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MRS. A. J. Jinnm, MHor aa4 Proprietor
OFl'ICE-Cor. Third nul Washington Sti
Ofte venr..
81l months.
Thifc nionllK..
r mbs. arsiK wrrgmik
Entered, according to the Act of Congre, in
th yrar IK, by Mm. Stale WlUirrell, In thf Of
tce of t h Librarian of Contnn at Washington
ciiAinfek xx.
The nest morning, as 0011 3 break
fast was over, the fumily oucc more as
sembled in tiic parlor to hear tho com
pletion of Catherine'.'" fctory, which they
were anxious io hear finished, not only
on account of its connection with Sono
ra, but also that Harry and his bride
might proceed on their tour, which hal j
been deferred the day previous in eonse-j
.j-wur t me crniiwion attending .Nor-
-.a..-.An - e it. f I .
mui'ii nrmm
Catherine, wltese mind was now more
composed, but whose eyes plainly
showed that she had passed a sleepless
night, seemed much dejected. She had
lost that fierce wild manner which had
characterised her before, and she now
appeared to a much better advantage.
Her large and truly" magnificent cye
seemed U droop with a melancholy lan
guor, as tliey rested upon the three
young girls before her, and then casting
a look upon Mrs. Summers and Mrs.
Hewitt, would henvc a heavy sigh, as
shesoemed to be contrasting her posi
tion with theirs. "Happy molhors!"
she inurmered as she commenced her
"Tho big tree which I spoke of in oon-
jiecuuu wmi my child was
a mniuBfic
oak. which
f,w r ; .
wi ' tt I t wre oiu
.wul i,u iiAL-u u ruue nut comiotta-.
-.c w ir me accommodation or nis was met by Many Canoes, who, with his
JJ"lITUlh0 -. boulderwas just
" , 7 ... : . , ; Tb " :'v I
. ilUCUilUU. i
choicest game was always laid at her
feet for her reception, and the longest
scalp of Uie iIe-facewas hune at her !
girdle, though she fain would not have!She lhanked hi 7n. 2 "tT"'
awcjneu me inner, ior ner Heart was
too tender for an Indian maiden's. An
elegant skin of tho panther was spread
beneath the oak, and here, with the
guitar, singing some of the songs of her
mother's land, or the still wilder ones
of her own, she would sit for hours, with
l'Jeetfoot at her feet listen!
.I :;:;. .r.rT I
u.ou ,.. M,e woous ecuo, lor the In- stood looking toward the distant city of
dians have a peculiar love for all kinds ! Baton Itouge, murmuring something to
of music, ad are never more delighted herself, which to me was inaudible!
When A hite Star was about fifteen placing her fingers lo her lips she an
summers okl, Lucertn was called away jswered it, who st ,
to the 'happy huutinir trround.' as IIipv L ti i ' A. . . .
style what they suppose to be heaven,
and where she certainly went, for she
was a true Christian in heart, though
she was a squaw, born and brought up
in darkness; still she had an instinct
within her which pointed out the right
path, and whose '.straight and narrow
way' she faithfully followed. Next to
my husband and child, she was my tru
est friend, and dearly did I love my In
. . .. " " ' i
dian motlter. Fleetfoot
was always I
kind to me while 8he lived, though that
he disliked me was plain to be seen, and
TrJt t!'e.Cyf9. f h!S
,j w uau ..j uniiw ivtiuius
me show iteelf. In every jiossiblo way
did he seek to torment me, even trying
to turn Uie affections of my idolized
husband against me. In this, however,
.e failed, which seemed to omhitter ,
him still more against the hated Span-;
lard, as lie called me. But While Star
was his pet, bis idol. For her he would
do anything, and she would often talk
to him and try to win part of his love
for her mother, but hlsanswer to all her
pleadings was:
" 'Don1 1 speak of pale-free. Fleetfoot
hates the Spaniard!'
"Do not think that bore his haired
tamely, for I did not, but resented it to
the fullest extent, for the hot blood of
my country boiled within my veins,
and had it not been for Lenard, wicked
as I then was, I would have killed him
1 . 41 y-. r ... '
uui unuK uw jl was restrained.
"A" year passed. There had been but
slight change in our wigwam since the
death of Lucerta, save that my beauti-
iiu iiiie ouir nau jrrown thin anJ
more transparently beautiful. Herj ing hc bZu, ,
complexion was a clear olive, witli eyes ! i will, I will,' I heard her sav
and hair raven blackness, and now j "After giving hor one longTi 1,0
and tfceii the clear blue veins might be gracefully waved his hand, and i, 1' few
di-timtly traced beneath the skin. Her ! moments was lost to view.
heeks liad lost that bright carnation "Beseatiiig herself, she wept in si-
..... ...nrU umj iiihi iTiys worn, anu ;
eyt s were not as siMrklinc; as in !
lays gone by, neither was her step so
nlfluti.. ... 1 . - 5
p..,, Mie appeareti cuceriui
change as well as myself, and feared
that some secret disease had fastened
ittelf upon l her vitals, and was eating
away the life blood of his darling, but
not so with nie, who partly the
true cause. Since the ilonti. r t
1 ToZhT Tr l,:,l8lt ln LiS !
... t j.uceria
that Many Canoes, a young chief of the
tribe, was the attendant of my cllillI
Ho was a brave aud noble youth of
u uuen nntir.n.1
auuui, buuiuy years, and had always an-
peareu line a brother to Whlt BioV 1
though as thev grew ,m VJn "EUlr' !
ealvnil MmRlhln i -
iir mn..v 1 1. 1 w J .vitiiii Alii; iuuk oiiu 1JU UI
ing more than bro i..m,.i..i.i 1 , ..
love, as he watched her even- mo !
mnnf Ppan finf . .
