Oregon spectator. (Oregon City, O.T. [i.e. Or.]) 1846-1855, June 26, 1851, Image 2

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i .naaaaatsdaaaaaaa. hMm
1 0,l:uoN city""
.fjHyngUAY.JUNKay, ism.
j'CTf Hfattr roiTo.
mm Tl.. .t,t.n.t:,i
OT Wbitcosb" will learo Or.
" " ''
r- 'JAJv . J. . . .
rMiw tarBK ida .nitfnim. nriiik :l jt, nr
.- -"- -
juiy ror riuona on a pirature excurtion,
and relurn tho fallowing day.
VT Air. WILLIAM AlTIIU ent to till
. ... . ..i
... .,..,. ,r.m
of which meaning ex.rllvll (Vr! nl
AHhAM UV.Ml .IimIiii r mfIiM. I.a '
i . . . ----.-.
- , "- "- "- - "
A4 luchea. What will our Atlantic eon
temporaries think of thla wonderful apecl.
fcaen of Oregon grain growing t Verilyi
.Oregon, for raWi j wheat, white, plump
ian-J heavy, can lat tho world.
-T 1 1
OsT Tho Indium in the Cheltalit 1
try, anj thote shout I'uget'a Sound arc
dollar. ThN Ihev think tbould cnliile
them to aome notice.
.Bcmtis or Cancmah, Thero are at
this lime one tcaniho.it building and two
o'hera.refitling at llic brad of ihe fall..
When ll.esa shall haic been coinptelr.1,
thcro uillthrn be four alramcr lo run in
the tradeonlhc upper Willamette. There
iioju'lo-3 drt.e of butineit going on in
Canomjli, and a large number of handt
rrnployeil. The new steam sawmill just
abotowat alined a few days tlncu. ll I-
an ei eel lent frame, tubttanlial in all its
papar. We d3 no. Hdiik hint wanting ao
much in t.leni, but .her. it evidently. In
Ids cctnpciiion, a great want nf hone.ty
and falrncti. Tact without honesty i
IlLea.'iin without a rudler
OCT Will tha people of Oregon and
Jilnn elites remain dormant, while out
liter lowni arc maklnjr rapid ttridet in
lb, way of Iinprotcinents upon tlio titers
and rosidat Wo understand that there
are propo.iiions made by the cilirens nf a
netohbonntr t-ill.i.o below-. 10 n..t .,...,.
: . " i -"
.loalupo.t tho Tualatin, and to nuke a
plank road fmm llie Tualatin mills to
their town. Il Is said that one can lo
COOSlruetrd to tho foot of tho rapidr, or
evtntouiuego, fiomuid inilta; a plink
road that will cost but very little inoie
than from said millt to Oregon City ; and
by so doing avoid tho rapids and diiert
Ihe (rode entirely from Oregon and Linn
fillet. Wake up and e.'ote tauagt.
-. ,, ..
ytWilieingnllicent6icainer, Willam.
tile, come lolhiatity on Monday ctcning
last, and remainrd untiT.llie next mornin-',
when ll.o look on tho ma'il for tho Until
Btaies. a goodly number of pa.senger..
and at Oo clock storied on her downward
frlft. tOUoJlInir at lb var.'ou. rtTnt. trf.lnuf
M.lwauko,Pnrtlsnd,.Vuoouier,Sl. Hel.
ms, and Caihelaroetlo, lo Astoria The
Lost Ii well officered, and an invitation
having been rulendcd us by Mr. Fergu.
on, t.'polile anil nblhjln or-enl of iho I'a.
eifio Malf'Couoaor. w.. inob..m.vi.e n.
far a Porllani, uur homo engnarMienl
being luch a to requlio our Immediate
return: We accordingly boarded the
Black Hawk, (the proprietura tlitl having
a little chalk left,) and rcichcd home
about i' tl.o same day. I
,. ,, , ' , I
Ilia WHUmetie Js an ornament lo tho
couniry, TfTore Is tatle, ncaincos and
order In every donai lunni .oven il.r. .-row I
is well carrd for neo hatn.ndcka aro
elegantly -arranged for their enpress ao.
commodallon on tho forward part of the
holler deck. Tho cnliro construction of
ths boat i iuc,i as 10 intko'iTau object of
admiration. She Is certainly a erae boat
tn all appearancoi. At to her speed we
ware not able to form an opinion, aa aha
descended in Portland under a light head
iJana,iinnlnB, many ilmea, hut one
Wriiil,. Sha rum, notwlihuanding her
1 poatfarotM nwohlaary, with compamively
littla jarrloj;
ti." fe
Mid to bo gelling troublewmo to Ihe,, ',.,,. n''f 'T ' , " I ' ,r " emlgranr lfe diei nn llie """."' '"'"'Y V1 , . " BV , "" "er, tract u iui.mitte.l 10 inn em. wlum lionbii.d.-eiui.l ri.) nriil.tleel.
hllea- They .leal and kill Iheir'.lotk "l-. " C Hh h. titer agalo." av toor In Oregon, l-ewre a tlalin lata. .?' ,' 1" " alt-taat.o.-. Ilia ll. inati.,, ,. i.e. e ,Vedol men To.lr.. ..be ll,e g.aielulma.inor In wl.lcll
w Miit, I. iiirr ci aim riii iiirir pioik ..I ... ... ..."... ... I rntnltitii nf llr. llrAM it. tmulr tit. r L i...... ,t. . .i.ir. a...- .. -i .. i i... . i . i a c i .. . . i .
