The new Northwest. (Portland, Or.) 1871-1887, June 30, 1871, Image 3

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Erran. Thla splen
produced far the And
d-ritfi,Mfv1iteA wit.
pesa! anything aa the fttctlaud stage
' Okatobio or
did uUU ni
ia point of iwliwii sad lit Ire, aa
(onatralned action of antetear. . air
; hrrek.hj tm MmdiK.nM
Altar, aed "LI rtlxrfiol
Ilia naturally thk-k articulation could
not be distinctly understood at all times,
but kMd wen lanEBnl aW the
character was well sustained through
' out. Mrs. McOlbeny, m Qneen Fther,
lSL. w euilnenily wiecesa ftitHiiir ouaiuui
la elegant, and M she atand pointing
; her riKHionles flrtger at the culprit Ha
ansa, we must acknon-ltxlre that ah
" look every lull a queen. ..Jn the scene
X htf Mrdeeal la urging nec to ga
cade, triuiBkrd with ermhte awl art off
with dlsavmda, la. wore ore a area ef
-" twenangled crimson ef artistic beauty
- ' ami uiartilftonre. At the rnral bat.
, .'hurt .af-wwlli! BiiV ato
- trimmed with ermine, with a court
(raJav'fcome tm haiit nan .eprtt ita
' tnra'tVcr a breaMftjl' white lrs J
- triruuted with gold lac and rntertng
apanglra. Her crown for the banquet
anl enrtVMlaaarcet 101,1 uta
tlonof the royal tiara of Her Mafejrtr,
Queen Victoria. It la impossible to de
arrlle the effect of grandeur which Mr.
MeOlbcnv' appearance InaNre. .and
"which maat'tar sua" pi iret1 la led.
?Ii Mr, Warren aa Hainan, Mis Meigy aa
Zercah (llaman'a wife), and Mr. Mon
Mth a Monleeal rendered their re
apectiv parte with an accuracy tlutt
"1 , waa startling. IVvcral times during
r- the dim rent aeto we were electrified by
tlie reatty and natural acting of the
- JVts P.4mf taf Mel
-sia-sks- eorarhHT tor rneemi
refal hjtd
horouirh trainlnr of
rYot McUlbeny
and hla aeeomnlUlietl
n. vv e are in-
tenaery ' mUflMf "to k
uAm 4erowded
tuHWeathejr are drawtmjr, and wre be-
apeak for them n ruah on HatuMay eve-
refwaieu. .... ' If-
r-Ti VKavT, Br - Mb."
Bkixb W.'Cdokb. Thla beautiful poet-
A LmI - - tmlil AM mi, aK1a
WeWeoofaly'etiad gppWttitfty to
Mfl aaltlalflllll Itai 1.111 -n.- t
awarT pBBBavaaBBrBBraBV -aaBaaaaa, aa eBBBaaBBgBBBBBBBpBBBBnajBeea9H-v
will amply repay; but the few ahorter,
-poaam thnt Hat'MdfllM all
through with originality, frSVTtWfte,
-eultivatlon, and that noblt quality In
-Wrfntn. eoirftif Ma L 1orfc efc
egantly printed and plainly1 W inntly
bound in green-ami gokl. We want
4nainlaneieijeihaaB toibnwdl,iand
eneourair home talent, home gen ine
and home literature. Mra. Cooke baa
fm aehed her . iwwri . hlgta - noatCLon
" thrmnrh dlfrVnltlea that would brrVip-
palled oar mat eminent literary 'men.
hnlMB asaiaMM-itfnamtlgapM I thla
Venture ana Bent It forth nnou the nan
nubile popularity, E noon rage her Ay
the etragxllng Niw Krinain apand
you will not regret baring made the in-
Yeetmenu ..
