The new Northwest. (Portland, Or.) 1871-1887, June 02, 1871, Image 1

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had teal U 9M- a ae
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OiismeiS1 Vr arrlUac w assasrtd !
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rritwWsHM rstol wa4 ,r-Mrn m. '
f TtRaTM, iw ADVAlrrgT
owe - .. i as .
Mia '
-r -Wheuatk-d tfti WUm Uihehtw
and, principle ef 4lree nmai w
pUetkUy u('t 45or ' True w-
' titer U uBseolubl eternal r a anenee
. indefinable, a inimitable, imlwiw
-eseary to ttr happier ef hajnanlty ne
are , th Inexorable" laws of , Attraction
end telston .which together operate to
auetom the wnnilars of luflaltodu,
Bellevtnf;' iyriowtnfrthI tfc
true, "we enunot advocate the prlucipU
of frodl ene..' ItoA humanity aeofUn
" err hst It mini that peopl Moai
nWbtUeHiptuaUof homatbrploe,
- tWf mb4 MMiamt IifM iwtav
Hence, many aUsew .( in the Ax
Utlng 5UfTtpiyJlck teem to
niake the enforcing of Irrevocable Uwt
Impossible As long a BtW toartlajrt
ar made, Joat ao kmf will It be foaod
mmaaary, lir many J, to rtfulaU
tltoae bonda. " " -'. -i - . ''
WhM a maa f lurtjr, ilUrty, or vea
twrBty-flva, marrlea a chlU of fourteen,
r mm of th great haraaoaJal lawa hu
- man life la attaawtuUy ylulafawl, and tha
rvault la aul JtfKatluiLJn d band and
dtwiiotlMti Ufinnr tha athar. Kooawr or
plater thia atata oi thluga la ioaoifaatad,
' aiJ the vktirua of mlamat,ad matrimony
- muat pay a fearful pmalty;y y 't
When helpleaa woroanptha' mother
of numeroua ehUdiaai, only laaa belpleaa
titan beraelf, bacnmia tha Ttctlm of a
t braottad wrote h, Whodlagmaw tbanann
of huaband, H la indaed a anael mookcry
. of Juatloe to keep bet In kia power. ',.
Wuen a man neglecta hla (amity for
the gambling table,' the billiard room,
" tae "melodeon, tbe rink,' or area the
roetram, tUo pulpit, th legialature, or
elub, or lodge,. wCVugiam, habitually
karlnc them In dlaootnftrt, and aften
ttmealnVant, It aeema hard, lndeeVlf
divorce fro"aurl moBatfealty.yet
we rrl terete we cannot adrocate tree fir
vorraaj jTkimnadiaf faaaniea
r' too fearful, too. glaring; the oppor
" tunltle gtmt't mear aaa wamen to
marry without reflection, or with ho In
tention of holding to tbetr owa for life;
the fearful wningthat Would thuaaoonie
to chlklren the many deaerted whrea;
the many deaolate Areaidea, all eomblne
to cry out agalnat tha flagrant injuatloe
of removing tha marital reeponalbllity.
AVa believe that, Instead of advocating
: Tree divorce, It la the duty of everybody
who poMcaaea one apark of human phi
lanthropy to advocate no marrUgee ex
cept tfioae that are baaed upon tha moat
ordinary prlnclplee of common aenae.
Jirt people act with aa much Judgment
: v tn chooalag eompaniona for life- aa they
exhibit anihnpakThMrefl-nml nerpatua
ting different race of animala, , Let our
lawa, which, to he perfect and harmon-
' louav aaant hamnde h hah jnennnd
women, be ao .framed and enforced that
children of tomler years may net be per.
a a a - . - 1 4 & . 4
"milted to marry. ' . Let drunkenneea, )f-
centtouimee", Mleneaa and utter poverty
- become legal Jbarrlera to matrimony.
" JU1 llioiaare evlle which may be nma
died or dieeaaea that may be cured. Let
wen people wait till they can ennae up
to auch legal atandard aa the beat wla
dom "trmill rftW- ybinfc alwmy
Flaw imma by the comtTnad wi-
. dom of both aexeaahall eatabllah, regu
late and enforce. Let people who' are
dpNualflc4, .. by, - long nonrlahed -v hwa,
from becoming athera and motkere af
healthy, happy and uprightly children,
be denied the boon of marriage. It Will
be but a curse to them Instead of a bleaa-
. Ing. Thane who how the wind muet
reap the whirlwind.
, . - But the huaband or wife who U atrug-
gllng to break the bonda that he or aha
may now endure, will And email eonao
- latkw ha the, above icgulatkHia, m lUch
Imleeddo eonte too late for them. , To
iueh -we end InhJitdnaaa and aeMimla-r-
ation, we beg yon to endure the bondaw
- I(Mrw?pre,-Mt4i-h Vnnd kvc haa
-beenihe Wa of k marry whrertunato
women -and.. ehlMren, la a dli
hoUtrbr rreateYI Tw tam- TheMctlm
ahouM be eared for by the Btnto aa are
-the- uofortamte laraataa of an nayknn
for the Iriaane. If they are able to work,
- their labor ahould be for the benefit of
. their taftnaiak? uevf tkoW wrew hhould
haveno mare richt. to divoroa.than
w4vea or other vktlma of monomania..
The woman who wukaa toahnowledge
of her vwMlnff but deHttoiled woman-
hoi1IaTfeV having' Hired for yeara In
lawful adultery with n man, wa dared,
Vundi aattctlontif Uw. U nutrnge the
dfllracy af her chllUliood, la more to be
'pltbjtl than auyThe mnrrjngf "noh
r ehUdimv aatoa nftor the reault of the
" arliemlng of ohler people; probably par.
