Oregon spectator. (Oregon City, O.T. [i.e. Or.]) 1846-1855, November 04, 1851, Image 2

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    tf I II I II
tfMegon Spectator.
m. JT. V.heMr, Bttiter
Ill' llll II 1 1 II,' III I I II
Contain more' reading minor than any
ether paper In Oregon. It It unccnditlon-
ally devoted to the true Interests of Iho
country. .It U extensively quoted through.
eM the State. It give more reliable in
formation of mattora at home, of the coun
try, it genera), prosperity; and ii per con
aenuenco, of more interrtt abroad; and
beaUUa it coata but half the port ago to
the Statee ; tho pottage I v only flro cents;
the pottage on the other journal ii ten
cent. Peraen ctn.be acoommoJatei
with papor in wrapper, to ten J t tho
Bute, by calling at tho office.
Mcent. '
09 We learn from a private letter, re
ceived hero a fow day tincr, that about a
decen -tear arrived at tho Dalle tome
8 or 10 day ago. Their arrival wat un
expected, at no newt of their approach
bad been prevloutly received. They
oaao by the Salt Lake; tome aro taiJ to
be fraaa Peoria, III. It wat generally ho
llered bero that tho immigrant had all
got Into tho Dalit! mora thai- a fortnight
go. The Immigrant! harj tcattered to
rmleb over different part otho territory,
that it would be difficult '.o eitimato the
number who arrived tU year. Wo think
howovT,tbe number by land, might be
aafely aetdown at 7 or 0,001).
OSinco our latt a largo quantity of
rain ha fallen; which ha caused tho riv
er to rito at thit pltcc, over four ftet. It
haa o Unproved iho navigation above the
fallt that the ateamerj are enabled to a
cead and deecend heavily freighted and
without interruption. Tho rainyvyason
may be aaid to liave fairly Begun. The
appearance of the atmotpbere for several
day paat warrant tbo conclution that
Ugh water and plenty of mud will bo the
order of the day for the next fire month.
Wo havo fad a cnott delightful fall, and
can bear with aome degree of philosophy,
tta dtnSAm fjHtA "Oregon mitting."
09" Tbo newt fabricator! in tho United
Slate have been the meant of sludding
tome o.' tho l-c.t American blood. The
excitement existed in tho wrong place
it wa tenfold greater in tho Unite! Slates
than in Cuba. The xvhole a!IUlr turns out
to be a rebellion instead of a revolution.
Wo think it ho received a iiictut that
will latt for soma time. If an armed
force wa to land at any oint in the U
lilted Stale with evident hostilo intentions,
what would be tho course of our govern
ment! Every citizen would tay repel it.
What vtould l ho demonstration bo called I
Treason. Cnbari sympathisers would do
well to ponder over these questions before
they run into error.
OCT "No good can como out of Naza
reth." Never wcro we more forcibly
struck wltb tho abovo idea than upon rea.
ding tho last contribution of Chadwick,
uliatEwM. Such o'rigmarolo of emp
ty bombast wo havo not teen in a long
time. Tho brain from xxhleh it origina.
ted, we should think, could bo compress
ed into an ouuee vial. Wc havo no doubt
tho conductor of tho journal for whom it
wo intended, luughcd right out at tho sil
ly weakness exhibited by the author.
03" Of tho number of exchange! recei
ved at this office, we rocognizo lln) Mil
waukee Sentinel dj- Gaxtllc as ono among
tho beat. Wo feel in reading h, that wo
would tike to have it in our power to tako
tbo editor by tho baud and givo it a good
hearty thakv; ho comes to near to our
idea of xx hat an editor should bo.
03 Tho Timet editor wat on a tour
through tho country abovo last xx-ctk.
Wo think ho i too lato if be wat looking
up ilia "'tolhcr" half cction. If ho was
a widower ho mlghi .till win; but xve fuar
the first of December will ttill find him in
tho vocative can a stubborn, ttlfT
ncoked old bachelor.
OJrTlio Black Hawk roturncd to our
landing a few day ago, and hat returned
h( old ptaoo, running to tho rapids and
MVefc 'again. We aro pleated to too her;
w aefo her running will provo equally at
proitablo abovo! 'a below.
&3TIm bridge -Joidlnjj to tho Islam)
tfttf tulrf nv.rr.lf.vrr. Tlita will rill-
p.-jfr iot v"") " - -
HI ,.Wrll a durable alructuro.
I'lilttlrul Trnittcciiili'titnllitu.
Transcendentalism it no linger eoiifin-
ed to Germany and Oruun speculators
in tho philosophy of mind; it ha crept In
to the politlct of the United Slate. Tho
rampant AUltltoiilsts, or "higher law"
men cf the nerlli, prtotlca one tpecict of
transcendentalism, uhllo tho toutharn
prrtt Of touthcru rlghti party praetice
another; and, although diametrically tho
oppotlto of each other, thry havo a com.
mon tendency, vU: to ovotrldc the Consti
tution, to dixlde and distract our glorious
Union) xxhloh wat built up and cemented
with tho hcrt American blood. Tho high
er law doctrine l.at run into free-soilism
or It frce-tollUni ilncll, and the toulhotu
dltuniou tpltit It fauntaclim run lind. I
Tho aniar xi.tlo vioxx entortalncd bv
ly may ba termed a meeting of extreme.
