Oregon spectator. (Oregon City, O.T. [i.e. Or.]) 1846-1855, August 19, 1853, Image 2

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(Drcgon Spectator.
rridty, August 19, 18H.
Tho Keillor'. Multitntor-.
In re-publishing a journal, or commenc
ing one new, it is usual to foiethadow tlis
course or line of policy t is intended to
pursue. In accordance w ilh this custom,
wo shall say, bristly, that our paper will
be decidedly whig in politics, but at the
tame time, decently ao. We are not one
of those bigoted politicians who believes
all the virtue of the country is Hostessed'
by any particular clsss or set of person; I
nor shall wc deem it our dutj to belabor'
any person for opinion' sake merely.
The existence of the two treat political
parties, we believe highly essential; the
. .!.. ! A... ..-.. 1...... in.l I. 1. 1. And ..
punier ui uur .iuuova. uittitMuuui. ,.i.. ui( ujr uuiiutug in 11. "v pi .....
b attributed to this fact, and no doubt the j more eommodioui business establishments,
saltation of the countrv i .nore or less, to meet the exigencies of the times iu that
dependent upon the mutual guardianship region. Ono large building is already
thus exercised by the parties. Fault-find, i completed and occupied by Mr. Sawvcr,
ins; ad eternal grumbling, evidently .as a Stove, Tip, and Sheet Iron Sisma
have pernicious tendency, and detract j factory ; and auother progiessing rapid
very much from the usefulness of a fam-ily tewards completion, probably one of
ily newspaper. One great endeavor with j the largest and most substantial buildings
us will bo to make our paper a welcome in tho city.
visitor in the family circle, by calling to This spirit of emulation is highly com.
our assistance such aid as will warrant us inendable, and is extending itself to oth-
in making the promise and such extracts I ere Mr. Ilifield, too, not to U outdone
from our eolemporaries as will best enable, by the improvements around him, has'
us to make good the contract. We are been moved to enlarge his sphere of nc. '
now, more than ever, convinced of the tion, bv supplting the situation of his.
truthfulness ol 'he saying, "honcty is 'present establishment with a large two
the best policy." What we have to say ttory building. i
shall be said, more with a view of being j I'erdiuand Uihrn has erected, urnm-di.
right, than to be popular. Wehavenola. opposite Abcrnclhy 9c C''a. brick :
Section for popular claptraps or dema. Store, a tasty and rattier neat building,'
gogic humbugs. Having said thus much which is designed for a business house.
we launch our bark upon tho wave of And last, though not least, Mr. Smith!
public favor, to be steered by con has erected a foundry and Machine Shop
science, the interests and welfare 6f the in connection wifli it, on Main street.
country. ' This the pressing necessity of the case
Ouk PaoirncTS. Wc recommence the "'""d'1. "d e are glad to see that he(
publication of our paper under quite fa. f turaing it to so good an account, lie
-orabla auspice. Oar citizens generally ' employing a great many hands, and!
areaenjibleoflhe advantages of a news, we steam (a vary great improvement)!
paper, and, perhaps, aro belter able, at'
ttia present time, to appreciate one than
a . .. .l
tr.y nan icen at any lormer pcriou. r" f w.m.. ...
Such is 01 r belief at any rate, and such,',':l n 6 " prgr.sioo.
is the idea ..-Id out ton,. The sea is ' ' ""- . Oregon City is to b
perfectly calm be.Vc- us. Tho evidences ",v ' the Willametto valley. Na.
of advanccmen' arc inn all around ui, " h performed her handiwork, and
. . . .., . - I.
ana mat one weu appears iimm cv ..... ... ...,.. .. ..... .......
trytWng else, anil has spread like a con.'Tlio period for advancement is near at1
tagion among our citirens It is not con-,
lined to any one particular thing, but this
same spirit has infuird ilsvlf into almost
every department of business, knoun
among us.
We might add, in this connection, wo
are perfectly self-possossed "we are at
peace with all trie world," and shall en-
dcavor to cultivate the most "amicable
relations with tin rest of mankind." We '.
are called foolish and simple fur uudeita. '
king the task wo havo before ui. That
can bo better tudged or when it is tried.'
