The new Northwest. (Portland, Or.) 1871-1887, June 16, 1871, Image 2

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-JUNK ia, 171
' ' We kad made uHMMt to rUil
the Ktale Trmpera" t1nveik at
fiem t-day, kt a sudden-end tocw
asdnd ancallsd for attack f erysipelas,
hkh b raarnifd our anfortuuat
phyalognonty Into the Btpeaahc af a
"iiarr" Bsimpkin, ml prostmled aa
tut no one can tell how many day and
ha caielkJ e to tornadt a few nf
ear remark Intended for that Occasion
upon paper
for the attention
of oar
-. .- fc t i --;
..- We ar mark rTjolr4 at tho
BalBatio uaoRgifunjftftft6
croak or at tea pmoerfbo tba enrroar k-meut-of
Ittekafsrnal BBajesty, eld king
Ateobol, and w ahowld ka aaaoh better
pleased to ar their amlertaklng en
'cwaafuL Ne inatlerwlarre yon goTthe
levi table aalooa te ur to star at too,
sending tU po tlferou perfumes Into
the air yo breathe, and poisoning the
"otherwise moral ataxMpker of It vi
cinity with oath and sUmnierings and
babblings and obscenity.
, . Wee nt tba aoa of woman whoa
natural inclination or enriosity prompt
them to exptec these myeterle I Bod
new of ryes and trembling of limbs and
dAtlrtlon of pocket -fbango aio the
Immediate eunee queue symptom
"""the fettered another and make her wall
. Uiiwt over tba iretiv
Ula rain of tho aoa of bar periL de-
- rctva and 1are hint to turtber Intimacy
wttk tho win which uVccivetk when It
gtvetk tU color ta tke rap, and which
at tba teat blteth like a aerpen, and
Unnth like aa adder. i
Woo unto that mother who lta by
- powerhaa to -aid by loglalaMon, oravan
. . . i i . .
by her vote, ta many pisww
, wba Ma would aparavrr fba fearful
nHen T tear and auOrrlng which the
advocates of Alcohol entail apo herself
. ami eblldreavtx .. ; ,- A . '
--. Woe nt the wife, aa she waMiea tha
nwager earalngs of her poverty, as they
pass from bar powerless nanas, wrougn
' the niter of a drunken husband's Bagcrs,
tat tha aoflferaof king Aleohol I
. AwTmaacullaa frlenda of the
floated aMr-Wout-numlir thefriewls
of total abklaene at leaet twenty to
aa notbiag but wonaufa political
" uowor ea better her canditki, or ro
Move from tbo patlr of the drunkard
. or the feet of bis aoa the temptations
rto tntemperanc wbicb ow beset tbn
- and which ana' aloa has felled td re-
: mava. . Thwfeat muiUiJy Ing grog shops
attest tba fellure af ma t accomplish
his murk needed reform. That good
try to arrest the progress of lutrinrl
neraac to gratiTylng: uuu iney ua
hitherto met with but Indifferent
eess is not surprWlng. Their
aralegton. lat them Invoke the votes
woman, laber jrlrta-1id dignity and
, snail answer uw oni
a she aumly will, O brsthrsn, when
Knt srlll kie themselves to eeilsrs and
hv-way a. whore they will graduany
eoma aaaothered out of employment
fun lsk of gnaneUl aappori. Intern
ueiante would langiilahi fellj and nub
" ... ... . . .
and die riaht aaoedUy had woman hut a
Tttlrt. aa y h ahoubl kave.
la making law for tha puma, ami pn.
- vate weal.
Invoke her
eo-oprration, O men of
imJiL nu
longer M bar stand at-the door of tern-
r I atom lint Un
slisrs of her noUtlcal power that you
ilava usurped, and aba w ill aid by her
purity and wladoni to substitute joy ami
gladness fur waa and drunkenness, and
- proJHityaml-tcaor fet poveHy and
Trife.l... it-. a - "'. , ,v-i ;
H mote It bet ,, ""
, BMawweMm-
lllSHirt Or riMtXM' W1TE8.
The, fermer, who"ls"alway busy with
' tb rouUne of his business, who neyrt
M-la the need of aoclety, bees use his
various occupations bring him 1 daily
rootact wttk other me, la nwat forget
that kte wife Is a social Wing. lie
to fall to consider that she Is not
- machine, ami therefore ataads 1 need
of cbang aad rrcrsatsaa. The. rainy
aeason Of ttiU eoontry Ja particuUriy
trying apo tba mind aad body of a
farmer wife. The farm bouses are
generally remote from each other, and
the winter rains make the traveling
disagreeable therrfor the wife for
aaaatha and montba remains at home,
not seeing the face of a single lady
ffWad. We have oursslf Uved, during
foonr aonaaaatlva winters, pn fen
wbera, for for month of aacti yvaiTwe
did not ac tha fee of a woman. Xo
body nved tell as' that such aetatoef
iifc hT natural or rightWe kaow
better. Let tha farmer reawlariyi wlll.
tngly and cheerfulty tbvm himself up, at
least aa oftea aa once a work,' and take
bis family to church a to ar the neigh
bors. If Jhia wiftsTrom her long r! use
naidU, appeal anwllllng fo get away
from home, let kUn.rge ker to arconi
ar Bim amp nrr o dm
rmtr ooca aad get ths house n onk-r
for thelf departure, and let him am that
oppqrtuutttee r regularly give brr
bath ; The bahga In food fe:4
laskniUbla vaIu,aa lt waken op the I ri)7"'"
Atmispt awetito. and lends aww im-
-pub and vigor to tb worn-Vrwri con-Mltutlo.:-
'-' Let the fermer never ferget that bts wife
tha beat friend ka has alkaaarth
of greater money value tba his stork
or tends that she lu periled ke life
for kte bappinessv ami give ap ber
privileges for kte pteasure.. -Itcment-bering
thU, 4ct bim strive to lighten
-net hardens end teamr Ian noUBd
' Inge beautiful, aud be will are that bU
reward will be beaHh and amllia mr4
'v ' : ' i . ?
