Oregon spectator. (Oregon City, O.T. [i.e. Or.]) 1846-1855, July 10, 1851, Image 1

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Tk nnr ef Iseanlaa ml ba dMaelljr
Marked) the nttlfla, stbarwle lhay will U
ellaiwd Utl tmUi sad ekartaeeeeilBihjr.
are tatherltad I it
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!! for Ilia HimUlor
Tbay will racalta b
tad adtertiatiimrta rr a.
J. I Mti. K . U ttalaal ft IIm Hutu-
lot iu Hi 'IV rnlwjr, and la aalliorlirtl la rtcrive
aud irrniit fnf all mum) a rtlalln J In lb aCVa.
A. M. Foa, Kaa.Ofjrmfla, !. eaaalr.
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A. Ml Mill, rati HllUbatali.
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W. II. Him, UulaxilW.
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I)ih A lJilLa, iMtilanult
t:,F.Hnaa, Hnilaa caanljr,
J, II llouiia, VaclAa Ciljr.
Jlioi (', Hj raciia, Unn tounly
K. Diirrao, IVaaMl IliU VwtOHUt, KaaUa
N trill a Olxo, llaftaa, ColumMa iliar
Jam M'timat, Naanuili'a Villa, Polk rount).
WllUlM llttLow. Cawuiah.
Mr Wife and Child.
I hifa lara af deua jeirala.
Tlia falraal jfiua af earth
I Ula tli'tn, , I Iota llitin
far llnY mlrlnaSc wuhli ;
Tlia ooa. atlian caraa a(faaa bta.
Aral aailocai fiUa nij kaail,
la rnaaknaaa cowatu Uaaa ma,
Willi bar aoal tndaarlaf art.
liar aan( lika alaataat Taapara,
I nrjiha my haart wHH Jay,
M l.ara l.k a (aanllaa attl,
Mil roathaa MU Ullla boy
I'nlll hu atanlnp alurobrr
I moak aofl and dtap,
Aui aa a afJrit mlrhalh
Ilia ralm anJ ftactM ataaa.
Tlia Mint vli t liit batuly
Dwtlla in liU paaeaful ajraa,
lara kk lb (ana Ibil apaikl
Al tvaaiuf In Iha akiaa
Ami lhaa bar ankaa mlraiciyj
Of all aur lionarhtU a-aya
Ha naga hrna'ti bla nialbtr lnft.
Ami raya a kaaa'tr aba fray.
Hucli jawtla Ood hath gltaa
To ahair my hurnUt cat,
Aa mraMniara from llntro,
To b'aaa my waary lo
And whtn Iho IwilifUt fadalh
And darkrfcaa dima Iha !
W aak aur glaeloua Kalhar
Ta guard ua vthila ar raat.
The Wife.
Mia clung la him with wonun'a lait,
tJk Iry laaaaak)
Whlla o'er hla haad wilb ctuJiIoj Coita,
Ef rth'a chilling ItinpnU braka.
Wbi Iha watld loakad coU u Mm,
And Ulfbl hung a'ar hla bibm
Bh iaalb'd hla aar with wamaa'a kna,
And bad him rla again.
W hen car had fuirow'd o'tr la fact.
i And clsudad hi yaung lioara,
Sua wsva among hla crown of thorn
A wreath af lor' own fiowtra.
And ntr did lhal wtaath dacay,
Or an bright llaw'r! wltbar .
I'or woman' laar aral aVHirlahad lliam,
Thai lhy might Uoom forarar.
Tit f tel Iho with woman' Iota,
Trw Ml III' aloroia haa paaatd
And, Ilk Iha Tina around Iha Ira.
brambaiu UU Iha but.
tltaay Cuv The Rlohmond Repub
Mean cloiet a well w rlttcn article with I lilt
beautiful language t
'" The luntet of Mr. Clay 'a career la aa
ctlm and lieauiiful at lit morning wai
bright and glnrlout. ll li aad lo think
lhal. In the ordinary courte of went, hli
life mutt anon hitten lo a clote. Hut hi
crave will be made arteti by aa tenulne
drop of woe aa aver bedewed Iba and of
monai man, ana upon mat apot tne tiara
of lha Union will abed a peculiar and In
MtlDgulthtbla rajtra."
i saw i aw a iT i ' fil - i n i Bbbb .aaaaaa. 11 i Y UM lkihiiam, bbb Tl J I 1 I'Ynf I
Whin k KM MtlM
ErprtH, Wtljlo to M kl
fjer "pBiioao.