r IxrrrATiosra Mb. Gbkbxbt. An'
efflrt la being made to. eecure the prea
ence of llon. Iloraee Ureeley at the f
next Oregon BUU Fair. ' It la under
tood that an Invitation haa been ex-
Vnded to Mr-Oreelog to. tellTar the
tho tntaeasta of Oessan In the Kaafem
rUates, and his testimony, baaed open
personal eiiaerratlon, ahoutl It be favor -
able-and who doubu that It will not?-
woaM turn tlte tkle of , emlgmtlen
boaom thouaanila of good and true men
anl women who would come here to
- ns writ aa themaetree. If
hie to be obtained, the services of
(tret-ley should certainly be ae'
tUnce the above waa written a tele
Mr. flreewr hae b
eelTed be Mr. Daniel Clark." Prmldteit
of the Oregon Mate Agricultural H
elety, atallng that be annnot Ult Oaaalct
p&ir&k TT- til
. CffXCT:BT.--,nie ITillbaxjiio
eiety'e eleventh ewieert Inaf Frfcla eVe-
' nlng waa attended by a very large ad
dlence; the booae being erowded. Hi
- progfatume of exerclaea waa good and
,"f lew weeka ae. If we may be allowed,
teerUiclae, we would advance the ana
geetlon that If the. opening piece had
been a strong, hearty cborua, it would
have- gone- far towards enlivening" the
audience and relieving tbealngere of the
t unsleiuk-h Uay
-eeemed to labor daring
' Uan of the evening. -Ti
howarer, the entertnlm
BsUawanVeYtl WmM TTJf
uwiri to gtr
well conducted, and
era! aatlafactloa. r
mi iiAaaiaarna itainoB. ine nrM
He ror the bridge at IlarrUburg waa
driven lad.Tharailay morning, and
about a half MtW of the river, where
ntatetUI k being nnhdMnaVI peepaie.1
r operation
the bitter pnlnU Uradrng on UtU tide of
, Mil a ww neyaeiue we iKVltra. ia.eo
. Picteu utl ene ears wur ne raiMtlna i..
- Kurroe. We snderatand that grktllng
will be eonirnenced beyond thU pUnt
nest week. Ho myt the Kgne Jumrnnt
or juMBMavaaii -m" : !
auch freriueut occurrence' that we begin
W cxiovler ' thctn -oiBon- TW
r., nelgldawhood of CornocopU ,ryjn4
".'.Voornor af Third and Jtkle stesrtaj was
re weatly thrown tneo andatoi eacltctaegt
' by the free ae of the maamUne prerog-
auve to-aiu ana maun ana vtrMm, a
man named Kelly, waa shot throuirh
1he head hetme- tjJI Utlann. .i
a-l r" tne tiett day. flow Kng are the
i . civil auUturitiea lutendiaa to ailaea tho-l
; Ml-TKC rk-HoouThls school, wl,k;h
. was tOoWd loW tfhnf'aincel will be
, ote4aaraa ehf-BrClX r3niU
S i L Mv lltir-la , U
Maahlrigtnncivnorv at present, ae-
xtr""1" rpi hb --Mirrur, it
- . ....utencea. waay lit aMa Ai.iero-
- i.iWV J . ,n-ar,
Inat. Judao
.-.. to-tontntew4 flobn, OrchapV and T.
,.,H. D. !.. t?e rvnJteotUry, fat the
criaet tif fargerj't euJi lur atennolaWee
.-Otmooa VaXITTbe AHny Dtmo-
emf aay there are Mv about S00 ertUer
U the vaUry numbsrtug.U all aboit
00 aouU; and almost every day hew,
cornet are swanulag In- The valley la
full of stock, cattle being the) prenumi.
natlng epeeica, although there are many
burMlrvtls of shcrf whit-h de remarkably
i I w -.-iCaulrgkl esjw
dttttMi, ami an ariy and alHiudant her-
vsst to anc. , , liX.lY.K.