-entri, whcaotitpMUy 4nd Igneeance,
Mike Inewueable nnd rarpabie,
wrecked the life of the child whom thy
aboukf have able Vied, ; Hard tndeed la
W f ?vtM wa . not laaThaw
:"r7 eouioatuir their condition by dl
; ' won U Uwm aaaert Ukdr awwiy
awaaene4-Womauboo4 Jtad, command
the respect of the apnller, who dtcrree
. not the title of huaband, and let auch
I - husbande knew.ihat the day of their
, Aimlnlon over .them . haa jwaaed
, v away, 14 them not deaeH auch hus
' bandar" often that "1a Vhatthey
r-Vanf; but Vt them, for their own dad
tlidr ehndren'e ma, endure unto the
etxl, training . their chlldmn Into'
' . , knon WdirV t flie fut(WmeQial.Jaw -at
com n Kn humanity, Uiat tliervly theg.
--at loaat, ;ny uaaapa- the mmlatram of
cJnJagM miaery nnd dlaoord and ahama.
; oouiTor mam loaia !
We'laat week looked In rain tor
"little more Oopel" from our new too-
vari, Mr. Pwnnoyertof the Portland Iter
aid. ' At laat we pleaded tor even a
crumb, In the moat pereuaalve tonee at
our command, but were doomed to aia
anpofnlmaat. -1 . , j. ' vY '
The Herald myi "Did lat wra
WUT ever analder that our aUenoee
might be attributed to our eouHeay aa
well aaour taabtllty f ' To which wa
heartily anwer, . of oourae we dhl?
When man, without provocation, be
Maaan aiamnaiit with aenu, he ia
certain that an eaay victory awelta htm.
''VVauiDtt.' the defcneeleaa,- charming
caaaturaa, know nothing U logic," he
atwnca, and aa he laaattatea not to begin
the eouUet, ieeling that he haa all the
advantage, But when he meaaurea In
tellectnel eteal with 'woman and geta
wnratedonr vanity eompela aa to. nay
that this" "often"' happena he la then
aelaed with fit of toourteay eonaid-emcdiartlonUh-better
part oTlralof
sndrgTvea It wp; really baoaaaa he nan.
not help It, but oatensJbTy beeaaae (we
mete the Herald), "Courteay demand
abouM aaeede to tbe HKUee lat
point; and grant them whAtevtr they
We know a "goad looking lady" wboloally Impoaslble to anawerwh oorrea-
I going to "come along and aak him
with a amlle" to vote for EUaabeth Oady
Stanton for the next Tremldent " AVe.
have the editor' word for It that "out
of pure courteay he will promiae to com
ply with her requeatn Then, leat he
ahould be ao uuoourteoua aa to retract
hla promlae. another baaetlful and apb
tted young lady la going to aak him to
abide by it Up will go hla hat! Of
oourae It will! Heaaya aof lila eour-
teay wlUeonquer hU poliifcal prejudieaa,
and, aa a man of honor, he muat keep
hla word. TT
iladlea, we reiterate our laat week'e
aaaertion. The Herald eonvcrted. i.-
Berloualy, If men are aa Unstable, If-
logieal and Ineonalatent aa the Herald
admlta, It la not to be Wondered at that
they thna fear th political equality of
woman; neither U it dealrable that they
ahould be permitted to bold tha balance
of power. No wonder they get Into po
litical mnddlea, fratricidal ware and
corrupt corporation. They are, by the
Herald' ahowlng, InoapahU of even
governl ng- themaelvea. Are theee the
thing to govern women 7 7" t " ,
tw. have been much amuaed ainee the
advent of our paper by the exhibition of
trepidation upon the part of ao many
ktubamd. They Imagine that the Naw
JTORTHWMt la going to take their wt vea
away from them! Who ever beard of
anrthlae ao' rkUoulouaT Why, breth-,
L. have been the feUhful wife f
one man for almost a score of yeara, and
intend not only to remain hla wife until
part nay-but we -ahall do
nil in ear power to puiwuede your wive
to May with yon. we have no oouw
but manfof You feel that your wive
aught. In Justice to themselves, to leave
.mi siul innrfcr iKnisU-a kad mm.
dren a reepectable living; but Instead of
our counseling them to dojeo, we. ahall
eantent' ouraelf with' doing all in our
power to enlarge their opportunitlee to
benefit their families, hot even exclud
ing their frightened lords. We really
were h before aware that so many
men Imagine that they bold their wives
by potetr rather than by love and high
and Ikoly priori pie. Kumbera of men
who have read our paper are aatoniahed
that they And nothing In It that la dea-
Urted to destroy the marriage relation;
land have gratified 4Vir wives by sub
scribing for It Dke gentlemen; other
are reading It a while on trial, and wa
are anUncd thai all of them, who have
one partivle af eJaua In the holy rehv
tkmnhrp of matrimony, will yet appre
ciate the work we have; inaugurated for
their wel fare, j
rjrinxen ro ladies.
Thto topic wiu aiway onmmawJ a
great deal of puUlo attention.' That
there la no great harm without aome
ih'giae of nerompaay tng good' may be
aaid of the chancing fashion with mete
truth thaa can be said of any other ap
parent fully. When we think of the
area of thousands of people WM are
kept tn employment by the demand
for artificial, flowers, we rejoice" that
they are ao fashionable, so nlentv and
becoming!; and we are almost read-to
consider the wearer enrtnf public phi
lanthropist, although she may not have
a thanght Wyoad her actional gratifica
tion. ; When we note the fact that
thousand and ten of thousand of
women and children earn their bread
by . the manufacture i of strew
and bonnets, we are glad to aew the de
mand Incrcaaed. r ? -
When wt.lhlrik o the durability.
convenience and health that accompany
the small hoop skirt (which fashion ha
tried In vala to banish), we rejoiorthat
by their maaafoctar Uienaanibi af peo-
ph) earn a livelihood.