If the spirit is not wanting among those
who should encourase us, wc shall have
no fears of the result
Help ui, and w! will assist you, is the
ids we would urr unon nerw:n 1.1 evorv
branch of buinsj thai is worthy of i
Wiiu'si.t A N.tMr ! has been sug.
Bested H us that we had better change
ino line oi our paper ... bu-jjh .iinc nc-
uama would be Uitter. Persons
feelings of delicac), may, an 1 dv some. ,.,,. ca compromise tho .pint of
times, change their naira- ; but what pro. progression now w rifo in this city. It 1
priety there could bo in us waking aIl0.ollly ftlnces itf.If in one particular,
change (when th-.ro 11 nothing oulUndi.h JU, cw,rv ,,,,, 1,1 of business has re. J
or ridiculous in the word Relator, which ,,e,, )mrM!lu, nmUy u a(!mjrstlon ,
to our taste sound, just .1 well ... any. !.Jn, nrc fucJ) ,u, ,IC w(l0 rs ,.!
ihiac oUe) we are unable lo we. It Is I
the matter and manner and not the name, I
mat gives Ihe new spo.er lis loae ami el
lacl. TTcur friends will only overt thera- ,rx,rrrh j, inc.j more than four.foM
solve towards procuring mn.nttrnl iudUi uVlr a.t)car. In fail, all our me
in the shape or ".limes an 1 Hollars," e,0h,,c, ar,. ,jn(. R ,irivinS business,
will not only give them n paper worthy of Tho tra,)e (, tdn tejccr ,0 yMom,
support, but one- that wil) rcllcct credit' ,. fcoj ,i wo arc scarcely able to
upon our cily and b an honor ! the!j0 jlltice ,0 ,,,, )t,lc, of mr' ,urij,CI,
''ouny- l-Mojoauon.
-OiircilUens have la.
ken the initiatory steps lo procure au en.
gine and i-umplcte firo apparatus. A fire j
company is soon to be organitel, which,
when effected, will place our city in n po. '
ailon wo havo lone Vvithed to sec it in
Wr undorstand that some 9loO'J it
tho amount already aubscriWd. Sdveral ;
200 aubtcilpticni head the IU. This is
l.i e. '
11 is car. ,
certainly an Important move.
..I . .... ...! t .... .!!.. : 1. 1 I
JJ UK UUI HIV IOa.O.1 . ..IS- Ul.l.lll...VU
' . ., r "
conreiruui, " in time of peace, prepare
- ' ' ' '
' lrWohaye seiilc.1 uper I'nday as
.t-ur regular day of publieauon for Iho
VttM, whioli perliap, will continue to lnght nur,,10 ,,, ,u,,jfc flJr,.tr Le,
r, unle an.alleratlsn in Iho mails re.'.j,,, ,ufvjee,
nuiieta chahg on our part. . .n."!??,, . I T" , .
- L I OCT Hit Willamette rlv.r Is nulla lew,
OtrNo nwa of Imiortanc. from the
Biaifs by ihe lasl Utamtr.
Oreg City.
It is. bsiog conceded, even by itsene.
n.tts'ftlial Oregon Cily it fail assuming
that importance, in a business petit sfi
icr. that every discriminating mind
could hav supposed. There I. tru limes
the amount of business dene here now,
to that donctwclt I monthstigo. To meet
the demand' of this increase of trade,
large buildings have been creeled and
air still in process of oreclion Or. Mc
Lnughlin has nearly coinplelrd, en Main
Street, two of the largest and mast com. .
pletctj fuiiihed buildings m tho city.
Both of these houses are already occu.
nlrdl.tr wholainlacitablithmentt.-Mrssrs.
Mles, Cu.h'nau A: Co., occupving the
one, and Messrs Preston. O'Neil sic Co.,
'the uher.
S. V. Moss, toe, i contributing largely
towards improving, and beautifying the.