And atlhiiijt harochnngod anl arc con-j
.lantlychanglne.lt nm bo taidalw that
the word iVawmeyhM loal it. nwanlng.
Ii I. a romnonnJ xxonl mn.lu un of iho txvo i
Greek xxorda iAimoj nnd Irafro, the for.
........ f - ( -
mer meaning the ;vo4ie, the latter tlgnl-
lllll IMVHIIIHk I'd "''. . 'rj .
fylng foree; and x.hen joined th litoraU
igultlcation it limply lie vope rule.
Thl.wa.the Interpretation nncicnltyg(v-iicll.ion.
rn to tho xvord. Note if it be nppllexl i
U In Orrnn ti woi.l.l mean nertonal
abu.e, equ'vection. mirePretcnt.ticn.x,.
j -' i i
lany, nml ntm.t anything that if itv.e
cent. Tho ubjoined ilea of pemoern
cy at expreued b-Judge Head of 1'enn.
.vlranla manv ve-ira aeo it to Imnd-'
tylvania( many year ago, it to imuu
. j .l.. .. ..t.. : icii..l..
hlgl,; than inything wi c.n tay furtl.eV WJI, in tome x, ay ,., peopU of O,cgo
cunelf: wo thsll let him therefore, hclp( l'vo no dead matter, audi at pro.
finith tho taik wo havo begun: j pectute. quick uoitrumx, .Vc. What l.
"Ptmntncf fntzU Itfflf for nal ojwn original In cur piper, ei.iircrni the coun
th wife"""'! of trxitliairf ," .UT,'i:'1 try r the people in it, except what i. .aid
Ilia hco.it; tn4 lnlIUnc of minlind. It hu ' ' , , , , -
to arpun.ut for Hi. and.rrtanJini but the n.lir. of our neighbor xx ho I foreign in reeling
tnitli and craaJourof iu otx n rriiicipl-nJ "lnn.l (ntrrrtt. lie tent the laxvi. out ot tlir,
lV?Bj.i!rv ob Prin,cJ' and advcr'.isei for ;,;.,,, ln ,.w ,i,vin t perform. i.i Inn-,, ll i. l'...i.i. -i-n. ..-of il.e ..,., I,x the x.y f Wi'lamelle valloy,
lactloaef If an. aud may tw (!- JeacribiJ u(.,00J0 JfUH York for nothing! S..-ne como to build up uud render lh.ni xi! .'. inlli..', an I i. net xtariantrd . I'lmr.- i.it file "f ".ildler. t m.l.ting of III
5ffiT&S$2 ,,r -;;--, 7ft :.,.... ' s'"y u"r"'' "!l'-" - "'r " " lv "'- rn-"n' ,n H'"cl' "' -' "'"'
Uk. il. t-lubtliu ItrUian ka.iux lh roreru. I (WIhenilaeratiies.ini reaonni in ox , , . . TK .,,..,.1 r. ,,r uc, !),, fa, , nre (l.-n l.ati. a. inn .ill. f lln. coiiipanitiii of Aliloino't.
trappinp ef stimiW ctrrnwa) . a ujh.1 jwuiji lo
runaTrrto .r dirmfv Ulv. il alilaf forth in Hit
mpl. 1 sht f Irulh, to win and UrM Ilia huiu.n
fanuly "Da uwuelli.i.a. )ou ooU li tlurn
J, tin l a xxci.' csrnnl a rule ol ftcmra low ui
.UaJiiiieJfSJtla.fia.oC 0.. t I
s( niTcranxBt m well u the rj.nl oi un, coa-in
;.;,. lymacrvy. uwretdi rt i ''; " , 0cn. L,n0 ever held any court, in
earned into ecoi!l tCccl, " wooM eonxen, . . I
.. . .1 . , . I. I, (.,.. ...III. A .1'.. ..I..., rnn. ll... fcIlMll,,.M I
e.uthttlia lr;d.. ll .un, ...air. and j
r ... t. ..... ..... I.w .l..,r..lll,..1 '
iJ. h. .....ii,. li .r,r. unrrrimlr uiua U I
makes Ilia broU K,vr.lcu confcm-ig ciual
.. .X. .. . ..
auiu lh woU tv.r.ii;i-conf.m-ig ciual
rifflit unun lh wnoic. r.acn muiTiuuai .um.i.. i
emalralitical rirhu an.1 ciat righuta tcHuin'of
tai n.i, prpn.hr. Thechoica ol roTrrnuirni.
iJ-aJiion.f ta and their .srtutwa. U but
lb. trill and action of lh ruv.fDf J.'
'1'he trantcicd.btalism at practised by
a portion of the to called Democracy io
Oregon, is akin to, and partakes of the na.
lure of thu southern fanataeiam; and if
anything, tJ iwredextruutivc of right om
decency. It hat nt U nioaninii
... a
Ucp.Kl.am. minu. Iho ,.cr.,..cu.iy a....,
loxxcr. llunnclu.ii lias soma iim con
science, but Oregon trausceudtiitalisui is
utterly void, and is without li-.lur shame
or remorse.
