Oregon spectator. (Oregon City, O.T. [i.e. Or.]) 1846-1855, August 26, 1853, Image 2

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rtjjon Spectator.
IMfey, Augtut 26, 1893.
aeUsm Oatbrenk t
Oil Saturday lt the SujieilnloiiJiU of
Mian Attain received a dispatch from
! ' -W
Iks acting Governor, Geo. 1.. Curry, to and no stricken, bul,thore is n.Mhtiig of ,r -'ill" ml" treaty withn foreign pow
Ife esftct that CO stand of armiar.il l,300Jrciciigc in their nature, or ill. feeling to r, our gotornment is IkhiihI by honor In
reaslaf cartridges to accempny them, I wards the wh , vneiurntly theru an- ohscrtos.ini trenly as long ni the compact
v were required Immediately lo n,u.ll llio no fears cntcrtaini-d here as lo their form remains unlnk. 11 by the oilier party.
Indian disturbances at Uogue river; that jng a conjuncli.Mi with those ho arc in ,' "c '"'"ids the lillibusts, (or Young
an outbreak had occurred a fowdayaprc-j imicnl mo.icans at (hey call theViscltes) who
ylousre the departure of tho express, and It may operate lo the di.idiani.igcot"ro f"r taking Cuba, right or wrong, any
that two persons had been killed J. It. 'the immigrants mid, cans depredation-. w' -nhitoiir gmerninrnt gets posses-
Hardin and Dr. Rose; scleral others ho rommiltsd with impunity on those six" of it. m liuaiiecrs, pluudcrere and
Warn pretty badly wounded. ' wending llmr way hither. It n possible! freelsvters unworthy el'counlenauci hy
Towcauaeoflrie difficulty we are una-, that this 1 onl) a beginning. We shall n republican government.
Ms) toSrate.but Were appears to le a'n,0ij forming hal conclusions mil end 1 lr- 'leorge -Sanders, former conductor
Manly hoetilo spirit manifested by the In
,'dian;. end when tlio express left thero
Ma JK) abatement of feeling rn their part.
I haa spread treat corntetnation through
"Mttttatira settlsawnt oi Rocua river
".VajUy! Waftar, tpo, the cad Is not yet.
tl U lrs aaaenoa or tne superintendent,
laVsB. Geary, the clerk, .-amo to this city
oat haste, on Saturday, 'ind chartered the
syt to go to Vancou er, ith a view 0
iCBrrrussr ouiino uoernor a rcuuisinon.
7 . 1 .
sjaounf"' vi";,iig mo arms ami amuni.
:tissi arrived here, and on this (Mania) 1
. Il ,kt. : ,i.. oo.u
. . . . . "' "
Ihaiaan.Lano hail repaired tr "" nc
isnlMBnituirswiiuacompanvoi suiuuiecrs. i
reach there
shetl. We
rliest -.- ort
M. . . ,
ma oopa no may do bdio io
bastra muchUood has len
shall endeavor to giro the en
itf Ua Atwtrallojn. rlrt.
M . m t. m t t i i
r.- ft. TlArfi'l T. A K...bj.rsjsn. in rl,.rr.
.. eslt li. n l i.i ....
morning tney were ptaceu on war-i tne for , , ,, , ,llHin,. Au.ailr ,. Arrogating to itself tho .mm,,
ea.il stesmer to be forwarded to the ,av na wilhn ( t(,,((, momj at, ut a ,),mcor.tio U,,U, it hasestabllsi,.
rnor at Salem ; from thenco they will bo . . , , . ' , . , ., ed its claim tn tho confidence of the Dvin.
Ji .il .-;:.!... D. ,' ,,, iMnch.d ixot.nei.van.b.ats Mr th. ,...... Lv ., mn :,
s .a a si. J- a s , s.vssit nisi nit it. -s.- s s.. "- a- tlllilLI lllsV UlULrt lllii v- 1111.11 Isldini IIUIII
" """""" '. l-- ",...,.-,,
proaaptly to tha call of tho Governor, end
placed at the disposal of the Supentend
ant the number rcsjulred.
Fcstbk Particclass.-
in uiiiiiuii iu
Ike abore. v hftvc bseri informed by the
i l.. .i.
stttttrintsflDfient. thftt a t?jmhr Here tslllVj
- -T
IVrVrieMi. Suva Mma. air nr irht rwrin .
- - - ? . '
praviOM to tho death of those airily.
.. , .. I .1
Their death occurred mth.1
There was a meelinc held at Jack
seSville, lo adopt measures of defence, and
aa.laa. party ' returning, to $iuire
T'Vaolt's, where the wemen of the neigh
borhood had been collected am! guarded,
the party were divided in sentiment at to
the best road to return bv. Tha near
road lay through a grove. tiiiroT'Yaul!
suggested thsi it would be 1-cil to go
around the grove, that possibly ths Indians
might be lying there in ambush, llm plan
was entered Into by all the party, save i.
IWilfardlnandDr. Koe, vshocunlinuid canaut. far work M th .it, I '. , asx.