Baleen Stalennt aaya Judge; BoUe
Intends to withdraw UU demurrer to the
contest aaade fur the Judgeship In hla
district, and permit Bonham to take It
ny default, aa Uie eaiirt way to wtna up
his offlclai relations, . Thla Insurea that
Hnnaoni iU Ue Judge. r,t trtu 4'n ,
Tub Flood. The high water lr re
ceding. Kalama baa been aomewhat
damaged, by. It. we. undent Laud, and
ent-tb betteeavlanda along the Cp-
lamhtn'ttavw' been enlftileietjle nevaa
toted. At Portland the dauiage baa bern
ellghtr :
Coerrn . The magnlncent coatnme
of Mj.yuC UcCHbeny vaa made p la
oar tatlliney establishment, nnder the
eupervWon of Mra. IV Monell. The
spangling and ornamental work waa e
ccuted by the fair eanUtriee heraert
Asxtrai. Mbbtwo. The meeting of
the OtirisUan Chorea anya .the Crie
tinn Mcmgrr, at their annual meet
ing grounds hear Dixie la progressing
rleaantlv. There1 Is Urge nttemtanec.
rfect order' and profound attention. -
thlMtVMi cf - frulty flowers, ...,
opened, yesterday at the Atmmy HalL
Wa wlU endeavur to xlee some detatred
partlcviiars eonoarniBg it next week. ...
Kgw riLDiwa. C'apt. A. P. An-J
keny haa eommeue4 the erection of a
market house fine tnnr ttIM he eom-
pletod Uila summer. The upper story Is
tohdahetc eUeo
Jc-uuurT. narrisburg U at present
the railroad Icrmluua, amf her eitlaene
are very Jubilant over It. The wave ef
terminal prosperity and activity will
reat h IMigciie jty. -r .
NavioaTio-j ex thb Xm Wife.;
t-An a 1 1 a. The-Pi-TV-A ' noata aee
noef ratfl&Tht si niftitt toigerarfly.
eontlnualiy carrying away large quaa-
tittea or rreignt. .
Max&ied. Mr. A. C. fwhwatka, a
printer and publisher well known In
Oregon and Idaho, was married on the.
Igilh Inst, tit Miss A, "nWnl vr YftPI.
FoVBTH:or: Jrt.Y.. The eltiaen of
East Portland are1 going to celebrate
the coming Fourth of July. Hon. J. H.
Mitchell to to be the orator oi wve uay.
AcciDgirr. Mfv-JL C Clement, of
Albany, - waa . recently kicked by a
horse, splitting his breaat-bone and ia
OoraxKB WroifawThe eomee stone of
the Masonlo Temple at PortUnd was
laid on Thursday afternoon with aipre
priate eeremontea. -
CAnf Mxrnxoa The Salesman
aaya there are several camp meeting
now1trMrjgWM Vftrriwa'wlce drive of
'i l.a 4'.ri V. tii-.,
KntV'aieAU--Tle prcnint, tona and
aehort-yw of the pwMIe aehooht of;
Portland closed yeeterday. - - - s
Wmkat IX BoCthkbx Obbuox. The
price of 'wheat In Douglas county la
frl iB per buahcL :
1 A HTOBV ron Bova. A farmer went
to town one day, accompanied by hiei
- dagee fesjiaan. -rt- f i
O'seUaihejshlni kkU enVy,
Hherc U a broken horseshoe In the
road: pick It up and put it In your pock'
t.'l s-ve-r .rer ev rr -
wax t gs inn " ' a s sc- a iniMn i
"it Isn't worth wbile to stoop and pick
It tin," " ; . -
K - iUiofather, answering batkhiaV aneked
twerlng I
It In hi
It up and put It In hie own
He-antiMto taw blacJmwUhjrf Jl
Village ur threejarthiuga, aud
own nocket.