alW fo Ihe -handful of Iroop," tta. , f '" dy "" '" ' Pcl. ,","" "fi'd Xv thenii. ? l"m,lrr'1 r" ' ,,,,,, ! '"" hn' '"" Ppro..l. ..pa..r, . In.mbtc nllilirabul
Ikwed hvlhatwunlrv. Thoo ptoplcl " " '"""" """I '"' ' rjlh. n aie n M-lller"" iilo die. be "5"' nrn n" "" ar"w "'" """ "I " ll'"iWUalliin nreorn ver liift Dial bo . i 1,-mrl eury biuil.car and
thioktllelree7eVeallyllCKl.l.dbvll.e,''or,, '- Illrrcd and fatnrile illy ll marrying aKaln, Ilia wife' inr-imi nfihe ""?'? '""'..o "'' or ,r,,r,". frrl lol,J!: charai-ler. comMing of the Ik-.i .wiilnj- .jepmem, r.lr more Ibau u hour, can
ln4.au ac.il. TIJkv .jv thev have not ' in conlemplallon lo move llio whole af. tlalin ahould go lo llic helra r llio lir.i ""' T" hni?." """ fet ueam.could of tl. Ik-.i and 1110.1 pmin uiillior,. Il.-v l- intn'i. .1 10 by luin.lrr.l. -If,.re do.
jtMiau emt. " '""" "0', f , ,j, , Wmber elect t "" . IM"T'" "'.""." ,,,n,0",,v- , hariiemiou, with the vrip.ii.n ,,,, , .r,-,.i uub lm lavl bur.l uf elo-
l-ra ylleT by anyflhcm. Their in- ' . , ' ""P' ' ' 7 , "' 7lh. In ca.e a aelller die. l-forv the '-'" ";'"l'd ... pn- I tn ll.o annuo Oil.. The. -.lime, of thl, auctelv are ,.",. l'.r..,....l-r I.,. Ucom.ng . et.
lereitaareialucdai'.omatnamill.'no.l Ihel.egi.lalure and tlio feer and ague' ',".'" .c"p w "" '''" ' orp ' 'c of ibo Tuabiliii. nr a, bl-'li on ai mi .-n...i.. i,i. n. .i l.' ' ......1 . 1. .. .-. 11 1
..... ...... I MMUIII. nuu,u ll.c IVltl'li-Viini III III VI -. H ll 1 1,1- UCCrUtCU ;iICr M .IISPO Wl I ,.r. -.,... . . 1 .. .. ....... ' ' .-,- -. ..,-.-.. ..w.
partt-reTOauencoandconven.tnccjeem affalrs thai hate for llieir object the rroa-M go ' hia heir.. . .fta.ily a.r,. impo.i.iirn In a large tec K. IJearv, II. I..,n.i, llv.rd of l.rer.r, n;. S, n.aile. .treel. rmmnitieil suicide
O have been kept In yicw in ii. entire con- , ,.' " '-' ""0' J' :" 0 , rlotni,,rin,(li,,ontlt,tt,vlo 'hm of Ihe country, than any ..ibor enter ..r.. Tore- ueit ll,opir.M.iS,-..-.v ' tr.ter.lat. in a manner ...uully atranun
ttrnetlen. Tbi road connecting Oregon '"""'' Of1";0,1Cau""- "" n Orrpun, tlTMMn l"" """' ',' 'i',"0n '" t ?r '" ""' n "11-""" l.'i!".- -" l'' "" horrible. I . al L ho und hi,
oily and Caroimah has far advanced to K0' h," 7uW f"!'" "" 1,nn,,, or' Oregon por .0 ihe I.t Dec.. 19-V), can ' "rr;"on. in. I'l'"nrnu An ini.ll lira.lon, in tlr.oon ,f.. , ,. ,.,v ,,ur,.y u,r,
leVioTthat I I. reow UI7ilo Cn!rlon It too apparent to need pointing ,.to a donation nf 310 ac-e, of land, ot ' " "!'.' r""'1 "f "7," v??'.' .", ""?'"''' ' 'T '"?.' ' r''"'" "f "" fl" " '" " '"", ' "'Ja '" P' ,wJ
!! T. i..T. r . uu' There arc Mmem3gi.lralc.,.uper. complying will, the law. r.-J.lir.3 uron. "-" "'" ?.".n,, ,0 "' " '"' "" 'er.l paper, to publish ihe proeer.l. t r ll,,. ,bo) .liould put an end mihem.
rtantly by learnt. It will be of immense I . . ,.,.- .. t ......j . ' . and cnliiTaiing the aamc for Tour cenic ' ''','' nor d'"'P"')0;j' '""M ''" , inf.. .el.e. Sl, t-m,d,. ii t.ew,, and
sdeanlane to Iwth places. j. ' .,M couu,'," lo 'leCT c". . u.Ivo v L,. 0lf "'t H o I lo your true T ,;, bath.r Ven read niTl a, . m t an ..Mll,ee.,v. .,,,1 nmoured
XCI- c s-XlLti , 'jllir0 " ,'". " mUC ' IM.. In raM.. where a married jaan m"',,, .. .Jt.'tl provcltho Mwh-iy a.l.oi.n.ed n.e ... Jar-mo She .l.tlde.1 ll, dly drug lu.
Srv iwn... jji.. .A . TtiiiiMi lailiaali i nf iiila 1 1 i i 1 1 1 I . .7 ....... iir" Yonraia fpi.n.l. ice.. n ii nfn'uim ..'. I. i i ... i . .... .. .'.. ".