Bo of the manifold varietlea of
aw terisa, fringes, buttoeav'
eocds, loopa, gimpa and what not, that
art exhibited and. sold by merchants
everywhere. We are glad that the
thing are worn, though we by no
Approve of unat pessary extravaganr
lnhaUtUaU of many laeaUUea.- We are
(lad that ladiea haa than.-The aaaae
y be aaid of pnraaola, enxbroMertea,
lanea, ribbone and cheap Jewelry. :
We hope that gentlemen will not Infer
from the above ramarfca that we are at
all dlapoaed to uvor fAcfcr tolUea'fbr the
aake of the publie weaL Tobaoeo and
whiaky do give empldymentio thouaand
we won't deny it but their nee if de
moralUlag to n fearful extant. far In ea
eaaa of any good that may accrue to the
lUfenturera, who may, If they choose.
raise' cotton Instead of tobacco and
bread In lieu of rum. Wa don't object
to their canes, and rings, and opera
glaaaea, and bearer hatband lavender
kida, and killing neoktiaa, ';. Theyxare
pnbtle lamarartora when they pay. the
cash for these, but when they ao largely
patronise other toUiaa, forvwhlah
we all pay double taxea, we think H
poorly become them to deride that pub
lic philanthropy which haa for IU title
the Fashion for the Ladiea. . , ,
This department of the Xaw IfOTH
nar i to be a general vahicio for ex
change of idoaa aotioernlng any an4 all
matter that may be legitimately dbt-, rludlngUpracU-
pondvat by private latter, we adopt this
of roommuaioatioa to save
frlonda the disappointraeut thaTwOuhl
otherwlae accrue from our Inability to an
swer their queries. We cordially Invite
everybody that haa a question to aak,
auggaation to make, etaaeoldlngtogive
to eou tribute to the Oirreapondcnte'
Column. . ' ;i , :
W.'W. la Informed that hi or her
qoethoa will be anaweraT when he or
she makea known hla or her name and
addreea to the editor of thia paper.. This
rule la arbitrary."""", . - , , ..
"Dear Mra. punlwayi : Will yen be
aeklndaeto tell me what I will need
for a traveling outfit f I am going to
Ban yranslsea and Derhamv-to-Kew
York by way of Chicago), and wantny
cloiltaato be becoming and atylUh, but
not law expansive." A very neat and
appropriate traveling auit, and one
which is certainly attainable by any one
able to take auoh a trip, I water-proof
urea ami atreuiaT eloak, to match. -The
cloak ahould bo made with a hood and
the whole lined with flannel ...Lot the
lining be a little larger than the outer
matcTtekand. pink the edgae-of each,
finishing the whole by simply atltohlng
the part together a little above the on
aide row of scallops. Let trnr hood lie
large enough to make a complete cover
ing tor the head, and- when not needed
for that purpose It forma a trimming for
the eloak at the back. Hake the draws
without trimming; or, If yea prefer It,
use the piece that are Jell from the
cloak, and pink out two or three row
for the skirt, letting the colored flannel
edge show Just aa they do in the cloak.
You will weed n suit of buff linen for
weather, which ean be trimmed
with ordinary alpaca braid. ; A Boule
vard underskirt la better for traveling
than white oncawftlrh minim frriTf-t
washing. -rA drab straw hat with plume
la better than white or black to
eonatant' wearing. Provide yourself
with a heavy berage veil and stout boots.
Q. C Ct If thoe aspiring poetaster
who desire to Immortalise themselves
through the Krw NoarrewxaT will re
frain from .pilfering the production of
departed-bards, we shall be pleased to
bear thant, -We don't pretend to aay
that we have read everything In that line,
but we know that we have aome a her '
seen the beauUful line beginning,
Then, ton. fw have' aeen aome ot the
tondardJchool frndcr aral admired the
poetical aelectfcma. , . W confes that
such poem ' a Oray ' Hcgy have a
somewhat, familiar air. JVe look for
"Hark from tha Tombs'! as the next ef
fort at an amateur.
r-A yaaaag ladyH aakat NWeuld It not
really Improper for me to unawer
auch an advertisement aa the matrt
' ene Invybur laat IssU. , It
struck me aa aowtethiag funny, and my
finger would hardly keep from anewer
Ing; but I don't want to be considered
Imnjodcat.' If If nothing but fan
you are after, we don't know aa it would
be worth While for you to answer. You
pntfht endanger the gentleman' happl'
nee, irjjcrribl to be JlKed.-ge-rioualyi'if
you are en the lookout for a
husband nnd what girl Im'tr-there 4
no Impropriety la aaylng so,' "A gcnlh
man will respect lady who candidly
express ea her aspirations much nx
than he will reaaaot an afleoted eoyueas,
of which ao many girls are guilty, and
through which their real motive la aa
plain ae enytlghl. It nay be very Bh
romance to attempt "shrink! ag1' from
the matrimonial advance of a man you
are "dying" to catch, but It Isn't very
good bums. ; Dou't Imagine that we ap
prove ef indeUoaoy, familiarity or f
wardncs. Alwaya preserve your dig
nity and never eompromlse your elf-re-
peotBut, If yen want to form the eo
qfuuntaaoe of a geutlemaa with n poasl
ble view to matrimony, sayaoj land If
hj'a amrih iiU. I ..'II . l
It. . i vtiu, ... M j i , i i
Economy want "to knovr whether
she ahall. ..purchase a Brustvu.
three ply sawpei for bar living iwn.