he next
Village Rr threefartlduga, aud bought
emits mum whm hi shiiisj
Utotney eoutrnwlTbe. r 4enr-f
ttesonvraaratrnlagnot. Keith-
1 After
wa uffi
wtth thlret, aiej had great diatcwHy In
hseulue uu with hli fattief. "
The lat&r, then, aa If by accident. M l
fan a ' clterry. Tneaune pteaeavat
with ae much eagerness aa If it had
lieen jpmu, and put M Ut lila moutaw A
lew paeea narttaer eat tne tncner m tau
another cherry, which, Thooiaa seised
WltH tne same liaata. 1111a game eon
tliHnlwM wl ajie'rlteVTiee nul heen
As hen tuo last had been eaten, tb
gather aurned
to aas cob) enMung nao l,,,, eae lnwee
ih,..: u.tM ii. IT, . '
anld to ht-a: -
44 You now see that If you had been
t that If 3
wullng to stoop one to
llllng to eUsp once to pick up .tlte
a . n . . . - ? .11 i !l I T i I
.i ' - - . 1 ' tJ ' I
'Pka bus, 4a 1 h s aa lenils of hapia at an,
tint la wthonud ia mlautea ia that of
njihapptneea It Is reckoned by day.- r .
Carli le says, "Make yonraelf a good
maiand vWjny'he'Bore there la
Mea g-eterailr aeh iwwuen Stey
attempt (o teach too iiiik h. or when tltey
oo not uuiy prepare xneir imaw.- : -
Tha natdtfa ia one path weary aa, and
ne faot-aofe. nvire titan the rorka,
ire'dTtokl effitrt to
Kpstdo aee aw nam nient
eronpaTwona; tat war a blwnsi aaltee
wnn tnewj, mc oepta or wretvoetineaa is
attained. . ' '
wj naif knonledaM. are- easen-
in good tear iters eaar-4
eUerryavn.wlto aach aralnat-the
a--r.raiuoawe weAt faMba -Wijcrt to
anJacnoB of aafary. - - , . - -, r
A farntee who runahtsfarm nUlaVuta
jaadtd aiewpgfiaea. atal eJaaeaat aaTpllr
fcrent crops, la like a ship willaiut curn
Vor fag-nook, . , . f;.?
. "V -v. 11 ' -i .
Ort. r JargAOirg " UdYKKX.---Wllen
Andrew Jaekaon left hi hoaae In North
Carolina far Tcnneaaee. bis raalarnn
f . Idkv related by hlrnaelf to
W. .41. hparka, Of lieor-rta ',',
said sha aaie al eaia eeiled me Andy
'vea. ar avaag toa. new rnhntry an
eutoaa rouLU penJe; yoa wQI bar to
ikiwwd on vj-lf. aud cut your bray
4 through therorki; I hae Authing to
glvayiaj out a mother arriee. ever
Ull a lie, nor take a ball nut your own,
nor sue anylmdy for aaaault and battery:
alsrare.arsJlnj.liwnu caeca ranrsrtt.'
I protiikwu. and I nave tried 4e bee-j
that arnoUaa.. 11100 otr,
hwadrad yard haa tarn la the aarh j and
braked berk. Kba was still atandtng at
the fane and a lining ht e yea, ,1 Berrr
aow mt ana tinvt. nt : - .
Haw did Adam go out of Edi nT , lie
ATg pr a Uoni-H aery
wnoevre strwea a tailnrul aeree la an
ger, read this true story and be ashamed
of himself. Home years ago a party of
of surveyor had just gniahed their day's
won in Ute norm western part of 11U
noto, when a vittleut sluruiM-ame on.