" "" . mjmCT najfj , 'Tr t ., Hi ' '" " w'.i aaam II. i i snsrvy-sawii.i I '21 ' '' l,u"r"" l'""""'in""pui uirni wini waier
Urtslo.1 for our readers tn eccount'or IbW" oelorawTlrO lines, cinnftt have Ihe a. he am! hi wife are entitled to, Ihectlrm i7rlniai noBT TMJUUl.. I S jlntu iwu tuinl.leit,..mrli. Itouiwl m
warn nl i.teni e,hSl.;i..t ,..,:.,. ..Velfaro ol hlscounlry at heart, and totay will ! enually divided between them. Jtsriu.lMl. i UnwiCnrsrit. Tliea latrd I'res -'ml kreping the other Or liimtelf. llo
Bttsartuta. Thtr are
M two etaambaali Divine? on tha tinner
r "Rwnnil) uapt. Murray i rropautr,
T I t7..t.l-. L..I... .1.....I .1.1. t.
ifMI ... . . 1. t M 1.
iL.tnii.i. i.. j..r.... u....
Wile. ' Th.ro I. another boat filling up-
.,., ,,.,. i
Cpl. BUtel's which will bo got In rril.
inett In four or fircMvccks at frihcl.
Hedge & Barlow, Ion, ctpcct lo hats'
ilictr new double-enginc boat running
sometime tn September.
ii is encouraging, -too, to see me ncau
of natiirsiion eilended in llio Fall. a
I. . - ..."
'c' ",lkl remit to ilitturu tho compoture
.rt n ...tt .
ui i.ru. ifrver.i min.i. no aremi in nave
forgtvtcn to mention that I lie Hark Sun.
ew hid patted that utf on her way up
1 Ihd . 11 ...I ai.a !. .. -. . .1 .
the Ful . and that is had atiri-cnl. . too.
. . -
Incoming nearly ll.o whole way under
.1. . . . , , 1.
Hll, ..ociprti inure, however, in mi
in.l.. i r. . ..I-., i .... ...... ...
I I. tt. ...
...i, ..v. ..u u.i. ... ncic ucn- mv
iu oen iiin lur uie pan ween ai ner
. 1- I at a
lar demotion. If w wcro "je.lou,. -"'-' "' ''"-
or our neighboring city below, wo might j j,,,, 'A ., ,, , , M
calho account Ira putrmj editor for writing 'befurn tho lit day of Decemlr. ISSt.'Ar
.1.. r..iinM.:KM .........
tho following eattact
u ll l U the lata rite c( Ihr river baa had a
I ""f"?' ,"K,,m,Jr ""'" r"P". i.tmbt
'l"1,a,"3o,, lwale.1 there. The, motqui
ior, tro, win lie leu 10 ue, each, a 11a
lural death.
ol Ihe movement; c would tlace hi,
name in capital, for future reference
Citmot oine one on llm ground give m
ait inl.ing of mittcra and Ihtog, for our
nrt paper? There ii no doubt but the
" ". " S01 "'' " nw.r.i.
lsi J d" . - "' "-"! '
' ,ho ''"PO""" cntia is at hand come
"'" "I'v-- . ...... v ...ir-
,ur"1' e aousor llie tallty ! and i'cmt
of the Mil, waken up lo the iinonaiice
.l i .. .
nf the occjl"n let our llbl
IJIlt IMlnO ll.at
inlher pant of llm Territory may rrnfii by
your Maniple. Jjcl not a none remain
! unturned, oh! ye well witbcri! There
' hutliltlo doubt tint the appeal is.lron
cncujlt lopr&Iuie a general participation.
(O The Orriaaii wants to know
i,.. ,i.. t ...:.t,..,... i . ,.i.
"rt I 10 Legislature it to meet the com-
'"- f,,on- We ould refer Iilm in r.
Wa,ni'c at"' Co1- K'n8- We under.
siooii they lUil n conlcrriico a Tew days
.... ....I ...I... .1 1 e ,
-B ..... uuup, mi onier ui csen'Mes
Tl. ln. n. .1.. .1,... 1 ..j 11 .
I bey bate pot the chart completed, llm
j, 1 I ia , .
m iinnlcu uy ftomp tnai hins is not lo le
ihe future Lell-wcallicrof llie low or house
hu has Ucn tupercrdrd. The Orrgn
nan can now have ll.o .n.tiee .eiiu.l
to tho nltconf merlin,) I v r.flln il
,, ' , . , r ' . r. .
"n'-ranc organ, 1110 iimn, wiiiclt Is or
ought lo bo in ll.o secret
oa'em scilloj 11 lougagoaccorilingtolheii
01.' n'.llon. Tl.y wcro goln-,' lo elect
legale ,0 Cngrei, only ihey
I .. .
. 'r," ,0"ow'n l"'e official yoio from
,a" Counties Jn tho Territory for Del.
rgitc to Congreu :
Jot Lais.
W. II. Wilms,
Clockamat County 850
nu" ?
u,,,,., p8rry
I'nlk County
Yamhill "
"""" "
Ipone (Skinners)
Pacific Co.
Claik "
Far ths Sptctslar.
Ma. Editor.:
The Wlllumelle and tllack Hawk, left
Portland for Oregon Ciiy on Monday laat,
within a ahort lime of each olhor, tho
lllack Hawk last. The latter landed lice
pisiengera fir! al Oregon Ciiy. What
think ynu of the ttnat .learner t It was
amaxlng lo aee the energy of the Dlack
Hawk'a greaser. ( waa nothing more
than a LOOKER-ON.
The fajlhful arc called upon to nun right, nr .he may aiMindxi ii. aid vl ,Z7 '.? '' ,.!" . "r '"i"' Ihe rewluiion iiaiunniilni.ii.l) 'adopt uml il,,.n uf In, soiiomiuld l..urpati.
a, Salem" under the direcon uf the ' M UMnt,hr co, ll,...han.r, claim, if " Z "' u v"l" . ' Z Z Z ". . "'i ., .... .,. , I!? '". 'T; .' ' .""'"J "! "
ml nnn C. k .,.,:,. ,i.. lie nail wit twen marfHil l lore. . --.---- - ........ r.,.,. ,.,.,,- -,. ,r. , ,i,,,, i,ri. luariui m an aceuent,
led ones lor p'ier. to organize Hie , ,, , relurn in.nii- un.l rerun iwisre,., .villi (,f il,.S1,,i, l-,,il r.,.i tlVl,.i,. . .... .i.. i i ir.i.i i. .
