The new Northwest. (Portland, Or.) 1871-1887, November 20, 1879, Image 4

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'lull n mil mi I lutui tvaTi
f- MitoiiM iiiueMa.; '
' , Ai.Jh yeuba' h-eB k tb sluts Unlay
T Ixijr ;uor wedding drea.
Amlw your deer good motlier' sud 1,
h b,v yoa long hate Um,
lliul Ur " light of pv by.
Aud ealk Um rwar eioii.
- an mm elo with your e-'hr au' , '
To th peri B r an' hMir or two, - .
Aad slloa your old father1 IBM,
lit hum a yoe need to do; - -
Fur we who ha' loved you mny a year.
And eluag to you, miiwi mid true.
Si aee we've bad the yMiuAofeor her
Ha' not bad Mark of yau,'
Bat Wirm be lomi will Id J
rnnawMi a H I'. ,
I helped a girl wiiueyce like you ,
Cwneunule bouteol our own. .
Aad we laid Iteut In Ibe gerdee epot,
. Aad dwell In Ilia al'IM of ttower, .
Till w louud Ilia world waa a guod-elsod UM,
And mui ot li vwat ours. .
Joe-re heavier, glVl.!tfcaa whsa you eoai '
Ti aa ou cloudy day, v "
And eeelued lo feel an little at fconi
W laarad iM wouldul stag, t . -
Tin I fcnaw tha danger wss asms J,hacanne
You struck an mortal a Irack ,
And got ae ladeueudenl and eroaa
Uodaever would Ml yoe back.
But who would ever aa had th wlilra,
Whaa yon lay la ray arm and cried,
You'd aomvtliu all here, urilljr and prim,
A-w aluug id ba a bride f .
Bat lover ha lovers while earth foe on,
Aad marry a they ougult r
Bui If you w.Hi Id keep the heart yoa'v won,
Hememser wbaiyuai'v beea laugbL ,.
lank Aral thai roar wedded live be true, -Wlth
naught from eech other apart! -
For tha lower of trae love never grew
. la lb eoll of a falUUee beert. -
' Iok Best that the had of health chall rt '
- Tbelr blowout upua your chr-k ;
For III aad love are a burdea at beat,
-- U lb body be tut aad weak.
txnk aexl that your kllrhen flr he bright,
, Thxt your haada be Beat aad billed;
For lha love of a maa oil lake It diklit,
U bU Momacb at But well ailed.
Iwk Best that (gone la nUrly aarned,
rire ever It be iipeal;
Far eoralort and love, however toraed. ,
Will be'er pay tea per ecul. .
And Best, doe ear and dIMrenee keep '
That the ml ad be trained ad m! r
. Tr bleewim ever look, lilibr aad hap
" That libaa empty head. -
And If ft boald pleaa the sraclou Ood"
That rblldrea to yoa helnnc.
Remember, Biy ebild. and er the rod
lit yoa'v laukbl tbent riUl and wrong.
. And ahow eastKaTpthonf h thl 1 1 r1 aatart
r the beuer axirld, a? doaot.
Yet earth ait' heaven alnt an lar apart
A eoaae kood lolk niake out. -
Oae P. Green aald to fair Mia Browo,
"My heart I all your roe a
. Then why to me are you ao eold.
And why ao banh you lone t"
. febe eaet oa him maxe'Ala loeh
AM taea etre shook her red,
"And, a the aephyr enltly bloat
Mlie wept and, weeping, eaid:
1 would, but ob! my waiculul pa
Maroon all our run
The purple nab you by the lag,
Aad murder will be dual"
BeJlHIBw . m Hill,
I dteamt I eaw a "walker" gaunt '
' Who did Botelalm Ibe bell;
A pfdilleiaa, too, went b
Asm wboee love wmild laet a tnoalh.
Who would wot flirt and lie:
A trualee and a Ireaeurer
Who did not ileal and fly; :
A Muger and ah. fi. Uw that
To nun no aplkedld eeemi
Rut thie, aa Ktivne Aram ld, '
Wae-outUioi bmdreat.-
A Higher Xoral Jltuiard tor Ilea,
r . In tb pa at bv had tr Ui
brda, oua for women auJ atiothar for
ten. r
W hk mIJ srniuau's character.
.''no trampled In tha dust, like mow can
nvr b ao whit ; that woman
nay not wear, or chaw lobaeeo. or ku
! run la tha saJoona, or fruat gatu-
- bliog lu or brothvla,' or prowl mud
now i inrougn tn airaata at niRhl, wbeo
,.hooat, lawabldloc pwpl arw lo bad,
without Injury to her character. And a
woaaaa wlihadamafad raptitaUon tnuat
- not eooaa iato lb aociai elroiva o( tha
Mfk '
llttt men nay ba allowed to awaar,
' - and ahaw, and drluk, and gaaihl, and
tail brotbala, and reel and howl
through lb al recta at night; and" wa
ba oonaldarad tbani only a Utile
"fact." Keeking with whisky, and
tohaoeo, and moral pollution, wa batr
allowed Ibana to ootoa Into tb pre oca
..- or par woman, and ha w doom ad
tneaa into decant aoeial clrolea.
Now, Uod baa but on atamfard, and
tba great nd of tb world la, not that
, ..woman should ba mora Ilk rato'Jat
thai, iqco AouW, become unitike
sronacM. And th aoonr they eaa b
brought to th standard women oeeany.
th bailor for thtaaelsea and for hu
It la do klodnac fur men to allow
thens to go on In nura of ioa an
hacked by ouU'twkon ooDtleru nation.
They should b btralad, aud made to
feel that Indecent men have no more
lain on pur eoelciy than ludeceal
. . women. '
Men claim to b wlaer and etroogar
' than women.
If tbelr boast baa anything In It mora
than mere brat fore. It' about time
ttteelalm waa vindicated by thecbauged
- Ilea of tb maasta Of th men.
U-into the aatonns and penltentlariea
aad almeboaa of th laud. If yoa wlah
: 'to aa th effecla of allowing men to o
upy a low eland ard la social Ufa.