TbyAtarted 4r their camp, which waa
In a grove'of TtlXtut-elghry Ireea,' fa a
large prairie, neatly twenty aullre from
aay timber, lite wind waa blowing
very hard, and the anow drifted no aa
to nearly blind then. When they
thought they had nearly reached theif
caftytaWjtaa aaaMMst aaate liBa twli
In the anow. Ttteae they looked at w llh
eare. and Bmnd, to their diamav, tlat
ttHtria-ka. IM
now -ptatn that titer wero loaf mtthe
great prairie, and that if they bad to
Pass the niatiL there. In the cold and
suow. the elianee waa that not one of
them would be alive la the morning,
v nite tstey wnee aavaaavnaanw witu tear
and cold, the chief man of ihe party
caught sight of one of their horsf a
erajr pooy known aa "old Jack- Then
the chto midr - lf any oue van ahow
ne the way to eamn, out of the bltndlur
anorrcold Jaeereaaue H.2 1 nirf fake off
hla bridle, and let him loose, and we eaa
fallow hint. I think he will shew us
Thborseaaoon aa be Vound him
self free, threw hla head aud tall into
the air, aa if proud of tlte trust that had
bee pan npov idnj Then he. si totted
the breeae, and gave a loud snort, wliich
aeeaued to nay, TCDma on, boya , fol
low ne; Til lead yenout of thUeorana.M
He then torued l a new eMrectton and
trotted- along, but not no fast that the
men could not fuiiow hlav TLsy had
not gone mere thair a mile when they
saw the cheerful blase of their camp
Area, and they ewes a load hnrav at the
eight, andfarotd Jaek.- ' ;,
xTook Him jit jrta Wobiw One
stormy, ' blusterlny night.- a -rerdnnt
eouDie Drcseutea tncniarivee at um
resilience of a certain Iforftlk clerry-
waa. wqueeting to he tuamuu.. After
tne oeremooy waa perritrined, I lie nappy
at t benfa -fce - haaxl asked:
ulre, what's to pay 7"" The
-CM expeetaaa Meveremi
nmdeetty rejiUed that ho never named
his Drive for any auch service, but ac
cepted whatever any one waa pleased to
gtve fcrm. The money -waa returned to
the ca paHoua pocket n-Uh a grin and a
bow. "Wall. I'm atliwaef .to ye, I
rtretare; I'll (MMm
ttme.-Vca htnwt tn the btushtrar
trkle, witti an aatwulablng eourteay,
"mark obliged to ye, aa fur ae I'm don
tan ted. If It a- Kaitif t a atornatd we
ehoukia haee rmeto iJedhani ft ;
RoxaViBXVLXa) BhWTTa-A young
preacsher in Teliiiesasa amue years ago
bclleeed in slavery; preached It ae bile
raj doctrine, and naw a divine lan in
the . whlpplag .of men, the arulng of
womtm, aesa tlte aetiaeation of fantilb-a.
When the war broke out he wx honeet
euoogh to fight far what be believed to
be Unrstiiihi I lie fnrt aa laepiv. the.
wiekettnee o( the final triumph of free
dont that he could not remain In thla
country, andweJil to Bnudl with a trw
other roathetn maicontenta, He noon
nocaina a irnTuraiiMeii I'ltum. ana men a
bankrnnt, Aceordineto Kraiillaa law
the children of a bankrupt ettlxen.tnay
be sold In paymet of his debts. This
ntan'etwe ealblren, one of them nearly
to - woutanhood, were aold for
divine othrin of la vyry. , ,
Rkxpcxo. Keep yoor rlewa of men
and things extoiaMve and, aWoesal upon
It, that a mixed knowledge ia not a su
perficial onej'Ae aar aa it gnec the
views that It givee are true; bat he who
T ads wi'eptyTii one class of .will
grta view wfaleh are almost aura to,be
perverted, ami wnicn sr not oniy nar
mh rami. Aojuwyoer nropoaeq
amount of reading to you, time and la
ennatum thht u pcrfttty free to aru-f
mantxrt whether that amount he Urge
or mall, let N be varied In Ite kind, and
widely .varied. If I. have a couoJani
oikiitu an any point conneeted
witn tne- gfrvemtnent or tne Human
tulif', It H "n fv. AnL'., -
VXlstKaxmsitk ToniCVf have
, s-aaai ai ii I n aa mi av aBnBtavaajak t . i fj!! i l-.l.