, i .- . ,i r-i... .. .. ttrmrr t nil.- ti..,i nn,l lie , . , , ' V , . .....,,. ,-..,-- m.. . .....i i ...,ru
loavci nnd H.lies.lotiiig dc.noc ,...,,., ., ... ,. ... ,. .,. , oa.e in p, agnln. or ll.nl oil on might , j I r er I ,. Mlek olin ihi. Irei
. We would like to k-iow the ff.rAre or wiih.n one war afler hi, arrival in Or "' """I1"-"J" the itl nn,, - ,.- rullo..,.i,M.ir.,-rr.'..,e ,1,,.,.,, olV. ,.i f,.u. u.1,,.,,,,,,,1. . MiDufli
... .... 'I'll. it lllllll ll.aa iitrllH.1 ail llm l.i.n.l i.l .. f - .1 . .. r . ...
..I.l.. . I.I III . .. I ...........- ....:.. I. ..,.'. 1 1.. . ... "ui, mil .mill Hnilier I .III on. will lie r. 1 1. lljl.,t. i:.n . It.-V . ll r jl.L. flei n Initnr ,.. (p.,. ... ,.,.!. -L...I v.
ScuTtroR Gi-ial's Orncx,
Oregon Ciiy, Juno 31, 1881.
To iKt Kditor of tkt Ortgtm Sfttlator :
Sti--.Tha letter of'Wni. Potior, K.,
inUrMwd to you. contalnlnn Intern,
if'LTX ?f "
l'"M ,, and requesting in anwcr from
,M, C(lmo i0 hand. In answer to I ho In.
torrogatorlet contained therein, audio nil.
nieroua letter hate received from other
ir"n.niakli.gslnillercnqulrici, I would
. ""J-riio Uw rr)lrc, pwof ,,y , .
more iii.inicrcstru w, messes that tho eel.
Her Ii
rr has re-bled upon ami cultivated ih
land for four con cutito) car," ami tha.1
- iiie.mnaia'n snaiicmnrace inc I a ml aolu
.viicciipieiiaiiiicuiiivaieu ovHioacHUf
.11 ii.......i ....
IV .w-r-..
to, Sd. The land claimed fur a donation
'""l " in ono laxly, ami 111 n cnmtuiet
- e.- . ,. . :. . '.-
!;'""' ,,l', tt"r'! P"floiiirtiiit he a part J)f
e luiguui rianii nr ailj'ilnlii" It
n.1 A .;.il .. ..in . n...i..
?' A ."" P.'0 "'' 1 """"U0
rmuro.'c in mi nrilmil claim, cnouiih far
in "in1, tiinuiu lie j;el one, uul can oiuv
I l.nM tt. ...tt,... I ... . . t . I i. .. . 1. 1 I la
i.iii.1. .... ..... ..r. 1. ..... ... iia.
w ilhln ik year nflf r arrii
rl.l.... i.'..l,ii'
, In 1 1.. .''
rllnry, can only I10I1I a
lion. If married al'ier, the wife it not en.
inc u .. low, ne
.i.arrt In,, .i.itl.i lMrt... I.i II.a IuM ..1
I wlibi,, onevear IW Ihe arrival of her
... ...... ....,. WV...IL .., ... , . ...I, W
vcthiiI husbirxl In (trei-nn. will hccnlitlcd
. .- . ..":..
nallon, bill n mutt be adjJiniiig her hat
band', claim
...k if. '.. ..iji. ... .. ... ,. .
,,. ' ,., ....i..e nIL ',i.r ,i..
,troeM..I ifc'. .,ln,. ..,11 . l-r
- ''f," ,1elJ "; f1
Z$U Zn amWlva,
parent, fibe children lf.ro
To arcurc a donation to children,
aken, that l,
Ivaled" by tin-
parent nribe children befiro their deaib
laid. Alt alien who was a residenof
Oregon Territory previous In I.t Dec,
1V1 .I....I.I .1, ..)..- t.l. 1. .....I... . .1
' '. '"". " VI...I, ..., llliriMl'll, BL-.1'ril
IIllM.1 In t. l.u.M.I.n nf I I v
'lo lull on ,e (irtt in.iai.i i t a in In her , .........,...-. . ,.. iil , iii.ino uml iiiui-ImI. w Inle the uraco
.Iii-irniin t-n, irnliin Ma J,.. ., .,... ft-.. r u,i I n,iiin. v rn r : lloi ornlirr nn vuiln W.lv nil-ilril r IV.
ing in law to ..ei-onie acitizennl UieUni-'r.l
ltd Siatet, pretinu, in llio I.t Ihiemker,
Isol, to cull lo bimloa donation of land.
Very re.nrilf.illv.
JNO. It. rillWrON.
, -- -- ,
To Ihe I'ttilar nf tt Orrj-on Sprtlnlor :
Sir I a.klhe litu of a coriiernii..e,il
our columns, ani win conahler II iit-
rciu fjtor, ,0 ,, a numWor, ,, i
tlonial once, whiJi liavo Ik-mi put to me.
.Ince I arrltcl hircconierrilng the .late
a a
01 mo liter, ami to what etlent navigation
1. Itrnrtif ul.l... I,pluni, ll.t. r,l.p,n .,,.4
.'.- - I " -
, . ...., .,..., .
1 nil iuiiiii till 1 uciun l-irlinj'l
r.in n,u :.. i;..i.. ..... ..,
..- inn -.IHI nHl UIII III IIII Blliaill. I
About II o'clock Iho breeie ilirdatta).