A?... I... ....!.,... tu l. -.. I.... MI '
'instead of horse-power, and is now pre.'
r -"'- " ' 'Y kind,
IrAirt nnaa natis nil sin t ti hAiitaml Ian 1 '
Allr f-iliT.n arm T.st turnout it tn .r-j.nti,it
"n. ana we rejoicts mine ract mat we
' enabled and privileged to chronicle
Mho tidings. The New York of the Wil.
lammttte valley, if not of Oregon, is lo
'"' 'oalcd here. The facilities for tra.
owg nerc are such, at present, that an
up.cauntry merchant can purchase a full
i.. -f i -i
u'i" i"i ei-irsming. nnu our
merchants are aware that nothing is
"anting now, but to make it to the inter- j
! " Ihose above to step here, by making (
,"'' PJ' cenlage reasonable.
ws have long been convince.! ol the j
'-'t lht business knoft, no fjvorites ; so
that any person, or t of pcr-ont, who of ,
"" ' gfeateil inducements, must g,,t the .
run. That joint on:e gamed, it will bv j
diljicult to place limits to our prosperity
-vfl "'t "'t have a beginning, and s
nature has marked this spot as Mi" .u a
,,oujnd, ll bcome our people in mm
,. R,liantnCe, to account ; this done,'
,, ttl- lC n0 ca,y ,M8k ,0 faMt9 r cv.
ut... ,,n ...nil
1 vit. iv i.iv l.au.l. ..v iviliuil,. ivil. ..'J 1
No coinbiiiatiuti, no
limine.'.!. 111 nue lint begets himi.tss
, ...,.,.. ti. e.n!r,vm..n. ii-. .
OCT That ftrcnade in the streets the
other n'ght recalled lo our mind by-gone
srenes ad old associations, when wo n;cd
to station nurself uiidsr tho window of our
dulciuea, In break Ilia stillness of the
nlghi by breathing out, in the softest and
most exquisite style, eur or ditties. We
almost fancied that the romance ol our
'"'llcrdayt waa about to return, and Iht
hi , . .i ,h..ii..i 1.. .u ....
'" -.-.... ....U.IIVU u. v.u ,.(UI HIS..
, ... ., , 1 , , r
u taking ua captive, and driving from
' . " ,. ,. . f ,
I our r.ccollecllon old chums and class-
matet, as well as 1I1 littlo enchantrets
,hM ,0 f,cnuen,v JUturbcd our dr.ams.
wro It not for brcemttloka l etiern wo
and stcamboating somewhat difficult, Mlh
I above and below the falii
Titr Mails. -A frleud of ours had a
letter mailed at Hillsborough, lor this illy,
some fne weeks since ; it waa just three
Keeks and three slays precisely on the
road. We had one that did a little bet.
ter; it performed n trip of tnenly.nine
miles in two week. It should have reach
ed this place the day after it was mailed
vv e are- a uigiiiy ntvoreu pcopio in rcj;iiit,
amllhe Aanlnwall Co., is mulllplvine our,
' f ,
favors to theextent of its ability Through ;
the inlluencc of that company our ditn-
buting office is located in Ca'lilbruU. A
friend sugtesls, for coiivcnieuco snke,iloat was aisigurd to Clen. A. I.. Love,
that it ought to lie located at Honolulu, S. jov who, after going through with the
I. When the contract for carrying the umial cemmnnv. pronounced it the ' Wil
mail was let to this companv, it was let ilanisllo.'' The boat run nsaily across tho
for Oregon' tako California vi as second, riier, and was toned back to her inooliiig
ary in tho matter. Wc would like to by tho steamer Oregon. The whole nf.
know where Oregon is now InMcad of. fair pnisnl oil' very urcealdy, and the
being first, slie is nowhere. We are or.' people returned to their homes highly
rv that this overgrown company cannot
fill its great maw- of cupidity m a single
vear r two. Wc rejoice that the con
tract is so near its clorr, and that csm
llticn is likely to produce a change in the
let.ing. Ur lb future, 1
CO" 1 he "J rhW, is the title ol a the government officer, at that post, and
new steam 1-ont built by Messrs Murray may be relied upon us Iwing correit.
aiil Torrance, at Pnrilaud. She is dc. We make thn folloiviug vttract
signed to run lictwrcn this city and Port. 1 Men 4ti:i7. women 1000, cluldren '.'U30,
laud yh.-has grossed the rapids once.ihotse Itlllll, iiiiiIjs 11197, cattle tll.dllU,
btitsheiisuedour wharf dur.ng our ab. ""B01" -M'"'J' '''"l' ".rt0"'. VC1' "'
1 lafAta.. an a ll.iit ,ih Ia lit essiil T I h M StVlt.