laVliVBwalBBnaVVnaTaBw- any nBBBBaBBBsywaBBBBBBsay aBBBaaaaaW sw nrsn-e-ww
waa reoeutly uncart bed on the bank of
Pudding river. . Jt la a ham which is
shaped 11 ko that of an ox, but of exara
orilinary rlac, being twelve faet la length
and eighteen Inches In diameter at the
base.- It moecs rradualrv to the tin. and
usarVi: LJT TTyr ""
I "j?"- tothfaclty Inaahort
time. ItuIMin,
TTa lisar-ara lawlV jilmnl 1,1 La
WTlod. Who brololaes to loV. hutW.
MM ll,IWIPIIIll-, Wll I
mean to He eheerfnl, happy, nd eoni
tenieu, an I proniuing tar tuore uaeiy
to arena rne onion, than any -rain
i,f.j a " dw ntrwi-it-cr wjtr v i--riii a- wmmr
son or conacleucaw . .
Nrw wDTmimaum
Iromm 4'allSavtla. with all le Ui-4 Iwaeavs
I waaieaatarnssar lavii u
tea 1 ailm VurWaaa) fm4
etnirvHt call ana eM Srll 1inai. Ha
ha4 thai yial i'li,t ta rm-mmm
"Be'fWWVV' Haaw-tt aTJBwXg tvwVbbjvPV aWnaxy
Ttw-Usbt la Me eMy, I wilt eaaa
and slalwe wli aw mr aa
TMaala) ijmajja
gfMvngtaJ bbw Jenaj aMWW
wir aoe Slant ar
rvwat aaaaat. ha,a M-v'ssmI
a waiuirixiiK. -
, ; . Arts r
Ma :
rhlttt. net" te-
I .. " 2m,.-i ...,- , . ,: . "
wl-njr'iiw'far' 'a Bawla
rig ivp wmTii how; airrTi-jr arw
ln Marblne.ajubalbek Walaal laMa aa
naMVrBoiaaaaY T t!,t v.;t
. ' . . V Ceannletelfor JJ . . i
Jl b-Wha n,mt Marnta; Bars atfalfht
firmmh; aaaW ftrrd t lA-k Hi n.-h ,-
aarraalee U do all kIM af faaill- awla a
wvll a aay atarhla tat IH tnarfc.
ehtae JM" t-wr tarit(i-f WaabriiaHai aawT
Idaba Ttil4arr.
tail a ar edilre 1
.......... ..'( .,."",.VT
urrm A,ti, i. erwan -tNi-nt-av
Roy tr, h n aiiH.-haatiaf
14. H. f. HIIJ. a t"1, Aseata I taa ay
, I t..d,Q .t I !' .. S H H . ,
45H-FACTI RKTt nnj5l?fVveW
aaWrt, MKmitTa, aaUaTtla, 17,
-ae reaaA sad TsatblU traa, rarllaaat.
Of the htaffaasatCd, Waal aVaVaah4 la at.
All kind, ul ai-aata doaa.
rrT4-fMaaVMiNi; fa)kixo prKv
wna w, ana aar Waa aril a Irfn .
SaatetaU Aru,r-aiai,i.t b-ate eaMI
Pat gtlmmuott a Uir rablar laUt hH lluaV , .i
uienaM rsjaic
et;RII IflATtl IT tUAUAeL'
niters he haa ear aW aaaay aaaaaaM Umim
ItualRMa n.l Ha.ali mrm liireiaa,aal will alaa
atteaa.a tiaina Btlaai ana 4liairal
Aseaer Uaatajraa. C. W. hi I I,
,, ...- BVa ttrnrn ra-ant. "
at - . htnata. Wit,
The Tama anas a a faeralaaaf a
XsvarAr.a. lu eurralaau intawm'T
Htmt-. mrr mm "a m-ry taa fmm N.-H Wat
i -any aa-w-
ellne af tansii .