UU IM iV.l If.
Urn vraatlaM thtl
ha latla. Pfiv knav knatttali aAaA
my bit tho liootrla. h pntewot In'thit
otM I entlttetl tl Imm la lh merit of
alrVOrilJf. W aWVw no nnpMl'aW fMir
aWenaaKWIM. who) rl ! aMillna men
othtr peopU'lo ! hi Umi arwl Eta oh
glut praoiicainxarnpunoiiiofir
but who
it i
alwavi aireful Mr lo ImMrd hlaown
nfk, or hit own porteMl llberir, by M
lowing Mi 6wn drloo. It mi Prowboa
wo batLtft who, Aral proolilaMa) lo tho
world, lh arou Irtiib lhal "All proaarijr It
Robbery," but wa war novar Informal!
that that gmtlaman arar BaaJartook lo
ajon FfawitwaiffT laait aaajl 0paaiwwaT
coorlctlon. Ualmaaly, aaraful bimaair
not lo drKcn-i lo trw pleilnaand ttcallog
fitrt of Iha oominunirt oratd, whartol hi
n lha great csponint, neverthelraj he hai
many follower In I'rineo, who ml no
opporlunlly admiraMy to act out tba prln.
olple. An amuilng caw in point, wa are
cognizant of, in one of our foreign papers,
received by Ihe lul iteiroer. A aerrint
robbed hli matter of fifteen hundred
franc, and deposited In the cheat he look
Iha trenure from, a letter, which, lor ill
pllhy and eenteiitioui ilpoalllon of lha
"Huolil" creed la not often rillled, in
the lltcrilurc of the lilouaei. T)i fellow
writfi ai if ha were aincere, and no doubt
ha I. However much we may condemn
hla Hoclillam, therefore, we aild before,
wa entertain for him an Infinitely higher
reaHit, than for your UjuIi lllinci, ami
)our Cibcla, who run ofTlo I'nultiid and
Ainerim, wlicrever a practical enforce.
mrnt of lliclr dnctrlne fa likely to invite
a liait from tho police. Here la I lie loiter
lhal found In Iho cheat, In lieu oflhrt
" My alear Muter, Since I cime into
the world, rather aince I hive begun lo
retaon, 1 ant convinced thit all li not equal
for ill. Men hive abuaed whtl God hli
mule u,uat lor ill. llw what at range co.
IncMence la il that ) ou have ao muih, like
to many other, and that you aro over,
whelmed with the favori of fortune f
What hav you dona mora than I have,
and a great number of wretch?, of whom
I am one t Have you a larger doae of in
telligence No! I deny It. For a mo
ment the wind of liberty and fraternity
had blown on Franco j everything wai
about lo become equal for, ail but no I
tavasee liaveatopned In progreai thing
are the aanir wretchednea llwiya lor
tho prolttairr. When I entered youraer.
! lco I bowed my head I wai hungry. I
lowered my dignity ai a free man, I be-
rimq your vilrl I But Mill I cherUhed
Iin my-heirt Ihe thought ol freeing myaelf
ouo day from that aervltude, from that
abuilvo ilitery, from that profiting of
man b) mn ahnme to me, ihnme to you.
I hope)ou will liAderitiud the logic of
'my rtiftonintr, and thai ou will anrtc
' n lit mo In adopting the following conctu-,
Ion mmelv. that he who iHifacBiaa too
much, it the'Jebior of him wlio hi not
enough. Now, I know that you hive tu-
t peillully, and I therefore, profit by your
uaencv w lano ina i,uuu iranca qui 01
ourtecrelalre, and to lake m self off.
