Oregon spectator. (Oregon City, O.T. [i.e. Or.]) 1846-1855, July 03, 1851, Image 2

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, TM mm mrta fet
Maataatf-.OBlaaikla. Caatala
ar. kaji 4aia ajada bar aaaaar.
S22J S paaataai Wmm acajaiaiaj
IBsaajjBMvaaaiMMtA Barpawr,
ataaaai' iiaw'Mlladara Tkar. flb.
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Eai'!flKy.lUOalaakk la tba aio.
7 aaatafntaialiili aa tba OalaaAia and
A WMoMMa rivata; fcriMa aloaa aba U
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-- --- - . , .
i - ! ), onin Ttry
wara Ivloar at our laadina
aaa day laat witk, tfat aleaitia below tba
MlnT aad two aba;' Wktn wa look
Ui ?7ayaBraaavaeiBrowaaqoi
V "i'w m " wiinw 11
i-iWin qij'i aaiami ioo wnn inai
r-afta ara'iiaC' wa'bava tba beat ofreitoni
l T IlliM aaalatad at tba bricht pro..
paaai aow'baddJej aod putilog forth In
MaaMk aWa. L!uu 1 . .ii f
pjj. 71v . ""' ' rpiy incret.
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-1- aai at awr nren 1 aa bidcb m taai io nr
"?' "'a aaw aw ia.aUliw aw UU
laaawatoeaa. aa ara rttKeluc rtaultrlv
lria'allyaa Aworta.
JRX nm avajaat or putuag a ateaoboat
4Mjtik)Bjaarvaa vary eaaaldara.
lAlMW;ifaiida ea aba Plalat.
l'Jw'nl"F" . H IBS HO.
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l nt a7w ! T' wa MMiaa'i
. -jt.i.W. '. ?'".
aa,fiaHa drift and
mm am 01 nw river, laai fawill ba
a aw piaaaa 00 ua river before Uecember
ait) Wa are pleated to see to rautb
aaraeataaet ditplayed in the brloging
about of tble moch oWred work. It it aald
that tba people oat on the 1 Itlnt are will
lagoflbemttlree toaubaoriba the amount
eocoMry to make tba river navigable.
They hava our beat witbet for in acconv
Paur edltora from tba United tfcttet are
, reported io have goat 10 tba World't Patr,
r Tburlow Weed, of tba AHtnt Jmrmal:
: Ileeaoe Greeley, of tba iV 1'., Trthmei
Mr. Baynoad, of tba It. Y. Cmritr and
V m! aad Mr. lehaaj, of tha MleUtan
Firmer. From tba great number of per.
.tjaat expeetad to ba pretest at tba great
,t y tair, eoma 01 loea) will be likely not to
" farm m .ll
OCT The Waablngioo, Capt. Murrty
owner, leaving Oregon City on Thursday
Utt, made a trip up the Willimette at
Wgn at Cincinnati, which it a short di.
Unco above Salem, 00 :ba La Creole
about 900 yardt from it mouth. Sho
eeerae to have bad no difficulty in making
tnatouunce. in going up, tlieWtahloo.
too ateendedlho Yamhill aa far aa Day.
"fcaj .wlpweour Informtnt ttatea, all on
board r.Yavapeived with tba trreaiett
tav Parater it Taylor.
.wpneeew.ei ueytoa.N Taey remained
at tbia place nam tbanWtt morning, when
the raaamed bar trip spkka river, and ar-
.Friday. Tba,Bbjfltai" wat .brought
intomiOtltioa.aadtbe WatbJaglon'a ar.
Hl ,m kindly greeted by tba eUIaeak.
Wood dco. were plaetd at tba Captain 'a
command free of charge.