scuce. consequently we are unable lo
speak of her appearance. She is said to
be a handsome boat
There are built, and have been run
ning, four steamboats above the falls, and
there ar. three n. boats o tho stock..,"
two above the falls, and on. iron steamer
below The "Canemah Companv " is
building one of thos nboie, under the
supcnctcndcnce ol Cjpt. John MoLos-!
key, which is the second bonl lie has hum
in Oregon lie has considerable rxperi
ence In the business and is a credit to
Oregon enterprise and the other is be
ing liuilt by the -Willamette Tails Tra
ding and Milling Company," amlisuu
dor the supervision of Capt. I.afever, au!
experienced Mat builder. I loth of the
above are large class steamers in Oregon.
The iron steamer below is being built by
Mtstrs. Walls !c Williams, the piwprietor
f the propeller I.sgle. These men have
had experience enough lo know how to
prepare for the wants of ihe trade. We
hope their expectations will ba,rsml
and that the rapid ma- be nsvteatasj
them without difficulty. ' fs:
There is also being built in this city.
schooner, designed, wc behove, for li
fishing ado below. Wo feel great pnsVs
in having such tidings of prosperity to
spread before tlie pul 3.
CtT Congren doiut in l-'il, ( we are
not certain a lo the year,) to the state ef'
rallferata, for scl.Wl purpose.. .'.00,000
et 1 tl 1 1 t. re 1
acres of land. 1 he land in Cahfiirnia is
claimed, but in a different way from lire
lar. 1 in Oregon. Settlers obtain their ti-
ties by preemption, The aams law that
a. in force in 193J in Illinois and other
western state, is the governing law in
('lifirmn, and persons claiming land
there procure their titles in the same way
preirudy Persons wishing to procure
imtnidiate titles car. doo by purchasing
"schwl warrants,", which are issued for 1
per acre. Hut the market value is
gt nerallv about :I0 per tent, less than tbe 1
r... .... .- -l 1
OtT There is no lunger any doubt a. lo
ihe removal of ihe present Surveyor Gen
eral. Private advices lo that effect have,
been rcceited here; but there is no ohV
cial announcement of tho fact in the pa.
pert, llis successor is Mr. Gardiner, tue
chief clerk, wc believe, in the pn otWV
department ut Wavhinglon. And Mr,
llslkck, of California, is said to bo the
appointee for the gubernatorial chair of
Oregon, The removal f the .Surveyor
General doe. not lake us by surprise, as
it was uti event long anticipated.
Mr. Preston, by his bland manners and
spirit of accommodation, has endeared
hiinsolf to every ono with whom ho ha.
transacted business. He carries with lilin,
in his retirement, the respect and 'confi
dence of all our ciliuns, of both political
panics. II. has been prepared for the
removal, and is already engaged inlhs
wholesale and retail mercantile business
in this city. Success to him, wo say, in
his new vocation,
OCT hw' show.rs of rain aro much
needed In this part nf the country. Fall
vegetables, such aa lata potatoes, cabba.
ges, turnips, el etiern, a, 7 tullaajng much
from lha drouth.
G3 A new road has latclv.cii cut out
from Hcotttburgh lo the niV It ia rep
relented as a comparatively good rcsd
Senttshiirgh I. evidently looking up
B(" "" ; ... P "" ' ordered to con.trucl Ihe road " Ma Iho ,., of ,,, lmt Wero " bored off." II. "'r of ,l",',, on ,N,,r" "" rf,ur"c,, w,lh
in quarter half and whole section,.- (jf M (.fvv( ,, Vl - j ffom them toC.nem.h.
e'r'e.L! "" lie accordingly left .hi', pl.c. on tho OH. Astoria. TI,.. sheriff of .hi, lilrc' 'V ""',r' f " '''"'
me rcanr for tho place ol l-rini.ii.K. We ' ,. n.(i. .Dl ,..VM ,:., u i,i opinion a. to the probable cailso, and sl.all
0OOn Thursday last the naw steadi
er, built in Canemah, waa launched ;
soma AO Or (UI persons being mi hor at the
time. There wero no ladles among the
number, but quite a large number were
gathered together on the shore to witness
the cnr. I he numbor present exceed
rd. by a hundred per cent., any siniit
inua .- ..-. -"
Oregon, liver) thing appeared to be well
. . , .... .