Three ply earpeU are more durable Uian
Bnnstla, - They pcaueea; the advantage
In their uae by persona. nt aLle toaflbnl
them. I fan. also Ooaupy the
kill and time of a large portion' of the
of being ready to turn after one aidu 1
almost worn ouL'T "The. dlfferenoe lu
priue la almost nothing. -X,..t ... . ....
Fnqulrcr(aay?'! ?What u ' 9
nalsa fV It 1 a hmg eeok eloak, gener
ally hri'f fHl'-g at inn back, with eoat
aleeree and btanl5'--
MlnuWl7ChangeaUealikaare again
becoming faehkmablei h . " " r
'''Aa' amateur ,'ukW' aays; "t "Can
yon explain the meaning ef the weed
'miserere and Vontrn-alm that eeonr
la your 'very Jntorcatlng aerial story T"
We dun' kuow whether you would like
to poke a little fun at ut or not; but we
do suggest that you procure a dictionary
of musical, terms. Fro. McGibncy or
the Vieaxtempa Brothtr will give you
the desired lntonaatioil. Olad youllk
the atory. ,,; f, ,,7777
Farmer's wifei Ke; we da not think
It pay for the moTacTTtr tittle children
tospcndUcrtlmelnknitting. We've don
"Jots'! of it, and mutackuolaIgtha
It mrrer tadd. KniUIng, waough ap
pa rent ly light work, la really very try
ing upon the muscles of the arm and
back. Msn never fritter" away tlalr
lire at such work." That b one reason
why. they have ao much strength,. ;fWIl
your wool and buy atockuigw., .You can
get them at wholesale price for n trifle
more than the worth of the raw mate
rial. jacbJdayerlMuJjoordV'of thein.
"Merchant;'' We tatV looked through
the atore of OulduUb Brothers, and
And that they havean Immense atook.
If they'd advertise wttb a we'd like to
pair them; but theyjdoii'fc Oet yAur
good of Jacob May or. jle keeps an ex-
ceiieat stock and ie very aoopmawwlati ng.
Other letter will br anawemf next
week. - -' ' - - -- J x - . '.'.',h
i . a i . u. t. .
..t,.,-Ea JpxTfcAXD, Dreon,
The advent of your newspaper I we
timed; It demonstrates a aometlmaadhv
puted fact, that the world tloca move,
and that we live In an' age of p rug-ruts.
It la an event worthy of eamaaenwara
ttea,tbaM far eff Oregon, the Oem tf
the rtttyle, a daughter of Columbia la
unfurled the banner of freeilom, greeting
her Atlantle atatem with the elf-e vUent
truth, that woes a wrH a manpwaY
endowed by her creator .'with natural
anj Inallenahle rights, amawawt which
am rife,' liberty anrf tba -purrott of hap-
nlneaa." "'1''
''Duty la the aubUmest wont In our
language.", ; .; -T
llamau virtue ahould be emiel to
human charity.
. Montcequieu truly .ooserve ! ;'Th
safety ef n cMaie depends en the virtue
and Intolngenee ef IU women. ' ' "r
To write an essay Upon1 woman, and
do her Impartial Justice," la an rmposing
and delicate task.- On no ether subject
have writer run late grrttef extremes 1
or differed ao widely. The most nainvt
filHlls'.fiilsrj'..ahe kmmnl Atu,iiirfTheTa-iryns
the nssst vindictive amUhemae have
been showered upon her In co)loua cf
union. She' meriU none - of theae.
Tha man who. flatter U apt to betray
woman r and be who -condemn the
aei aa a pedes, and t ever ready to ex-
pre his contempt show tla he ha
bean anfortunate In hla association or
hla advance, perhaps both. or thai
h haa'never been favored with the so
ciety of Intelligent, rv fined women.
FUhmN tostelh about sad draw tnmtt air
rrusa Um m lime, or (ass Bitoa ths sbbI
Tim la br trrm f
Jtenlade, a cltireu of Corinth, pur
chased Dlogene wheu sold as g slave.
lie naked the tub philosopher what he
eouki ikx MCommand. freemen V
the promiit and, leeooi reply, which ao
pleased hi purchaser that. he imn
dlately .. net - him at liberty. -' Inde
pendence, aa U usual with true lover of
freetlom, was a strong trait In the char
acter of Dlogcnea. Alexawler Ue Oreat
once Visited him. la hla rub, and asked
htm "what favor he could bestow upon
him, - "Oct out of my auushlnc,' waa
hi quick and earnest to. answer.. , The
eeaMiueaar or the woru turned to hla
courtiers and eald, "Wr re I not Alex
auder I ahould wish to be plogcnea.'!
"OtLani qf msr auaiwe,l' we would fu
pectfullv suinrrst ae a motto to ha In
scribed en the banner of thiswecond Ihje-
laratfcm erf intlependenea-'und bill" of
ruruta. i A l votrr. myaeir, I aay give
iiffun v Ainvri uijwiu a '
women n ehana to hne their
oNn the avenue of arMettsaatotrad
and businesa, Including the eo-eelled
'tearned peawaiilona,'' a booori4e
eacnpetitlon r-nn dlarrfmhtaUon m m
ssnnt of aen tar re pre ntoUow er taxa
tion. ' Wenre rtad that already la manv
parte ef eweouaary the Hirht and aMI-
ity of womwn to engaaw in the learned
rawawsnosje aeos9ueo, and I n many
Instances they have honored their pra
nwadon. The aaost disti nrul.bed doctors
of medians In obstetrical practice ad
vise the eaapiojaietUo aa acnoueheusn.
and we preaam no inteiltswnl nun will
doubt woman's sstaptabillty to 'treat
auweeawfuily sii the diseases ineidnnt to
ber sex, wre qwuinea by medical
doastlna That he ts erraallT ad anted
to ttaTltrofeasiowja of theology and the
av we mina wiMae ieenneiteit when
wk take laaa ennauieeatten
known appreclaUenof theeardiaal vir
tue, faith, hope, charltv anri iuattem.