After retnaiolna about 10 hum i R..
lem, tbo proceedad up tba river to Clncln.
nail, of which A. C. R. Shear it proprie.
tor. Thla town, though small, U titua.
led in one of tba meat beautiful and fcr.
ffJf-'0 Ottgoo. There art aome
apUndld larme Jjotalag it. lu impor.
iaaee u a ' mnini u t.i Ji
K;tato BoUca, tad jt daaUaad to become,
;??? "HM'H.Mta. The
1 and bmtllahtr af bf r sskaw
B (, , - . a ITaT .-. ssrar
" CflJ'i T a!.1"" awavaaaajre in ma
O'JdsBxati iatxaa. Mr. aasaat kVaanuJ
uVaatjadtutia brail tba tea IfshaLn...
rrF tbty thWtka itaama muab eradlt for lb
1- .atttranataaaaaaaxauy. v
l t WjaaArita.-T1i.ra bta btaa
V- ..- ISaakaala4 'ari.m.L.l .. as T7.
w m mm) 1 j in. .a JW1UO V, OH
; .'tha OatiiatWa rivtr.otrlsd CiM.n,.n
',ayV wan." "a ,wa wwnia, KaHirQ
W BvPi'Ptmai.
rrr V Sl IW'H.'' .4 -
jrWf. fHftf tttVMyndhiibl
TUTIIMl 'It'll wp"'H
ef nbatdeilr. tookUeeoa
at itatMMtk lTth alt., between the Rogue
aVivar MIim aad a part of the Mounted
RMee, M fat number, uadtr Major Keer.
ny'a aemaaed, (the Major bttag with
tBMI hi the mumimsO, at a place celt
adjhi4e Rook, on Rogue River, mom '.a
or II wllei east or the usually traveled
road. 9 '
-tvttw raaethd at thla place
hi eeaanmrawo me my wereyrtaj '
upon he RIBemen. A conflict itumed In
wMeb mm 11 Indian were kiiled and
nWly mnm wouadad. . Of the whit,
Lie. Stewart wa kllld and another eaV
ear, net named, lataH to have been mor.
it. Stewart la tear.
are pan
or att
1 rantovad.
.The In.
are taid to have eviaoad great bold.
Wa have been favored with the eabjoia.
ad aaeouat of tba Agbt from LleW. C. E.
?rvlaai . v-
D.m . I..-. A 1U
Dua Sie On lha lTtb iaet., Major
Rearaey'e cooimahd fought tba Rogue
River Indiana. Captalna Jama Stewart
aad Peak were severely wovuded ; Cant.
Stewart aurvlved until the next day, the
18th. There wta 00J Cher man tlUkllv
wounded. Among irjalnJIana there wara
tame 90 or S3 killed number of wound.
ad unknown. All well. In htate. It
Your, die,
63" The Bark CullorM, Corning Mat
ter, owned by Meaart. Abernethy, Clark
Sz Co., of thla city, baa road the quickest
trip that hat ever been made between N
York and Attorla, being only 110 daya
out. The Culloma experience tome
heavy weather during tho voyage, but
arrived here in safety. She It now at
the foot of the rapid, discharging her
cargo, which la all owned 'by the firm,
tbarbrii inal eott of whiab amounta to aome
$100,000 1 the largeetTprobably, that bat
ever arrived in the country. Tba Cullo.
ma came direct from New York, without
toaohingat aay of tbo porta of California.
TJ aamaiojfcra aatrMrdiaary fctdaoe.
media ta tsptewhantarftbaluiartei. - h
waa not only well selected,,, but baa been
shipped to tip top" order. Merchants
and othera would do well to look at our
advertising columns, where they can se
a more full description of this immense
Sine writing the above, Capt. Corning
haa furnished ua wlih the following report:
Dark Culloma.Coroing, of Oregon City;
300 tona icaliter ; tailed from New York
January 3ltt; arrived off the Columbia
00 the 20th ulrr, making the passage In
M0 days from New York direct. During
the paaeage ba experienced utueh light
and calm weather. 'The C. bring 13
pastengera, "and bat a full cargo for Geo.
Abernethy it Co.
09 The " Kalmasoo Gaulle" (Dem.)
Ibua bellows lit parting compltmenlaon the
Michigan Legislature which has jutt ad.
journed. Gen. Cast teem to havo been
very popular with the Legislalure they
having. t hi request, abrncated the rules
of Inttrucuons adopted by a previous Leg
islature :
" The oreateit curto that the people of
Micnigan nare ever naa inmctea on mem,
haa been their Legislature. Corrupt and
uoacrupuloua from tbo beginning, It haa
grown mora to, 11 possible, down to tho
present time. If a patriotlu and Imneit
man happens logel there, ho it overborn
by numbers, and his conn
plea scoffed and laughed at. Of all Leg.
islature ever assembled In the Slate, llie
lata rvno wat lha weakest and probably lha
easiest corrupted. We hope Governor
Barrv will tea lha members all In flsl.
lyhack" bafora be calls them togtthar
again." .
