The new Northwest. (Portland, Or.) 1871-1887, May 05, 1871, Image 1

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    ni',;',4;;i: imnwAT, rjriet.
mmr-THr4 ooai Wa-4rtoa) .
Ih .m.-,i i.. ta lt't MiMMeaJ'.
linli'4 -liiWtif iu riilulr uJ lU hi'ii
Mix. im M l.ivf ImKn, oiij Tin n mull!)
R...U- .1 in lttu ami Kl.lil Wnli
il ll.t Mj- .
rritMM, far aovakti
. I
. I
In Mkr lU MMr to oaaaitle tb
dlfftrent bearing uf thi. wonderful doe
uuuHit, we roeed to DUk It agveraj ,
.rUcJu, -cUoii. " 4r,B ' ,Wi'
n-gulirnnW, and aholl me l ,h"
in full that t may place It properly Vie-fun-
(he puhlk
Article flint, acctlou one? We. the
uulerlgnd, do hmby apil to your
honorable laaly, aiuJ,.dpoire rtfuU
to ntr.ur pruteat agabwd- on exten
(Ion of mtTrage to wwiw;"
Jimt tier we pwua to UmmIt who I
Ahaira PhelV Hm Oalnlnhmg" boiIum
of thi uawtrmanly prof cat? Why fent
4u- rudlut? WI'.T dWt alu) hkk
Uhluti the Initial of lu lord ami tao
tcr, da the wife f our worthy
Senator, the beautiful and "ahrlnkliig"
Mm. Henry W., wIkj, Ilk henaelt, im
agine thai ahe w capable W dictating
lo tlio tolling wonifii of Anierk-a coir
cerniog what they IM "' 1iat tl?y
ball not do? Wo repeal, th ituoaUou,
who in AJiiiira Phclpa, wilh th. UU of
Mra? And why la It obligatory
un Arr t aeek to aliridge the Inher
ent right of th womnof Amcrka?
Wr have riffhl to know all about ber,
and we auk for information In the ho
that auiuebudy' iuay eidlghten u con
cerning thi iu-If-coi..Ulutud dh-tator to
the Congrea of tbeae I'lilted rWatca.
hi ahe the wife of wtiue pr man, who
ha uev.r been willing tu beetuw UpoW
her the comfort"! Wo? I i u
prllcl, aa are half tle mother of men,
In addition to performing Uie bouaehokl
laliura iinwwary fr a UrK 6unil-, to
io fxtra work at half wmir in orWf to
provide ftmd for hemetf ainl ehlklren?
And dora ber huidand ever lue kit Lih
preroKKtl a rul-r f hJ rIni U iot
leet and upend her earning at the gntf
Mhop or framing Ublef Io her earning""
ftotoenrh'tt the keepera of den of It
fajuy, lil. U wlveaaial niotliera a nV
nltxt the rlirht to UfrWlate out of elat
eiHH? Ii ahe, an a working woman,
fur wlumi el(lit hour lawa are nwrer
uiaW, U1 lor half waitea at douhlu work
over t lie wah-tul or In the klU heil,
with no hope of promotion, while a
man with half her Uralna, being a fofrr,
mi with balf her aianduity au4 Uith-
fulixwa, work hla way up to aime hlf h
ortl. e where UUr la Ilirht and pay la
.ju..t? Vv. vrllv. for tboucb tui to
tbe time of the puMiealiun of Utla peti
tion we had never heard of Almira
ItuJja, yet we know that Jtht. kJUO
haulutely notulns peraouaily , of Uw
wntaxifwaut; that ah uaa never earned
. mt ilnemi't know the real
KIUT fk "
the amount of dollar, and kwowa no
more whout the hardablpa of the Women
who toll ftr brral than we know about
the intrigue ami wlre-pulUnir a nan
engage in when be wanta ofttiw. ,
tectlon teriMMt: "Ami In the flrra le
llef Unit our petition rereenti tle
aoher eonvictloua of tbe majority of Uie
women of the country."
We remember tbe fainoua peti
tion of certain mbrtaken but over
aealuua colored men who, daring the
(real rvU-lllon, bucouitn aUrnied ' at
tbe proapavt of a a)Mwdy rele4Me from
tMHhktfre, prwared and rireotated a pe
tition containing a rlanne mo like thl
one that we are Inelliied to U
lleve that the name head wbleh eon-
celved the one hath hrourht firth the
other. That petition fell, like thin one
' will, liefore the dawning of a lrirhter
day, and It lg;nern are renieinWred, a
tbiwe who ljrn thi will be, aa Worthy
companion of Dame Partington, wImi
tried U aweep back ill wave of tbe
AUantte with a aaep. -
Artk'le accond, acctlon one: "Al
though w ulirUik froui Uie uotorivty of
tit pabuw eye, yet we are tn deeply
ami palnrUtrylipreaaed ly the rrrat
peril which threaten our peace," etc.
That 'SthrinklnaT from the pwMlo e-"
whlrh rauwa a nmnher of niahionable
butterfllea, wlto nightly flaunt tbclr
(Wry-paid for by the people tlwuuKli
the gay throng at the capital, to come
voluntarily heftre tlte public, In the
moat (til.Jui pS.ttloii wtiTcb olncn
u poMHlbly awiuaie, la a tyle of
"aftrinklng" whk h we utterly mil to
appreciate. Jmt null "great JSrila,"
too, a tlwaa.' wbleh "threaten our iwace
and bap4ifcM," wee. (urmii h by their
colored ' protoiypca. They nev.r real
ised them, however, and we take grcai
pleaaure in awwwliig tlieae, tlielr fright
rnetl follower, tbalautih peril will m.t
vertak tJteinnnleaa, ilHlead, ' diey
do get arared to death, which brn't at all
likely. Their peuft-anlou and practice
. too loudly conlradlol. ob otlier fur na
. ta AW4 mi4 Mm m fur their nraaanl
HectlfHi two: "lieoaua Hdy Sori
Mre inculcate a dtnVreni and Kir n
higher aphere, apart frni public life."
Then, gooil bidlea, advoeat. of tlilx
'Sti It.iwnt ami hlirher niwre." w. i-nn.