Her qnlrkles rtfJt-rLi4,,n has long
been acknnwrledfrof, and we think her
"glftof galrwlll not he dl-puted. Thai
aha haa proved uccesaful in some of the
moat dlfflctdt'andlmpnrtant branehea
m ousuieaa, ucn a teacungf lecturing,
oopying, toawhahdlahag, banking teis-
gmniiUtg, tyneraettUNC, juut vmi tl.
Uug, baa been m.'iiuuatrated. e cite
tcasalw point, - Ahwly of our aruuslnt-
ance, about twenty-fl ve year of ajre, haa
lor in laat nv yearn aeten aa taraea
agent Uaaomoeat tbejiruotioupf two
of the most Important railroad lu New
KngUnd. where not lea than aeventy
coupon ticket are daily sold lortiiHtant
point, inauiMgaiaaviiuiiiiii r rne is
also telegraph operator for that station,
and haeiite aeuutatiaav of haiaar ana of
the twwtaouiwf reader on the coutluent- I
Another marked featum In the case is
tlmt tmvelrrs alwaya aneeive from her
a pjuanpt and elvil anewee to queotioue
for information. Ho far, vomau'a ca
pacity to grapple with the stern realities
of life can no longer be questioned.
But to allow her the elective .fran
chise, and theraby qualify her to asso
ciate on election occasion with the rab-
bte that congregate In tlte character or
American torerriffnt, , lsoiilng WKh
their neatlferoua breath the ataioapuem
arouiMi the ballot eX why, th very
thotujht la. horriQ iug lAwdsUUlcs
same oftjecmrs Will invire tiHir lany
friend to the theater, picnlca, Fourth
of-dwly h-hraikma, rtti , ami era ever
ready to (lance attenuauce as uuur pro,
tetitor. when there l no ihuurer.- But
aay these champion, "We could not un-
aenaxe o prmera yon, www, www. tiers,
siatcre, daughters, aweetltcarta, friends,:
at the txrtU." Then picaae 'get out
of their sunshine. !" . , .
"But what will become of the hal.le
when their mother are untie to elec
tion V What become, of them -uow
when their mothers attcud churdi and
filacee of public resort T My brethrcu,
t I for the purpose of reforming the
abusea of aaciety that we ciam tlie bal
lot for woman. We n-gard It already
reduced to the allude ouestion of expe
diency. Then let us put K to a prac
tical teat, or else atop our inremai prai
lng about lnoapaWyfto veto right, -In
aiireformatory meveiuwuta the co-operation
of women haa been sought for?
Then why not ecceit it In this? . From
the morning of her creation she haa
figured extensively tn uie urama or me.
Many rUiaksperiaa readem claim that
the greatest conception of 11m immortal
poet wa hi "Menhant of .Venice,?!
lleaf Portia, in the character of a doctor
of laws, discourse to Hhyleck in Act IV.,
Hccew L--rsad Ifc n We think it will
Mtmnwra faVorablV WItnth cclcbraieu
OWCHjeU lT AJI1K , rNHUluuu, WH
. . Vl . A...I
CKIVfJ tJfl-tUVU n-r 1 a "sVssf -"
vhlcb tuu teeu baHtkHl downy t4
a. v d. 1 1 mmMi I laBiiits sfa ss-n-
Pum JumZlmX
T . m . 1 . . . ...... . . .1... I
atromrest- mfea-uards of society. aiuL In
MuiHM-tlnn with th habeas cornws. Con
stitute tile bulwark . or civil nuerty.
Un am tried by a iury of their peer.
Women am not albiweti to have even a
pertpf the Jury of their own sex. Owing
to the Jleeus rranted attorneys to In
dulge hv tirade of obaoen vulgarity
and . biafiluruanUm...ih poor, teen-
biiug,' and it may be inuot'ont vlotlm, is
denied the csnsolaUon of Hie society
ther own sex tn-1 lie hour 6r tier sorent
And ahouid there be an Iwie
pendent, nobte spirit willing to pass the
nrv owIhoI. anil tie ner preseiwe nicer
and comfort- the ' rrisonnT hc
knowathat ahe must brave Uie tauntt
and Jeers of counsel and rabble, and last,
u not teaat, tne eriucisma 01 au tue ooo
horse papers In trumpeting her name a
a " si rong-mlmled woman, woman'
rlvht advocate.'' and expressing under
&ublleaded captiona their holy horror
at a woman -tieiiur preaour durinu the
trial of on o( her own sex in a court of
Justice. . By a construction, or rather
a nctlon, of ine saw wmy tdiiuih i
opposed to knew and mtdcratand all it
Inlreclee, a she la peid aineiiable to Its
penalties. Then Is it not evident that
under the present system of excluding
romen from the courts ami luiie. ex-
eept it be In thocha racterof nrl-piHT. 1
that calls ft wonwwi's ballot t eorrwotUt for their cldklren. Women gen-
To my mind ther n valid reason for
fonrer withholding the elective fran-
ebiiwfrom a m in. There- tenodaneer
f it eontaminatlng the oaowis. i-Thel
real danger is that they will elevate tue
standard of morals and politics to a
platform ao high uat-tu occupation oi
aome of our awouern Othellove will be
anncv Aa It ts only av question or Um,
si iIl w not now gracefully extend the
hand of political fellowship, aexL wltn
th sent I meat erf Ingomas and Partlie
nla my, "Twe enuh With but a si Bate
thourht. two hearts that beat aa one."