.- r-s. ; : --
sunlight at home, and thai hi wife and
children will bonur blm for bis eunsktv
eratten and kve, ' ,
Thar am "period la tba Uvea of all
omen when, ejnfer thtr peculiar or
ganisation, they arf liable te fjetfub
Irvr-tJIttv ami Massesl iL urss
Ion. Not one man la a thousand know?
or rare anough about woman' mm
fortJjiijHjOilcnllxB4bl and. o
atderat at aurh Umos to at that aha 1
not overworked. Tbo Terr natar of
her dUaadt ra rsiufc re her complaining
at aycfaiiarlaiai Impracticable ; and If
. . -TT 7. . . . railroad, via ML Oenla TanneL
f 1 1 ""J "1 waaasre) sOTay-has- Ur aaa runulHi igalnT
loro awlrcare, nobody wllL. and aba c n v ..... ..
ndfrara, nobody will.
at mrjflo on, suffers on. eixlurr and
dies, when to bavo been "protonted" aad
"rlMrUbed" would bar aared bor Ufa.
Man owes to tho wife of his booam a
frettnr"if tettderneaa, tupport and sy m
pathy which abould far owtwvtgh proAt
and loaa who they are placed ia the
balaaco . aralnat tba writs. re of the
mother of bis rhlUlrea aa to her mind,
, Ilea bara Ukra to drinking aadrr
tbo prrtodlcal vlsiutkm of a wife bad
temper, and bev rommlsrratod tUera-
tut by jus and woman. How much
mar tba anflferlmr. woman needed help
and pity than did tba fuotlah and un
stable man, k-t tba conscientious and
clear-minded physk-iaa toll, and let ua
hart doos with tho nnpnai that aver-
arorkad, and consequently IrriUble,
women drlva good men to drunk-
- FUk, Jr., enjoys au uullmited and re
ckerx ht suitul of tha most ekvant fe
I male acquaintances, while Voodhail
lliustratea the Amiability f a highly
progreasi' mind by living happily for
tears in the name botMeb4d with two
usbamls, from both of whom she has
been divorced one of whom. Dr. Wood
hull, lias the honor -of giving bar bis
name, while tba other, Mr. Ukiod, ;
joys honors even more substantial. The
Fink, ir.niosL Vasfwealth and
aeema to do just-aa be pleases. .. Wood
bull, equally ftrwqieroun and progrcssl ve,
does equally disgraceful donb without
show of saint I Ilia or attempt to scree
be rat If from contumely.' I The first si us
because be like It, the secoiH beeause
she dares. Both are hybrids between
tha harmonlal axtremea of humanity.
Tliat auch horrible sent intents exM
and pros)icr la evbleuca that times are
sadly out of joint. : Wise and good men,
ihuLLJ h. krLia khjI wnmn i..TOTI or tneir niranchiscnieut. but they
failed to make and enforce wise and
wlioleaonte law. It Is quite tlnie that
good women arise In their purity and
leeMlate for the overthrow or the grow,
lag'and aadly flourishing social evIL
Tills sin presents too many attractions
to man for t-lm alone to k-glsUte It
down. Bad wome will not try to
avokt It, therefore' let good women
eome to the rescue before It Is forever
too late.' 'T ... ...v,
. We have sometimes been puulsd to
understand the reason why the few edi
tors of Prego papers, who are not per
sonally yum iawmnajiaufDaM(sxs
yet ao wary about giving It encourage
, The other day white our Mongolian
Ml ill Hns" luuunt
1, with pots and
trred the little Cliloes and Chinook at
aar en remand aad begaa ac venation.
We might have talked good Aagm
Pania anil Iiit iriiiiKbiTT understood aa
I . ,, 1 A . . I. tll.
Unit a well, but that 1 neither kere
nor th
ftaid wat tanking aundwms
wise, "Why UAt dlcss byas cloae liksa
'Mclieanauan V Wbleoiea rolled
the tlgtag eyra, aad upward curved the
classic nose of our culinary bead., J'Me
Ukea-'Melica elo va' mut hee. But
weak boots, causes (lilnamsn
mauy lauglu
Of eourea kte reasoning waa eoex-lu-
atva. " lie had not the moral eoorage to
wdMr "tb rUlUsile-of his eomrab
Aad tkl Is what la the matter with our
bretbre of the pre Each Is afraid
to lsddly speak his own mind I favor
of the woman movement, although be
"likee It velly ruiK-b.,w bucauss "editors
la maay kwurh.' m -; "
.Ve anowledga a pleasant call from
our personal friend, Hev. K. U. Ueary,
off Albany, occempaalsd by Revw I sr.
Undstey, of thteclty.Theee gentleme
stand desivvedly high I the clerical
profession, and we believe (though w
say It aaMy) ar almost persuaded to
advocate feminine equality.
Rev. Harry Taylor, of the Baptist
Church, ha also visited us; also FAIeT
K C. Adams, of Palem.' and Ber. Win.
Jolly, of lltlteboroT We're not . afraid
to speak right oat la lueetln' when We
say that the- grntlene are thorough
advsraara of woman' stuaoclpstion, as
well as noble men and ahte mtnttfefCt
When tlie churclics jacknoalodge
tkenswlvea eoavvrted, we alialL have
little difficulty In converting the world.
And we bcllev tliat Investigation: III
result In emvrr1ontVt where.
Our new converts, the Ifrmlil aud the
QVre very Weak worker. The for
aier has "gone back on his Blbte,naravlilg
jnterprrtatlons of ik-rlpturaentlrsly
to aursctf, and the AWf artk lcs on tlie
woman question, not being ancb as It
BssutaUy bargalne4 for, are to be dls-
enntlnued. Brethren, yo need tlx
praysrs of the right, '' -
What's vua 1 'sic What tlte ase of
whatnhey sayr' What' t lie I
"if w siiKiiis.witu tlie aia
kind remark of eome atlse friend run-
nlng through your brain like forked
lightning r What' thevse getting into
a worry and fret arrer gMsip tliat
afloat a your "disadvantage4 by
U Is set
meddksoaMe busybody who lias moiciajl.4 H..i IJU Lse hsir.adilB as ths
than' eharacterf These tiUiurs
can't possibly Injure yo, unless. Indeml,
vou taka notice of them, and in rom
Mttlng gira them chararter and stand
lag. If what la said about you is true,
set yourself right at once ; If It Is felsr
let it go T what It will fetch, until it
Ok i.t lahatoui wtt!!!!- -
Fear anticipate enndiagnlfkw future
ixcoio or icrrr etists.