- v. ,
.w.j uu ... ..fco vjiiu ul 10VC.
He had decorated her little apartment
in the tent with the choicest skins, and
every morning, at the break of day,
would spread the fragrant wild flowers
at her door, that she might Inhale their
perfume with the first draught of morn -
iiwrnir liitf fnr nil IIi0:a (loltnnn ....
O -- - -.vuwiu; .4 L I U W -
tions, which to you iu civilized life seem
small, but which showed his true
though unspoken love, yet she seemed
not to cutertain tho slightest regard for
him more than one of her earliest
friends. Her proud spirit seemed to re
volt against an Indian husband, and of.
ton, wJien joked about Many Canoes.
sue wouiu naugutuy exclaim
'"When White Star leaves the wig
wam of her father, it must bo to glad
den tue nome or a pale-face !'
"inougiiiiiau married a son of the
forest myself, my heart bounded with
ifiadneas that mv child w nf innii..i
Havinir received
some education, I had imparted it to mv
daughter, together with the few accom-
pnsnmcnis wuicu i possessed, one of
which was singing, and in which she
excelled, for her voice was melody it
solf. I was therefore delighted to think
that my beautiful one was fitted to grace
me nomo or the white man equally as
won as nor raircr sisters who had been
reared in the lap of luxury and refine
"One day, taking hor guitar as usual
from its place, she hung the ribbon
round her neck and left home for the
old tree, which was not over half a mile
from our home. As toon as she was
, gone a thought struck me. 'I will fol
, tow ner ana seel: to learn this secret.
it-i.tni. i,,.,.,.., . ,. . ........
. . "' "1" "cr nunu,-
anu winch I felt was caused by the at-
oflend by the rejection of his
i Hand, but whom she
could not love,
Proceeding but
a short distance, she
re"'nf' rrom a morning ramble. Ac-
nncfflirr lint-
a friendly salutation,
ne presented Her with a pair of lino
mfnile vrlilMi will. n .? i-..
tiint. n.n.J. i.t J
f 1 " "' tllV'UI
across Her shoulder, she went on her
way. Arriving at her rustic bower, she
hung her guitar upon a branch, and ,
seating herself, she begau plucking tho
" , , I . , -""w"s -'e""i
them nicely, she tied them together and
Ton ihor fpnm rtf ir i i i
ngSpt ! 1 !rs S !Ue ,,or r"? riMm;
XllZJ -d
SLailinS " eyes wUIiher hand, she
cuian Miviv ui irue.. annenrtvi n hinii.
some young stranger, a pale-face. He
appeared to be about twonty-fivc years
of age.
" 'White Star, my beautiful!' and in a
moment she was in his arms. Imprint
ing a fervent kiss upon hor lips, he led
her to her seat, where taking one beside
her, they conversed in tones too low for
. t -
my acute ears. Thus they sat for over
ian hour. when. ta;
i, a ..t .. , . ,
of . 1 " e
Theu, hanging it around her neck she
arose and Lrned lle goiiW when I
heard him say:
" 'Promise me, White Star, my beau
tiful one, that you will be mine, and I
swear by yon bright sun you shall
never rcgrot it! I will bear thee to the
home of the pale-face, where naught but
iove and kindness shall be thv comnan-
ions. Only promise that you will be
i 4
mino and I am happy,' and kneeling
before her, ho took her little hand and
kissed it
. .
"Rise, dear Herbert ; do not kneel to !
White Star. Tho Tndiati ,i.-l inins nnto. I
faee better llian her own fifr l.nt l,nT,i I toani' unlucky teamster who happens to f"' , "i1 L.Ii.Tr 'ti , CC!,r C friel,l,s could be nproveti bya little less -admiration and wonder were mingled j datives, who quietly replied, "Ex
i?.. ., , .? ill' 1 r,0Uld I ue passing witli Ids loaded wagon along ?i,circI?.'.0!Tllalf,b, a"u other noise and publicity and the semblance, ' ler gaze. He stootl it for a fewlec-1 w me, sah; ' not wuitah; ,
..v- nvuiiim, me augur 01 jiany uanoes 1
would be fierce, who has also asked her
hand in marriage. But White Star
loves him only like a brothor, no more,'
and dropping hor lieadupon his bosom,
sho looked up iu Ids race with a sweot
l,ri,li " . " J
lence, till at last, seeing me sten for-
ward, she sfariod in bor f..f;.,,.
ing, 'Mother!' and falling upon my
neck, burst into tear. Seating myseir
upon the elegant skin at my feet, I mo
tioned her also to sit down. Drawing
her to my breast, I enquired the cause
of her sorrow, when she related to me
the story of her love for the pale stran
gertelling me how sho had met him
six months before while gathering wild
5 r he "ct her Hay after
day unknown to Mauy Canoes, who had
sworn vengeance upon all the pale-faces
with whom he should chance to meet ;
how she had played and sung for him,
and how ho had won her heart and
T i V .
H"1 bcr to b hls ide, and
endeU hi' telling me that she
, , . 11 y WKU0Ut mm' u,at &1,c
ii.Lt. 1 iivn mr ii,it. 1 -mifiaa
" J w-. w
"How my heart beat as I listened.
Why had ho met her so clandestinely?
Why had he not wooed her in her
home? Were his Intentions good?