, , ... ... ... ii. ,'
their march through the grove. Iliey ha,l dates d- iui wan-
gone but a short tlaie before the report of number of tun. s- .res ,,i '.ren
guns were heard. Upon repairing to the
apol, llardin was loumunoi inrougn liiii
l,lL its. I..1I b.lm. ....,! tbrnnol, tho
,'""." T . i ' i it .
lower part of thebtxly. lie survite.l I ut
A parly of toluntteu, amountiiig p
a few hours. Dr. Flos, was shot a so ,i .,,,,.11.,.,, nts r f ibis nsliir, . wr can ,, '. ,....! 1 .1.. nearanco of Ihn sow lournnl. is in rbnnoe ' ... 1 .. .. 1. 1 .1 r .1.. t .. I ' "
1 crnuc urvitwr, us rcminers.nnu cf(i'ucr, ! , , , ' o '" u' " ii,(;,tiu,,i,iiruii ,,,. ,., , t... E ,t r there beillf I.
through tho body, his throat cut from isr ,.,. a .,, ,v lhev ,vc conta..tli on the , . lab ,r to destroy the eharacter and nn-, "s """nagers end display u new assort. , ,,, fof ,,,. n j , ,., I '
s... ..,lhi.sl...l.rnr,nmll,..r.srL ....I L , !..... I ,.. ,1.,. mil,,, nr ,.f lh. Wn.blnnlnn mCnt OfgOodj. 1 heOlll'Un ill clldeat Or ... . . . ' .. i IlllSr Hie I oleissil. t
""' " ' 'in.ir.sr ,,.,. r.n. ii . --. K . - .........B.. .. -i ... .,1,1...... ..,.. inillo.l hy the iniiiers. ur a long lliun ,,,, .... .ir,.r,,,l
.... Hehadsevoralhundr .dolar,,;1, nrH ,r ., ,oa , ,, i:;- J., ,),g g ., Uandl""-
Win ; way looKiiiai, an.i itrippe-i i.is ito-i) ,,t behu.d .., mu rpre in, I go .! u k. ,iwr .a,,;!,,,. iemlCncy oriticiropairatioris. g'. ""d after having rtcoived ll.u in. aminumlinn, with ilnsol.r. t i vul.uilv in We leaiu thai n city school has bee
of every veetlge of cloilung an I dreadful. Cndor -hr. inerg-nt inmagem: 01 l ',, ,7ev..r pato llicni counlcnanceorupl,n',", 'i"" f ""' ' '0JI'',11 , ,view. We ,eg,.t very nuirl, thni the '.stablislud by the tily itiuuail. Ill
lymutllted his carcsre : after which tl.ey rerpiwn .V Uompaiiy.a hue breakwater lorl ; ud on the isauo of the tlrat nun., j ''''''"';0' '''V"r ';" -Lil,' whim ahonld m. fur forgtt their own in nl.tnd) u, oiKrn.ioi. and is d.ing well
fled wh their ill gotten .,, -, ., an,U'n arc rap.Hy i.dtancng ton, If;; ....... .n,d!,t ,.. y nndu r' -spre.s supervLn .
woods, and made safe ll.eii rslreat. pIcll ,,. ,;i, Jn ar. houses art now '' " ' . ol l ho ty. w asten id Mcni if n(cn u ulu-t f ,.tlic,,.. , , vrl imVmAnn, 0 flllll nly all,,nlil., .r. , ,, .
seme two hundred prrsons, had assunl.lcd altj 10 j-nc unsurpuiscd f.tililies for Since the U ashmglen Lfnion has been
star Tabic Ilonk, and elected M.ij AMtn tin. transportation of inercliandisi ulxnt unuer thu control of its present editor, ll
their commander. 'I hey eipected to he ,.Ui,i ;0,, ,,c falls, together with a img has been condiicleil wnh iho sole puiposo
attacked every day, for stvtral d.itsU ....Utr.t wau-r ie.it tthitl. .ould drive ( P"n"i.,(' the principles of tho great
J . ' . V , ., ',' , , nnd now triumphant Democratic party.
lore the express left. ail the mills of Low til nn I Uothtster ton.. A ,ong ,jru jection ,tiew pfcipei,
The Indians have bete.mo tery dctpc.bined. This work is built, m (ar as wu aslaughl by the wMom and illustrated in
Tate. They havodsslroyed a good deal of1 can judge, in tha most durablu an I per- the nilminislralions of Jullerson and Jack
Stock j and lomo ten houses, with thtlren. manent manner, with great strength, and n, was the pledgo which i wo gat's 16 Ihe
Jt . ...... i.. i.... . i.t..r. i ami i i v ... i i. , Democratic party of a determination to
lire conlents. have been plundered and 0 jU,lu0lls p.n .Nur. has donei,vaiw ,u Jueo an-l lo ophoM lu honor
then sit on fire. Women mid ilulurui ponders for the locality, and Meisrs. I er.';,, ,l0 responsible position whloh wo oo-
have abandoned their homes, and their all mm, V Co. are most ubly seconding htr copy. It ii for tho parly tn say if our
ha been completely at Ihe mercy of the bors These geiilleimn have also a fine pledge has been redeemed. Of the result
Indians. The diHrcM is very great, end UOat of l.'.O foet ktcl. to be propelled by a of f'!lr "L ' doM ,no1 Uc0n,9) u ,0
,. ,. , , . , , ' ' , ipeak ; but of our motives nnd endeavors
the confusion general jouU, ,6lnt r great iwtr, now nearly J(1 mBy ,ny ,,,,. w,,18, ncltrrin(,
SiabLATr.a.-On Tuesday night ad- "'y ,0 liUnt-11 for ",0 ul'l,er "" 'l'- that reprnat-l. to which Mr. George 8an
j..t.w.i ...mn.. w.,n s.i nrtnnt as to new ' VVe X l'c''S to them, and to all who ilera'a filibuster monthly is so obnoxloun
dillenal rumors were set nflos as to new el,,ernr,e, 0nn,cstrnd wo mean the reproach of being an imp,,.
murders having been committed. One f' 'ngagedm eiilerprlva erinlnrcairnd I r
W..to,h..(r.ct,h.tA A. Skinarl,, vl.,.,... .1,,. comrnny. ,i to the valley K
u. niu ritsl.m uerA L.11,.,1 he tlm f ,in beautiful Willamette. . ,." '
Mr. Riley, orHalem, wero killeii by tlio as savago as a meat axe, and prides him.