It is a truth, wo xcrily bolicxc, that
upon uallut daylight is near at hand, and
tho latter part of March next, will fur
nish tliesoUcl to this article.
(O-Tho Clackamas rapids d.m , under I
iho auncrintendcnci of Mr. retor Hatch,
: . ' , , ..
"""" " " "" ""-"" nonsensical to do credit to a Kanaka. The ,. l!(clillt,, ,,. ,-,, ,. rt. fa ., il,.- .Krnm. uf I' II li.n.hng'bv ll.r ..r,...M.I to remain in XVa.hing on
.ndagrv-ator number wla. aro ditpoK-d onof ourllcig,luori iory mark., r'nr; (.mi.tlurj Z ,. ,.., j.d.n II glrr. Th- ,...,. fSha.r," " .lax after , he bo,. adjourntd I.
tudo xt hat right, than the tamo Hum- ' , , r" . i.' ,jn,i ' ' .... in . , ..JtFlnii-.i. I i srculixo bii.iucaa, aaw fit to
bor of porwn. Ilia, can bo found in an, I "'' ' hop-.nr.r.., rrt,-a,-.nJ. , mam , ,,.(r( of ,.. ,,,.,., , f r ,. ,. I , ,,,y ,.,. hi....-., I.ax . k . .yTK,p ,,, .,,, W1I;. ry r fifty ,hoU.
f ll 8. s-at I a it xtlic! xx 1 axe cnC0 BoM,"B '''" n P"inteil. He aV, ,, J0uht ,at bo xxoul.l l,ax.. Urn -biig..l O." pr. tiJii.ly i.e. .t.-. re.ull ; ,j, ,luBrj under the iiamo nf tittulite
?.. . J.. ', u ' ' ' ' B.' j, running out of trumps. An empty well b ... . Tim liiali.ionc' ibo.' .Ii.tiut bain gixm lurp Whigimeige lhat i, a lempensallon for a
JrZZ PMoln,fle..W n"a. ...- f -TITA
l .....I .:..!.. .I.Si:., ...... ,---- I.--- .. I no nriu vi Hiiii-Hii ic.n, ........... ..----
lias ncen ununrgoing soinu iiiiiiuuiiidiu.. onpurKc tognui i.oioriciy. ii is a por
Il has been extended lo ihu btad ol Iho rKlsl har.e.l for tin.- ladv writers gmerally.
island. AIout a month ago a holo had
.... r .. i mm.. I . .. .. ... .. eil.t' r ni n- (JrremwiH
washed In tho old part of tl.o Jam. I he appears to bo Mrs. 8-titho!m mid Mrn.1. , . ,' ,
, . , i , i . I ' .... . ., ' hul he wni the Lest pi
breach has been n paired and Hie ilain has I ma,mtl thuoriginalur. M.l-m u.Mri. ,..,, '
. ... 1..1..1 i ..!,. i ... ,. BiniM,.1!..,., .... ....... u... ,...1.1.1 ui... i.... ... !i-Q"v w'1" n" M"-'"!"
uceu utiniviivu ...... .....".-,. rxirKiaiio, .tfiuj ..tin. oi.'..! ,j.i n.. ,i.
ativcly but litllu xvator running down on tp0icii as yet, l.ur opinion would bo xrorth
Iho kft side of the island. Ills generally Mmething in a inalteroflhis kind. Higbt
bvlievod that the .'Jpids are diuiiiiishinB'lRn, WOare to see tbo privilege rxcrclncd
and tho turning of thu wier Into Ihu now
channel on tho oust sido, has been Iho
meant of making tho xvaicran oge.il, lo a
contidorallo extrnt, of removing tho rap
Ids. Tho scrapers fitted up for deepen
Ing tho channel arc said lo answer a good
purpose; wo litm-not sctu ihcin inopora
Ipminnd can only speak from report. A
ilflwdredglng machlno hat arrived ex.
ptcstly for iho noof tho rapids, sent by
(oy. Abornclhy; but it It deemed too lata
in tWscnson to fit It up and tnako it avail
able this winter. Tho imchi.in is on tho
ground, and will no doubt bo put Into sue
ccisful operation as toon as practicable
OCrThero has bcon more exblbllinn
of drunkenness inourttrcots for a month
pait, than wo havo soen for a liko period
at any timo tlnco wo hnvo been a resident
of Orenon. This is ono of tho effects of
being without a Mayor.
Ihn. Luko Woodbury, Iho Demooratio
noinliico for Governor In Nexv Hainp.
hln. committed tulcido a abort timo ago,
SUa umt I'rlre of n lncr.
Wo don't know when w read a more
ii i . .i , i .it .i .1 r ii
sens llile. truth til art do than the follow.,
ing, which wo lutil in Arthur's llama (.., W all Hint iiitik lh iMllns tr f lw
!. t i 1 1 i ii i Mlieelory aiwllh I'lidr..! .lt4.nrll Miy .ti,iil.l
itttt. it ihould I road by every roador ".:,.. ' i i..i u.,. .. .i. ...i'
of a now .paper by cery family in the
community. '
SiI AMU I'alCI or A Nr.WMrK. ,
People are beginning to learn I lint a few
IriiiliAd te lit ll. .& mij tf n iini.ap nnJ T
...v..vi. ... ,....,.."" "i-t-M ,-"'
fow cm cm ii he whole oaritli.