Did he think he could trample upon tho
and ninfiiiinrr tnni.- ..a ir ...::.... t. escane. Installers nnvki.nwtt wIiAnmi
4 ..0 ., nltll,K lur a - -- i,i, 0r;, mixture or violet ami
nf fhfin .niiit iitirctu 1,m ro...mu1 i iiiiAiiui. ui iiuicb.iuu
Tnr:.. . I some broad elope, where, having no S i11. aWS. i
uiiikiu jiurKe lears not ravine io pirrv nil ilw wifnr it li.B 1 """"'i '""' Kra)
tfie antrer of H, c., , , ,1 .f.i.PiS., ?. Li 0 ' l,df"' l,VSri iofc Idlnd. By the use of this
,cii" .... .:.7. ""'. "r J " i" t"r.r. W" ' TC .ment it is evident a large
" ciiiy. -tJIHV lirnniKf tn 1n B' .ii;im 111111 v.ium.
heart of my child because she claimed
1 kindred blood to iho Indian, lb n wild
. man of the forest ?
Such thoughts as
these passed rapidly through my mind
before I could answer her.
" 'When the pale stranger comes
again, my child, bring him lo the wig
wam of your parents. There you will
receive your answer,' was my reply;
then, taking the birds from ofT the
branch, I took her by the hand, and to
gether we walked home.
"Tho next day Many Canoes was with
her, and each succeeding day for a fort
night did he linger by her side, hoping
to gain her love. But the more his af
fections for her increased, the more she
disliked him, till at last" he refused to
be in his company any longer, and re
mained at home daily instead of walk
ing, as was her usual custom. At last,
as wo had not heard nor seen anything
of the stranger for a month, Lenard and
I began to think he had given her up,
mien one evening towards sunset we
misscti our pet from the wigwam. Look -
"igtip, I perceived Iier guilar Iiad also
gone. Always knowing where to find
Iter, I proceeded towards her tryating
place, but no trace of her was lo bo seen,
though her guilar hung in its usual
place. Thinking she had wandered away
into the forest in search of llowcrs, I sat
down to wait her return, when I beheld
this (taking the dagger before mention
ed from the box) lying uplSn the mat at
my feet, ricking it up, I examined it
wonderingly, and found the initials II.
X. B. marked upon a gold plate. Sur
mising at once to whom it belonged. I
placed it iu my belt and awaited the re
turn of my child. But the sun sank be
hind the western hills and yet she came
not. At last, thinking perhaps she had
returned home, intending to leave the
companion of her solitary hours for tho
next day's amusement, I retraced mv :
steps homeward, fee ng a deathly sick- !
noi crccnTn,- nrlr ni ,i , .
ness creeping oer me. All that niitht .
Lenard and I waited, and at early dawn
si-luul uim many
search of our too
We traversed the
l ,11. It - '
but found her not. We entered the fur 1
oil villages, but could sain no Informn- !
.. '
uon or ber whereabouts, and at last was
fw,i in i.jf i. ,'i.ii. .1
firet su
the strange pale-face, Alas fonsl Our
Home was now made desolate. Fleet
foot and Many Canoes swore vongeance.
and resolved to find hor. but aftor a
weary search of over a month, returned
unsucccsful. The old man was incon
solable, seeming to take it to heart even
more than her father did, who was sel
dom heard to speak after her loss.
'."'"f " l,UB c r TV B n,S 1,,e 8 i
blood, soon after Fleetfort was taken ,
i lu ..
ill and died, cursing the white man who
had stolen the Star from his wigwam.
Tills event cost a still deepor gloom over
Lenard, though I in my
I, . r . . '
iivaiv iciillCHI I
uiai ne wnom l disiiKcd was no more."
it . t . -.11
A3 it was now lunch time, Mrs. Hew-
... i
itt proposed that they should go down
and take some refreshments, which they i
did, though Blanche and Cordelia would !
fain have heard her tale through with-,
"t the interruption. I
- - , '
Cujvd BuitSTS. The Truckeo Ilrpub-,
licein. in reference to' tho-cloud burste j
which occasionally occur iu the Sierras
during the summer season, says: "So 1
sudden Is the flood that where not a drop
oi waier nas ocen seen ior weous or
months, a huge, turbulent, overwhelm
ing torrent comes pouriug down, carry
ing trees, rocks and every tiling else be
fore It, washing away railroads, bridges,
toll roads, houses, in fact anything in lis
way. One of these floods thus ixwring
down a steep, dry mouutain cafioti fre
.juniiij aiiuiio ii tiuilli:illLl liUllb 111
logs, bushes, huge boulders and similar
quently shows an advancing front of
debris twelve or fifteen feet hich. Woe ,
the bed of the cafion. Those who under-1
stand matters are able
the impending calamity
wagons out of the ravine and up on the
hillside as far as possiblo, or if they
have no time for that they will unhitch
tncir animais and give them a chance to
Good Servants. Dean Ramsey tells j coiorminu
us of one who was nrivilr-.H! to 11s,. tlio 1 " Lalffer.
famlliariiv nf an nlil
been so frequently censured for a certain
fault that h
his mastcrat hist
. ,t natln . I
i 1 iiiir!
