Oregon spectator. (Oregon City, O.T. [i.e. Or.]) 1846-1855, March 17, 1854, Image 2

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8 P P C T r l1 O R
t t - r t
BY C. I,. (.OOM.U'H.
Friday Evening;, March 17, 1851
f ETADtT..rii.T. .hnulH l. I.nnil.,1 In
rtiruruuito'ci'H khs Tim nmivv nrnvn.ioM.
oaroau insertion ine name nreh. 1 11 iraire w
I...I...II.. ...:.:.. n .-. i
' ' ' '
J.Ti'"" 'ylfs' l:",' ; ,,M,,II.II,",,,?1,11"'1 ' ma uw other 11lunbl1.-., mid UiUu .ro.i.
rinliiiK ojent for llii-"l rcl ilor. Iln mil ic-i B ' " ' I
tlM.ul-Kripiioi.-ini. I rcci-i.tf..ril.oi.iiiic..ni lionHnnil Mnnki-t on th.-ir txicki. i-iih o ,-r 1
"I , .1 u . 11
lan-lin aseM for the "Si ret itnr." No mil ic-.
Tilt- Arwuiii-Kiiltu.
TIiih Ix'nulil'ul :uid lii'lih uroiii.ilio tn.oi-
n iiiiiiio 11111111 01 uri-"iiii. J in- ii'iii ii
..,,..!... 11.. .1 . . .1 . 1. 1 !
mjiiivniim nit..- nit- iii-.ii mi' iiiiiik iillll
branched n-cnibli- tin- nraiin'i- ln-r; tin
flowor.tho white ji.iiniii,.. It i found in
ninll qunntitk'n in eoral Im-alilics uf the
Willamette tnllcy, but in p. ali-rnhiuul.iiiii'
at thofoot of. llit! ''a-tradi- uinuntaiiK, uorlh
west of jMU Hood. It il, -lined to make
more of n xtir aninu,' lh -1 .Kini-N and l-o-
.!.!. Ai.l.t ... .1... .....tti. nt linl
tlliu-in vi ..ll-. ui;!- 1111111 inn- iiiiiin 11. in-, 1
, . .,,. , .
imnmne. What -wiin to .itlr.nl th.' iiimt '
attention is il poculi.irlv lt-.-i.nit ami odor-i
iferotl-i mih-ll, 11 few braiiih.-i of it itinj; a
delightful fragrant-.' In tin--.nlor or other
apartuiontJ. Tholi-af haa-twi-ttih liht
b pungent ttute, and the 1-rnm-h ililffr-i little
in thin reupcct.
Its medicinal prnpertit'-t have nut ai ret,
been tented, hut wo learn that i-tepit hare
bocn taken, by pcrin in thi city, towards
lutving tliit done iimnedi.ili-b , hy eit-ntitie
men in New York city. 'Hie nature, vir
tue, tc. of the loaf, flower, trunk and ri-ot-t
nre to lie thoroughly inie-tigated. A tt
tlio quality of iu perfume litlie doubt re
mains it is decidedly n lit It uno, and noth
ing Is now left to nccoinplMi but to carry
out the plan nlrvmly in itnitfinplation.
Many aro cry unnguino of i complete iuc
ecu asregardt itt rare ftaraiice, either in
it natural stato or n an oil. lis medicinal
healing powers are thought to lie of 11 supe
rior nature.
Tliu tree grows to a height uf eight or
nine feet, but 11 more. fn-iiciitly found of
smaller sizes. It in a Ifuutiful evergreen,
and will bo of iutriu-ie nlii" to place around
our homes as ornati.mt.-i. Some in our city,
bare already commenced this elegant addi
tion to their former improvement.
(resting from llie I'.uJns 8a.il
lake TBllcr-Moniitnlu life la
Mr. Oeorgo Strong Ii.t just arrived in
tho Willamette Valley, from .Salt Lnko, iu
company with Cnt. M'Arthur from l-'ort
Mr. Strong was one. of that ill-fated sur
veying expedition, commanded by Capt.
Gunnison, and was with the main body at
the time Capt. G. went out with his detach
ment of twelve men, from which eight, in
cluding himself never returned. Mr. Strong
was with a party of -ti-.teeii lint went and
encamped on tho fatal ot tin. night after
the horrid massacre -aw the 1-mly of Capt.