Hot will It do to aicuae men for their
. Immoralltlea and eiceeeea, boeouae
. tba- "live lo aa oat-door lire, aad are
' more sipoead le lernplallna."
Out -door work aud freeh n'r are
bealtby and Invigorating. And aa for
temptatlona. the aharpeet and moat
wearing la tb e very-day baeln life
f moat man la tb oalaet wlUt ell,
over-reachlug aiea ; ao they makf
tbelr owa temptations. i
, - Now, very clearly It la the duty and
privilege of women to lift np a higher
atandard for men.a '
The work must begin la the nursery.
' - Lai tba boy know whaa b laya aside
-; bia rdaafora aad pat a paaia, that
anything that jrould b wrong or Ins
. aamtpat la hU alter la equally wrong
N for biui ; tl let this training be kept
: ap from Aral to Uat. But la tha ateo
. tlm th atmovhr vt h.iat abould
b parfled aa mach aa pnnlbur-
' Tba mother who reewlve iht libertine
Into her bom with favor, hit not be
; aarprlsed If bar daoghler'a lair eharao
ter la taralebed, or bar ova bououiea a
- llbvrtla.
Inwtead of wasting Ihelr aympalUlca
vr rwekloaa, profane, lloentioo yoaug
j man. It le ttat woaneo woahl rlaa to the
dignity of their position, and demand
of mea aa wall aa women, pwritf for
. jmritg, ttbrietff for obrirfy, and Aomot
jar honor. CWyurwia Agriemltralut.
Women Tote la Wyoming and bra
well treated by the mea ( -at)d too mar
rled womea don't eta-aye vote ao their
baebande do, aelllter. It la anted,
further, that tha women are ear to vote
agaJnat eotxlldate of dlestpeted or
Immoral babit. JU.
rtectin; Crlaia
-A Woman applied to a prleel to recover
a cart am article wblon had been stolen
from her. Tba priest, euepecllog that
tba thief was a member el his ongr.
gallon, adopted aa original method to
osier)! man -
After maae bo mentioned the theft.
and lila aueplclna ' that tho thief
thea preeeute If ao, he luteotled to (Jud
n,im out, - t, . s - , r
'Iown on your .knees, all of you,
ll II priest.- Tb cotiKrcgallou
knelt dAwa.O'1 shall thenar tliia book."
be continued. eii J It will tilt tfiv
thief." ' .
li mad ie luotioti. and ouii one
Qiao ducked hi bead.
Com bttre, air!'' aald tb priest;
"you are tne.tbluf and u
An Kngllsh magistral In India one
dtted a thief by a method similar
In spirit, though not In form, to the
prieat'a. i .
le missed a large ellver Lraeeilwt that
he1 had iffl 'over night tu hid table.
lie soi peeled ott of his servauta, but
aald noiblug about' bia lose esoepl to bis
valet. In bia preeeuoe lie placed on the
table two markeu rupee, powuerwd witu
the ui irate of ellver. Tba followlog
ojoroiiig lue money bad disappeared.
lie orderett tba drum to be beaten to
summon all tho aervaiua. 'After they
had been placed In Hue. he talked to
them about the theft, aud bow wrong II
waa lor a servant to . rob his maaier.
Not a face tave a sign of sulll. -
Then hoiold them what ba bad dona.
and tfVt-tWlblef would hava a eaoillc
mark on bia band. ' Instautly oua man
looked at bia hand. He saw tha mark,
turned and fled.
Ills fellow-aervants pursasd and
caught ulm. lie made a ouufoaaloo of
bis guilt, and restored both money aud
bracelet Then be -waa Uruiutnsd
oil the premises.
Tkachisu the Babv. You moat
take your baby iuat where be la now
not much more than a little) animal, and
educate bia physical nature, ao rapidly
developing, ror instance, no uas iuat
rearbed the climbing age; every chair
and stool lea perpetual trouble to you.
and k flight of at a Irs la a perpetual ter
ror. 2 aw ahow blm bow to get up ana
down the stairs, bow to plao bia feet
In climbing -op- into chairs. Let hint
tumble a little; it win ouiy make mm
more careful. It is but a foretaste of
tbah-ard-.acbnYilipg-whleh ei perience
gives us all our live. Uetter a little
(all with you clue try to- stop It at tb
rls-ht olace. thau a errsat one when you
ara "oST guard" aouie day. -''(Itemeniher
that, ton, when ha I in bisteeua.) uut,
I U-ii-of you, if you want It ace him
grow opkollve, sirong-lliubed and agile,
lo ut keen hi while dreaaea too clean,
nor He bia eaahee after th preaeut un
comfortable faihlon, ao that .heliu't
vnclous of any lege above his knees.
Thru, let hlui feed biinaelf. He'll make
amiwrahl nieaeof it at first, but pro
tect blra well with bib and tin tray,
and he'll aoou teach bl spoon tha way
t hi eoooth.-IjeX blm burn bis fingers
a Utile sotus day whenua alove la not
very hot; b won't touch 11 when It
would be dsngeroua. lo a
Young Mother," in Ocribner.
' . v . ?
Take Cocscil" wtTH Yoc us .-
Young meu caouot eatimat too highly
the ad v toe of pareota and fiieode. It
allorda them tba benefit of eaperleoce.
and la given from sincere solicitude for
.. .1 1 .1..1 a ... I mt I a,.w.n It t
III, aviKIITll . p"N .triii ..hi- , I i . i "
after aH. every man; baa bia ow-indi-4f mfurui!l
vldual sil.le.Ve; baa bia own life toltrevtiie, M.d-.y. Wiiw
II for which he alone la aocounlabla.
II ahou'ld derive all tha beuefll h can
I rum tha counsel of- those older and
wiser thanhtseTf. Ttieil he shoul
Sit down and meditate by himself, an
mste np bia. mind aa to tho course
which he wishes to pursue In the world.
Having don this, he euould enter npon
thexeieoution ot hla plana, with a deter
mination toaeobmplieh what b uuder-
takea without refsreuco to tba opinion
of others. No maa Is ot any real ac
count In tho world onleea ho la some
thing In and of himself. No maa poe-
aeeaea real strength if. be can not, after
having beard all tna otner nave to aay.
reanlve, and reeolvc firmly, what toduv
and carry bia resolutions into onset.