..- . . .. , -i
tcripuan price, utako raincr a poortuu.1 i
ttituto for nnallly. Tho Urgctt and'l'i '" "" "" ''"! A f''r"d t0 '' '
chcaprtt It not alnayt the beat. In our :
ohtorvntioniluringtno pail lew ycart, wo nol , tn ,..outi, in ..met it ro.
have been ni.rprl.od to notlco how great '.,(,,,.,,,, .r ,,,, remg pl.uv,
dlin-rrnce ten, veiny, or hit ty cent. In". ....... v ... ... ... ... ...
a year would make In Iho c reunion on
family nexttpaper ; the mere taxing of a, Oregon. The people of ML-mn U iill
cent, or v't' a cent per xxrek, being In.! crrtalnly foel n.ltnincil of the in-'leoi
'M enough for a man to deoi.lo In romllUnf, ,lf ul0,c. f , rr.-ml.
Z'SrlZl - ' " ';
cbeapnrt. i friend hole will take Iho mailer up ''
Hut, n we hxo aid, the people arejdn ll for lliem. III. xnlutMo mrxnr.
begi"''l"5 to get tlrr.l of the.o .r lnr. . rcn Icrr.l In behalf of hi. iulopu.1 State.
Bf!"- a"J " ll.".!!!?-. 'hVi.-ni.!!.e.Wu "w ,l"''" l""f M,rr "l"- '"
' in., '.t.- ..t c:... I-.l -.! -
.not now mattrr of con.ido ration, but ex.
lt nut tliu VIIKHIni. wnu win. ..i.vv n.wi
cellence. When a man tuhaeribea for a
- - . - ,
PaP- expect to gel onotJuttMdCfceana fir the rrectUmiif auilablo mou
hit family can read xvlth Into'reat-and
profit, ino evil of more pulling anil pre-
from xxhleh o much ha been
tuflerrd, I lint gradually curing it.elf.
And it la well for the pmilio that il i to.
l'eraou. !. are continually croaKing
out Tnc "miio t'lw.iwr imwu vy vv
wav contains more rradtnjt niftttor than
'ny otlirr papor lu uregon.) iray giean
comfort from a peruxal of the above
l-.verx- thins we luxe in our paper li to
. .- t
xhoStaUsnnnXo ..ilJU Ilia wrong hon-
with tho allubn made byourcorrfnJ-
rni in ih flftrid mill srttculalioii i tlif1iftl-
. . . . ., . .
lowest attempt ataecepiiou xxrnav.
Ions time, rxoxv wc are nol ait are
Oregon. Wo extract from Iho Statesman'
... . .IK
ul compioiiii oi our corrcap.iiuiui.
t ai.iu lime I none. Ibal oo nUM a
'. .....L ...... IT.. I .. n ll. l..f n..,.'.,
Kais.u Ui.ic loolie. Ibal oo ul '
win, mim . , .- . .
i. l.aii, in Ilir lul iiuinvr
Uie itpfcUtor, I; indirrclly elnipu Iwii ilii
nucact.(t lo rnncn ninnrii oy -irjiimj in m-
imud LlW in 1'urcha.ins a iruta .f Hi. I.Uwl
iiiUIa ojMty "
Tim above arc the rnnark made thro'
the Statesman on the following extract
fiom the corrcipwlencr alludod to, and
the bai of th Statesman'! article:
..eMcr..adaJ!c.w..ola.xi '1J. '"!J
W lliaui trvurvai lU H- a s l sva j wht-iihs..h vj
tiujio li'uivl iiUoioUrJ-kh IoUk twuiry
- -. .t-L" '""VJ'JtTlLltoi
todn... u furtttu tii.lour-li.lf )rar JuJjr
of lli.fu.1 Jwlidal lilnetlnl)n-tB"-Ci-
A nicro schoolboy xvould hax-o senio
cuourh to know that such a subterfuge
shoxxslho grcalost weakness, and is too
....... ll li...... XVI... . fl..i
,,ii; .......,.ir.u -" ."-Ico.ii.trv. lli.-ealou.M.pportoflli...-o,n-
op,orl..nilj the rug., for Iho llloomer dress wc u o
uirord the female conductor, of puH.c wU m u,nb,nly ..,, ,.,,. w
journals lo wnle thomsolxes inf. notico.,,, .... .,., ,. .t. r...
SoiIIC .,,, illU, favor w bile other, op.';' ( . ,',,, (1 H ,.,,,.,
DOMi,. T hov a. nost scorn to lake tides .
il, . . , . I
J'fI0 most conxpicuou. amnng the ininibcr
by to many of ihem in u matter that con
t-ornt lliem ond thorn alono. It ha soun
ded Iho dialh knell to "woman' rights"
uoiivtiition, lit bast for iho prcseut.
