Oregon spectator. (Oregon City, O.T. [i.e. Or.]) 1846-1855, July 10, 1851, Image 2

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rUhbtM Mm Load U "
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i W'riMMMrnil "MMsVUOOOd M
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t yau owa rwiil-
i aha iMtkorlty of Mir mM
rtalMoaiy rtjrbt wiy or
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i poor ia,iao Territory-titoe
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! ML ia nMOMBtiasi IM a
Ooa. Laae, and wlthboUiag
M M paper ceataiaiat: it mitreo-
Um. The wot iVtto tetisfcr
mm osweoartrolortril, contain.
derogatory to Oca. Laae,
Mn m Immi a candidate for
la Coast, raw, aor atace. The
tMa imi article, know log it
.Ta author, of tba above
Jm did jteee ba iMuad it
tfMt kkMt'tU'NM. w will Itt Mb ao-
i'MMtW(K"Vtao "blgkerUw" author
&rfrs?Jl eaaWptibly mean to utter It
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-m IM ftntpam, aaa it but utile i ao
p.nm it.
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'V& i m It ft. MM U it. .s;,m
tfjSjhri tba Mkakiatratlon are determined
,PM.im ! ajuui uraw party line in
ijBrjatj " that they shall hate politic
VjMsw-MlWclan.' All tba important office
V&iljjw wltaia it gift are filled with ultra
jr M war appointed becauae
each." We boiler tba sur-
tbo' pert at Portland ia an ultra
:Mtd IM) portal agent wbo baa
Ml of oliloe, U om of tbe mim
lnv. nn btth tfiiwentefl am
-"i "r
beat Whijain PorUand, and
Mp WV mmmW
immi arooBg ine n niga wdo were
V aa'-'Jar'tbeeo atalioo. Tbe Orryonioi
to it that aucb Whig aa tbe
do not alert teo commandlof an in.
orer tba Wbi'c of that section.
fldf Tba grata it represented to hare
been much more forward this than last
earn on tbe plaint. The St. Joseph Ad
Tenter nyt it is at least two weeks ear
liar. jTbU wiU'enable the immigrants for
Oregon to arrire in aeaaon to aroIJ the
early Jalla of snow and rain In tbe moun.
, Mas. A Urge number of stock perished
satbaCaeetde mountain last fall In con.
oeaaance of. laruTg been oreruken by tbe
aaews. To lose one's stock at tLia end of
Itm'ttmle, after undergoing the fatigue
'aalbardebipe'of almost the entire jour-
mtj, la truly hard. Tbey are usually ao
.Math 'reduced by the time tbey arrire
MM that a frj little will overcome them.
Qij A party from tbe Salt Lake, of
wbiob we bavo made mention before, suc
ceeded in bringing their stock thiough tbe
nountains safeljv They arrired at tlilt
place one day last week. Tho stock were
w mi order and looked well. Tbo par.
ty tWak they nerer rtw bad roads until
tbey got into the Cascade mountains. The
other part of the journey bears no com.
parlsoo. Tbey all appeal, in good spirits
and hare gone into the courHry in quest of
CZr Tho Culloma brought arpart of
MVoargo, four large cbureb ball. They
ufor Jhe use of tbe M K Church ; on
Csr tkia place, one for Portland, one for
3Sala, and one for the Clack am Female
leaalnary. The one for tbe church la
this pUoe weigh, wo wore told, 330 lbs.
Tbey. ware purchased by Mr. Abernethy
in Natjirk.
C3T Tae 7k-Mf wasU to know who Is
right tajptotlng tbe amount of gold dug
rMcBride. We hare learned Irom
araoa who worked with htm, that he
mad .MitHW, all told.
H mri.ytu learn nam urn iimti inai iu
,-Ws1tiMH tteamer a employed on
iwtek iaostraetioaniinfrom the
"mU rwt Igauar) Jo low water.
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ftLJirj: .-."J....-i ..-, . . .
jVaaj tiia un vrnnoawo maoe a piea-
4 Uu !( am lliAr fAtlrtla. in fli mnnfK nt
tisKsasssi. r:.T:zi. : .r
..- .IMF HtetMitia sua vumawa tmj, ius
L'i,r'to(al wa without a represent.