Jure you to o uniMinWnt j3fSfftiK
ami atay there! lajSfolu frtrfn tin'
tapilai fnmoAeiKK-brty of gay women
ltd worry nu n; ree trying to out
hlngeach otlu-r at reccptlona ami
rve; lay able fllrUtlou and flm-r) ;
ta Op 41 diatatf aavd apln; grind uru
at Uie mtllr erk and waeh ami mend
fcar your cblldreu but do keep- out ofjand engag appreotb-ea at aooM vm
publb: life! . AW ' 'apbent' ' i. a kigher 1 Ad oalling, witk a view to aeMlimf theWf
one! Ami when you think you have an
VOL. 1.
opinion don't, we pray you, "aliruk"
lnt print, but Ulk to your huatwiMia
about H at borne
ArtkU tldrd; "Bet-auae, a women,
And a full m. enure of duties care
and retwMlltle dr-volving upoti ua,
atid we arf lerefore inwlUhig-io brt?
other aJad.htmvief burilena, and Ume
unauited taoitrphyaieaj organlaatloiia."
We toiling and tai-paylug, but read
Ukg and ntaaonlnV wwntn, who Uy at
home blW tlieae,, paraaitiM upuu the
public houuty are flirting at tlte Cap
ital, do not care a ninjfle straw if tbey
JoM4vote. Lt UnM UwUie "heavy
btinleW' mt taWliioaabl. Ufa if tliey Hfce
H. VTe even doubt their aMllty to
ve. A aewdble pxen-lae of the Inlier-
elit right of francbia h doubtleMi "un
wuiutd to their phyaieal organiaalioiia."
We di not wMi to abridge their jirivil-
egv autl we Hiol eiuiHMiu-aio ueujr
their right to interfere with our prerog
ative. HV have U.nie, awl are to-tbty
bearing, "other and heavier burden."
tban the eaatlnguf a ballot or lbj voting
oarrteivva of aalar-.
Article 4th: "Bis-auae we hold that an
exUaixlon of aufTrage would lie adverae
to tbe intereeta of the working wouieu,
with whohl we hearttly aympathlie."
That 4tynipathy" amarka of the aame
oaut a. "aliriuklug from tlte public eye."
If working weauea eouldu't reatl tbe
paja-r thce 'Sdirlnklng," "aynipathli
Ing" wlve.i of Oencrala, m-liaton. anil
Adnilra!. ai tb -utf (.'iiul, w lio
Uieir preaeut paaltion to tlie toil of
the people, might catch them with aucb
liaiL (VrUiu vidoreil pctlllotu-ra ayiu
aattbtaed uiol lieartily with tbe Uves
I Mil It waa all the good It did them.
They (tbe xlave; ruhel right on to
freetlnlu and victory.
Arth k fifth: "Beoauiw UtU change
muat Introduce a fruitful element of
dltfcordintbeexlating marriage relation,
which would tend to the infinite detrl
naent'of cbi kl n-a, and increaae the al
rady aJarnilng prevalence of divorce
throughout the bind."
WluWb, being Interpreted, uieana tlial
tlwae netlttuian rrawtn fa Ux madC
riage relation becauae they are' wm
pcllud to di ao." Tliey aeviu to reaTTae
that it would not do lor tbeui to vote.
Weil, we believe they'd better not. We
do not advocate an Increaxe of divorce,
aud any woman who fcar Uia; tbe frau-
eaiaa would aAbct ber iu tbia way had
better deal.
Article atxth: "Bocauae no gcm-ral
law aitectlug tbe couditiou-of all Jr-
titav ahowkl -bo pawd ta weot exoep-
tlonal diacouteiit."
Thla artlcie upaet the theory of . the
wlaul petition, and the (act that tlie
petithaa eontaina It leaMla ua to hnja-
tliat tlieae bwiiea J"av&t Icarnhe
value of a moral obligation, and tbe
BManiug of aa inberent, Inalienable
right which riaea alnve aex, eante nr
complexion, aiid eatabllahea Iteclf piii
the eternal foundation of univeraal
Arttck? aeventhi "For theae ami many
more rcaaon do we teg of your wi
dom," eU;. -
Aa theae "inanv more reaaoiat" are
inereirally .pared un, we of courae can-
not give them that attention which we
boe they merit.
1 " - " '" - I1 -'- i -FASJH0I8
No matter how Kale the tilj.-t of
ilre may I?, no mutter who may laugh
or acofT at It, yet none can deny tliat
there really should be aaenaible uianlwc
of arraying the human form. How to
tire. iM-autlHilly, appropriately, ii-oliom-tuailA-
ami health fully i a matter in
which no jK-raou auould he aaliaiaed to
take reaannalde mtereat. We ohaerve
much beauty In Uie varlou atylesof Iu
exiwnaive jpaaJa. White material, auch
aa lawms Miualina, piiiMw, organdie
gml llneiaa, will he much worn; while
buff linen, and a new Ilium tmlied ha
tbite, fin lulled iu tiny tri, will be a
Mafibmahle a the anme atyle. of good
were laid yeatl For cheap, pretty ami
duraldc wear, notiiiag cau CUaJ tbvli,,, ,iWVuim on the tre,-ta, alluring
itiaimon 'Vaiii-odre." You may make i u,v- to tuiMuperam-e; great apbb m alt
It up aa Myltaniy a yoy like, call It
cnintx, or any otin-r more nigw - ouul -
i"g -namer but It ltWi l.-autiful in Ha
Itnglit, pureMmplklty. Much waahlng
Win md fale1t, much Wearing will not
)ai It, and no matter how limited tbe.
wearer, mean, it rheapitea luakea It
available. Motlicra, with mall Income
ami large mmlllea, may well reJoi-e at
thr lelgn of calico. .
In millinery tlie gliy atyhw arc all the
rage. Tliey are v-ry hecourfng toyoutli-
ful fa.'e, ami their neat ami ?eTty
tli nun I iu help to frwduiu up the fea-tun-
of the Ltdinl aud careworn.
Kverylly diould trj' to baik a retty
aapoaalbU, not 6nrHtlng that a rcaaona
uierrgaru mr one- ,. nd cimlirlon, a
uenouMi uy j haand color. bvhleiM-e
11 I1MIIIIV pTTIIlTl'ljr ,
Tbe "aamlowu" Itata, otherwise ty led
tnpay nat," - "aa
The aw silver tlpad aboca are nov-l
ami tieeoinliig, Imt their .high prire ren
der, them unavalUblc for the majority
of our mMi-pruducin4,overilroingdi4Ia
uf aoeirty. The heat thin for theae
ahbaaabb belle 4do4 4oeeoae-4k4k
I ing au much about lajraonai ad,rninenC
eea at antoe ateady bwdneaa wbea
' 1
thev ball have beeoiue effluluut La It. I
)uu'4 be afraid of apoiliug your hano
for matrimouy. Pbnty of "tiargatn"
will reabr ftr you when you are aide
to "auppurt a faiully,1"
' l
riBHiois roa OLJTLEMEI.