I can tttabllah mytelf with il, and gain
an honrtt llvclihooj in trade. You an
ilerttiml me well! Many people may
think thit a then, but tlia principle or rea.
ton declare lint it it legal. I do you no
injury, at )ou potteai loo much. Now
liaten and bear in mind a day will come
when Ihe rich thall want the poor. That
day la not fardittant. I Iiimi Influenoo
In a certain quarter aroonpt Ihote who
will before long be the conqueror. On
the dty oftettleinenl they will be kind to
their brother. My word with I hem It a
aafegutrd. Rullfyouannoy me by com.
plalntt, whloh will he liatened tobocaune
tou are rich, I thall point you out to my
hrolnri and tooner or later vengeance!
II, on inaoonirary, you contlder you real f
ai litMng only conferred an obligation on
me, you will have nothing lo fear, what
atermiy happen. Health and Prater-
nltyl "Dai ."
The fellow atalea hltcatt, Ilka a eoun
aellot, aud we may be permitted la
pre the hope, we devoutly Indulge, that
when ' that day, which I not far dittanl,'
comet along, Ihe "oooquerort" will not
neglect to do honor to one who not only
forwirdt Soclillim with hla pan, but with
hit finger. Meanwhile, boweter, Ihe
f;entlemin hat been arretted and clipped
nlo prlaon, to awall hit trial for theft. A
portion only of the atolan franca waa found
on hit perton the rett ha had ditpoead
of. aa la auppoaed, in forwardlna the hap
py doctrineinf which had ihowu hlmtelf
to sealoui ditelpla. The ohancaa are,
now, that the light-Angered philosopher
will be aent lo prlaon, where he will have
excellent opportunities' for meetilatlon, up
on tint "giri time coming" when the
world wllllie brought to acknowledge the
comfortable truth, " I hit he who postdate
loo much, ii Iho debtor of him who hat not
Thli It adingtroui period ol the year
forcojdat people ehoulJ be carelul Mra.
Partington aayi ahe haa got a romantic
tflrctlon In her ihouldera, the neurology
In bar haad, and tba embargo la Iba rtgioa
of bar jocular vein and all from opening
lha window lo throw a bottle al a couple
of blllrnt cat oa tba ihe). .
Weelh taaiWUwiM froaa
uara ( Aa.j 1 rtwiaa. h la oa
of lha wagJIoopar'a Moriaa,
Ihinklaw. one oftk riabaatl
9tt$m thttfMA
a, M4 10 at
While Maadlrag ewtrt'wraaMllr, ha 9m
la aaad of Jakaa ol aHaaeH ). ra
latee them alraoat aa fciiMoiwMlv aa "Ma
Honor," gave up Iba following, vwaWng
for lha aaManilal, auk-tuaar aalaleaiia of
or ilia pania and Ietr ariaim
"in tba anaaat eliitialil "
Brilhron Crura) aail Noel vara
roetnbera of Iba Primhlve Baal lot
both elivar boant man wrWaaM
uiea ana aetw aa una aatao
aroed, wftba
aaaaM flaBHMlBBBaaaiaaaaMaV'J1 f
cam roiNad. bfotbee Noal waa M
brother Crump waiiur to bain fuaaa;
and on lira oilier lilod, ll aM&M lliwn
Crovldentlil, how, if brother Cram M
ehind.bro:ber Not) alwari bad a aanlaa;
Thua barrowlag fromaad Undlag toasaabiMaaa
oiner, woranipiDgai ina aaune cnuren, awe
living only a mile apart, an Intimacy
gradually ripened between them aoibat
at tut Ihey did net' heallaie lo apeak In
the fraaat and most faailiar' manner to
ach othtr, In regard to their rtitietlre
Now It came lo m thalbrother Crump
(luring tne nveiieat pertoo or ine cotton
tattoo, drove into Wetumpka and die-
poaed of hit " crap" of tan balei at lb
very fair priceV liicnn per pound, ll
wa more thin ha expected, and at Ihe
world wit city with him, he determined
to inviat a portion of tho proceed of the
tale of hi cottou In a barrel of whlakey ;
pa) log therefor it the rate of prcciaely
two pound of middling cotton for one
gallon ol ditto wiiitty.
Of courte it wat " norrated in the teltle
men!' that old nun Crump bad bought a
whole barrel, and after a few waeka peo
ple begin lo dbterve that hit note grew
redder and hi eye mora mohrt. The idea
that brotherCrumpwaidrlnkinatootnuch
dliTiued ittelf In Iba twiahborhood, until,
aa one might tay, it becaraa tpldimloal.