My, preeeat-
, with M
rib. '
are Mw,r!f m
aiadiai ofaao MH
the awiatry whan tkeyare ciUeV
VmatMkd., Not'a weak mmm by M
m rtfOfM immm m tram the Rogue
Kim commit, an aaowmg ine aipwaaoie
baalky la tBdUnhaonoeld against
W wlUM.J.tUlr jMaiatiUatltM;
mm towards person paeaici through
iboirejoaatW. ItkoaWeaoar aeiafuide.
ly t hafo rcrdd tbe death of aomo tt
oareHlMM for tho past Month. OM
cpjiirlcpou among the number was Capt.
sWirait, wkoae Iom U deeply deplored by
alt mm koow him. He wa one on tho
MoaUera of hi rank, and had fow ta.
ptrier la point of dbotpllao, judgment,
aaj branry, and wa wttb all truly a gen
tleman. Wo veutura again the aaaerttoa,
that Martof tho United Statoa or.il
TintlatiaoMooiaef&cleMty prauoledw
lUilMaljiarpioiaa, Te(w. hare 'me.
nl day; who ttaBd ready to justify the
movement who uy that they were an
Idle, lazy, and corrupt set of men unfit
to dwell in so lovely a place as Oregon.
They forget the great services rendered
tbo last year'a Immigration by tho Dalles
peat many of whom bad consumed their
Issl biscuit, and had not aa much a a ba.
ooa riae to grease their wagons, for some
throe week or a month prevhus to gain,
ing that point but who were, by tho gov.
ernment men stationed there, restored to
their accustomed vigor and manhood, and
enabled to reach lb MtUonwnU in the
Willamette valley by their timely aid
This Is not all ! the road across the Cas
cade mountaiua was uisde passable
through the aia mesui. This year its
management appears to bo left to no ono.
II any iniuc is uoue it win nave io ue uodo
by prlrate charily. ' In consequence or
the troops haviog been sent out of tbo
country, tbe pott at tbe Dalles baa been
abolished no mora men being loft there
tnan a sufficiency to taie care oi me pub
lic property left there to tho mercy of the
elements and tbe lavage of tho forest.
We never could tee any wisdom or jus
tice la sanding (he soldiery out of tb coun
try. Government lis them to support, bo
matter-where situated ; and as to the dif
ference in the cost of supporting tbem here
and in New Meitco, it is not worth talking
about it i all In the eye and Betty Mir
tin. We think it altogether probable that the
immigrant will experience trouble among
tbe Snake Indians, who aro little belter,
as to intellect, than tbe bears and wolves
of tbe forest. They are lawless, pilfer.
Ing and treacherous, and improvident
beyond measure, subsisting many times
upon the carcasses Or7 their own dead.
Small parties stand no kind of chance
among them their only thought is to
m.Ul- MIL
isiMPi ssven
Mir t4JK9lW rtwLwt wtW MMi
overpoerthewesk,pilfcrwhenevertheyj0,(0 above at all timet, Mf a judicious
can and escape detection, lliey risk
but little wbese lift U endangered rely
ing principal upon Ihieting In a secret
W'y' -
Suir'sCazw DijEtTi.ia.Wo learned,
a lew day since, that tbo ship I'tUti,
which arrived at Vancouver week before
last, was almost entirely deserted by her
ctew. The wage allowed tbe sailors
wa about 811 per month. The proipcct
of making from 8 10 to 8C0 per month on
shore, It seems, was too tempting for them
to foregd;-Tho Culloma, lying about two
miles below this city, was partially de
serted by her ere. Wo hope that tho
next Legislature will pass a law requiting
a compliance with contract entered into
by parti is previous to coming into the
country, and that no person will bo per
mitted to employ persons who are under
obligations to perform smvices for another,
although the wages allowed) for such ser
vices may not be moro than ono fourth ol
that commonly allowed to tho laborers of
the country. Wo aro In favor of grant
ing to laborers all they can get, where
tliey come info the country at their own
expose j but we cannot with, to tho ves
sels engaged In Ihe commerce of the coun
try, ouch " bad luck' a to bo deserted
by men that tbey have regularly employ
ed, and brought Into the country ; nor for
tbem to be subjected to an extraordinary
expense of again getting to tea, by being
oomatHed to py the wage of this coun
try to get a crew'. ,If auoh treatment to
ship owner i tolerated, it will pixno,
when it beoorae fully known, destructive
to the trading Interests of tbo country.