.111(1 J lllllsl 1
"John," said
"And whaur
will you
be gaim?"
asiced John
ced John. "I'm sun vo'll n i 1 ,RllUo ou'wl ,l,m mnoy, and sent word
ce like " amo " 1 mi ?umL InIl 5o 1,0 lvouW W U if llie ,al,ornd )is bo
de that U should 0SUpiX)sl,,B 11 'irothe! would visit Iilm iu hi, labora
sible that lie should go
.A" od Scotch lady had a servant
curios0!1! f,lU,n- a 'rrcslstlble
curiosity to beconio acquainted witli the
secrcLsof the family life, and to whom
to carry a letter to Its desiguation wU hi
out endeavoring in some way to become
acquainted with iu contenu was -I
temptation too powerful to resist. On
one occasion his mistress called him
letter I wish you to take at once, and I apparatus in vain, in five minutes they
that you may lose no time on the way. I bcanic storied corpses. Farnerimi
I'll e'enrcaditto you beforclscal Ittip:" !Vllh t,le utost "sangfroid" reported
1 the matter to the police and gave hlm-
A man at Gloucester, Mass., at the solf,,p-
requcstofhlswife.cousentedtogivcher, One of the most useful among the
all the five cent pieces lie had in his many benevolent associations in this
pocket each day. Ho supposed the I country is the Prison Association of
money would be spent 11 fiair plus, , jfew York. According to .1 lately is
ncedlcs, or such like trifles, but was sued report of tho Association, duriii"
astonished three years afterwards, on thenast
-oo, Anurcw," said she, "bore's a
anniversary of bis birthday, to '
receive from his wife as a present, a gold
watch worth S100, purchased with the
accumulated five cent pieces.
While the sugar cane contains nearly
twice as much sugar as the beet root, in
the process of extraction more sugar is
obtained from the latter than the former.
Fbkb Srnwir, Hr.EE 1j:es-s, Free TrortE.
Education and Employment of Gitls.
' 7a n cff
duigenco an aim for a wealthy hus
band, and then life with no object nor
aim beyond raising a famiiv, whether
, " . 1. 1 ill-o o till 11 111'
tasic uos in inai direction or not. It is
not only bad for physical health, but Is
bad for moral also.
A very serious and common mistake
in tho training of our girls is tho neglect
definitely to provide against tho vicissi
tudes oi inc witn ine faculty of noble
self-supiwrt. Just think of vour daugh
ter, well bom and bred anil rocked iu
the lap of luxury, coming, one of these
days, to sewing or keeping boarders for
a livelihood. Yet thousands of girls,
upon whoscgirlhood fortune lavished her
gifts, have come to that. It seems to us
that every rich man who has daughters
should provide for thein with visions of
the almshouse continually floating be
fore his oyes. 2o amount of xecuuiary
endowment will beasuredefence against
the demons of pauperism. The fires
may burn It up, the waves may ingulf
If mvullml . , e I I i. l.
Waste it. mscallv iniclooe nml
cbuuiiiiiL'is ui uusuaiius mav
may pillage It. These and a thousand
1 the proverbial helplessness of wo.,m.,.
aru aunosionougutomaKcatliouglitrulivoies declared a nullitv. But the de -
and cautious man pray that daughters 'vision of the Supreme Court of the
may not, oo uoni unto nun.
bo, then, we say, let the eilucatioii of
lenis of self-help iu the noblest possiblo
. .w. ..v. jncoiuii; jiiuu-
mechanics alike should bo made dis-
tlnctly to understand that all the lovo
romances lie, and that there is 110 such
ini;uauuu:iaui millionaires ami
ua Jii.ihiuga compact, wnn lortune
to avert the necessity of honest toil,
ay'. .,lAore. V' wol,l', i'ave the girls
tailiilit that labor, esnccinllv limiti Inlw.r
for the beneht of the world, is too noble
ends, albeit (ho world must and will pnv
for It. 1
uiiuciuthi'ii mr inpm tnprrntinrv
Our American girls need a great deal
of discipline in this respect, and their
fathers and mothers need tohavoagreat
many of their foolish notions of propriety
about toil, and tho wicked casto Idea it
encourages, killed as the rank social
WCOd it Is. YOU Will hanllv fin.! n mrl
w" tcat-'a fcchool, or a parent who
t ?xceI" under the compul-
81011 of a. fccalty Prse. What a shame
to our C iristinntttr ic n.ti . t.t..
rustling in her silks, boasis that she hak
ltjl ll r, I., t,. . - . .
would not soil hor
respectability by
.touching a child of ignorance the alpha-
i Uet or hanimerlmr tho miiltlnllcntinn
. table iiitoaclassoflittlo
ill calico! SUR'enoUL'il. the millennium
i . v j ...............
. . w ...uMm.., UIU II
has not come yet. Jlalaiicr.
A tJt'KKit Fisir. Tire members or the
Australian EcllnoKxnlItinn. ifi
vessiui in inc primary object of their
"jiv, uinu sirange tilings along
tho shores to the north of the great con
tinent of Australia. Mr. Foord tells a
wonderful story, "amply attested by
Witnesses." Of ll fish villi fnnr
inis extraordinary
creature was fniinil
crawling on a piece of coral dredged up
huiii uie uuuuui ni inmscii. "iiiclmdv
was that of a fisI." MM Mr. Foord b
fore the Roval Soeiefv on January 5-ii.
"hut wonderful to had in tin-
rW.wr it..D r... t i i f v
! j "
Winch It made ILs wav nvi-r Hia cornl I
r . , . - . , .7 .7 :
il ma n ii vnv nvnr ia nnmi
"Tl. ttlieil piacetl OU IIIO SKVllCUl Ot
. . . I
i"v '"''n, in? iisn stood upon its lour
1 . - -
inmi n l nm t i.i..ii.ii i ... , ,....n
?ZZtutZ m. - ii-Jii V I
the body of a JMiV' ' It fs to' bo honnd
that a full and scientific description of!
marvei oi ueep sea dredging may
jlSSSS fi-ught uSet
bourne. Mr. White, lw, of the same
expedition, tellsastrangetaloabout rats.