occurrence that wo havo wiIiicmciI in .
propon'rneil nnd slie gllUe.l In just as
easy nnd as graceful as a regular watoi
fowl. The compliment oi naming the
.... I
(CTAiatc M Louis llcpui.ncan eon ;i"".'T" '-"r""'"'"
tainsBiiac.oiintof theinen, women, nndiThestrel rammer ignitesl the powd.r ml
children, and dilfcrent kinds of stock I
:k that
,,,,, ,., ,(lr4mu, , tlu0l1 ,
of Junp rp0ft B1.n )f on0 of
the government officers at that post, and
,on ,h. -,...1,.. 0V ,,xk of tho d.iferri.t
kinds mentioned, will amount lo moru than
one liumlrM ami nily tiiousami, which
Jews not include any that havo pasted on
the north side of the Platte.
i , i r ... . l - .l
nu",u" '" '" """
'"a,1- lld "'- " ' ""' '"
IOOK well. s.me tiling is crnain, u n uie
.... . .1... 1.. .....1 1 1. ......
urn .envoi! 1.11.1 o.co .1..H it..inu ,n-i.
at so earlv a pencd. f.oni across ,,c
ATMOsruiti. TiLEuntiii. It is an-
houuetd in the paper, that a Mr. III. li-
ardson of llosicn, invcnlel a lelegrap'l or
vcliiclc nf transorl,J,whieh is called the
"atmospheric telegraph;" and that a
..,..nv I... !... t....A tn ,.n . linu
coinpanv has befji formed to crict a linu
between lloslon and New York, ll 1.
slated too that Itller. can I convev ed as
1 I 1 1 .. , 1. I
sraph.' Thovehicleis. lead tube.' The .
letter or package to lie conveyed, is fild.
ed up and placed in a bag attached to a
pVner, and is propelled by pressure ol
air. The plunger is ao arranged that the '.'! " "''" " "
air cannot pa., it; no friction is creajed.! "")''"' "'"." Uicrrunol anvll.ingol
Csrmog this pro.ct, w .il.r u. thai ,IU k""1 ''""" lM'n"
Louis Intellii
elligencer remarks si foU
Yet if Mr- Richardson will start his
1 , aT S'tVlVTPl!llTl
J noticed In Ihe Morgan (III ) Journal,
, for ,ho eenr,y,nco 0f mail m.t'er,
which struck me as much more plausible
than lha Poeton plunger." ll wa aviso ,
to consist of a tube and atmospheric pre. ,
sure, but instead of a plunger, the mail I
matter was In bo secured In hollow metal. '
lie ball., which should neatly fit tho call,
her cf llui lubo, yet free lo roll. More ol
Iho plan. In detail, I cannot call to mind.
I think, however, that upon this principle,
.,.''..." UI., it ii,.v .l,n,,t.l .,,1
,)( Itosjton with leti than telegraph
.n.j firid the hall without much smoke'
at tho terminus in New York. '
, . ..
are not able to slate anything relative 10
the unrtliM, mint, n.w fuither than it is
in I inpqua Valley. What significance
- "- o , "-
the mouth of Myrtle Creole has obtained,
we are not advised. Wo have not heard
of thoro being a military pott established
there, but wo believe tin. law conl.m.
plates building a military road
CO" Our inorchanli ure preparing for a
heavy fall trade ; Messrs. Preston, O'Noll
ti Co., aro nboul r.cciving a largo Mock
of goods direct from Iho stales.
Mauri. Miles, Cuihman ev Co., are
now competitors for publio favor, and
have a good supply nu hand.
M.air.. Absructhy, Clark (V Co., uro
receiving new supplies from Iho Atlantic
slats, and California, almost weekly.
Messrs. Allan, McKinlay A: Co., havo
on hand a heavy itock.
CO" The Marseilles Hymn, on the first
page, ii aaid to ho an excellent translation
of ibis National Jubilant of ihe Kurope.
ant. Ii contain, much of the spirit of lha
original, and en this account I. deemed
worthy of a place In our paper.
Otr The public are beginning lo Appro.
elate the good fars and accommodations
to bo met with al Ihe "OrOgon Homo,"
uudar it nrosant proprietors, Messrs.
