tbe pillar of Arc by nl-tat, leading the wander
ing sobs of earth up from the wilderness of
ignorance and error.andont Into the promised
land ol enlUli:i r.ed freedom. Occf loach the
foul of men with a live cnal from llic altar of
tbe Press Willi a sp.irk ol mniniillMii Irom Its
living batteries and henceforth a change like
a newcreat.'.n comes over that soul. For it
there Is no j:iore indolent no more satis
fed rest in tli r obscarltrof mental n:-ht. It
begins to chale within Its priion bars and
struggle with Its chains. There has been
aroused within a thirst for the living waters of
knowledge that increases with the "apply, and,
with pleading hiTuls and lips, it ever asks, like
poor Oliver in the story, for "more, more!
And here in tbe soal's eternal InnKlngs for
knowledge we catch a glimpse ol the purple
halo of Its divinity, and nad Its u !'ny, writ
ten hv tuc finger of God "Thou sli.ili 'ic lor-
Au Assemblyman of the California
Legislature has ou several occasions
made uneomplimentary remarks about
Mrs. Fitzgerald, a lecturer, who had
sold tickets on the floor of the House at
Sacramento. On Monday last, she
stepped Into the Assembly chamber,
armed witb a black snake whip, and
demanded that tbe law-giver and pro
tector of women write an immediate re
traction, to be published in her hus
band's paper of that day. The member
met her angry eye, and saw that she
had passed and iutended to enforce a
law for the protection of one woman at
least. There was no chance for him to
test tbe constitutionality of her euact
ment. She was a Supreme Court in the
case, and be fancied be could trace her
decision along tbe shiny covering of
tbe serpentine lash. The action could
not be postponed for a term even in
fact, there was danger that tbe case
would be advanced on the docket and
there was nothing for him to do but
calmly submit to the ruling of bis judge.
Glancing around the ronsi, and seeing
no means of ccipe frm the "law" or
whip, be penned a saiNf-.i-iory retrac
tion, without making an argument
against tbe equity of ber statute.
Golden Dam is tbe title of a sixteen-
page illustrated weekly journal for boys
and girls, published at I'bliaueipnia.
Tbe first issue is dated March 6, I860,
and is a paper which no parent should
fear to place in a child's bands. It is
devoted to Interesting and elevating
stories, instructive sketches, matters of
general information iu a style attractive
to tbe young, good advice in a receiva
ble way, and choice bits of oetry. The
publisher says he intends to maintain it
as a high-toned paper for the young,
and claims to appreciate the demands of
the public His first issue verifies his
statements. Send $3 to James Elverson,
the publisher, corner Eighth and Locust
streets, Philadelphia, and you will re
ceive Golden Lkitjn for a year.
ine national Woman Suffrage Asso-
elation will holJ its twelfth annual con -
vention in ilasouie Hall.
corner of
Tennessee streets.
j Indianapolis, Iod., Tuesday and Wedues
' day, May aud 26, Ib&n.
' ' j imw irtf.lll in i
We have received a note from a lady
of Rpaoteb Hollow, Wese county, ask-
log us to publish, for the benefit of our
subscriber! In that etrtion, "tbe law
relative to a married woniau's holding
property separate from her husband."
As tbe property rights of married wom
en do not appear to be generally under
stood, either by men or women, we will
endeavor to place tbe subject in compact
shape before the public. Taking the
clause in the Constitution, an extract
from tbe Miscellaneous Laws, and the
Act of 187S together, one can get a clear
idea of a married woman's status. Sec
tion 5 of Article 15 of tbe Constitution
of the State cf Oregon says:
Tbe property and pecuniary rights of every
inanled woman, at the time of marriage, or
afterward acquired by gift, devisr or inherit
ance, -hall tiol lc subject to tbe ilehu or eon
Iractj ol the liuii.ind; aud laws shall on passed
providing lor the regis. nit ton of the wifen sep
arate property.