Indians. We give but lilllu credenee to wv ,Mrn from ti,,,,,,, Aarli McKjn. ,ft)f upon being one of tho leaders of the
the report from the fact that no evpresi1 ky (V (il ,a, lli0 pr0,cior Washinetonlgreat progresslVo democratic phalanx.
has arrived from the scat nf hostilities Iirr,,c , fjcotuburg ui safety. Sho en I Wo ,uote from Iho Dereooratlo llevlsw,
alnoelhstot aaiuroay isit. nenco f'cllnlcr;, hCVe,Bi pretty hoavy winds that
dUoredit the report. tried ihe man tory severely j but It braved
Wa believe, however, thalseveral orihu ' ,he h,ormi roi ho wavcgi ,nj raault,ti
neighboring tribes have banded together I ,eirntion wj,10ul damage.
J .-J a. ustsMAit fissiiaoa nf ns-irtnaiil Inn .
nil ntsmuD m vwiiiiiiwii vmmvu i--.s,,,wM
.. ... .-.i.. .ii !t" . . .
dllRoullies that there is something bo.
li.j ur. .1..11 ursit for n more full d...
atonement of the facts before tv.i clro
r -
hv mere of the rumors. It has been
i"f S '
ssuueti, too, mat. tne on inn.nns weir
TT . . ' n. . .
This nei we discredit entirely. Wo
have chdcateird Id till out nil llio facts
as well as we could, ami hategitcn tlirin
abate, 1141 as reliable, but lor what they
srewoilli. In guess wotk one man's ideas
are about as geed a another.
lh Indians in I his tioiiulv although
unch . t. abl poaoible, are ninth cteiled
h t,0 sad udiuc Thci are hornliul
our speculations nith this
.... . r .,
a...... .-..!.....
111 l,i"niiif: iini'viiitrwv vi v'M L"ti iti
, .," ". ,' ,7
is as sriitAtif tn I ! siirtal na rnlrti iih.nrt ,ir
t iniiii tw we iiiwi n ue.' -i-'i 1 iui
. . 1 1 m tin
H aiiHUMt is(t u eii'ivn i"is,sii
. , , - . ,-i n
tsrlll. fli.i . silt .IttTtlilt tm USTltll f.salrt.l Its fill
nun till niuiiifiiihti 11 uisiiiiviiu in nil
. . . r: 1 . 1 1 .
departments of mdust,) ,w ,,,. '1 cat.
crmusi iiiiiiiiiii-iit-nun iii'iiiess ar I.,
,' which tills is onl v tho priparntion. (Vn- mil cstuhlislnd for the purpose of proinul
lercd around these falls, which u ill aiKiul Kn"l! t'"-' w.' pMlligati? principles uf
jisaior power
,.1 , ,v. ,i.
unit iu.ikc mis
rseuiuniis inu .'lunviirii i ui iiil- .ik-iii
a...1S.. SI I..-. .. ..' .1.. .. -.....
"IT" .-. w - -.
... .:......!. .1. .!,.... . .....!....
oflhc lirceit clasi apnropnateh namul
(ic ..v1,-,mctte,"aiidc.ikulate.rt.atlord
flAltl ll I t af I ttIT IIP I kilt III. t .IP ft I .111.1 I 111 iisi. .n 1s.. 1.1 ft., L- llan sul.i.sl. ll .-..! f.
I 1pr fil(.,iMj4, ,-,r , , K,i nn,l ,.sage ,,,m 'cr-"'' il'"' ,Illl,"''"" patriots halo
' ' i e i it .been traduced and .issnilnl b it wnlin
J." ' '"r I-. n alien-,! rn0lnaiI n. ;lU- un urpi'ssed by the
' ''''""" "' n" '"""'"U f""" s'nuei iahi C(Uret and in is vulgir l.ing of ihe fish
four sliam' oats, and bt tin , iimuncu maik.t. It was dun r.lher to the weak
men! of 'lin seas-'ii ot high watt r. twi m"ie
"i'l ho i readiness m st.,11. li,
i iirtv a nun.; wi iiti.