I link a cnl of lead previoui lo anchor. ,
10, ..01 ..iiiiiue 110 oonoin, Iran a lire 1
"l0ro nd made lat for tho tiighi. I
wasllieu ulnul hall a inilo uwvo Onto,
. ,lo.il no-n a light breczo .truck up,
itrram, un un Icr way and proceedrd
.... 1... - 1 . . 1 .. 1
1 died
up tno river. M lien I got u-niiin
,tto '"" or Uregon Lily, Ihe wind
Zw'r'. ' ZSuSZ
llio rapids, or rulher whero llio rapids'
Il.ualll mra vtlimn ll.o nnli.n.l.U Id low.
TImi wind was uow blowing a HgJu; ij
'the tc.sel, I got lb little prnii
I"1"" '""" '.p.W
Hawk to hook on, and lu tihoul an hour I
had got moored alongiido of llio aiaamcr
1,01 u liiicomli, lying ai llio t-ily wharf.
1 Eleven feet was tho leatt water that I ,
J found in llie channel nn ihe rapid. F.otn
wtmt 1 nave rxnerlenced I think it la imli
tafoaud pracilcable, for vencla drawing
,noi rnoreinanirn lert, 10 come 1 to ttiu.
111 f A ill I rill if I l.n f.rataatsif .Inn r.1 I.a olaroaal I
r..vvM.....i...yr. .,m.liV.iMil;M,,l,lur -.. iuiiu W 1, ajU IIIIU 1 1 111 1 I
Iiuiir oic(iirni Fcrvani,
Mauler Rsrk Sicceis.
ubeoo.i cur, June an, issi.
I I til ( If I t - - -
1 .. 7T7T vi ", '1 sa vPcI"y'" H' hnmedialo vicinity of Ihe
...f D,f-i 0,.rT,,e.f'0n,,07 M;nv ,,,J"c,,',n- . . .
...B . .... ,.,...0. ,., ...inappr iMiioon.
I XIXV ' !r.K!,!V! """C "T r' ' " W.ly.
".;. V.. ...rT. -,. I...:. :'".... " ..
our bread Is, we know not whaf oiir'of knownlng .omelhlng uf the murder.
water full of fighting devils of most fero. was hmught out and prnmplly illscharued
p.tn..a .. .... ...I.I.. ...... ..... ..... .. .1 11. . ' f. . 1 ..
clou aspect our whllo pepper consl.ls.by Justice Warrliigh
ciiieiiy r-i giounn rice ami our black, of
Iron rillnas und ihe sweeplnis nf llio cu
loni-liou.e floors and I be component pari
of our coin-o are chlckory, burnt 'beuni
and roi.ud wheat, colored will, burnt tno
'J'bls w dnuhtehe oonttderrd plea.
Ing Information for Yankee who pmpn
going to Ihe Worfd'a Fair neil summer I
iY. O. Cttlttni.
T F Hit tfMlator.
Ma. Roirnat
On Monday, the 10th lnil.,tecmmpanll
hy Mr. Charl'ri&iiiboiirit, arid Mr. Cliarlf
Madden, fend two Indiana, I hoardod a aVIrT
t the t aw. mill n ned by Jamet M. Rlnnre
tt Co,, on tho TuaUllii creek, and from
Ihrnco iirocerded ahpul Ihrrc orlnur mile
up the ilrram tif Dr. Hniii' Ferry, tlin
naier uemn ueep ami cirar 01 rn ui
inagt. Thenco for about halt mile we
aicended a ripple, In which there Ii from
alwutooe fool In eighteen Inche fall, In
resard to which I will here olerve, that
when Ihedam for 1'ie aaw.mlll l railed,
tho hlulil that Ii llliended, there will Ih'U,.,. ,a auivrtur lalin hiwmi nil .'lint
ea four reel of water on ho rlnple, and
hut a vliglil current If any. hroni Dr.
llroon'awe proceedeil aloul Ihreo ima
before wo w any macaj Ihence unllkjftt uf all irelaufchrUilaui.
.I.. I.. .....It... .1.... .n..ll ..!. ....I .u... . . It.. 11. .... I l.
ionnlly ana?i ilreain deep.
'H"i. iiw.vi.iH . 1. ri- .!. . ... ..i. rvi
On the 'JTih we tel olral an rally hour
up llie creek, ami went probaMy tidily.
(We or foriv inllea, hy in meanderi, rrom
Ihe aaw.mlll, n-tcliilia the tu-tilomrnli r.n
orrek. TV land m. Inllitldeintl
on. Durlns the day e pa.e.l many
inr' I1"1. r?'r ntl (,n " ll.v.)
oT whlrh were tmall, and inmo vety
,1'S,.'lone.l hy heavy timber fulling
" ". which, by removing I lie
crma limber, the dilTioulliri wimld be nb-
I..., ..
-- .'
L"""'vn '""'". n.i naaainm ..leave
, .
Madden li'l '! not In
, " , """""P li-m inv.; inr inuiant
IliSfllintnal In im ailtW fiirtl.M. alia. I Mai a isiil.l
njvi'-atioii : nnd il ,lo lo linnrd that llio
.merpn.e nui nn .top wiiii u.i. a.niii
'".re, but ll.at it will be nrovcule.1 In full
f. uiln. a. I hate tin l..-.it.l,u.iui )i.i!r
"l"1 "". slteam. tl uhiipiI and cl.arr.1
... i. r ., ,, ... .. ., .
, -.... ".
" ' ,,n,n Jnnn unipi was inur.lrre.1
nv a negro loy, In llio lollowingmnnner:
He a that on Thunday etenlng ho
nnd John Kunipf were td')lng in ll.o
I ..............V. ..
aUIIIOr IIUUV- .Vl. n IOJ. "Ill, II I,. lOOg.
lo him, John biuieirkri'-keil ilotm
I lb" bar of thoto,e im-ii door till h u tiiik.