Cochran V Sprenger. Their card may
ho found In another rolumn.
"plunger' at Moston to arrive al .-ow u,n , r.il, ,,riet several hundred dol. ed I'.'l ccnis. P II. Mc
York, In ''fifteen minute., I lr'nt ,.,,,. ,.k.,. nrmar. ..
Ihe cost or Ihe "plunger' lliat lie ami the . ' . ' , " , ., .Srrai.ivT Kviiom.ii On the -1I1
ooamnanv" will never find nvlhlmr but I alion for It ortclion this suuiiner. I Ills .
"csmpany win never iinuanvinnig uui nsi , th Meamlrfvat ( aiunnh in ascend.
arnnan inaiiDiiiiraamaavutw iuir, 1 n su tiii.iio'i misii. t.i.tv .. 'i ...v . . . . .... .. ..
1 I 11. a. a.laua a rVASH A L, I I as IB 1 llinrAt' .! .1 nilll'll n aVllfSii llSV IllrV
J -. ...----, t . ... IV IUIIII.II. ........ .... I. M...i- .b. ...u
. Of 11. AllOr.l. I . ,1. ArilH. IS w.r.. r.irm.l...l I, ni l.i .,1 111, ..Mir '. li.
00"Tho eiiiigranis are slowly coming
in. Soiiik with whom wo havt conversed
arc of opinion that the number 'on iho
renin for Oregon l much greater than
last veai The health, with few strep,
lions, it generally good ; and the grass
. for stock, perhaps, hasucvci been better
r H'n u.uihl think much from tlirn.imwir.
i -----ii---
..... - v -... -. K. ..-.., --. .. .
that wo have seen w era in iimcli bsllrt
I ... -
auceuf Ihe stn-k on nnitlng here, as nM
Icon.liticii tlinu lliene iiolceil liy nsor rorm.
or ) earn. The Indians am represented
' as ver civil. Pew complaints h vie Iron
.tillered agalnvl llieni I lie niimuor ofif
The niiiiii.,r nf,
'.., , ti.i I ...I.I
.-III. -Il-...l.t-l .. v.-.,,.,..
owner havslvrn quite lortlinate, com.
pniiiii H.I.HI.I..I,. in in i i. urnn ii...,
parslivrly, in gelling their stock through.
(r One day, week lf..r. In.l, 0110 of
our cltlrens, Mr. Abel Kudy. engaged in
blasting r.vk on the blull', back of lhi,ci.
ty. whilst tilling the hole after the charge
liad hem put in, was very seriously hi-
o.u.k... ....ii...r,i..i.i..i '
some way. lUlheve. are nearly diroy.:
,,, ,f 110, rn,
,ngi wo ,,,
ntirrl). tut m,r present wilt-
rstand, he cannot .c. out of
saitlsa-r. anil has lo . led ahoiil the .trerts .
i.yamtleixs) ) Ami 10.11 arms are more ,. .rn Mwpf ini,., ,, ,.. (Mir.
or less injured, fonuii.l.li, no Nine, are, mij T,. town 1. Iii.proih.g r.pidlv.
broken, tho lle.h, huwevl r, has been torn'lu,r(, 1r . fUt,t ,mc .,, ,,ii
cir Ihe lc ft arm ami considerably bruised, JU, Lllli mj ni)n, ( leccfu ,nraUtll.
and Ihe right one .ev-rely cut, but not .li.. T0 trtl ireiK.rri H.nf,,,,!, p,..,,,
aided. He is a single nun. and we be, I............ ....iv ,.cf ,,i, ., ,H
""' nii reiames 111 1111. rouinry
wstim.lii.t...... .i.l h.r.l working injx
lleisimtaiiil) nn object of nu
OCT An iiileresling and cu-du.ii.,.- ev
lubitiou (anie ell' mi Widue.day.il last
week, at the !'em.ile Sc ary of this
r .l,i..l. Mr .ii.l .Mr., ilhatiuck.u nil claliiie-l, and 1011m alanec:ntrit
are II... ptincip,,- vv e were nut prrsenl.
jt.utw. ,rn-..l that the pupils aiqilltlid
tlieinselus li.iiidsmiiils . This institution
bU.-p,! on a linn fuiindution, and wo re.