Tbtro I neither reason nor justice In al
lowing a crew to desert a vessel when
they are bound or hired to perform service
during tbo voyage. Tbe propriety of en
acting tome tuoh law for tho protection of
bipowaert, ia loo apparent to need run
tberthowlBg. '
Reading aloud.lt coeouelir to health.
"' ia
for tbe'ranld and nenaaaeMal
of alltho reat aicukttraltjnd tfN'
a( Interest of this yowtg and groMfTLr
rhery, we hare balled, with tho llrotieot
Interest the utwaMg 'or a nhw era'wmVh
I about oomnoMlag In tbo nodo of traa.
BortaiMat-aaaLlU maaaa'of alliBlia
UatbMugbout tbo ailreaUadUMJUbaot
portloB.a.tbU fenU:4 lHV"
gtaa, by the mean of aM na.letla.
Two' aaaall ttearear are riow'ruanlag up
on tho rirembore, and then are now two
Cue atde-whael steamers preparing to f
ford a rapid, safe and cooreaieBt commu
nication wttb all the town awi Isadiageoh
the rlteraboY, a for aa tho Willamette
ean be narlgated by a light draft tteamer,
poaacMins nreat power and speed. We
allude, to, the Multnomah, which is now
bolag put together under tho directioa
af proprietors at Canemh Her N
Tl8leet. breadth of bsm 17 Mat1'
Jii-'i .... . ,-'..-isi
rMMMt Dreauui 3 iri ujameu
ftBsiwMMiBiva double engine of.1
power's draft 18 Inches, andMM 14
mile per hour. Her peculiar ooMtnw
lion give her a buoyancy, llglitoeew iaexl
strength, admirably adapted for tho and
-! nwin., ..u -VMWHWHH hi ll
ward to see her ruWnlng througMM lbetnd wllllngiesstoaccommodalo tbo wants
entire season from this to Maryfvtlle, a
we havo always been assured by every
ono who, has had any experience in the
navigation of the river, that there is never
letathan It) or 30 Inches of water .upon
tho shoalcst bars. Wo therefore most
sincerely congratulate our friends at Sa
lem, and throughout the valley, upon this
most' desirable mode of communication,
which will be opened to them by tbo 33th
of July.
C!mm i-.Mai. lli. l.t m WA l..lr Ikl.n '
sadly disappointed by the report brought
back by the little propeller, Waihlnjton,
of l!ic depth of water upon Mathcny'a bar
10 mitts below Salem. If it is true that
her pilot found the deepest channel there,
and the river has got to fall 13 or 15 inch
es, the bar must bo neatly Ury at low
. The enterprising people of Salem could,
by a small expenditure, so Improve the
river that boats of light draft could rsaoh
their flourishing place at any season of
tbo year; They must depend upon rait
ing the means at borne to do it. There
were some 830,000 spent here on tho Clac.
kanus rapid:. This sum waa raited biro
among our own people., Although the
obstruction is not entirely removed, It has
been impro-ed; the mero straightening
of tho channel, II nothing more, has been
of great benefit. Now tbe people Salem,
wo think, tliould, and wa aro confidant
tbey do feel a deep Interest Jn tbe ad.
vancement it their town, and the growth
of the country. The fact It, the entire
upper country is Interested in It, and we
have the utmost confidence in the success
of the project of navlcatintr the Willani-
movement Is made, and a properly direct
cd effort is mado to render it so. Tho
matter Is worthy of ihe highest oonsldera.
lion en the part of our up-river friends.