Take counsel of others, profit by tbelr
experience and wisdom ; but, above all,
lake connect with yourself t mak op
your mind what to do lo tbla world,
and do It.
ltoMixci or AritHmktio. The
roost romantic of all numbers ia the
figure nine, because It eao't bo mulli
idled away or got rid of anyhow.
Whatever you do It la aura to turn ap
again, aa was tho body of Eugene
Aram's victim. Una remarkable prop
erty of tbla figure (said to have been
first discovered by Mr. Ureeo wbo died
in VW, la that all through the multi
plication tabic ' the product of nine
eomec to nine. Multiply by what you,
like, and It glvea the same result. Ile'
gia witn twice nine, is ; aia. in nigiu
logelber, and 1 and H makes 0. Three
times nine are 27; and t and 7 are 8.
8f It go ap to eleven time aloe,
which give 19. Very good; add tbe
llglt : v aad B arc IS, and 8 and 1 are o.
Going ou to any aitent It I tmpovlble
to get rid or tbc nguro nine 1 bree
hand red and tblrty-nlno timeo nine
arS,U6l ; add ap tba figure and they
are u. Klv thousand aud aevsnty-ons
limes nine arc 4o,ft.T; tbc cum of these
digit 1 27 ; I and T ara 9.
Mlsa AlicaXa 0Wo4V Ceratea.-ter
Bristol, Knglaud, founded some year
agv a cne oalle.1 tbe "Golden Coffee
fol," oer onjeet being toe promotion of
lemperanoo. The venture has been a
great eaeoeee, fnd tbe bther . day, on
Miss I tieyt a departure .from Colston,
a preaeoalia waa mads to hsr by the
villagers. Tbe gift Consulted of a band
some silver Inkilknd. Mia La Ueyt
goee to Bournemouth, where aba. will
be sore to oat no font eoaa good aad
assfut work. 8h will be much missed
at Ooeaton. . n -
Aajcxra ra tiik new xokthwemt.
Thstollowlnc aeramiaaredaly-aathorlsed le
art aa Ageata for th S aw XiHtTtvm.1
I IX Oray-w i -wAlhany
Mr. J. A. Jolm.-. .
Mm. lotll Heam.
Mr. I. K. ProelMleU...
Ha lew
- 1 J.( mn.l.
I. I. William Hi II. noro
Mrs. Laara tHr,oreetordoaM....t'alinrnla
AMiby fearre ... Hil-Bant
M. I "' Mual, lir..rn,
W. W. H.-a. l.. tmrai.w. T
Wmaa' JMrnel"llatin. IIvwbumu
fT- I'Q'ter-t . .bhedd'v. oreeoa V. I r.
r.C. M. Foils run J. v.i
Vm, M. A. Wamee. , bpobaa Kalla. W. T
.M m M,rr H4bop
- llMtl.a
On, m. A. triKil
Mm. U. A. Uweharyi i,.i,.w . Amity
H. T. lUl.i.a i.rrrr,
Mr. IL 0. hiilleuB..VVillamatle Uah
Mm. M. Kelly-.. , ,,.T.,. ., Laiayetie
Mm. J. IwV... J..t.. t i 1 t'T
M t..n.ll . . n
Ir. Bavley - L'orvaUi
Mm. H. A. Vwvra
Mn.ll. R BIh.p-
Mr. J. W.JartM.
A. W. Htanard-..
.Walla Walla
Fneene t'ny
C A. Heed
Mr. M. r. k
Mr, J. li. r"r , .,
1. T. Keoit, Ki
Mr. A. K.'urwia
fwwl ,mve
.. Aetorta
La Langhlla -
-onh Vamhilt
Othee partlee Oalrtng as act avAnau will
leaae forward their asm. We waal Ages la
at every anetofnAa- thru: bo at Oraenai aad
Waaln1ee Temkery-,
iixL or potj orncEt.
. Ba-.irT. ;
AalHirn, Anguata, linker City, larkivtlle,
Kxpn-a luui'li, KidM"ato,(iem, Huuitxldt Ma
lu. Jordau VaJley, Ky Valley, Malheur,
Hione, t'ontHir tVeek, hortb ruwilvr, Houre,
lerrykviue. , v. ;t
- ' . . rf- ' , nkv!.
AUea Valley, ffonrallle. rollln. KlruTS
Valley, Utility, Utile t.lM, Newort. Nvwlou,
tiueella, I'lillottial n, Htarr'l i'olutr euiulull.
loleduvTuiua, Mourue, Tidewater.
Heaver, Unite Crwt. Ciu.l.y, riiekitniea,
i'l-er f'rt-t-k. i 'utliugftt llle, IHiiuHM'ii, r.eiel
t r.-. !. l,l. Tl.lli.K.. limhlalol. Molalla. Mil
waulte, Neetlyt Nbn,t.rrou t'lty-, lwrgo.
nwikuy, M,riitgw:,iert .en, iew rtra, rariow,
Mi,lli, I'liMMa Mill, Hoone'l Kerry, I'leaaattl
uotue, kiuo r4ul, xunuril, tula.
Aa(nria,riirton, Jewell, Knappa, Kehalem.
wmpenon. wea,iqe iioum. vviMri, iitiiiuina,
Olitey, Hummer llouae. Fort Citaop, Ml'lia-
we. - .
rooa.i - -
ftevi rilv.rno.nllte, Na. Kmilre niyFai
ehauied I'rairie. Kirvl-w, llriiotiiariliv, lla
rvviile, Mr-lirl-l.l-, North tuinl, iMt, Kjii
doloh, Hilltiu. Mliknni. t'lb-r t'ltv. Ileiidon
tiravel Kurd, Iowa Hlougti, Freedom, elrtte
roiui, AOrway, Kuniuer, farkenbura.
Columbia f'lty. C'latekanle. Marshland. Ra-
nler, Kivemde, ett. Helen, Mauvie' Uland,
MMiM VWW tnr,, 14,11111, IHBUHlfti
Cbatcoe, Elleunliurg, port Urtord.
