The new Northwest. (Portland, Or.) 1871-1887, June 16, 1871, Image 1

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-7- "-' ' C- .. - ' 11 mi ii. .naanajiia - . . ' . ' aaaai aaaal I la, f '
T?. r.Vf T V ,. i ... ...
. l'UU iu at.i .in I ..l w.i btnl
a. su -, u. f .1 Jl rt
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tBa f .m r a ;;' n !
TbW SaonABs...
V rf . ti t- - f-t. ti
Atn-nTMrnnrni Immm i
wnx oacfTWT to iett.
Mn tn, af the JkVaverp, In an aa
title aiming toahow aunto Ttaoori for
witUUokUwg nomaa het Unatona
ble righto, thereby proving thee ana
editor at toast U mat no "wtoe la hto own
rncIChQt thathe towinirlgtd ren-
Oct a reason, u eey UuiCual euflragc
HlitwVi MUU WWI IWfMNMiLlUitiM."
auSamglat altliUHW
frrtin ttlo) I this, I H MJr "wr r
dineUy If IW vatan of tfata rnptry.'i
Ur4nx war al claiming 1U prravnot
a awMtrUOitK 44nb) eimJ lua iUai
"Iwiim, f ' ttnlUtail to bear lie
equal pniMrtkm of the. duiigrr and
ttaM4lla ofwarjlMiukl nqC t clolhwl
wllk povat. to Jawlva bc jnaWaalxhr
bow to Hnil imvi and atiifo, woeaaW
Ix-Taetf haa iMMhlnf la oHnmnn it
JWeay thraach aU ' 1U rtetaalfdaa,
allaara anil aa forth, mud hare lrantd
ftxou. its rolanin that It F Mf W
pDpU rk.MWrrlril Um ul
of anr mmgwm vkMt haa at
currod lu our day la Um Ualted Rtatea.
aad eojMeUFjttly tb onljr oue of wLict
we aaall nam eaaaW-Our beatbar aaWjoaUawer-
yralataaHy laid tha 11 af 4aa war
, upoo a taiinodt Is the -natlun,TaiM
r- never Legaa to fear tba aawer ef Ua
1 people tintll woeman bona aa aiaka aia
quake la hie faaeta. Kaw he J "It
aenCpnoniwa ta' ivaj,tae tallot to
: " wuwaa 1 with it aba aaav aeeoai4iab
. nathtnrr i tkerelira, If aawata tba
ballot, ha eowrludra that -will Irrr
war, ami then ait back Ineaae and ban.
ptaea and lei bum beat tUa burdau lu.
. wbleh "abe haa noihifiy ha roouuoa at
ataka,' ml t" t
tlrval ileaven l wuuu uutbiuf
t ataarwnea um iamb ot bar M, the
. -rhubnad af 1m boaom and tba alilldmi
of her peril go ont to dq .battle afaJna
each other? IIa aba' nothiaf at ataka.
wbea the waUaof the waunded antl the
hrieka of the drlnf, wboaa feaittri priee
' of life wontan, who gave It, alone tan
i knew, ren4 the Iiateuing air (bat hovwra
above tba bkiod-etaiaediWd, what
J man haa aurMted an eamager - Ah!
1 brothei Vpton, roa ulatake .the noble'
lapylitf wlvwandaaotbaw when voal
f ebarcathat Iber woaM avy war.
raa ear trely, "It they eeuld accem-
llah one .Jhlng ttu'ykcootui4iuJijWr haMbawl In the hallowing giary of
" i 'I'liiak ma that it w m.
. ... . -
But Mppne that wten aiMl
, war la fonl upon Hum, ata yan
lav Um aiaterte all the
tarta that atanr at yea to aay to an eta
lightened people that woman would
ahirk. Ita i hurdena Aak tba wiued
ufferera (ram a hundred baatle nVad
i who It wm that fotlgwrd while tla
ga-ed la butchery, ta bind the mangled
Irmba awd tlo the meretfur deed Oiat
reartted them from 'death? "Aak them
who Bought not to buU-lier, but (o heal
uai to aggravant the hnrrore af war, bat
bat o aaathe Ita MflVrtng awvutoiaTl
Aak: the men' who Went bravely to the
front to emlure the bary-hlpa of war
that aajlad, anil rttaaela.
and -waerlied, and waitel, tending the
mt,kltwt-a4 hiHMet and "hearing the
r. ? T . cruel agMiyTjnf-auiinenai and the aliarp
'pang of privation and apprrheualon,
" "juring the "Weary year, of Jhelr ab--,
Vaenee?; Aak thoae men , If theylUlnk
1 woman will vote for a repetition af theee
honorar.Mtak h4!Wlaaiwhae huP
' band ahepa ty an unknown 0ryj upon;
the tkHituern piaina, uoa aona are now
arrived ad naanbaoaV-waHlMrUwanid
leey-war aAaa M(anal
vl'Equal power and pririlegoa," ear
oar brother, "ahould only be .enjo !
there kmrrpapondencepf reaiwnalbUlty
follow." .Have.
thara la a, aama
blUty t Bit even were there not, to It
not fair, and" ju-t; that woman, who
perilB bee life when man to born, ahould
enjoy Immunity from further peril when
men rhoont ta kill and malm?, , ,
" iat wiau'wU, good friend, and
war, aa well aa Intomperanca and proe
tltutlon, will Boon U known no nom.
Pomehody, who name oWa not an.