Section 4 of Chapter 35 of the Miscel
laneous Laws of Oregon says :
The properly, eiUier real or personal, ac
quired by any married woman during cover
ture, by her own labor, shall not be liable lor
the debts, contracts or liabilities of her hus
band, but shall In all respect be subject to the
same exemptions and liabilities as properly
owned at the time of her marriigc or after
ward acquired by gift, devise or inhurltance,
The Act approved October 21, 1S7S, de
fining the property rights of married
women, Is here given in full :
Pqtikn 1 Tl.c property and pecuniary rights
of ecry mirrled woman at the time of ber
marriage, or afterwards acquired by gift, de-
;e or Inheritance, shall not be subject to the
ihlilk or contracts of ber husband, and she
may manase. sell, convey or devise the lame
by will, to the name extent nnd In the sains
manner that her husband ran property be
longing to him.
8kc When properly is own. a by either
the husband or wife, tbe other ban no interest
therein which can be tbe subject of contract
between tlii in, or such interest as will make
the same liable for the contracts or liabilities
of either the hnsbaad or wife who ! not the
owner of the property, except as provided In
this Ac.
Bar. a. Mi iuld either li e husband or wife
obla.n io-ie?ion or control of property be
longli: to t.'ie other, ei!!;.r bclorc or after
mam ir.e owner 01 me property may
malnialn 1,11 action tbcrefor, or for any right
Ifroa Ins out r the same. In tbe same manner
and extent as if tbey ware unmarried.
Her. L I'or all civil Injuries committed by a
marrhd w--man, damages may be recovered
from heralorie, and ber husband khall not be
responsible fieri lor, except in case where he
would be J ilnily rekponsiljlc with her if the
marrl.i.'i did not exint.
set. '.. A conveyance, tr.ini.rer or lien exe
cuted by cither husband or wife to or In favor
of the other, shall be valid to tbe same extent
as between other persona.
8 EC. . A husband or wife may consulate
the other, his or her attorney In fact, to control
or dispose of his or ber property for their mu
tual benefit, and majr revoke the same to the
same extent and manner u other persons.
8ac. 7. A wile may receive tbs wages of her
personal labor, and maintain an action there
for In her own name, and bold the same In her
own right, and she may prosecute and defend
all actions at law or in equity, for the preser
vation and protection of her rights and prop
erty as if unmarried.
Hec. 8. Neither husband or rllc Is liable for
tbe debts or liabilities of the othrr Incurred
before marriagejand, except as herein other
wise declared, they are not liable for the sepa
rate debts of each other, nor is the rent or la
come of such property liable for the separate
debts of the other.
8 Be. . Contracts may be made by a wife
and liabilities Incurred, and theaame enforced
by or against her, to the same extent aud in
the same manner as if she were unmarried.
Hrx. 10. The expenses of the family nnd tho
education ol tbe rtilHrrn are rhanmlilr upon
the properly of boih at tend and wife, or
either 01 them, aud In relation thereto they
may be sued Jointly or separately.
Tbe culmination of snobbery has been
reached by fome masculine paragrapber,
wbo publishes to tbe world the impor
tant fact that "Mrs. Langtry Is so dainty
that she has her maid wash all the gold
that comes to her pnrse with soda."
The snob who peuned the quotation
should give a little more attention, to
English and not so much heed to the
"Jersey Lily." Soda is "dreadfully for
ward" In coming to her nurse with gold.
Tbe beauty's claim to fame consists in
having aroused the temper of tbe Prince
of Wales by slipping a bit of ice "down
bis collar," thus marring tbe heir ap
parent' enjoyment of his dinner. The
beauty achieved new distinction by
laughiiig as the proud srir.n of royalty
emlcavorc'I to prevent the congealed
liquid's following tbe course of his spi
nal column. It Is also said that the
"Lily" i graceful In stubbing ber toe;
but no one has yet had tbe temerity to
learn of her husband whether or not she
holds a portion of her hair in her teetli
while the rest is being dressed.