JolC0 tu ,,c ,1 m , prosperous a condition,
nlll tldt (H. ,,, vantage nf u rducatin
lr. wing proper
& '' '"' l,'
ly considered
m pronoller, Washiiigton
'" '"" htted .1,. in -wl.om.tr .Ivle
,"" "HV ,or "a' "" "rr 'P"-'"""
tl.i. place, our .lay iut Hi'ik Mi n!f
""cJ ftfr "" ''P'I "; "here .be
will U- used for luwiuc vmsols 111 aud out
,u' """ ""r '"h" '""'" ", """'"
Mcr..-y A. C f she get,. round ..b.
i- ..... kM... .- ... . I... kit...
(t-Tim bridge over the Clclims nv
ir, which was charters..! Iat winter, and
enmmtned tl.isauimiier, we understand,
I"0!''" ""CK 01" "" toward, the mouu
tJ ,, 1ip.rram
' U" ' " "l". JulK""'"
frt- T new iron steamer of M.ssr.
CrOTii new iron steamer of Mis.m.
vcl, & VVillfams was launched venter '.d engineer; Sebastian Miller, Ihe first,
, ,,.. , . .. .. r , .. . ., ,,...., ..
'' ,W '" n ""."'; 'Uy of wa.only .hgl.ll .cabled, wh.h. Marion ll.
nolo, nnd we bespeak for the owners, a, llulcroll, '.'.I, was so badly .tabled that he
i.rofitiblc rur. when . hois completed. Her
rJimentions nnd capacity will bo giv.ii 111
fu , ,r,fter A enor. imitation waex
, , 7 . , . A,
tended to our cilieils to bo prestnl al the
,... i :, ,, , " , .'
tSTi I... culprit I a.ker ha. again set
-...-...-...,.. -..- ...- -..,--
maJo ,,,, enpP( tnd , hlJ ,Ild , yc,
I 1 i.i
CO Mr. Iluchtcl, llagucrrian artist, has
sumo beautiful specimens of pictures la.
ken in lliiscity. He is going to Canemah
,i. l fw Jays, to giva the, f.aj.lo tlicro an
opportunity to hr vo ll.uir likcn.ues Itken,
CO" Job N. Pre.coll ha. jut! arrived
with 11 lol uf now and seasonable good,
direct from California. We direct atten.
lion to his advertisement.
OirThat noted individual who 'a1rr"
chows his own tobacco and spit whoro ho
please., was in town a fuw days ago.
Wu may add too hb is ono of tho b'hoys.
Otr'J'lio mail, for the Stairs, left hero
in Friday of last week,
OtrCiit Taylor says ho is alivn and
kicking, and hn'islwund lo kick up a du.1
among tho dock venders. Ili.adv.rllse.
incnt li In another column,
OCT Wu tcudor our best aokuowledg.
nieuti to eur brother of lha Oregonian for
tho goo.1 wishes, expressed Iu his last, In
our behalf. May lis livo n long life, and
provo a. useful at ho appears generous.
0O-Tknki toeuroldfriond. Mr. Dan
lol (PNell, ami A. Holbrnok, U. for;
.lata paper. b thr last rlcamor f(um ihe
I'm llis Oiri.n Hililf
C-cmi.it Cm, Jul), I'J. I-
Mr.MnMy Hit, Tliinltliijf it might
be, of son... interest In the people f Ore
gun In know something .limit this plarr,
uur hustiics ami fniutn prospect", I em
b,Hly in the following liolliing mil in.
which vnii may rely n
.. ...
ll'K- ' inlniile. and about iwrlvu inllr-
1 I 1 . ... . I. .. ... ,. ..I U.I.Ill.L ll..( SSlllillll
'" "l,n"' "" ' -
' ,',r' miles In Cnllfornla. 'Iho His.
llu"'" from Cre.ceut City to Sailor dig.
kIiiiIs . forty-live miles, In Atlliniisn flfiy.
lu.i Mini In l.fli.iNkllln .IrtklV niltn.
. - .
Packets Imve madn the trip to Allhoue In
,.. - w. -... ' vwvnv.-. ..... .-.i..-.t -...-w-.
from seven lo eight d) s , and in that ills.