After plat Injr Ingrlher, John o,t I ho cord
of llio Ni-urn' Inn. and ihet- Irtl the.
.laiighlor homo ami went iiii tfio alley
When in llio allev, hositahi- .liuckhlin
on lb... back nf the head w'ith a while .tone,
lunkin-r it bleed ho w at not niadm him.
..sat. a a .
out .truLi. mm ii"eaue no tvnui.i not aite
,m hit top conl. When ho struck him.
Jnlini-niniifiiceilcrvinianlsinnel d.wn
llie alley lognhome bofollnwed hloiniid
iook Iilm to llio .laughter tiouw nnn Hie)
nrfjta, ivet.l In mini f-mnn.onoeil ..lui'li.,,
r .V.r.. .:,.. ..'.' t:
mi ingitis; ny inn rope ni ine memo m
i...fc.i,.7 ...i i.t! 1 ....1 1.
"III iiki if nwi ii vni inn nn tnntivl
... ....i.. iriii. -. HAr... nn .. .:.ir !... I
.11111 I'taiir I "leu- "ii ii-ii i. nn; ,
head, and afterward, .truck him ogiln nn '
Iho nlher tide of llio bend, knocking liiiu
uown in mu coru.ir lie n 1, .11, m, 11, ck, ,
with llio baik of hit head on tho old hiuk. I
ory broom fiuinl In Ibfl corner. While
lying that way John ottered Id, fare will,
i.t . 1...-.1 . ....1 1.. i.... 1.1... ......1 .. 1.... 1 .
hl.hnd..ai.dholpeatl over ll-, hand-,
llnthen left him lu ll.o corner, and .11.1
.... go hack any more-.,,, ... crying
when he left Mm. Ha) ho struck John
fivo or tit time. Ho .a he did not
Irikchim with a .ink or broom ban-lie.
110 a
11 .
Ile aay he heard John groaning that
alf .1.1 ...I I...... Il ... LI. III..I
...,...,. anew , , .... .,. iiniimin
uiii ai 11
,rrrl.buio.,yi..i.,irnrH-caitar,cwn.,l,li,v!,o ,.ie, lo.v.nl. llio pulpit wiiluKS
ulro him hit COrd. rt.ll I alUt lliv, Intention of .vhllmin-r ll.o i.e..llem.n o,.l
subsancc. lie was aicairrl Ly ofneer (i. Ilihl. and tlatmul Queen KIUhIh-iIi. ufter coma
Tliero ii III In reason tn doubt Ibat ihe n.t. j ... .1.. 1 ' 1, .... r 11.. 1., 1 .. .. ........ . "..., iiiri fcumg
e .. 1 1 . 1 .
l,ly of the poor .nurdrred Uy lay In.
lhat .laughter hnucll night before death I
p. it an end lo hit .iilTeriiigs. The in.). '
lion ol.llio biy, wbn loun-l, wu, iltlb-r.
rut from that in which llio Negro ty ho'
i-it 11. iiu inu.i i.uvo slriigglc.l lo gel
at nil fj I lata! I A Ia -a ...! IT.. .11.. i'.ll
I where ha wasvound nnd breathed hit
lla.t. llio mitriler uaiainovlalmoioui
innc, en. i rn uiicuiairu irictcilo llm
In'1 "nx'eiy among Ihn rliixeus, et
neene.t anx'eiy amonu Ihn r 1 reus. e.
00 TK,n a inacxaminallnn In Iho ahovo
".' -"?'" """" .'""'' "" tno cnargo
nn, with llie mil
.anctlonoflhe Aliorncv.aeiieral. Soino
of ihon who had been Instrumental In
procurlnn.llio arrest uf Mr fllilnlev. im
mrdlatrly started a siiiisoriptlon and raised
about 123, whloli waa prcsentod to him
on hi discharge.
teT A wife who lose her pittance,
must not expect to keep her husband's
Tntrt tAclalf . 'v
I The Oregon Aunlliary Tract Socltly
(held luililnl annual mealing at the Metli
Ulitt HpUmpal Church. Junu 4. ISM.
The IVtililenl, I). I.etlia, wa In llie
choir. Ilev. P. R. Wllllarnt conduclrd
the rrllgloui exerclte. Tim mini lea ol
llie Iji ineethig with llio crrekH)iiileiier,
I rnliuilril l the Seorrury. wrn- ted
in nnuiial teiwil or llic Hturrlary w.
,.r( fr, rri, ,j aeceple.1.
'fhe fulhiwlug rewdmlun w. oirnt.l hi
Mr. Alkhikoii and teoonded by Mr. I.)
' min :
Kttohnl. Thai llio American TrkctKi
taini Tor n cordial and vlunrmia upwrl,.ailril Idm In preparing liMuoimmita and
, lcamo It l an liiiievlaiiuii Tiatt i-ltm, In ri.iug 10 Ida feel. The win cUmlr
uhllell Milie Milciiniiipllalithngieat 11I1. tint ilnil in a momeiil. Il inluhl uavo
1 'no, , .iiri.ra. .11 am VIII, 111
viinn, Clark,
rruprli'd llie
Hnl were pre.
,rnliiJ :
, ,t, Tho AlmerfnTn Tract Society It
n union o'chrMlaua, not nfdrnomiiiationi
.'ml. It pteiciili tn llio ft mid the com. edgei) llila liwinago 111 III. tlylil. 1 1 la II ml
inon grv-lind nliih all true ebililiam ou. ' friv Milencei wrre n'lerril In g.np., at
copy, and nieilld tlio approlMllon of all 'iliniiitliliereiil1'i.ilnKe(iruiluiln3paiii,
claxeanf niple. but allrr he brgan In miim Willi lilaiiili.