It Is presumable that the members of
tbe press who dish up the flatulent non
sense concerning Mrs. Lan try's gold and
toes are all earnest sticklers for "wom
an's sphere," and will summarily con
demn any and all women wbo endeavor
to help tbeir sisters to Independence.
Vticle Davy Newsome, tbe vetcrau
pioneer and well-known advocate of
temperance, gave us a long and pleasant
call last Saturday. He reported a suc
cessful lecture tour through tbe counties
of Yamhill and Washington, and found
the people wide awake on the Woman
Suffrage question. lie gave a glowing
account of the crops throughout the
portions of tbe counties visited, and is
quite enthusiastic over the narrow guage
railway system.
L.vtkk. From a letter just at hand,
we learn that Air. Newsome took the
steamer Occi Jent for Oswego on the
12th lost., and on landing met with the
accident of a river batb. Wet and
chilled, he walked half a mile to the
residence of tbe Waitings, where be was
soon made comfortable.
Toe advocates of Ood in-the-Constitution,
despairing of ever carrying their
point, have Induced Iown!ng of Wyo
raiug to introduce in the House a bill ap
propriating $300,000 for the purpose of
; having suitable paintings- of the Iireand
1 death of Jesus Christ placed on the walls
i nf ihor'.nltnl Tlilala aeanital Ihouellt.
as most of tbe members need the con
stant warnings which tho pictures
would give.
llawkeye, says tint while be was lectur
ing at Washington be saw a lady witb
an intelligent, pretty face .and bright,
eloquent eyes, that were rarely lifted
towards him, and then only for a flash
of time. They were bent upon her hus
band's bands almost constantly. Bril
liant and accomplished a few years ago,
she had gone down into the world of
voiceless silence, and uow all tho music
andall the speech that comes into her
life comes through the tender devotion
of her husband. As the speaker talked,
be watched tho husband telling off tbe
lecture on his nimble lingers, while the
wife's eager eyes glaueed from tbem to
his sympathetic face. It was a pretty
picture of devotion. They were young
to have this el owl shadow the morning
skies of their lives; yet how beautifully
the sunlight of his devotion was break
ing through the clouds and tiatiug even
their afflictions with a tender radiance.
It Is said that Mr. Burdette's witti
cisms, which have made him famous,
are written by tbe bedside of his sick
wife ; hence these closing words are of
additional significance: "This disci
pline of attending upon suffering is a
good thing for a man. It rounds out
bis life; it develops his manlier, nobler
qualities ; it makes his heart btave and
tender aud strong as a woman'?."
It is a somewhat startling fact that
there are still nearly 5,000 women and
alrie employed about the coal mines of
Great Britian. In tbe official summary
of persona employed in and about tbe
mines, under the Coal Mines act, it Is
stated that 21 girls under the age of 13
years are employed. Of girls between
the ages of 13 and 10 there are 4.i3 em
ployed ; of yonng women above the age
of IS there are no less than 1.502 em
ployed. In tbe mines registered under
the Metaliierous Mines act there is a
larger proportionate employment of
women. At tbe teuder age of between
8 and 13 years, there are 06 girls em
ployed, chiefly in tbe Cornwall District;
between tbe ages of 13 aud 18, there are
981 girls employed about these mines,
Cornwall and tbe North Wales District
employing tbe bulk ; and there are also
1,711 women above the age of IS em
ployed, Cornwall, North Wales and Ire
land employed all these except 20 ; and
of this score, somewhat singularly, the
chief part are employed in tbe North of
England, which has been remarkably
free front women's work In tbe mi fit
employment of mining. The propor
tion of women employed is said to be
decreasing; but the fast that girls of
such tender ages are potto mining op
erations, or to work "above ground" at
the mines, is a sign that the unsatisfac
tory system is not likely- to entirely
die out.