" - 1 DOVULAe-
. Tama Valley. Cleveland, Cole Valley,
Uraln, KlAhMi, Mlerv!lle,Oardner, Kellosg'a,
LMaiitKKlua. Myrtle Creuk North l'anou-Ulla.ouklar.d-
aa Creek, Kowlrarfteotta
bunr.lVn Mile.rnaikiuat'lly.Wllbur.Vonralta,
i .1 Creek, Imy'i t'reek, KJk Cevek. Klk Head,
iw ui, nouuu rrairie, auiouur hriui.
' .- OBArr. -
. Alvor.l, Cnoyon, City. Camp Wktena, Iay
vl 1 1 e,Jl.i I mt liny, 1'iaitte ttty. farkersv llle,
PrllRUerd a, numu-r, l amp Haruey, Uranlte,
mouuiui iii, ml eroon, renuia. , . .
. - JAC-aeoB.
Apfi'fH.r. Arhland. Rrownalmeoagb, Cen
tral I'i.iiii, r.4le i'ollll, tiraut' I'm," Hot
Mlirlnya, J. .iulll', LAlyrlxart. fluents,
rUe-k i'olol, Mata'a Valley, Table Kix k, Wll-
low -ti rin k, iiuirou, ttig bulte.Willieuia't'ruek
loot' Ciea., liardauelMek, fioneer, WOodvula,
JOBkrUINB. " "
Klrliy. U'Uu.1. Mlale Cretk, Waldo, Altliouae,
luc ay Llueeu, Murpuy.
Antler, nonauia; iMtr'y, ChewaUean, rew
valley, uienie iviku, imk irm. manoil v al
ley, Llukvllle, Muncauenn, New I'lne Creek,
Milver lkke, Hpnatfue Hivcr, eiuuimer Lake,
Tule Lake, Wuuouili, WbiUle'a f erry, Vainas,
' LAMB. '
- Tt1r PTKtrte, Ctmsge tlmvs. Cirawell,
(auip ir, LnwriMUi', neater, ciutene
Cliy", 'r'rauklln, Junction, Long Tom, Mo-
hiwk, e'leaaeat Hli eaielaw.-wiiaeei
Hprirtgdeld, Treirt. Wtllaraeite e'orka,Cbesher,
IWIkuap Hprluga, btttte lianppottuienl,Crow,
r.a rork, tiate t. reek, toaiienj- lua, lrvtu,
laaiella, Leaburg, IJveru.el, Mabei, MvKeasie
ui luge, Laiuaiu, t aiiervuie. , .
. :" - Lift. '
Attiany", Big Tralrle, UrownavlMe, Craw-
loniavuie, mapwuu Mill, ri'X tai.ey, uraai
Kl.Ua, M arrlaburir, llarrla Itaneli, H alley
Jordan, lebavnon, -Miller, Mtrdav, ML I'leaaanl,
Peoria, flue, f'-to, nhedd'a, Hoda HpriBKa Mo-
iaville,Mweel JlouiMaaville, tangent, j aler-
loo. ;, . - i , .
r1-'"" Mikioa.
Aurora. AatuivllleVrldllevllle, Brook . Pair-
field, llervaia, Uulibard, Jclfereou, Marlim,
MouiLor, ewiiav:iie, eiem,niiveruta, may
Km, ml Paul, Turner. Woodliurn, Aider, How
ell l'rairie, Meliabetu. HuUlimity. .
Eul Portland. Portland. Powell's Valley
L John, Wlliaiucll nlouli, Alblna, Uuoalar
Hock, nauviea,
polk. J
Bethel. Ruena Vlata.Iallaa. Kola. Elk Horn
Urand Itonde. lodepeiidenee, Llneoiu, Lut'kla
mute, lwlavllle, Monweoth, PerryJale, Kio-
reall, uallavme, leua. . v
OartL.. Kll,-he, NetWta, Netoekt4a, Tll-
laiuook, ire, enaieiu.
M-alovrviil-, Miiu.n, rttiH , ivuuieion,
41 le, unnua, Leni
fnve 1x1 and Ottv. t J Orande. North Powder.
ammrviire, I nlou-, Wallowa, Indian, Klk
rtat. Prrrte-t'reekieiparuv i :
nHI-l l. I 1,1 I,. I iwm. nna wimi.'
ell, Mt. nHl,Prinevlll,lto-kvllle, Mliellroek,
. . . I ,(.!. n.wi DIM. lll.k
ianish Hollow, The latlle, Varm Hprlaga
Waeno, Willmtkhhyj Koaall. Pine Creek, lone
KM-k, Hitke ven, ("n-wn. Ke-k, Camp Polk,
Hearhutea. Itaitur. tlnwknl. Kingaley, Ales.
Bprtne Valley, Tvak Valie, Vpper Uvliouo,
Caaoadra lawks, Wj apinliia.
Beavertoa , Cedar M 1 1 1, Cornel In. THIIey. Foe
eel urave,Uleneoe,reaiivllle, Hillalioro, Mid
dlelon. Mountain tla, Ske, Hboll's Kerry,
aymrs Kerry, Tualatin, Wapato. t'entarviile,
tiale'a Creek, Uaatou, Joppa, Ueedvllla, Weet
Union. - -
Amity, tletlevne, Carleton, flay ion
tat ray-
etie-, M i-V IOUT1I IV, rtvnri ii lamuiii. nnrrinan,
at. Joa, Weal Chehalam, Wbeallaad, Newbergi
WAauixtrrojr tckbitob t.
Naw Dungone, Port Aagele,
Battle Uriund, Broah I'raliie, Pnnrth Plain,
Martin'i Bintr," rioneer, "uni.hum, In Ion
Kiilg-, Vmnvw, Waauougai, Kern Prairie,
LaCentirr, llajea, YalooUa. B
CedAivlIle, Ciiehalla Point, Klma, Hnqnlam,
Monieain,!, kbUtlila, Halaop, huaron, HuauuiiL
- i- roLoma. -'
Alpowl. Burkavllle, IViytnti, Pomerojr.Tsk
aoou, Auu. u, Central Kerry, Marengo.
rowLrra. .v.