Men care nothing at all for faiddonfc'
Of oourae tbey duu'ti Hucb lnflulteai
anal rtiiiiUritiMt aa go to furiu tbe
UKidern hiak-op of a nudiloiuibie
. i k
woman are imK Iu le lolerateil iy Ijie v
atroUg-tuiMikal lord, of tbe aidvftlk,rll
knMt, ao tbey Bay, and wo airaht they
lllingly make ua U-llrA c. Hut It'a no
uxe talking, gi-utlenicn," vihi lu jMty
great attention ly tlui frmlilonn. Vur
boot heel are aa high, yiturkid glitve
a faultUaa, yout bala w atylisb, uul
your bow ami cravat, a "kJUlutf,'' u
t'l veriest In-Ue'a alive. We learn from
your gnxctte of faahluli, the aagm.'lou
New York Twitm, that "rich, aoft, deep
blue, Itoi-olal., b-b aud auediier-hkv
.Mil other aad' tint, are uaefl aa relief
om tbwk roUiMU," though cHM-enilng
tlu aulwtaUMv that foruui the baaiaof the
"icnainab" tor audi "rrllef," we are left
in IgnoraiK-e. Tlie "wfyh-a are like th
nuiterlala, plain, tmt icrfcct In fit ami
liape. The front of your xatt aklrt
are to lie cut away, dbtplaying th
inaf clilc fit of the iuntalooiu." Tlie
"Jn-M toilet i laveinbr pauU, cawiitncre
veM and coat of basket of lUaguual clotii
whatever that tJ, wtth. -xe-liiifHy
fine trlj."
Colorvd xltirtis with tripc aud cloud
ed mixture are tlar wiaat faniiionable.
"Iflecktle have cn-pt Into niall how,
can-leiwly conflnel umb r tlu- chin, with
abort eiuU. Drab gloM will take tlie
lew! fur the promenade," aial, and, ami,
there' a boat of rtrWr partluhir alaiot
your toilet; but really, KcutYvnicii, we
cannot do tbe ubject Juatice.!
tlentleuien care nothing for the- faah
lona! '
Tbia dcMirtinent of tbe New Nokth
wkmt la to lie a general vehicle r ex
change of Idea concerning utiy ami all
matters, that may tie legltiuaasVly dia
eiimed lti6urcolainn. Kliwling It ractt
caMy ImpiMwIble to auawcr each coiua
poiHk'iit by private letter, we adopt tbia
niude of eouuuuiUcatiou . to aave our
friend tbe diVapp.dntn.ent that would
ofherwiae accrue from our I liability to an-
weruieiruenea. tvvcoruiaiiy mviie i
vervbodv tliKt ku . iioittnn tn lutr
. -I -
auggeaiion ro maRe, oramnuhllng to give
to oontrllu( to tbe (''-orreajMindetit'
Miaatwrrte Jt., HixthVtreet, K F.: U.
I Amann, of rbileai, Oregon, i the wtiole
aalc coiiMtkiiu-rj- mtumuu-turcr Ui
whom yw can Hly reliable iniuf
mation. We regret that a pre of buat
nca engagi-mcnta prevent oar acelng
liliii peraoiutiry. tn your Ix-luilk Tliluk
v..i n.lul.t l...l-.... l...l. 1..
w. w"vwt VHWwmaj yw , ,rr id- greatly lien.
aiame uitenor I aregon town. Aloany,
Conallia, Kugenc, Hcls ItrnwnMTlIle,
Harriaburgi Lafayette, laybn ami Mc
atinvill are growing town, ami "awoet
tectli'aUiuiid In alt of them, while the
couutry people licrc, a cUcwlicrc, arc
noted for their low of coufeetionery. A
viy acii ptable pre lit, at any time,
from a main to hi i.iaaie i a pound of
"ukwuVa" fcawly.
Mafy W., Walla Walla: A neat aa
ortnivit of cheap Jewelry would doubt
lea, "talut" quite, wi ll in a country vil
lage, and thepmflta areffiaal. Few r
on g-t credit now for wearing expwi
alve Jewelry, a the, Imitation la.aluuajt
ptirfavt iuaiipvaraiice, ami i.ur-bdngly
durable. -.
Mr. 1'., Uak IS.iirU If "yoarvl(aml
four Uttm boyV jyo reaaniuiMy livaithy
you cannot do ISotter thgn to engage In
uutrket ganh-jilug. Small fruit ami
early vegetable, yield iuli k and pruAta
ble return. We do no4 "advlae yna to
eHne to tlie city." You hare little' hha
of the expeuac of city life. Under uuiu
uiade law tli. city ia a wn-tchoii. abaic
for a widow' i Mlilri'ii I.icenaed ruin'
M.,,i, ugly raia part, on tlie tn-et our
1 ner. a-1th their ccll-w
jTiMllii rT el ahiraTpT va
aavllia-to l.v a nlalnlv a. idcr can
apeaW "W ill you, will you, will you,
' "
-lll ,-,.,
will you walk ., Mr. Jb.y ?" IVrdoii
the pkiglarbau; we couldn't help it.
Tlieii tliere' are trap, wore than the.-,
Into w hich Uiyaaml girb. are often
allured. Tliat there are many atlvatU
age and great g.Md in the citie., a well
eeiks and when the woiik u get the bal
lot, that We may have hmccc tolegi
late the above named evil out of exlat
enrrrwi hone to make the ctlhi aai
1 lb-a lor lua-rieii.t and rapidly
ih-veroj.inar humaattj
Mra. M. 1-- JL, rorvJbiir'lany
tbauk ftjjftfflfnd Mter, whb-U e
Tiave gnawcrcd privately had
time pernilttexL' There I a a yet no
iiml right tuwH-lalioti in IxilamL
VVi- iiil to organ bur a aodety aooii.
You w ill he n mil.rtv notKU,! ,JT m,r
.i . kP.L , ,,
pMHyrea. through the column. Glad
to ha v your name a rcprewntatlve. from
your charming banality. Verily tlie
luav.u ii-working mrjK, Wf
a'ere unabU to decipher the name of tbe
k-ctMMr ywu moatioB. tsbouki be paaI
to meet him ai our ortW.- -:
Mr, K II. B.. Kngrue; rufllngkand
' Fr Speech, Free Priiv Ja. People. . - j
rucninga wth wvwn iwore in ,u...c
a . a. ii.. ...11 Aa.M.i.' fbalbl.iJie. l
ble. Bl.. fH U much trdruv '
tripei daaMUM fnlda Jinl III glf
iMtrlnaa. Kttiirtta Immm tnailrrwlre
t he. k.f tifk. foe atr.t Wear, M 1 1 aW
tn.JZm. l- --IJ., J-ll..
tMiiwt baa iKMOnaMiaiaaiy aaalav.
failed, hewt-al ajerj- uie. mail iiave
been imd id Ua pnUaria We aat guav
v... ni i im .. -i-.i
.7 . 7. " . '
ry ailk ar mipaua, uurteeo w tpTaa
4otai or twoiwe f laatriaw 'lor Mail. ;
Ualluoti frUig-e ia frotn Hfly vtmta toonai
ikdiaf par yank owing to 4b atniilv
Quipure -otmpir-ioa, Ca-nAAetwuta j
to four dollar lllCbtUeria oaat-vdiiaily
- HU- iBi-iuM wlile. liM-a4
va tai all aluw avtail -at gw. dollars.