Sign of tho Uwea aeem U Indicate
that franca will eoan resume tba uao
arcblal bra of Uorerument. It Mams
to b4)t only furm under which aao Is
capaUo of prospering. '
The British House af Cbmmoaa baa
passed a UU eadarglng the power of the
Uovernmont fur the aupptaasiuaj of vm
tf oce la Ireland.
French prisoner am rapidly returning
from Germany. ' -
Trains nror the lyoaa and bfedief.
Btarrlng PrutMlaa bar killed and
eaten fifty children.
Mr. Howard, who Is trareUag axtaax
airely with his adopted daaghleraj ia to
L. . f . . iti ' .
uv iwuriiwu as s guis of vm jfmxnoa, si
C4nataaUnopbs by the BolUn.
ArrangemenU are being matle by
which the President to U vWt Oregon.
A rumor reaches aa that there has
4been -ew-attempr ar re-UuUon la the
city of Prru. . j .
Vreka and Hcott Valley bar be
visited by a' heavy wind, accompanied
by thunder and rain, unroofing several
buildings.,. ' -r-
Lightning struck -the telegraph line
and act the office at Jlougbnd-Iteady
ea fire. A remarkable occurrence la
that latitude. .-W------
1 a) SBSBB "
We ar ImWbted to the Baa Francbwo
Fhmerffor the" following graphto and
pleasant description of the Huflrag Ba
aar. - Never did the slgua of the time
prodM a speodler j'k'tory tha the com
ing one, which eve now perches upon
tha banner of prognwainn, . Wems
teck money; that is why their work
seems to move slowly, but such a Fair as U
here described will doubtless prove prof
itable. Oregon Is a little way behind
brr slater SUto. but la her own good
time sue will throw off ber lethargy and
her - women will work r for their
emancipation i
Pacific Hall last evening presented
brilliant appearance. The Itaaar tVm
ailttee, through tlis assistance of the
ladies, arranged the tableo and the dif
ferent departments with commendable
skill awl excellent taste. Titers is
great variety ofnicio both for use end
ornament. - They speak loudly for the
industry ortne laoiea ana present
unmistakable Indication that the wom
en of California are not only dlsnusedto
airea boo.
Contributions of rood ami monev
have been ant ia from Nevada,' Hacre
mento,' Hoiauo, Contra Costa, Nana,
Atemeda, HanU Clara, Han IMtwn, Lns
Anireles, lniu, Han rk-rnanTtlio, Kuw-
nu, Han Francisco, and ather coun
ties. . - -
Hie Post Office Is a decided feature of
the r sir. - We beard several gentlemen
remark' that the letters received were
Worth a dose postages.
Madam Koahuck. ensconced In her
beautiful Oypsy tent, did a thriving1
business, iter pairuna left ner charmed
circle profoundly Impressed with the
graudcur of her gifts, rihe excels In the
liepartment of lovej marriage and buai
.The army of little pentde will douU
less enjoy themselves hugely I their
snrlins experiments tills evenlna at
theftsh-pond. TImmv In hot ope condition
mnasaiy W be observed I on U-r to ah-
tain gowl game and iilmf x .f'f It, al
that is, plenty af bait Th pond U rich
In Its great variety of tha finny, feath
ermt, metallic andsacx-harine tribes.
At Jaenb'a Weil. Mb Rebeuc. eos-
tmed tosurttheselon, tilspmiseslptB, csin orWahiiv-
axauMto tteveraa than srer tls-i
-Jf r ,bIH'J&.t ytryl wltha fekTTrarlotfnBuriiMm
tJlh. drt andmore delicious Utaa)rin-thereof thcAmrix Ms.liellUct nimiVLtkat "kahssa
waa alpped by Jupiter foam em Idea cuisx
WeVadvIss the weary waltaera aud
prutfienailera to. pay their particular
respects to this depart meat af the
aar. . -- - - -.- --
The ivsVrshotent devartmenta are flne-
I erram sr strawberries can be reodllr oi
The ladies are ready to serve
ami amldtisua la please..
The wax flowers are vrrr natural, ar
tiatic and beautiful. Tlie large vase of
wax fiowets and the pool of pond lilies
wwre aimkrky farpu af" Mra." tJerrbdt.
and mteet crwUt both a teacher ami
aebolar. The lanre frame of autumn
leaves la wax. contributed to the. Fair
by Mrs. Oerrish, has bee greatly ad-
miret, :
Tha AN nailery te richly worth a very
general patronaga.. Among nansrroue
works of art, too numerous to particular
ise, there are photoavapkle tin-tares of
many of the most aiatiugutabert eufrre
gtste 1 the aid and new world. The
telhe superintending this deparUtient
will b but too happy to furnish each
tograph of each suffragist jvpreseuted
there. These photographs are also ele-
Cmtly framed. There la dear Lucre la
ott, aa abe looked when slie was young
and charmingly beautiful; as she looked
n yean aiaco. Sou aa site looks now,
Here Is also the great ami good Oerrit
Mmlth ami Mrs; Davis. Wendell lhll
lliw. Ralph Waldo Fnerson. Anna Dick-
eiisoa, au numerous otaera.
The r kiral tstanil is another very Im
portant feature of the Fair. It is ft ted
up with excellent taste, tha flower are
artistically disposed, and It Is really a
thins? of bceutv. We understand, bv
xne way,uai met wui e an e xniotuou
of living pictures to-morrow (Thursday)
evening; but of the truth or .the rumor
we are unable to vomd
Mr. John MrCullous-h Is advertised to
give one of bis pleading reading till
Alleu's Band will discourse delicious
music every evening during the - wlek.