.housing and forwarding nro
olkred si
Canemah sullicient to laiislt the wanu
of Ibe nirrcantilc and I2iieu!lura: com
... : . . ...
innn it i vtii rurrn i i rial nrnri, r tn i i
. linilllt tl Miss. !- -- ..-.-. .....
ilWr io incrcaf'rf4 tit consciiitta-.i ror,morf r-". ami oilier fn ith ful uriani of
l.twuif. fu mnrt !h.. filtir IAlit- . fill
" - -
rM' ,,v
Atouriwn plcco, nt th- hraii ol Oil
street, is a new ami imrv.nan: unpn.te
moni lor i;reg"ii .ur. .-munis ivisuo
and Machine Shop, with facililius fir
sending machinery m ciiher tiireciien-
tai. cannot fa,. be a mo v.l.ab.e c
ccrn Jud3ingfiom :lie aet.ti!) that has
preiailed there tl.o fn.' fsn moiiths of its
existence, we prognosticale it fuiuro of
aetitity growing from il
g nn of sue
cessful ruterprise Already
ti 1st l,aHtl
Isuuclml from this e.tablltlunent a
lr,Jtl ,9lll , n,., : r...i,- n-iit-cn ll," city
anl Tcrtiani'. and i hclter uruheiio ol
erected and arc now occupied by enter-
,m;r gCul tintn, nil aln to tie bright
e . : t. ii t-,... t.l ,.
, b , ,
former paper we hate mentioned most of
iVaiunl ai.d Mou.La .,' trtcttd, all tale.
iVr-Tho iiiMtt nimrti-r of Onrrnn Piiv
oi r.e1.icii...ot .o.n,B ,. ,.c.,.uU. i.ovcntgi rathcr than be pulTing candidates
pursuing course of classical or mathe. for cabinet olTicei, and Irlmmlnir the
' rnutlcot stutty will lind hero ample facill-i
I, r , up mn,, ,n, mn amies .en on
I.... .
Tlio I'iiIoii ami llio now OrgHM.
Many of tltc democrats liavc gat llrri)
uf the music furnished by iliu olj organ
tha Washington Vnii'n. All manner of.
chargis hatu1-an brought against Gen,
Armstrong the present conductor of the
'men. Discourse 11 lioolnl at end his
policy condemned lioth utrlli and south.
Tin l!ener.il contends tli.it when our coun-
of tlic I .-inoi ralic Uevii-w, claims n great
1lfl.1l oforedtt for himself in tho election of
I'iere nnd huig. I Kn the eaursa af
, , , , , 1 m st a I
lieorgo Snudcrsi lulo ho was flfMloJ
I " a assssaai
. 1 t. I
fc f- mil i;imiiiu:ii ajuuui;it.iMs
... .
' 1 i" nHliincton f ntfln rcniirkfl
I n
til II 1
It rould hardly lepcted it certaiif
,y UDH mst .Ir-irrJ tl.nt tl.e Wasliington
i u.oii slioillil escatK) tlio abuse of a jour
sMiucii iiinruiiiv, . inn which lias signal,
1 , . 1 .1 , 1 . . .
IA.I if rjirnr lis' llin iiiilKritninatn .1...
... I ... IT. I ..I !l l t .,
..' .
iiuiu'iution of all lio would not enlist
., ca,y tiury
mill of eminence
ubum lkat nartv lime jore.-d u rrosrd
with respeit and -ste.iu. Distinguished
hiss o( nrin thun 'o llio honest) of Us pur
poe that Us jioisoiuiI sliitft. did not fsment
incurabK dissoutioii in the Drmoctatie
,vsr,i firi.ir t.. tin
ni'i ling of the Haiti,
I .' I
more Contention.
II is not surprising
lh"t sudia journal should I loathed nn I
"i"!'"-".' ny w respettawe nun 01 III,?
ri tiuili.ii.il l,v the rti.t inl.'t. in, n nfili.
.s. "".:'.". . :. . :
iii'nrrrniir n.im ii uni stiirtititiinr i
. .. . - . ..-!
,., . I... 1 I ....I T . ... .S .!.
'"" "" t,:,!
'lint iti I .utuisa I hn IIlIsi.
itm IlMmTan.' lmiil( itinsfi;t if at arm.
,... - . -. .-- j , ........ -...,,, t,, ,,. v
irai.l hf tension to HfrClk for u bftrlv liv
" I., .' . . .... . I '.. I l; "a KT. I
n,,M " lfc " "-w ""' 'w. i
li if mA.n a iivnltatf ar nen:.. els at la '
I. , lll-'li ,IIUtlI- Oi .UH'tlSV lll.l 1
,,l0.j ,)C BppIaUllr(, ,,, lb'ecJ by ,,,
is it more a matter
ut atiapi'tisv iua i
itliipie whose luleres's It lubscrtes, sn4 lo
whose instincts it pndel7'0f tbe COUrle
l'icl' aurrounoS and suaM'wtMBarView,
vmal nggrandizeui'iit'; 'and, altbouih
thty did nothing to promote, but every
thing to defeat, llio success of the Demo.
l'ra" Pirl "' 'c recent election, iney
lira lul tin ttijsv. a sl n m,tenii t. is nil I ess rv w t
iav i vi iiiw insi viiunuiiiui sbiiu iui p-nuj
. . ... . J
iial if tho seekers ufollico. 1 he honor
able gruiliinan who, in performance of
his part ofthe c.n 'piracy, recently made.
an ussault iiin the U aaliingtcn I'uion
Iron-im Mat" m mj Mouse, is t.ru.nor
says) in hot pursuit ol one oflho niesl lu.
crintu Os.s under the Wovcmment.
And thus il is with the rutiru catalogue
'of naming patriots who make tho columns
" '" iwci.iis.-isesiew jbhi.uiu.ii .
periu-liu dissertations nn fhT swetls of
plundtr and the beauties of carnoge.
,.,..!.,., i ,,,.. i..
bis own Iana;uacn!