Gunnison, and the others ; it had Iki-ii
pierced with sixteen arrows, htriieil, and
the heart brutally torn out ! All the bodies
were mutilated in 11 m.-miiT that pen cannot
hero describe.
Mr. S. informs us that he h ft tho Salt
Lake city on Dec. S'2d. Tho Mormons iu
different parts nf their Territory hnd lieen
compelled to join together in villages ta
king down their f.irni-Lnu-.-. and building
up small towns, to suit their convenience in
protecting thenv-clvi-i from iln- Indians. At
the Salt Lake city every tiling unsiiuict.
Tho great wall ink tided to bo built nruiind
the whole city had Ik-cii commenced and was
slowly progressing. The times were good
weather delightful, &e.
lie fouud good roads and plea-ant travel
ing between the Salt Lake and I'Virt Hall;
as also the finest of grazing tor their am
maU. At Fort II. Mr. S. tfipd, while
the rest of the party came on. After uit
lengthy stay there ho and ('apt. M'Arthur
cainu on together. Iln-wuithercolitinued
good, roads-TmtvA'c. until they arrived at
tho first crooning of Snake river. Then
camo snow, ieo nnd florin.
Reaching Fort Ihiio on the 14th of
February, they crossed Snake nn the ice!
Snow was nlwut three ft et deep in that vi
cinity horses fared badly the Indians not
very pcacable, innniigiiig.iir.ur- prettj much
. as they pleased.
They succeeded in getting on to Ilurnt
riv'i the snow had vaui-h'd, and hern to
their great satUfaitioii, grass was excellent
fineiummcMvcuiher.iiir pure, birds hing
ing. From this on they em wintered little diffi
culty until they reached I'owi.'ir river; In-re
raln thev found deep snow, nnd winter
. -.1 il ....ln,f .!., .1 iulo tl... Grniuli.
.. . '. . . ,. .
WIAUIVI Ill.Hi v-v. .... ...--- ... -. .....-.-u
Ronde, when every thing was onco more
beautifully transformed into n delightful
summer. I Ho wene.lioiu um neigiiis, as
r .1 i"... ...I.. P. .,., I.. ...11a.. ..e el.:.
ono iewtho tjr iml" Itoliiin valley, nt tins
"""" " . , .-,
acason of tlio y.itr, is one of gnat picture-
-o,ue beauty and grandeur.
Mr. Strong n)s tlieni wa. not a liumun
U!"'" to t" found in th n pi " '. nor anv kind
rata F .1 . 1.. I..1.. .
of rUwk; they wero oWigwl, ..o.uer, to
li'n0 llit-'ir nuuim., i ill uuiiiiht, w ...hr
care, of themselves ; for tin1 lofty Win
... , , 1 .
mountains, looming un ln-foro tln-in, eovcrcil 1
" ' . .
nith snow, seemingly preentoti utntir
nountnblc barrier to tliu progress of foot
mm. ,.,., nn.l In iiiwl..rli,l .. Inl.rhl.r lims...
,"" -
ml" ""' """ lu "'"se " ""'-"
lover would have Is'cn utter follv, ot cnurse.
. 1. 1 j-,,:.!,,,, l:..!., l.,.v
Accorumgiv, niter recruiting a imio, tin v
-.... .1- 1. 1. ...... .. !.l. ..... I.
piion up uicir sni.nios, logou.or mm i-wiii-
. " ' I
1 no ino.i.uui.i.cyi,... mi-. ...r. o. -,
of ninny intorotmjj inUiMitur.H in llu-i-,
1110t111tn.il ttildt, wliieli it would t.ike too lonjj '
, .... , , .
i" relate, llicv liad oonii-tiniiM tollij 1 or
S f.-.-t into tin- mioiv to lind tin- cnrtli upon j
wliii-li to K-i'ji, and in tliu morniii-j, finding
tlii'inxiUr-t rowrvil with llii (jn-at trhilr
quilt of natirr, would ,'o to work and di out
again ! I
Intho Uniatill.i idli-v llu-y aain found
the "itniokv d.i t.-iiul Mititliine hours." Mr. ,
,,., 1 ., t ...
luouipsou ami oiuers, wnn are wintering 1
. ..... . 11
-diivii and i-lock llu-ro wrruiloint; will. II
.' . .....
grazing licrtis aim ."porting 1.111111 lormeii a
great contrast w hen compared w ilia the bleak
,, . , ,..,;., . '
lhey nrmcdnt tho Dalles in safely .1 few
dnyngo, after a tedious j'uiriiey which while ,
men seldom undertake in the mitltlli; of llie
HrTh.'Spctitorliaclian(rdtind. t Cmd.
riclihai) rhwed ill thr inttrcilof Mr. IScliucbty.