,Ird. Ila object ia lo bo llie mHi of, jfot, be became rhtfiiriil Indeed. Ilia et.
aavlngaotili. - "la.k uai idiitedpriiiuipally agalrtil Iran.
4lh. Ila publication" are apprnyeil by irl Wnbiter, and Ri aniioarej lo nrldo
nf l dMiniiiinatin.u. I'.wry Inw.k
.ill. 1 1 r..r.l.lll, . U 1 ...111 . If PH., .1,1
..... .. ............ .. ....,. . .--.-.,
.V in l,iriii,ml...i. union ..r ihr n
mn. all ohje.-mr, an. o.,.eiilo icllg
r.,l.r.. I'd-
Mil. Ill
ll'v i; II
Sri ret a ry ,
J. W
It. v. Juoin II Wilbur. Ilev II
J .ho
.nn. II, v J II. Itwin-r. J II ItoMi
' hy.erian Cbiiri-b. in I'rankf.ird toad, nror
rranfcllmlreil, heiiing'nnwiiliecriie
' (iii- inci di,gri-.-liil privcerdiiigt wln.-li
we have heeii nillr.l unu tucliron ile n.r
a bug tlmepaii. ll appc-ir. ih.it ,ni-n,i
t.'"-glloti who foiinil raciipied the
I I-lt.lPI'lll, .-.., I..Pt-(, r, il,. i.t, .In... ...I. ..,
-"-'--- v ,,--,-, .11 ,
-.r,aiiu me inopinn-i int.- inipi.ir
ri-ling in hi who alnll lute po..riviiu ot
'"e prenilie.. Mono ol the- members i ill
fl 'I"" ICeniiiiilin Smtiiin hoiie. and
"sled that il.rt l.i" I i number nf i.lli
cen in he prei'til in the c'uirch, ai ihere
would nn doubt he im-ildr. Thej were
infon od ilnil It wn, nilber a drlliaie mm
!,. n .. . .... I.. p.l....l. .... t
" " w. ,..-...,.. m. ,.,... i. u ..
' "" ae.,irdinulv r.l.tiin.d fro,,, AM
Soemaker K.r the ll-t John l.tnn, on the
"h.rgnnf Inciting n not
' 115H pan ten n oioik servu-ri were
i-.imiljPrhor tl hi llin IE p. i JnL.i l.vin. I.,, I
.iJT. V.. '.. . V "
iipero iH-ing a iii.ihhiiioii .nnnn immilr
i.iT ..i.. i...1.! 1.. ....1
",."1 "J iir"t "ii" ..u.r tiiir.,nn in tins
..r.r,itr.,n.i ,.iiu,Vnii...r,rn.ni.ui,,i
h 11,.,.", nui , i,... 1111 .-
I'olice, walked up 10 the pulpitim I urre.i
ed him. 'I'm, wu 11 ilgnnl lor,n prrai
i-ii-.i.-iurni niun-i . uio.o 111 ;r-TT-rviiiu(c,iinii
inmli voiifunoii The Hit j;. ntl. nun
wai taken In llio Iti n-niL'ioii I-ak up, hi-.
mummied hv nn iiiihwn.e crowd. II.
.1.... 1..... . 1.....1 ...r .1.1.
ll.e bad n' heating m-f-re Alder,,,,,,,
.Shoimiikor, who l.el.l him in SlllOll hull.
fiir ,, forlher hearing on ,he cbaigo of in-
citing tn riot.
Afierlhiiproceodinff.nnoihrr iiewon al.
tempted lo u.mnlein llio rvlcra of ihe
'day, hui In wa. iiiierruplrd bymmn i-nor
a i- . .
111 u.tt itie.i ptrson, o.m- hal intoticate.l,
" ' ' ' '"" ""-"r- 1 niu.ii"i'
pCM,ultaim. '
. .. I
day evening llio trni.i nfcar fiom (,'leve.
land hrnughl mitoral conticla fitinlhal'
T" ......."..- .. (I !
city lo llie penitentiary. Among the real
... I. 1 a ,
'in lltlVfl I
been sentenced for yp.ir.'ln Hie very
morning nf their ilayi, In llm nails of a
Wf fO 1 II TOO Of I'MjrillBrO IKV1. llO
prmm, r.r Iiidnniii crimei ngiilnsl oclrly.
Ono laiy was u llnle ovor lenttar.of
ti..n ...
- .. .-e ( iiii'.ui 11 11 itlll ir
'age. two other were only a yrur oiler j
' and ai they rallied Ihei; manacles, and'
hobbled frnm the cara m ihooinnih,,.. ibov
UUpTl - r - l nUu, their awkward f: and
lookcil lianlencd and Indiir.reni 10 ihoicr.
..1.1. t.i t.t . -,
...in. i.iii,.iiiu,i, uouiiinK iiirm, 1 no
sight wai sickening.. And yd, hnw many
wircnli aro permllllng their young cl.il.
drrn lo run al large, at all hour of ihe
night, wliliout any real rain I, llm Imbibing
liuliitt lliol, soonernr later will hrlnit iliem
to tlio same end, Columbia (O.) Jour.
. . ,
CCT A tlerk In one nf our mercantile
alahlithmenl writes in Ids friend ai
home, I hare a plaguy easy lima ol il
nOWadaVa VerV lllllo Work la Aa AU,
frm don't aittrlU$ t '"
OaoioK McDcrrm. A corretpondent
Of lh Mul'llo Herald give IhU graphic
akrlch of Mr. MuLruftV lail aptrth In
tha Banale t
' Tha last lime I remember aerlng lhl
dlttliigulidird latrtmin, waa on llio fkwr
' llie Unlird Hialat Henala during a He.
i.aie on iho larllf qiirailon, In IMin, llo
onlkcd 10 Ida teat with great dlffiruliy, nn
ii'i.i.iiii of hit paralyaU t yel declined llio
.inifT-'ird nnl.unoe of Hovler, of Arkau.
a, and J, U. Calhnun, both of whom of.
eicd evrry attruilim. When wiled, ho
tvtiile a kfiitrt ii'ile tn Dijon If, Luwlt.
ului iiiiinrdlalely Imd Ida cnnrmotii chair
ulimUl m il.n .In.k .f Mr. Mll..m. .n.l
hern d ference in .llie bo Illy InDrmliy of
.. I. a .'.. . '.