People talked and talked, mora eepeciallr
whtl few" of other depomlnallona of
Chriatiana dwelt Ibareabduti.
Drother Noel vra' aore iroabled"at
ihe acandal whleb oirculilad about bit
brother and frltod, aad eaaaoUlly rearet
ted the Injury (4 brought to tba elety"
lag be iitapatV ovaf
Sharon. vBooaeaaoraH
to brother Crump' kaI
in a half dosa In hla little norcb.
Wont you tike a dram I" aakad broth
er Crump, aaaoon aa he waaawara of tba
pretence of hit ntlahbor.
" Why, yet, I'm not agin a dram when
a'body wantilt."
Ilrother Crump got hit bottle, aad the
friend took a drim apiece.
" llou t you mink brolrior ftoei." aald
Crump " thtl aperil it a bleating f "
11 V-o t !" rctpondrd Noel ; tperlta la
a bleuln', but according lo my notion, it's
a bleaaln' lhal tome of naabute."
" Well, how, brother Noel, who do you
think abutet ibe blettln' t"
Well, it'i bird lo aav but people
talk pon'l you think you drink too much,
brother urump i
" " It'i hard to iiy h'l htrd lo tay,"
returned Crump. " Uometlmet I've tho't
I wat a drinkln' loo much then aialn.
I'd ihink may be not. What it man f
A weiK imrraar oi ine uuni wnat tne
Lord tilth, that ahall be done I Bo 1 left
it to the Lord to aay whether I waa goln'
loo fur in tperiti. I put the whole 'ninri.
Mijr on Urn ; I prayed to him, ef I waa
drinkin too much, to take away my appe
tile for perit."
"And," replied Crump, "I've prayed
that prayer three timet, and he haint done
ll I ho l m clear or ine 'aponelulllly, any
Tba Lord', will bo dona I" ejaculated
Noal, and after liking another dram went
home, thinking all the way, how cleverly
wrviuar urump nau wny traaano rTjtioa
Among Ihe eralgraata la Oragoa who
have left hare thia nanaon, waa 7oba 8.
Zltber, Ktq., formerly the editor of thla
paper. Mr. Z. carrlca with him the beat
wlthetofa large circle of friend. Whlla
we moat etneereiy regret titer raona
haa lottaoaood aclilaea. welsel Aalleoo
tldanoa thai hla fine lalentt aad manv
amiable qtiallllt. will toon ateura him a
h place In tba estimation of I bote praoag
whom he expecla to paaa tba remalader of I
bit diyi. We aak oar kratktea af tba
ivi. wa ant oar areinrea ar ine
In Oregon, to give a eortUal wet
to a thorough bred printer, aad aa
unpretending, yet able and a)oampllbad
man. I'Mfaai urn. mt.
iMcaaiia or Brau w Irrmaai Narma.
tion. A Mr. Devleee,of New York, of.
fan through the Tribune to build a eteam
v teat I, at Ibe axpeata or binttair aad aa
eoeiatee, whloh ahall ua uaaqaaJltdla aar
of tba roqulallee for Oaaaa or ielead aavl.
gallon, aad, In point of apeed ahall go fur
tber la 94 boura by 106 mllaa, than any
other afloat. In oaaa of (allure they ag'
aum of aoO.OOO. la oaaa of their aae
oeta they are la receive for their veaatl
taaO.eOO, wiling alto for , mere
the right to run veaaala built oa their plan
aa lha Mafcea aad WwrarLakaa aad
0VtJleWWaWsWrf aWswHMl
eaeall iMaBBallaalalll a laifaMa
Wf flM.at W4MNMI
i ' - v- . .a-w- - . i r
' BUBi iaWaTi
W tiair Ittake. ft'aiiaf a
aVaaal;. Hi7ataatt'aMflrtida
ii Altafi.aaajatatrMm laaaa aaaj
atrraM atWM. Tkatw tiwjaaaly
tprki aalamlpfei
wa aaioNrMaMaal M WlaaVi HataWW M PMaW
BaMaaag aaaatak'wam H-ear
VaWataltovaWla)aqwl4ra anal
rag mat beee fly ihere to alp boaet freta
Vaela fam'a awaetaowert, aad bear It
atvy aero lha broad frtoeiee, or ta their
jtrtsai ai tba aubarba of tba etty. Cewa
are ajaltsly graatag, too ; aad iha unbar
asaaed horse rolla bianelf oo ibe great,
and ebaka hla tide la true demoe ratio
A foreigner la vWlIng the Presidential
maaalon mutt be araartviat tba total ab.