Haaenti rdvwt aaai b veivevwm at
tluwe. AU ar. murk uaed for triaMMing.
Mra. M., tVirvalll: Tlte glr'ay lwi-
m-t ia hdng worn -ack froin the re- 0j,,H1BU ln-twccu'iluit aud "Uie laidium Ai-pb-guii-head.
lJrge flower continue Irt vioh j CuUb tl - at it! TliutiaHi l'cll"r. Ui- ' fJnk"' Wceonf.-. that w, an unri-i(
and are very ekienalvc.
M. !., an v ana: l nur iiaugmer :
ciulit get a tilace In our millinery catao- I
llahriieht, provided "he could get boanl
ami mfhftng with aome goial family re
filling near. We could not accommo
date her In that matter.
f. K. It., Oregon City: Your jx in i
aivcpted, ami will ap-ar a wmiii a we
run niak. nim, Ytu Will HuU tbe put h
ia nteratur. a very luUviuuueral ive otn-.
I'adea you puaumi tliat aatliuaiaam aud
love for coiupnaitioa which will caua
yj to writ, and puhhVh alu-tber you
' " " "" 7""' '"iNUiall, ami when It waa lini il.l.. for
fort wlU iater amouat to a ' ponuaiary i iheui u U ihI one linger joint. 1 have
eoiaddi-ratliau." Prrliapa one writer in I
tkvm tkoUHaud iMieome funnaea. tVr- i
Ulnly notoiH- in ten tuouaand niak j
money. e haive written ami ulliliet.
during tin- paat twelve yeara, enough of
poeaia, akelche, uritieUma, b-tter, etu.,
Ui., to nil half a doaea volume, uni for
all -thla bthor we have never received
atlbtaMat rHm -rattan to y for axper
and pnntago. T Uoat aay tki io iMm
eoamge you. Ifyia realty pnaai the
'divbw efNatUa," yoa won't yiebi to
d) l( Hope voO will rait
nf am if at i hi r office.
taLUwr Wtteea will be aiK-weinii next
. 1. ...v - 1 i' a
, Wouiaa fittfiraf ia Wywaing. 4
Ttl. Ail lArti . IIM ,n.l 1IWWHMI AIIV.
( otrttiutlon are aent from K.igvm
jty Many thank for kind word-:
, . . . , ..... .
. 1 ......
f..)iTuj, xaw JtoaTiiaurr
Dttir Minium: WeliaVe bean I of you
and of fhe gihalVork ybu have liiuug
uratHt, aud take jilinun- in eiidtlig
you the fotlowhtg' i Xi-vtli-iit . tt-.-ftoii
from a contemporary, which wc urc
ure will lutcrcal your rcuiler. We
WouIJ uuatt, ruHia-triiUv ibilii-Hte the
followlug wholeaouie truth Io Mr, tl
W. t ori tt, Mr. I. IMtlon, your-i lfaud
Laii oincr n iiiiiu n inav i-oiii-,-ni. uiul
.... " . . .
Succe to you and yuir great undcr
Uking. J. R
Following 1 the urtlvle to
by mtr corrcirriondcnt. It 1 a complcb
and Irliinipriniit vindication of the
charge ma.le by tlioao ulio rppre
e j ... u -f
wffragv for Women that they would
dlajnicc thcinctvc by t cXcrclc :
llmiltti fjiramk. annuni-t .)
AI la4 tbvx-auae of wonmii nuttraic
lut iM-cnuie reKx'tald-, and we know a
k -!. Our own Territory ha liii
the (Irat political pfiwer on earth to trv i th- more prora-r for her conliUratlon TTiil mr t lie rhrM.iaf woman under tin
the experimcot nirlv, both In tmt eti- thnii wanting time In galddlng nlMiT ' Fourteenth and KUte. ntli A iiiciiiIiim nt
actmeiit or law and in carrying It into voting. Hhe nheyed the atiiatl voice a- to ibe t.nititutioii. I lu- Houc vole. I
etli-t. atliange - It" may' a--'in, we I a true nwather .In 10 Id. ami -ilewei .1 it b4l' in favor to U'j aguiii'.t the n olul ion.
have iMurer iieen CB.I1W1 it a woman , oulj' mother can. In fact v the wb- To ! urc there i a mle, ndnpt.-l l,y the
right organ. We wry seldom alhate m-ciiio.1 to imprv new notiuimof vom- Hue yearn an, precluding tin- ne of
to tlie auldect, and thW only Joat at lauly pmpricty Into lu r hcud; iiml h..'ll Hall Tor any nievting In a bleb Un
aome critical time in the prrigreaa offaentwonl to the aaaeiuMed i.terliool , Himim- iloc- in it jmrtii ipulc. liutajcar
event. We Iter, lut v. tried tlie xper- j that Sbaimatio ih-ti.-' wouhl prwrent aeo when 1 lie IjilMirCongnw nut In the
Imciit fairly ami prin-tlcwlly. We have ; lwt from i4yl'Ag l limr iiit.iiib.1 'city, they akel fhc nc of the Hall, ami
tcated 11 in what were Upcd to hve . for her. Tti oth,CwoiU, bc In-uded tin- 1 it wbm not a .llrtlcalt took to cvmle the
been Ite moat vulnerable pnlnlw: VTrth- rornr1naf -hcr hkhy rather ttiuu tlie j ml a eareully aonU-tl n-Nolutioii.