OCT On Tuesday afternoon, quite a
number of persons assembled at Canemsli,
to witness lb launching of '.be Multno
mah. Tho interest of tho occasion wr
enhanced by tho prcsnnco of the ladiea.
tome fivo or six of whom Here on tho boat
when alio glided into tho wator, and
seemed to enjoy tho ride with lb most
pleasing satisfaction. The representa
tion, on the part of tho fair ones, would
have dono credit to even the old settled
States Oregon Is improving 'rapidly in
this particular ; wo havo now some of tho
fairrtt of tho fair to look upon.
Tho wholo affair of launching passed
offunder tho management of Capt. Bit.
ell aiid Dr. Maxwtll, in perfect order,
and to Ihe evident satisfaction of all pre.
ent. They aro gentlemen of poIftyeil
minnors, and appear to understand their
business. The workmen, too, had every
thing tu well arranged, and each seemed
to perform Ids pari so well, that we wero
unablo to discriminate suffice It to lay,
however, that they all understand well
what tbey profess they are good ttork
men." (Sir M. Hannah, near Dayton, Yam.
hill county, sent us aevnral stocks of oats
that measured 8 feet and one Inoh.
Mr. John Taylor, of Marion county,
has tent us oats 8 feet 1 Inch In length,
and one head of oat that inoajured just
31 incut, it seems that Yamhill oounly
it not tho only county that can raise 111
Kr The StaUnuu received tome Urge
reddiihet last week j'theUrgest of which
meetured 19 Inobe In circumference, and
wa 19 Inches in length. At Ibl season
of the year they may be contidtred large.
rtrWoaryWured by Cspt.iiiaii
U bf OMi'nh hi boat in II ,m-Hf-(fc'
fo L.'hai irlo-l her and knows ekaMb
wMtfla'J hojWadts,-tien
make hla visits resular above, Is to have
guarantied to him 18 or 90 Inoliteofwator
on the bar.; ; The MulmVmah will bo an
ornament to the river and a oredlt to the
country. She ia well calculated io tarry
both freight aad-paaMOgere, and tbo ooa.
fideac tbo proprietors bavo in tho fwople
doing alMbey can Io forward lb expert,
meat, aMhl early period, when remu
neration appear do'ubtfu), should enlist
not only tbo iavor of the pooplo above,
but should cauoa them to spend of their
substance an amount' lufnownl to prose
cute the enterprise 'to certain success.
Tho propriety of It cannot tut bo nun.
Ifest to all who have any experience
in traveling up and down the river, or
who have been engaged In builnews'ai
Merchants, or shipping In any way. V..
arience hi taught us. that aa facilities
Ipprovo for transportation and traveling,
Vttimes j 'travel will increase. It ia
tbe reliance upon this fact alone, thsj
could Induce any person to incur the ex.
pease of putting upon our river socspaci
out and costly a boat at this time. Wo
Neogntto it the proprietors tho capacity
of the coui'iry, ahd would bo glad to tec
a hearty co-opcraiion-od tho part of tho
people worn immediately Interested.
A trial trip of the Multnomah, will be
made on or about tho 3Alh of this month.
She, will proceed at far as Salom, nothing
occurring to prevent it. Wo shall le en
hand about that timo to witness tho rn.
tliutiatm that the occasion 'till elicit to
"takouotcs and print them."
NuLLiricATicx IUviveu. Thecillzcns
of South Carolina, under tho lead of It
Ilaniwrll Illicit, have revived -tho old
spirit ofCathouiilim, which was l!,Youted,
horse, foot, and dragoon," by thr iron will
of Old Hickory, who proved himself ihi
man for thr oceaiion. Tho M Siatn'o
rights doctrino is being sgitatcd, public
meetings aro being held and revolutions
adopted. Norlhorn aggression li depict
ed In strong terms, disunion and seceslon
Is talked of at tho only means of prcserv.
Ing tKe rights of Southv Carolina. Ill
to be regretted thtl the has been to aonly
a'buted by the Northern Slitcn, her rights
trampled upon, and her liberty to do as
she please, restricted. Not lwing able to
prodoo di'suoUt) a project harbored and
nurtured for years sho threatens seccn.
sion as the last resort. Flndlnt; no suf
ficient symoathy on tho part of the other
Southern H:stcs,.s!io has resolved to walk
out reiu cum toh, relying upon tho
strength within herself to accomplish tho
o havo not, at any time, full lll.o
treating this rovolutlnnsry spirit In a
serious way, nor do wo think it anything
mora than tho ranlings of a few Southern
Hotspurs, who Rurattoslratos.like, with to
L'sin notoriety by havlnir their names'
coupled with an act of vt IcKcdnrss, that
posterity may know who wero the chival
ry or 1651. It is to be hoped that such
steps will I taken as will quiet this law.