aaaae ol guards. No iroo-olid 8wlta
wheal around lhal bouea; no Intuiting
soldiery eoowl oo you at you ptt. Every
thing hi the air of confidence. We feel
that the bead of or nailoa I bat a itlaea
elevated for hit vlrtuee to iba highest or.
fice In the world. Hla power it our bow.
er. He it our (errant, and al the proper
lime lit act will pat undtr national re.
view ; and he mutt put on ihe robe of
ofliae to become egaln a mere eltixen.
There I every Ihior. about Ibe place to
purify the heart and elevate the feeling
there I the beauty or art and Ine aim
pllelty of nature.
How pleasant il must be lo one who ha
reached the place of bead oi this mighty
nation, by virtne and a useful and patri
otic life to enjoy the quiet of those lovely
walks, there to bold converse with wife
aad child and Mead, aad la the tetaporn.
n relaxation from puWlo cares lorefleet
on tba vlrtuee of the miiblr dead who
bare been In iohabitantt, and to reader
grateful homage to tba kind Providence
who haa Heated us as nation never wa
I Prom tba eJeor of this manaien
aa ejan gaaaaa tba twaauraaot ta vlrtiaa
aad greaiaaaa, aaw rieing oa tba margto
vn!rtS!SrmmU;tUXiirn lo arae-
ilea the great truth tnat arur an ihera u
nothing to leftaeatlal aa tiaeerhy aad baa
eety. To whatever etevtlloo cunning
aad craft aad a crooked policy may attain,
be who would acquire true glory, who
would ettabllth hlmtelf in the hurt of a
para people, who would leave a name
whleb wi) influence thoaeweo tliall cotneJ
after hla, must forget hlmtelf, and labori
I aincerely and truly Tor hit country's good
iopg may our nation ue uesscu w
a rulerl TralUsgtoa TVVgrwpa
Four or 8aowr FcaieiToii. Major
Noah aaya that furniture too good to be
used I a nuisance. What can be more
unpleasant then the aipect ol a room or
tuite of rooma where every thing In lagged
aa Chairs aad tolit in plnaforea, mlr-
rora iu muttin, a dnutttlti carpet, a
hearthrug wrong aide out, and a chande
lier aack aeen by raya ol light tnat itrug.
gle in edgeways through the alii In the
aflutter, andexhallftcthat peculiar brown
hollavd fragrance which batoncs to draw.
iiac.rooma in masquerade dress, form
ou of ibe most cheeriest, dltplriUag aav,
aatwar ipecttcie in tne diorama .oioo
mettio life. We would aa lief be uibered
Into n vault a into auch an apartment.
Nothlaa can be more cbtlUag to Ibe feel.
Ing. except perbapa a prospective view af
Ibe family waeh taking aa airing oa the
clothesline. , . ,
Whv do beoole bur meanifloaat niral'
lure to clothe il in hidden disgursewf Does
Ihe glory of exhibiting the artioaee un.
dratted half a doaen bvaniaga la the year
pay for all tba ocjt and trouble f The
tatter aaloye the flitbinaluetrsof blsaold
larary time be lift lb IM ef hla strong
aM,Mii wnat pleasure ana were aem
aeaaaaatioaT a aweotet of prose'ly that laia.
vjalUeihree hundred aad gAyaayaaat
aravery three nundreti ana auiy.arar
" Olva ua furniture that ta made to we
table upon which aou can bring down
Sir Mat with an emphathi without ihraw.