, llio man iilm 1011I1I only uluiul hy halna
. chiIi oIIhhv iipiniri nnd lih lilnu
1 lnu. iijhmi Ilia head of bii cane or ll
inlKlit have Iti-ii In cnmpliuieiil In Ida low.
, nlng intrlllgrnin and biiiniug elnqurnoej
1 but hi it ., and llio ptnud llaililng eye
'of llioiiatrMiiau aeetned lohaic acknowl.
lilmvlf S riileiiiig llio llitt Willi him,
,-,,t-,l. l,n ...r.n. ..I I.,. ....,- 1. - .I..1.
,,...,,i. ., ,,, ,,,n,,,,i in. a,,,i-i,ui,, -iipii
,,,.,,M1( ,,r, 1,1. cai.o nil tha door,
ui.,1 .i.nl, in the ailimiiliminl of riery.
. .
OTl.eNt-n O.lean.ll.dl t. i.nf April
1,1 gitu tin f'ouiugrtlra r.lnurj . a.v
,f t.l, . ,ll
I r in i nun nun, ,1 Clioil.'-r Hmn.rll.
beilati.l totunllott hi, bare, and tho
M'peii Inoi wild iM-iarJiro, challenging
h in ul llie .uiii.. tune in .,in b. r auei-
quip... ol .le.r-rmii.nti.iii 'Jl.c in'Jtija'i-d
man niallnwed il d.nii-l.i in iln- drrg,
nu-l whro he hut .l.n.- i,. bit fienduli
.! KlltlP. l.lln.l..!.. P. ....... 1.. ..1l..
-',- - - - ..i ,,.im',it. ..ii .,,
..u.i..ier . upi-.,r.i nn,i liripeil lier.ell
'on i!i-aaiit. i .in-l lei.ilniiem.t. Iwver.
"K nmli arc .ail iIk. tliofjil., at
'""d bt llii-ilei.iMil bionfll In a filend.
w.iirnni tia. i.nir.1 bt Iteeorder Cal.l.
"ell j.t rt.-uliig f..r tin- orretl of I In
woman, win, if not legally, it inoiolly
gliiht of murder
Okiois- or Tilt w.iio Taairr. Tblt
purlinj iianii 1. dinted from tho town
ui Tanfi, at ihe mouih of the Strait of
(iibrulinr. I. ai (lie lait stronghold
wimiitiio .t.i.ir, iii.piitnl itiib .bo Chrlt.
..,,.,....,., I .. I . ..1.1 '
.. ' """v"
mno l.iht m 1.1 "anof I ein.b. I. ..,.
s --...-,.....
ere thai ihrv IrWm cnntiilniiiont fur
... ....- . ...
yeli entering iheMciliicrranean.wlienM
Olii An.:. A lieal'hy old fellow, that
11 nut a foul, i llie happie.t reuture liv.
Ing. III. at lliut time of life nnlv. men
"V,SSn,!!.,l,.ml','''' 1
,,,'", '? '" ' '""J'1"" " 'mnW "
'' ,' ut ''''
enjoy ilielr fnculiie. stills sai,fctlou. ll
and whelher Ihe rel nf I ho world will
giie 111 the tonllrpo or not, we have so
little 10 a.k of ihrm, thai we ran lake ll.
A PmcnrAt Tmitii It I. bard for a
- -.--... ., . ...... ,
man louma.i nihe.bv loillniplnl.!. .I.nn.
while ibrra i. n lrklge al ho.ni in tho
L....I. VII 11 i,. ......
nirriiuii u iiaiiuaoino 111 in- on, 1 . pv
,ia," ,., , u,,,., '.,, , " ' ".
l,ll-,l "' keip so Urge 11 bout-," replied
int.. u ii nrr
Ovmwuc rcrifLK. Of nlUiitraciaMo
i. dcliuT u Irfjinuii m'fritlA ttuin
fol., dollttr 11. Irouiunnverwl.o nmn
' ' ... ...' ' v " ' '"
Vrtii at in u anittit t.tit ..L!lAuK..l I ...
ilrurt rtrr think ,.r diltlngcnnimnii .eni
into tho brads of conceited petaont. They
arena linpregnublo in uruiiment at Oib.
rulter Ii to unspnln iluiiiplfiiB.
rc.t.NUI. Sir Horace Vere, on bfinj
..U.I hi- ih Mt.,.l, Snt....l. r. n.l.i..."
.,,1 Oeneral. ll.e 'ci.se' nf hi. brn.her'a
d.aih. I. said to linve replied. "Ho died.
... ......
sir, 111 hating nothing in 110,"
Alas," ald ihn Maruuli, that la
enough in kill any General or us all."
Oiray Wit. A short lime since, two
young lidir near Camherwell wtra ao.
tolrd by a glti.y woman who told ihrm,
thai for a shilling each aha would show
thru, their bu.b.nd' face tn a pall of
waiar, which llng brought thayrxclalm.
ed t " Wa only aaaour faoiw ' "Well,"
mmA llu. old .nmln. II Ike. f.pL.. ..Ill k.
your liutband'a wbio you gat married."
'- - J -
et m.a.11 tffT WHsiraia.aipaj-