IcssneM and disregard for the Constitution
of tho United States. Wo greatly mis
take tho man who presides over the nation
at this lime, iflio does not ptove himself
competent for the emergency of tho times.
KrTho "Main Street blouse" has
been re-opened underthecliargeof Mossrs.
Tiiitoiiiiu'tMAaai'Miand (J. lianniso.x.
They promise to rendet comfortable all
who may patronize them ; and will strive
to deserve tho: name ol keeping a houso
Mcond to none In the Territory. Mr.
MAcntjbza baa had exporlcnco in hotel
keeping, and Mr. Ha'xsison, though com
paratively young, it obliging and nttetivf,
will no doubt mako their house what they
promise. The house is of convenient
structure, and by the Improvement! lately
made, it can bo mado ono of. tho most
comfortable houses In lb Territory.
Sinco our residence in Oregon, this
Houso hat bent characterized by good
ordtr,and the former proprietor hat alnce
that lime mado such Improvement a
warrant us In saying that it I pne of
the most convenient, houses in tbo Terri
tory, end under hi charge general Mil,
fiction ha been rendered.' We hall with
pleasure tbeso Improvements on former
timet, and hopo tho new proprietor will
bo liberally iiisUlnod. '
A tall I'l Tax. Mr. A. S. Am.
Mirnr, of Oak Point, on Ihe Columbia
river, and eomo distance above Astoria,
gave us tho following account of ji yellow
fir trco that lie cut and sawed into lumber.
It made 10 aaw.log the chorion 13 feet
long, and four of them wero 10 feet long ;
tho Urged wa 33 Incite In diameter,
and fho mallett 16 Inches. The tree was
nof injured in the ost in felling, and v
ery log " turned out" well aid mad good
, ,. v lt the. Basel!. ,"
$ Oikoor im Jim 11, l$l, '
FaWtrBcHaiatY I
Just fj year aw to-day lima steam-
- T - I !" ' I
.Tar ColuinWmtde hW-nrtt'tilp lo1l.lt
plac. 8h wm the Brit iteamboat on
lhs river. Gladly waa tit pointer
hailed, and well pleased war wo all to
exchange the tlow moving and tedious
Mao, lot tba ruora.coruforubU and or.
tain, though miniature tarur(
But another year has, brought further
improvement I and tho of u who have
just relumed Irom a trip td tba trtoSlh of
the Coldmbl with Cpt. Aimworth and
Us An, boat, will adopt th best mean of
praising rJoth,as toon aapoealUe, by taking
another voyage, to iettlfy how much they
enjoyed thlti
We left Wo at 0 o'clock, a m,, on the
third Inst. That greal'biigboar, the rap
Ids, which the good people ol Ihe Willam.
etteo are to much frightened about, was
passed with scarcely a thought of dangtr,
and the boat sped on her way as swiftly
and surely at a.well Irained animal, trav.
tling ihe smooth beaten path to its own
home. '
Tho day was plcaianl, tho boat waa
crowded, and all were bound to enjoy
themselves. Some walked the deck and
looked at tho then, nr IslkeO of tho plea
sure that wo wrm to receive; whilst oth
ers played backgammon or chess, In llin
cabin and n third party, inuru pensiv
than the others, leaned ovvr tho bulwarks,
and watched Ihe ruldjing waters as wo
glided along, leatlnp them I" foam and
whirl in our wake, until they dlrd away
and were hut In tho loihiiwii current of
tho river; or porhsps their attention was
attracted to the lono canoe of th Indian,
ns they slowly toiled on thefr way, ap
prating scarcely i move en tlis surface
of tho water; whilst our gallant boat
daslied the sprny asido in tho majesty of
hor strength, leaving llient far astorn, to
follow on their tedious course.