Caatle Rk. Free port, Kalama, xiwwr Coar-
Ills. Montieello, ML Coffin, O.I point, Pekla.
ailrer Lake, Cuweeman, Ulequa,
- nuia -
Connevllle. Coeeland. Iragallr. I'tialady.
Oak lUrbor.
Port Piico' ery, Port lAdlow.Poit Towsaead.
- - - at-ao. - . -
Blark River, liwamlih. Fall City, "iettle.
Mlausliter. MoiMliijr, Kaark, While Hirer,
Cherry Vlley,Nuvelty,MilUtu,Oeceola,Reu ton.
arrsAP. J
Part Rlakely, Port Unmhie. Port Matieon.
Port Urvhard, Beabei k, TerkllL
ki-ICklTAT. '
lUnrk Hon, rnlamhaa, Ooldendale. Rlleltl-
tat. Willi nnimoB, Ulakely, Kulda,i Klickitat .
AiUllllf. L. ,'l ""- 1 ' 1
Ki mi,. . .mil, . iwwNin, , ww -
till, Ulea K-len, Utile Kalla. Meadow Ilmok,
Moaav Koek.NaiHtelne. Newaukum.Mkaadtum-
A i . D 1.1 m ,..k. - 1 1 r-,
cback, Hllvar Creek, W lalorfe, N aaellu.
Arcade, LlghtvlHe. Oakland, kok.tailh.
Rroeepert, Bronkai'M.Knapidoa.Oyetervtlle,
landing, bay Center, Lake View, r-JuUl llend.
liwaeo. . I ,
pi BBC a.
F.lhl. Franklin.' Lake View, We Taenma.
Fatallupr ruellaeoum CUy, Taenma, Atrter
towa.Carhna, Acloa, Mourner, Meek, Wllke
ob, Artoudale,
Ban cn r
Man Joan, Lop, Urcoa, Kaat Rtasad, Friday
' ewoanarsa. .;
fVntervllle. Towetl. Mokllteo. Maohomlah
Talalip, Paik PlaraiUameraoia. . .
. akABiBIA. ' ft
Cascades, Collins' Laadiaa. ,
Crab Creek, Foar tABea, Fori Cnlvlll. Hang
man's Creek, line drove, Kork Crrek. Howl ml
! dran llrMlaa, Kpokaaie Falas, l ie ethla,
w aiser-s rraina, .
- - Tiriim. ;
Coal Ber k. Beaver. Miami Fralrte.rrlvmrJ
Taualuwdl, TeeuM, TBmwsear, Velai, lade-
peaovBC, Key. .
WABstAcra. . .
rathlaMet, Fala Cliff, rk amokaway, Water-
-n.i - -1, i a l nana aiia-.
Whiunaa, Warrala,
; . . wbatcobv .
CW4r fleiere. Oaeesa. la fVmaer. Tehmhl.
laael, Lyntten, Kwnavhl. riit WUieaa.
lanitti, Heariome. eieleltmnn, I B llai lai
a!. 11 aad, ra;LTruder.Wbaieom,Koaugo.
We? Creek. ColPat.Fwsimnie.Oweaalaaae
Painaee. MepK. I'ahMi nl,WiMBi.t'iiBion,
llu-hill. I'anawaaa. Pin Creek. Una in
Aaloae, Lioeola, I -alaha City, I'aMMilowa
EiMinoeruek, Naaum, j'laaaaal uruva, twan.
Moasy Order Off! i is.
King of tho Blood
Care all Srejfuloal afetinaa aad Aieordefa-eealU
tag Iroaa lnMirlly i Ua Uuad. It M aaadlaaa le
paary all. aa thr auSaref ee aaaally Hi Maa UaMr
raear; hut ,k few, f-iet-ka, f'lcara, T ,.
b'-iiav AeelUav. An., are tba- Meaa aiaaiai, aa
wall aa aiaay SatiuM id tlw itari, Maed, f.MMe
., " Te4T.o4 Cora of Slled&ate. - :
D., Bns Co. i Fee iht heaaat of al
teuabled wiutjauafjila m lair-ure Bluud ia thaw .
eyaUMue, I ha-abr rauMaowad a nuY ef the Blaud.
1 ke bane Uuuilad bid, meafei (u the paat taa
yeat. wtiKh ao adeeted ar eye that I saaae
pletaly liliad foe an v-oatha. I a raanaiiiilail '
te try Klag ef th feUaat, WHK-b haa pee-rd a gejat
tilamai lo aa, al II haa aoeipletrly eared au, aad
I akaertully ranuaianiiil It lead IruuUed aa 1 ha
-. Yaara truly, '
, Mas. S. WkAiauauuw, naehna., K. T-
&Xm. 'Q aOO
will he paid te any P-Mia. Hvrpttal te he easta
ally aeraed ap,i, fir avwry earner! af tha mailt.
aa puliiialwei b aa vlaiah m auc gvaauai.
IU ZxiST41extta.
To ahn ear faith I tha laftty and earellaae af
the K. apua peufa rrual aiplieatiea, whaa
aatatftad that au ibukmuim. n lauaadwi. aw will
eiea the aiameaef
iUlasnlatnia,Tif aOIJarn.
Tha auTa waVra war aer U 1
ttnator uf nv ether Faaulr Madmuia la t
a pro
Many rlleaiu-la.f urtrr uifonaatioB,ad
fall dlraftieea tur aame will be euand la the peat
phlet "Tnaien oa Iiiiumi af tha riWxl,' at
whiehearkboltlaMeai-loaFd. Prew $1 perbottlaeua-
nag ii eaai'aa, neea flaae. eoM tiy drug
a. l.kAauM,iMii A c.,pru'n,liui.N.Y
- --o
Fee Ileaea af ike Thravsl aad liaga,
aweh mm lax-sir, tta, akeeslag
tavwsO. BtraebMt. Aelhaava,
Mil tOkklMrTle.