In our next, we hope to be able to
give a more particular idea of the va-
tious iaiies ami their conti'Dli
Vinia IliiaV n.,M fc - t ..itsr i
Hum of Vinuie Keam'e Itmnan work.
jast arriveil la New York, iMctwdeo a
Hfur or risiiM and a nrsiiixi rcnea.
sentlng the s4rit of Ike t WulvaL vTbe
former IssVesrribed aa a full tenata 11 rum.
almost completely jhwiied the" iismla
are i iu il la front, and aim hokte In the
ribt a sty bss. aitd U ths Mt wseeHI f
pspyrns, o whtcn Is written, I tJreek,
Ue won Is from ber w poem t "Thoa
LJiiM die, and no meoMsry of the shall
remain." At ber feet Ilea
lutet her
tanlc la di2Vt with Ureek ambroMerv.
.Iw. .wl. U mtmm luie tl mnA II
etemteefrect of tlie whole. "The Carnival
figure represents a young girl seated, ami
In. the art of throwing rrslh of
flowem, ber far Ht up with a Uughlag
grare. An antique flowwraUintL from
whirk flowers are overflowing, Is by ber
side and a mask is throw ml her feet.
A mosaic pavement aad a broke capi
tal of a column, over which a shining
liiiardteerawUag, rrtnijkls us at once
Of Rout, . . - . . v.- ,, . . ..'
We have received a copy af a news.
paper bearing the above title, bail lug
Amt Deer Lodge, Moutanai We
thought. w were doing something orig
inal when we eboea this rsptlo for oov
paper, but have Warned that we were
mistaken. However, w are not one
whit aahimwl af ear prototype. The
papse is eiadl labia ia every strtieular,
aad la sssued daily and weekly by Capt.
MlUs, at the moderate raU of U per
year for tha weekly, Wa clip tha fok
lowing' good thlug,'' entitled "Sunday
nostug front tba teo- of May ITth,
which lies before t r . -
Wltk lauds bis purpose th prlnHi
nouses of tieer Isxhro . hove
agreed to close their Honrs on Hundsys
after June 1st, v know, andrsO des4
evary one tamtuor with the. mining
country, that the closing of stores on
Hundsy Ja a mining camp, is rvsrded
oiulnoua of decay aa a sharl
ark In a
shlrVa wake Is of death. Ithaatieeoma
a belief, firmly fixed in ths culudnafefci
Paclfio eoasters, that 'Sunday closing"
Is an evidence that the glory has gone
oat -of the-phwe, and tb closed stores
are the proem ting cells of the bats and
awls that will aoon hold sway over Its
crumbling walla ami deserted streets.
This is a belief foumiod on experience.
Tha key to It is the fact that "Hun.
day closing" has rarefy been heguu un
til nusineae nau ueriinru, anal, lu many
place, whete It had almost ceased to be
worth while to keep open. - It has usu
ally been the deatb-bod-retenUnce sort
of morality that lntiatd the observ
ance of the Ionf 1 Uuy when there waa
nothing to lose y lt.'No-, If there
ever waa a town differently situated,
Iee Ledge is the eao. Hie la UieTcry
vbrnr of inHiefous arowtlw and dniiur
treitle tlie bUMlueas II ever did before.
White a great many goods would be
sold 0 HuiMisy, aud
it may lnoonven-itlte
lent some w ho would otlierwiae prefer
to come ia on mat uay aim buy gowis, it
te more commercial tlian a mining
town, and our merchants rralise that
oua day ia seven te neeiled for rest. It
te a concealed fact Uist this PrTiJiortlon of
rest Is essential to all, ami the HaMtatii
Is tlie proper day. We Is-llcvc to Mr. W,
liirvlns, -"-smf the teatli nu nier
chanta, the credit ia due of originating
aud eonsumuiatlng this movemeut, and
that It met with cheerful eequlesrciice.
A i now, If IK lie done, k-t it be kme
wholly. The feet of elusiiig the front
door ami doinjr buHiusss all day through
the back dour is a farce. We once were
In a business house that waa rellglouoly
closed on all holidays exoejit that tlie
Irani uoor was kept open a lew inches
lust I let
could slide lu quietly.- We have worked
rrom munuug uu ntgnt many rourtn
of July and Christmas ia that store, and
put It up that holidays of that kind are
a (lece4tou and a nuisance. If the
"Hiiuday closing" Is righteous let it be
observed to the letter. If it In to be a
dead tettctr like tha Huuday statute of
Montana, it had better be rescinded. - If
it won't work, often the doors and shut
ters, and sla In tlie full light of day, at
regular rate and la tha regular Way.
Mai.k a!u Female Immtokm. The
Unpreaslon has become public that the
Aaterioan Medical Association, -Which
lately eonvAied In this city, expressed
animosity toward female medical imtc
tltlouers, and pronouncetl the "tslioo"
kgalnst any asale physician Who should
eousuu wun on or ine feminine per
sunsioii. Huch Uniircaslon is erroneous,
- . l ... -.1 ... t ... . a
tl. "7"; r,' .1' :r. 'l..i ' . .
feature has never been entertained bv
the llilladelphla CVtllega of PhyskUns
and Hurgeons, which represents tlie
el.hwt pmt lllhaw-irTBhC rtlaU?Vaite
mfnsi ft
American Medical Association merely
to Impose dictatorial edict
upon those of the Pennsvlvanl nmf
sors who have ostracised women iW-tont,
aimwmg mem to govern tnemseivea by
their htcnl ami ;HusjesT1llesr Any
i .V. u,.,. 1 i
Aasuciatiou. ' Another error tliat baa
Iteeoate public, te to tba eft'tvt that Dr.
Toner ststcd that of the W,W medical
praetltkmcraiu.tbe l'nlte.1 Htats only
a,iaaj were nmmrtiis. The fact Is, Jir.
ftnrer nni Titaia eeiii inai of the any
uu phyatetans la country 4.000 bonx-
opaths paid Ikvnae. The Women can be
01 root 1 nearu
They are not excluded.
and are gaining ground gradually In the
flekla of medicine and surweiy." Aa no
dally journal ha deigned to give the
exaut tacts, we have made a note of them
for 'public Inforuiallfui, AVfafrr :
Brt-niMTT-nr vttu Qrarv Bice.