Kr.Mr. Waldo informed ut a few
day since, that rlpo ttrnwberrie wero
plucked in hit neighborhood last week.
This is tho second bearing of tho vines
this season. There n.ro cucumbor vine
in this vicinity still groen and bearing
abundantly. What will our Atlantic
friends, Loli.g 10 degrees south of th!,
think xx hen we tell lliem almut uniwbor.
riot and cucumbers growing and inatur.
ing on Iho !ld of November.
CrtrGun. MalJowcll died on tho 3 lilt
of August, at his residence near Lnxlng.
ton, Virginia. Ho was a man of brilliant
genius, of consorvativo and national fell
ings, which combined with hit Airvidulo.
iUenco, havo tamed for hlin a high ond
permanent roputSlion.
Mr. And'hson, of Astoria, will plcaio
accept our tliankj (or his Marino Kepor ,
l.m! 1'. I.tmi'o lltirlul itlucr-.
"AlHir. ilnmx Imt ilir rotte ..f ihrlamriitrd
la... IllitlKH-wi ny t piiiiiH" imiiiirii inmru
r ....i. .m.. i i... . -i i ...
I 1TT( nilllH l"lli 1 .1 ,- ....... Kl-'inil HIM.
U doth, mi amiUM miiiiiiri.iiiiiinirin '
2Z$Sin $?, V2 " '"ii..',"' I
Itl.lolxt ri-gretled thai ono of Mil-1
totirl tim l.n. nimiM l.o tun iiok-
, .. ..... ,i , . .
llrclod. It CcrtninlV flion. It HIMll i'l ret '
. &.. i
Mint xayt if n tnlTioli net of in 'iicy ran
"' " "'" "'"'" ' "
i Orenon hit memory h held mo.l laerril
and our chimin xtould e.lreni il n plen.
uro, were n cliatino nill-rrd, to cxntnlntie
urucnt over tho I.imt-nli-d I. Inn.
IVl. Kin Hn. ax XX'.aaa ll rtrr imr. n.
caluif In lal lrltmut lu III" ttiMlli l . I.illi
lul llwic nniit lli.riillrm.ii( win
Sik ..Zu.-eavVJ, .U Z
ti4tir,. vT Un .iiIwmu ilut.fi ulmli i .( ?ii)
i"Hifirf lohf Mmi miHi. l.nti-u.iHijti
'IU iITU (il til Vl'liliritut t'l.taif nrn in I'lim
- -.1 I . il. .. t . I al ..... .l .!....
..Uhj,,, j 1UM11., u.i. mi .iJ.. i....i.
anJV,i.,l.l,ri.,..iitt...i,l.ili.-li.. I...- I..,..
iih i,im, lix rtuJ.irj imn uf u. m.i
..i. i t..,., ,..., .... .,i ,i... .....i
'Pr lct.j 0f , nar.lid in ilir
aln jt llMt admiraMu rmiiifiiiir
up,,n he abnJcri retailed by iho r.-j-ulnlor
gfnBMl tt w terk. iinee. In co ig
m Mr..nn ..rv i..,r.mi l.n. ........ ..iil..,l
K sw W!f, ll rii.l.a.cn,.w
a. a general regulator nf mou and men
sure, generally, and post inaitors in par
ar. If i-'ir. Hkmix Wiiixu.n ur
Tno '.
vixe. tbo attack ma.Io iiH)n bun bx th.
mcxolaim xxith !
l-Uiaior ueiitrni, Wllieii l r.ii.iie i.
. . , ... . ... i . i..
,,.,1,., . .!,.,l, I. i'u Mi.ikim"
... ,, . ... .., , ... . , i
" oil nr -aiiii mij iinii cw. ... i..i
.,-rurl.iiiii. urrmm ttnv down ill '
our M. xx v cxpod onr ioc nan. i-.
. ... ... . M...II
" .-"". j
JfJi (If nlwut the timi llint the exle
',af rriai ,t, 0.-. f ,Ueh r.n n,im
r,,culd U-fJl! us ne can only .ay, -n il
ct-ippla.-e." itiN am cheap, lie In.
cim, , , our paper so iflni li -it
, c haxe pot u.nl In il. Wo in tv bum
ihi faino fix aiS.NT. Ansa rrpr-Mriitel
!...-Tar t,. to Lo ...-"lu I..-I.I.,,
Imn l' re- wxrrul Hum, Lilt lie xtu. in li
a big f.l thai lie did lul know xxle li l.r
wni wlnppid,"
iKr S nalor l'iT, of Mi..i.ippi. lias
the firld to lihiiorlf iio, lien. Hur-ui
ll.rn,,..t.r.,,l (I. j. In..lt, H(l,1 l.r, (.(llll llf till
-......-. "
Inr xonili
(fir Somo per-ton ha. been tickling tin.
eil.t-r of the Orffioiiimi, (wc IijNo n-.d nihl
lcajed man hi
nt ridicilln of tin-
Idea of navigating tho Tualitaii rivtr.
Tho writer xvr.uld have micerdrd U Her
bad ho confined hi.ii.olf to the truth, and
I iiut thoivii r iniicli Ignorance upon tie.
subject about which ho wn' writing.