' prar,- haa favored a with aome toile
of a journal bearing the above title and
pubUidied lu thctlty uf Baltimore;
( f 1 paier, whk-h I a
J - of the New Noi
I J v; enough In nieclu
.l.yr ' oppoaed to the en
l' J .' A a asm pie of
about one-thlid the eiac
North wgar, to crediuhle
meclianlcai execution, but la
Emancipation of woman.
imple of Ita wonderful loele (?)
and enidUevleW of nuttirt Jngt-al
T . ere qm4e tW foltowlng fronTan xddmi
" by llev. laird OUIWrf The woman
. nw-eiae4C dAul J W Aiaaaft AiJUiM
i I IX J r 1 T T. T r 7 t T m V i
- to no one. lu great wonder to tlt IlTthe ' fatherland yoniarlt Oi ve Mr.
baa made an lltyiehadway. The mo-t Itolbutoy a chanea. We'U warrant he
dlfflcuIt'apheN.aiKl duly to ihkb'anv will brine the Oermaaa. If von will
-human being ta bora t Ih.l of wife ailcrmi.ier the vaet expemllture of time a
Aner giving , Utterance,
the learned Iteverend cvmaolea our wun-
jeniv aanNur ejr aayia f kluiU
irrteraaake pbd' it to to
be hoped that htoeloqaaaaa jatlU not
' toll nor hto fount af byievwa dry. Jiut
he will tjfi1t Jt a hard to pmve aa
kxlbm 'iisiW a jt haa ever bean, Ay he
doeen'i know what he aa nravele
naVthaa. tw ii. HaW vt I
docaa't know that "man t of womanr,
.lhat "the life of the raaa.to4a gtfi 6f
-S ' iinijiwagBBgaag. ii i i - - in -u.x.1 .1 L-La i-nii ,-. mil i 11 . . ' T:
,! W i ' .i !. . - .. ........,. ,, ! M ....
woniaa U ia Una kavpiu of wmtamuV
Bm4 ara poi prrparcd from tlx
tii eatfa wonaaa la ua aatltof man, W
U to a bar aaaator. Tti BwwM x
HMindrr farther aay t oV not deny
that iviuuM'i placa ta kaM.T do bat
a-oudur thai- nuuir art vexed, aad
I 4a wuiMtar ttiac tawa ar 1
limw.' 1 tnolu;rjrjBpfftrui
a lvea than huabambv.. Ian knowa lit
tle. af the viuartotM uitY aad arief f
women t Irttbtaf her broken nlfthU and
weerr Ilmba; and he to a brute that
would not bary tb ta the outalde
UwMaf ha pawera, and then heeawbl
da bat IHtle.'V Vat the Keverend ea-
Uivlr Ml tV point a Xmrfr 1 the
hvlplaaa Wuuiau who U In the power of
etich a "Uwto.w; lie rather eaka to
throw a frlanioar of aalntllneaa over the
ufTi'ring of women aulJrt to the do-
ailuloa of 1 brutee by aaving tbatjae
rtflee at ealentlAl." . Then, anoonaclooaly
to hluiHelf he appliee the lullowlng epe-
clea of tialia lntendsd for men to the
brntaadhearta of aufllrinf wnacnrIle
wba auflera moat for other 1 moat
Uke the dirineet men, moot Uke ChrM
and": God." Tbyrelure he eounaela
wojiu-a. to bow cheerfully to h roil, to
ponaibU diitiea af wilaaad ntotbrr, to
be taaubjtctlon to man forgettiHK that
ntc-a wax worae with every new liceuae to
Indulge In brutal naaaieue and uabwly
appeUteat fargeUing that the political
pnwt-r of .wornnto"the only effectual
remedy for mau'a' niUttake. He eouik
aeia women to be content and awfler
wiangtha they - may reap a beavetily
rewanl'M'hat U to'. Wonie6f men,
in the ! f utoiw aUte, who luakrt no
acrificea apou tint aarlh, 'tlia aleek
eaaled,' anft-tlnirerwl, aetf-rigliteoua aa-
vant doca not dt lirn to tell a. " Ilia ar-
ttcto-wndterapnaMeration tlmaa with
the iuUowing beauUfal tribute ta the
mother af Oeneral WeahlngtoM - 'Tlte
mother of WaMhlngton did riot go to
Congreaa or manojuvra an arnij and
(boukl yau aak her to-day, aa aha al um
ber In her grave, what aha did for the
world ahe would aay, with a mothei'a
greateat pride: 'I gave the world
bay Oearge. Yea, onto hJa valna waa
panred her pare blood It waa hie lib of
her life and Into hi heart her noMe
conviction or trutu eua uuiy, bu umi
a mothei'a full mri when ehe-wraicd
i IWT ITI. mim TinninrinrnwiK'ii'i m
!k....l.lLI .....k.i.iiril
and Integrity." If all men wertaa para
aa wi
rn Indeed would woman have no need
to represent herm-lf, but, ahus man-nuule
Uwa have eutaad the world till woaaan
U toe often a heipleat Tlctini of rum and
ruin, ! Boentlouaneen and1 nyphlliUe
taint to be at afl certain t bat hlrchil-
I-- i III L iiMra
. .1! U (MBMi
joa. mrroi iip miss abthoit
"It to with ""no ordinary 'tcellnKw of
pleatMrrethat we are able to announce to
uuTTeader that thoas two champion
of womau'a elevation, emanclpotlon and
pcdltlral enfranrhlwment, Kllranetb
Cady Wanton and fuan R Anthony,
are on their way to tbla Htate andeoaat. 1
bM-turtiig on the mad. They will not
weth our city till mhw time la July.:
Their etay on thla eoaid will not be
tenirt hyr- It M therefore of the grratiwt '
importance 'that" we wM enable
tliem to reach the greatest number of
people ftoadble. ? We thank thnwrof our
IrietHla realdlng In tacalitie where the!
eO)de are anxkwe to hear theae ehiquent
women, to promptlv addreaa "Agent,
-eaae Mia. Emily PHta Mevena, Haa
Krejectaro." totlu the ala af hall, the
prk-e for the taeeatae, aad the arobable
altemtonne jVaiew. . f -
Wi tannratnlato CalifornU Open her
good fortune, r Then are thou a ml af
men .jud., women lu Oregon. who arc
anxloua b hear and au (heat wonderful
TTa cordially Invite thoa
frieudtf af
the woDtaa muremeut, , lu
ladle and euaJeuMn.whe dealre to Be
en re k vllt froni' theae champion af the
right, to meet at oar parlor on Momlay
evening next at eight eVIuek, to'dWua
the paealUUty of avcuriuir thUraervkea
for a brief aeaaon, ,We doubt not but
that Mn'lloihutoy weak! cberfully aa
atot tlieni la the Journey,' aa be dnea.