I paper read before the. Lnmloa rlo
tnnkologlcal HoL'tety, Mr. itasbucough
mkl: - ' k -'
"I have aacceedoil in anrcrtatnlnr
that la certain case the quern be will
er than six ecasona, whereas the worker
bees only liveaiiout elK'tt mouths. A
sliifrle queen bee had pnnluced as many
aa KIH.UUU eggs, WhU'h W0lLhl. II Slutlll
"pWkala year, buttlie greatest niount of
egg was dcMsdted during the first two
years or Iter lite, oniy aistut m,udu Os
lo laid during each of the latt -three
years, -w , -1 " -- -
To this a writer for the Ixttvlon rrm
era Journal retlles, - tbst he thinks
the life of the queen bee doea not ex
ceed four years; and a Id her fcewad-
Heal l
thy. vbroroua aueen,rat the
bead of a strung ami pmsiierous colony,
a well proimrt huied hive. Instead of lay
ing only bw,w nit I the eaurse f
her natural life accurdlnatath author J
six years wiU lay much nearer iulinri
ergs In one season. I have myaclf bad
hive I which I have bee quite certain
that thwqoss haa laid a least,
eggs la a ninKte year; aad I kave kad
ami brant of otlwl lilies III W Ilk U I have
noduubt the numls-r far exceed that
MMMt I kav also had occasion to
notice that the fertility of-a queen is
most abundant la tha third eraaon of
her life, a great cbsncs for the
taking plsce lo I"- ftsirth or
Tlte Is-st ututlily of niucibtge In tlte
t market la made by disanlvlnf clear glue
1 ,eqM volumes or wanv ana exnuur
vlucaar. and'adiuic ane fourth of an
equal vuume aVaicotHil. sikI a email
qiisutlt V of a aolutto of I Jam la water;
TbeactWtf the vinegar te due to lite
asrvtia arid which it coouhts. Tlile
prevent a the Hue front relalLuUiiut by I
cuoilua, nut Uie aairte result may oe ae
eomlishetl by adding a small quantity
of nitric acid. rVaneof 4hspcisrtlms
offered fur aaie are merWy boiMHl starch
or flour, mixed with iiijrte ocM to pre
vent Ui gelailuUiug. . j .
A 5or York rellaioo newsrapcr, de-
acriblng Hex. Heury Wartl Hee her, la a
jtswss and . rather ..graphic manner,
oeaka of bim as the Booth of the pul
pit, the llurton of tbeaaiw-tuary, and the
IJaa Ilk of the Plymouth fhunh.
Anew style of ear-rina te the shape of
tambourina, the bells of which Jiajfle
pleasantly at every movement w the
wearer neau. -
" ce"" "-77- HT" -r-; j " jgeatur, ar a quiver of the tip, reveal
eurviva and deposit eggs during not flentlnwwlss7tfe
Operation af ta CJ.' -braia lanraaianoa.
Tlie CnUfornis Bmu tlisalo held IU
reruUr ejawrteriy ntec'na In the partor
of the YtMiar Men's Christian Associa
tion, yestetUsy afternoon, Rev. Mr.
T uit to ttot'aju or 'lurAM.
. Tha Visiting Committee umt
af enaelderabte iemrth. which la.4hs
mala waa quite eneoutaging to the co use
I which the Mlssto is engaged. The
ttommittee - have-hssd eonieimtViisi
with a large number af females who
reside la the haani af prostitution a
Waverty Place, iJupont and MUx-kton
street, aad reosived hougful aaranees
from many of them. - '
"Mni. -Thompson spoke V n-wwnaB
a ho keeps a bouse of lit-faasa w ho aa
presses ssire to reasrm, ana
i leave bv will ti,WU to rhsritable
eacletlm SA of the astmey to the ites-
cue Mission; ' . ..
A kuly aaid that they called on tha
"Fire Queen," and were eacouraged by
tlie promise they, received from that
unexpected aouree. - 1 - -
iThellrsxnctai tnnibriLe anrlcTy
was reins rait, aa tha pfospecta of
obtaining room for Um-MlssMm du
cussed at some length, but no Anal con
clusion arrived at. -r-
Mrs. Hall spoke very feelingly of the
death of Charles Ik Carter, statin that
be took a great deal af interest in the
Mission, and waa the first life member.
- Mr. Turner asid that Rev, E. XL Heu-
lana rmm. rtpnngficia, Illinois, waa
presrat; that Mr. H. was very jnutU
litterostod 1 the work, and had a tenre
experiene la the reformation of fallen
I women, and we wouM Ilka tohear jmhiic
Ha Mr. tiratand experience. . '""
atr. ttewiami asta tnat news ilellirnt
ed to be present and heaf what Ood had
dohe for tha Mission : that he beaau iu
work by becoming acquainted With
a lew uniortunates who were Incarcera
ted la a anbtlnoaet aud waa led on. ate
oy step, unxu na uwcovereu urns these
persons wear cruelly nerlecteil ; . he
tliought the Gospel could reach thin
class aa well as aay other. He had held
meetiiigs from time to time-in those
houses. si4 the Hpirit of 4id-dtd resrh
them. They bail bought a comfortable
home In Hpringfiehl for and 4hen
the only drawback was a goad matron ;
Imt tio-l gvm them gnurM. - After
th House IumI Uw Iu operation for six
uionths they began to enlarge, and now
tliey average In inmates. Including
matrona, about forty. Mr. lieu land
tlieu suk at ennsiifumbla ksngth ami
with, muuh feeling of tlie different aban
1 lotted charactera a-haiiad bee 11 reformel
knowthatthcyTth rough tlte Influences of theHitrinenvld
. ivrtw.-. Him ,n 1 tic inuiwsi s UK u wss
truly" heartfelt, wbk'h they cxiiresmil
aiier again assuming a ivspertkbie pisa-
uon in society. "I know." mid 3ir.
iion in society, "i snow," mut 3ir. I
lleuland, "that under tlte surface, away I
nown lUf wa. beans of these woiim-ii,
there te yet honor and truth, and all It
needs to develop this nwliu
thing to love, a heart that beats in ay Uf
rainy wun iueira ami utal they can
trust. " Mr, lleuteml spoke of " one
woman Who lad a life of altaste br years,
but whom he finally rescued from deem-
riutlou, and new . abe te foarried and
living In this city, as fine a woman as
be ever met. ' Hhe desires to heln the
work along, Bad itroffer ber eervMe to
the Mission. . "What you need most,"
ssid lie, 'Is patience untiring patience:
with this we can accomplish, all." A
great deal of Interest waa manifested by
those present in the remark of Mr,
I leu I a ik I, and a number were frequently
ll to tears. At the conclusion Jf
Tact" What te tact ? Whit la tha I
- f.T.L I
uwuwwwun was
and another doee not? which
enables on to avoid disagreeable Issues
that others, apparently quite as keen
aighted, quite as wail Inairmed, quite as
experienced, are Unable to shun f
fa"" ltMrj TaWrf hmcnt ''.