03 Wo aro pleat'-d lo aeo thu rexixn
of the Ually (Washington) (Hake. Ily'
thu last iiuil no received nn nvlr.-i, r.on
lulnlng a list of all Ihu appropriations of
money uiad during Ilia List r.es.iou of
Congresi; nlao, a staleineut of llie new
olficea created, and lha salarlrs of rneh.
CpJT Winter Is down upon u tho rain.
Iiavo io! in in carnosl tho river is
millo full and slill rising then, has L en
a riso of some I foot navigation haslH-cn
resumed abovo lo Mary x llie tin-lif.at.
aroijuito aotivu and bltuiuboal stock has
n'r considerably.
" (ttr Mr. Wnmpool lina reiurne-d lo tho
lllllla country to anangn ami closn hi
business, w lien a man proxc iniv.ur-,
thy and dishonor hi poxl, ho should bo
ousted. fnlhl.lnMane-o,xxn.ay..inen.
OirThuinail for llm .Slntci closes nl
Ihu jiostoflieo lu this city I-'riday, Nov. 7,
at 12 o'clock.
4ou. I.iiiii' 111" -.Ulnrli i
Tin' .S'iMiihifi iii 1 it 1 ii- inlt-lv
. ., .1 c i i ......I
ut lint imi t" nun ili fa. n .. l.uieiul
.k. Iii ,iimii1 bird I . nuke up Inr
... , ... ,. i ,.
ih.lln.i'ien.-x -i.ir Ii- . ..Mmm:i In lm
fm.ir nt tin' 7 reniS Ii mi -after ill t1ir
"- ''' l'l-' ' ' '" '"' """
Illlonntlt III Iii. lit.
r lliinu
(jfn, ,, iii.n iMihi,.i .i iiii.IitiiiiiiiI
tile h f'iinli un enn iiiprnliiii' lull H
. . ..
lunlil ..r i ... .I.. I. i.mr until. Hi
t )rf gni.in l'-k tlm l.-mt in I'.m'i l I" n.
I.A-.I. iho A -. u. i- n.i.1 Ihin tho
V.. . M or .Hid the hi-l el nil lb.- V.H. fimm
H l.r I,.,, il t. tt.Itl...! I.. rx ..t.-r the
liVmimr. .I.j,-li ii ,'i,r. tl..- Si.it tm in'..
tn-l.-rx ' 'Hli'.l irh. i. i Mix MnaW
.i-lm lih.tx. i. t.li. i. " N .. . .1.. iFl
t-.nirl llie l.tt i of inii I.im, ii -r mi v
.ii. el-e. "I lite olliei it. Ilr i- in lntr
-iir . .'miii u'-. ut illir il. . -. n 't t ii.litli
Ill Irut' on I Ii I. in Ii"" I' 'I I" ix h
mi Ii ne ll - ', III -ii "t ' n 'in
tlniij; '..- in i.l n -I .-xpri I. linn Ii I " i ' mil
Un. II- u. I -i I. eh 1 on I'ltix
mill.. I' .. Ir I.. -Ii ii. ..i 'Ii. iiiiii.I.
el rx-) 'l mi
ll. -rr I r tin- enm-llig
'.xi I. .pant ..fit.. s:xu., t,. erxvil tin-
I f ut. nii.l nnke n.,x ..in. I . Ii. x o dirt'"!. ) ,
tt In, wit.
ihiMimr. . r...nl II. w.-i..k in. faxorlttdiofthe iniinlcrcl men. It it tupjio-
in In. bin I., .itel,. wix.- rll In. ciin
r I' iui 11 i 'i iiv
It alM ll .' 'i III 111
I , t i . other
;.iii-uil .l.i.eoli I.iiik-
" '',',' """ ' '.'. ,",!.''
;ri- t.ttll , (lrNI .1... '.. ( I ' "l" HI
. ii,. Mm. ,i ..i ti., xi, ...ii
aVJ "'l '.T. .". i i," Jl 'Xtf TJT,
I ... - ' l;"t',;.'l'i.,,1" VL,'."!''".
'','",'; 'J,.',.". Vi.'.'i.' U". .V .'..'.' !" it.'.
..ci.i i.l..-y .....il..n x . i. ..,.... I .. .-
" r.etolnit. i.,;lx t- mi.-!, a
, , , ,i i .
gr.. p.rtn. .in i.l l.i. u ,n tli. .1 -xe in n
paner vi u.x in ill .j.'.i n 'III. Il'.n'i
Ii.kt 'liken I... I.X tl.il I'r'-eiiiin, iir.,lt.i.
illx Iiik) o.ne ll.iini.r lutn ... i Ii i.i
uitune. nl nil tie i.ih. r p,i; . '.. .in . lie-
mix .p .iii .ii 1. 1- '..ii..... I... 1 lu t n
I ii, I ii!i wa. Hi- rn.ip.-i m pp . in
l.mii.i in Ui. vi m ol in xx . ii xx iuo-i,
in ol I 'i W.
brother .knen int. who ..... nw.' olnr..