I'orllana iirrgon territory) l emmerttal. t
Mr. 'Ctirmitk, how niuch willyim take
ti. intrrt llmt 1 l!tm. m,,r,i ntul i.r.idv iln,
C.I "AchortUemcnt U tlio lly-nlu-ol ot
. . , . .. f ima
UimM wo Kl.ow, Uttillj: en Irtvlu
.......... ....... ....... ........ I'M II IIH. .
litit atill. nv'll 1iiil tnii't it iiuiu ehtnu f
CiTTlio Willamette Ftill M. k Trail
... fi , , .1. ..I
Hrtation Co. have oin-.l a through line of
stenmers from Portland to Corvnlli: con-
sitting of the "1 telle," "Oregon" and their
new boat "Uarelle." Thev carrv freight;
....... . .....' ... .
oeap ; an., ii seems to us ti.nl t.iey w.i. get
ncnriy tlienlioto irailo.
W.4 ...-. ..vi.a wm w.w ivai.. l'flliv S ss S
. . .1 i .. . M . . .
insi liter, uss recenii ben. an., an.c.ill)' nun
llie Imlian. In Wuhinjton Tfrntory. A man' ' '
j t- i. j t .... . . Present lis Mstenlav. lh Council r-
named oong bad been murdered liy them, where-' t i n .- " .- . ! .- i .1 i- t t
' Mimed lulliitiug tor i nn I clerk, rmirlul-
upon Mr. RiismII lh rilitriir of King cuply, I)r. 1)t. ,.. I,,,! i ( , this re.illt : Kwun I.
Ch.rry and Mm. Mhera went In u.nuilof il.emur-, Laiftlale II, l'rnt I. Vniiti vvitlnliew tin
dercre, to IIelnle Harbor, I.l.oil county. They ' ''" f Ha. and Halt h that of l-'r.-b '
.... .. , . . ., .. ,. . iTiitiiinn lil.iet-il C C. Ilewitin uouiin.'itioti.
were attacked hy alsrceband.f Indan.whc ire- .,.'', ,, ' . . ... ,
' " i 1 mi balloN wen- lud, r.-siiltingns follow.:
nulled la fatall) wounding Dr.Cherrj-, and also a j (,nit ( I,.,(,,,. 4, Mr. U,.,,;, .( j,,. I
MoundlotbaalienlTand Mr. Tjsnn. Nin.uf the drawn mid Mr. l-'ro-t ren.ituiiialed. On tin-
tm):.n. wira killed and lh r.-t fl,A 11. PI,, n
J..I............ .........
til nil arioni aiiirr rim airn vail ni tmm i
2"liccllaaiiM Knlajiim.
Jn IJ Jlpnutii.
I am comrneod of S3 letters.
My 7 IS I 25 is aTcryuwrulartklr.
' 3 16 31 5 II la. kind of hi-. easel.
' " 21 3 9 10 Is a scriptnro name.
" 17 6 12 13 la the nam of nn animal.
" 18 14 31 0 should be aroided.
" 31 S 9 30 16 blh. nam. of. country.
4 19 13 22 vtuapnkcn of by Christ
My wli.-lo la an important injunction.
Answer neat wetk.) K. I.. 0.
Oregon City. March 17, 16.14
DTrof.O.r. Newell, the able ao.1 penile rnunly
rnuno teacher, closed hi. aerit a of iinKinj leauina
intluacily on Wedn.iday estninf last. II. in
deMntinr "f much prala. fur th. .ffort he has taken
tulmtruct hia pupils. Those who Iists allende.1
durinf the whole term have mad. frond i.rofici.ncy,
and th.ir music ea Wednesday ..renlnr w as audi
sa need not to be (trailed for any cliurdi in Orrg.'n
Washington Territory.