mmsm aa ea
aarl bi u t irTrtli all Oiul vhl u4 -eallaWewL
a aa, aa4 ae oaf Sta
amwalDk Kuiuk t-r cat fcr
at alua Jyter fmm t.umpm -r tm'
um Uiaa ar tuna '" ww tmm
Iarta atMl-gr, aal-i"aa '
larlaa sHl-gr, a a I ) iMni, aaa aa
t.nn In tia la taa lilerallir aaJ duMetra.
wnltf the r-adiaf yahlie, alll aMbla aa la
aacurw', vM; a4 fr h
0..-TriWaaeaaa tfM-ktk
Taacrtaauaea aa4 Um
hare aa-viiad. aa saall
Mt at m wl earn Waa aav al aar rrvala,
a aalattoaaake U"Wklx
i - Wk ly trU-aaa"' murk a
aiar aa mm siatr saav air la aW all tat.
huaavar Wl4alr hi auittKa raay SlOVf $rum
-aar. 4tar rl nr-fti Callir. M-v-a. rt
)Op, Oar rmwlr
aa sa nail aa a
-llooW lit ImshI
srsia. we (Mays rinnuiua
ealtlaa. aa4 aar weals name UW
l luttaud lnjrjl .ilcriMr, f mm ll-lle
Uiai tea i I fcisir wlH CaC 'Simla a
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w aav -fattaal
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Woeklae raaai, b they Ma at Waa, ahell
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kaowa aaaa.aa aalia, ..aa ealbrtaat. aa aaety,
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the aab of Ktttanl Liberie.
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aawy aa a
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aaary MBily fa 1. 1 B I aaat.Waillftis Ta
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ar at tntaa tutirlilar af W aaat a all a I1alal
Waafcly, wba ettl aaa aal aMrrla
aaaV . awaM aawaaaar ta yam araat Bar
tbe-a taaath,rawaM yea get raaafj la taa
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taaanaainl wtta tasBlBW
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atala, Btaaaatui
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ta Vatee tStfi'ae aaa aaiac -
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tany wmrkm: twm I in 1 1 par week.
ataSaaiatatatla bytaaataya. liaana arH ha
Saa.,atttesa har ark aaaaa wHa cteaa.
Wtajrau tatarla by tb iacaa t be s-
Wtaatt sataHae he tba tear a 111 ba a.
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taaajr, truaa ta J m r. a.
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Wedaaaaajr r-ta-s rroa, $ to JA "' rial "
a4 Oaatstt af la-aaon la rTnaar
wtUt tb seaamt wee, ft aawia
aa artal aiaaaar to aek-aHrledce the aauatau
tlaf apf-jtt afaa Ursa aaaatber of aairuna.
W lab ervia la aabjauna- law aa)ltMie lea
llaamilal Outa aaa nf 1h anrrat etluratur la
Aajirlt.aaitat eaatbaSaf the eaatfa earv
at M.aatal Taax-Uarm BUS, aavMat tr baal tha
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Fisar etAT yaxaL ta nout-
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an Ihe blf h aenaatal aa4 neafi.a,J.aal uaalillra
af riuan a J. M. MaUthaay. trba Bar In year
artatai'M wita eaue arraiKaaaa uvrr ta ik
raVat fniiitM la
ibht loatiiaikaa. te
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taorvatah kaaarlr-laa ,a
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laOaatry aart n as- a, me. with aa expe
rlaaa af aaara Ibaa a aarwr f rvntary In
tbla ananrry, la whoa eoarae of Voral
Alaaa ha I IMI ll a statalmal Basiibat, I So
a4 baallale to aay thai I Bar aavar a, at win,
tha aaaaaf PtnS .aa Matilaeay s sa lastriur.
kor nt Ibta lajaarlntii.
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laa (ii ii aar aa a teaebee atal
BtMab-laa.tulb oaleM- nf all whit ran aa.
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at eaiiar Bar aa rauarrn Md .ault, nf uar
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wita a tar aa Hwiaajebt au-a af
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