Whether or nst the "Union" lie, as
would seem, Iho organ of Mr. Maroy,
Washington City la in any point of con
sideration not the place for an oagau of
, ,. . . i. i ..
the Dpmocrttlo parly. It jm UMter. II
plumes of certain ambitious members of
uonercsi n is noi possioio lorine iiem-
......, i. ,,..i ...,. ,i i' ,i..ji.
I OCIHCjr ,o "V ,IU, I, J' v.l-,,,,-1. ,1, (flSTU.S
terlo'l mirrors manuiacturou at tvashlna.
.. rt , ., - -' .
iv vuiiiii' set t s 'i "jte iihwi a mv asitas " . . -
played deals nutlet) lo '1 the. organ ot
anybody who will -'resist llio progress ol
Do moo racy," as that seams to Le tho bug
boar of feats everywhere, ami failiue. of
j . - . - . i
a belter or a wone, takos 11 (irtt li
Willi a will, and essays strenuous!) la an
tiolpale and cluck the ini-nniiug aduiinis
Iratioii, It may be well to inform the
public that the NVnshliiglnii "l" 1' li-
received vtOO.OlKI per annum fruit, I In
....1.11 . . .1... j. i..i .... 1 1..-
iiuuiiu irraiiirr, liiai 11 never nan mi nirn
lii ll. vflnariMn b..l. ll.st it ,i1.s.,r ssi.l
nothing" with discretion or propiicli.ni.il alls, while their strict ills, i!iut k.n-ini -.
cannot open its tl'OUtli wilhuut oxpesinc'iUi uulu mi I legulnnU in III,. , iiti isesi
Itself. Uikiii tho horoio deeds nfiho i;i ii ..i ii i...,i .. i.,.i. .. .......... . . i..
tleman who went through enormous i
plolta in search of fifty cents to pay for
one patch Ukui liisbrreches.it is ceiliun
ly didactic, eloiient and millslonitii In
frowning down uur foreign relnliont s
l"!Ti!lT,.W,",lll ".",'""J,n" l",''' "'"'
which it Is determined It will not know, it
(scrand and truly Impi.ssno. l".tn-iBti
relations, Indeed 'new ideas, Mr -nmsi
humbug, sir treason lo the paity, u
No country in tho world, sir. but ibrso
United Hlales Democratic imrlv netei,
.,. . i ., , -
sir, never knew any thing about foreign
raiatlooe." In such dlsoreet laiiguagl
II discourso on uravo ininorlaiil nub
rJsYsl auoliis the oraar, of tltc fov-s
merest of tho Democratic parly.
The conductor of the new organ, it
given out, is to bo lUvrnn Ti 1. 1 1. -I
Virginia The sul,Oiueil s)llrnU "I Inm
is taken Ironi tho l.r iVpii-,. mi n spint-.
paper published in N'etv Vo-k i s. mi'l.
ipalte nirfeyoa
"M lleterly Tuikei, Us li.tuie editoi
with whom We base the Ikiiihi In In m
nuainled. is a soiiih Vu,.,i.i,o full .(
.1. . . . . ' n . .
lire anu nounens, cut am r I In- pattern o
his friend George Sanders who, aseteit
one sayi and repeat-., i. the invincible
liar. . sT V.uin,. A.... ..! ..1..1
mio sji iriin-r nilli'lKH int, 1 V
marks will, his linger generals and -Is
I has tiiaikeu him ns n iiarly le.nKr- his
'"' I""1 1,road sho lidiis, a eoiuiu.iid
mg figure, a brain in proportion i.- In
physical advantages, . in I has op, m I lo
liim th" gates of smcess What nine
could he ask I
" Ileverly I ucker is endow. A w,il, .,
(.ritual mind, just without hiltrrneiu, clear
wilhoiil being tedious, is corn U in his no
precialion of men and things , and almte
" '"ings Prrcvcnup, net leatiug any
'""'K loliaaw, calculating tho thauecs,
and not autenturini' ens' tliitnt without
il. i " :7"- ' ":..". i ,r
sHivvtiiii un wiiii trruiui i nr ftiiinni nn -
. -
hat tact, uifrtJom, an J a jiourr of nnut
which will enablehim lo pvrceiio the i r
rors of his adversaries befon liny si, nil
llmnseitrs) suspect Ihtiii. II" uiuin.
fits. ,.!- f '.I... .1.. I .f
.. -. .v,,,,.r, iv fuuru. u,
till sfrnsrll With flies iltniidi ,.f lit.. I..s
..- ... iw mini vi inv nn
auu mo wisujinoi a Aotemoi well the tu
paouiiy oiajosnua, M im such. i gene crnor had rrie.ti dihe,;ii-r n ol h s il
ral, loung America will be mtinciblt ,, , i;.,, , o ., r ,. , ,
ft..i.. i r . i.i i ll1" auim i I ni sur, In an 'oil ni n ,n
TJieonly defect with viim.Ii wo can re-, . ' '
proBcli film a defect whMi will, In our Ir" '"" "' ""lh 'iv1 "" 'I'l61"1
epinioii, inn disappear is a mrlaui I, mrnt of I'ost tlnsier at Snlitu. finr
rocity of assault, and a uort id timidity in rliciion'- hilul bier o'er" li- snlaers
avowing his extreme principles nunifea ' rf w,ih tin l ail reiiJm r-lbi tion
tsd by every beginner. I.iku Ins illus ',,. . ,, . . .... , , .