Th leatalir. aesenih y of the Trrrilory is nvi
iuf alnn In lh. daich.r(. or ita T.iricd and con.
plieate.l duties, in . mannir which would retire!
iredil I'tia Slalr,and an otj Ntatoof lh. Union.
Could a. daguerreotype of each branch bo oer urate-
laktn.wo would liaet- no fear that a l.-s would be
Htutalned by placing it In juitepts-itinn with any
similar body aver coorened in Oregon or Cahfur-'
uia, .afar as businH.iuahn"ntioo.jindintellint'.
is concerned.
Sof.r.allthinire jo 'l.rarel) on,1 with iiolhiur b.
d slurb the friMtdly relslHiiu eiielinr bets een the
osenihlyandlhcocnor,i.r.ny of the federsl
autboritiea tl the territory. Harmony Unfiled
Ihm. ro. mot. it U !
JTIJeul Urover, of (Jnv. Sleyens' party, whs
wa. leported Inet, haa arrirtd saf..
Lcgltlaluro ol Wash. Territory.
Agreeably ton proclamation of fjover
nor titev ens. dated Nov. 28, 185.1, tliu tint
Council in. -tat Olympia, in the legislative
hall lill.tl up for their reception, at 10, A. M.
on Monday, l'"eb. '.'7, 1051.
Present Messrs, 1'appnn ami Ilratlfonl,
of Clark, Miles nnd (.atlin, of Lewis nnd
Pacific, Yantis and Kigelow, of 'Vhurslon,
.M'f.'ouahn, of Pi'-rce and King.
Abieiit Mr. Halch, of Pie roe and King,
Mr. .Saywnnl, of Ishiud and Ji-Hi-ron.
I lie Council was organinil liy calling
Ion. tliv..itlin lo ttioc. .. ir.an.t appoint
I imr (eo. (inllni'lier. ot Ulvn.ii.a. clerk
' '" "' " """H""I "V -"l'"1 "e- I"-
I. .....J.... Inll......r n. I..(.m,..n nl...l. ...m
members present presented their
were duly
ly (pinlificil nnd trx.k
lln.les bi.ATH
On motion (j! Mr, lapliatl, the loillltl
. . , , 1 1 , .
iirrKrededtollieeletlioniif n Presnl.-nt; and
V,,,,,. M'Connlmof Picrm and King, receiv-
j xv, mnjnrity, w d. dared Presideiit, and
coiidut.til to hi. seat by Tappau and Mie,
nd msdc hjppv -r-.il th .-t inr !" tn-m
iiiimr eotifeiicil. Ailjmiriicil I
till '.', P. M.
ArTi.iiNtKii Mr. H.dili
i,f Pici.
if! .1 .. ... .1..I lilt. ..I I I....L-
.", llll "I'ilM 'l "HI 'Hill .IIIIIIIUV.I llll'l .-'
, , "'..."
Ml rC'll.
r II I,., I I., ll,.. ,1..r...i. ,,ln
iii.t'iicik. it. ji. i.-ui4iiii.-..r M.m.i C....I
Vtlls lltlt III llilllllll lllilll I .Mr. IllgflllVl, HUM
1... 1 u 1. i. V.....:.. ' 4.-...
V. ' " , ". ' . . V .... " . ... '
',',.' . . ' i ' ,- ,i '. r i . .
r.intioi. ..inns in .ui. .nous. . .111-1 ..
. .. .. , .
...... .a i ...t.. Mr II. l-m-i ..f P ..n-., .is
. .. . . nil .... .ill'
nuiiunuloil hv eir. H.lltii. vinuio ltoi Hit-,
lot I..nwl....' r. .vn.il :l U-. Kw.ii-. I. and
l 1 . .1 I .11 ,i!i, . .... I ..iid
' ' i-- Kill-miW .; urn-1 itli
tin.1 -itiiif n -nil, ulii-titli.- LmiiKil took :i n--
i . .. c . . .. 1 .11 .1: i..!il.
iv pf llU .....,, ,, r..-,.-..,,,! .Ii tur.
tir,.,. K,U,.. .,ivurr.-l u .tli.nit u 1 liu'u-.-. wli. 11
t!io Coiim il ndjoimird till Tiii-d.i inorniui!