The Princess Stephanie, of Belgium,
the future wife of the young Crowu
l'rioce Kudolph ol Austria, is only six
teen years old, and is one of the most
beautiful Princesses of Europe. She is
accomplished, her tastes being highly
artistic and musical. The Crown-Prince
first met her two years ago. The be
trothal was celebrated privately in tbe
family circle, after the Crown-Prince
asked the royal parents for the Princess
Stephanie's hand. TRe Princess lias
hitherto led a secluded life, having been
seen very seldom, even In Brussels.
The wedding will probably not take
place for a year. Hungary is much
pleased, as Stephanie Is the grand
daughter of tbe much-loved Archduke
Joseph, 'for half a century Palatine of
that country.
The temperance movement in Eng
land is gathering strength. Fourteen
thousand clergymen of the Church of
England have united In a memorial to
bishops, asking tbem to support ear
nestly measures for the further restric
tion of tbe trade in lnloxloatiog liquors.
Tbey are convinced, tbey say, that the
condition of the people "can never be
greatly Improved, whether intellectu
ally, physically or religiously, so long
as intemperance extensively prevails
among tbem, and that intemperance
will prevail so long as. temptations to it
abound on every side."
The first woman to vote in Albany,
N. Y., oil tna 13tu ittaut, under the
uew law for the School Board, was Kate
Stonemau, Secretary of the County
Woman Suffrage Society, a member of
tbe Faculty of tbe State Normal School,
and sister of General Stoneman. The
Legislature made such n, blunder In
passing tbe law that in but few locali
ties women eau receive tbe benefits iu
tended. If women ever make sueli a
mistake, it will be regarded as evidence
that they are unlit to be law-makers.
The Yakima (.W. T.) Record learns
that a squaw recently died on the reser
vation in giving birth to twins. Nooe
of the Iudlans would care for the infants,
aud finally they were bnried alive wih
the corpse of the mother. This gives
the He to the assertion that tbe Indians
on the Yakima reserve are civilized. It
Is demanded that the Indian agent in
veatlgalo the inhuman outrage.
Sherman has telegraphed to General
Hatoli, at Santa Fe, not to regard
boundaries of departments, but to cap
ture Indian depredators, though they
are on reservations. Some are to be
surrendered to civil authorities and
others put to work in a stone quarry at
Fort Leavenworth. A sensible Indian
Tbe Countess Larnbertini is pushing
her claim for tbe estate of Cardinal An
tonelli. She will bring witnesses t
prove that tbe baptismal rtgister, :
the strength of which tbe former c .:r
rejected her appeal, Is false.
I The East Portland Vindicator has been
' enlarged and Improved.
Senator Grover
wtt his health is
Ltrn K nt:'
iu N.- J.-r-'tv.
fan gaipt are reported
Freight rates tram Cbiengo eastward
have bteii reduc.-ad.
S. Braciiinaii, a Tebfcma merchant,
has committed suicide.
II n. The. A. Hendriek's motbi r-in-law,
Mrs. Eliza F. Morgan, is dead. .
K -ventif i-Rl.-i-rs hee destroyed nine
iiii. il i! inJiritu :i. S-ivXU Carolina.
Thf Mormo-i. celebrated the fiftieth
anniversary f the church on Friday
Cen rn! Grant has vHittd Vicksburs
and viewed tbe remains of bis famous
-N i- x York real estate m rising In
value, and consequently rents are in-
U. P.lau.l was shot in an election riot
ut I M-i-fleM, s. C, on Monday, and died
Oil illt-'iV
J ihn Sullivan kiileil Jobn Rarmond
at New Orleans a Saturday Iu a row
ahuut ut. cutis. ,
ElgirP Holn of Salt Francisco has
murdered bis wiiV, but failed iu bia at
tempt ui suicide.
Amos Walton was the first person ex
ecuted Iu South Carolina under tbe new
law against arson.
Destructive prairie fires are reported
north of ri.oux Falls. Dakota. Several
lives have been lost.
An explosion of dynamite at Dowti
Ington, Pa , on lite 10th. killed two men
aud wounded, others.
Mrs. Rachel Smith, of Adamstanr.