I will eooctod till rainMing. article
bv merely namlnt woman ae a phllan
thropist. ' Wbo haa not heard mt Mlasi
Dorothy Dtx, ct ewr awn aauntryrwho
for more than a quarter m a eentury has
eVeUuted Iter 4Jme, htv fortune and her
talent for the amelioration er uie eon-
ditkin of the uitfoitunatnin mtfwytama
and the Intrratncttoiie of retewna m the
artei nm of the United Ftatee. 'Will she
not eomnam favorably with n Howard T
and Florence Nhrhtlntrale wMh Wllber-
forceT W snm rmtarmsMKUsr 1-
stawBss .women xemoUTvla
than atpartan hem tarn during thw reoent
great elvll war, by ndnisterliurto tNe
wanta of ewr eien ana HsmDi snwiiwrs
to the enmn. flew I. hwwpltal nnd prti
IH the aaarble and the brass racoril tlie
deed Of ssliers; their will live When
the last hiM4wtawaa4ald aak his pen,
and th ehlari hae forever felWn frtmt
the hand of the erureaor. U. iU L
Mark Twain. In hi duer4i(ion of a
bwhionabl I tall he once aUiKictl. says:
"Mr. W. M. waa stUmi I a an tiegaut
ttalt aVete irrns, made- expressly lor
her. and waa s really adiulreil. . Mis ts
had tier hair don up- t-he waa the cen
ter of attraction for th xcntleineii, and
the envy of aU the iaaie. Ails u. .
w aa Usiefull v dressed In a tout entcmltlr,
and waa greeted wlUidafrnlngaipUua
wlierwer,. alia went. Mia 0, . wa
snnertilv arrayed in white Kid slot-
tier modest aud engaging manner ac
corded well with tlie utipretcn-itiur sim
plkiity of her costume, awl caused her
IO a rrgarueu WiiU anvniiux inieren
bv vrv on, klis 1L P. with that
rrpugnaucw to ostentation lu drw w hich
1 ao peculiar to her. wa attired in a
simple whit lace oolUr, feateiMsi w ith
a neat pearl button . solitaire. The
rliirmln VI Ua XL 41 B aiHMSaml 111
Uuillingwtrfll...JIow buuitiful she
was! Theradiaat and yll4ika Mrs.
F. wrore hoop, be showed U sod
advanten. nud ereatetL a sensation
whsruTsr she, sppeared. Bli
gajast ofjhe gaj., a :,. u
, BBawwwsasauwwwasawaWanwanBaaawwaaaaaas
ATOUng lady, at an examination In
grammar. ,wa anked- nuy tu noua
bwchelot" Wa sllwuiar. - Klie tidid
Immediately, with great naivette, Vlte-
It I Terr alnxnUr they don't set
mU .... y ... -..
"-r,V. KM.- TICTOI I TUTg.,
From a long and Interesting article In
the Democratic Era Mr. Victor we
eontlclise the following. Our apace doe
not ndmlt of the whole i "
If men -are- good enough' to be-the
fathers, bruUiem and huabanda af good
wouwu, titers ia no fear that they are
not good eiwMigh to be their associates
lu other ''relation of life, including
businesa and imllUew. If they are aln
eem. in, thinking thmuanlvea mint for
such con tact, the deepest wrong they
can U w women tliey do w hen they
proiose to tnem ao intimate a relation
skip a nmrriage. If woman married to
baa nwn-aeap-emteminaUonr why
shall it be feared for them that they
shall be Injured by buying and selling,
or by voting In their company f
- It does, we confess, eeem absurd to
attach geiMktr to the question of human
riKhte. Ahsohiteijr aluLnUhuut reju
dice, (ne human Iwiiix can have no
tight which do hot belong equally to
all other, human beings, circumstance
Alasthiteljr andniUiout
beiiui'. equal. - tJMuuwstamia I Aye,
tlun's th rub. KxDedlotH'V orlnexne-
Uleucy, after all, must Tver goveni the
n uestlonof right ; for, morally speaking,
the moment that we discover a thing to
l inexpedient we lose our riiibt to do it.
The ruiitrage ia the onn great right for
w bh'b women are now contending, anl
wlietlier they are Justified In demanding
It or not depends upon It expediency,
and that akMi. Wu haver then only
thai to ctMiHiiler in detcnululug, the
propriety of Woman HufTrage.-" ; T
' lew pcrwons would feel Justified lu
aascrtiiig that any run of .men ought
to bo restricted to a certain round of
occupation which ahould le denomi
nated dutitt and be maue Dinning upon
theiuio tlie exclusion of everything else,
no allowance being made of dlflerene
of taste. Inclination or capacity. No
one . would deny that auch exclualon
wa a specie or slaveryv mental aa well
as social and physical, nor that It would
in the long run urely dwarf the capacl
ties of th class so enslavot If, slowly
and brdegrce,tbey lattled suoiesfully
witn ine tyranny which neiu tnem tu
ImiMUge. and nne little by little to free
dom and nill development, great would
lie their award or praise, uut not wnue
tliey wem In the struggle would tliey
receive commeTMiat low. ateu are siow
to praise anything whose success t not
warmnted.--T-- .
Thcreaent desire or women lor pol It
loaf right la founded In their conviction
IIUKDIUIII , AI.U lltl . III., Tl l.l..U.
ail IIMI1VKIU! eauHeiK-e n w in ,iiu w
attempt" th accomplishment or any
worthy oblect The antaoonism which
ex tut in. the mind of men toward
Smjecta iultiated by women must ever
i-foat their usefuines In any but the
HONcrlbod field, ao long as men -only
lold the votlnir privilege. It ia perfectly
uwlesa to define th - cause of thia
aptaaronismi the mct-ot' iu existenee
ia patent and cannot be Ignored. If,
then, wmucn,baving found out that t tiers
I work for tnem, guon paying wore in
which both inciinauoa ana prorn
alive 1 heneaa befhrr they have, poll
rally, never been hnrnVwe do not know
orany good and sumcient reason wny
they should not begin to exist In this
new sen.
The motive commonly ajhwed la a
fear least women should neglect those
peculiar labor which rrovMence ha
assigned them tn tlie beartnr and "rear-
ins chikimn. . And nere indeed we ae
for ouraelveea great apjiarent disquali
fication fr those pursuit-which are
most profitable and hmioraUl.- 'ot
that-w 7'yyhtt ""T
children ahould lwctect them, or turn
OKHiKterw - of unnatural indifference to
affection svnemllv. But there is a very
Tcrfoar that they ahould overtask
theiiuwlvea'lhrouKh the diwlre to do the
erally are mora umqiaring of them
selves tluhi men; aiwl could they ace
an opiiortuulty of swintng money or
any otlier row by the eomrdetr aacTi-
llce of Uiomseive tliey wouui ue uauif
to tills sneciea or seii-immoiaiion.
' Ami vet would not th rhrht to make
iawa. if conferred upon women, be
th surest mthodvc eormtlrur any
evils that mhtht grow out ef the new
order of thi ngs? Ccrtal ujy women m ust
see for - themselves I lie Hiantrers mat
might beect them, and beMhe first to
avert th peril by emu-ting laws hay Ine
ia view their own preservation 'And
that of tbelr ofrMtirins. If In the family.
tlie schoolroom ami Uie church, the ad
vice and co-operation of women naw Bern
asafiil whe-not ecnuUly ao In affairs of
every kind in wnicn tne mutual luicr-
ests ol men ana women are invoiveu 7
Men too often talk as if what women
wished In ohUlnlng the right or aunrage
was notoriety meruiy. W't believe them
to be uujust lu thl estimate o( uie f ui
frairUtM. Wohicn naturally and by
custom "dislike notoriety. . Tlicre cer
tainly are exemptions to tne rule, out
tlie rule remain. Aa they Ware, by
universal ounsenh the rouxher and more
publie contests of every -day life to men,
Very gladly, ao they Will leave those po
ll t teal ouestiona and national cotieern
lo which mea may prov Ilia wisest
lixlrea to tnem.- iMMiew uicj uesarw
otuy to nave n vosrw) in una) miibwiii
which eflect their own and their chil-
a . a 1 a ..l
. . . t. , . . V 1
wren-e welfare, and wnura give narae-t
ear aud ekirtiuf to tbe mora. Of uie
world. If there are some Who are am
bitlous simply r ambiUon'a sake, they
fiiui few aympaUilser among their own
sex, and would nnd little eejeouragw-
ment weretneyito oner tnemsoive lor
palilie paaiUnawhiehttiey are unfitted
Id nil. ' - -- "
HaTirBvlulxu Tliere are no less
Uian aeven varUHUw of timber enumer
ated by the Han Kmnolsoo board of under
writer aa suitable for whip building,
which are to be found In abundance on
pnget Hound. IHeb rosin and turpenr
Una of a superior quality have been pro
duced in, and exported from, thia local
ity, ttael and iron are both at hand
in abundance. The facliltlea fombtain
lu epam ami ship' knee on the spot
areiHTfecC AU Uieae alvaitres, adlel
to llie extensive aluire tin of the Hound
suitable for ship yards, the clieapnesa of
labor, bed and lumrwr, potut to ingei
Hound as the great alilp building center
of Uie Pai ine tstat, Thia industry nad
very ewawlderalile pro
he itraseoi universal de
m shipping interest be-
aires ty reached
uortiona before tbe
dine of American ablppimT
can: ami rwreful esilmafea.imvie- by
E tlcal fdilp-bulHers and confirmed
experience, slwrw beyond quetkm
r 'vessels can t built and equipped
ooiudderablr protierly Juyjer-rent.
rlieaper on I'nirst HKMid Uiin anyp here
t-lse in lb l ulled Htaua.
.... v swju
; - fTiei asrlfcasrs atewUUy.l ... r
RUwk wwda mt wtnU, sMs sad nslst. . i
VtiMh aet ay rat wiUi rr suuswi hmtU,
tterltwdrs ,IJSwdsrisslrtna. ,
f-osseUwsaa4 tnewdloas,s4 itarrinf lfiaud.
bmmubw ay u wans iry wklpsorUMraiMf .
t wsader, aarlora, i my roUI wsy,
fsrestliaafaarlsyaswiairssaiaat hiwi,
. Toofws te fewssl sad tea awwfry ta ara..
I teak stalls slsaily sslsssHks4w1llwa.'
' TUsl lias wUk aUr asaadswr th sssnvsx ,
lUwsdj ..-.7;-,
I fiuu-jr th brlchlacas a4 Wannth ut the
award, wHh Us Wis sad hW
I see lb head bowed with a reveres! eu
. l- .
A Massing Is tewsthsd arr the ssaistauas
" .Jses) '''SflTj-'V ' ' ' " '- :..:.1-'
Wtil n rlsa te Uw ssraf ths aUUht rslhss.T""?
ireJu-iJrof ths said, llaeU vsswnnsd's wyTt ,
llarkt sahtalawtl' Ta shlaas jmsi th shwnh-
tower saavs as' ,. , ..