We oflon beat It asid. 1 enmntendatioa
of some eminent man. that "hs Is a
superiar-toct for buninesa." etc. The
primsry meaalug of the word " tact "
Is touch-Tfeellng. . The figurative
ing which baa been attached to the
word la dlfftcvlt to accaratelvdeflna. II
baa beea defined aa, pevecptkm. peculiar
sain, or mruiiy, msoernment, hut
neither or these deflnltioaa te complete
,mLn'Z!: ",.wnrn..?r "Z
he-had sufrictent tact to wUhdraw,''
do not mean that he had skilL or
lUsfemasent, or perception, aufneient to
prompt mm to wtthdrnw f-tiierer te
something more subtle .Involved than
thew definitions express. There te noth
ing aa good as the primary aneaala-af
the won! touch, feeling, (oncjeive thei
mind to be aide to touch, to fed other
fmlnda, ami yo have ant It exactly. The
mind has assay subtle anodes of expres
alen. . An elevated erebrow. a aaated
look, a modulation of voice, aa Impatleat
ULv Tact enables lu pnmi ami to Im
mediately reenralas these ladioatloBa,
. m.u
aau m suspe s comuuet acrocm
.'PnooaKW. One fine avenhur
week we Impaaned to be near the track
when the, afternoon train from Portland
naiated throurb the town. First, the
great locomotive, with It breath of fir,
and Its nerve of steel, piunAwderss
tha street a here we were standing
then we counted, one after anotlter,
nineteen ears. The teat waa a passenger
carewmfortaltly filled. The most proem
Inent artkaca ta tha Una affreight Were
three Una thresh lag machines, appar
ently all act up and ready for work.
The, were painted a bright ml, and
made a very striking appearance ae the
tralu swept by. Riding a those high
cars, with the brijrbt an shining on
them.-they looked like- three mtrhtv
ntnqucrom gdnaj forth to vktary.' And
Uiey were Just tim kind of rouuurhtr
ever stand ready to welcome. We felt
like taking off our-lia and shouting
when that train passed. Less than ten
years ag, when we were talking la our
boyish cidhmdaem iiot the nosnerts
of a railnstal scoms th couiistetit-and
TTiroUKh this valley, we were coolly tld
ny a prominent inni vionai that we wwukt
be under the irround kmg Itefoea aay of
these dreams wet aattsed. But Wears
on top of the around yet. Ho Is the
ilmuM profiilrteot. hKlivHssL In
awis- ihiip,w Kars as i
remiecu no Has sui-ceetted In lire
better tha -w. -lie haa iteki mnce
vRliwa and nuwl more asoney t lint ha Is
no proiitict. Ye were riaiit then, aud
are gtad how. . Our eyes have seen tlie
dawn. :lragresa, progress I Jnrsaec. -
. OautoM PnoiHH B. The Han1 Fran
else CWasscrcsrif JArWd of Jun 3d
mv: t . -
.lite receipts af aertola articles of Ore
eon pnstuos from January 1st to data,
have been as folktwst' Flour, or skm.
3K.7w; wheat, ska, 2K.217S eats, akn,
. sslmott, Mds, t,Ki ; kf bltte,7u:
bbbvlfil; ea. 3D: hams, pkgs, l7; batter,
iisgs, , UMU, nags, at ; pork, bbls,
kUB dried apples, pkgs, 7v; rip do,
bxa, ,. .
Ood kamkt gift to
them to others.
Ontli'i Paskiaas.
Oentleme WlU wear Inn 1 11 am coats
With sleeves. .They wilt ope and but
ton in freut. tOuats bvttoning behind
now meet with no fevor from kite atrirtly
fashions Ue rlasai. Coats for evening
and dAsoMaioiis,'1towevr, WUI bj-n
behind a well aa In front, toil 1 1 try win
not ope all the way up the back, unless
1 ease of aacident.
Pantaloon will he worn on th legs.
as Jut aaaiak, aadxhey wllLrjat kbskt
the knee. "w-ss(
VesU will be war under the coat
this winter, ami -will have pockets.
One of these Is to be apprqaiaged to the
watch, amyi b jyf "('B
aliamloned, as It is . now cousidcrvd
neither eoavenieut nor atyiisn. w . .
Cullaia will be wun aruuud ths taack.
aa hut season, and cravats w ill tie lu
front. . The 'Ureelcy" style w, however,
an exception to this rule. It te consid
ered thseitrrwt thing, asaon aentlemen
of posit km I th tsshlonahl world.-to
wear a cotton or linen shirt umlcr their
onllnary turta. Oniy a email portion of
this garment must Iwexpnaea part
tlie Imshbiu, kmt luat a nee. jtomikoreuscBi
should be heiitluetl. , tucklus are to be
worn, this year, under the boots, ami
although a different arrangement may
be allowed to old reutlemen, lu icy and
aleety weather, it is not oausklered
prouer to wear woolen or other stockings
over tlie boots at evening rtie or
other social reunions. Black is the
favorite color fa? boots, aad the most
rocAcrcA and eonvrnient style te that la
which small loops are planed at the top
or tlie boot-leg, one on each aitie, ao that
thev mav lie drawn on after harms been
taken off; thus avoiding timnessssdtyof
woarlng iiMtm at all times. Any one
who dislikes sieepiu - in .-boots will
apprechtla. this arrangement. O
will le maale with eetsimte cotnnart
uu-nts for the Augers, ami few year the
otd-faaliioued mitten at the opera. The
bext faKteiiinioi forjpiitlemeu s clothing
will be fouiKl to tie tuittotia. No gvutle
nian. havinr trietl theKC. -will be anv
longer eutiteut with hooka and eyes.
rvncaai-a, , ... i-T
. Tiik'Tk:tii or a Homhk. At five
Veers of as a linn Itss furl r teeth.
re IwculT'duar mobtr law teeth.
twelve tm-isor er frout teeth, and four
tusks or canlue toctli, between tha u to
ot rs ami Incisors, usually - wantina iu
the nutrr. At birth, only tlie two nip
pers or ini'ue incisors aiiear. . Al
year old, the im-iaurs are all visiide on the
find, oruillk But. - Before three years the
iicruiaiieui uipiteis nsve cotne turouirn.