Ptfiin,, lias died from the brutal outrage
or au unKuowu villain.
The San Francisco Chronicle has re
duced the price of cnmfMwi t)on ; and
"rats" have gone to work.
Ben Hill threatens tn resign from tbe
Senate Committee on Elections if Kel
logg U illino I to keep his seat.
Edison's process for extracting gold
from quartz or tailings Is evidently a
success, as mining companies are using
A $ ICO .000 Government building at
Sacrameuto bas been recommended by
the House Committee on Public Build
San Francisco had an earthquake yes
terday. No buildings fell, but Nevada
Block swayed a foot from its perpendic
Thecapitalists of San Francisco, New
York and Chicago do not regard De
i.esseps'8 I'Anaiua eanxl scheme with
Several noted desperadoes have es
caped from tbe Wyoming penitentiary,
includiug "Tbe Kid" and "Buffalo
Mrs. J. L. Coats, of Neenab, Wis.,
was beaten by burglars, to make bsr
tell where her money was kept, until
she will die.
Postmaster-General Key has granted
permission for the Supervisor of the
Frankfort (Ky.) school fund lottery to
use the malls.
A tenement on Washington street,
Haverhill, Mass , occupied by ten fami
lies, was burned on Monday. Two men
were sutloeated.
Simpson A Crawford's dry goods es
tablishment on Sixth avenue. New
York, bas been burned. Loss, $200,000;
insurance, $130,000.
Business failures for tbe first quarter
of 1S0 are hut little over half as numer
ous as in 1ST9. and tbe liabilities little
over one-fourth as great.
The House .Election Committee has
instructed its chairman to report to the
House mm t.eitner iMnneiiy nor vvasn
burue is entitled to a seat.
Judge Cox, of the Circuit Court of the
District of Colombia, has refused to
ilrikcout the suit of Raymond vs. Hill,
ami the case rau-t be tried.
II ibbcrs burneil to death Enoch Moa
latider, a wealthy old bachelor near Bel
laire, Ohio, tryiug to make him Jell the
hi Jiug place of his money.
The Massachusetts Prohibitory Con
vention will meet on tho 28th to eleet
delegates to the National Convention,
to he held at Cleveland ou June 17th.
It is claimed that Pennsylvania dele
Kales will not vote as a unit for Grant's
nomination, but tliit many of them
will exerci.-o their right to vole for
Whsleu's suit against General Sheri
dan for $120,000 damages, fir ejecting
5IaintilI from the Killona plantation in
Louisiana, has been carried to the U. 8.
Supreme Court.
The Santillan claim has been favor
ably reported to the House hy the Com
mittee on Private Lind Claims. Tbe
California delegation are confident ft
wilt be defeated.
Dixon, III., had a $300,000 fire last
week. Thompson & Co's, Bicker &
Underwood's, and Eel's & Co's mills
are amoog tbe burned. Ezra Bicker
and Wm. Sebum were killed.
The entire country around Forked
Kiver, N. J., is a glare of flames. Over
100 square miles of cedar and pine for
est is burned. Fears are entertained
that the flames will reach tbe towns.
The number of Immigrants arriving
at xsew iers nuu xiiiistore is extraor
dinarily large. Generally they are an
unusually good class of people, and
have sufficient money Tor a good start
In life.
State Senator Kane of California hav
ing refused to divulge the names of the
persons wbo lie says attempted to bribe
him, he will be kept in jail at Sacra
mento till tbe time for adjournment 12
o'ciock x. to-morrow.
A man named Boyd dove from tbe
bridge at Mulfonlsvllle, Ky., Into Green
River, on tbe 11th. The distance is 120
feet, and he was not Injured. He col
lected some money from the crowd pres
eut to witness his feat.
Thnrlow Weed, founder of the Albany
(N. Y.) Journal, says that the circum
stances of six months ago demanded
Grant in the Presidential chair, but
that matters have changed, and now
any other candidate is preferable to him.