The " Milwaukea Sentinel" is of oplo-
kri that ' Michigan it not lb only Slato
In which the Legislature It a 'curt to It.'
Th people of Oregon havo witnessed aome
quek thing la Legislation tha congre
gate wfidom oflbe laat Legislature would
nl 10 beat."
Tha account that havo retched
ely fromlh mluss are anythUg but
raging to tha lover or the ptaeiou
metal. Tba walr In lha dry digging
haa o muob dJtppard that ll It diOculi
ta make aoytklag mora tbaa txptnaa.
Tha health of all lha dU!ag la reported
10 ba good. Bat one awa h ld to
hav1 dlad, up to tba mlddbi if If ay, from
dsaaaaa. Savtral havadiad fram wou'oda
noalvad by attaeha Cram tha ladUa.
Oy The river hMow the foil hi fallen
tome 1) Inobet ht'th tat) B or t day.
Ntvlgattontxttoaybj'ttfll anbnpeded, (here
being eoma 10 foat vfaiafln the obtnnel
on tha rphW.uTha rlvtV I getllsiJow
abov tb fall.
c. i
Wa.atril Ami MmatawatuNwilMMJ
lowtag report af tha (wrdgnHMaaj rayjali
lor sjeaaoa. ran wawmM n aaiaaea
rirl aMtoa will ba1 aaaneedtmafcr'wa
Had la tka Sprlagfeld (III.) Joanttt thai
name arepbrtd kalowt .A'
Oiaaaa Emmianti mom BtnaMaM
Cobktt. Wa have bean aa vat uaahiab
nhuln1 tUt at tka ladlstdual ream Mat
obtain' a IM or the wditinuan rramiaai
coawy, aad ladlaaOraak, Manard tiaaty,
ko have laft Ihk aprlM fcr Oragoa. Wa
keaatadaraa waaaaU Uiaaemaaay raaak
thi UiMuri rivar. , Wa siva tba
of.tJM haada of iuaHlaa at wa hava
R.v. I. A. PowaH, David Nawi
torn,', rt
Noah Rwall,
Robert Alexaader, -
b. r. ntnoanj .t
W. 8. Ilumy, .',
Franklin Yocaafcin
Jcaapa trvfsjjanva,
W. UHurobill,
William Riddle.
JamaaYoeum, 'i,J
ChriatUn flil '
Simon Lucas,
a. U. Nenon,
Elbwa Taaaar, A
1 ma
aa wilt bt aaew, are among artt ai
Foa Oaxaon. Dariag tba aat.'fw
day t about tftaaa wtgoat,ooMatalag elgm
ar ten femtllea an rouia for Oregon, have
paaaad through this city. The emigrant
are irom ino lowev pan 01 laamaon ana
81. Clair counties, and art composed in
part of thefhmlllatbf Meesrt. IntTe.Jtck.
ana Skienar, Pevtoo, and Bell. "JW nro.
eeed beaoa lo bound) RluSt, and from
there will strike lor Oregon City. Success
attend them In their loos and nerilout
journey. 4ftt (IT.) Trlegrapk.
(fST " Wottward (he march of empire
take lit way." Forty.aeven families,'
with their retinue of wagon drawn by
Urge ox team, a Urge drove of hone,
and said to be 9000 head of cattle, pasted
through hero last week on their line of
march for Oregon. RutktiUt (IIL) TtU
rox uaxcot. soeperignty trains ntvt
created the Eaglo Point Parry, la., bound
for Oregon, thit spring. About 30 learns
bava pasted through Iowa CilV, bound for
California. .Vifveato Smliul.