out giving htftinie tn flt hora-lf dar tbe I mtba of thoae who dlaregardlnir nttn-; giving it to iIiom; nun i-laimiitt; to rcp-
ia iiaiiv aiiu renniiunil lea eiHilerreil
uimiii lu r, we have place.1 woman lu all i auAinJiing Ibeir wuuiaiiliood l.y w.iUi
tnc tiitml trying prwitlnnaliiciilciit ti the 1 lug le-au' they mnrnit -vofi-, ami iu-lltk-al
fraoealw. We haveplarcd her ! dulge In other dclmalng and cour
Ua tb. haliitlal bench ami In the jurv I ainuMewtewW gtweHliy moma;mlicd by
box. iu official lajaitiona, and at the polf man. It wk Im iwilwr mr tiiem and
d 11 ring tbe beat of tlie lunrt exciting jio- their hualud, Uicir ruliitivifs tiicir !x
llltcal eauvit. wc have ever ' known, anil for aot-h-ly, If more m mm n would
We-dM nra) aimply ennn r upon woman ' hle.l the vnii-c of the iml-, nod tnki
tb. right to owmpyauch official jaxdt ion I their departure ftym .rrcanmtiublnn-
aa liualli im- Hinie.1 10 uer iaie, nut wc
11 11 1 r 'eifloed ber to alo In-ar all theburdcu , other female wIhi are i-intaiity xcttiiu.'
all II ne t . itli I f Wfr n,.w j,herc cvcnbi t lc naymcnt up a dlflb-ulty with I In- Juiilin le-
n. uiul tolairco, of the poTI tax. liaTdii njTTaScTs at the auae tbev wTe nof'liorii wll h hn-i-ch-
.!.. . . Mm .lit..' ....
: hialory of the "afflilr, It eem m-an-ly
r""!rtT."' T"' J'"'" )'vX H''
i arc iruui rne nnTTCitu. ua iiiii.1.11
,. '..m J. . 7 .. .V '
tothla trying ordeal, heciUaefta triumph
la an much more antlnftn-ton-.
Fen-nnew1irtlia ntwdloif it know the
larpx- element Of enn-rvatlani lu buiuaii
oat irre know how atrorig arc the prej
udice of pre-emiccjvad opinion and tbe
Influence, of early education. Wc here
had a fair aharo of It, cad the Woman
utftagv btw bal UU tnenttintcr among
u. ,
The feault hn pmveil t aio ttilng great
ly o the credit of the male pnnioU uf
onr aection of conntrv. Flmt, dial we
a-e had placod them, ahd a,Ton,b
ly, U.t we were not ton rret foob. to
We aaaunic th bttt biHaue we d..
not know. iI ail 1
now. -who. wUi
(lge that theex
ainve. We
" ""7 " wvnm nc rin-
ie.uprivileKrUkeo.w.y 6-141., Uu-iadie.
uf our Territory. All tbe iiK lit mare vW-
HIBH W'tlA Will
pmi" Poivimi np hyirvrriab iniaglua-
lion a hoot wofueii "nnaexliig tlem
BvVH WegleeMak tbelr d.aa.nt Icdwtb,
ami tall lug frotn hcir native uiaieoty
mfnrf. fo nrh mratthecTTCr Ik
Bppkreni In the alljrlite(-4egTee. They
were awdjmtrtupon the kvhotho.1. that
man' legal enactment were can of
bad enough love of Jtiatlce to f ry tjie ex-, crau-ib Ui. a t from arttdus-lictiou of
porinuH.t fairly-to Irivjeonr nUT(duty In Olui wrv invumbt-nt uia.i
mothers 'liir9tf'reV mnfhcra, lelMhMfvattcTir rtmf a pn
f liiJJvJcaW tlie Irvlu nnultloii aIHm ,tu. i..e.. . .
nuUvbiuai in onr city .the lae intetnled tnf bctf" Aft hoi.- ? T :1V. . T'l w' 1 ' I; It hl to ovrrtowl with
Hot chwrfully mkoowl- , or u, thi uiU. untla,, -ii Jt.M. , '"". " . I.TK""L l"'h , . ' L u ... .11
,a..rlment ha. prove.1 a . lly ay?we: ami any thank L. tb. , r,""': 'Vl . JrT "T - iXL wh JlklW l.o.HTre,uj.
10 not know of a alnrl ' ,.r itV Ii. uidn.n.UI .w.i.ii.ln.i. ui ,rT T '" 7 ,n . .:. 1 v ' m.J.- k
u ... . .. 1 ..-- .- r - ...1 ami itu-rc ilu. ImiILIiii iii.... riauu- l uiimii ...
MAY 5, 1871.
iervcrung me orTcr ni nnnin-, aim mi-
hMHitMaMr fiiMl aj awia n iiiAtvel m I
IT; ... i
lueiil l HMurwt Ten vi ur fn.iu n..
.hall look liack and amfle ai our Wlv In 1 ('
Op-la aieaaa re Im .ha .
upon ub 4f jurtlue, ,
nmUj hUU i much U-n.-lit to
Wr irl nir ttie yr mn treat ortliepntrtliiit
fawiltv eal.n. die uroud dlatiurtimi
if having leif the van iu lhi luanll
,,1U11 hi.i- V.,IV.T.;
Uttr tlw law.
The Unwritten Heroiflfi of Faaliiuu
n WJanea-
One thing inuat la.- encelcl (o hoiu
en, narnclv, the grit to cudim
f HUN'
amount af tneonveiiienee. or even i-mf- I
'Uv liaiu, IW tb. mIw ol dre. Xoa'
liUU aliuOan-Vir UUliuja . Ww. luai ,
have, ni! time woulit fall uio to ennui-
; rrare them alwwva, to ntv knowlfLT.
11 1...rt ..f ,.l,v.i..,.l 1. ...'... 11..
j lliff their caw la tter fliall tin ir i
rxtiiHew or laiMla, aliahi llictr hca with i
, wwt jiubleii urgam.- at inrlit Imhhm.
Uklit liutx, ligiil glove; uul m koiuv
rtuiiiii-I unib-r-irariiK iiin unit wiiin -Jiw'
thonirh tlielr pmportiona niny Iw tln-n--
by luereaaeai. 'I lit" BiHch I will any for
tlieiu. liut woiiu-ll! I have -eii tli.-iu j
pule alxiut I lie iimulli, tiy ing lravilv I
to walk on tliiN-i- n I ii- ti r-1 jif- of In i U 1
run under the middle of t hetr fret . lille
every intia h and joint wu crvinir '"t
in vain fur unn-v. t liuvv weii tlwiu '
.liivvring with lcHaiit lltu- iio-m-h In tliv
friaify air. while they trlit. In our Janu
ary Howa, to kivp (hi-lr throat warm
w it b a an k I ace. 1 have aeeu llttiir tin
pro I. Hiking like Mulled iauuii'.i iu
glove at leant two or thri-e sle Iimi
aeeu tlicm walk lullc witli a bi a wu
, r I'roor cioax aiiging ov. r u
woru al auy tHjmt wullU1 t
liecanne that Hk Velvet iit
MITTvl lie
11. Aud now, jut ar every womuii out
of a lunatic a lulu ought to Ih- rcjoirmg
In emancitttion from long Hkirti in tin
atreet, Caabbin tiemaiala that IIm-v atiall
be morn. Koruiau, laiugbul, wl utlicv :
arc worn, to ee a imI ijunrdu- ol uunl
of mud cnilmiidcriiur tlnx- rxiH-iwii
.Ilk ami velvet train; aud la-ttcr yet.