. in 1 1
at 10 Im-i.
liimitiril.1 with Cim. Ht.-M 11-,' .r...l.t-
iliolt, tin- lli.tl-fiil' Ut-iiri-i titalin-t i-t.n-
it'lii 1
at tllMiil.i.l l-'t b. -',
l-.l, at Id, .
l'rtotit.Cl.iil iiiiinti. Mi
mi. mi.
nweth mul Cm-bj.
Lewis (!u lltllllillglotl.
I 1 ... 1 . 11 .1 . IV-..
iur;'iii and
1 niir-.iiiii . .,. ...in-, ..tin
ci 1.
I'ietceCo., (ll.lltll.lll, Mt.-. lev all
Ktiiir V. 1 ' nny.
M.iinl C... Ilowi-.
Alwellt Lewis, ol I irk. Siiultltr, ot
Vmi nllllltj1.,i -.,,,r.r.n.
Hull ig.ttii.i-d bv e.illmg Mr. Mo-el
to tin- tliair, mid appointing (. W, Corliss.
ol I liurstnti, ert-l.irv pro if in. vniprn-
eeetlilig to a li.illol lor .N-tak. r, I'. A. Clit 11-
o w th Ml- t ! t'i
l),.in J.Mr. Mn
riciujiill titc-, Mr
lc 1. IIiUi ;iIjnuril
tl till v M
Amkknou.n. TIh
lhnii iiriH-i 1 (! il In
tin. f.l....tiiiti i.f .-In. I l..rL. It. I. Ki In! 'ill.
TliUMtmi, nn-iiutl O ot.s ami V. H.
. Hickn 5 uiliN Mr. Krtid.ill U'lUZ UU
4,-11.ll.lllitt.w -U!llltin.l aixl rlilerHl lll.li III
.11' . .VV..".. --. ....-..-.... ----
duties. Mr. Iliik. was .lecletl us-i-tatit
clerk, but ileclilietl accepting.
'I'I r..l.!.ll..ll..ril.ll ll.ltl.i. ,l.i. .III.
III- ."I ..11 1.- ..-...- .... v...
,.!..,. ,i , , , rl.. J. Smiih. of M.tu.l. -r-
g,..int -nt arm-. nudJ.II. Uouudtr.e.-lo.ir-
nn' tm ;o imr m nii.,n.i ...
Coiint.il that tin1 llotiseol llei.re-. ntative
,iri. lllilwl ..,, .,.,. . .,.,. , ,,...:.
v to iirot
IK. .v.lj.iurin .1 till T
liinrtiili''. III
i u .t .1..
CUlNi II..
UOt OJlllut Mr. I' Tost neelVt'l ."i Vut"s, lllnl
.Mr, Laustlal-."I. I'rost vv.isd.slaredele.t.'l
iiml .u.irii iii n. i liii-l' . Ii-rk.
i -ri... r :. .1 1...1 ... nl. ..... i
. il: V..I.II. n i..--m l.n....... i. , ,,
assistant clerk. L". U. Ilitks rteeiv'-d.".
votes, uiid A.N. Iliitiuu :i. Ilitks w.
rh ctid and imnlili.il.
1 lie org.imz.itlonot the C.lllieil was iiiin-
ilet.il ItV the i l.ltloti ol J. 1., .Mllelli'll, ol
Lewis Co.. sergeant at-unie-, and W. . Os-
burn of 'riiur-toit, door-keeper.
! The clerk wa instructed to inform the
1 Holi
f K..1.1-. ki.,,l ill.... ll. il tl.n f'..in.. il
i..'".- "-' I''' -' "".' - ' " sr.........
1 :...i I I. ... I... I....:.
.iisiir;.iiii-'i .. ." .ii...ii i-
ness. Ail), till ' I'. M.
' In the nfti rnooti (he Criuneil mljoiiriied I
the hall ot the lloll-U of Iteprest llt.ltives I
' u-:ir the (iov's. Mt-.n-'...
On n lillliiug to the t'oiliitil rli.uiil-r,
motion of Mr. ('atlin, tliu rtil. f tin- Ore
gon ( omit il w.-re adoptt tl until th.' commit
t.i! on rules sbnuld reitirt the nil", for gov-
..rnutelit of this l.ilv. Adj. till Vi.tlli"s-
day, U, A. M
1'. b.