Irnii'ii lli.rn lint 11 .Ireleli in alieeil rlcht
I. .., ,..,, . ,. ,. , .,.
. . .....,,,.. ..,,,
NoH , ,(,il)pmu,i.,.n, ,, ,, ,rf U.
, d,CI)ldtlll lhp N. ',k ,.f Smith's
., 1 ,i.... .... .i...
,,,,-, , H,ll, I,, .,1'. Ill uiru- III. .i-.u,
(i0 p,fsons engaged in working them.
.,.,,, ,. .li0un, llf ,,, ,,,
mtMn ,, gf ,.,,, of Il01.
.... , , , . .
. , ,., .......t.Mt. ,ii.
ru tfluMt f (-frweBt city range
;, llltle.lo S.il lei.el. am .-on-
luhtl ,illJ.i Hll, , IIiai ,iram.iilp
I'.dnu.bia ton-l.esi very iwo weeksmi liei
upward tup- I Ihe Columbia river
The farimiv cuunlrv oast of this place
eompiijiiig n ar.a of some ii.imiii acres.
, c .... 1 , . , r
..".sx. .-
ai-nsr lor 111.17 0.11.. is .iiiiii..iiv
. prairie U111I, and well adapted to fanning
an I grarlug pur..i. s ll will be uin.111
bcrc.l that Hi. I ireg.ui line evtends nearly
to the mouth uf Smith's mer Thus )ou
"" prons .trt.riug it c mid avail ilein
sell es of tho ( Iri'i'uirilonntinii act.
l.'resc. lit City i jnsl li.t thiuu linn-
Jrrj alltj ll(ly !.. r.omUrr.. (My. I
traveled It iu lliirtreu da).. Thera 11
pood un.l.oruge liere, Btrl the harbor I.
well pn.te. t.-l on all sides except on the
Vrutt e irmtuer, rit Hour 11 selling
ul 47 and 97 ."n per lll'l IU I scon is
0I1, f,.., nj to 17 cent. pir lb , pork
,. . u,f j.,.,,,, ,, .,,,,.
0.11I., swi...s baa f ( from Amrrlci) U
orth Klceul. . colo-l ll.s for a dollar,
sugar ( Island ) -iml -, am. Mi'caiislO
renin, in bar.tl. and l.s'f Iiatr.K , crush.
Pool hoth
t llui ut onw uf lif r tmilrm.
. Iiu. s ui on 01 iter imiifra. 1 1.0 c. 1.11111
occurrril wieral nulr. above Heels Island,
Tli.ee persons were Maided, the 1st and
died Ihe same it. mug; and Moses Tor
ner an engineer, I and passenger al the
time ) wl... had hem at work pulling up
1 . . ... ,7
the ingine. for the new steamer Willam.
ette, was .c.crel) -.calde.l, however, not
.0 badly but that he will reenter.
. .sew..!...,: llm
river an hour or to after, went In Ihe ic.
, await Iho report ol the c'mmiter
Wr uudorstand tho " I'eiut lake, the
place nf the Can.mah in transiting I ho.
I'. S. mail, that boat bving hired by the
Tin 1 dauiagi. to the brral is slight, apart
from tin. Iiijiny to tho boiler. Him will be
repaired immediately, to resume Iho U, H,
mall servicn.
(O It being n fixed Tael that tho "Star
of Kmplro" has 10I In Oregon, and there
i no chnnco of its taking it. way further
westward, wa haul down the 'ld motto
and pins in its stead : Our Hoit ii in Ike
Future, ami Sutceii cur Firm Dtltrmim.
CO The Spectator establishment haa
b.nn removed to th second itory of Mr.
Good' liouso su Mi n Street, and I Im
mediately above hi. . oblnet thop j which
is situated two door. a. nth of Mr. Ilouel's.
CO" Tha trial of Joaet Noll ha. remit,
ed In his acijulltal by iho (I. 8. District
Court, held at S-ettsbur-, Umpqita conn,
ty, whither a change of veiiuo had bsen
previously lakan.
CO IV. Magsr. says ho is prepared lo
attend 10 calls from (lis country a fact
which he wlshci lha publio "ORerallytg
know. I'or further parllculor. .ea as,
I Ml III TIT1T slafllVl' I IIP mill, Vtlal