A suit In Chicago concerning the
oleomargarine patent has brought out
ll e aaloundiug fact that oleomargarine.
which Is never quoted in market and
which Is not kept l.y any merchant as
such, has a sale In the country of 98,000,-
poiiiura per annual.
Da Hart, the symmetrically formed
negro, made .Vw miles in the six-day
go-as-you-please contest at New York
for the u Jeary belt. His record Is
1 miles bflter than the English cbam-
I pion's. His total lime oil" the track
i was ZZ hours, ar.d he was fresh at the
i t!i:!a!i.
Lirze numbers of skilled nnrkmrn
have left Germany for the CaUtJ States
and Great Brttlau, Iu consequence of tbe
new army oin.
feruvi.ui papers report many out
rugtsty the Chilem army ai,,' Heet
e'i-i! in rati-e interfere--t h; other
Rev. Daniel Bagley, who ciuanized
and for twenty years has beeu the pas
tor of a Seattle church, has removed to
Olympia to rest for a time.
tat jotd Txariroaxtt.
Herris are plentiful la Qsfos Bay.
imxit county's crop prospects are ex-
CommeicJal street, Safe, is being
Tbe State Fair gmuntU are being pal
in repair.
A new school-house will be built In
Clatsop district.
Wat. Burke, au old pioneer of J wes
son couuty'is dead.
Douglas conutvV heaviest tax-payer,
F. S'jutbcrlin, is a farmer.
A number of buildings are being
erected at Goklendale, W. T.
Willamette Valley to 133 miles long
aoii averages 40 miles in width.
Tiie district school of Jacksonville la
to have a graod May Day picnic.
Alvut ICO pnplls are in attendance
upon the public school at R weburg.
Good Temnlars are roirir to give a
dramatic eatertalnmebi at Ashland.
Toe first discoverer of gold in Eastern
Oregon is now sawing wood in Baker
The Republican Contention of Jose
ph ttie county will be beid at Wilderville,
May 8th.
Tbe Roseborg Independent says emi
grants froea California are already com
ing North.
t Douglas connty farmers are generally
through seeding and have hopes of au
abundant harvest.
Pendleton supports two private
seboola, Tbe public school has an at
tendance of 35 pupils.
Wm. Bigham and Dan Drurabelter of
Stevens county, w. r., recently sold a
band of cattle tor 530,000.
Many of tbe students of the State
University have left in order to engage
in teaching Summer ssbools.
Business Is improving in Canyon vilie,
and farmers in the surrounding country
arc sanguine of a prosperous year.
Nearly $1,000 is offered for tbe arrest
of tbe persons who recently committed
the murders in jbiastern waaoingtoo.
Tbe Attoritm says tbe population of
Astoria has nearly doubled in three
weeks, the Ashing season having opened
The White River (W. T.) ebeeee fac
tory is ready to receive lis apparatus,
and will probably begin work by tbe
Mrs. Price, one of the sufferers from
tbe Utes in tbe Meeker massacre, is en
the way to ber father, Arch. Parker, at
A young German at Fort 8tevens,
lately employed as a fisherman by
Messrs. Smith, bas fallen heir to $30,000
in Faderlaud.
The City Marshal of Tbe Dalles has
made a raid on an opium den, arresting
two Chinamen, ore white woman and
live or six young men.
Rev. D. N. Utter, for some years pas
tor of tbe Uuitarian Church at Olym
pia, bas removed with bis family to
Kansas City, Missouri.
Tbe Astoria Packiug Company have
made an addition to their works Last
year tbey pot up more fish tban any
other canuery on tbe Columbia.
Tbe Circuit Court of Lane county will
convene at Eupene on tbe 18th last.
Tbe docket shows forty-eight actions,
fourteen of which are State cases.
Tbe mining season promises to bo very
successful in Southern Oregon. Many
hydraulic miners are already at work,
and water will last late in tbe season.
Tiie steamer Virginia bas been pur
chased in San Fiauclsco by parties tn
Port Townaeod lo- ply between that
city, tbe Iron mines and Wbidby Island.