,.:... r ..... ii a i i """ Itepu ,lns is ii ugrataru .
tnous lorerunner, Mr. (ten, Sanders, he ' "
sees in his political antagonists willing ( "'era'de t tut, men! ,i. w,l. I,-is
butsataceawho must bo dispattbed with icpictiug Hit nitrnps of thi Indians in
thotemahawk. lie dreams only of scalp the tieuut) nf lln-ne Uiver Thoiiov
iiig knives and scalpd.wks, ofrrd ikiimnd ,.rnr ,, ,, ,, ..,( f, ,l,u,ierr.
bloody flesh. 'Noiiuarter to Old I ijius, , . , ,
such Is his motto, li is said ho is o.-c, "' " " '" '""""" " ' ""'"' wl""" ,'v,
pisd in tho Invention nf a political guil'o and propenv aie ,i, danger Viw,r
tlnu which can cut of ten thousand licudtri" I In r to t it y ili.il llio slau;b!i'r was
at a single stroke. Marat wus anilir
con In comparison with him.
............ . ... .. .,. ,.K .,..,,
a venerablo barber's shop wherein all ihe
Usmocrallo wigs aro duly grea.i-d with
official psmatum, friahtenc.l nt the np ,
men, your inferiors purbaps sis ability,
but who yield to you nothing in energy '
and devotion. Ilestdes, vou have on your
side the negative opposiuou of your oppo
nenli, or in other ivonls Iho sotml nml
political noncnlilieskiiowuas'OliI logics.'
What, with such imliviJu.il ami ussntia. .
led elements of success, can withstand
you J Then go in and win ! I A I'nuvrr
donc.'l And ltl Young Amorici bo 'on
hand' to aid you."
(ttr Tho (lovernor'a office in this terri
tory Is still vacant. co. I,. Curry, Ser.
rotary of the territory, is acting in time reason is the grandees don't dare to slim
capacity at present. The candidate:,, of ulnie the till, bin by calling In them in
thotio among us, most prominent, at lensl the ro,gne 'em file. Oh' no, this is
those of whom wo have heard mention, the sent of(,',.verninent sternly S'almii.
are Gen. A I,. I.ovejoy, nn eld and well I Yours Truly, JOI1.
known riliennf Oregon, nml Mi I'M
Geary of Yamhill county. Mr (Jenry!
I... been a resident or Oregon some twn
year., he i, a man r finished eiluc.lioi,
:. . . , , , .
high moral worth and nesti-cmei whotev-
"... . ,
. l. i. I..... .... i. ...u ..e .... ...... ii. i
or ho Is known tve know of no mors fil
person In the democratic ranks far thai
station nor one that wo would rather kcr'n,- , ,.nt ruclivo firu hrokoout in Heno.
occupying the ijubnrnatonal ehair H.ir
ring his polities tv think ho would make
an excellent (levornor.
N. II. Kinco tlm nboic wan put in l)pn
the mall has arrived, and we learn to n
certainty that llrrvcl ('apt. Henry W,
llalleok has Ikicii npiolnteil (ioicrnor
and his appointment confirmed,
OCT Head Ahernelhy nnd liu'a neji ad
vcrllsement, They nrn reciting n largo
ly nt maraeiaiile cnoiisol all kili'l'
IViiinli' IMiiriilliiu.
I'lie iiiiili'ikiiii'.l I'm .ii esnfihi CI. ii I.. i
iiiiti Couiil) I i in. iti hss ihiiiitr) , ure gniti
litdtlisl the) i mi "till iiiiniiiiiid this In
stitulloii In lliu pnlruiiug" nl llis public
The Inn nt I'Miiiuimlii.n, Its-Id Aiigiisl
llllli, eiiiiees tho fnilliliilin ss mid sin i ess
of tin linrhl'm, Mr ,Mi I'. I. Sim
Ihe) stem to hutii ;iiinil tin
hue ami coiih lenee of llie iminl, iitni
,. .. , . ,
,-'" ""'' '""'"' .'"",
VV M'"' I'linsed nli tin irs.lnns-
oilli lm h ll e little puis ul su nml ighl
W1IM ., ,,., IM, ,(, ,tl, , , i;,, K,
l'1'vniid M. Will A. I.I,,,,, lie ll,.- ,,er
' ,
!'" - "' "", bielmr elas,, , ,, th, III,,, .
IK"o in minimi mm i imiuiogi "ire
Ingld) i inlilable boll, u ihrmsultio. i, I
, ,, ,pn,,rrs , , , ,,,, ,
. ..,..,,., .. . ,,
i io siM-iiv nn wir siiiines inns ii-mi in-it
.... .
renew e.i in. ;enersi impi n .m mn
minds an I t hillsir "ii the iiiiimIm fall
li were m, ut, was l,al eur daueblers
,.. i ,,,., . ,.,...h ..:,....;... .
i . in'i tin K it wor.i'j-
Wr I ,i. . I i ful llial tlm lint..mi 'II
ll.lt-. brllllllll to I, llllU IIHire fully ll
idr t
'.. Ii.
d its louuders, nnd llial n pMiiusss ""
i ii. I, nit. I i.m,.iift,l 1,1. k. ii... , ll. .1.1'tl
, - .
eoniuiiiinlv nnd In tin I'lint-ri
e .in 1, 1 1 ntso .- 1.1, .w l,Jl iln- d
pailineuis .. ll,., .Seinnuiv nrr I.. . morn
...... . i . ..
oeuiinriv s. ti.neu uunng th su, c-e-.-.n ,.j.