Tb lew oompoalUonl
conadene of mankind
and become household
rords, a meet not only
obs bat many nation.
meat have sxtraordl-
; nary virtue, perhapa
Boons ever eenred so
wide a reputation, -or
, " m.l.l.ln.l I, lnr
' -
v as AraavCaaBBT Pn
To SAL. it haa been known to Ibe public about
forty year, by a long eontloued series ol
marvelous cures, that have won for It a eoofl
denee In Its virtue never equaled by any
otlierTnt-JU-IhTTrTnritmakes the moat mt
feetuai cure of Coughs, Cold. OunaamptloB,
that can be made by medical skill. Indeed,
IbeCukkkT Fu-tokal ha really robbed I bee
daogerou i dlieaaes of tbelr terrors to s great
esleBt, and given a feeling of Immunity from
tbelr fatal sdeeutbat. is welt founded If thl
remedy be taken In seaaon. Every; family
boald have II la their rlueet for Ute ready and
prompt relief of lis mrnvberaj "Hlckaeaa. mf
ferlng and life evea hi saved by taLtlmely
.,milMr,iliiiiTkirii ai glut tar
and the wis Will aot. Keep U by yea for lb
ftridertlon it slf trda by 1U timely oa lajilddea
sllacl. lrAared by - - -
DO. J. '. AYEM m r) twTtt,Ma,
Praeltral and Analytical Cheralata. .
Hold" by all DraggiaU and'Uealars la Medleln.
: - u -. v J- -
B. r. MATTIIEWH .... . Pewprlelave
No pains or espenaa will be a paired In keep
Hie eulatne and every deiiaiinieiu oi.lhi mtr
Biooeut Hotel Bp M tba mara aa
- t -
-Corner Fire Bal stsack aan,'
:- awer Ladd A TUtosI Baak.
restala arse kbjhl rssasas) Chete leekj
eer.tO ranora aad Maggdaaa,
MiMimiHip rmi fl aU.
ootaiy IHree'tl OO-raFBbl Claaeserly
ritx-rtR Wm. a. (a,,t. p. n ftrhnvler. Jr-
U. P. Heady. Jl. W. Corle-tt W. II. liraekett.
A. c. uiobsv n. larwiB, at. w. Feebheiaeer, a
Kalllag, U-Ttlusa.
n. rAii.iMi i....
.Vaaa IWIdMl
r. C. tai Mi vi H i . Treaaui
M. w. KKt II HKIMLrL.. Cnrreapnadlng He
HKNRY A. UXEK.Ularlaa and KecHre
fiVfi ' nantbleed: II a 4s st
O,-" borne msde y the lnduetrluaa,apl-
ii m reuuirea; we will atari yon. Men.
woman, boy aad atria mk avonry. faster al
work fie na lhaa at anything Tu work
la light aad pleaeaaLaud aarh aa ear oae eaa
gn riahl a 1. Tnoa wan are wiee wbo m thii
mith-e will aead na tbelr addreeeea alone aad
i for Ihemaelvee, Clly ouint and term
I. Now li the time. Thoea alreadv at work
e laying Bp large earn of money, Address
TKL'k A iXX. Auaualau Mama. -7
M '
Obtained for Inventor la the Cnlled lialea,
Canadayand F.oropa, at redseed prlees. WMe
eur prlnrlpal arnrw hemtad lejt Waahlngtnn, dl
rertiy opnoeita the Cnlled mate Patent Offlee,
we ar able to attend la ail Paleat Hualnee
with greater prompt nee aad dwpaiehand leea
et lhaa other rteal auorBey. who ar at a
dialanee from Waalilngtoa, and wh have,
therefore, lo employ !! attorney.'
W make prellmlaary saAminailona and fur
awh opinlona aa to patentability, ires of
enanr, brk an wan am inwyreaieo ia Bew la-
venlion ana
eoev of attr
ini and palenle are lavlted to aend fur a
of ear tlulde fur (MMalnlag Paleata,"
whieh telenl rre to aa r add rem, and ennlalai
fMnplet laatrael loaa how to oMiii pale eta,
aad other valuable matter, W refer to lbs
Uerman-Amerieaa' Nanoaal Kaak. Waabine
bMi. U C; the koyei Mwedlah. Norreclaa,aad
laaalah laNraltona, al Waati Uf toa : llna, Jia
Caeey, lale chial Juauee V. aV Cuart af claim:
to the Offh-lali of Ilia L'.K Pateat OnVe.end
ha Henanara aad Members wf Congress .bvas
every ruaua.
ailreea; )I I B KIH.TK m VTK, PWvllelteiei
Paienta and AlloraeraA Law. Let Hmtl
Betiding. Wash iBtoo, U O. . ' a-U
A WrFK la lair es kin, aad aa
ranttai naked. Ye hi ctve th bnat-
aeaa a trial wraoot expeaaa. Tha Beat opnnr
tunlly everonVred foe thee willies la work.
Yaw aboold try nothing etee salll ya sea r
ymreeir what yoa eaa do a th huaiaees we
onVv. Keroom lo l plate her. Voe eaa de
vole all yowr time or oaly year a pare Uaae le
the huainpiai,-.aad make great pay ene every
hoar trial yoa work. Woeaea make ss meek aa
avea, i"nd for speetel prtval term aad ee
neulara, ahleh we mail trim. .t naiSt free.
Iioa'teiMnpiai et hard lima while yoaj have
oeh a ebanea. Addreas U. HAUJTT a I II,
i'wrUaad, Mala. a-T
ara ...
Aim a
I aaBBBa. aw m . ax
iff rwj
iiiti tui tr niuciTitii
A Weehly Jaw rata I,
ivani t Tki FunrjiuT uTtitmi
IalraBdrat la rolltka aad lellcloa
rrHH wgt.H:!0"!WF.EKLT JOt'rV
1ial beglaa lu Klalb Tear of Fubllealloa
with IU Issaeol May Ut,l7, ander tbe bual
see maaagameat af lha Dohtwav Pcblub whom all tetters eoan acted
with th Editorial, Advertising or Bubaerlptloa
DepartmcBU of Us paper are to be hereafter
directed. - . '
The If sv MoarawasT U net a Woman 1
BUahU, bat a HusVan FOgku argaa, devoted
lo whaUver policy assy be aeeeaaary to aeeare
tb greateel goad te the greatest aamber. It
snow so sekVho alltter,BO rdtgtwB. ao party
a color, ae sreed. Its fttaadatloa to fasuaed
upon the rack of Eternal Liberty, Calveraal
Eassnslpatloa aad P utrammeled rregreaaloa.