'The little island," herald, "upon which
we pitched our tent was overrun with
them, and what was mot extraordinary
they were even- color from black to veU
low, and some tortoise shell.
Cohort Bmndxess. Ata recent meet
ing of the Boston Society of Natural
History, tho methods of testing patients
for color blindness and for loss of the
power of color perception were ex
plained. An instrument invented iu
tiermany for testing color blindness
i,..rta,!rt.l .. 1 . , . ,
I ii"1.".1"1 explained. This in-
umu."I'.,u""B,sl!' 01 a..rPlaiing appar-
Ran I vXati0?'! ft,r,sreeii, then another ring of
- bv"attlnr?Tl.oir violet and red, then the outside ring of
eandS 0? 1 ie 1 S?1? ! When ranidiy rotaled
"'"": ' a ring nan rci'
the centre appears to bo colored gray
that is, black and whlto mixed. To a j
7-ccu blind person the middle ring will
appear gray, that being the result to
rcil. The I
1110 rca .
to the
number of
patients may be simultaneously exam-
A Scientific Ri:vcxoii a terrible
'eutllic revenge was recently taken by
l y"S clicmist named Orlando Far-
n,I,,I ti,, fnilllfT In.l..
loved another, wlio was a tailor. Or-
.v . ..w iv. .. j -"0 , uiil aim
tory. The invitation was accepted, and
Orlando slyly got them to take part in
electrical experiments. He bado them
give him tiieir hands, put one pole of a
Rumkerf apparatus between tho girl's
fingers and the other into the tailor's
band, and then joined currents. The
lovers loll to the ground 111 convulsive
fits, butEarncrimi only laughed. After
trying to disengage themselves from the
red aud ten convicts released from nrison
! -.. 1. 1 1 .til. f. 1
have been aided with funds. anil onnl,twi their friends or obtain employ
ment, while five hundred aud nineteen
others were provided with work in the
neighborhood of the city. Thus, in one
year, upward of eighteen hundred per
sons have been enabled to begin life
afresh, and lo cam an honest living.
A Eight Eeoognized.
Before the woman of Utah emjoyed
the elective franchise those who clam
ored loudest for Its being extended to
them wero parties who had no political
"axes to grind," and who wero filled
with the bitterest feelings of animosity
against the people of Utah. They fool
ishly imagined that if our sex iu this
Territory had the legal right to vote,
they could lead U3 by the arts which
politicians aro accustomed to use, to
turn against men whom wo had tested
through long years of trouble and sor
row, and follow their lead. Upon no
othor hypothesis can their urgent de
mauds on Congress to bestow the right
of suffrage upon us be explained. For
when the 'territorial lesi&lature did
enact such a measure, and it became
law by the signature of acting-governor
Mann and the approval of Congress
and when they found that we could
think, and tliatthinkiii'' we intelligent
ly supported the candidates of our
cnoicc, they were even more clamorous
that Conirress should nnsa jl law .io.
uiariii" iiiecei mat wmcii tnev he
daring illegel that which they had be-
I rnrntlmncmiifltt 4 1. .. 1 -.,-..1 nn
contended that the exercise of the fraii-
lorciimesougntioiiavoletrallzeil- TIiov
the i-onVi. , niZ;nn u
; L nited Slates in tho Engelbrecht case
declared, in plainness, what liowerwas
in , iimiunui jjegisiaturc.
Then, finding that the highest tribunal
of the country had declared that the
! acts of the Legislature, when not disap-1
proved by Congress, were of bindiii" '
, force; and as the elective franchise was I
o couicrrcd Uou tno women of Utah
and was consequently valid, their next
movo was to practically recognize that
whicli lliv 1m. I iV,litl-.1...,;.!
disputed. At the general election, on
tho 5th i'nst., the candidate put forward
by these same individuals was voted for
by tiie ladies who would not support the "ng deposits daily and hourly, with no
People's ticket; and thus miietlv butlcstlvuulcllinoO'tomanageit. The idea
lointetlly thoy acknowledged a right
mcjcuuui no longer gamsav. uutwiiat
shall bo thouiihtaf men who kunwiiialv
refuse to recognize every right to others
which they claim to exercise themselves,
auu yei laiK ot tiieir resiect ror republi
can govemmentand the glorious princi
theSration of
In.IeiHMience! Their lwlitical lutnesty
of to-day Is on n par with tho "philan-
" or a row years ago that urged
A Cm- of Women. Mrs. Leon Ow -
ens, iu her lecture on Siam, tells the fol -
lowing: Tho central tmrt of the capital
c ty of Bangkok, in sam, is devote.! ex-
clusively to the residence of some nine
housaiid women, among whom no man
but the King may enter. The inhabit-
ants of this inner city are the thousand
. I . ol ll,e.n,yat harem, and some
eight thousand
administer tilt) Inu.s of tho kinmlntn
I-:. ".'.... '?""'".' "3 . r. . : ' no
There Is no appeal from their decisions.
Prisoners are arrested by sherilis of their
own sex. If it is necessary to chain
them, It is done by blacksmiths or their
own sex. If a disturbance arises, it is
suppressed uy a lorcc or live hundred
;mazons, trained
from infancy in tho
ui onuiu .iiui sijcar. .ucaiiwiuie tne
uiuuiures, or fro on
l. (ti.T., nt. ....
tAt.i ni. , . . ....
- - - t Wllllll JL lIlllltTI Ull III '
i.t.vio. iiiu in
arn onlT Ir. t.-I... .l.