. rms 'I be primary drpainn. tit will be
j, , ,, ,.lr of ,.,., ,, , ,.
u"- '"r,,-lf "'"" '" "
I. I... i
lliu ..
i: u ,
II k'-.
1 V'lgllst I I
Ill, s, .,1 ,, ,,.,
-l , S, ul'.
n., nl i, as .,ni. i i
sh ,n, r. ioiisI linn
the svii-t ntPs s.,n,i.
i xrilrnitMit cnuM-l bv utu hiiU, llm
'lltt n'lo if tltik low !'mi ilir
il up fn ihr bottom. Tu U ut U-
nl! tt pp. t h.ilterin thru - ,li for t ir
ps4L' ( a ' i 'n 1 fthrn it is HillO IH 9i
that th- -ll' t uM.t.ilfi ! ,.iir jmJ -li.-t
iiiir'l i.iii . li,r,i.t hi (.iui ,
unl Iiii.iI! tin hot,, ful i.indi liii r,ni.it
still going -.
lit no It ssts Joli'e 's'L,,,
ner is nm ii" inr In of kilhd. Uhthti
( .
"" '" k'"' "r '""" ' I '"
"" ""' " '" imntisis ni tort near
Hut fio, what ,, ,, !,, ih ni.pears
t,iy ,. - mle is rls.- Should the
ulP ,,., pmo lru ,. nmy lfwk ,;,r
,, , ... . ,
H' t.Tt..inti..n ol ihe. nine ,... ,,d
"" ' " 'n oni. mo .
upon tbe iiiiiuigrnlioi. on tho elhnr side of
,0 mountains, timl grant this tnisfur.
tune inny bn alerted.
Trade in tins town is tery dull, and
every thing appiars dried up but I'hync
The) inn out-do the sober minded people
of the " Crock" in Inineis. 'I hoy never
etcu hate a sliect rietlotnlk nter. Tha
.S.ilrm, Aug v!l, IKi3,
'', J" '" "'Ur ''V '."?" r" "0I"
"-'X l' ,U"r "'J 1f. tal.fcriila for
a re Miction. t m, Waldo is the whig
... . t, ,i . . . i .. i
candidate. Ilolli parlies have iiii.do ihe r
state and county nominations.
ma,Cal nu llm l'lli inst,, which deatroy.
cd lislf tin-(own. I.ossrsllmatiil al 900,
llllll. It firM bmko out in tho Irving
Oil Attention is directed to nn article
on tho first page, which was abridged rv
prcsnly for Ibis paper Irom Illockw"'"
07" The rrpiiirnoiiiliettin.ninhbnil
rrB ate actively prngrossi-sj.
l'lit He iv Itoiitl I.IIW.
M.inv d .nir iinili-is jarn)iuaciiinliiie'il
ui'li ll,f nun inliiiriils In the Hnud I.1W,
pit hi -I lln Insl leeislnliirn. As it Is a
mull, i lint i . .in-Kin. n gri at iinijerily of
mil lend, is iimIipio insert it for Ihslr III
!i iti.s i'sii It 11111 inis fioni lius that a
prts ii . niiinr M. 'ill, llllll Hoitli of pioper
u is m for l.'il ,l.i v -, ss or U ( ounlinn
,..i, h d.i s mn. si I i.rr iUv it woulil
iiiinmir in mio rr In Ulllll
. i. ihj j. iirnnrv (o nn .tt rnlitlr
In l.i im imi. ,i,n llighmiyi,'
,..,, ,,., ,. i;.,.rr.fl.,l,rr. V
rii.iri; I .! ;. .' rir Vannttl I'tb
I nmrv 7 l-.'il
, Si, n,..l II, ,i .n.tctnl I'Vthr IsfiUtit
,'", "M 'Jj' T,rr,Up rW,
, I hat inueli ..f ih act refened loas re.
,,,,, ,,, mi,,,,,,, nl viewers and
i the eleventh sri lion Is herebv
' ispenl, J
Si I'hsi the esprnsos li newiag
mid r lewinu ! sit minis mads hrrcal
11, si il, eiprnses Im n.wiag
n;; "I illimliiU in sds hrrcal
unl I.. i sl',1 ilinll be ut the us
. . -. , ,
, in l.ini oui uml .. inl ilmll be ut the us
nf Ihi-I'lliliuni rs pi liliouing lor the
' Sio I This in I In tnki. llectaud be H
'fur' - i'fr
rout nn I iiflei its inssse
. . i 'ii;. I'irnliri M mi .Id tnlitlti
I I lil(rAnln lf iluliriiif Kuptrtl-
mn, ji.it, f I i'i hnmri l-'rhrtiiirg, H3,
I lit il tiuKlt'l on Iht iJgtiliilira
i'.'v i i'i Trrnlurn tf trrgtm,ThH
all lu.ilt-1" i sons brlitieu the ages 6f Iwen.
"iio and fiftv )rnrs lio have resided
limn ds hi lius I'eriitnty, and who are
n't ooiintv ur township ihnigr, or Other-
'.... I... -I..II 1... I..I.I. .....I..
ist , .i-,ii i,s ,tn , si, im imuii- c.MJ
In do si,. I pi rlorrn una dat ' work on the
I nl. In- muds, und.r I bo direclmu of the
supeMisor will, hi whose distnut lliey may
n f lllelt Irslde.