etuhrialdcrtng, aa I kjimv tliey iniuM.
llieir t4M'kiog ami utuivrvkirtn. . to
catching cold, tin- u orlil ran urc mii Ii
f.MiU U-fon- tin y iriiu ntlu r- Into tin
world; no I do not wmr niouruiiiv Im
Now do you aup)aMi hoiii.ii liiu- ibeM ,
care ulmut "fciuulc Huffragc'.1" Not
they. TheV prefer female mifl'c tIiik. It
ia well to break gnninvt for the mr Of
' neiwTva, hut yti ran t lioiat wotne
like that into lagaiiial tin ir will. You
luive got to la-gin on little (;irls. Tu
top their candy frcdlng. flu ir hot pan
try htnchmajM at arltnni recve, tlielr
"chili Ireli iarti- tn i4ii ih i u toclex ml '
iU uigbt, ami tbvir uuiHUtoMe lin-HM at
all time, if you Mulit uoinili ilio will
: ever have acna enough to know their
riirlil from their wmntra, or Ln-Hillli or
pbibtntlmiiiiiy ewHiuli to care, when
; their ou u five arc eiiy, w in tin r tlnM
of other hiv littnl t not. Th;it i tin
whnif It! ive infn hvnlrlir -
aawaw utui at 11 4iital I i iraat it aa ItMaal Lai a. aaH
you'll have mi need tu be jouging their'
cIImiw in llii iUrii tiiiinif tin ir "liulil-."
""ipr w ill walk up ami take then. Ju-t
..l.. i.iu r. .i.
""-- "- ..': .ner i
inn an
cereuionv; and tb-v mn t
more than he, elth.-r,
think at. ut it.
wbaf lv i-
A Jby bj tkt War.
"A very auiigvalive itM i.k-nl, ami
which bouli( md Jiave U n uinxiKi-tc.!.
i r,'1 "' I'l y1.1' .I'""'--"
1 I(pB f twr ,m,aliT HutT rare Aa. u-
Uon In eiau "raia-i- n-eiHiity Th. wlio bad lo ji(iauV
, liail 111 ill ilMcebuL aieW lumiH nl'
I -fore ahe hcanl h'arn.ill, thonvli n"t
1 any -mean .till vnb-e, Io tin-aiit.-moni,
i wa'rninar her that there wcrn otb. r ilu-'
iiy una, - o lymaHiii an.i iniimi, an-
1 vueiiuoiia m Miaiiuun out im.i- ami
iVoonw'' ttvj'tirsr,
'1 There! Men have 1h-m frtulil.-n.-l out
of common rvaxiu by the uiiiiiumivd ai-1 1 itwiith Ann inlnu nt to the 1 1.11-tilu-prlwuioii
that when Muiucuidtuuliln- ''"" l'aris-nlly declared thai culonnl
plre to political honor. iln-v wunl. I 11 1 women are uniutlonfiti v eiifmtichli
oiiiv and for ever dlewrl the holv ! "der the previoit condition of aervl l1e1iireof ne- IhI.-' el.-iu.- of the HIWhiIi Aineml
home, liaeil baabtiml and .IU- ,"" nl. There ran he 10 ipiei.ion of Uii.
canbl infnuti. have la.H ii fluuntiil iu our ' they arc ' it(r.ell, unrt. r the Fwir
face Until come of ll hnw ln frlKht- 'hi-iilh Ainendincnt."- .Vr-w v,,,l.
emil Into negleiltng onr cvMclit duty to
tliw-vuiuiMuuatadUi, rather tiuiu rik 1
the an null f oaoyloo eaini to .mr, A lliM oiK.iiiaKu .-II.., Ulnnii..
dome:? trnt. Jmr eoim tii
foruanl the Ma-rniui lit.. i t
ami in ao i-aai.imie arneie wnnii rimi
, tioa i. Hah FranotKoo iuAj in.
.imimV of lux lxby, gud, Nd word to
I , -aa-nibbl iiiuft tuilJ that :
' a..mre-,l.l inf h,h. . ..1... t..
11 haalHdpoil aaanatlmt lioaorvU nib-
er to aet 11m Mnwlmlve nmn U..
pie aid tnat Irclill ng lady eluiier m-t I
fur truant kaJVhoml and father In ftd- :
(Irm-; ami weAiOobt not tliat the wia of
' to , it ronL'-tnimici women Me- . . - .
iwrmm mat wuin, n 1
t:...IIV n.l mrm nt In-llnl t J, l... V',f""-h'
1 - ....... ... mwrvv ii,, 1 I, .ImIUm mJ . ... L.k I u 4.1: ' J 1 i.'.i. i
a . oilloluuieufn. AillOaI eXilU lit t ikiii' or r-n
NO. 1.
me nm
r nf the Fti iMtrtrr uimlil I
woiibi in-
noMt hiiv if r wM4ill if
liualli' III liU tastw, abi
iu iilf toiiiiui I :ii llir
woiiuin lie
.lu-, biinl"
Tke 8tadrirt' Sau1tory
Tlii- -.i. y .-i n I t)i..rouK'lil r ij-rc
lilt!- .nf.liciitii, xraaferw t;i.l
-I vc
rptoii, i-Jilnr., .iix it- iKiiih
;il -
tcillioii. V, irlmllv m.c,i,i . invii.,
4. to "exchange." The fnlluwln v-
ci-llciit nrtlib on "Tin- True AV..ii,;,ii,-' '
from tin- Man li tmnilicr, ini- that'
tin- tul. nl of lb,- r,.rtluM. A. ii.l. niN f
urv Wide uaki and -. iimU. Su.-, ( -w
.. (In in.
,f- U M iliai , . in. l.-i-iur. i ui;iiii-
.-immiiIi.. i.i. li.., wi,..-r.. i
Mm, -l...ul.i i.u. ,.r n,.t ih.. u -' fri. n.l-..i
" . ,.uulMen. . b, ltf
w ""'-"i .rol... Hi,
""r '"" " "email aa well in-
"" .'ir. .i iucican uuuil uuimu
I- In
Ui't iuiu of III. iiu -luiul.l lake I In
Iint of tlil- vri-at inii-tii.ii. I.ut
e are riiflrelv unaMi- to Hii-(iiif for
"oim -of the alalciiieiil ui ul, in in.
lur. , ut lucb llH-nuoveexl luct i-.u -am-4e.