Tbe Olympia and Tenino Railroad
was sold by tbe Sheriff on Friday last
for taxes. As uo bidders anueared. tbe
county took it at $1,538 11. Traius are
running as usual.
On Weduetday of last week, twelve
tons or Pupet Hound oysters were ship
ped bv railroad for tbe Portland and
San Francisco markets. This is tbe
largest shipment ever made at one time.
The post office at Olympia now draws
money orders payable at any place in
tbe United Kingdom ol Great Britain
and Ireland, the German Empire and in
ranee and Algeria.
The Chileans are blockading Caliao,
Tbe wife of President Dlax, of Mexico,
is ueau. ,
Gladstone dee! lues a public reception
in Lbndou.
Peruvian successes are reported from
sown America.
Much body-snatching Is reported from
a vjanaoa cemetery.
John Somerset Packing ton, Lord 1
nsmwn, agea as, m ueau.
Lord Lytton, Viceroy, of India, lias 1
neen created ivirl of lytton.
Twenty persons were killed near Lin-1
don on Wedues-Jay by explosions.
Several persons were killed by a rait-
way collision near Moscow on the 1Kb
Strosser, cashier at Vienna of -tbe
Rothschilds, has been arrested for em
bezzlement. Much damage was done in the central
portion of Outario, Canada, on the Iltb,
by a terrific gale.
Three fishermen- were drowned at
Halifax ou tbe 9tb. Each left a wile
and a large family.
Stickeed River, British Columbia, Is
a glare of ice. Tbe Winter has been tbe
coldest ever known.
The Catholics of France are consider
ably exercised over the proscription by
Ferry's educational bill.
Tbe Paris Catholic University Is now
called the Catholic Institute, to conform
to tbe Ferry educational law.
The Liberals have a majority over
both tbe Conservatives and tbe Home
Rulers In the British Parliament.
A terrible famine is reported at Mosul,
in Turkish Kooristan. Also, many are
dying of hunger at Van, in Armenia.
The.Zondon Timet thinks it will be
Impossible to constitute thejiew minis
try on a stable basis without Gladstone.
The Germau Bundesrath has adopted
a bill which will appease Bismarck and
probably make hitn withdraw bis resig
nation. Parneli i satUfied witb the success of
the Home Rulers, and thinks tbey wilt
succeed in having several just laws
passed by Parliament.
Great floods have ocenrred iu the
neighborhood of Ism Id. Turkey. Ada
haxar has beeu fcubmerged and the peo
ple arc in great distress.
Otero, who attempted to assassinate
King Alfonso, was executed yesterday.
He was placed in the pillory for the
twenty-hours preceding, according to
An American accusal cf killinir a
Turk hut l.eeii fiuiitl irusltvof man -
wl-iili't.f r .1 u..r...-m. ,1 l.t. llio A m ,!
can I'M' nl st C'iii-!:intinnp!t to two
months' imprisonment. The Minister
of Foteigu Allalrn, displeased with the
light sentence, demands the surrender
of the prisoner to the Ottoman author!-
ties, saying the Consul bad no right to
try the case. The Consul refuses to sur
render tbe prisoner.
Small-pox Is reported laging at Man-
datay, Barman; the Kind's heir baa died
from tbe disease. AMm infers maintain
that to remove evil influences, great
propitlary sacrifice is requisite. Vic
tims will be taken from all ranks to tbe
no other of 400. Tbe priests contribute
100; tbe remainder are to be made up of
men. women and children. Many ar
mta bass been made to seenre a suffi
cient number of victims. The priests.
who have hid - ei.j yed immunity
from s c:; -, are qtiiUinaj Mandalay
in Brent numbers. The Burmese Con
sul at Tnyetmyo denies tbe truth of the
reports about massacres.
Pebsoxai Mr. J. W. MeConnell.
late of the New Market company, left
for San Francisco on the State of Cali
fornia, taking w itb bia tbe goad erishes
of many ft lend.