Si. - 'Ibul eni n unJ iteiy person
slnill li Iisi- wmlv io pi Msirni one aa
hlionsl da a W"ik Im eter) tlitmsei
I litis woitli f latnble prnpurty
isessr.l li tin- assrsv.r of ilo.r rvspective
ntiuiiri nnniullt .
-i .1 'I In (iisi stclioii uf lliosei re
'mil I .ii lius ,iil , hereby lei
I'bisait '.u tukn ell. i ' nnd hj in fctca
I o, in I nil' r its passig.
W w, re highly intilied al the tgi, -y-j
I ii, iniinwiiig, wiiieh liinl In IknSt,
Inn. i Itepubliuin of In i . y) It Isgmj
ss i ol jii.tue lung delated, and tine Vij
II, .i! wr t ,k oeensiou j sjsonk nf srvenll
t .us ljO
M-msi,s. ., s.Mi..,lj,s lllielsj-,.
.... .! ,... I . . I... . ... ....
I. ..- l,r ., MN,,! ,-J. I,,,,. . M.,IM.tl,l IflsjM
,,, ui n i. i, 1.1 1 1 ill, in. ,nF, 1 1 Hrnst'.r lsiu
I I mi Ii unl ir.l .) III. Ml, It i.r Mims
' il, , I lillidt.' ny.iii,ii,i.iit rImiM bsrrtrttsl loM
,, lliol) , III t '., nf l,,ailu.s An. hw OsSs,
I ti tttii. ni,) ill III. ftssi.rt Shd etsWi
I t(. s l... I I.. 4l Isk.'S,
I. ll,J ss-iiJtau,. I ll, lilt llttltr luWI, li
ttrvr n l.l s-tsontl flinsl. Ml I'liltt..
t-sl. . , ln s.j...m4.ijr .'..Nltlril . Mjp,
I.ll.ll 111 IM l,, Ml,,. , (H- ,I.HIU,.,1 Will M
I) Ir.l in l.r i;lil slut ,il,irli IYt si lh.
ll m h. I. I.i, i.f Mi liriirvtr i ttlUr.aiii
Ih- Imi.-I.i.I l.mt lh. tint i.i 11,1,4. i TI,, ,
..ii. milr !. ,r llir luwii, si n .s,,( ktvovii s,
ti. it..!, ,i, s inuii i-i..tr. sw.ii tin r..i
Ihr U.I i.i (h. lisrr . f in a MC- knoll o ll.
unl V. tl.lhl. til llllll) lull,, slbbliil T,r t.i
w In I r l.ls.lrtl mil n( ll. Milnl ts k.anrl mw nus,
l.r nl tn si tr will I. hlli.ts.iH I) rititiM,.,! I.
Mini,', i oliimn. nnj s rl.tu, fmr.
(i i'l In V nduesdny moiniug last the
si, iiinirs "I'i nn" and "Oregon" came
dlision a ftw miles below Ilutevllle
I he i hegmi j. mpledtn tssiho"enia
,al ,i... , JnVor. (a tiurit of nhalrt ,
I ,.,,. . ,., ,,... ,....., ...
..., ... j .,--...- ,..
hut '. Me freisht in
vast ighl andnotk
n room lire of rent for three years, a
will furnish laiardiug fer tho luaolmr '
snmo Itugth of llmr Miis llla:kley
llm Inn hnr .it pre-ienl
IrVTbe imports for the mouth of Me j.
at New York, show an increase of Ml p-,
cent over Ma) of last year. Inrelalii,
to the impett of Dry fitful, Ihe JoifVn'
of Coiuuieiei- remarks
"Tlm impnrls ol dr) goods continue
Inrge, and uiilvss tho doiiiaud for foreign . Isrgn
fabrics should gn ally incraase, soma eCi jju,
the importers will find the balance uf prB. ', Hj r
fit and loii at tho close of tlm year on thaVsm ,
shady side of tho Ledger." J "
Ami. tin an Itsii.iuiAii Ibum, From a
well authenticated stslemcnl, says the)
llsnkor s uiiCMin,, wo tesrn wal wa
morlcsn railroad iron, manufactured
from American pig, is In uallty superior
by almost II tn I, to the Imported article.
The following Is the lost furr-thed by tha
engineers of the Heading ri1reed a route
heitor calculated than any other in tha
United States, tn Irv""' l-wiiiy iron
Aiiiiusl wrsmf !:' I'"1' f l-IOpcrcsal."
Ai.nunl went ..f wHfan iron - 14-10 "
DifTersncel' ("0' of Ameriesn 9 MO
On Hies principally for the conveyance
0 ssotigers, Iho wear is not an great,
...M.tfinltv. till, JIlTkrnnAa tn fmttm .f
lsi.v'i., ... , .. .......i.vw ... .w.v. w.
American is less j out the average dlspar.
ity is about S lo I In ihe wesr,beln the
iliffiirriicfl in coal for repairs. Tha Low.
moor Iron, tihlcli Hsnds highest In Ihe ea-j
limstioti i.r our rnnroau msnigsrs, is ft
inferior in tenni ity to ndlnary America
iron in use.
jest s
Kr ;
MS p.
j I..
V) on
m. fn
IS lie
as VS
rV I .9
" Y x
Wg m arrl
if? It