the lad y ef lha lioee lata hyteree
aaalmthat vou oaa lean haah In. aaraata
Um you can promonade upaa la a word,
give ua eomrort, and let aa wear iMage
out. ItMprovoklaajtoaaeaiaalraandBtv
fea praeerved for yeara without abet ar
blemish, while the wrinkles are multiply'
tag ta iha fcae aad tha gray hatraaa tba
hafwi of tha proprietor. Far abaaa aad
tawdry ether reasaaa we hard aa aapeeial
mmlt aanhil aluaa AmllaM ' "
1 ' i j i ii I
- Gotta Pucha aasuas. Tba Oatnials.
staners ef the Oreeawieb Hnptial tibula
awtherlard a trial ef tba OMa' Fereha
sVMM j' laM 9Wwl MJtWaTTM SafV sHsVaTi
their charge, mm altera aarara taat af all
montiie,irM gallant ButerinMtMsar.iewt
rvouas, now repora taat way ar
17 sWaJrw' atsjiaWanw)aJI aaagsW JaatfaaaaWs'(
reaaiiiili TW wttZtCiZZ Ztt1Z2LZZ?5 ESSEX
ebW. 1 o7 CTam " Tl ' TP-aVaear....Bgyi. I I I HUB
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rtta. rW1
affP'1; "" ' i.
II i ill il
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LtmM aaBssmnf tsassBBBBaaai eaasVastsT' akaas aaMssW igaM
apbTasfJa swae) faafsaaapaj J .IWJlYB
ftlle IwO AlMfMaasal iaaWjT srVaWMssMMMTI
aSasaM UMafsAajfw'CaMlHsr MsH 99 aMaaMtVa1 I
WUl a Wwfea. to taart mnntf m lag.
Td aU thta, WWitv tw the itome Jaar.
oal, givaa aaawar aa fetlowa t
Oil tWf 90iaN "Ta sWaWM aMTal 9mlttm
sTtahOVaaaaaaff iaaM sMieaB! UPaaaaaal aksf
aids to ootnalexioa aa thia side ef ihe wa
ter. When we aay that greatwambir
or ladies, wkom wa ere w ta aast oraaa.
I It if a m0 RaMV Ol MM eWNM WaMsM 0 MaV
tribaUoa of wWteaadr,; wo whh la lai
underatoodV'howsTsr, ae not jotBiagtaa
writer in attributlag tbe practice to aa
"obllquily of character."- If Ilia" aosl.
tlve dWionesty to appear othertvlte than
at Ood made bar." there are beiooae ebaa
committed also with oottoa. We aaa no
more "ioreUrv" ta latprorlBK tba
plexloa, lhan in fetclnatlag wttb i. nVure
uhlth al aMr rVaan srer tVm. The
only coademaatiea wbfch caa justly be
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olumtily lhal it creates aoUluaion. Much
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atiratiea waa aot aeeeeaaril thrown a war,
'Thai la yeafeTirpaaey stT'laaal
displayed by tbsss two promlaaat wrltera
of New York. The owe adtnirea aalure
lahet purity, aaadnratd aad aert.akaaH
be, arid ceaiimai frivoloua diciatltw aad
fothiemble jugglery, aa praotloed by theae
who crei!e tha ftiblaas for Afaatricaa
adoption. Willi, of lata years,, has be
come ooe of the atost anlhwalatitee ad.
mirera of the ariatoaralie aire aaa bautaar
of Europeaaa. The aflly gewgawa af
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terWUIle. Heetwldtawatareioadatire
la a finely moulded and well develoeed
bust of ,a nesrooairy areanaa or actress,
tbaabe.eoaMia taanaast pWlaaajaroeac,
beaeroleet pattern of a salat aaywhare
to be (bund. It la eiosedlngly strange
that tne krigtiteet tavsata or oar eeaatry
can be prostkaled ta each tlWttagk
Bach la tha aaaBataWaa of lha ataa that
would give'teae re tba'raorala of New
, Tarn naeaiKAiB. Poverty, la ttarlf, it
aa wtt.r No disgrace belongs to the
waa, who by .revarsaa la butloeetj la let
down from aMotaee to destitution. Tha
Boorest xtaa waa walkt thla earth of tor.
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lead hi eblWrea. eta ataad ta tha pree
aaoe oftbamaa of millieaa, with no coo
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