other great eelebritlea, and lliere ere
aurely (Hemla of equal rigbta la the city
anflWapat to laanre them a happy aa
Joara among w ' one that aha 11 eanw
them ta go Itari to the Kaat with a de
tided pmfereiiejaiiW tlm great Karth-
waat, whoae keadquariere are
at Pert-
land, Xetn.-- -1 J- -A
We are that our frirnd,of the ItetiAd
rnmlglngtnagrowl aliout Sir. MoU
hvday'a (jk-nuaa lmmlirratian, liar
patience, Mr. imat We daaht If yen
eooVhhtirry ap that emigration from
f wen a money tliaauch a huge etbonte
t,l,,,k,r" T perhap yon tea be
1 lnla,d to wmit. W l-m tliat ma will
epare na the eccufatioo af rannlng a
;i lulfaday ortran;" but we think It folly
to aeek to emlarraa a man 'who to do
In; more for Oregon than every oW Ore
gontoa la the HUre, and we are no Ira
praprtety In anr iaylng an. ; V wbUi
Uf. Ho11alayt-nranme other man who
ki aaVining aa he luuf, a huudred mil
Uona to axpead upon eur tailwaala and
nnmigrauoa ebeaaear - t t-t
rrom a letter 'Juat ' feetJvedl 'from
Laura GeForce (DoruVn. Ue eioqueut
aitdjogioat lertrer w aaaaUed to
announce that aha will vbat Oaagiai
thla aammer. 8he it ronirng overland
and 'request 1 the ' woman, auinaglaU
along the Oregon and California rtt4tlon for forming-bone, blood and mua
road route, who may wlah to eecure berlcle. y:r : ' . V T;."i ;. ti I a, t '.
aarvloaa a a lntni.t t tt,..
the eerileet peMdMe ntotnent at Chios,
(ar7 until the nJufieTamTlhelf
k4torwlll receive prempt aUeatiou
We leapectfully eulklt our brethren of
the preaa to giv thi notice publicity,
aa we believe their local pride wlQ war
rant them tn Jofulag with to give our
lecturing eelebrillea a favorable opinion
ef our Ptate and people, whether they
may agree with our cauke or not. '-h
, Men, In aneaking ef woraaa and the
ballot, alwy aay "if we give (he bal
lot Ui wtMnen,wmnlylng that Hi a
hereditary paaatraioa of aiaa a baoa to
which he to entitled with power towlthi
bold 6t beatow. , We want to know how
man came Into aide poaMclun of Uda
Inhareat lnihutnHy- - W'herrdid he get
It, and haw did' he happen "to manopo
lixelt? How did he come Into poewcaa
km of oar prlvltogea, and by what iu-
berene right dota he attenie,' to pro!"
aerihe na f -The f Vmtltotion tkie rwt
eouier the ballot, on klm ludlvldually
any atwee ha upon, woman. iThe Hi-
bto aaya nothing altaut voting, tbervaira
It cannot come from, thence. . IU the
Udiea lu.lp ua to aolve thi problem?
The gentknicat havwartod aad faitod. --
Mm. Orenruuv of rtaalada. Wah Ins-
ton Territory, recently took a cargo uf
lumoer tovuiua. aiiu uaa reiurnoi. hh
to aharpcr lu' the lumber buiucta than
any other mill owner on the 8oumt, and
cot at kaot tea dollar more ler tkous-
aml feet for lumber Uian waa ever jaid
at llong Kong .before, JierAaxye. -
UejumriH:wbet dq yoa think uf
that? . Ian't it n pity thi woman fonwta
borne dutlea and pend her time- Tn
making money ?'lfpw; her huabaudV
maat k.beed darning ami haw
much bettor aha eeual ha can ployed la
waahlng hla ehlrta and roantiur hi
mutton I (, woman, woman, a hat will
you not do awstf 40htbe neglected,
eu&Vring men 1 Let aa err I ' -
' l-
TIie'ItoITuior' mau'alio
to frprawant the true-worn aa, and wba ,
miaarahto mark ao aadty, aayas ""FoT'
twenty, year the theory o('ik'nt cu-
tempt' ha. vailed: unUl now w.
have Jto meet a real danger wbieh mljcht
!j?rBwe theory Inaction.
- Home encmice.or pue.cou oi wpiu
thought Ihai hi proaaf Kilug fdaoe
waa the aepnlchaa, bat when he rose In
apHeof thel vlrnanee knd asaerted hla
"rlghty the only exeuaa thoaa waioh-
ff eoukl gt- m "Tli tft"y
Hint away while We slept." i a
-' Thni uViairtmenloiFthe 'Jfw Koitfu
wget to to-W a general vMe luc ex
rhangwof ktoaa eonoeranig any ami ail
natters that may be legitimately dis
cussed tn our onramiuk, t'lndlbg U practi
cally Impoaslbte to aaawer each eerrea-
potuletit by prtvatn ltar, we adopt this
mode of emrmwolcathn; ! aate wurf
frleua the disappointment that w
otbcrw toe accrue bomawinaailityloMir
aarer UMlrqnertoa. We cordially invite
everybody tliat, haa, a Question to aak, a
auggeaUoni to.make, or a scolding to give
to eoaUUsuta to . tae. Onraaaiwaidtnt'
Oduaaai a i j 'V f tv.i,, i - ,
lvhr: We da nut know the name ot
thw authag ,of the work yea) aaeatioa.
WO cannot fad It at the hook etoree or
public UbriW: ' ' "
- Mlm MliM-CtM Jenny Hon
atonoa are eaasiaered equal If net awae-
JiPJLio ihjlilhlgkerliig by tome mini.
clana.Tbe worth of a Jlno depend
moch npea Ito popular Uy, or . gather
upon tlar papnlarity oMta name You
can get a very good plano-one that arc
wen every urpoe of a persou of mod
erato awane-aw 1 30a Of emuae them
u higher prieed and hwrinaVnlry bet
ter InatitimerrK :bnl roa' ran at anv
rate teara ujv Ipvf er prkel pUna..