. w.
v... ... IVIHK. IIIU
women mav tnarrv. but their htbiml4
in.U .
. . ' - . -
HP?" oul9lUe tllc nll8. The children,
women at m'x years
i iruiu mv city OI
old: onlvthe iri
11 the Oriental dltIi.flnK r f
rank are scrupulously observe.! in tl,i
strange realnf, except that the mngis-
wTti" reverent of t,, uf " fta S
was Chief Justice, when she lived in ; w vndn Xr' P ml
Bangkok, and tells some remarkable W nl0t"ers.-. .
anecdotes of the courage with which she j Squelching an Impudent Street
curorccd justice acainst offenders farlm
( l,...lf,r. !-t .
I iu iiviBvu in auviai iuuk
An English correspondent gives a !
description of a Russian burial service as i
itiscarried on at the present time in the .
f,,fl nninir.v mn! mu l.n
w -j.-.'ta, ' lit t.Vtlfcl. II I L
1IAC4AI1 it. fit. SI I V.f nml .rl...t....n.i
may be our admiration of tho progress in i
vm.m. v...iitei.ivii .utiililCTl w IIJI3 t
hardy people, it seems that their system
rrutiom nli'lll-rnlini. ..4At.wul 1... 1 1 . 1.. 1
of disposing of thodead botliesof their
at least, of a little more nulct mourning,
The service is conducted inn wholesale,
manner, aud takes place In the morning .
terred during the day in the cemetery ,
attached to the church. The cofllned 1
bodies are placed iu two rows, one for 1
adults, the othor forchildrcn under seven '
vt'ars ofaye. bpfuro which timn iliov nr 1
iicld inuoccnt ofsin, and need less prei- ,
aration for Ihnir tr:instvi'!an ioiirnov. 1
The handnof lho adult consoaricrofiil I
tilHiii their breasts, and large sheets ofii"c rinu Avenuo Hotel hasn't seen
paier containing a praver to speed thei,m,chof that intcrosjing youth.
soul to heaven are laid upon them. The !
children had no appeal for the remission ! Old maids are found iu clusters i(1
of sius, but only a narrow strip of paper quiet country towns; thov are, as a rule I
containing a prayer for God's mercy. I both genial and social beings, who give j
These are the I'lirtsiiauizeu ooofti 01 uie
old Greeks. Vast crowds collect around I
the bodies during the .service. A few
hysterical shrieks are heard, but the
majority talk and laugh and bury the
deatl as soon as oslble, In order to get
at the funeral baked meats.
Cost of the IIoosac Tcnnkl An
official report, by the State Auditor to
the Legislature of Massachusetts, shows
that the cost to the Stato since it took
possession up to Jan. 1, 1S72, isS7,9S3,601.
This sum includes what has been paid
on the original contract, $1,177,003. It
is estimated that it will yet cost for a
railway from the west portal to North
Adams, S164,C35; for Interest on loans,
premiums, commissions, etc., $12,027,
500 a total of $12,792,204 up to March
1, 1S74. Some reductions from this are
to be made for sinking fund, rents, etc.;
amount not stated, but not very large.
This Is, probably, the most precise
estimate yet made of the cost of this
great work.
Philosophy. Josh Hillings says:
"If a man has got eighty thousand dol
lars at interest and owns the house he
lives In, it ain't much trouble to be a
Tho purest joy is unspeakable; the
most impressive prayer is silent, and the
most solemn nreacher at a funeral is the
! silent one whose lip? are cold.
Itfsi-KCT Evkhybohy. You have all
read of Benjamin Franklin, and how lie
roc to distinction, amid privation ami
toil. But there Is one anecdote which !!
nave never seen m print
int. It was told
Bostou, who re -
in which Frank-
me iy a gentle man oi
membered tht-old house in
lin was bom. "Often," said he. "have
I looked at the old tumble-down building
iu Milk street, and imagined the bare-
foot boy sittin'
on the door-sten. learn-
ing lo
pell from an old post bill."
A yotniir miss, daughter of a distiii
guished citizen, passed him one day
while thus engaged, and the boy over
heard her words of ridicule as she spoke
to her companion, laughing at the ea
gerness of the poor lad, and deriding ids
"beautiful spelling book."
isui mere came another dav. when
1 5 " was ou" ambassador at the
j"" ii'iua:. wcBiinv jmeneau
Judy, who was present at one of the fes
tive occasions made in honor of Frank
lin, greatly desired an introduction to
ner uistingulslieU countryman. It was
m . w - ---T
I ?uiained, and great was her surprise to
,car im saJ: Ay?A a"c' we I,ave lnct
: r c'v -jf
"v""- . .v.Vl"u. "i reineniuer
! OCIOrC. " hllti COUld tint
w,len' a,ul I'raiiklin added, "You do not
i Milk street, studyimrhis leswm fron? il.c
i """ " l'" uu,:
, i , '""S" spoken goI hunioreilly, thu
iM. i.i..T... ' i.c.. . . .':.
i ..... iiiuj mis iiinuii iiivcncerietl at tne
remomuntnee of the incident. It is U
be Iioped she learned a leasou therefrom,
in regard to the importance of treating
everybody with respect. She knew not
the name of the barefoot lwy; but he
knew her to be the daugher of the rich
fr- , and, after being introduced,
this incident of his childhood immedi
ately recurred to his mind. Ex.
Teach tiik Woxiar to Save.-
Lhero's the secret! A savins: woman at
! hea'1 of tlle 'aniily is the very best
i saving bank establishment one receiv-
deposits daily
j f eaving is a pleasant one, and if tho
women would imbibe it at one, ihev
would cultivate and adhere to it. and
. 1 . . . ...t.n. . I . . .
wouhl be lA ,n? the foundonoa
ff-. to her own house has a large
!leW to sav , .
h?r wmprehend 1
it is w ueepan account
" "
penses. i'robably not
ten lias an idea how
penditures of herself
here from one to two
are expended v.
there is a chance to save somethiii" if
I e effort is mnde Let the hoSife
1 1 i, f.i V.V u Vi Jif ;
tZ maXlrhl'9 YM
j "hero borJ slSrf t?? ImSSShhT
ro,J J. ,e n nrZmh , of
but a nforaT oblfnH f
mta u ihmn&
upon ur noman a the man.
' Kavvv r..nv v TVir T , . .
I majority of tho wnUe '
i few York towlnv .Ikm,..i T i,
f..n.i,. .. " V! 7.
resntable wo,,r ami veL tn
them who know them tn i. ..i.
v.ii.iiilc iLiivea ii wiue margin ior doubt.
parti-colorl costume
wears not a more
' n.Tttcth l
filcieii tly "taut,''
advantage of beintr su
to use a nautical phrase, not to interfere
with locomotion; while theirs with
disgusting humps upon their backs, and
oijj roseue upon their shoulders, and
iiiuii. .11111 him i 'i in i iiiirriri3 mii iimn-.
1 . t 1 . 1
au'? bo,vs ."t,on their skirts, and striiied
satin petticoats, all too sborf. in lii.lo
flint." nl .. -...! . .. . .
,i ci.-.j.. r i.. V ------ uiiiii? audit". :inu mnrn nnfnre .
".'.t""V?.,,,I' ouo
!" 101 " 'as uon-n.iuen ijy than . ever '
a"CTet . " "ne rainbow-ami nil 1
! Tm? SL, fmpera-1
.aJS&iS I
! t ibe young girls who aro
! wears good clothes, curls his hair, and i
I waxes his moustache, is in the habit of i
V b"i"iOH,
standing near Fifth Avenue Hotel, and
peering impudently into the faces of the
ladies who pass, ire met his more than
a match thp nilior affnrnwr. A .n...
--...w. ....-v . a.uw... A V .f.J I
tlPatlr lirAli flfllt nin.l.uif n.MvAn:....
young lady was ltassing. Of course our '
TO I In n T f ri mil 1 I . n. I n 1. I ..r. ..1 1 i 1..
p " -w.... ...... w iuw iici 1 USUI I IMK1V
tho face. She stopped and gazed at
m with the greatest apparent interest !
onus unoiusiiingiy, and then said:
."You appear to find something to '
please you in my looks."
! 1. i-i.. i
ev"'cut amazement.
. "Can speak!" he said. "Why, what '
the deuce do you take mo for!"
"Ain't you one of the monkeys thai !
was recently, ill :the Colli nil 1.irb mn. !
"agene .' if you ain't, 1 don't know
What to Call VOU." I
The last few davs Ihn nnihiinrlinn.l r.r
P'easJiui; panics when thev are rich. 1
and are invited to parties, which thev 1
tnakn tilmtsnnt wiimT ti.i- I
who spend weeks at si time, sometimes I ?nl le s,he iff f1 deserves
even months, in other peoples houses,! Jl have beautiful clothes," I thought,
yet save themselvesfrom the reproach for a Iteautiml spirit dwelt 111 her
of being parasites by rendering services ! breast.
which are far more than the equivalent ! ,. H """" "
of the little they consume for their bod-1 . oh Mkat. A minister going
ilysustenauco and the room they occupy j Ulne after sermon, with one of his
in tho mansion. Old maids keep house . deacons, came upon the hired boy ofhis
for brothers who arc widowers, or mar-! ,stt u'&Sug at a woodchuck's hole,
ried sisters who arc ill. In short, na-!.r,le parson, who was unknown to the
ture seems to have intended them to be I checked Ins rein, and accosted him
lieutenants, not haviug much to do on w,.,..
their own account, but placed by the ell, my son, what are you doimr
very fact of their leisure In a position ' lhfT
to render great services on occasions f Digging out a woodchuolr, sir," said
when their help may be required. It i3 j the boy.
not hereby intended to recommend loo "Why, but don't you know that it is
much, or tho result would be fatal to ! vry wicked? And besides, you won't
the continuation of the article Ex-'. get him if you dig for him on Sunday."
change 1 "Git 'imi" said the. boy. "l'hunder!
A Lesson on Humility. a
took his sou into a wheat-field in har
vest lime, "tee, lather," exclaimed
the boy, "how straight those stems hold
up their head! They must be the best
ones. Those that hang their heads
down, I am sure, cannot bo good for
much." The farmer plucked a stalk of
each kind, and said, "See here, mv
child! This stalk that stood so i si.?
light-headed, and almost coodDfor
notiiing; while that that hnngits head
so modestly is full of precious grain."
A Journal for the Toople.
DovotcJ to the Interests of Humanity.
Independent In Politics and Religion.
Alive to all TJve Issues and Thoroughly
Radteal In Opposing and Exposing tho Wrongs
ot tlm.Mases.
Qorrtsponrtents writing over assumed algna-
tares must make known thIr names to the
Bdttor.or no attention will be given to their
i,EVTB Bke is the Tows Before.
"Can you direct me to the hotel?"
Inquired a gentlemen with a carpet-bag,
of a burly Hibernian, sfnmllnf nn tlin
steI3 of a railroad station.