We spent about thrta hours at MiNau.
klo. anil two moro at 1'iirtlanl, where
thoso who had acqiiniiilfliicesdinj suf.
ficicnt timo to make them a paxfng visit,
whilst thoso who were not so fortunate,
strolled about loan, examining the numer
ous improvements of the last fi:W months.
Immediately after leaving tho la'tirr p'ace,
dinner was announced, but on repairing
to tho cabin we found lli.it thr table was
entirely occupied by tho Udivs. This
was what might ho trrnint a pleasant slit
appointmnl, for nhila n wnre obliged to
stay our own appctilo fr oiiolhrr hour,
wc had thr protpcituf being iouicnsatcd
in a fourfold drgno bj thu pit asnnt smiles
which we all had hopss of ciiji)in; there
after. We remained at Vancouver abo it
an hour, thru sped on our way down the
mighty Columbia. As wo left lliu shore,
some of the gayest of tho patty started a
danco on deck, which waa rcnowrd again
in the cabin after supper and continued
unilinear midnight; when tho god Mor
pheus was 'balled to lake charge of the
company. '1 bo cabin being entirely oc
cupied by tha ladles, l!" men disposed
themselves as best they inighl, tome on
deck, and some below, while others kept
watch all nlghl, starling the drowsy sleep
ers every now 'and then by jojous laugh
or jovial song.
At Uuinlo't wo came to anchor uhlil
day light, when getting under way, wo
run over to lower Astoria, utid lainu to
anchor by half-past fur.
It is useless to spvak of tho scenery on
Ihe rivers, ns it lias hern often mid well
described; though no description can
convoy anything liko an accurate Idea of
lis sublimity, lieauty nnd granducr. Wu
remained at Astoria about an hour and a
half, when wo woro boarded by (icneral
Adair and family, on their way lo,attcml
tho Lelf brstlon on Clatsop. '
It being tho wish of tho majority of the
passengers to visit thoso beautiful plains.
tho Capttln tccrdrd to ihclr request ndlm. .,,.' .. ,,. b ',r
i ' .i i ' .n-.i. ' "tf'i'l enterprising clllzriu of Oregon
run down to, and camo to anchor elf tho
mouth of the tiklpparnotvn.
Gen. Adair look as many at hlssjoat
would hold, and as soon a lip arrived at
Lexington, which is two miles up tho
Skibpornown, Iho citizens of thai placo
manned their boats and camo off, to tako
on shore all who wished to go. Arriving
ai Loxlngton, mulo teams were in readi.
nest to lake us Ihreo milca further to the
placo of colebrailon, whero yve arrived in
lime for ihe ctremoniot. After reading
the Declaration of Independence, a patri
ot Io song was most admirably sung, then
an address was delivered by (Jen, Love
joy, upon the iconolutlon of which wo all
marolmd to the dlnnor (able, where wo
had most amplo testimonies of Iho fertility
of the Plains, In Ihe bouutlfui supply of
good things, with which Ilia labia waa
Aa old fathtrtlme wa hurrying on to."
ward tunsct, wo wero obliged to leivo
re h ceremonies wero finished, but Iho
tarn kind spirit tint met ut, and took u
tjk there, accompanied ut to Iho boat
gain. And ll wa wllh tnuoli regret tht
we bid adieu to thoso beautiful blalo. and
llojiiad-hcarled peopl who wtloorrwd u
there, rtnort aa wa our atay, w snsu
long remember It a en of the bright
pot of life, and huld'we uvet vlelt
CItop"agln, our with will alway bo,
that It may InorttM In btauiy and for.
HUtyraad toward ij noal geoerou
btatttd Inhahhaat.
Tb trip up Iho nvtr, wa. very much
tho mim a Iho on down, a'lbough rather
slower, on account of iwlft current In the
Columbia. Bui 'we arrived safely at
home lul evening, all very tired, but al
pleated wjth their ulp, th boat, and her
ollcers. ' ' '
And now, let in clot with tb with
tlist those who afforded ua this pleasure,
may liavciain amount of enjoyment ox.
tended to them every day In th year.
Yours, cVc, II.