Henry nakai . "to ' It .right -Car my
brother to tryn every posHihU manner't out companion Iq jnale fuB of
aar;l.aa jromigar lhaa b to. and 1
weUattwaJtgH 1
do; my brother la each g tea that It
erema ae If I esawver lur t,e Urt off0"1 Wef,;nad itouUlos. think w
ia." . To wuluh w hearUiy answer, It to
net right for year elder bent her to- tease
dyotl, neither to If tight tot you to rctord
auger, , Brothem and aislera should
he very aarefal to nenember the Oalden
Rule,' ""Id all thtof- whatsoever ye
would that men shouM do unto you, do
ye even, ao unto them. They-ahoukl
be JnM aa Jealous of. each athec honor
and repeethllity aathetirwwn. What-
from the warki Thay ahauld bear with
earn athev'a folltnirA rememberiiur that
none are perfect. ' y ' '
IwiUirer aay'ai ; MMediral works aay
that light Isread to rotten and uuiiealthy.
Do yon think mr' Fcrmcutat km to a
roUlng preaes. -Tim awaeteet, purest
and MiafrBently heahhtosi broad that
can he made to uuWrened byany other
than tmospharieftlc,.jrauLly
rapid Klrring and quick bakintv "Oem
ssKa'' .are eealhnt for thla purpoaa,
LcltUttove and pane be hot, then mix.
Graham flour with water and a little
aalt (a a batter, not toaaUfCand whl"
Unntll H bntibleaor nteloprTin the
pan half full of thU hatter and bake
rapidly,, Yen wtu ibaa aotatn. nam
baiad, with all the dtfltoeat enatblna
-Tle eloalng naragraph
f-ur rPT3 ,rtt" h:U " '"glhMeoenty, looking pqt a route for Jhc
to auapta t thai Cutao" arruw mu 14iT railroad. A lew weeka aga liigi ne
aojnaUHiy I T " v.- vi
Tjucla: We have-not the honor "ot a
peraoual aoquaiatnnue with aur ewatrt-
aiaalal earreapandent. HI advert la
ment came t ua with every evidence af
good, faith, tbe bOl waa paid ami we
kept Ma arend. ;We ahall not, eeonraa.
reveal it. If yen are "ao anxlona ta
know more about him," addreaa Mm aa
directed, and we., will aend him you let
ter without a ebedow e euriewtt y caa
earning Itaeonteiita,----; " "a
' "A (armei'e wife" aayai'ily hua
band won't let aa have the Koarrawiurr
any longer, becauae you aay ao much
about the lmrdMlilp of farmera wive.
He returned your lat paper , to you
with aome. inealtiag word ou It. I
hope it won't hurt your feeling. I aend
IM -letter tn apologise, : Of eourwe 1
can't take the paper luynrlf. for he
won't bring it Croat tlie po-tfne.'
KVon ahall have the ier. Hend a the
name of your - iwarvnt iu'lj.'UUr who
take tluT ii-r aud we will em kjaaJt to
him 'or Iter. ' What would your hne
haint aay If yott ihnrti cut oft lilaanp
pty of tobacco or Ja hlky fDOn't tube
a-maaa" with him. Jumlittamiyt hint.
Theae plahealed men Inu-t be' iter-
onderl that they are enjoj lng 'Utclr
"right." Take phJlaulkropio : courage
fruut thw aet that thtwa aim4 maay
aaeh aaua-ia the waekl, arl the-few
there are muet lie ont-generaled. JLi;L
Mm, M. A C: The' Home KlMtttof"!!! wotlona of the aurveyiug partiua.
ttewtng Machine to exeellent
lent : '
Qtlief hlUr will be Hwwilt-d
week.,:', i- ; .u; fivu .:-...-,
A" very cheap, pretty aad durable
waahlux material Ar. . ladka' aumater
eaaea to a kind af eliambrey In line
line at ripe or thangeahle In t o color;
warp f .
traaUug hn. Taia Material aakea 7
up'? Ueautlfaiiy in all the new atytaa of
ru filing and ovcrxklrtandbi u4 tooex-
fPoye an-the mo emkally !-
cUatHl, and - tovka tarty mat atyiiabToId.'
enough for any body. ' ' ' ' ' ''
I ,.11
rued up at th,e akk;,
linad,and trimnuid with bhu-k ribbwu
and flekl flowera, to eoquettiab, atylUb
and pretty The glpy retain It favor
for full dretuj; and, the aeiiMilta and be-
eoming ban u t bat to much vwa.
skirts are long
and pufhMl.
pretty, eoiwisthig af blouse and. knee
bfrecbea, the former buckled la at the
waist by a glrdhyw .black or colored1
. little gtrtooviatr pufllnga and trinH
minga aseMborate aa thoae ware by their
mamro." Large flowing alrevea are
wonf over coat sleeves of ihe asm ma-
jtj M the dreaxw.
Kshittoolu s biumUh m bMtnalnv
te receive attention with the return of
teasant weather,
Mother at huge tamllto of Xpya will
I be pleased to learn that colored abirta
are mare toahlonable than whltf nea
Their use will lighten many a burden at
the wash-tub ami Ironing table., f i
i Calioaas, af which we. have before
made lax-arable uienttott, are I newest eg
la tovor, and, If posstblcyln beauty, j" ;
.V OAKULxn, June 4th, l8?L'
.The Oregon mist atlll .continue, and
lmpqna'a grala.nekle wavsTirpleiiteeaa
and green luxuriance." Hen chicken
creep with wet (all and wing through
dripping and tangled grasa; lir young
duck and gosling, with (irootlng pta
feat hem, rejoice In the abundance of
their favorite element Oraa to ptouly.
Cattle and alsiep are looking welL
Oreat exeltement prevail' In the waH
market "Ttlvet ; mcftrianta vie with
each other la clvllltlea to guitokaa Una
era, wh stupefied aad woafosalr4toton
flrst to the one and then to the other
much calu mutating and .fair promising
the port, !
m-t- lay.' -
I 'itw hsriw asaM I hvalth ritm
Wis Btel laaetbT aVar r hsnnae
from SJ to 3 eta. per to ffsre.1 for
krooL. Uuslieared "sliecp sell for fi 25
par bead; elmarud $1 60. . Cowa tut 10
tot- per bead) yearling caivra, tllto
tU ; two year obis f 2V " -f J '"..
" Country plaoui are aln ays aomeahal
overrun with , poikUers the grvaarfit
aulas nee pnssiWe - When 1 hecoiiM a
kavor to get a tow pesaul. which sImU
make peddUug pautohabtog an afleaee
agalnat the mihlkiwclfalfy. Thla valley
I vtolted, ami It people taken lu, by
every Imaginable .style of ptHklk-ra
peddlera with baketa oa their" mrmn,
with bundles on their backs, Willi packs
on homos with boice lu lurgien, with
kiaibi inwatrouafwlliug every eoraiuud
tty from sa.klle, (i a ware au.1 Isiuks, lu
pictures-ealicoea and hu-e. They Inva
riably cheat and In every iM!blc ar
ticlefrom damaged coflea to iron table
knivea. They tell yon Ihw w44h aa ef
frontery that would do credit to trie
father vf lice Mmal, , Some IcglaUtlon
aurelrito neacktd upon tbtoaaUeei
tturely the gentlemeu a h paid m h at
aelkto trivialities like the-fhlna-maayamade
af wearing tit hair, might
have gtoaea aome af the lima ajwnt aa
valuablyc?! mul. exuawleeVy JuaAU
8tate to protecting iu eoile from liu
puHitkn and chariatanry. ' " 1
eioinethlng about rallraer aarveya
may at be wtiateaantlng to your read
era. ' lien. llolUuiav'a urvt'Vir are
iaakl to be in the northern irt orT)iig:
City had high hope of being theeouta
era lemuiiua of me mad lor at kt a
aumber of Tears, In cuiiaequence. of
which high hopee real eatate in Kueite
roa auddeniy to double iu former valae.
Old di lapidated, hoaaea ami little patched
of lliat pebbly, cltamoiuile-covemd lit
tle town aold at from live hundred to a
thauaand dollar a lot a purely flctl
eioua value, aiiaw any one can are that
the jtnwiaav of a railroad ! mm ttttt reaMy
make chamomile any better or more
UaefuLi iU.i j. A 1 1 . i
- But the Mirveyura canui Aoiher aoutk
through the (allfornla and the
YonraJla Valley, to about three rifltea
aoutliaf Oakiaud, where thev:r-ucoun-tered
a hiil, into which they ruaaevcral
UneH,' but failed to aurmouur. - After
carrrprnga tew day and tookliiga( the
granml in diwr direction, they gave
the hill up aa uiMunuouutablty. and
having eouMimed all the, lxm, biUU'r
aiul ham In - Yom-atlit, rctrmx-l their
marcn to r river, ami tarti-l ilown
that at ream, where ikev are nv bunt
ing a ruulakrwn Klk river to U numth. I T.1"tkat ut tow. I,f .M." '"'J"
aixl thence up tJie rniioiua riverw"rrr,,r" Tn '"nm'
which will taki the rallnat.! armiud the Ui ?" n ' Y'er, au.1,
I'mpiiua Valley and through, the moun-
taina. ThU little detour will make the
roal aiMue aixty ndleeioiigvr. but aixty
i Ilea are uotliingtoa railroad, inuce that
dUtani- can bv eccoimIilutl lit a fcw
boura. ' ,
We OaLIaiafseote BUhJHvC lhat U
survey UowuJk river U aome audi
alkarn nluu to raJju uuu'i rnuuiuLiui
ami ItoMi'burg a a aa pcaciinud-ao auu-i
cewruuy on roiffene ami JlarrkdHirji:;
but although tlta liiciluatiun af our law
pie to goo.1 money ia aranw. ud all
that could M.contrU'Ule-I by thi JittUt
town would Bcanifv amount to more
than the expeiixe incurred by the dclib-
. 'l'e.''n'fY,"?..".ve lw Idcaaant rural
KtVlC. A beat little tamo fctnve. wild
the aid of a Jolly sou of Krln, lirnn off
amietlzing array of teiiiitting edible:
their bed are fornuKl of bluhlieUaprcad
over lieapN of fir Iliulw, a hi Jo tlu- teiiUd
t-canopy above their ht-ailanI encircling
toot lira, inni luill jiui roilun
tk-, amm.lug.aiKl very ndoyabie Imai-
ne. A rpk'wlid ieaui of juaua. driven
y a garru
i.utt nuitii ,rT..iii.,i. ...1.1..
haul a aulmtajitlal a a
... J ... . ... v. . . v w.
iii:ll von-
r, eMiiprie aim.
talna their worl.lly giMHlit and elwiUvto. j
rt". AhirteetUta num.
muni even-1 m- of char- j
acter taciturn, rruve. -oiiil.-. LI '
.'. s r -
il hov-i'""'
Whte go Lien rurla andmtnr lieekt n-
Nlluil OIM Of tile JUVthical iiinlil nt
' . , i&iriincli eiuTE u
Mrr" Tarmr. vf rtlrnilnrhum.
. a V . -... , ...
lonrswv wir
free hold land socletk's, nyf:
to a -mart to kep aohcr, I
I nemuade
rthlm that with cverv uuaii. he coo-
sumeanitrtck.-- lohow him how, tu the
enwrs ef two yea i. a t oir quart a day,
' - - " - J ' 'Jj "1'ian a? I d
swallows a TfiiinyT'rk fcs si winililj
ke a KTi." rOtt'agc. My old pralid-1
ratlterdieil when he wan nearly a hund
red roar okt. IT tlvwrin one kou-e
nearly eighty ycnrx, mixl at the'-tlme of
hto death, he had mt so much as a'brick
or a -ehlniiw-r-iint, ' although ho bad
istm rent aii nw iiav rwwf-imrt ne s l
longed to a ItUlkllng ,
iciy gmml-
on might have been loiter off than he
1. ' ' - " .
-1 Imvr aald that a quart bfale tsennal
to tweiity-flve bricks, ami a paper of to
Isteeois the mortar to tor thcht with.
There-they are. Hie ta-enty-flve bricks I
tat mm iiiwrvar to mr miTn wun, going
frotn many g tuna swkct ; over Jhe
puhlki bouae counu-r cwrr day. 1 ' Vtia U
men vlfl never he IrerhoMcr. Tn lllr
mJngban4 we baVe-lsMighf 7reelMl.t
Ural at any rate of I. M. per vaird two
quart of ale and a paper of tobacco X-
m-t! '; . --r-
1 fetnemher BOTrte time ago, Vlljng
the' eoal-hiavers ' and - the lluiestoiie
qmurynienV In meeting at Dudley
that every quart of ale was enuat to a
half-yard of freelmld land. One "man
got un at the tor end of the toom, and
sain, - wrrni is mat yon
V. Mister r
Iicpltot "Whtymy dear fcllow,jwlth
every iitiaffoT afryou ilriiik, yoit waT
low half a yard of land." ' "Well, then
ilil heT 'l havwrwalloweTl many anVrd
la my time." " - ' i' -
I'lsat a raleulntloh, we find that the'
asa or money a lone to a man spending
ed. a day for drink a pint of ale fir In
stance amounts, at the end of twenty
seven yearn, with compound Interest at
Ave per eenC, to the large and hand
some sum of Are hundred and ninety
pound, sufficient to buy half a million
of bricks, which would build, say tavn-ty-flre
houses; or, at one shilling ami a
penny a square yanl. It woulj purchase
an estate ' of ao acre ofbuihllng
ground, Af land emnigh for forty re
spectable ' bouts! 'and gardens ; or It
would pnn-hae,fhive gMK. bonT!t all
complete. - ...
l' LI... . . - i . ,
i oi siiiii ii. isMicrc ii"l arum1 in
dupe ment here to have off drinking?
Ilememls-r, that la the alsve calcula
tion there to nothing. "Whatever, tut
down forlisai of time ami health i ity
wnnia amount t rar ninrc thn
ual cost o( the drink.
. A llrafTrsg PTOltT. .. gissl story to
toki af at buMinesa tiM-etliNr among -r-'
tab tjaakir alsaut a wnnoatsl canal,
wheel rsne of the mrsat inltaefttlal men
taearnt . raioai'd tlM prolscl an the
grouiMt af its being a snrctlattHi., TliHt
waa, eoafse,- aaasanaatable bsjt,
anwmg other erieetlona, be went aw to
say 1 1'Wbcn Uod created tlie woriU.if
lie hat! wished eaaaU its vmdl have
made 1 hem.' t 'pan thU a "weighty
friend tone of their tennai rs Up and
said slowly, ia the tntoning voi.o tn
which tl T arwaya stwwk - in tiMetingt
"Aad Jamb' dhmwl a well,' and aat
ka-a. Tner tntlaeiitlal man iiaaaf
diatetr rrtlnsl to priwla life, but h
eongtit staua sliarra ia the canal for all
Hum,--1 :.-.v- -.-i :
' Thetmsteea of a uhurhait rehieteryi
In speaking of a receiving totuh bunt
ndcr tbeir. .direction, are tnlmablv
t ' , .
otutixa..? . w i
... ... ,
enthusiastic wben they aay In thefr!h'. nd Ruth remain at the old place
annual report t The whole TIMth 41 n "-. '"" " ' '--r. v
mnzematit of the tomb give a pheasant
and cheerful tuipect to it." - (
no. t;
-- -
f taidope.
j"tad.iue aajvln.jK'halfnf Miranda
ana myacii, tium we Jtave high iyict
for tlwae Wha cank nraucthiig rmaA,
who areata and praaurve toir-aeitor tn
houaea, and prere therein the ahlning
ruiment for w.irthy iumatea, worthy
tuc-tw Only theee fonctlon mimt not
a Irmhrery er eWnrred naceanity, bat
a nart-of life. 14 t'li- tk.
btvvea home a hi to iWkmethare tiie
up the rragrant loavtw. Iticv ih. L.n,
t-e1l employ cat irttieebe7lone In thouif ht
bh awr wiuinpf ( aw raaeanpo hi
amre meant ( baker or a weaver
olely Uuin Ulyaaea for a cattie-dcaler."
Tle alove la a very pretty 4ctare
drawn by Margaret Kullerapea, kudwe
am aiavly to declare that Teaeiope la
xaetrjraual In merit and intoivat to
lywe. Mie not "a baker or wee
verHoMy," but a home cruaturo--a beau
tiful arttot making the fIio! order and
beat eheerr aad awaetoat plaee for the
waary, ami UMHtaUnu4ive 4aukgrouud
for aoeial enjoyment out of her Grecian
,r. . I f IViickipe Iiad Iieen merely a drudge,
$ houfcetwdd mai'hiae, aa anatoua claa
alcal Martha persecuted bv dirt anecka.
a cook, bltotering her face forerer over
the lire, a aeotd, nra gomlp, ahe never
aouei mw come uoa'il to ua ao caim,
lulling anil discreet, a nhe now tanda
amid form of death lem beauty and
grandeur.' -k '
liet w hope that n.vea prized the
woman artixt tneiv in nt Home more
tmm the brrad baker W the aeaer on
tethat after
I. dr.Holnir
ou Um kHiiige, or wliatever stood for It,
dBM away the wlato evening, ..whit
IViieloj sat a ith one foot on the cralkt,
aiid her haiHto tiUHitl with the week's
mending. ' Let 0 Imagine that tliere
waa amue laMplriag dimuraa- buta-een
huHhand -and-wile, perhapa an -high
phlkmoiiliiea, the arU ami politk-nof the
lirue, - luterxicrHed with,u.uic and
cheerfnl ' reereHtk.n. When IVnelope
akudfor allttle ruojicy ta add to the
family nauiortM. k-t ua trunt llvsatw
did not thrwt hla liaixia Into hla Utvt tout
troilMefM iKket and say withe growl.
"What did ymt 4kr with tiie--dnlir-!
pave yea l4 vftft-AB' hard
king r brewiugiay, II liu to Teto
macbu was taken sk-k iu the night,
let us rntortalnthyfileaslng lwie that
the ttinl and ma-Krof theewtahlirthtucnt
did not allow bia Uretdan head to ra-
elhte.oii tlijr I alio w, while sometblug
very likca claaek-a! snrc pnioveded
from . hK 1 1 recitfn - imnp, a IViwIope
walked tlMtlonr hour afte 4iour with
., ... .,
t.,V,,.' 4 d"
hi Id la her weary anas.
daylight, kindled a Are iu
e KiK iicn m
ove ami iMvitarctl the
break rant, only to be Informed br llva-
m-n, a Ito bad creit out of bed at the toat
"''""t" "" "waarimjjijw
v": ".- . ' v 'r
7 11 wouki siwu t lie pretty picture to
3 1 iy w nmiv.iiig . low Jorc aiHMH
jr.. . i - i .
Jwmmm or iriwatlog auy 4 tlie diMir-
n,"or iriwatlog aiiy the diMir
r )nrla sj the davr with that
nnhUlMiuitjhobU-'lWra, iu the
siinuy atiiMMiiiere of an early are. is
HP flHHK' n'lll'kWsTTlW(t-ftlTf fif eluViC
ful lalMr, fove, harrmaiy, peace ami Joy.
r.rrrv wamaii ariiti ffuns.nt laws dan i um
J rightly, ami create the,proH-r awed
'ami spiritual atuiis-iJiere,-to sutJi "au
nw, ivueios was as true an ar
list In tier way as though aim had WW-"
tea liala or bad oaret the ! i of
m . "a J w"" sMBaaagaBTaa waaj i
SlkIiatTiiigeliH uf aiut.i Usv pivturea..
of lUtphtiU . . . ; J
rwfAt-m M'urrKr-The irrookfrn
Hnfftr, an aide artkdo m "Newspaper
Work and Worker," trutlUuliyremarka
lust mere in no ollief pruteswlmi t, ei't
joyrimuiuuilies frtiu oistcrvatiou aa to
ItMsk's. The prtweher wrltea in the
privacy af hto slady, and can vorreet
plat itaides er bad plagtorhMn that wauld
elite ruin m the editor and retstrter.
Tlie lawyer consult hi client and or
ganizes bin csnilgn In private,' tiring-
ittg into mmrtanly aa muah aa makes
for hto cause and against the cause af
iito adversary. The doctor pile hto po-i.
Hons a lx I lauiM-ltc hla lancet tn sei n t.
If thertsitient recover, It may be the
inexttciis. or it mar be In solte of
iMtUea, It mar be tha mlto or iWrt-
k-nce, tlie physician to scathleas. . None
of tlie-b enie to light that fhelr deed
may Im reproved. . '(. -.
luivorer, the work af iha pee i ara
tliiuous, a mall annlsiillypublic.
There to rm jttcaeeiuour war. There to
no rest. fir the weary space to no more
annihilated by telegraph than time bv
Joaruaitaai.' The evmiag and naiinrtiig
arejiof merellJpe nrat dajr, but ail aev
eiu Night Is auuihito'ted as to. all its
qualities of rcpia Kvery minute of
every hour of lire twetdjfoni to occu
pted by eeme worker duiugaanae work
that allows Itself in the .nersatpcr ef
the day ami afternoon, ICepetiiion to
a lmsiasihle aa rest.-. Facet are ever
new. tvmmeiito maat be aa -.fresh a
facta, and tbaeiUtinn to a iraawwerle
giaut tluit rata up alt the aecomls. The
maklng of a ww-isiiier to perpetual mo
tion .in a thousand lipkto. In auch a
atltUug na pause, exacting eterwei .and-
ever varj lug exercises, It is linnosHiuie
for wheai to be btunixed Wlthr hufj, iur
accuracy not to be Inipalml bv mistake,
for liduatlce- not aveaamnally to he
rci.y,' in
hls.Ulry, dshsi HeptemW, 1Wl
UIf aald:
I in.i ctKi tot v etrp or toarra t biiut
drink), of whtoh I had never drunk--be-fore,'L
he, mar "any other manr" Httte
i. ...mi, I .-jfM. i.t il tmde
In ta. should eulssMjnently assame.
Twetitra,re thoasaad eheate have come
to tlik-ago by rail from Man tranetooa
"Within tao jnontlat, representing I,,
nil pcMjruto, all exclusl vcly ht tins West
cm trade, while 8,n rfswda, or three
million rsatmto, jaMsed through ClUoage
during tlie aame Ume, an their way to
New Vrk and. the ether Eastern mar-4
ket. But very few rajde ean nowa j
OBJ sayJF"n .i r . ITpya, tlialvat
is a 'Klilna drink, Which they never
.trunk lafnre and Which, la auiasa
qnently telU.n In his dlarr t In a a entry
ntMrWHTr veam Uteri, - Mr. PHtieary
b-lht hto wife .n Very rl t" drink tor
her rvdd" ete. .:
The wi.brW uf John ftrown 11
Ilumhohlt county, fatlAartiia, with her
en Hsimrm ami Lrr aSuirhtem Harab
and Klh-n. Anne, who waa' with her
tairierat liarpct Kerry, I married In
tallfonila. The two aona, John and
Jsarm, live In Ohio, Owen In lnYsjr
How waa Jonah pagiabed f WTiaId.
I laarfMMleal U ruiltia WJ AVIWrlua.
IbuhVai Ik tHesalnl aad Rxaoarac Is Wi
of tKa - '- . J -jU-t- W I Ul."-r
n ti.-f
r' -.....- arrlllms aapr aaMinsnl Uafta
tarrj BjtH Btsks rsoa ttuOr aaates in Is 1
KUlior, or aa stwwiNB nn a gnu a as as '
enmmaafcsitlsaja), -.. i o j tut
tlsa Bso.risa4 aaaa ewj- 6 T
., ..Tnr-i-ii-a-f,;,,,,,
neaaaraa. .toaaawsr. .. j
- Ite ta saMa tm Ifcs asllsa, . .,.,.,,'"
Waea ta eoa sf waa U snia- 4um a;
Aaant ar trees aoe and abtaaer
, A rher brekoa sad nwsa. "
Aht Ih tkraat af suek aaj Baonae d .
i Aaa taat mrsa, avse jraadag, t w, ; Hi
llss a siatUrimasrBt rrosi ) -
"BanWiksaV.aabsisfaaaingai, ji,.,
, tiraalatilk a W1T Uiloei
Awt Uts aaiaaay. lw na traaaM,'''"
IsUag 4saairsra ta th sanaaj; :i o -:
Wsn ia. j i.s.1 ot ! , . . ni
MBstiaaf awusjt a kaaUng aaw
. Tells roa of a Bsmafa im '
' ta rhW toaetr.tnnerr Btaee.'' d U ;,
Jfa, aat ia theret-thta U toMer,V' ""iwi""rr"
' wae las roktoa saaaraau slerwi '
Taer are atalaa aaoa i
: TJtatasiUdl Br yar aurtw trrv ,
r BM aaoa tsjBt lug basld
Aad Til k-ll roa how U
- llatrli a 1 1 iMlimt Oio tmntm -
loss vim atHt SMrrat ass.
H ta bit aa4 hairy feiasasavM
h Aa an n -ajBMmiair
rr aad he diOnl cast a flip
For Ut IHlUof BollaWd rUlea
Orrhs arirness aad srtal -'
Indat eid. mt asjajiiiu.l.
Ussilla ssa la tsiassy., 'j
Hers a aUrhsd kit ts' at last, ,-
I la disjs Ihtry simsht a fit ir-nwi
- ' u-1 LI., .t. tW uu. O.
lliMBd ami mr, rait Ivaolr sf thia, ' 1
'' MH bmI kkspai sal-srriJ
Asatlhsaabm ess I Uatr kennel,. ,MI
iT -
kk '
u Vp aadidwaa ta awsatsit vunrrN
aln lb. an. imiIm ma m mwmm bwm
YvaeoaM km Ihetr sstt etinras. 1 '-
X-arfBtlHMaatsai nana n. ,
mUWaB-sswlaf Wsita-,,,
, Wvsward by UtertnT.oofT.,, - ' '
UuolirJ Um- auery war of tamo,"' ' I
.j.,Asd lae fsllsat ehaae ssSin -i4
Hat lite Th(uanl of ImiHuermeaf,
" H aeennua aad HMabsla,T.l -
avvoaarnad aluaa tea vaiwr... 4t i..t, .. i
.., yross ta amssilsln tu Uia, staiti ; . .
T Aad (Ua Uva tm r rnwiw --r L
iiwNm vwcta wild was lierw,5-'isr
- Aad tae tsaai asadafcrtsasd aaa arKswd,
Ik. WksMtsmalaaka(Mrat -V .. ...
. As the sauijrHOui Utrutljrd aad IhaMderW
Wlh the ImuJ aatsllsd alml.
Am4 tb bfi-alh oTrlowltur anstHta ' "
radted ntii asi tnut stw mi ansds.i .
. Valutjr.'wfaea the shsiloar
- Aad nun waaaa tls aaah; - '1
HsaaVsiU W hMsasra fear , ,
f? to It f ntsnuil ft truing i, , r
-lark- vuulij fewl S lawny kaalera 1
gar Mm taarka vara dha aad sold:
$srtjuitfTOa,aailstkuf ;
- iwuc aura iua euguts aioa,
Uka ta attlah aAsr aalpsa.
IVlea aad iLrtot It araa rvpeoioJT
When M raa aeat Mr rae Barsk; - -sr
- Aad sBeaasasi asm ss laaaiBsg n t
,,,.AaaMaaaaaUJMakuaasakM ii, , w
Tuia baa a.iua -r Ih.l w. u.l "
AmU kn--. wbea thr bugaa. .
T saMaTa'idaTl!ir mLTin'iiuir'
Then be sat wnfcM hareaMn,
" vwea'(.''ia
Bias. ; '
imila whlasof BtiagarlMukri
But as sat sad smuasd niisily, '
tt'MI. ........- . 1.. L.
1WI rst. vuaasad feht-wrat issnsMyi.. I
; AadasMsBMiMaimattaalot , - '
Ad Um eyruslla, WH.Dd flsrls. I '
. Cavrruraaank.aa Jrl.plnJw.t:-i""'
-; Rank? tba aarufati sTMs aasjtere ' -'; ,
V sa losomuiaaai ia,i gnaws;, . -iW '
1 i anc,,
;T; Aad ueciirk,ai(Jsaai4srHHV,
"Was m wfli lx-a.1 Hlrx . IbM I
ffc aeM er fcaisjfrst asasr-''" -'a
tTsai lbs erroTuoc o aVvtft " '
-(TjXwUs aUjht rat llitra JtJ j;r'i
. Ahl tllf ed r nf thai orvr j, v:3(!,..
aTraa atM tuaai4alaliaaii
EaHtlmt Well, ahtMld rslhar aa
. suaa-ay as s ai wtsw.; at r H AM
Aad IImHt Bsoatba war wat asl eHotoa
With Ik Hrk, anhnly east. C
aiMltMMta. aa Onaa kl If. Jl
l:lft 'Ht
"'' Itnnpraed by th place nnr day, :.' !
;Aad a ktsttrm Mask aiav t
t UM sUmss aavl sal
. put a ealr racad UMtanaatarv- .-.
U Ur at. M-rWO. sU s.luut. '
'As aeartthrng, wln Snd aotSfleM1.''-".'"
rfdaa aMdo. jmed saMi . "r.i. ""M- u.
se. parksBa, Baa Msse an Maat r , . ,
Tt asa a Ja UcruriiioOi.
lla araa aar Itc.1 tir a H.bu
' lni biwrd saslmrf Ins arlllv''?
1HaaarMaoatdkadd.Hasfl-2. ''vmiel
Twaaaradaand kaaialr aarasrt,'-ti
. WfUMawua sBMaa of,
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