He take tin- ol.l. nlitio-t wholly -ploilt'l
tlieorv. flmt "tbo- mIui nrcc
thai wiiuuui aiiouki v.u- ae- not Hie l-at
ti n iiilx ol hiiiiii ii imr miv tbey euimlil-i-1
h- -iii h Hy the true woman?" f t us
- i' tMa iBt-rt'aratil. Uen r-pr i . n
-Iui.iii. nt will In, 1. 1 toetlu-r.
Who I to Ik the jiKtire, anionir tin
wnmnli, h to ,n i tlieir true fru-liti ?
W e u-k in IImi iiuiuc in! coiiiiuou ciine, la
it Io Im tin- wouiHii wlio lia- I..-, ii nariil
In luxury, iti--niciit cntln-lv iimn a
father nr liuahaml for herihtilv litva.l. or
i it to be til. woman Uliauk (iil ihere
re litany of ber cla.i lm liu Uilill
ami iit.i-1-..-ifulh kuiu- forth to luittU
iie:un-t n world i ti. by tin-jin-ju-illci-a
ami i ii-toni- of aire, ami earn an
lliine! ll vrlilioo.1. Mini iu uialiv iiwhui
luiln rlnlialilc uaiu
j Triii- it i, that it i- iifU ii tin-1 a. tliul
linc one of thc- ituiMcrviittvc, nut I-
nol i :il, i'i-.ow crealurei. of tlie nmle
ex, alter linteiuu- Ui a hIhI.-iiu iiI ol tin
iiu.-oii why women claim the Imllot,
iiofaxa j.riiK'ni' Inn a :i riil.t, liak
litg tlielr lii-ad" iu a i-culiar. .li iiiti
ami w hhi liner, with a lilaii.l huhU-,
t xrbiim in a mlroiii.onx tone of voire,
' I !' I In- i all vi-ry wi ll; I. in t
tin- trm w.i un ti ilont uiint to vol.-'"
Xmltlicn, iroliul.l, b luni Io Monte
tioll-tucoil duiifcliier of luxury, wiai nev
er iuv'i' the ulye'l a tlmuuiii in lu-r III.-,
ami uk lu r it I lint i not mii' uiul we
ari' orry to iir-tehe irciu-ritllv i-oiillnn
hi -tat. -iiii-iil, Hut are we to take m-h
a uoiiian a- u n.inie of our "true wom
en'.'" Arc we not rat lu r to look for
the opinion- of tin,., who have c. ii
wlmt life-, field of lotion renllv i?
I'lMMe a I in, Im linxe-wf 44ng ntiuiamm
Jilitc) trutge, Ciluciite.1 llM-utael vea iu-U-ilei
lully iijiial to any nuiti in the
Hill ry '.'
Ian Tifh wonieii n l,urn-tla Mott,
Al.l iy linteliiiiMon, I,uer Slolic. Alitolll-
elle llrown, Suwn 11. Antlioiiy, Olyin -
pi;i nroaii, Ajiiia IMiaUaii )ii kMoujitT
Fiiiinv Kern. an. I Ml laKhrtrnTiail
Hamlltm. ny Unit "I
that woiimii bouai yt
who agree
an not tin
lH t frit-mix ol . u ujfil-U-lux- an- thev
oii-iHi IX.-I n- -n.-lrli the true woiilan
Wuiau Suffice.
Mr, iura I 1 1 1. 1 1 1 1 ir JoHmo. in a
-IiihkIoii I. u, r to ili Imbaiiii iVi('
ii, t . .limn lililm mi the refiMil of tlie
lion-.- of Id pr. -.iitat I vi- to Mm. WihmI
hiaiMl Mr. Hooker, ami lin- rk'lit of
Wl t04.' ll, villi- IMMinr llw hulirie. lllll
and Klfn-entii . mi ll. Inn nl, wrile- it
toljo" - ' A -i. iiinl mii mi I lie ' oiuaii
iin l Ion' ua- Im.l la.l M.HiHv, ntnl I
Kin -orrv Io ri-.rt that It lw iks-id-ailv
liiulu-uiu.-r.oi lie- arl of thelioune.
M. Uiibull ami .Mr. IwiU lla IU-.I Ii
. r ITiik.-r Hked the in' of the jloii-of
iti-iinwtilntive for the imrrwiMC of dl-
n . ni mun i n iniiiinii ni vnioi. VI Inn
the uromen of tlie country, ri-prcentlng
one-tiall ol law iiiie, oot dlatVaiu biel.
In a noobMiwn .indlarlv wiinlerl to iHriitg
it with In the teeee.M-Mt. aak the iivl-
livge of dii udng lilt. i,wMhi, m, V'MartTr.nx-'WnhJ aT mir' iiMia.-uline liiali l-
to I hem, titer are rtmtott the ol tl
rnttl. (enthiiicM. w aboil a.lo Wc-n-ili
II I'lilllljin' inlviee to tin- colon! Iiei -pie.
We will never fortHve at tin-
oll.' Jmluv Woialwnnl.of Pi unavlva-
ilia, one if tlie 1
the country, am
"tiintlv viite at
iiiokI eminent jurinl of
" "-o.jii'1! mi, " no .-on-
gnlu-t giving woman a
1 a 1 a-nii riil.w ho eim-
' elianee to exercW right, he admit ahe
1 W ontitlenl to un.ler tlie Foun.-eiit ii ami
.ii.. ,,..,. 1, ,v .. l ..
I -'" -"- , if.'.y'.'.'."',
, Iron
i oiivey a hint thai. arri.-al out, wouH
i prove of niiK-ii HMiuiary U-neftt to ag
ri.'ullgeit: If a furuHir kept a nice luel i'Xjn-1 ar-
't with ll catlb.. tU field the ..r-
; V 'uliZ L k ' I!
' haaAtunnd- drH J.. - hi n.or.-
eareiui orrrtner men iuni .a., ne w.-yl.l
,h" ' " " tbe. T, !
U U,u"' km.w
. , , . . . . . ,
"oliuliow lie
r... . . - ".u
the dlfu-reiie.. V the
II I- ru mi ire. I that (Urilnldl 1 iMtn-
ing to ihiK'emintey
iWrt piMitl. uU VrUlia o" MI4 tivtr
ltirv IlitiM luhiu kltoMU tttrll Itulilr-
I.t llu
. Ili.ll
h lll..r...i U" .lt. ul lll 'k (Im h l
J u 1 1 n Wunl llowi-, wIiimm- Imtunrtal
li.l t I - 1 I lllll of tiic U.Ymt.ll. f..un.l
r-ucb t;bul r-"i'iiiH' iii tin lunrt o(c-r
ialii(, liiv- ifivi-n nnothi-r c Idelicc I I
In-r bigb gciiiux In tlu- follow inn b mil
on i bo -, l.'lirntioii of Italian unltj :
tli.-ui -..iin.l . l.' .i' fWi hi
lu.Hiiit.itn.' f" tli.-
H,y, pMW:.V Hl III I if-I.MfNf li tfctf t (4l-
U IU11 ilvl.
V- llu II.. .M. Ill J i'iulllllvl'J "I"' "
,, ,,. . ,..tlVM
I. t It. ill In- om
, liulrlMt '
tli. r a t. m.v, wli.i i.r
cuv. uo WMBIMI,
ill inoitHll.g kr 1. I . luliloli in, ill lii I
Ih...iiu .,1.1 rfltll ImIiii,I .
rti. Iiim. i:.itli.-i.'.l ii"W :ir..iiii,1 ti. r ttifhMr
I-Ull' v hi- 1 it. iimwl -IfHl
. I, . .in-'
N .ii.i urn ' hi-'i-nmi wnitlwf-.. iiiii l
wrulli mmiI IiI.mmI,
ill I III' . .Ill l I K.I It II 1 1 . I ft V - II, 1 1. .1 lit. k,jl
II, II. I I 11. -.-1 ,
lull,, c .i. ffhrl-i'- . I--HHI ill. I II t '
: t, l.ll.t.
I h .1 Iii . .- lliiu itmlir im. tii, .
n I
1 1 ttini- t.r
ri- 1 1 rf . -1 iftii
1.1 tl,y
- .Iiwl i,ri '
kii limit ii il
.l M l-tli l I.M l.l
.-I ,.n
Ih. ii
tli.' In
I'll- roiil fhi-riiitli
.irnillaf ,
ty i-
M.ittllT, tif1tMllllv !!. til v ilcMr tf , ( I it
Itn'aMMir- mi-itiMMi xlntu
I .lit 11- ru i w ii ii. i, -'t.i n
"l 11 Hit' In.! Im r IhmnI Im IlK-H tl Krl laj'
rlil 111 r-li In 1l rtll.
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Av FNKlKtm- WotlAki. Alary Mi
( "onnell, t lie llrt oniail SLaU- llcputy
of tin- Hoard of llopi-, under the Juris
diction of tbe t Templar, nppoiiit.xl
in thK "ttit-,hn fliml.hed n aei-ouul
of her 1111- dun ua; the vt three and
a luilf inoutli.-.
"I have," during tbl ril, heaaya,
''traveled upuunl of Aitir tlHiuaand
mile-. Im vitti.', In my o 11 Mtmple way,
iiddrcwd eleven ilgi M, UU habbulu
. lio iU Mil l i.ty da.v-' IhkiIh, and not
le-tllim llirec 1 1 1. tlr-i. 1 1. 1 live hundred
children luxe heard me emlorae the
liiViiutlftil prlifelplc of total alitiilriK
from Iiii.ixn atiiiM driaka, totjux-i ami
profanit.x , and 1 liue k'u the 1 1 1 . I ir
within I In- time a'.oVe nn-iitloncd to
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them 11 inciuliera and auiplyiug tlieiu
in nearly every intitce with tlie I-!
oilLcer tliat the toa 11 aJlbnlcil. I have
orgiiui.cil within fhc time thirteen
liHiid. In ecn diircrerd count.-., In the
followltnr pla.ea: Hold Hill and Yir
giuiafil, in tin-Stale of Nevada, t'ol
lax. Mui. - ille, luatlaml, Um oln.
t' ktoii. . tkluiid, Ahimcda, Han Le
11 ndm, M.tywartl ami Itmaaaton.
Some few of my kaanda, liow.Ter, 1 am
urry to any, arv not iloruff well. In
m-verul i tin- town I iiirolf.1 all ni
1 lilldji 11 In the idacc, without an fxit-ft-flon.
The.' Imml, added to
eleven previiMjaiV orgaiiixui. Make, in
all t went 1 -four that 1 Jiave organized
luiviug Jedi;i-il iu all lixtcvii Itutidr.!
cllildlell." T
rPVHM-. Jrv fwtiifnr a ynwng woiuaii
will Ih liki-l to turn Uir.-e ami n hall
luuiitb to 11 tcr ac(unit? Here "Mi.
uf the iin.-riiMl and cnalaved el,
hardly out of her teena, aantnar tlie bun
gllng.lirutal and criminal nUlm-i.-e tlo
Jug from iiucH'ulliM' inNriile, li i iil. red
Hrt, IH-4-I IM v. earned, ni Milan ami
' f p,Hvlhb- detme the viebui ayatem
Hte nVW tn ul earnest, m rvatv ami
wi,i..i moaeoUne .i.tll, iMUorau.''
ami .-lltaliucM have 1 laliliil d. W '
liOa-r then-ure many women who .III
be em ourngi! t effort and I10W in
onie poi i'iiii li.V the rxamV whuli
Mia M! "ranaell ' baa pUiil Ulore
llleillu - Ai '. J'iuuc 1,
. . . . . . J
tau.aViVV'uJI-.;It', r 'I
ioli at tbe Cooper Uuion, fttf the ail
vancefrtent Of dcn.-e ami art, a free tor anuieu in telegraphy. The
Weateru I iiiou Telegraph Oimain
iiiplicv lb.- iicccMMwry ap)wratHM anil
I n-t nn-tl-.11. The wnrixan mli4 lar at
e.t aeventei n year olii, ami uol over
tweuty-fuur. AU the pupil uui !
pn-jaire.1 to accept aitugiioii out of tht
city a ioii a ttiev are riiallflel. W
cannot aja-ak too hVhly of thi ai4u.d,
tncc It open, to wol oil 1 a new auu ro
of employment, and thu put bread In
tli-ir mouth, and euaiile tn.-in 1.1 gain
' IT I. Worthy of nMcthat th.,-il.hen
"III nH-i In Ilu; flmt woek . tbo
hhmiI ha of the year. In July titer.
yU ,-, ihe
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. n"h the moon iwui iuu in wie iai
telegraph liui-a, lu
I almowt cntircM
Rul are
hi telltair
1 work.
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