Bar of Front aad waahkngloa hirer la, (up-
sUlrs), Portland, Orsgoa. :, '
elisor xonxox,n
Waanommeseed la aur laua of May Ms,
MRS. IC5l WATT peculiarly orlglaal style
of Editorial CorrespoadBce will continue
froaa week to week to- attract tnoasands of
readers, sad Editorials ar promised apea all
tb leading topics' of the day. . COKRE
HPOJlliL.Nnt ar also emplayed to faralah
weekly lellen from Waablngtoa, Ksw Tork
sad earloBS parts of Europ.
No pains will be spared lo make THE MEW
NORTHWEST the leading newipaper of lu
elaas la Amertea, - lu liters lure Is always
asoral la ton aad laatraetl v aad elevating la
character, and u aoogbl after by the best aad
l)ost laUlUgsat class of reader. Aa t medlam
lor AdverUalag, tkla Joaraal has ae rapsrtorr,
ni agi eoplea, ene year..
Ma mahtha
Tare moaths.,. ., ,,
Agents and Can'vasMir f
SEMO laTYOUB oroim carlt
ats-hla svavd m rssplsa
s 1 -r
iiCniwat rrBunntNo company.
Carner ef Fraat sad Waahlasiaai sirsees feav
: : -- v l
TH aEJstAt.'g f.j.,,)!fLff SfltyJlty y i"a"i aaiii""ia"i waiiiTf
arsaosea VssaUaa.tsw), Isrtlsatd. Or, '
t - r
11 u c V I
PU A km aceutica L
a mafic ruiiot roi ali ututu u jjfy
1 dlapuaiuoa to Ksertma or twaioeaa, Hhort
uea ol Breath, Troubled with Tbougbta of
iHeeaea, iHmneaa of Vision. Pain In the Hark,
Cheat aad Head, Huah of Blood to tbe Head,
Pale CoooteeaBe aad lwv nkla. If these
ay mptoms are allowed lo go on, very frequent
ly Kplleptle Kit and Conaomptioa fcillow.
Wbea tbe eonetllottoo beeomea afteeted, II r
calrea lha aid of aa lavigorallng medlelu to
airasthaa aad Ion ap the system, which
By say remedy hnowa. It Is preM-rlbcd by
the Btieal eminent phyalelaas all
. . over lbs world la
, Iraralcta, -
IXiarpaU, .
ramtlpatla, ,
Arlfa a4 iralat,"
-Jfp :
. Ira4 Troaklra,
; Catarrh,
Cf Btral Dklllt7
Davsaass mt ta KidaMF
liver Ocmalaiat,
EaiUaar, -
tgjyif-" - -
" Oa ear a! Bl Bsalta,
- ! Pissaisg, ,
Z:. ftttatiea,
Oeafiaeaa, : ;'
Docliao, t
Nsrvew Caoaplaiata, ;':
l"eBASe CecBplaiata, 8'.
Hssvdaehe, - - - - . -rrT -
Pala la tbe ainmidera,
.rab. - - ' -.
IXislneaa, i .
Moor Stomach,
EntBtloaa, .
Bad TaaU I te Mouth,
PklpltatloB of the Heart,
' FbIb la the Itegtoa of the Kklaeya,
Aad a tbonaand other painful symptoms, am
HMoaaprinasof Aiyspepsua.
Andetlmalatea the tnepid Uver, Bowels, and
Kldneya lo Healthy Actio, ta eleaaalnc lb'
blond of all . lin pant tea. aad In, paellas aew life
BBd vigor to lbs whol ystem, .
A alngl trial will he quite enffteleeil lo ena
vinee the moat haeluaUng ot lu valuable rente-
tiai itHje . ..
rsir r, at p awm-a.:.
Or Hla BwMlns awga'-.-w-
TiVllveeed lo say Mdreae free from oheerVa
Hoe.- -Paueaia may enaaoll by l,ier. leeetving
the same atleamm aa b ealliae. oa,i
lhyeia attend In enrreapoadeBta. All let
tsrs should be addressed lo
'- T.HtLlteLB,
.' " ' -.;. Dragllvl, snd Chemlet,
Mae Private Ipvleaar7 Blsamp
.Philadelphia, Pa.
r"Ss --'- ' -
aeel W1VII A 'Vrt
rv vi al a a a a. aa a aa aai , r .
Froat sad First streets, bet. Ask aad a
Imcorters and Wholesale Dealers.
a uava-u ilia iilfiK VKKY KXTKN-
31 alvemrrbajeaofalullJliieefJ
.. . . . . . a,...iM.Mi J lmnorters
la New oek. IMr SUel ll ""'' L
lllrw HJH n awaw a,
L: irntlitraa nml Plurar-a,
French Flower,
"VLtU, Shapes, .
KthkaB. MiIb. CroeCrala apd Fa
Sllka, Trlteta, f fn tf
To which nslnvlle the atlenHon ofthsMIIII
hery Trade ol Ureeua aud Waehlngton lerel
tory. Being ins only Wlwleala Has,la in rUat
i niitw-nw ruunm .iit-w-i rm
New Tork, we will h pre paced to ofTer eitra
lit wvbii w nr r nruoi rauva
rn At-, civv
091 ? OBCDp.
BEATTY fIaioo.
A bawjMUtfuMl ltlfTtof avn ti.l - -re in IliMoahn aRrifci
f M a-nnMn-mr. mm il MsMhfaB M m tla.
a a 'a bwm aw- talur a .-a . il hr-em.l It a Ntars ll. TrP HaOr-fcgtiae
lfM. t Mn, Mtl Mii lw) III I (i l-tlvld-rw tit UJsai
rfbHbid ,wt r lwfr -lH-Wif.t f.:ri f.BFtK tr1r ir4rr.