'til.lv ilil.nt..l nm ill l.i. ..xxn .jui.'x
.....I..I... ..!.,. il... ...!,,. ,.,.rr ...i,-t.l.
- -, - -
mul.l s-iiri-.ti louxiuir In. irmi.ls mil
In. !i.h! I.-, ii h ...ii li.l.iie. Iliil i. one li..t. 1 (nrtx of men Imxe n sworn oon.table from
in ih l.i.-i of .i lie !. I il.' 'til.' wi iCIw.tn Cily, wi.h llirtn, wild the power
H..I.M fain er. atr lie lllpli.MMli lh.it l.nji- in' r ill thr I ,.rr tl.iuxfa he may find
(I.I-.I-.' ..l.tiiJii il. p ml-. I niaiiil) up -ii . n I f llic.l'a'Cadii i.iountaiiia, In iho A
i i,r!. ..li -r .iip"i-t lm. .nl.. ... ,iii.nnrii.aiiiiiiti.iiy. flo ha even lakep
i.t -I i! a ,i il ll Si.ii. im.in inl An-r t , j . n nriu fir selling a bono belonging!
I'.xrrx I ii r in Iho 1'irnio x luil i!,.,,l!-x .Mr. Uoaitttii; hut Mr. II. Iia got
t( 'IW-1,11
m.ii, ih
Ull.i 'h .Ml t I
I . "ll.. .'.
.'l'l ll'Mll
mill I ii u.-i-..i: I xe ,. n.r v. rna'.ie
III .-I I. f llct llK'it lli'lill.M.'l. tiler.
.linilil iM' bo .iirpri.'-'l if il xv. uiil go i.ll
' ill .B I .lllllpll.ill."
C 'Tim Calif. rnia Cauntr l. dottn
(J-i i.i I.) i ii Ion,; i.iiir Inlly
t run o, WW huh th. xxiu.rbns ign j ,.,,.,; r ul,ifoll ' ir0,8 M,
i.lh - i, .line like Un. I..iil.uil .V all-y ' ui,' i, iinuii.Hriablo demonstration of il
I'Iiii.I. I..,.,l' Sj'k. . ..it. hriinv. ii i.a ' ill. gulit x, Lut or an eiprca provision of
h.il Jo.. Il'iite iiid, ir.iU i.(ri, v.iU ' 'aw who li llie... .am., tenalor (or mott
r'i.A...i r I,, ,r..W',",.,'V",,7,"!",,,l,0,,,'"rM,.S"1 .L
, ,, , , , ,. i lint ilio wrong hut been done, the
V it.i. Ik wiU .iK.ii . (., rll,r ,. Aeir. 1I,) alr,.1,1y kOW . (,, Ao M U
iti. v''. niiiniliii.r, j cut x.i tiiilitu Ihelr reach. We hare
SuN-.i.n. IiikiI r.-p'-nti-'lly in ohttin for publioallen
ii lut "I iho.r who look and tlioae who re.
,. lie-
.r iiinr.-Minp -1.-. (oil rep.ai.-d,)
.V,,om, of I t..k: ,,.11-ml
un.. dinlm-i, "Intl.- Sprtlnl.tr,'' '-ininil.
l.ii'l edit i," ixl.ii.no "ciri-iilulii.il" (a
.1 in lu.g iIk me) oi..lpliani4iii," ,iinl "rnt
ling :i.elnur." 'I hnio thin;; aro nil
idifyiug, to say the lea.t.-
OVK. A. Hinrling, Indian Agent, ha
leflf'i thu country north of ibc Columbia
river, llm pln.-o ussigunl Ir.m lor futiiru
opumtiuiiH. Il will iloiil.tli h iniike (llym.
pia Ins I. "U.I iMIurlrrx for (hi) piesrut,
(lT IUu.1 Allnn, MeKiulay mid (Vs.
ndvirliseuii .it in tu.ilny's paper. Men
vth'i udti-rliiu always mII tin. rhrupc.t,
Mark that, jou, vxIiohikIi tu .avo your
(TV Mr. John Mnr.li.of Cini-inuali, ()
hille-d, ut his cslahlMiuii.ul in that city,
four lillli'lieil hogs ill llie khnrt f.pat-0 of
fifty six .ni.iiii"i.
OVII. unel tah lln- National Di-nvi-
c-ralie- (.'onv. ulinn intuhi, held ill Haiti-
more, nn Monday, Juno 7lb, lw'''.'.
o;rTuilMli , ,!;', f 11A11.
. iikkv of vxhicli un nccuuut was given last
vvieli, has been si-nienced tu la hung the
I 4th "r Ue-e-oiiiU-r ucx .
llnr-n Tiilit-i:tillN newt 1 1
Tho c.xrlilng now nonlalned In tiro rub.
joined extract 1mm alntlor, will lake our
render by .niptlx". Wn regret eioaed-
liiglv th.tl ili-'" arn such renegade In
tir land. . It l only n development of the
r"".-pl.-t...,l..,.l by iho Smu.m,, It
tin-'int. town ill" teen niii inn rnuniry it .
' Imui in roip ihr lutrvoit
Hal it tin' Till. Ciii.ilMtiU, I
Oi'lnlHir 'J3, IM.'il. '5
III an Mm: Nnllilng now hi lrtn.pl.