Forty persons arrived at 81. Loula, on
Thursday firming, 00 their way' to Ore,.
toa.SfrliiffliIll.)Jmnmt. -"
' ter Tba llootler, on' Mtndty last,
broke one of her wheqlt again betawen
this city and Dayton. Captain While baa
purchased an iateratt in tha Heoaiar
Tba new proprietora aontemptate
the engiaa and Mayael
fcr Bro. Dryer, did you too lha Cullo
ma pais Portland on bar war no lo this
city I Can you not report the departures
lor above T It akr nanatt, eh !
DxciDEDLr Tall Mr. Goodrich, re.
tiding In the neighborhood of Day ion, ha
sent ut a bunch, or Wheat numbering 84
siaixs, mo growth otonw berry, tba Ion
est of which maaturet 7f fret. It i taid
lhal the whole flJdd. containing; nln or ten
ores, would probably avtrtge nearly
OCT The "Main Street House" of thla
city, haa changed landlords. Tbeophllua
Mctiruder, ia the new proprletoi
09 The Pekln, a large ship belonging
to tts Hudson' Bsv Company, haa ar.
rived at Columbia City direct from Eu
rope. 1 09" We are under oblieatlons to Todd
it Co. for States papers sovorat hour In
advanco of the mail.
Mr. Ferguwi of ihe Willamtle, and
urejrory, win accept our thanks for like
(fir The Timti reiltralea lit 000 v lo
tions of tho necessity for an immediate or
ganization of the nartlfs. The anruiiMDts
It adduces In support ol It have foiled lo
oonrinco us, however, of it advantaga
ai mis cany uay. 1 ne inxoretu ot-iaa
country arc, a. it were, a unll, 4tfc
neraleaoC the pleas could bo snaraMVJI
tably emi
mpioyea, in our opinion, in gtvtag
1 full history of ihe country',
, it nature! produot, and devhjtig
a more
aaurce, lit natural product, and devbjMg
way and meant lo bring into raqulalrhat
It Immente water-power, and turnlna to
account Ihe great forests that bedeck the
country. We are willing, Bro, Waterf
man. lo enter upon tha dutle of an exno-
oent of lha parly, when lha period ihalj.1
nave arnveu 10 render 11 01 utility to our
country,; oui not until men.
, & Tho Fourth of July, ll teems, I 10
pat oir lie re without any publio demon
strailon on the part of our citizen, to rat
mlod ibn young of Ihe land of that memo
rable event whloh save birth 10 American
Indtbondtnco. The Denote In other nanf
..1." 1. .... T.i. ii ...f.
01 ina sarnwry are qum anva roinaim
portaooa ef lha oooaalon, and appear da
Urmiatd lo otlabral It In tba old fashion
ed way. We rejoice 101 tea, though for
removed from the But, euch nuulfstta-'
lion of patriotism. It will .bow 10 iba
people at a distance that Oregon Is Amar.
loan m heart, aympathy and aotloo,,iJtd
that tbay dallghi to boner ihe day upon
which our liberties wera Droolaimed and
our independence established, So mote it
Oir The mall for California and lh
Staut will olcee oa Monday lb 0th inal,'
- gwr ; aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaariwaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasri aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, ip is isi was iisniiia
wwmvwmrTnrmmwimmaim I mw 'miirrr i n i . . .
" iB' i'w 1 ; :. 1-1 . ,--. i -- . r. . I ": - "" T."' ,o irnil.., VWtn. I ABB9TIB-
saiaaa iiasha. tmim r. .inai I an aawaaaair aa aBBBaras.iBBi aasaaak usa i aaira ana as a wamwim ufc. ir.. I a iL-rtiTB .
iwientav aarytiagaoi watar. """V t""" m"" i w ,"'" riirapaincx i ouay
... ... c m - ' I ...l.lll .aai. .k ...b - - ...a B. mmm. I 1. ..... . .
VlaAaaatetataCMJ "T
M.lVJMl'Aftat for.OMfea, Ma
tl isaWih the follawhat MMclea of
karri; etc, tha jrrowth of OrV
Ithrlrtport to lh Orrgonlan bar
i levlttd, corrooted, and Included In
JAamatarainl i
I f Ida (Iral InqulrUs about a nr
Irt"rlnliil-Ir',"i'-1T 11 Ibow,
' iMWatn, ika qualllki of aoll may bn
pamaa quite well, un entering ma
MrtWvyt ny atiantion was arreatad by
at ataaaraacc or veniaoi ma. i nave
badbra atra ao heavv and dense a
a bare It not only waveaovaral.
bttioeM, but It sustained by deep
1 ami on mountain aioea anu auni.
WLI. ft.. I -r . .-Lll.l.
sni proiusrai ai irev vxiiiuua
itlvely, tew vartellea. At 10 me
oh they Indloat. mndllarity with
aakjeot elsewhere It of liltlt value.
averjimng lauiMinuiar irom me
Seaaont, tract, fruit and htrbtm
cmllka. In.wlnier, Oregon iu latl.
Mtb M d. at oomaared with New
pjaBpaatwiay,lM,iajnJ , ;()
ijwy itw H
any, will uompare exactly with any varl.
ry in the State. .N-'
With thn ataldanoe of an Intelligent
friend, I have made out the following
firoaabiy, imperieot catalogue, which may
nttraal alraagtrt, ef lha limber in Ore.
Spruce, abundant. -
Fir. do.
' Hemlock, moat plenty near the mouth
ot the uoiumbia.
Oregon Dogwood.
Yew Tree.
Soft Maple, makoe line furniture.
Vine' Maple.
Illaok Otk, rembllnc Black Jack of the
White Oak.
Laurel, growa a tree sometimes two
feet In diameter, and very bard.
.Wild Cherry, fruit small, red, and bit
Sweet Elder, arows to the site of 1
man's leg, or larger.
Alder, grows large trrrt, some 01 whirn
will make three or lour saw. lots, l manu
factured into furniture, wood soft and ten
Black Ash.
v.itV nt... ..1 .i...-.i.-t
Several vari'ttlea it the Mannolla. of11
which tha Cotton Tree and Balm of Gil.
cad art taott abundant. The tajier abound
for up Ike Willamette, and It the prlncl
pi timber on tha Umatilla : the wood I
of a yellowish cut, and c it 1 used
tor turmture.
resemble tba low both
but the fruit la more acid and make an
excellent tart. A hlh bush blue-berry,
acid ; also a variety on butlir night oMrn
feet high, the fruit pink color, acid.
Currant, bleuom red or pink, beautl.
Cranbury, tame aa in tha Stale.
Gootberries, fruit large, several varie.
Salmon Berries, resembling Ratp-ber.
k... ...!. I..... .1.....1... .j- 1
..j .. ...-v.. ...(-..,. -..- a"
uST.3: 'J",?" fe
largo aa a man't leg. Pruil aweel and
Blaokbarry, vine like, on the ground,
similar 10 dew berries, fruit abundant.
8tlal tlerrv. aver.nrecn. bush tha size
of blue-berry, but moro firm and erect.
Fruit In cluster, tweet, resembling aweel
applea, abundant.
liaxei, large aa I lie KnijIUh.
Orrsou Grape, so called. Is not a crane.
but resembles the grape in slxo and ap-
Ccarxtico, growa on a slock, la not valua.
le, thouah sometimes used hv the Indi
ans. There ar probably no native grape
In Oregon. ,
Crab ;;! fruit very small, seedy,
and bluer, but Is said lo make excellent
preserves. Tee Urge.
Chotk Cherry, fruit large, about the
size of the Manilla Cherry, from which,
wnen cooxcu, 11 win noi ne ntttinguisneo.
Moat of the native fruit of Oregon are
aW, but large and plentiful. Vegetation,
Wjlh acarcoan exception, acquire a much
htwer growth thanln tba State.
"--" 1J 2 ,
BcRXLox. Tliere tcom lo be, In
aatay ofour newer State, a most unfound.
aj'prejudloe gaining ground against this
ai'Breiudloe oalnlntr around aira
mtful and entertaining cits of people,
which all good men (tnd women) should
frown -down at once.. We notice amona
other reoonl attacka upon them thai the
r lorwe i,egitiatiire naa had before it a
propoellton to lax them one dollar a head
lor tchool -purposes, wlih a proviso that
any on should bo exempt from the lax,
who would sallsry lha county Commit
aionere, that no female within twenty
mlletof hla realdenoe, would be willing to
marry mm. Turaiange.
This law f enaoted would operate ae
verely In Oregon, where ihtre are ao
many baehelor from necemlty. The on.
ly oonArmed old baehelor wa know of In
Ihe pan, I tb calloue hearted editor
of ihe TnWwho aay ha ha neither lime
nor Inclloallon to attend to the ladle,
We pity hi
(iSr A a-entleintn havlna heard that a
bachelor editor wa about to elaaga hi
quirter, ald lo hlmt Is It powlblt that
your folk think of moving I" Our con.
temporary replied "When I move my
family moveti and whir my hai it' on
"tri sniMtiimnlim and la er hanl. -"". V " " 1 " 'iw niswusw nrnus
TsWtaataaaall ihf Mlaaaaaal fiii 1 1 I an I fat iwr latT Ml WM aaataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaT -tltMsaTT rwi an I JMJ '
my bout I thlegUd,
i Wara (aaaUttat
.Cei'Tlcbaaar, tnaater af tba' ate
Sea UuiL on Ma lad trip down IM
wa bam tVom tbb Ortatmm. landed amia
cite men. on a litda (aland la the Rfgue
river country. Captain Tfohtnor pro.
ceeded down tbo coaat 10 California for the
purpose of Increasing the number of lilt
jiarty, lo procure provisions, etc., InlenJ.
Ing to return Immediately and form a act.
tleinrnt here, which bo named Point Or.
ford. Tho Capt. had aet tho tlnrf for re.
turning on the 8M of June. The Sea
Gull being detalnel, Captain Tlchannr
boanhit the Ctilumbia and returned In
Point Orford at the expected lime the
33d ull.
On Hearing the point, no certain-vlalble
algn of tho while' aajety could be dla.
cerued. Captain Le lloy", of the atramor
Columbia, and Captain Tlchenor, acooiii.
iianled by alx or eight other persons, went
In search of the men. The party landed
at the head of the itlaiid j no men weie
to' be found ; the pilot bread, potatoes, tud
tome of Ihe carpenter toolt left lu pot
itttlaa of .tba ainjwara found strewed
by Ibis
Hsaausvaa irraa
men had
r- In I01X.
nuno.-lrom wbion Ihar flbalvrti aome
clue to what had taken place. What re
late lo tho aflalr i lu these word' 1
11 Camp Klrkpalrlck : We arrived at
our pott on Ihe Sth of June. Our party
numbered Omen. Wo made our poet on a
email island, (t wi.t accessible only at one
point. The Otli the Indian commenced
an attack al about'?! lu the morning.
The Indiana nnmbered soiuo 33. Wa
first discharged our foul pounder i it made
a aad havoo amoug ihcm. Then wt
fought hand to hand they then retreated
to Ihe Milt, letting 18 or SOdvad on the
fitld. We had Ihree mrn wounJrd, uuo
hail an arrow In his brrati, auolhvr one
through hit ear, mjself hail 0110 ihrough
my neck. 10. Todty un hata hsd no
trouble, ltlh. Wo are prepared lo meet
them; no expect to hate a hard fight iu
a few hours. These Indians are perfvet
detllt. Yesterday evemhing wmt oil
siii'iulh ; lo.day tho U s done nun thing in
which I did not agree that w, by teat.
Ing camp with only three men lu protect
the ixwl. They were in great dtngtrol
Ihe Indians gcllhiK belwrvn I htm and the
ctnin, but by go.xl luck they did not."
The tbovo account is supposed to havo
been written by Capt. Kljrltpairlck. There
fur,b.er ccouw .'. I'" "kalbo other
'"" T", fr ,w.?"Vn """ f' hM
containing Ihe following new particular)
titer speaking of lotting "oil" the 4 noumcr,
it aava t " In Ihe meanllma llm rllU.
commenced playing among them; 'lluv
aay killed two with one ball. Tha fight
lasted about three hours, when tba lodl-
We then cainedutvn (nm tha ton to tlm
base of the Island again, where ho no
ticed that tho sand was iliuch trampled,
tnd lhal aevertl large atonra had been
flung upon It, io s 10 cover a space of
about five fori s.,unre. ll itruik us that
some one was burled there, and ac ord.
7 lire ssnors lormmg 11m boats crew
" ...vimini, rcnwseij me
uting inrir oar as shorcls,
stones and sand, and nl ihe depth of a foot
'-M-J of... Indian 'w.a found,
rwho bid hero allot thouuh tho head with a
nne nan. inero being no further traces
10 guito u ai n.at spoi, Capt. Tlchenor,
wlih two others, itltrmrd with rifles (30
shooters,) went up the hlllt spoken ol In
the Journal, lo recoiinelire. No tract of
Indiana were seen, but a letter sheet filled
en four tides waa found, which gave a
mere detailed account or ihe affair, altlio',
unfortunately, ll breaks off lu tho In the
morn interesting part, ll is aa followa i
" Wo landedihls morning and look po.
session of a small itlarul detached from tho
main land by a ntiruw passago of about
100 yards in width, ll Is drv and t-tiv
of access at low tide. We took our pro.
visions up and made nur encampment on
Ihe top of Iho Island. We entertained
aomo fears of tho Indiana, who began to
gather along the beach In considerable
number, so we mado preparations lo do-
fend our camp. Wo planlnd our four
pounder to ta to rake the passage to the
bottom' of the hill, thero, being but one
passage that a .tenon could tpiirotch lire
lop ol Ihe Island by. It rained all day to
day. whloh rehdercd ll verv unnlrtssm
The Indian appttred friendly at first,
and allowed aome dlatillou lo trade wlih
usj but when they sty Iho irsseldoptrl,
they grew saucy and ordered u off, and
when they found lhal wa would noi v
they all vamosed. We found It neceaaa.
ry lo keep up a guard lo watoh their
"Juno 10. We wero amu! from cur
slumbers ihia morning at an early hour by
by the guard, with the Intelligence that
ine imitan wero collecting on the beach.
Thev came un front lownrfU tk mnntli
of Rogue Klver, and nero lh nlllt
1 nare wero about 40 or Ibem on lb
ground at tun up ; they appeared quite
auoyv I noticed that Ihsy wr all bet.
ler armed than when here the day before.
They ttruak up a fire about' 100 yardt
from our came, and held a kind r .mnn.
ell of war, which oontltted In oounolllnc
M.1.1. sbmI. m.Lah ..J m I . ..
". .. "" irequeniiy mere
would ba from two to three of them dtno
Inaand WhUtllna? round al a rntlnii. hi.
aapptluj lhlr JoW.Mring at evry turn
Jljey made, Thea manmuvra laded
auoui nau annotirj during this time they
were iolnd bv sevtrtl mhan. n,-i
K?iid 'srrt I"- W,W "'r W' Joined
bv. 19 other ktmtU'sin.i.ji. .
Urge etnoe. Thre wtr tern fow
uaWtwIih them, wboiurtadaad ran off.
.sww menr inen Began 10 approaon ua.
Thara.waralwo or three of ua enl pari
of Iba-w.y down lha hill and raatlonad
tbemta haapaT, but they were bant for a
fight. They aamt up threatening they
would un at. wa than retired ta tka
lop of lb hill, wber wa bad our gaa M.
They atlll followed ut and 'wanted lo '
break Ihrough Into samp. One. of Ibem
who appeared lo ba a leader among tbaai,
telaed hold of a gun belonging to eaa of
our company anil tried 10 wrt it from
him 1 thty '
Hera tho journal whloh tppeart la hava
Uen regularly kepi beginning al Port,
land, al the data of Juut 0th, tuddtnly
euda." "S
The rty of nine, tuppoted lo hava
been murdered, are from Oregon, most
f them from about Portland.
ter The Wlltamttt la expected up lo
OregonCity lo-dty, She I to bring lha
Fire cJuipany of (VrtlaTid on a visit to this
city. AVjIrt Company la a new thing
w bo) llmlTawaken our clllxrns lolhe
importtno at forming a company her.
PwAtu UaLtiAD. A.carrriagsitaJ.
af lha ItengOr Mercury write fronrnavy
Bay, under date of March HO, that the
road it lo be opened In June lo (latun,
tnd In August or September lo tiergona.
Owing to the crookrdnet of lha Chagrtt
lliver, lbs distance from Cbagre to Uor.
gona by water le 4A miles 1 but by nil.
road from Navy Bay, lb dittano It only
90 mllea.
I'M Um HtscUtor.
Ms. Bursal
.Sir Having teen, a abort lima aiaca,
a reiurst fnywopls residing In dlaerenl '
part of the country to writ you deeerip.
lion of lb same, I have concluded lo give
you a small sketch of Lexington and lh?
Clatsop Plains, which, if you deem wor
thy, )ou can publish.
Our ptaco (Lexington) Is small. It I
not a cily, nor do we make any pretention
a In ll belngaiivh ,' but wa think her that
our location for a small portion of lha,
business of the country Iscnuallv at good
as many of the would bo cities ofOregon.
In Iho first place I will stale whsro
Lexington It situated, and what ar tba
pruapects for a village. It Isdald out on
Ihe west bank nf ihe rifclpperuown creek,
Iwn mile from ittinouthar.d rdnejnlle
from Astoria, tnd lies In a southeasterly
direction, two miles from the Columbia
river, and two miles from the a shorn
tha Clttton (Mains lying between lb vll.
lage and the beach. rWU plain are about
one mile wide and filt. ii milea long, x
lending south along tna beach from lha
mouth of the Columbia river. A lara
portion of ihaat Plain ia in a high Mala af
literate muoa mora 1
k laaJ. la
fiaxlattea b the most Vnnmnt.
em i.lac lo gt to water, there being a
good road from the Plain lo it. fhe
ftkippernown it large enough lo admit a
light draft ttotinbost as high aa Lexlng.
ton without any difficulty. The weather
during lha aummer Is delightful ; ihe aea
bnrze blowing fresh from Ihe ocean more
or less otcry day ; tccotnpauird occa.
lontlly with rrfrrihlng showers, glvlna
vivacity and hralih 10 tha iiihabltanta.
Thero is a pott office ettablithtd her, tod
m niriii) man irom Aslori.
Persons of leisure and money might
find It greatly to their advantage loaptnd
a few month of the hot wealhtr here
they could enjoy (he luxury of lb rfrh
Ing set hritezci. There It noi, probably,
another place In Oregon that can afford
the tame Inducement for enjoying Ufa in
7,7' ll?!' ,re ,0 U huni Ik
dalnlieanfllfe buttor. cheese, and milk
of the best quality, tnd all lha other com.
forts that 1 an be found in Oregen. The
farmers here are at arcommodalln a
you will find auvwhar. Tn ...... a.
airing ll, tha oceaa offers a good plio for
".iiiii. 1 ' K II
Fur lh, Hncltw.
Aioai.t, 0. T., Junes, 1851.
Ms. ScUNmLvi
I tupposo you have had communicated
to you ihe rraull ofiho election In Clatsop
County, so I need not rem-st li. Ti,..i...
lion weni oif finely tt this place, no event
wL-urrniK 10 mar 1 11c good rccl'ns tlwtv
existing here. y
livery bodv waa glad to hayr, an 1
portunlly to throw in a vote for eld Jo,
Iho Laat lhal haa no turn In'hlm.
At eleven o'clock, a. m tho troop at
thin nstltit naa statilaL.1 iin.la iL. I . . a
..... n.M. aru UMUtrr IND OmQWOr WlllCU
littft Itaaaaaw aaatlMt.l Iabi L ...afT'w-t- a .
..... nwi fniMivn iwr IHO WCItlOl OV (XI
pf the Servants, llilclioflanily
looked splendid. Vfin ihe banner was
uie lunowingt
the rescue;
Candidate for Delegate,
Candidate 'for Representative,
Forming a procaatiaa, bey marolted 1
Ihe polla, wbtre each man deposited hi
vote, many of them;1 voting for lha tret
time la their Uvea. A more orderly
aet or man on lb day of an eleeiion It
would be dlfltoull to find, aad 1 doubt If
ever they will bay lh fortune 10 vote for
a better man than lhal ame phf Jo. Lane,
for a more honest or more capable raan I
am well convinced dea not Mitt In Or.
gon. Bueeettlohlm.
f At.
1 our, t. 1. E.
fe$Lg& fa&ti-Wb
nJ ; ,)'. , M
' ,v .
t- -A.
i- slLAHktBOMml-mmmmH'