In rue'UL MertisJl rt av.i--l I ruin ut-trmrn hf
A r iM, (lira- jmj a m fcW" mx M f mVr. Maty
kt . rai AW ala ieas-la-m aralll at I Wat mm
faellp Wr4 Mat feaf mwa-ta hiwii. If ll UasAMMmB -
K-atwM. rrt a mi p-t--, . aiwjr fr lirftl - h .
. ar fmiar-r , Jtui 'X. 'f M al W-Tf eaa Igww, an I
thart 1 maiiv- lv til mA r taU few ilim frrt-w. fwlir ,
amwi mm m yoaiai t -T "a '
at.. 'i kr Nvwt mnWnl Huwm m Aavrtrt, Hupa
aia aill i-tp4 aoxiaaawail ,im IttAja a t jr miitrr( 4fir I .
kA t-evVea tnf MtaeJ 1"W7 tt"F t K i Oftt 1 1 trM. T as
ftiaarw an rwf ' r-vir. f r eN an v klasW 1 iteur lUr -u k lu
r - ' l - I aaim mi ftnai aew- ar
Ita-vt taor tr or ! u l if 4sr.iaj 1 4e rtittrvfl tia-tJ wurl
ot. ill ! uiieptirre 1 ,w M lw-al-1 IBatrumeOUi
DCM 111 f mm
p4a, H-earaep I ajl ol IwsBaT
ja m rCf talf fr
' v '.iiJ.ilhi,rliie,eM.-
aieilll t. fllN-H r.lrt aetaapeeee al in Mune
iMiaUmlaituI l'l.iii-nyjfw.-wil frra. -
Addxsatl DASTiat. r. BIATTT,
Valagtea, Vew Jrsy..
: . a -i .
- - .-'ii EBTABUBUEO Us.
K. S. ft A. r. LACST, Atterasrrat Law
njl sLreet, Waalilngloo, U. c
iBlewlara. :
W roc a re paten la la alt cone trie. No iv
vobbbvpskbib Abvasiik. No chars unl
tbe patent le framed. No fee P r making pre
liminary eiamlnallona. No additional fr
lor obtaining and coductlug a rebearlng.
tpeetal attaint- given lu Interfere nee Caae
befawa tb Patent lllttce, I iieneluns
Cnngrem, Infrinsement eiuila b dlflereul
niaiea, and all litigaima psrtatalng to Inven
tion r Patrnia. rtend alanip lor pamphlet
giving full Inatruetkma, . .
I'alte) ana lea t'oarta Bad cparlasewla.
Claims pmaeealed la Ibe Nuprrme (Vert of
lha tinned H tales. Court ot Claima, CMirt of
Commiealoner of Alabama Claima, Huulbera
Claima fommlaaloa, aad all elaaae of m'
slaims helor lb kaecallve liepartmeBla.
Arrears af Pay aad Mawaly.
i, Mol.ller. and Hal Ion of the late wr,
0 sirSyAta la. aiauy caaes rnmieil to
... 9 . - ....... ... w.iav.a ilirj
hate ao knowledge. - Writ full hottorr nf aer- '
vice, end slate amount of par and buunt mm.
eetved. .K.aelme atamp, anda full reply, ne
xamlaalioa.wlll begirea yos WHhouic bergs,
All timeeie, "w,i.i!er. and Ballon wounded
cnjiiure. or liiju'ct la Ibe l wee, however
iH.'', ar to, anu eaa obtain a pea
aiou. . .
failed haleaieaeeal Laad Beia .
Con tea led land Cnaes, Prfvale land Claims
M.lalua. pre-empUua. aad Horn lead 4 aaea
pniai i ulea mm the UeneralLaad Ottlc a '
Lwpaniiieat ol the latertor.
W pay cash Bamaty land Warranta and
wa Invite emreapondene with ml partlee liav-,
in any lor sale, aad alee rail and eiollcil la."
atrueuona where aaaisnmenia are imieree4.
We auodart oar baameeeln aearai Bureau
havlaa tbarela the elerteal aeaiataaee e .
and eipenenred lawyer, and give owreluaeat
yrrmiwmmt nprrreni m every important paper
prepared la each eaaa, Promat iiinuu 1 1. ,
aeeured to mi baaioeea entruaied-to ua. Ad
rM B. a A P, Lit Kt, tlleneri,
WAe.ltlWloi,l C.
Aay person deetrlng Information aa in tha
steading aad respoaaiidliiy of Ibe arm wlll.oa
ueet, oeiuraiaoeo wiia a sallelaetnry refer'
m ia aw iwfiij wrvoagreaaiotlal ClatrleC
51fyVl?,, A S to (J) per
O' day ia your owa locality. No n-k.
n.-iime, ataay make more
than lb aasoanr-elated above. Bo oae ran
fall to make mou'jr foaL Aur oae cam do tba '
work, .oaean make from tu eenie la II aa
bear by., devoting your evealnga and a pare
lima td tb baaiaeea. Kotning like H for
atone. -maalng eeer aKared hoaineee
pleaaant aad atnetly, Krs.i,,, tt -yoa
want lo know all abnal Ui hut paying
dreee and ws will send yoa lull partiealara
and pet me term rreei aamplea worth 4 alwi
i yoa eaa maae ap ear miad nr '
vooraelL Ad.ieaa bbuMli A BllXHjJI A CIL
PaeUand.'-MalaS. .
tub iriiai aii eiumi wom-
pmei aa. Hlaakcta a a Vmwm .---
ly. feente' rlnlhlee eleaaeal ,i - ....
eihltV. ta. IHlSHill A al. u, ,...
lv -
r a.
a i i a or m
1 . si I
t . U -
. t L . t M 1 J , v - 1
' ' ' 1 ' .i.i
waolea end mise4 gooo, afier the l-at
and aeweai tearmaa and Irene iratema Kid
Ulevea aad -ifcr eleaeerf aaJ AunS be a
sliIaaUroa, JT. .ol.