Prtset.t.'is ot. josti nl.iy. J. 11. Jinkwiii
claimed his si-tit as i b eted from LewisCo.
Tin- poll l ing piirgml of one ill-gal vote, he
was ileel.ind ihilv eluled and was tpiali
tied. 'I'lle Ilollse priM-'Vili'd to till the vaelliev
existing bv Mr. Hit ks'iioii-aeeei'taiit film
ollieo of as-isinnt el-rk. J. Philiit-, o"l liui-
ston, n teiving :i lu.ijoritv of tliu voti
eami' forward aii'l was iii.ililietl.
T'h' Sp..,iki r uiiuoilliei d lh" fo
loll lllg
stantliug eitluinilti t s :
Kl.-i inm Hale, t 'insbie, Chapinau,
Jlldieiarv Musi t-, Hale, Ci.nbii-, Hun-
lingtou ami Ilrowuli.'ld.
f W '"'I M" .His lliles. Iliirgiu and
Ch.ipui in.
"" " ".rl1' ' """ "",' Sl,l ""-
' Military All.iirs IU.ni, Huntington ami
I llOUII'SiiU.
Kiiads lind 1 1 i -j
. Del
ami lioioti.
DelltlV llll'l Iillll.
I ICugrotsed Hill
Knrolled Hill. Hone. Ilr..nli.-M
I mii. ui All iirs lli.li.ii.l lliiiitin-'l'.i
Coinuiiiee.ll,il", Si ii'Mt r mill le-u.-s
Priming, Moselev, 1 til- and liurgiii.
Corporations, Halo I'lripmnti and Most-
I 'oilllli'-s, 111. iv utiel'l, .Shellon and Jai k
Memorials, (Vo-I.ie, Hainan I Mon I -v.
I'Muealioli, Hale, Moselev llll'l Cro-liie,
Maieh I.
The I'rr-idt'tii .'iiuiouiifod Iln. following
-tlll.llli.l" etlllllllillee. '
Klil'tiolts, lll.ldford, Mile, llll'l ll.llfll
Judicinrv, Iti '.-low, Miles ami ('atlin
VV7. ,.,..'.. I i..... t.ii..ir.l I'lillln .....I
SII)-.I1I'( . I III-. fill ltltl . fill's
Claims, Milns, Tapp.ltl and S.1 ward.
Military, II 1M1, Yantis mul fligelovv.
Itoadsand HighwaV'', llradford, Tni.pan
and .Savwuid. '
Kligrrf-ri Iliik 'Ii.,,an. Hindi., id I
ligr in
l.-r. for lli
Imrolbd 1M1, Hig. low. Yimt'n mid
:il( li.
Indian lV.iirs, V.inlis I ti it'll i1 .iu4 .i -
I iiinini'rri
H.ileli. Sivw.ir I ami T.i.t:.n
I'lltmtig. lil.i'imni. .tin.saii'it ..inn
ivi""""""-- ,.'ii'ii. M
mill S.l-
I '..nnti,.... T.ii.niui. i . and kill ll.
Mi-ni.ni .1- t'.iilni. Mil. and "I'i
l-Miii-.-itii.ii, Yiinli. iiiiiill'iudiiliil IHu'i'lo".
-l'fonttr awl Utiiu
l'i,tit it ml llim
Tin ftpanwliip IV tm ittmi'tl jiptrrda) V
S. .Mail I. ttl in t r at In-.l 1.111 I'mih-i-to wlifii i-lio
Ifft. 'Ilipm-t I'M SltMimtliipAiiifii.Mwmill
je.ttf for lln 'li-niltirj nt mioii ntt mail 1.1 r irtl.
Ail in & I ' Wfll", r.ir.'tiA Co. mul J. W.
S.illn..n .ppl...l 111 w.fli .1 I.-....I .tiuiilil t.f-jw
oik mul .ilil-rnn pip i, fnruliuli lln- nr. cir
Wi'IIb, l'..r,'n,. C.t, iiml .1. W.
. I
I tliilln niir phi' tit- tliuil.it
llie furticii news is 1,. li. ri 1 i.-.tinu'. '"I"
Ttuks i-f 1 in In hive tin l.rst nflli li,'ht llni far
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