At fttur years old, the permanent divi
ders next to' tlte nippers- ars-out. At
five tlie mouth te per Ice L, th ascoiwl set
of teeth having ieen completed. At
alx, the luillowuink-r the nlpiKTH. called
thamark, has dtsamarared from the nip
pers, ami diminished in the dividers.
AC seven, 'the mark haa dimppeared
from thealviders. and the next teeth
eorheTs, are level, though showing
from tlte dividers, and the next teeth, or
rthouch showlna no
mane. At eight tlte mark na gone
from the corners, and tlte lutra -la aaM
to tie agvd.- After this tUaeimleed,
good authorities aay .five -years the
age or a norse can 011 ly be conjectured.
But tlie teeth gradually chanire their
form, the Incisors becoming round. ovaL
aud then trtenguter. - Iteahtrs aome
times blnhop the teeth of the old horses:
that te scoop them out' to Jwlute the
mark. - " s , .-: ..
But this can lw known by the absence
of the whit edjre of tlie euamel whk-h
always aurroumls the real mark, by the
ahape of the teeth, and other marks of
age about the animal. -
A Fixe ItkAunv Kiev Th rl.w.ln
n good story; It
says: - - A
How often 1 It tluit a rosy-clteeked
man, who never indulge In tit use of
a.uTi.a eiailm.- I " WUJCH, 44mT oT tt1tlti m
. . .. "T. 1
which took place yesterday verifies tills
Our aid frleml, William Lock,
passiug along Fourth street early after
orefcit, wnea nis proirress waa noiltel v
f arrested by a We 1 1 -Jrecd. -w ell-fed ren-
tleman from the ouuntrvr wlthr
"Kir, can you inform ma w here I caa
procure a lew gallons of Qua old brandy 7
I wbh to tak It out to my place for pri-
. "Well, air said Mr. I. 1 am I
formed that Mr. H Uie Bank Ex-
change, U am juit In those matters, ami
rill supply yi
, after sin
towing the stranger where.
ns-Lunin Mw aiKi tucnr An ceurreuc
Mr. H i i was to lie found, be emttlEwTFeriwnd waa emlsii'rassud. not having
ueJ: . . .1 -
ou have ihtr ad van tog of me 1
don't know you." ., .
-2Cor do I know- yo, replied the
"w, out tou mux use a man Who
know a lters the best bmmly la town ia
to ne lounu." . f . . , ,
Mr. Iuck liowetl to lite stranser. and
passed down ths street, niutteriug that
he did toot know which excelled the
mau' poliu-neas or bte lmpudenoa, .
Maw Axn Womak. flail Hamilton,
in ina wn'invni, . nmiosoptilses on
v Oman's ilighU and all that, aa follaww
I laatenlug to sumo af the arnniesits
against woman suffrage, no wight
UipMe tlure was ibtitger lest the sexes
hul.! Income dlsfTi-ctod toward cskHj
other; lest women sitoukl be able a t
rr"T themstlves In masculine armor as
to aienlat tha regard of men. That
will never lie. The Minnesota farmer
were far nearer the real state of ilia case
in their comical Fourth of July Stentl-
mcnU" , - j, ; . . . 1 t . , ,
V VT1a-HuaBarUissaa)iletlaML , .
Hliall Man In Vap a'JHI brrf
We. sn: ss SntifM eiase '.
ll'll do as K' a S4h'tct
' knraarl,'aerkaaliewaas;- '
r ' Twill s tha Umw ma sow; ......
A4 nM'1.,rWahii-f ' ' '
.tnsibMisiswanrhovr -i -' '
. It te tMN beauty, nor w it nor good
ness atr tW attraction exUts hsk imimI.
cut of all these. It Is simply wutusiv
hood. Man pay dVft-rcnce to Wiaman..
itlnctirely, invnluntarilv, not be
caasa atie is beautiful or truthful, or
wise, or ftilUh. f.r twV1ii I rr sms
o Is soman, ami be cannot heln.IL
If sluv descends, be will lower to ker
level; if eh rises, ka will rise to ker
helirht. .Tills Is the real dammr'.nnA
thst she. will drl- him front her, hut
tliat she rviHHof drive him from her.
Ot g, liajt'jx) Enn. Large sunuvf
r ami
much time are-sneat In
n " . .
'r. 'V".
tf' '.uTth?
5" Tl4 tM'
cullivatitm of exotic
flnsrera. We snnU fltid net
this, but woukl aa v all In our
powvr to cucouratw Ik But whv not.
at the same time, oc ikdiigssnnethlngto
nrcsen-C nd lui in i ve out na 1 1 ve flowers ?
rue, tne importtM ami cuitivatct How
mam mtuv cmudv ami frairrnni than
tlte WlkliMtives. But there tea wonder
ful variety In our wihsIh. ami we believe
many of litem are capable of Improve
ment by cultivation. Wkatrnore pleas-
ant or is4ltahte instlme edtakl
be proH-
tmscd to the yuuug on tan sn the
or to any oue w bo has tb time, thawto
trausplant ami cultivate, and-, a
few of our native rkiwsra 7 Who will ilo
ihis and report 7 ttrmrr. .
In tit tleptlis of tlte sea tlte waters
arwsl ill ; tlie heaviest grief te that borne
In silence. - Tlte deepest vw flows
through the eye ami touch. The bursa
joy te aiuMkablsw.Tb nmat Imprea
at preeclieT at a funeral te the aiUmt
on w nose up art cold.
Why ;.a CLA;aaUAiln-l:n Mia
IlAiaAekgyinanln Maasaehuertv4
who had era his two ecore ami eu.
was ctMiiidlmcuW est hte Us is and
youthful looks the other day.. Hmlllng,
k touched his USaxhsNMe brow hair, '
and retdted. "Yo know, ihejr have a
wavof heloiu old men a little tin
dny "-What r Bald Mb friend, jav "
you bee eulortng your hair 7"
-1 es," replied lie, -l nave oeen mung ,
what 1 one thought nothing would Ju-
duce me to do. 1 have Isren turning ...
my gray hair brow n, ami I will tell you r
iaow 1 was brought I It. After leaving
my position as, I proposed to go bark
Into the ministry ami become a pariah
minister. Accord insly as I hid op- '
porfulljfl urilied towjcn few nVBtH
tua cWwnge, ami was gratified to beer -at
the cotu-Ittsiou itf lOjr aervlcea, that
tits were wall plesaeil with Miy
prem-hUig. aud but for my gray hair v,
would gladly have me for a pwdur f but "
they eouM not think of so old man I "
Well, while 1 was pda through tbte
experience an kt fiirml aaggestetl to
me to color my hair, and thus remove
from the eyes of the teoite the reproach
of bring an old man. --And t rnesrttr-
flnaiiy, to make this experiment. Aaa-
hat do yo think f The very first
time I iMvaebed with brown' hair
my nvavt, t was greeted witn a can
settle In the ml
have ever
slue been the happy pastor of a united
and apparently perfectly satisfied peo- ,
He t" ,.)'-.,.,'
80 much for tlie color of tone halr-; .
ao much la proM" that looks ar some-' "
thing, after all, notwithstanding the old
proverb that looks ar nothing and be
havior te alL. .."-- - , ,- '
LaM4I0 Pact A notT WTncTb-
extent to which water mingles with
hodletL nitiaarentbr the most aulld.-ia
Very wouderfuL Tlie glittering osaI,
which beauty wears as an ornament,
la only flint ami water. MH every l,3r
ntu of aartk w hich a Mhdlont has in
bte estate, 4JU are water. -The snow- r
miumI auiiintlta tuTrVnowdtin and Nevis
have many millions of tons of water in
a snlkUAed m. In every plaster of
parisstatu which a nuui carries through
our streets for aaie, there te owe pound
of water to four-pounds of chalk. The
air wre hreath contains five grains of
water to ch eabla toocaif iu bullu--Tlie
potatoes and turnips, which are
bolted for our dinner, have, In their .
raw state, theolie Bevcuty-flve per cenKT
Aaa te, chemically speaking, fortv
II ve istundsnf eariton aud nitrogen, dif
fuani th rough five and a-half paiisful d"
water. In plant we flml water mln-
rilns no leas wowlerfullv. A sanflower
evaporatea ana piiU and a quarter of
water a day ami a rnbbaga about th
in I7i days about 10,0110 grains of water.
A acre or growing 'Wis-ai, on mis -:.
csiculatlou, dnwt and passes out about
tea tons of water a day. Tlte asp of
mass of water te conveyed.
; A Bim Max's Uiiiu Iler te n girl
wlio liatieucd not vto be born poor. -Her
father te rk h enough to II ve in Fifth
Avenue; bat lie doea not live there. Ha '
gives- ber all the ad van tag a of eity
education which alts chouses. . Kight
months la the year ah snenda in homo '
duties, --charities, parties, coocerts,
operas, 1 1 teat res, her own mualo and th
like. Hut la tlte other four aiontha ah
live ber own true life. Hha has found -k
pure country town, nmliacovered yet -'
by tourists; and there aha goes, with a '
bloomer dress, and live an a farm aad
works Ilka a nirm-hand up in tno
momin with tlia nfgg, In
care of tlte animals, then to I
ueiptiMT take
the riellato
wura wituiuem, ariviug tne axon ami
hitejde of perfsrt earthly hanplnesa.
It is to ralse.anlmalsjan. ji rtmYWkrm;
kmlTIf site were thrown on Iter own re
sources, I have no doubt ah would do
It. No starving ever the nsedteer stoop
ing behind th counter for ker.' Ami
yet ahe. 1 no amaaou; but a pure, wom
anly girl, without a grain of coarseness,
a true lover of nature, with an Insight
almost ilk Thoreau. Okid JJammilfni
-Mrs. Blaine, the accomplished wife of
the Hpeaksr, kad a -ill ffleulty-wttk Mrs.
Htorkton, the charm Inr better-half of
the Henaior, about a cook. Meeting at a
-dinner with only tba Hon. Fei
Wood between them. Mrs. - Htock
banlnir forward, mid: "I am sorry,
Mrs. Blaine, that we kave anythiaar
dlmgsaeabla between na." Tlte H "
I bran I the Interesting story of the cook..
1 wnmrrto i irpirnt.
11 etn I K si t n t Dotil
rriOst-at. m
tTviCxT. rjci ttr i!
I Ik cmsviss, i a
wmi ssstrsMs hirMiiM,
I alt sun as as kui M,
Ahn, f seaovKB fistaa astl Valciili fa-
cri tit tTsn iisBss-saaaaanran i
Htsls, lur asla. ...
BaAk Rsrsvs sita stltve WnnSHv MirkM-A
Bar tirfHisiMlHla, In this tYrv asd Ihiwwak-
ss la i-rsrss ssl TssamMtiss,' VMS gnat
srs, ss m Iks must AbvsrSiAoaois Tasas .
Iluiam-Asa SfoarnXBssan, Ismss Kboo- .
n t. ssnl. fi.Ai m r Ai.t. iMrtimum
rssrvi.t Vllbctbss as4 a lasaaut I, isssr-
Ascirrs nflhla Omrft Is ill Ih- rmn tat :
Tmrssm the STATS will rwvrsVaFrtMaiMr
Canruui flrrl t ' Iks assts Is iss
sbvv ssdrvMk . ' ' . a
nwr. pBtimrtT mm jmm i phrt
Iss4 ssl thraualMM iss"M tsT8lix,
'Warsa 6Vf
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