For lb HpscUlsr.
iMtertMl lMro)voMsit.
Dia Sir I saw some lime last winter'
in ihe Oregon Spectator, a piece purport
ing to correct a ttsleinent made In one of
tho California papers, which stated that
the people of Oregon talked of making
plank roads, rail roads, and canals, In va.
riuus pails of Iho country. The Specie,
lor stated that the peopl here talked ol
making roads, ice, but that no on tho't
of making a (.anal at this time In Oregon.
Now, sir, this is a mistake, for the ener
getic, enterprising clllrens of Cincinnati
have already dug canal out of tho I.a
Creole, about a mite above its mouth op.
posito the town, into the Willamette river,
large enuugh for steam boats to navigate
with perfuil safely, and Iho splendid Iron
strainer Washington aulually pssttd thro'
it tho other day without the least difficul
ty. The citizens of the Willamette val
ley are also talking about getting a char
ter to mike a cantl around Jho fulls at
Oregon City. This, too, In timo ran and
will be done. The commcrro nf this tal-
Im nt only rtquiret a ctnal around ike
falls, but that thr ol structlutis Iu the rivrr
should be spccdi!) removed. Tho Wil.
lamctlo valley is one of tho richest and
best farming coiinlrirt on tho I'aclfio
coast, pruduL'iii, a grrat surplus of whraf,
oats, and vegetables, ut nlinost all kinds,
and ihe iiiipiovrmi-nt nf thr riser it of v.
tal iinuirlanro to the fanning interests of
the valley, at it is iiuputsiblv to navigate
it successfully at all seasons miles it Is
improved. This rivei nrither "diiesup
in mntinicr" nor " frter.rt up iu winter,"
and ia one of the best navigable streams
in iho world, with tho exception nf a few
natural obstructions In two urthrrc place,
which could bo cisdy Improved and inad
navigable for largo class steam boats at all
seasons of the year, by an appropriation
from Congress for that purpose; or by tho
Legislative Assembly, grsnting a liberal
charter to some nf the enterprising rill,
rent nl Orrgon. Tho people of this val.
ley know this, and the time is not far dis
tant 'vhen they will not support any man
for Dulegato Io Ccngrew, or for tho I.;.
islative Assembly, who is not in favor f
the secdy removal of those obstructions
by cither means. It is however, not likely
that Congress could cvrr be induced to
mako on appropriation largo enough to
clean put the river at,il to mako a canal
around tho falls nl Oregon City. Tho ca
nal then can and must bo made by the
enterprising citizens of Oregon at tomo
time. Then will not the people require
of the Legislative Assembly a liberal
charter to a company fur tint purpose, so
soon as any of iho rnlerpilsliig capitalists
of Oregon could be Induced to ergage In
tho great and important enterprise 1 W
know that a few stupid, ignoiiut, narrow
contracted, or base designing politicians
contend that ll Is unconstitutional to dig a
usual, ronslrUn! a plank road, or build n
lipiilfts lit i rttia tits- fit finnii a !. tl.
mvo commenced the great work of Inter-
nal improvement, and,inourhumhlojude.
ment, they will continue to Improvo and
lo "remove" such politicians " from of.
fice," until largo elite steam boals ascend
tho Willninctto tlfbr from Itt mouth to tho
three great forks, and until tho country It
checkered w tit Inicadamized rotdt, plank
roads, jpr rail roads, to all the great and
lmK)rtsnt points In Ihe country.
A Pionric Cow. Mr. C. L. Waller,
of Linn county, hss a cow.lhat brought
forth a oalf In the spring of '40, 'fiO, and
anothat in 'Al ; liar oalf of '40 brought
forth a calf Iu '50 this year she hi two,
maklng'in Inoretso ottlx In two year
from one cow. Where is th country
that can brat llilst '
OCT Th river below lb foil hu follen
tomo 81 feet, In Iho Itit two wtktt but
navlgatloa I a yat unimpeded. There
I toaroely 18 Inohet on tbe bar above
th fall. Tbo Washington icnped in
MVral place during bar lt trip, below
Saltm. The Hooaitrayntinu her reg.
ultr trip to Daylon.
a. 'si: