Oregon spectator. (Oregon City, O.T. [i.e. Or.]) 1846-1855, June 26, 1851, Image 4

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I? .?
Pmmiitrttig tUfint mmIm l Tin-rjr-yCrst
Tretstle will, the IkM TrHsc.
.Tjet?.irv irmr rB wyandot
1 ' MDUX8. -.'
mitteyr or 1t? cainno statm or
7Y atfattd tingmlir lo trhon fAeie preienk
tWnYl tone, girding :
Whereas, a, treaty was mtile and con
cluded In I ha city of Washington, on Iho
first day of April, one thousand elnht hun
dred and fifty, by and between Ardavan
8. Loughrry, .Commissioner especial ly
ppolnlod by lha President of the United
Sulci, of the one part, in J ilio undortiun
edi Head Chief and Deputies of llio Wy
andot Tribe of Indian, duly authorized
and empowered to act for their tribe, ol the
other part ; which treaty ii in the words
following, to wit :
Artitlttof Contention tonclwM In Me ri'y
Wiuhington, Mil firtt aia of April
one lasuroiM tight htmiirttl and jt7y, Jy
0x4 bcltrctn .Ardavan S. Isnghtry, Com.
-ml(ontr ttpeeiallg ciprooird bv the
Prtittent of rts-'lAtifrd Sintet. and the
wtierii'r'd, llrad Ckitf and VtfUtiti
.-. "c - ?" "J. ""-. '!""".
f tkt Hi'iWel inb of Indian, duu
sitnitt iiMil n,iMwMif (. t 4a ihij
...w.muu..x....(-v..... .iVi .....
Wlierta thfl ncon, ccmpIng the I
Wyandot tribe or nation of liuJians, have,
. i .. i..f. ... .
ittanirs'tifii nn nniiniii iiir( in xi.nrmii i
i.. ... ...i. .Ii.
" 'T.T".t"-'. l,fc.r ""'.
kuiiic vi4ivrii9 ui i iic uuiiru oin-uf ,
lletlng their condition'will, ihcrebv, not
noly be ameliorated, mitlheir welfare and
Prosperity crtally promoted. Tliev liave .
...:...i ,k:. .. ..;:-,. i .!.... 'r .i. .4
fact lhal a new territory will, at no dis
tant pariod.'be organlzfil bv the ocrn-
mentof the United S'ates, which nlllcm-
brace within its I nuts their rrescnt and
ul u.....!- .n.l !.... tk... .111 ...I.,
. ... ,.,.,.' .f ..! ,,."(. ,
no surrounueuf oy ciiient 01 nil- i. nneu
too. evil
And whereat, by the fust article ol the
treaty Concluded between the V. Stales
Nhe underticned. renresentatite of the either the olic or cxpe luu.-y .1 com aei iraci oriraciaoi lanaconiaimnginir. . . . ..,,,... Iirm , l for. Ar ..... .... ' ,,.... , ,'iiiimiiv a. hxiitii
natton.enten.in the belief,,!,., .nutlng I...J granted I. Indian tnbe. un ty-rnne sectum, or iweniy. our .houtand , of , , , of , UbJ .-- "-"".; """'- '" "" "- , ,,cl, ,. lrfMr
elfccls alnays to ho appreliended "er treaty stipulation'., lor 111..11M . o- 111 "'L """"" "MU ""J ""' "- "' ,stiK:k. or anv twrtion thereof, Iwforo the , ,,,. f i,,,.,.,.. ., ' I r.n.T i-nniwui mJy.n.ai ..
tuchattate of lhinR.,wlll bo aoid- lixtng the value of uth lands.w ait. l l,1,tJ s'" re ,0""" "" cV,l.c exnlralion of five vear a aforeuid, shall "' "" " 1.' .. . ;..,7 , " ', ",,,"", P" """," r l.u d.twK 11.. n.i.i
bytheirbccominzcillwDsoflheUni. serve at a precedent hereaAer. Hut. un urv..y 01 urn iun.iary o. men ..nut, 10 . . . . vo,. iW,f,,, "- r.-", " "- ,"T ' .-. '."T. . L',7. .-..-
Sta-ies, and h.Wntr thland, and oil.. Jer the peculiar circum.tance, of ,hi, , m.flen, ,n a er .no rat, a.t.or, o. , -., illJv.ua or intIl. '.v'":, "'", 'lll """ J " ,mu T " . "" '. :..:;:'. ,
property accruing under treaty ttipu- case, ond especially 111 view 01 me . "'" ""'. M "'"..".". ,,r.""... 7"". tlduala of lho Wvandot iwok 0 nrixluce .... i....,' 1 vj 1 1 . u .,... 1:,... ra.l.ns li.l.. lii.u.wlDiu
now held in common by their jk-o. andot tribe of Indian agrte.ng to extm- " stipulation contained in we sa u eon. I ,,r,clory fMi( lhal sueii lo or Iran. 1 ".wh "tv . -. .!. ,,,. , ,,, 1 1.Vl, ,,. ' t.,f.nr,.,.i ,-u.sdf ..,..-Mlus4
lo, fairly and equally divided among the gui.h their national cxiv.mco ai.d become ,'' u-'" '" ""'"'""u " fcr cl he made, Iwnelicially lo them i.".i. th. i,.i......i .1.1 VJ.. '" '""'.J. w.y ksmihi 4oaiy .iih.h.si.
vldual owners, nndsccurcd lo them in citizens of the United Slate ; Ihonbj re- "' UXI.. ,he it may bo done under the an. ,," v J" . "" .Tl.r.. W.l J.-IT... .1 l',r".,V '.rVLI. h.T ..tf.r..!iT., !'.:
and the Wyandot nation or tribe of Indl.'JV "H."'! atla tlao Wyandot I'hlef arid 1
tat.on lho 17lh dsy of .March, one thou. , Dcpuliet, Mrtua thereto, to coucludc the ,
aaod eight hundred and lorty.two, the tald ;
natloo ceded and relinquished n the v.i,
J. I.
tho Uadi.aod joataatooa owncdj , For and in crinsidoration of the stinula
P.byBBi, whto'lboliauoff!on. . p"ri lrT"tIi JMVfria'ertio'e-,
of Ohio and Uichtsan In concha Wva'udot tribe or naiionof Indians.
1 be States
aideratloo of which cession, lho V. States,
by the second article of the treaty afore-
aid. stlnulsts and a?ree to "erant to 1I15
Wyandot nation a tract of land west oflhc
Miuitslppl rirer, to contain one hundred ed and hcU in common, either as original (xmnilssionors thus constlluted, snail M
and forty-eight thousand acres and lobe occupant of the soil, or acquired by vir- to take a oensus of all tho individuals ba
located upon any landsoancd by the Uni-, tue of treaty stipulations. longing to lho Wyandot nation, and ei.ll.
ted States, now set apart, or may in fu- article 11. ! ,'CI' l0 phonal lienetlt accruing undor
ture Kt apart, for Indian use. and not ol- .,,,. ,, . .ire this treaty to make an accural regular
ready atilsncd to any other triber or na.
lion.'' And iu further consideration of
iho aforetald cession bv tho V, andot na-
I .:.. .!.' irt,..i Ct.-1 1... .!, ,i,ti nr,,l
, ,W.. . W.t.tW Ml.1,4 .'. IHU ...l.U v..-
succeeding articles of said treaty,
nd five
ual annuity of sorenteen thousand
hnndrcd dollars (917,500) in specie,'
w VUI tui.IV .. twuuu, ,, IVH
sides rnakinz other prolston for the bene
fit of laid nation, as follows : Ulacktmith
and atslitant, 7o0 Jron'and steel for
shop, 8270 and for education purpose.
300 all cf Mhlch to bo furnished ami
paid annually, ll brine cxprcstly slip.
ulatadin tho third artlclcVthe treaty bo
for'o mentioned, that the aniNiv of (even.
teen thousand five hundred dollars, shou'id
Iisliai1 lfaw7 tVlfm. Attwui'jil "
And, whereas, Ihe Wyandot tribe of
inu.ans wero no. pui in. psscsuo i u( ulc
ono hnndred and lorty-eichl
acre of land, as stipulated In tie second
article or (lie treaty alorcsaid ; and they
aver that In comcqut-nco of the U, States
having railed to cimply "illi that stlpula
lion, hy not drsi.'iiailmr and comeii inn to
them a country, fit for farming purposes
and suited to their wants, lhcyer cosi.
i -i i ,, ' ' k .... .Cu.t.1.1. -t....
. f..- .v r.ef -vJ:w "cy i
. were then destitute, fiom another tribe of,
JodlanaV Accordingly oti lha Jaurlccotlr
saaW tercemMr, onetrsjtusand eight tiun.
1 .drotnd forty-lhrce", they entered Into a
.conlraet with the Delaware nation of In.
tiiaiH, 1. wbioh tl-ey purt-hascil of lho
latt-mentioned nation, a IraclnflanJ "con
lainlni thirty-sis; stKliont, (or t-cnt.
cranledloll.em,aailnnllon, Ihreorcc.
lions, (or nineteen hundred and tentv
ncreiilii cddiliou, a set farth in lho Is't
and 2d artlcl-s of slid conlrttlor treaty,
ll,ada t ... ...I assail IVkalta fla.id aan.l 1. n , I
vhercin these two Iroclt or sections or
land are dotcriUd us follow a: "Three
seotk.ut of land, containing tfx hundred
, f , , , n
nuu iony ecreiracti, iy nu and ueingsit-
,,i.d..ih Mner.l..ri! ..V.he
:' .7; ",."", V".1"' :"",,.
ly.six sections oi lano,, racvn coma nine;
.Mistoufisnuivansni riven, anil aiijonng'
.-nlhewctt lho arurcaHihti JriwitSI
aecllont, making in all thirty nine sections
nriand, bounded a follow. .a'. Com-
' I.i .. .k. . .,.!..... 1.. I .t. ,f.l..
aforetafd Missouri and Knuui rivers,
ruoninff writ along lho Ksntas river u.
ficlenllyfislW Include lho aforesaid thlrly -
nlno icctionsj Ihenro ruunlitg lir.rlh lo
'Missouri river: then down tho snid river
.,,,:' ' . ... .i.. ..i r i....t.,
iilng To'be iurveyeii In at near a riusro
form an the rhers and territory retted u ill
admit of.'
i. And, whereat, this aalit contract or
treaty wa ratified and confirmed by the
United Stale, byn Joint resolution oflbn.
grew, approved July '.'3, lfH; anil nhloli
contains qnlv tho' following prorto.'
"That fAc.Uy-tmiW Indian nation l
Ink no heller right or intere.t in and h taid
land, than it nou rated in At iV.iir.tre
nation of Indiint."
Tho'Hcpretentsliie of tlm Wyond.it
nation, thcrofore, prevent a chiiu sgnlnst
the United Stale Mr the price of ono bun
dreJ and foriv eight llioiiaiidcr.; of Und
granted by the second arlU-leol Ihe nioro.
aadlrralyi.lJUrvlil7.ieil lixlnthal
price at one dollar and twenty....' cent,
per acre auJ which claim, lli.'y con-1
cflve. is strengthened il'iiot rendered tal- ,
id. by lho recognition oi their purciian
from the IV aware Indians on t .e part of
IhM IT.....bl Vf.fM. .. .tipitl ii I..' (I.rt r...nl..
tion conllrmal.iry ihereof, al)o tiled,
""". -, "".. ' ' ...v-..
And they now u-k that the sum of one
hundred and eight .five v'loiif.iml dollnrt
1 allowed and paid to lho tVynndot ;co i
pic In commutalioii of a!J claim. !
And, whereat, llu'OumiLniiMM . on be
half of the United Site, having carefully
and attentively ciAiiitnod the application
preteutr I to him en U'htlf of the Vati
dot nation bjth in rega.il to the ilemro to
become citizen of the 1'iiiuii Slate, and
oi meir claim tor n.iinuii. in tiiouc. ur
,!, i,i ..,. .i ,,, ,i,. i... ,i.., ,.,, r
.... 1 .
isri; ami liatmg, aim. examine,! the
pubic document undnthcrproofr, ianu;
reference lo the aul...cl, he i, imluccd to
public document unJother prooj, ha
. . . ' . r -
believe, rf-that the Wyandot ,opo
I V I I ;.. .! .1.-. ....'. .
'iu. ...i.i il.. ,.r i. ,i.i. '
nain Bit mr ant aitcru in l?i nirniiirii u ,
I" "tei" ;;:':., "."?.."
lated to become ucfu citizen, n largo
portion tthi-rcor bring olrraiU engaged;"" '"""' lm ur c"P'"' ") '
In agricultural purtun: ami' secondly. l "i'rJ Stales for lho consideration her.
th.it ihi lmtnim .nim.ii.lA ..lim nn ii,. itiU'Drc i.et Mrlli, do hereby rctroccde.
I'nited States Mr tho aluo of the laud '
Igranfeil to them by the treaty of I !., ,
aforesaid, bjt of ulucli InnJ they wer.
not scs-cd. in coi
nnlin.. u ,'ih tl
? In -r,U , ..
ty. In arm mg at
kf Ir,lllntinn nf n I tri.nti
.i.t. ...!. ..:.. i.A...... :. :. -.1..
iiinraiiiuiMP """" " iimiu,,
understood that it i not to l.o
"?"'""'' """''" capacity, again.t thr
Lulled Sialc,lhoUiimniMonerafori-sai.l
'"" b -"'
akticle 1.
Ihtrcbv cede, wlinquMi, and forever quit
.claim tn tho United Slates nil ihe right,
itlt!r nn 1 interest in the land, ihev now
posscsi and occupy, or haeeor postcss
" " j "' .;. -.
Iher consideration ol the stipu atton con
'"'" ''" ,h? following articles, here!,
stipulate and u"rc, tliatth ir eii.-Li,c-.
. ....
a nation or tribe, slioll icriii.nalc and
beco.no cxllnet upon lho ratili.li..n of
''i'.1?'?' ',,' ' " "": V"";
National Council of their nation. And
in Iiko manner do they relinquish nil
alm held by the Wyandot K.ojde, In
their nations or collect. capacit) a.
gaum in" i ittuti 7io ,, i iue:r wii uwi'.im,
of annuities arising out of treaty atipuln.
lion, or of miy othr character or di-
cription wl.alioter; and, lhal after tho
ratilication ol tut treaty in me manner
bcloro men
r-ntioned, they 'i!l hiito no claim
.'gnicd by the t;ot criiinrnlcrt.il.
ihites iu their trnlnl or iilon'
unj,"ri, iS'
cnnad... ..,, ko u. a, .. ,MV ,,n ,.,,
...' ,'. r. .. , ...
tury to carry hundredth- .'rel tipu.
lationt ol ti..-. trenty.
In conidr ration of iho nrc!;oiiig g .it.t
and tonblloi.t, and for lh" uirio,u of
gralilying "" laudable detiro i-apri-tMd
by Hie uyanilot p.op o oi-eoino ciliz.-n.
r.F ll.r. linlfail .,.,, Il i. liarnl.V kftn.lln.
" ,""- : --, . .. - -j i
ie;i anu grwo, W.a.jno uniitii maica;,
Ijrill pay Ihtin (tho yandot iieoole,, lor i
Ihn cue hundred and ijrtv.cight ihoutand
H. I t r Wl gsail'la I'limiif ii r ttl' its i iv-
is far a. at . 1 lai.fi iirriiiiiimi tn iiiLni llin
i them by the
ut tho rate of
aty ot Mnrcli 17, lfl-'.
i dollar and tnentv-five tent per acre.
amounting lo lit" sum of nr,e hundred and
iKhty lue thousand .1)Iljr, in the man
Ono hbiidrrd thou,
. . ... .1
-- .-
.and dollars -Ull I- u.wsKd hi Iniud
,Kn' MO'k til-ar inter-ai Inmi literal.
ificaiioiror.Ui treaty, nt tho rut., of five
por cmt. per uiii.iiui, redeemable nt tint
ItltF fl kill . tl I IX it I 1 lrJt
pleuiuieid tho tloMTiuucnl ( tho I ntled
State ccrllfinnle .,( wliiih Mwk shall
l It'iiedtotli In-Kvjdualt now cjinp'e,lng
1.. ,, .. ....... !.. ,. ... '1
ho lue. to ti, In-tlvjdual now cj,np'e,lng
. ... 1 M
i " huuuh, m ,mu iim r nu
form hereinalier i.-eteriU-d. And fur lho
puriwto or enabling ih. Wyandot Indian,
L '. .1.... .' :.-. r
.. -i.uniurt; " inn, ..wiuiing hii"nw
an iniirjusiiieHiaan.iimi.iiiiie,t-uiiirl;i.
"Un lh Ir mtimml or frrfre capacity,
eiihor mi uccounl oflho piiichasn ofthelr
Maud rrom Ihe Delaware uallonor other.
ul It,. Knlanee nf . i,.l,l v.'fili. llinn.and
i dollars shall, upon llinratificatioii ofthli
(. 'II..HVI.
HnqulshlitB all claim now held in thrir atici.b VI. nm.al and sanetioii of th-President ofl... "r .1 ' :'.. ... 7 "' """' :i.T"T' " J : r"r.T.n l.l' " V.
Ireatv hy lho Senate, ho advanced by lho allotments. Ann said conimiuionersaiiail
' I nited State, In spee-lo lo tho Chlofand make an accurate map ortho whole survey
IUpuii.t,lgnerllicrilo,oriimiilliUdraft and proceeding, to gecornpany their re.
or drafts drawn by them, or any lw.nfFpnit, showing lho parllllmi and) dlrlslosj
ti,., a,i n it,H kshl fhlMfuiul llrn. aloresad. iliU nport and map Whin
tics are hcrnby madu accountable for lho
faithful application of tbt fund, each and
rcry draft or ordeHKey may draw Upon
il, "III explicitly data the nature, and
(character of the cla,un, and how that the
debt or debt wero lalr'.y contracted by
l the properly romtltuted authoritiea of lha
Wyandot nation, and on atvount nfthe
Uilnc of aaid nation) and after dl.
ihtrgbg all llio national debt and lla.
billtle of their tribe, I hoy diri,tiio the
balarcv, if any among tfielr eople, ptr
' e.i'i'.i
Atricue IY.
Tlu, illjC(1 8Mn furiher ,greo lo a
e,,,,,,,,,,,,,, f lho ,nnully and other
cUUn.f , Wyandot Indiana arUlngout
f ,-ornlcr i,,.Aiv .tlpulallons, and mUUk
a,f ,ob,conWel at being all embrwad
... ,i.. ....... .rtt.i.iv tat.i ti
,nlluitiesand 0,l,pr 0ui,ni projutjlnr. in
at)n(1, mral ,olh, Wyahdol nattotsof
,,,,m ,n0Ullln,i, nine hundred and nine.
r... . ...
... d., ... ., h.Mbv commuted lor he
tuin of three hundred and seventy-nine
ihouand eight hundred dollar, (370,900.)
And this sum of three hundred and av.
eiitv.ninethoutand eight hundred dollars,
thnll Iw added to lho sum of one hundred
thousand dollars stipulated to be funded,
by the :id article ol this treaty ; and the.
nggregato amount of four hundred and
sevenenty-mne thousand eight
dollars, shall constitute a senora
lie equally divided among the Wyandol
oopp, aiid certificates of stock lo be is.
urd lhorof, nt mentioned In the preceding
a ri v r
so that each and everv Wyandot
,,i.,' i,.i i,., , ... ,.l ;i,.ro of ihB
Li'!' .'"h' ' .!.C.k .'.? l,Z.t f "
r ,.'
Tho Wvnndot tribe or nation havlnir.
l .l nt .nlrl. of !.. irrstv. extin
guihcd their Indian or ocounant lillo to
concy, and giaraqty in ftctimple to the
andot ".-ople,
.all h'l.ndsion.all,'r","..,,, "",u ' 'rv"'7' ""
' or intended to bo
, - - - -,..
conveveu loinrmnyinc
I.la .ire nation, ill lho treaty or contract
'. sere d into on I e U Ii Deceinber. 1 j
- : rt-i "T to n he IWUW 'Tn''
nnd rAiiiied hi ihe Prpsldtnt and Conros
,,-,, I ii , , .. 7o.!i
... ,1 v ,,,. m .... , .ttj .. awv, w
In oidcr that a fair and mailable par
,,!.!, a. ul m.n..HlMiii.al nf II. M XVv.nl.,t
Untl, incmionoi ,he foregelng arlicle,
lir maJe M th ,,, m,y h,,'ftf ,
tic held individually and soreralty, 11 Is
nu .overall, it it
td between the n
1 conunissioassAo
bf ' tHW:tHasfe
part of lho WJi.
hereby mutually agreed between the
trading parties, Ikat
th irt f lleUoI'M'
commissioners on lha part
dot people, shall ce appointed wrtnatpwr.
nne tho latter to bit appointed by lha
Chiefs and National Council of lha Wy.
amlot nalioir. The duly of Iho Oomrdof
of .heir italics, aces, occupations and n
j ml cmiditlen. And after these facts are
ascertained tb the satiifscllon of said
Itnnnl nf rnnitin,'.er. llten lhV .hsll
roco ,0 IIiai,8 ,u paniflon and ap-
;,or,i0,m)Cnt 0f the
tho inditiduala of
w10i nt,1( raiifici
e tandt aioretatu, among
if the Wyandot nation
fieallan tit lliia tranlv.'ra.
,,) llpon l(l0 Bn,i, a citizen of tal'dna.
,jnn , ,oaro Btccrlaincd lo be enll
,1pj l0 tt ,),arB therein, according lotba
; Iawi u,c,orgrecmenlsofsaidnaliot.
inrielF vil
i , . , , , . .
'' " expressly agreed and understood
. Itween lho panic lo this treaty, 1 1 Hat t
.'""'-'" '" "'";"'f "y
partition ond division provided for Tn
preceding nrlitle. shall not interfere, j
'"" building and Improvements of I
or in ino
vidual Wynudots; and in all cate, of that
lunil, iicli huildinct and other imnrovi-
ment thall be embraced within tho por
tion ofilic land allotted to iho person who
it properly iu poticsxion, and owner of tie
same, unleat, by doing so, palpablo Injut
t.uij will bo done to other Wyandot clli.
,,. mid in all cases, tho quality nJ I-
ta of 10 ttllj lnU!ll he ,&. in,09am.
. . . . m ...4..
, d, y ,,. pmiMt ,,,.'
nolhnif ,.! ,nM u ao susssltskstl
n.m1zc ,,e vauo 0f the bulldlnc orlo
.. a a u .as
rovriiK-nt (Lcing IndrTidual property) ki
;,inang ; ,uo ofl10 Jj,.r "1
Thr eme.rni!nner. aoreed unon 1st ho
njie-joiiignrtioli, (.hall bo appointed wllh.
.. . . it.. - l at., -..a ll!.f. tmTW lala
". " i A . Ii af VaLf
lug .Ix monlht after.lho rullhcallonoTtWa
J"l); i wtlcp of which aptio Inlment on
Ulialf ortho United Slalea slillltanreyl.
"utly given tn the Wyanitol chlewaiw
coutuil. And alter ino satu commisaiwi.
irtihiill lavo perlormcd lho duliea hero
iuh' two astigncd lo them, they shall maUy ."V r'",uo" J "'"", """" -'
j-.ii .'.. .1 ....!. ...J!.-. .aanaLnnannl nr lha NenalA nl Ihn llnlla.1
,,n ,. Tlllt
-" .. . . ... .
r ... ..,-... - , .v.Jbi.i.. and l.v il, ,.l,l.r. .n.l Maih,n,.t
tin" forth lho liamo or each per nlU,t..,P.U.,,Jr.. ,,c chiefs and National
rc.l(l ui mrir i.wvuu,ga, .'- -"..- - -- - ' " " '
whom tl-y may havn apportioned and P
li,r.Unertnril,l land., w thlheAaaaa
r -, --..
..-, -t i--r-- ,--. - , " - ,
Incompetent lo take charge oC their ;prop.
,crty, tinier ai orpnan, minors, insane
person, or for other causes j and also exl
I b I tllC dliantitV of llUd assiffned tO CSCll
person, with ihe metes and bound efiueh.
completed, thill bo lubmllttd tag cfavrris:
lion of lha Wyandot people, lo bo anem. '
brlhe chiefs and national council: and'
after having all mattert emhraeeil In said
report and map limy cxpiaiueii lointm.
their decltlon for or agalmt the aamo shall
I taken. In aecordatico with tha imuet
of lha tribe In tuoh case. If a full ma.
jorlty of thotn qualified to judje for them
Nivei anouid ueoiare-tnemseives uitsant.
lied, Il will be the duly of lho commission.
era to remove tho causa ofdltsalltfaotlon
If II can bo properly done, In order that
And whenever a majority of lho person
Interested, whnao oto shall bo taken at
aforesaid, declare In favor of lho partition
and division mnde by llio oominlstloners, .
ami said report and proceedings are ap.
proved by the chiefs and national coun-
Stsle or rcrrltory wherein their lardi
may be situated ; and another copy l o
tranimltledtothe Secretary ortho Interi.
or at Washington; and whenever the to.
oort and nroceedinus aforetald aro an.
..ii. ..r ...i. H..1A. ...mv ., irfi lun.iiiflrnii .. . ......
"' " "" " ' articlt's ol n contention couuiuilril lit liuiiuf .vt f-ir,wliuii m wiiiwiisiuisisw
as adopted by the yandot people one d, yofVaihi nglou, Ihe fir.t day of April, i tik.l t.le
copy whereof, with the accompanying rs',t,en hundred and liny, by and be. . ','"? iir.clr 31. mw-6.urf
map, shall be given to lho ch of and n. wrf, Arilv, , ,l)l,gher,y,Commlioii. i T lMnlniMls am Ikcra.
i vni ciNincu, iu o " ' r'-" ; ') er otpeeially apiHiinlril hy llio I'reilileul I rlIK umltnJcwd. shmhwIm l Ik Tw
lliem in llio OIIICO Ul hid orcrcisrr ui mi- , ,,r,, l'u.l Sii. ,.! I ... ,,.Ur.l..,.n.l SI Miltu. b
G!5T!Lr"i I proved by the I'retldenl of the U. Slates,
"WJiiii lor his or her portienofsald land, in
tho same manner that patentt aie imied
lo other clliren of the I'uilml Slatet ,
and upon the same rrort, and in like man.
"" ,ni1" er,"lca"'a UI 9C."' "P1""-
trd In tho 3d and 4th nrllelrals lsue.l to
nrr, shall certinratrs ol M9CJ(,n upuia.
' Individual thus shown lo be entitled
lliMln tar 1 1 It I Km rotrtrkil nil mul ro.trlr.
ilnn. onlv. nmialneil in ihe Cdlowlnv aril.
tuvn it -" i" - .-..,-
rf.; " -
Altiei.it ii.
For ihe riirpov. of protecting the Wv.
andots, made citizens hy Ihl. treaty in
the lands and other property which they
,mreuv i iiuiusiiy aireeu irtw-eu me com.
,..,. , uJic.r.i,.. n..i.i
,.,..,,t, f. v
1uJ l,ir. hl'r "'' "'Tu " "r,l,n W a"-
'" nation, that they shall not ,..,, tho
he I'ulted Slate
nation, that they shall nni ptutem lliu
liuht, until after the expiration of It
Vears from the ratiiicatlon of Ihl In atv to
United Slatts.
Anncr: x
All parsons adjudged to be incompetent
to take care or their property for tho rea
son and in the manner -t forth in the
,Hth article or this Ire sly, shall becomtt ihe
wanla of the ITnltsti afaiaa i aod all pmo-
wtty- acqoircd by them under the pmtfi
Ioni it M treaty, shall be heM in Irurt
Mcordiosly. until truttacs and gsardians
can no legally appointed iy enuri 01 law
poIng competent Jurisdiction over the
same; and, In ihd moan lime, iru,
and guarilans shall be designated hy lip
DoarQ ofCommlstloner hereinbefore mei.
Honed, who shall in this re.,ct lake In-
to contld.ratlon and act upon the recom-
- . ... ,. m ' , . ,
" .---. - iiiiiiitt inr ai a-ait 1 suvii srai. sir ws lit rsttii fii swin
mendationsoi mo ctiiois anu council 01 ,: AV : ,. ' , , ., ,
Ihe Wyandot nation, and tho selection!.10 1,,'m ' ;' '-nd in ho manner In
thus made shall 1-approved by ssldchier. I wl'c'.' ".,lr I""1" m.uilie. are p. bl
and council. Kach and etery Iru.teo and ' ,fo.r " 1"VM' f rMUIn. Ihe Wy.
guardian thus tn
be designated and ap.
pointed over
.1.. -.. ..i ..,.h '..t
tho orphans or others not qualilLci
age their own affairs, as Iwforo mentioned,
shall bojreqiiirfd lo give bonds will. uf.
ficlenl seourlty to tho President of the ,
nited States, conditioned for tlm faithful
performance of the trust confided in them,
and said bonds to be appn.ted by the
President before any moneys or oilier
property accruing un'de, ,hl.re.,y thai.
tw placed in tneir nanutior ineeuiicniion
and maintenance oi theso warn oi the u
ii, or for anyothor purpoo ulialto.
on their n"icouTH
ATlctR XI.
... . . .f i . .i r . i
All Conner trestle between the Untied
oiaiesanu mo tt vonu.n nauu., ... .-,,,
. .... ....
re abroaaled and declared null nnd void
. aa w I
by this treaty except such i.rotl.ioii. ns
may navo uecn niauo rir .ur u.-iitrui .,,
private individual nf said nation, by
'.. ,'. e. .1- I . ..e
Brants or reservation or land, or other.
wise, which are considered at ertfrd rights,
and not to bo auected by any thing con-
MMed iu una trraty.j
AITICLK ill. 8.
All Ida reasonable extwnte. nileniliim.
lha nesotlalion of this treaty, including a I
reasonau.o allowance ior ino cspensea oi
". . .. r- .r -. r
Ihe delegation, signers inertto, in coming i
la Waslitncton, whilst here on ihe huti. ,
Iness connected herewilh, and in reluming
to their nation, shall ho defrayed hy lho
United State.
This treaty shall take effect and Iw
binding and obligatory upon the contract
inn larlTes as soon as il shall iw ratified
r, " .1 n r.i I... I ...i.i. .. ..!...
lunoil ollite wvandot nation.
In iMtlmony whorrorihn said rommls
j.-. .. - , . ., iii,.,i a,.,
... ,, , , .. tu.,..jrt ,ji.
(JMm W of lho Wnndo tiibe
r.natlon ol Indians, have hsi.ur.to set
Histr nanus, at ino city or Washington,
D. C Ibis flrst day of April, In the year
Jr JUrd, eighteen hundred and fifty.
IDAVAN S. LOUGllERV, ft. a.l
i t ' United Slatet Commieilontr,
. F. A HICK. 1.. a
JOsHC.WALKl'.n. La,
' WILLIAM fi. VAUqU'&rt7iry.
In pretence of
. vt. jiuiimi.-v,
)t X. Mrl,NAiu,
Oaoauit V. ooo,
jsnkv kiikr,
A. M. Mitciiui.,
Jmtrr 0. Cf,
Kiciiarh I'iiui,
N. C. HrAMiitfuii,
nsNiiKL j, iiitts,
And whrrtut the said treaty
hem ubmliiml In thn Hnate of the
r, fttalet for Its constitutional nollnn
uiereon, tne sain oenaie niu,in mo men-
ly.fotinn day ofMojitemlh-r, ono ihoutaiid
jj,t huudrrd and flfly, resolve at follows,
r, .
,. Htlped, (lWo.thlr.lt of lho Senator
prrJell concurring,) Thai the .Senate ad
,, a cmiwlll to the ralillcalion uflhe
,.j fniefaiid llenutlaaoftlie Wandt
tli f inJi,,,,, .lulv- aiithoriard and em.
1K)Kcrej ,llIlc, fonhelruil,., withtho fol.
"Sirlkfout llm pnrmnMr. unJ all tin
ilkd tlttlill.sd lf 111.. I ..! nsnikl ll.,
il in I at 1 1. iv inu iiinit j rat i pi iiivi
sai at e ' J
II hrrta; Hy the Ireatyi.f March 17,
IH t'-l. l-etwi'i-u the I'liilnl Mtatr and the
Wvandot liallou of linlinn, thru chlrlly
re'ldi. g
ilhin Ihe limit of tlm Si.te of
!Vo .aid nathm of Indian aerrrd to
'" "
!Cll tltl
,, , - ii.ii " ii
icll aitt! irmufrr, nnl ilhl ihercb) ill ami
. . . .. , , ,
Uansler to the I lined Mates tliclr nr
vatlon. nf Un.1, w hu..dr.-l and nine
thoiKflnd acre ol which wa In the aisle
8 r Mloh, 0j , ,hf I
WMtofihe Minlppl rlter. Ami leArre. .
, ,, ,lcr Minulallnii it ws. auree.1
. . . . ..
lhal the I'nited Slate. ,luld onntcy In
..i.i .i:. , ,..,., r ....,,.. r... ,l...i.
- " ." v
eriiiaiieni seiiiemeni in lho Indian lerri.
mr wcl of the Mlt.it.ippl riter to con.
.... . . ,.,,.. . - ' ,,, ..,,
uu'iouo huiidr.-.! and fort.eu:lil thoiiMiid
nog treaty
" AITIt Ll- I
'Tiic I'nited Stale, Iu conideration
. I .., ii. sis
that llio aii'!ut nation of In.lnn ilull
and go hereby release, rvliuquith and
give up all claim I'l ijio said one hundred .
and furiy-elght ihomand acres of I"U
7-, - --.... -.. H..v.. .v .,.w....
''? ,". ,rc7 ol M"rc" ,7' '". '.T?.1'
tlputean.l agree to pay lo the said V, y.
aadnt trlhn of Iniliant llin iiim ..fnnn l.nn.
, , ", ,,.:, , 7 ,V r
drcJ i'"1 '" "''"vc ,,'0"V111 ,l"1"1i". -.
I K "d alter th. rate ofonB.WUr and
Iwenly.rtve cenl. per acre In lho manner
ni "" "' "IK. ! i One hundreil
" '"'' """"' '' '" "
8" "ocl' "l"' f" I1" n; '"",
1-it nor aillllll.l. Whlehinlerekl .hull Iw. nahl
"",.' "', . ' "u1r,,"u"" ""
their juit dibit, at well u
' ,,,IC lrcs for the purcha, or their
la.rit at iu uiiicrs, uie naiance oi sam I
uni. l.eim.'lhniiimiifciiihtv.fivnlhousiid '
dollar', liall bo paid in tho Wyandot na-
on, 'ir on their drafl ..eiifically de -
r:,,. c, i,.t il.,, ,i,.t. ... .i.
r bii.g, Tor what lho draft are given.
"U-angc article twelve Inarliclo to."
iow, Ihcrcbire, he it known, that I,
MILI.Allll ' nU-MORB. President or
.; vj nimnw,, . uur.
Miarfc-c or Ihe advice mid content of Ihe
Senate, n exprc'd in their resolution of
lho iwtnlv.r.urlh day of September, ono
ll,li,nil I I i,-l,t hiimlr, I ni.,1 llliv .e,i,l
Ihouian I lf,hi nun r I and hliy, accep ,
I""1; hm'i k'iiiii i-niiiiiiruiv.iiii.jiii
fi( ,,',,,, ,,,,. ..mnMmn.m m rJr't, ,l0
..all.. -...I ...ll I .11 a a.. -- .... .1
j r,.w,
-IHHU ri'tlilllllOII. .
t,. ,..,: ...i. r ti i.il1
III l IMII'III "11' ll'lll IIMir VUIIWU till
. ..r ...,. .,'.... u...... ... ... ,.
"" " "" " " '" '" i.aimi.ll"
ulllted, ItJMIttf siL'IK-d thu S1II10 tt I h hiv
hand. r furnl.,M.whtt i. khbwi. ..' JahtMon'. Ilanch"
I)jne nt lho city or Washington the " h.m ,'rl" ". H.d al fita bun.
,. i'i.i ,. , , V, ... . 'died aiMllwenly.lwodoll.rt. ,
twenty -clKhlh day or Septeiii. ,.il. Il,tw',rugh, WaJ.lngton county, O.f.
her, A. 1). one Ihoutand eJ.uhll Awd IU, IUj.
I., s hifndriiUudnfly.aiidoflhalri JA.MBH W. CMAMDKRjl,
enelldeuun of Ihn United Mlltc
the iveiity.fiflli.
.. .. .. . .
, ny ino rreiiueiit
II im.. Wliutlb, Sttrttary of ,S',iV.
JAMI1NA H, 1830.
Jy Ihe Vreiidtnt of the Vuittd States.
Where. by an set or lho Congrest or
' ilm United Slates of ihe fourteen.!, of An
, pun. egniieen minoreu and orly.elghl,
n, 1,1,1 .1 A n .1,1 in ...nl.tt.l. !.. l 1..
' . ... . . .
.....-. .... . .wu,. ,uu u,,uu-
rial government 01 urngon, the i'retl
denl of tho United Slates Is authorized lo
establish such ports of delivery In the col.
lection district created by that aot, not ex.
ceeding two In numhor, ono of which shall
Im located on I-'uget's Souud,)'a he miy
deem proper 1
Now, Ihereforo, I, ZACIIAHV TAY
LOR. President or the United Slatea or
Amerloa, do horohy doolaro and proclaim
the porta or Nesqually (on Puget'a Sound)
and Portland, In the collection dlstrlol or
Oregon, lo be constlluted porta or delivery
with all the privilege authorised by law
lo audi porli. .
Ii) wituett whereof I have hereunto set
i my hand and oiuttd the seal nf the I'nl
leil Hlatrs tn l ailitrd.
Dono at llin city of WatMuglon, ihl
tenth day oMaiiusry In tlm year
of our Lord, ono tlmutaiid eight
( I.. . hundred and liny, and of Ilia In.
dependenoa of the U. Rtateatlie
'.. TAYLOR. ,
Hy ihe President . "
J. M. CtaTTOit, Srcrtliiry of State
i 'i ;.-'.' '
ItlMMtl Mills.
rllllK Orrfwi Mining ('estaaay wsuldlMPHf
JL fully msaa kaswa I tbtlr Mtasa .sJ p'
Inw, ihti lhr sw iolr bah Utlr MA W
tniUHIST Ml 1.1.8, awKTSwIntV I tsJatV.
In( wtwrJ lb fnwn of rsMultal MllUt; Iter
( futtr 'Hiif J to tttnd la sll ftrett with tttl
nJ ithMlrh. !
Ws htt eontttslly u IisihI tuwrhir trlltU
In iImim la hit ishnw.
Ilirnla pciiglMt Iim1I), pntaMi lllkt Ult)r Will gits
tuftriy hrvlnf nuniljf two linrnkilt, anil lost,
rry ilii(U tnsa wis town tot, whu wJI brcotn aa
srlusl MliJt la nM Inwn within til uwalht, aad
bulk! a bMr mm Utt umi j la siUillonlo which.
w will wll buiUiug nisltflsis Iu lhM lhl scrtpt
IhU intMllion( and slluw thtui a rsstunibU Itagth
(,f Inn In y tut Ihtin I.
" --..--.-.-.- - - - - ---,
ot.l.lat.l I.i .l.slltM ItiaaiiaawM ttf lha) J7. Wa wit) sriva
Many on inn win vwimis inunriai min,cii.
,',, ,,. ""
'Ihutowu Ulnn'lmilrhste4uinalhlwfi
brai.rli t lh Willnill rlttr, Jl hi tswagh
b..t lit Juseihjs with il,. i .4umM Irs4.r it
'':. I'''". ', ' '" .''"'!'
"Hf treiiii irtHU iwi, riuni wy itno n- nv
tr ( u . ,(,, uwrl nl UVon , ni.r Out
hut agun (mJ If Uliif whu ll lu Irt Yl IUmiU
'.. u.a..tia Jumu mi. sutsi his skssula atlalsa aasT
., -" -":, -" '"". " . -TT.., ," ZV"
JJbtfie. w ZJk&'JS XZnSSL"
Alil.wh il.twu h.. U.n lidJ i bi .f,w
"hmiiU. ii hs. slif.Jy imd msrb pmftt la
"?"Y u. ZT. Y.'.Z '
-"."- ..-. ....,-,....
Tu ihM Jim U uklng up Isad cl.ln, w
' w.H h.i. th.t . ... ...IaLl by .. b..uful
., n,v. . ,.. f ,.r M Orrps. ... U.i
l 1'M'W w.h.s nf r.iry m OrrM. . Ul
nf, tnrhfthntf lh. Hcifu ((.i)M, H.uvif. l4.nJ,
Ih.nrh .iMl.tlfiiip lf.irir.l.tfly.il.f.d optu
litieh tt.thtr. will Im. vliit4nlr
' t.1...... ....nl.l .... a.u.l ..HMm.immnmmt mt ll.a
vbol.rt, tlwlr rbitl U.jerl.
A chmw s.Di iU Afilwv butJJinf
'T i-a twi waist tsi ig -tmm
i0iuult pr.ni.. mtih ibir UifTftIiifr b4
r ire l hI upon a Mir, roiiiniiuliiiff in vmw i
enelrrllaf fom, nail whtneamaViKMl will (ur
alaaaod.lUm. tt both dtpwlRxsn
"' rtsttj. a. .rt ubiM..i fttam it .
bl iiia.( wiiea. j ni.ad,niiwsusi, ur-
P5J 1 -''-
Tt. Hninf Trna of lh. larfilslion wilt com.
inellr. ..MSIth 19. 1H31
Huuititer T.rai ..Juai II. M
tall Term., JiffC IT.
Wi.WlTtlm - , , n,rni. 10,
TbTciiu.willbtrtn trrflittth. Tuition
$8 lr Itrm.
tl'iafd m.y ba bbtalixd in prit.le fimilit
Tr.xT noon i-ir.i:
Tba Italy rtrrhituirf, KuadtiVKrrlr.ar RfiJ.
Wrlal.r'a Hwll.rt, tVorerrttr'. aad W.bl.i'.
UMtivaanrt, Tbaioa'a Anlbmalira, l)luy.
nd Kimlh'
'. (teugraplilt't, Wrlla (ii.uimvr. ttil
rit. (tr.y. I'htmUtry.ltklV. t'bilaM
Min'i llatorit
whal i now d,t,lftl,,,1e,.l.alm and llrtrfc rlaira.
Ur ordrr of lh. Il.hl.
January in, iimi-hii
i-'"'"ipir n-:sstiitsii
I,,,K "J"jtiJ. hating btta appaialtd
-a- agent ioith.ilipn.uilBrlumbria.aafaelui.
(,,, ,, 3uek.m.. aad Miiws.sil..
M,,Pmii-finl-giii:iiy,IU.pirM.i hssaaf
ataiio m ma nuiaintut.and will b. iy
"udr.d'l.int'rf 1. uit
j,iDj., Ac., aie,
I I Iri.aU.au agent f..r alm uf ,e-l. running
between Fr.nci-o,('.tihnnia,anililii.pl.cr,
VeUwillUloa.l.d lihgr..ldpatk, a. lh.
rg"llb lakeu from lha whaif abarsol Mil.
, .,. WXfOMB.
Milw.ulle, Jtniitry elh, K.0,
i -a.L.M.iiiir.,fil e
M ajr-.' .... ...... ...
l.Pe.1 II. w. of e
A illHi a Woo ii. deetst
CK.Iiun. atalue, taody b.lr,
ii 1 Tlali
rrtmi Lanra,,iiv, i,incaa
lp. I!ni.t.iul.
A cullui. pinner by trade , said la
haiaa win in SI. l-iule. .Mo. ll.diediaC.il
ll. t
' Auminwraiur oi ina riaieai Auiaatm hom
I HI. ImiU paper pteaaii nullee.
3m r33
GUcktmu County Fgmalo Simlnuy,
IfllllK flrel tenn of Ihi. In.lllullon will cam
1 JL rnenewiMouil.y,M.y llllh, and cun.lnu.
eleven week..
I Tha Tnuteei are happy inform .he public,
I lint le.rbej of high snd v.rltd tccniJid.nat
.nil af long etpetienc. h.rs Leeii arcurtd, who
will detota iheiiMelVe. la Hit w.lf.ie af lh pupil
I committed to their clrge.
A lug" and renvenitnl Renilntry building hs.
been erected, snd meaauies l.kf n lo eecui all nee.
1 mmmMtv Bttirfiralu. for lha acbael.
Oregon Cily, tba lucstkm of lh. Stmlntry, pit
wnl. Mter.l linport.nl advantages, It hi. well
deeerved celebrity for healtlilulnesi, being flea
from Ihe iulerinillinl ftvtrt common It lb. rlvsr
tnwiM. II Is eontenl.nl ol srecsai slttmbeats
plying on lb Columbia and Wlll.mellt ritsts be
low tha falls, and Uwss sUr will matt at this
Primary Dtpkrlmaat .....-. t,00
llighar Cngliah Btudlas. 8,00
Lsngusg, mtwl,sloro.ontslbrsnch IDfiO
Ityordaraflh Board.
' II. CLARK, BMrsUry.
Or(wCUr, Msy6, leil.
.mroTigB to ummmtHr-'ru sub-
il aorlM,frinMsln,liaaMiaJUVlssaUa.
ry far a saw ssU. essapbU alst, MisgU HsasMas.
and Ism BrnuU Mdte, a U beat kisslssw Is'.ase,
wbn wlU a ssM ekesp, aad m tha aasss to .
If- H.n rrsncWa, Msreh IS, 1850-1 J.f