Cut'- vCTEBiSTic The New Market
Co mi ...y ii id lair ouainess as rneisauee
for tbe nrst wees, out maguire, wiui
characteristic foresight, prolonged the
season until the "lean houses eat up the
good ones."
DaSqerocsly Iij. Mr. G. D. Chap
lin, wbo took a severe cold wbile play
ing Pygmalion, which bas culminated
in pieuro-pneumonia, is now at St. Vin
cent's Hospital under care of excellent
physicians and tbe kind Sisters, yet
aleuder hopes are entertained of bis re
covery. Poor "Nosxikta !" Driven into a"
corner, our little friend "Nosnikta," of
tbe Welcome, whines about falsehoods,
but does not attempt to point tbem out.
Never having bad the candor to con
demn anything unless by reason of his
"personal prejudice," ne rails to see mat
others may rise above his level.
A Sensation- Promised. Tbe Tele
gram learns that a young actress wbo .
was at ons tiuie counected with tbe
New Market company, but wbo has
been giving readings on tbe Sound, baa
threatened to horsewhip a certain Thes
pian when she returns to Portland. A
scene not on the stage may therefore
soon be expected. However, a little sal
ary would act as oil on troubled waters.
The "Passhmi Play." San Fran
cisco's Supervisors are so afraid tbe
masses of the people will learn some
thing of the life and teachings of Jesus
Christ thisi they will not allow tbe
"passion play" to be given in tbe Golden
City. If there is one city in tbe United
Slates where "Tbe' Passion" should be
produced, It is in San Francisco, and in
every enurcti, nail and theater ftom
tkt .k t - v. u . i- r i
aiuui mscu iv ouuin. rsrk, ami innn
the City Front to Berual Heights.
Read the following testimonials, not
from persons 3,000 miles away, whom
no one Knows,- nut from well-known
and trustworthy citizens of Oregon.
whose names, written witb tbelr own
bands, can be seen at our office :
Harrisbcrq, Or., Dec. 31, 1879.
Tbe Oregon Kidney Tea bas done
my wife as much if not more good tban
any rf the many remedies she has need
for pains in the back, and I believe it to
be a good r.-medy for tbe diseases which
it Is recommended for. A. M. COX.
Harrisbcrq, Or., Dec. 31, 1879.
Some three months sgo I was at
tacked with a severe pain in my back.
I hongbt a package of the Oregon Km-
xey Tea. aud by the time I bad need
one-half of It was entirely relieved and
have not been troubled since. I cheer
fully recommend it to all wbo may be
suffering from a lame or weak back, as
a pteasaot, sate and good remedy.
"I am tiied of heinu blistered, leeched,
cupped ami 1 esmeireil witb croton oil
hy the mcst emlueut practitioners, wbo
try to cure l hat cold i f mine by such
proceedings." This tale Is frequently
told by the sufferer to bis druggist, wbo,
not knowing better, makes up any
numbersaf cough mixtures without giv
ing any relief. All you sufferers, do
yen know why you cannot be cared by
sueb means as stated above? Here Is
the cause : It is an established fact
that almost all coughs have their origin,
in a deranged stomaeu, whence gasses
press opu the different parts of the
chest, etc., and thus cause coughing,
which upu too mush straining even
produces earache, and finally deafness.
One bottle of Pfonder's Oregon Blood
Purifier will give immediate relief. Tt
has been tried over and over again, and
found to answer the purpose in every
Ask your druggist for it.
Is prepared to show the Sadies
The Very Latest Novelties
This Klccant Dhqsjay
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An Immense Assortment.
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' (' -! .1 ' V.' 1 I I'm ( 'i i ll 11 1
in in .iui iu
1 ti,.it Mim.liiy, Hie
it'l j .
v. i, - n ..ptHtll.trtl I ll
iJ.cwut. I.I.I. V M SMITH,
Em i-utrix of S.uU Estate,
l'orl'.-iuil, April j, lw