1 "Faith," was the reply, ":
: can l0 that same. You se
it's jiatltlwt
see von iist co
UP that strate
till you come toTeddy
O'MulIigan's shot) then"
"But 1 don't know where Teddy
i Mulligan's shon. as vou call it. Is."
: "O, baith, why didn't I think of that.
j Woll, your honor must kape on till, ye
kui 10 me nppie woman's stand, on the
corner of brick church, it is, and kapo
that on tho right, and till yo get to the
sign of the big watch, and, mind ye,
don't fall down there; then keep on a fll..t.. 4:11 t .1 L
illUC lUilllCI fcill lUill lu uie ijgiii ur
left, but by the bones of St. Patrieft, I
don't know which."
The traveler turned in despair to a
long, lean, lank Jonathan, who was
standing close by, and made tho same
"Maybe you're going to put up there!"
queried Jonathan.
"Yes, I intend to."
"Did you come from far off?"
"Y'es, from Philadelphia!" was the
impatient reply.
"Got any more baggage?" said the
imperturbable Yank.
"No, this is all," said the traveler,
convinced tliat the only way to get the
direction was to submit to the question
ing. "doing to stay long?"
"Couldn't sy," was the reply in
rather a cruty manner. "But I am iu a
hurry, and would like lo lie directed "
"Wait a minute. You're a married
man, ain't you?"
"2o, I am not, and I won't answer
auytlilng until you have answered."
"Wall, Squire," said the Yankee,
coolly, "I'd like to obliere vou. but the
rillh ia 1 1,ave, "ever 'i i the town
', ,,crfore, mJ'flf! . , J.
witli a man attachel, was seen hurryipg
away from that vicinity. Hedidn'Vfind
asking directions of
my imrti enter ad-
' "luin AY1 enV""
tal hZ ?,uW. haxtl ,,oUl h5s -
mui, ,i ,i t, tla,,,i . ..u,, .,wJ rt '
. i. t i ;"Tm. -"".' V"1?0
" ' ,UV "u ue w5o
1 ! i0.. .1,,s soTs. wire;
i ... e.,l"e "t, ma" s,t the
! '"" ""'" wove, mere neato
: "s. I?uatl numvn dish, ami
I ho I,ad uot lxn to mue" toeatT w
i'ou may guess. '
Well, one day his trembling hand
001,1,1 ,10t 1,01,1 the di8l-it fel tK
' ,loor ml broke! At thi8 h,s ' l
1 8011 8 wife were so vexed that they spoke
harshly to tl poor old man. Hiebnly
answer was a deep, sad sigh. Then they
brought him a bowl made out of wood.
out of winch he had toeat his food. Not
! "?.a"er t,ue',J,,s smnoson, a boy about
I J"3 OI Se. .o" at wortt
""iiowing ouiaiogoi wood. His nar-
! f nl8, .iH."0' SV?. ing
i l" 1 . notiiing to
any one, but kept at work on tha lnr.
and Iooketl von- grave, asifhehml some
grcat work on hand,
"Wliat are yon d
, the father.
doing there?" asked
The little bo3 did not want to tell.
Then his mother asked
"What are you doing there, my son?"
"O," said he, "I am only making a
trough such as our Dies eat out fl"
"But what are you making it for?"
"J am making it," said he, "for ypu
i . . - jv.
aim miner 10 one OIK oi Whon 1 srrmt. nriJi
Tho imrwnU InnLiwI nt .l7 .i7 "
i,Ilrf,t , , " "S T"" -t""" "
ih-v trental Om . n n w'u,
,ll0-best plaee.:t the able, a niw d Wi
Ple"tv of food. . " B
The Social Revolution at Waii
paTON. Things haveclmnged in AVash
Ington. A dozen years ago our colored
brother was no positive weight in tfio
social or political scale. Hi
atatus is illustrated by an iucident that
,cc,,lrretl not lo"? since at "tho capital:
iv tv esiern man uroppeu into the House
of Representatives to know what was
going on. Beckoning to a woll-drtasetl
man pr color who stood near hiim lie
"Jim, will you show me tc tho
lflrucr-!hop? I W3nt to get shaved and
ImVC U1V UOOLS IllAnlrMl.''
rt.t V.t. .. V ...
, 1Ile . lhus famillarfy addressed
"appened to oe one or the colored Renre-
I" 1116 "otern party elevated ltigeyes
tor 1 m om eni, anu retired in good onlar.
J-:tlUnr Drawer. ITaTcl m.-
m :
TnuE IiADY. I was once walking
slli"t distance behind a very hand-
somely-dressed young airl. and thinkiiif?
3 I looked at her beautiful r-lntliM: r
wo"ior it sue takes half as much
Willi her heart as sho dnefi witli iier
body?'' AtKwr old man was comiur tin
ule wallt wu" a loaded wiieelbacrow;
anU j,I8t before he reached us, he luul
made two attempts to go in the yard of
the house, but the gate was heavj-f and
wol,i,l swing back before he could getin.
"Wait," said the young girl, springing
Yl "'"' -1 " ... . "i"1"-
sllu held the gate until he nan passed In,
and received Jiis thanks with a pleasant
I I've got to gtt 'im; tho minister's corn
farmer iug to our houe to dinner and we ain't
got any meat."
An attorney, iu Mr. Beeehers com
pany, once asked liipi, "Supping that
tho parsons and the devil should Htigato
a cause, which party doyoti think would
gain it?" "The devil, no d '" re
plied Mr. Beecher; "as he would have
all tho lawyers on his side."
' The Professor of agricultural science
1 in an Iowa College is a woman, Mrs.
. Tupper.