""Mine- ixoieliuregoin uy. oniy max
!""" " I""')' f "" I"" ('n" -'"'
''" "f l"riily. nllrr li-.r.o llileve. I
' I"1 "i""' )'"' "" Anlnino, the Indian
.. .1. . ., .1 I .. ...1. I.! .-
mill ix'rr linn uiniugii x. mi mm i.w.
ll'"n"" ,,l", '"' ,,r"1 lir.iil((h.
Ho and
nii'lln-r l.y tho nni'io of Joe, a Yaonnia
In 'i in, ttrro oi'iicrm d xvilh th" llileve.
Tin-tlni tea nre I'lmrlrv Smllli, Hoaton
II n in-, nihl Terxiilli-gar, ton of Tcrwllle
i;r ill I'eitlan.l. Tin')' lil'l got near
lltil.nt'a I int. .xilli lliutr i-luli il lionet,
niii,.. ilui" in al.uil HUH, xt lieu thoHi two
In.!. ..ii. to-.k il In ll.iir l.rndi thl lliey
mi.-lii . ixi-ll own iho property tho
j'ill.. inrn. nnd murdered the llirto
"'" '''" I'1")- 'f a. In pur.ult of
m 1 ilirm loiiii'l Hi.. UMlirt nnJ recognlxee
.! llial lliero It a parly ol twenty-ore
'" " nl 'I"' 'land.i Knudo xvli about !IOO
lij-.e. ff.'tiiilio riin.la iiilnri, who intend
( i.. .pen I Un. it inter llirre; tlie.a arn a club
'i,i , firmed at Cht.ta oily thit fall,
"I li.-rin linn.'., xxho are nnlhelr way to
ii Sia'i ., buttv. vit wo havo not hratd
of ill, in In ro.
I' ,H lite llm. byn tb.-y have got An
Lulu- llm lu'limi in Iron, nl th (lrrlin,
I'l.l iln. in..in.-iil. 'i'li-y bale jilit got a
..I, i" man by lln' mime u( Markum, a
1 ..I .if t t rar. of nge; ho lit. been tel
I v Ii -r.r. for n ' inetr ong, alnlfli prop-
..i.iinini! Ilir Iniir.lrr iii tlir.o tlirr
, in. ii, tliex ntr g- lug In start to. morrow
in irniug. Antonio ir(irttliat thit young
. MI4II l.a. tfl.tltni in gubl du't with him,
I'.ti hi-tnok froinl'l.arlr) .Sinitli and par-
txall.rliiot iini iniir i. ro.i mem.
Id af.
i. a ,-uat ixuteiniiit here alxiul thit af.
..... ,.
fan. I aboulil not
xxon-li-r if wo would
. I. ,i n .rn.n.l (.'.tvu.o .ir. Tho Indian
: lu nut know xtliit In make oi ll. I ill
, 1I..1 ..i!.i of hi. horse.
WM. MoKAt,
To Ii.x-in '.Mi.t,A"i...i.i.t.
Tin: Min-Atiiiltaraiirv. Our reader
ulrmlj !iuow that a part of ilia U. Stale
vu.ili-r. at llie lain i'.n, l.lng required
n in XV a.
lux. of Munh last. This grasp wa-imade
! ! sns mil unli1 i.l Imnettalw ft ad nf.
I '"'d tho plunder, but it ix not ncceasible
'!' "", l',l.,,l, !,'!'"'.,V n,l..W" .h.Me
. .urn. inr ih en i.niii.-ti. nut our vvatnli
iiigtou cnrrrspuinlcnt lias ottaltied u sight
"I 11, i.iuli'le-ntlally, and ho write us the
following fact;
Thorn wnri.)j.(ifo nnlor who bald
over from llm last congress. Of (hose,
lirtiilii-rifilit took thu dnublo mileage, and
litenly luur refined It. Three newly.tl.
.xt. .1 H'liatora wero present, who wero
paid single milcago fur tho oxtra seulen,
n wn right.
Wn ii'j'iiuu In baing atsurod that only
TiiiiLK vviim debased thciiuelve by lk
ing llie double mileage. Our oorrpoa.
l.-.il say four, but bo give Ihelr name,
and one of them reads ueorge W. Jonta,
(nf ioixa,) who'lt iho latt whig wa evtr
In aid of,
Whenovor xve can obtain a full and re.
linblo list of 1I10M wlHjtook ond
refiiudlhl plunder, we alimll publUh it
con.pluiiou.ly. At preteat, we forbear ta
prim tbo few name that have roaohed ua
lest wo I accused of partiality. Mean
lime, let ll bo pondered lliat lion. Wm.
It. King, president of tbo etnate, though
he did not take it hlmieV, opened the doer
of Ibo troaury by using the feUewiag
untruthful oorlldcalo.
"I ooilifiy that Iho compensation allow,
oil by tho foregoing lohedulo.to senator
uf Iho United Hlatct Uaccordingtolo.it,
(Signed) W. It. KINO.
I'rrtldf nt of the enale. fro Urn."
N. Y. Trlbuno. '