-Drar sohnwBly dors tbrowflr th wtitrt at
Ifeos seuld bat psa thesasb the rM I law -
Could slsrs thaw, sad drtaaa lhat It was
iMihledsadwarwit . , "
iOIts wsyr erarl.aanl let M thsoach W a
Ulve wsarl
fist tfBaw,aad
wiads ra
- jUri " : s . . - . w
-Jia mum la Ifls Ihhuh? lot II U vatabond rhU
- No mow la llhi worrtr ww aa aatrast ladle
Ko room lu ITU
dwrlllnf a mom la tit
WwwCsKlIt wrissas aw ha
erlata. .. . . . , , j. '
h lam tooa la Uts bed of lbs ritrerifl wwdT,
Uscp dowa by Ui pier, la the eos and the
sllaiet ' " - 1 " ' . . r
Muck sw, asaaUHa wladi . I saa teach hot aa
. Aa hoar sd jroar blllsrsat wralh I derr ;
Ml aos ban shut m out at Odd! booa swian(
I will kwactt at th gate
i W Uls
skjri i.-.-r ; i-
, ,""'Ta pretty af sihlngtoa. "
The High Commission haa completed
If work.. The resnlt. Is a treaty whose
substance I a follows:
A - to the Confederate cruisers: the
British (iovernmeat frankly expreasee
It regret at the Incidents complained of
by the United Htatea. The settlement
of claima la referred to ntrllwiial of five -
vniiea mate, one oy ureat iintain,
on by each of three irHicpendeut na
tiona. Tlie treaty lay down rule a to
ine reaponsiniiitiea or ncuiraia, Ui lie
binding hereafter, and to be the stand-'
ard of the tribunal as to what I peat,
rYom the disclaimer' of the English ;
CommlHsloner aa td the previous exist
ence of these rulea, it niny be Inferred
mat iney eovarsuostantlaiiy tue ground
claimed oy Amerloa.--. - .-
Mlscelhiueou claim of citUena 0
either nation are referred to an ordinary
tyiuf IiriisircltlHiBa for hswss-aWawfthe
U-I Uid-M-llioav. Til mmm tmf atudi la
mi xeo commission. Tmsincioieciaim
Uebclliou. Tti scope of such
greatly limited by the rule Just an
nounced by Kufrtaud IterHelf, in respect to
foreign residents In France.
Tlie sea Asheriea an th coasts of each
nation are declared absolutely free to
el 1 1 sens of the other. A, mixed eoni ml,
shut; with- an umpires-appointed by a
mendiy power, is to -decide whether
this mutant eonoi inei givea any pre
ponderaww of ail vantages to either
party, ami ditermlne the payment of "
-lheequal freedom of Uie M. Inwrence,
compensation aecoruiniriyr
Lake Mleblsan and th canals is W
cUrwiL TIU peavteion and those eon-
Aum ( ItaW ft la A wlVatSlaa ' J - - J
.uj, tooVctlonofXnirnjandl,artlaV '
nte,, and at the Canadian l"rtim.nt
aud A'nnee riwaru s island legisla
ture. -
The decision a to Ui north western rv
boundary line I . referred" to the Ein-
perorof tterrwawy. 1 f"'-
Titm . -m-hAia antlla mrm Hum 1
given, w regard a fully meeting ail
the Junt rxiK-ctatlons of 7uf i-ountry,
ami a honorable In a hlirh degree to
the wisilom and -wwswauiriiity of tha
tw naifous. We beUeve that Its raU
flcaUon will close a deplorable quarrel
Itctween natural friends; planting over
Its grave- aroonwment of Justice, and
the foundation for itoblev relation he
tween nation than have ever been seen.
As Ainvrtcwa eitlsens, our most aensi-
Uve isUriotlMinla gratined by Knglamr ....
manly expression f regret. for the pas;
while for (be aatiirfart ton stew material
rights, wa leak with swUss swwfUieucc to A
the Impartial arbiter- a ppointetL ..As
frieiKls oTFJiKlaml, wehinr the spirit
In which she ha met us. In the' Inter
est of the whole worbl. for the sake of
civilisation and fhrUrtlanltyj we rejoice
tnat awen a rewuit naa neni rcw-nixl py
auch mean, that ticms'filf 'dlapusslout '
haa wrought sot fust a "ettlemcnt of a
great international difference. Vti
trasting the dispute of Oermany and
Finnee, with its trivhU cause and bar- '
batuan-anethoila and bitter fruits, with "
this atllustmcnt, w may well take-
heart for the worir and le-
lieve that a better time ia dawning.
UnrMtwav-tu - . x- rr4.-trr
rrkirei-nWirai FnUter.
in a' lanrs
n-Hl. hmA ,:nta
parish, had seventeen couple to marry
at once In a (rrand common eervlr at
church. In the coarse of th weddruaj
he asked ene of th nam to pledge hint
elf to the. wrong woman. Tbe man
naturally proteateil, but waa told. "Hold
youtjtonguef I will all nowi
and here ; yen ean sort yowrweivee going
bom.' .. v- . "osF-r'.-, :",.'-."
A lady was passlns alonr a street the
other day, when she wa met by a young
maa roll of bad whiaky, who la starsvr-
ing aast aiepped en her dresa. Tunifng
to the lady, he remarked swdoicetlcally,.
"Hoops take up too much pxiin." To .
which the lady quietly replied, "!fot so
much as wnmry, sir' and paased on. ,
. j 1 1 1 - r '.,-'
"Never," aay a hen-pecked man,''
"marry a woman worth mrw than tlioU
art. When J married my "wife I waa
worth' fifty cent, and ahe was worth
sixty-two eentot and when any differ
ence ha occurred between Us site thru :'
up the odd shilling. . , - ,
-fts'xs mys that Vermont la famous for
four staple, "men, women, me4e auger
ejrMlorse. ,Tlie first are strong, the
last are fleet, th aecnml and thinl ex
eeetllnxly sweet, and all unemwmonly
hard to beat,'' r . ' "r- ' -
. , ij,lil- . TTT, ?
two font-rule Don't stumbl. i(''","7
: i.'i .. i-i. ., v 1 1-- - f ' ;'. , v -i
L':J 7,lCZ7l 1... .'-.--.""- .,
,V i -i''" i"""',' 1 1'"