Oregon spectator. (Oregon City, O.T. [i.e. Or.]) 1846-1855, May 29, 1851, Image 5

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iVioM, r
:cdoik. Soma y
. V
I,iiiA Axecihitk. noma years np,.i a
case was on trial before llio Supreme
Courldl Maine, In ono of the eastern conn
ilea, lu which iho I'lalnliir souul.l lu re.
covor compensation lor an aliened Injury
tit Ills ll.hmg.prlvllrgc, occasioned by Ibo
predion ni n mlllilitm by the iiciemionia.
The tetliinoiiy on the part of the plalnllfl
was clear ami conclusive, mm it was sup.
iood tho cam would bo luluiillttMl to the
jury without tho production of any wit.
neaics by defendants s but after aonio con
sultation their counsel finally called an
old rough wcalhorhcaltn fisherman, who
was liilcrrogatrd ir to tho habit of tho
salmon, nnil the clRtsiif the dam. lie
stated, among outer tiiiugv, in' no "aU
known minion 10 'go up right oVcf'dam
... .. .. .... 1 1
liflooii feet perpendicular I'
What la that, Mr. Willie I" saldklii
judge ; da I understand you to aay that
salmon will po over a dam fifteen wet
perpendicular 1"
" Why, sarlln ! Your honor don't know
11J more about tlirm are full than a chilli.
Why look hore, your liunor, I live on a
p.'int of land 'at make "out into tho river
to, (drawing' rrmi on tho witnrss'.box,)
and, yo see, the aalinon going tin hato to
clear round tills her p Int. Wal, your
honor, tho full coining up the rier, spite.
iuUike, w.'.rnthey got otfag'in my house,
Irop clear acroi, right o, rr my hotiM and
burn, a huiulrrd and fitly furl at Icait,
your honor. I'm piekcil up fat onca,')our
honor, too bravy to fetch aoroa, inanv a
TI10 court liiicued in inula ailouitli.
inrnl, hut the next moment tho iermplo.
ry order :
" "Mr. Sheriff put that man out ol th
homo!" w.ts heard above an Irreprca.i'jlo
Ixi rat of laughter.
Uiu Vou j.vik Skk am Own. I A young
man who had seen but litllo of ilia world
modest, ami rather bashful withal In.
vlled a voung lady lo attend a ball with
him. She was iho Mlo and beauty of tho
r.laee Into which he had recently emeraed
irvui IIIU viiiiira , UU II liv nas iui mmn
at Ilia own temerity in a.klng her logo
Willi liini, lie was aaioiuanca as won na on.
llahtcd at her acceptance. The ball wa,
.. . nl .o,n .ll.anro from ll.r idacc
distance, from the place' 'w1?' T'" U '
lies lived, and when Ihe ' ,PuW' ' '' I
the awaiu called for liUi','1'0 " f"" ul' "' I""
i.. i, .,:- 11...1 .,,,1 wK.r. il.r.1
..-.nl,,.. rnm.. ll... .walo ,.allr.l for M.,10 " "III Up" iho proimrly, Olid mako
partner in a chniae. Tliey rode in silence
lor Hie litat mile; perlispa he was iin
apoakahty liapny mtro probably the'
uoida atijok in Ilia throul ; but at Iciigth
1. .i.t ii:.i .... -..-. --. .. ....1 Jill
lie iMttii, ,riu Tun i:,(.i s. v Ml, i, 1
No," said she, "I nrter did." Audi
Ihcuhe went on lo tell her of a very large
one which had alighted clow la hla head a
few days before.
1 he conversation thus oddly begun, did
not flag ; and by tho li-te they arrived at
the ball.room thry wcro quito well ac.
iiiainicu. iney wore not ouiy panners.
lor a dantr, but partners for life. Tli
lady (as some Isdies ale apt lo do) often
10I J tho story, mid when young men acem.
nl 1I11R lenrnr confuseil, ai sometime the)
undid 111 llin uu'tlv1 nf lmAim hI.a uniit.l
ro?iuisl.ly rccoinuiciid the aamo question
which oegun nrr own couruiilp" iriu -
yiucurcoaiiowl V Porltmmilh Jour.l .SiMiLttirr or Uomiation. TheCon.
Is anu jirrMTiw lli.v.MooN.'"',;io"0!m'l"nl,V,,"P,,,'JP1'Vilu
Who,, the Hon. Triunan Smill, Hrn.tor ! ,,u '"' l'" ? " IWMurc.
from Connecticut, returned lo Wa.himf. '''"'" buta aing .object, which
ion will. hi. youthful, accompll.hed o..J , U11, ? c,carly ibl In Ha title, and
lianJaomo Alabama wifr, somebodv a.k.d f" '!,!nK?JCln "ll. "?' "fha1
him how many slates abc had. '"Only '" oul . Cmslllutlo,, of California
.me." said 'I'riiman, bowing low, and v"Ma"" R '"""" l'vlslon.
iilaci.i'J his hand upon his heart ; "onh
uno, who is promt in oe ner siatc. I net
was very good.
AcorrcsiioudciitorihoNcwVork Her.
aid, cites a supplemnnlalallerdoto
inuiiiii wueri uu inn uipiu ino piauurin
gave way at the watmnglon circus, Mr
.Smith was present with his young wife,
auditissaid, when the crash came, ho ran
for tho door, Icavinir tke lady to ihlft lor
Iiersolf. Another lady olnenlna-it, re.
marked, pointing at the honorable Senator
iroin uonnecliciii: " iawk t loc I there
noea a fusi'.ivn alavo ! ' rime Is n creat
consoler of tho alllictcd. ami aKo a ureal
emancipator ofiilavca.
ANnriniTr. or (.EJi.jAtgsoN. The fol.
lowing anecdote is related of lion. Jack.
rtn IVItaall.faaa 1...& a. -a la I 1
eon. Whether truo or not. ll Is cliarar.
i-,:'.i.,'l of J'1"'- Al ,.,0.bA.1? of Nw!
-ri l.i "IT ir, i..
orhavlnorn ek-nsirvillitm l,aiar.r.i "
ivlnanlek-naineillilm ..Pow.nr.foot."
ii'iL ,:. r. 11. . ..I . I " "'o raaimuni ovrorai aiwcimens 01
I lip saucy relliiwa." nova Jackson lu..i.. i.ii. l 1 . .ir.i .. 1
, .. . . 1 . . . '.
1 :. '" ,',:,r, k i" r'.r,.:
llko my nick-namo bolter than yours, I.
"" will' loohanrn with yon." ' I'iiw-
icr.foot" went b.uk (jullo comforted.
To KitKp'iiiMNKrs Ci.ka.n. luatead of
plaatcrinrtho imide ofchimnoya tho usual
way, lo Allntny Ciitlimtor says, take
mortar mado of nuo icuk of unit to a bush,
cl of lime, adding as much- sand loam as
will tenner it lit to work, and then lay on
n ll.'oU coji. If tho chimney has no of'.
M). 6r Iho soot to lodge on, it will contlm
no irfi ctly clean and free from all dai
Krif taking fire. A (rial oflltreo yeaa
,rrnnn tho nsserlion.
Tho Dnkc of Wellington, lately, loft
his umbrella by accident, on iho stall (fa
ladv of rank, ut a fair. On ruturiiurg to
look fur il, ho was told that the uirvlrolla
had just been sold forlwaiily.fivagslneas,
by tho lady, who could not rcilst tho
temptation of disioslng of no valuable a
folio for charilahlo purjioscs,
Vuai'iii, Ci:BTAi.Ni.y. Tho liss'lonlnn
mentions as a curious und unaccountablo
fact, that tho houjo ofa man named lien,
nctl, iu Kasion, has been on firo si limes
within n fow weeks tho fire unnrmllo
orlginaling in tho duy lime, iu nomoono
of llio beds, nnd without any known came.
Things made to
be foil hIpho
r' and
A Slap at Tim AttiiToeaAcv.--.HonH.1
uynlo, with otiv iiMniliy of gallic acid In
lit rompo'lllou, Imputes through mum
.Mrri'liaut'n Magazine, ' Who hit )uur
ariatoerals I" mid thus answers hlsottn
tiiettluu :
Twenty years auo llili one. butchered,
tint 011a niatlo candle; another wild
chcce anil butter ; a fourth carried on a
distillery ; another wa a oontraclor on
canals ; others were merchant and me.
chanlcs. They are acquainted with lnih
onds of society as their ohildreti will bo
after llicm, though It will not do to say ao
out loud. Hut often ynu thai) find thai
thru lolllnif worma hatch hultarfllea. and
: .. p r. -
- ilicy live about a year."
. . -- -
Nciiuom in ruii.APKi.riiu. Judge t'ar.
is delivered charse to a crawl Jury
In Philadelphia, in which he alated that
the blacks of that city supplied nearly oua
third of Iho criminals, while the I.clgor
saya that they aro scarcely more thin one
eighth of the of tho Imputation. It says
also that " these caro-oankeretl, famiihed
and destitute frre blacks exhibit picture
ofoulcaat wretchedness al which huinaiil.
ly shudders."
Miaauus. A very alngular ami .
inordinary "marriage took place In Ihia
city. The name of iho happy couple
made man and wife aro Air. Thomas
.Shore and Airs. 8usan Anderson, whoac
united ages number otir one kmtrtil ami
forlf tear 1, or seventy years each. What
is at ill more extraordinary about this
youthful and newly wedded pair Is, that
Iho minister who united them In the holy
banda of wedlock Is the son of the happy
bride. Verily, wonders will never eeaw.
Madison (in.) lianntr.
OCT" llonWalcailcirinplloii I" exclaim
ed Airs. Partington throwing down iho
tper, " it's cook) lo a pretty paae, indeed,
last men are going to exempt Ihetnarlvra
from homo jut when they please, without
any provio lor cold niglits.'
I , ft t , ,,
""NM.n.i t r IW.w.-rf.i.i
. -- n ," I
"'" Lourt of I'tnnaylvau la, from
l" l,w.B' COUIIIy, It was dfCldril, thai in
puhlio ale, where a penon it cinidoy
inc iurcnaacr pay inure
bona tide bidders bid fur il
the purchaser pay mure than if uone but
bona hde MUJora Iiul fur it.lhr aalo ia fraud
tlirm andvold, no far that the purchaier
la not otiligrdlo lako the property atruck
off to linn.
KT Unmarried young lauiva read this,
, ami noter letallp a fair opportunity loect
doubled :
.Swedcnhorifsaye, thai though the vir.
ginalm saw in heaven were Ixautiful, lire
1 jvra wero incomparably more beautiful,
md went on increasing in beauty eirr-
OCT Prince Albert haa no surname.
llo ia ilcsceuiled from an ancient line of
bincs-wboaf aarnamc rfuaknowa.
1 here are'a great many black fellow.
" ,l'1" ,,0,",lry '" ''" "me fix
Kx. '
Vunkec IMitor remarked in a polem.
j,., ,:t ,bat ,iou . l . . . ..
I,i, 0p.ne,tua llir, ho must say, that if.
t m ..nithjihan bad i....it ,. .;.,. i... I
a(WM utterly fl., l8 had been rcmarka.'''",!!,
,y aucccaalsl III Mi attempt,
A little toy hearing his father aay
' There Isaiiino Tor all tilings," climbed
I up behind his mother's chair, ami. whl..
pcringJalif r ear. atknl W'brn I. thiJ
, proper lime for hooking sugar out of the'uralsi-
I . . --
The riltsburgh 'nl states that a wo.
'' HWng In Hliarpilmrg, recently gave
I Mil' " wu ! lMrcn. whicfi wore
united together after ilin rnaimer of the
' Siamese twins. They wero at the latest
I ( I ntfl Ik tlirtflfair itan ! It Iam.
accounts ia a thriving condition
8ibviJaorgK.-Mr.'jol.n A. Jonei
morocco, wlilcn isa ueaul nil prenaral on
, ..' , . aiaum
V5'"t."Li "'. "." ", .'"" TJ"rV"a"on:
: ?i ." r th.n u... or u,8
mo iihiiwuvw, which una a urauuiui lllllan. 1
usual bronze. Mr. Jones has taken mca.
aurcs lo secure ft patent. Lynn iYcim.
n iimi.K 11 1 a iiirari.K.An i,.n
k It. . . . . ai .
jgll.li per informs ua thai Miss Urns
fjli.li 1
ey Jar
mis n 'a bustln was lately eil.lblii.,1
al Iku Clnrkmionll PnlUM twt aM.l -..
takicil no less than ten pounds offoalhora,
wnlcli alio was chargcl with having stolen
font hor lodulnra. Rho dented ih ml,.
oery, and declared ibat ten pounds of
iraiimrs waa 1110 usual oompleimnl of tho
bustles alio wore.
03" There are In lit Slate of Indiana
170,017 persons, overall years of age,
wno cannot reatt or write.
OtT In hia snoecli in the Vlrrlnla Con.
vontion, Mr. Itotta rotated this anecdote of
lienoral Jackson t
When the Investigation Into Oenoral
Jackson' conduct In llin Homlnole war,
was going on, he asked Mr, John Qulncy
Adams, then his firm defender, how the
mattor 'stood f Mr, Adam raid ihey
could monago Iho ease very well, tut the
authorities wero vety strong' against the
General. ' What aulhorlllesf" asked the
old Hero. "PufilndoriTand flrollus, and
Vattol.""rop1led Mr. A. "Tall Mr. Puf.
findorlT, and MrrOrotltn, and Mr. Vattel,"
oselalmed the Oeneral. ' Ihstby thoeler.
nsl, Ifthoy say anylhinct against mo about
thin Seminole war," I will out llir Ir it d
thla Somlnolp war," I will out Ihrlr it 1
raranirt" '
... . Mii.u'aikii:, May, '.'I, IBM.
. '" ".I www
Mm Allow mo to aay throned uurpa.
per lu Iho freemen of Clackamas county,
that ilrtlme being a candidate for the
House of Itepri'seiitfttlves, at the tinning
vlralion. I lake this ouoaslun ol return,
lug my heartfelt lliaoU to Ihuio friends
who, by their partiality to me, have placed
my name before Iho freemen of this conn,
ly for the olllce in question and who
would have given 1110 ageucrous supiorl
at the polls on tho day of election ; and
they may rest assured thai this kludiisss
Is, and ever will be appreciated by ire.
Mr. F.uirna :
Judge lluck Is not a candidato fur mem.
Iter of t!; Coitncll al iho ensiling election,
This withdrawal from the canvass Is with
tho free cousent and deal roof Judge lluck,
and will not. surprise his inanv warm
friends when they reuVuthat lm has at all
llmra been tnoro prompt to dccllno than to
solicit office.
.Many friends of W. W. Ili'itt
AIlttAIIAM SULOKH, of lllllsbor.
ough, wilt bo uiiiortetl as a candidalo for
tho legislature dV tho cltixens of
Wasiiimutum Coi'.irv.
DAXIEI. STEWAHTh a candidate
for Aniosaor of Clackamas County,
.JOKOIWK I.. CUItllY ia a candidate
fir tho llouao of llepreaentativra.
Ma. Knirna:
Plcaae aunounco the name ofHOIIMIlT
CAUI'llvt,!) aa a randidato for leelrc
lion to the office ef County Trraaurer, and
Ban FraaoUco Ftictt Ourrtnt.
rlranlbug. ...
Hank, !J inch.
dn 3 di
Handtrirb Idaml
a .VI
'.'.Via 3
I Ul a 'JiO
. ia
I .,
I '
I3a 14
sar, .irai-
bill.VOtllb aaclia.
I a HI
1 ill 4 1: 0
d.1 100 do
do .VI da
Amrriran, art bid.
Ilackwhral, friiur
6'abfomia, prr ton
Hamlwlrh ltland,
ThoruMon, ,rr bbl.
I'd 10
, ..a a a :.o
, ..a a 3
1 ai a I 40
1 in a 1 ;.
a a a ai
ai a 3i
1 Llaaa
W liWk.y, Mon'hrla, ikrp
r llhl rk
IrVdi and Urotck.
Naw Orlraaa, Mr gal
Huaaf bouaa
, Naudwich laland
iVluart'a ailup
Itt hita Irad, lairr, prr lb
llrd trad da
!Kaury robir.
llr.f, llirat !"! bid
I'olk, IIIU (dull)
t du do prr half bid
.. 43
. 10
. 9
7 .
in .
.3 1
13 .
II .
7 .
. ..b
I K"6" '
Ortfon Oil f Retail Price. Ouirent.
" ..'
Andu. drird nor lb
I'racbr., drird, pri lb
Ibirft nlall al rnaik.t
1'oik irr lh .,
Iluttrr par lb
I'hrrao prr lb .,
Flour prr awl.
. Hot Irt
.10 a 71
, SO
r lour prr i,u
I Wheainn
, ...UVIaQOO
, .aoo
..... JO
... 37alJi
".".'.'.'. ,'ieimlt
..Ml IN) a 00 00
.91dHI 33.00
I (lata nor bnabrb
i .an.ahrar, prrdoi
J.! .'! ' ",r-
Trs.prr lb
I ftJaaaaaASl ttaar tea. I Irt is
1 rr gallon..
Mymp wr gallon,
'lobarco prr lb,
llir. irr Hi. .,
Krg, lr d.11 .
Iiurd, r lh .,,
Hall, prrrnt,. ..
Oil, liuarrd, prr gal
, "" f i u. " y 10..
fibuaparfbol, III by I'd
Iron twrlb.
Nail, prr
Lumbar, par Al
DR. K.lf.ORIr'riN.Hargeoei DenlM, will
alleml profoaalnaal ealla fof a faw data al
Moo." Dotal. Orftca up ataira.
IT All operations warraalad.
Oregon Oily, May UT, 'il-3Hlf
Omtti aVatio.
W". J. A. COHEN, Hurgaon liaatiat, lal. af
mao- nanrrnciaM,i;al.,rapeiruUylurorniallia
crtiwna of Oregon City awl vieially Ibal ha bss
pamisnantlyloealad ia tba aboea ptaca, wh.ra ba
offara hla arnriora Is Iho nubile In all braachea af
tha D.11UI art.
Kaaidrnca, for tha preoanl, tt Iba Main Klrest
Oragsa City, May 89, 'il-3w38
Ozm Sir Salt,
AT Unn City, two good yoke ef Oian, Amer
ican bread, are for sale. Any peraoo deal,
ring Informalion eonoarniag th.m, ara raquMt.d ta
oall on, tha editor af tha rWlat.r.
May 99, IUI. '
lUfiltr Tripi.
Class, Cacamsadar, will run ragularly
between Oraaan Cilv snd Fanland
laaviaa Ilia firal namad plica la iba nanus; snd
reluralnglha sama day, Tba trarellog publfij are
assured Ibat atrial puncluallly, as lo thr lima nf
atartiog, will ba obatnrd.
Oiegou Clly. May , 'ol.1flf
ori:uu. nui'Mi:,
I'lii. cltllflM of Ottrnn (Mv ami Iho Inib
tie (fiwrallv ar lnfufmH lhal llir Oirrm
IIdum liubr'H lliomwlilir lctlllr.1 aiulhn
itwil, I'm IImi hull r arconinialillnii of llir lfi.
Iln( mtlie ami rMMfiil rilliMM. ThbUllif NffMl
sn4 bt rumWwil IIvum In lh 'IVrrllwy. Tin
pntaHalw will autre au Iim lo inaka coni'vrlaUl
all wlw may call nu him. 'I'liria are Inn targa
al altlliig rowoi, ullli lira.uIntM, fur Ilia
praat (mtpiw of aVeunniodatln( alraiinire and
famlllaa, I'annna, dwlriai il, rail l FutnUlifil
wild Kpmi la ihriuMlvM. TliaTAIII.Ii Mill not
Im ni'm by Ibat of any Ml,n IIoum lu lli
TenlU-iy. Cafl ainl U.t our won).
A, II lllli:il.
OrrfinClly, May 99, IMI-Jmr.
Dragon Initltate.
Till'. Hmnmor Term of this InMlliilloii
will commence .Monday, June llth, In
eolillnaa aUrtn wrk
K- H. IHVT. IMnrlH.
Halm, May'Jl, IHJJI 3w3(f
DUaolotlon Notice.
TIIK Cupartderahlp herrtnfore rxlil.
Ing under Iho atyle of t'AMrtir.i.L oV
Mairn la ilJitJ by inmual ronarnl. Any ear.
aau hatlu uVmamk aialiwl IJ II1111 mil iMI(
by nwiMliati ifrmilalion.
j (i CA.Mi'nr.1,1.
MayU.'AI iw3H
JK" M Saw orgaalwd awl itaily lo ( apfli'
rati.Nta to Incur rUkfc
IIKtIIICN I' ll(l(-:,.V,ttfry
TIIOM.O.milllNHll.N, TrraiMffr
An T Hnitii, flai a I Holer,
Cilia Wiiaiau, A J. Iliniai,
Koaacr M. lUan, Wa. II. Wim., IJf
Anaaw II. HaiMHoar, II Mr (Vila
rorlUml, Mayl'J,'.M-3;iy
Ttnj Nolle
mrOTIOr. la lurebv giiru iSat iiJirt,uu m
1 U niada la llw lim lrn of Ida I'rolnla I'oui
of I nr rolinty, for a lirrt ' lo MtaMirll a r rlt)
al Nkianar'a, uu dia priunal wrM fork of Iba tVif.
laiarllr run
11 r sKiN.sr.it
blonixr'a. Lanrrounl), May I'd, 'SI- lt37
I L'uaNaa nr faor aan Wiiiuauiua Miarifr
flllll omlrmgnrd would inrWm tbr
BL 1'iiLlu. ttiftl I.m Iimb mwitl m l.ww
llblrl, kad liavift had tnaliv trala' rtlai.U-:.
.. -, ,-- . -
r.rnrr aa a iioiri arriar, 11a luiirra niiiiarii mai
-1 !.-:. .i... il..-1. .-.-..1. i..i-...i
u... ... Ub..rr.S.LZ.I..I wlm.Vd.r.lV JOIIS P. f.l.VK.V. UOVI'.HSOK Ol
itu.t rrtrral. Tba labia wdl ha Milr.t Willi all '
1 Ui lu&iitiraitl iulHhhtUU wli.rh Hit? iiiaikrl nf i
funUliMtar with llirliutrrtl Wiitr aiiid la.fitir.
'I'l.a l,ja 1. (uiuidir.1 llnuurlioul Willi rnlirtll
1 uiw fuiailurr. Ilia t'uiamiH.n will In. rciiiwi n
I fiMUi
1 IMrl, whrrr Ihoj, coiiiiona ami wauu 01
, .11 will bo ragardrd by tba autaenbrr.
OKLA.MIO MtK.Mt:ilT,rfvtirtor
! Mayaa.'SI-Sitf
DlaaatsilUM of I'tsrlnrrahlp.
faillK partnrr.blp hrrrtafiirr noting brlwrrn
M. A r.llaoua. and H'a lliaiow h llnaday
dimdtrrd by luuttial conant 1 ho biwnraa of lb.
at. firm will br artllrdhy Wdbam Hallow
a. r iikihii:m.
Canrmali, May 19. lMil1w.i;
Ooodal OpodgM
raXtll'. umUraignrd brp (rata U Idfowt Ibr til,
M. I10 that br Mill baa on hand ami ia t.rnting
al Canrmab a laiga riork af
uhy noons, iiHocr.HiKs, nnors
PAINTS, OILS, ,t .Jr. ,t.
wIikIi for chraiuraud quality, wa Ibink r.nnol
ia, riin.w wrm mi id. tiwcay HHHiuia.Ti.
ua a call bcfoia tou buy at a blrh tairr
raurmah. Ma) W, 'JlsmlJlf
a aa .
.. II. Hklstiuort.
a 1IMIAIINSI1I.N and Forward. ug .Mnrhant-.
1 y Hhiji luaalrr fur IScamrn, and agaal for rltrr
I laiatr.
IruHahily on h.iid.r tli I ablra, I haira, and
ii.u-ira.if. uu, aw rrciKii uroairau. ir .air
I'lalUnd, May la, 'll-t;iy
FV1IIH .ubarnlicr ra.pcrlfutly aonounrra
. ..
10 in.
JL public Ibat anLNii.ln and Ci.ii,h'ai,
prtrooi. will l niwurii in llir 1 l.aMiil ami hrailhy
rillagr of lf.jrllr, on tha lilh In.l uudrr Ibr
aownlaion of himarlf ami ladv, Their hilrnlion
lla to aatabhah a rlrinluary of learning ou a hbrrul
ami irrmanrnl haita, and la Iibio at all llmra a
curt of tracbf r. cottunrh.urnto with Iho rdura.
lian.l drmand. of llioar who may fator llirm with
snnr pairouaga,
l.llttAUII l. lif.AllV.
May 9, IPiKla.lJ
T1IIIM C'ommiy haa been nagrd fur Iba Ivt
, If) itHinUia, luuniiig a Kira. from Han
Franrlaco, via .Slwklou, m all tairta of Ibr South.
rrn Mlnra, In rounjmon wllh tha well known
hoiwrof .1MiV.V .j- CO. to Iho Nlatea and Kit
ropr, Mr. Tioalof llio olnvo finn, haa bent tna
klpg arranarunula, Ac. througli nil Iba priurijjial
L.i,o,, iim, unnou.iiai.wanu r.nropo.
tiaiii uiM, wotn, ami vaiuabia racsaaer. lor.
wanitu ana luaurod ai uia kJweat him.
I'llyi lli.liA Donald, MilwauklM Capl.
nun r- may, ronianni miliar a More, vancou.
var W. ll.Tafpao, HL ll.l
Aaloria. J
lena llcnwll cl vs.,
Pnbllo Halo.
mrOTlCH kt h.rrby glrrn thai a publl.r aala of
j.w aiarga nuinDeroi Kxaia llieinwuot Alnant
Iba couuly saal ef Unn eonnly, will ho made on
mlouUio latlidayof Jui
Juno neat. Throw
nc lo Uia counlr. and ara
I lo Uia county, and ara among Ui nwal
dealrabls m tha town, harlng bean aabwlad wllh a
regard taplaaaaulneoi nf alluatlon and alur, both
lur reaMsaea anu Duamaaa locauona. Albany, no.
aktaa balng Iba county aaal, ia beautifully silaaled
on lb Willamette river, In Uia nildu of a Ana ag
rieullnral reglou, which la illllug up wllh a Ihrlrlug
popnlallon aa r.dly arliapa aa any portion of Iho
Territory. ,
A rare chance for Inreatnwnt b here ofT.r.d,
tha sttantian of tha publlo hi mtwetfUly Inrlled.
Dy order of Iba Probata Court of lna County,
IJnneotrnly.i). T, April 17, I8il-3OI
11IXJUB foraala by lbs aukaeriUra si Portland
I uuaoUty to suit purcharrra, at reduced
prier COUCH A CO.
riiira ia urrffou. anil IIM.V aro now inrnarro la 1
. ... ... .h.i .ti .I...I. ..r 1.....-. ii.i.... t. eura, Ic
. ,-ir.....i- .,. : ., ,. ,, Howl. a
ht nan 01 'Mmhm.ihi uicaiaii llilvuai, riuaina ..
Ctr. . lo IU United .Vtalaa and Karopa. I ' '"
Ullere, I'ackagta, Fralghl, An. forwarded by 1 .'lanma now, iiemp lieu ioru. auu 1 oinoa rillMvli'tl.l.t lum.. r I i.iM iii.mki:.
.SI aw WO . . . 1!.. I.aaaa.t al I at.l aallaail flat Baal Utlaala I alil.iaa .. ......
atrary atraracr waring nan rranciar", rarlleular " ."""" """,: 11! . " , B I .VI' rr.-riir.l and fir nhr, by Al.l .i
allroUonp.ldtopurchaWiigaudid,li1.ngPoo.U laa, Penpar, Muca, Cluiiaiiion llaik, Nutmeg., J MoKINLW A I'O.nlirtrral Artmrni
We rr.pclfullyaolkll a iwrliouoYlha pairouaga ,!a&1?u"-f,"M,J,w7.'1 '"""i" ""'' J ' "f ''o. ndawrd 1.1 ll.r tiautanl ll.r n.nli
ofUtaPro4a of Oregon. gar., VI0I1.1 mrlug.,Cand,e.. lovr.. f lugrr. In. , f.ty', Jamtara SI. Iril I)-
TODD A. CO oiffo, Madder, Hulphrr,tVajMa, Chalk, Ulur, ar , ' ' '
AOBNTaia ifaBUONAiicmcinv A. lilatB.lire. :. ...
.. . .. .... ..- . ... . .. nini. i.i.nr.i v.n, ... ia, ..m ........',....-. ........ ,,..i.,it..
roHw.utnmi and comhihkion,
IN rennoclion with lb mtrcanlil l.mlnfo., I
will atao pay nariMutar ctuallon lo Ilia timing,
forwarding and afiljng gooja ami uroUara of all
klnift, I data taiiM of my own canaUully run.
nlng, wbloli anabloa inc lo carry sTJodaatwl proitiiri.
In ami from Oregnii (,'lly aroamJ Hi Kalla, ami lo
do all klmla of hauling at audi prlcm aa lo luaka II
anailranlaga lo Mfrn ami ilium wantlag haul'
Ing done lo give ma a rail.
t'aiwmak, May ID, '01 3T
for ftnlo.
fHIII! nmlanlenrit wlJilnn la ili
nmlarvlgnril wll,tng In
of hit
M. I.A Nit (II. A IH. Uaulifullr nlualHl about
I of a iiul from Ilia Wlllanwll rltrr ami li'Mhutl
airly wwl of ami aifJJnlag Hugh llunn' 1 Ulm,
will aril II Umi rrawuaMa lirnu. Tli tract con.
laiw CUU acrea. Any pomn drWrlng Inmrnialioii
concerning II, la rfnoolaq lo call aa mo prrMma'ly,
w nainuai jinurr, wno uvea mi an anjoining ciaun.
Tin aulacnhrr wUhlng to lorala In a ilipi. nl (Mil
of tba country wilt rti'paaa ef Ilia claim tmi rra.
unaMa lamia
Unn guy, May IM. '31 137
Focktl Book Found.
WAH fvunil on Ilia road leading from I'urtUhd
la Vanreuvrr, a mckt baub about ii in
cloaking with Ilia naina of Viatia Uaaiiau,rah.
lalnlng a uumbar a( aapara In Ilia Kff ikIi languagr.
Thr owiirr can bala Uia aamr b) catlluf on ltuia
1 1 I y J 1 1 I'Mlland, fi'tlng arlj auJ )iag
My H, '.'it -3x3
.allrn of Krmavnl.
ALLAN, Mi KINI.AV A CO. brg Irare lo
lufocni Ihrlr frirmli ami Ilia ibllo ganarally,
that hariag now rcnwtrrd lo Ibalr new ana comma.
dioua More, enrurr of TlilrJ and Mala alreila, aud
iiaatlollii, llrirh itotr, tbry arc acparad toaup
idy Ihrlr naiiU a lirrctuforr, ou Hi raaMnablo
(frrgan Uily, April 30, Ill-lw3l
at aw .as. . ., iinii a
lllfc IIAIIIJMMMLJurlrrcri.rdj.i
l"" "ata lra.lrnwria.aild fuf al. by
.,. ",lr, knctv ''
MaylJ, il3Blf
aallslksta l-l COKI'l:!-. f.alr I.)
,May l.1,'i3Clf
4,1 HAM
J. iulbr
l.air .Toiler.
Il.TON wdl PRAt'Tiri: LAW
llir rrrrikl l.ourta 01 ma irrniory
1 rllffi.. Iii Murri-a.'. lludd.ng-M.in Mrr,. jr.
aarar.v aaaaari
a at us. s,. .ts , tiu.l
JOHN I (i.M.ST.K. (Inrrrnor of.Orrg.ai
Trrtit.ry, drrlarr and nuk. known, that at
'llir i.iridaf animal rlrrtloa on Ilia llM Mondir of
Juim ihtiI, tba qualifi! rolrraof Vandiill rutiull
will t.rfr lor one mrtnorr 01 uia 1 vunrii 10 rr
atnt aaal rouuly III Ibr Igudatirr Arnibly, lo C!l
tba taraurr earned lor Ibr trnrnaliou of llou
Jamra Icllrbla. lata Couucllrnan fur raid rmiuti
OiT.n uml.r mv haml at tba Karcutiva Oilier,
Orrrai City, Ihia nrlilli diy of Ma), A. II. I nil
II) Ibr (toirnior,
B IIAMILTtlN.Hrrtrlar).
School Booki.
fl.'ST rrrritrrd prr link I, t'audlclon. d.lfil
frum Maw Voik, a largo iiitoico of Hrbo.4
Hook, which I iMiwidrVrfor aataatrrducrdticra.
Mandrn' arrira of Itaadrra, Hpcllcr. do. Tholif
un'a M.ntal Aidbmallr, rrarlir.il do., Ilijhri do,
Calr.' Iliilnaopliy, Youth'. ,lo, liray'a Chrmi.lr)',
llilchrock'a UeUogr, 'ilm'. Hlatory II. flair.,
ViHitb'a do., Ht hrad rting.r, Young Chuir, Alpbina
f.lra M'nfrr, H. H. Mrbaiir., Writ.' liraiutnar,
llulliou. do. rrarliral do, Ollriidvifu rr. liraiu
I mar, Olnr)'. Urography and Atla. (uartodo,
( I'nin.iy .k, Hir.it
lh. Irimary 1a, .iiact.rrrnr.
Ibaik Krrt.nr, l.'onwtork'a llulanr, Youth', do.
I .natural nmory M inrcu, iira.t. ui. 1 liulcn
. I'aalmlala. Ilraarintf l'aiar. Wriliiir llu.La. Ar
. . ., . .... . ... .
AI.MI on b.il a largr IrctTun of Library
' Itotika. rltora optaa.tr MlM ., Orrgoll City.
1V il i u Tiitiiti:Y-rK.
opfaa.tr Mo
la l. C
1 Marrh 11, IKil 3i-lf
Marrh 77, IKil
.i:v OOUUailt
I Bt'HT Uf.Ci:tVF.I prr Franria A. Uuiu,
. W dirnt frtan .rw ork, a gnirral aaonmrut
j or rnrrch.iulwr, rvmaatinglu iwrt or lli.MUmnir.
q which will ha uflrrrd on rcaaonablr laniu at thr
I -1 ., - a a H,tM hi i ti, .
wait .1 Hio ..,,n ,fti H, rairiin
ll Iroui. J.l,n-. k.nlurkv J.aaa. K.I.
. .iu. Huminrr atoll., .trli-d ami td.ui C.4tomdr.
I ... . .. ......... ik .. ...
iiiuramiiirowuiiiiUiWanamirg, iicaiug, wracii.
... ..itt...... 11. iu it.n.iu., 'nai.. iiv.i..
' rd Cotlon, plain aud figtiird Jatkonrla, Mrrlmar f
I I'ullaii. nl.ln uiiil fimurd Jaiknnrla. Mrr mar
bliia innl., r'aury priuta, Uingbam.. Alpacca dr
Idiinrh Hann.l. of vailoua eoi na. film hlua llroad
I'Mh., I'iM CI0II1., Caaaiinrrr., raaiir trr) finr
HhawU 0 rarloiu kind., variety of glorra for U
diraand grntlrmrn, I'hiirchillr Veil., Illack Vcili,
llrrruila. Ijdlirr llmr, Mark wlulr ami oilier col
' nr 1'iiraaobi, llmUrllait llointw af t arlotn kind.
. iilur, itlnir, tirrrm ami rwarHi inauari. s ir'g
burn brada llunlirt.. faahlunabto I
' 1 , i.r ii.!V
Inlr In Jrlhic
l'..-i:.l. l.r..!t
U'lad do, llrat rr do. 1 lacr.. tatrlnff,
and llubiuct. black ami trhitr fiuo l!nglUh thrrad
rilging, whita lwn., rtcwlpg Hilk, rlpa.1 Ciaimi
lamt inraau, ami ottirr amrira 01 iiry iioiaia ni
, udioua la luruti.at. A grurral aawntment of
T ... . ... ..." ...... t .
f'rorkery, Tiuwarr, Cutlery, t'ollin.' Ae., IJtiud
da llalcheta, llauimara, finr p,li.lied HboTr1."and
Tonga, h'ejllire, Mrel).riU, Kile., Carpiiiter.
Urawlu. Kalira, )oor la-k., Hull, ami arrrw..
Nail. I.C. H. Il'd. lilaM7bvtl. H bt in, III br
l'J 1'ulty, Notfolk Uldie., Hhrrp rlh.ara, 8rla. I
uknirra, llulchrr Kuira,KiiiltlngNrrdlr.,
nl. I lotion Hulling
Cotlon Hulling, Kan' ( cUon, ( jlluli
A gta.1 naSiirtmrtit of
A good aaiorlmriil of
ami Writlng-nfalariakt, rllalraand panciU. A good
variety uf Drug, aud Madlclnea, Hboea aud
lloola of various klmla for men women and cbll
dren. Bida H.ddlra, Hiding llrldlea, Hlaga Coach
llarneaa, lluggy Wagoua, Chain. American lita
(lee, feathers. Premium Cooking tiiavea, llraae
Kellk-a, llraoma, Frying Pana, Upper and Hole
Uatlirr. Ilemeaa do. Calf and Kin bklna. Pen.
Thread, Was, Awb, Knlvra, llrlallra, Ste , for
Hhocmakera, snd many other articles too tedloua lu
mention. Pried Aptara and Pcarhee, Itablna,
Kit., aoft i4i.ll Almonds. Prueea and Curranla,
Halem, May , 1MIJw33
D. I.. ROHI,
IS realfing,eonalautl)',nnconal(ninrul,a great
rarlely of
Dry Ueods, I Clothing,
lloola ami Hluxe, Furniture of all kind.,
Hardware, Urocerira.
ETOrders from Oregon will I ettcndVd la wllh
proniptnm. January 11, IPSI-Siuie
lliirc t.liancc lor tut raiment,
f flllll-! umlnrMgiird lMuijf firor.ri lor nf i.nAi.f 11.
JL Ilia linrd walrr i.ti in llm huiM, hoiiM
iitojujaa In bi.a Ilia Miua iiiiirotiil 'J lis HaiilM
of Ilia coolilty arrm to drniautl a jtdy rblua
tiotiof aald ifiif 01 rmrlito Jj, Ilia rf.rliftu of f 1'iur
lug Milk, and a!mit all klml c,f luaiiiirirry llial
can lmanrlltd 1) nalri; am) Ilia vralrr rlill
rgri being mi filrn.it 1, Ilia iimlendgmd would .
kimi lo cajiltaliflii, lltnl lir ti drftirrjua of inaMnf
arrauf.riiiriitr fr baiiui; aaiilwalir brought Iul'i
Imiiirilialr tnr, and will fi(1r aurl, inJiicrinriit It,
IboM, driar.,iiii of rnHglng in aiitf, uu rntrrali,
Ibat llir) tHiiiidl ful to in, ,f Ibfir virtri llul I
witlrr iHrr it tlualr-il nl Hi, (.real 1 tl vL ilia
WiiUmrltr ll UjM-iba mill,, rmory UtivllUuX
af lu loratiull, ll 1 m-IiJ. llir fillet III llir lo,l.,
ling al Iba gr'at rnllrl to nil llir famuli; rn.try
af Ilia rrrnl tallrt ll llir U llliiii.llr ( all Jil ll "
IiiiuC.iya AUfli
Ti.ir, 'iim;h, a siii:i;t.iuoy
ham r.-Toitv
MIl.tiK i now 1'iviifil a tut in full i iTrsl.n,
lu llttfl fify, iMtjotinui tli t'tlu ItitltLan
lUialitr.viit fair lli iiiAtiuf .cfttnfijfrf 'tntShttt
lt9H, i'tpptf, Xtnt, I'lumlirttf, mint a, II It in J J t(
Jlbie roiui'ftrat mlli IIW tn;Ut. 7A
iiMiri; at wihhmsau: .J hktmi,
Sw HlftrM ! mt, lirukpu alitii iiiiite(t, I'urit
(Hit 111 Ofkr-lttlon, Iaara)J.aia 4 ! ai af 'YW ifllrf,
of aVU'tilit Moir for Milt imawutljiiout f lire
tut rtjif.ll (;ok imJ f'ltilor Jitut filially ijt-rtril
Till tnwtrtuty hat ntii l'il kiiil init'niixv
f tll ltfwt pfrfUrJ ktlHjl fl'Mt'lt uain llt it i J,
nihI ! fu.ljr f-i4iril lu 1 Ket id df tf.tknJa) afij nr
tfUttalir ol flit lunlorv.
Uh .Mt J Itl Kl
(Ifrpuii ( it). Not Ul, IU-f.mutt
mrKU (.OOPS r Srl.t-mct- llnrii an.J Jl.i,
11 lUvm from rlitliiMi'liIri, aod Ha roup
ariir Vnt
ciatMnii IdUiiiavs. fiuiu ,Ni-w 1 ufk
Mr. M illr r' r lit tring A Vtr.!r n-.!i niU, JijjIiU
HtlK.klfl I oil dCCit. ('ltljl)fP nt,bM,lir
I flUilalia I Ilia Ulail 11 liril, at I III lltlWIIIt,
..,..1js,ll.ngU,k..M.t, f.iadct. ami
M. J.rkrl. Ia i-iiltp
?;; 7,2 :,:v, ;.. if., x :;; ,. fw
1 I1.UI JarkrU, Hot., rk. rn.1 loJ,
lblula I il mul II llr, I osinl IrnMlii ,
W'wnrn'a Irallirr Uwl, I'lli.l
liirt. .V drawer..
. tU. bvngr on
. -I'M 1 I!
And l(4a IH I'tli.r Infill bill.
all) id ILl N'atra
Marrli 1.1. II-. I "'Al
Todd k Co's ExDitja
. mm wi v. ... i .1.. w. ...,.. ,
''.' " '"; ''' " Z. . . ' .71
Irbwtl.m.drtwIr.m.rrlrdM -4i.l.al..... a., I,
I lljr WPII mt'intl I Ij'trwa -"i-.-a i i r hv
ll of tlir 1 mini Mulri, Tir.inJ.iij t ijn rn'f f .nl
lllraitit lit llstllatllatall sf il.) ll.t III! Tt.
ur of rrri) iVM'r.j.ti.ut lliafl. roiurr(J ufam
aU pirl, of Ibr I 11J1 d Malr. -iiid I'u'' 11
Iritlou, niad. 111 any miI i Hi. Sfitilbrni tnilir..
ran I rahruru, Mi.ralmi. .. , ll anal
r.lic.U"ul 11. i.!r u till llir ... ilai KiprrM uf ll.h
I Irt A t 11 in ..... liui-i lo, u nrv rnali.it tntran.
an " brain bra of llir rl.rta buiili.x ill Ilia!
nl) and thr fouihtn
II '1 1 Mill, San 1'ram
I W I Ol.T,M.)tili
I'm' Mllr.
ONK compMr nl ut an I,l I .n, rotilaiu
log u!l llir (4.1 lt:.lWiMlgl.t lion br.IJuli.ilr .
rlrol 1 hrl r .lr 1 .1 I I ur ,ri 1 nr. ilr;ii 1 t
' - Mli:i(M.TII.
Oak I'. i.
I.l.il Mll.liMiTIM .It l.
tl.rj.' n I ll
Or'C'i'.' '" Maid, 11. I"il -".if.
Clackninas County Fcmalu Seminary,
rami: m.t ir 1 ii..- i,.-i.'ut . . u ..m
JL menrr 1 1 M,nda. t1) P'tll, and roniunl..
rlrtru wrrk..
Tbr TlUbl.r. me bl'p '.1 iiifun
Ibattrarbci.til In;.!, iii.l utnls'i"
I l! r .,rbl ,
III! Vhllirlifi-
and cf Imi riirriri.ci- Imr Ifwn M-ruird. wbrt
Will lb-liar Ibrliiwllr. lo II r u, I1H Hi tl, pli.
romiintlnt lo Ibt ir h 'r"
A largr and rriuf in. ul s liini.i) hi 1I01S h"
brrlirrtf led. ami nu 1.111, Ijk.n I . 1 tr u 11
I raaary apiriliu fur ill' .rl.iiul
' Orrgonl'it). Ibr Iwalici, of llir Sriiiinat). prr
1 rrol. arlrral miHitaiil aihaiil-ic .. ll lm. a u ii
brrtrt rrlcl.lil) f.ir bratltiliiiiibM.. IcmJ flci
.from lb., iiiicitu.iiriil frtna (nuimoii 1 1 ll.r r tri
Mown.. II li runtriiicnl nl arrra., .laobais
m)Iii7 111 lb. t (..'iniitiia a inl tl iHjf.rilr nicr. 1
low Ibr ll.IV. ami lli.' ul.n' v. ,11 mrrt ut ll,.-
..n,. ll.i.in. nl
'.',n.,' .."'I'1.1"". '".
''"'"V l" '! ' '"' ,"".
. -r -.t .
Jiwf, linuir. ait.1 i-miitm nui I rain l.r, 111,1111
- . . f ,. ,, ,
. n
11 t l.Wlk,
It I'll), Ma) li, l-il 1
.'oiiltill.iltiil Jtlllnr4
railll! iilribertillrreerir onlrraiid iir
.1. rluir1 all kti"l. uf iiMhts .luiiii 'linirrt,
Ac, nl romilllMoil, rod till! rlnrrMi i ..i I. u
rrcl lur iiM'14011, 1 r tut iiij;itiii ... 1'. i-i-.t('i
, AH I'UTclu.r. ill l. lii.urrd f,.r tho ! 'ii . I ti.s
''""'a1"". ""' ) f111"'4 ",'1" '? ' ' " '" u' "'
rfrd by lu-eiraur,-, on 1, 1 rlt nij ii Inr otlhr Niti.r
k, I'rl. I.I. iN'il-li'Ulf
nrirai l 1 t.rni.
Jo.1111 I. Illli-.i:-!, Allanli.' M11I1 ill. t'"
Xi at-iar. I'mia, l , A.li r Mt1i11.1l In to
JoilN S. TtrMN, l'i-l, I lliu'l
I MMiltM.
Aleioir., I' . 1 Mt Co . II iniii r.
Mre.i' .iRii, Moat
Mrava. ,
oar.. i
atM tut A
Illy lint l.nitl.lnitii mul 'I'ltiitithiii.
lS5tSliliaiI vtiAlCj
Dr.ALIlllS Iii llrmly Made t Hhiti,;, Haul
wiitr. Cnahrr), tinvrrir.. I'roti.iiut., ni.,1
all olhrr nllii Ira loliull) lulli'd fvr b) uliilea and
r. a. cii i:ow inn.
r. ii.piiutri:.
Caaradr, llrrgnn Ti r . iiii, '19, '!U. Silf
11 r MiralliliriHll, .1 0
JI1KT rrcrltrd prr echuorrrr Muthrie Vuua,
from Han Kranrl.cn. a.'i riv of lliiatol'.
will bo auld 011 f,ttrralle tornw, nl the Dry licndi
and (iruecri Hlutr i' a.ilo .Mom by
i. 1 1, c. la Toiuurm:.
Oregon Oil), January S, lIWinl7
Wooitwortli'a I'lllllllIK I'lllCllla.
rail IK iindrralciied U prrparrd In rll I'laulitg,
JL Tunguriiig and Crootlng Marlilnee, and Ibr
llghta la run thnu, under the ubou Patrnl., in
Orrgou add California.
11. 1,. lltn,
Kirliaugr lliilldiii,r, San rrauchtL
Jamiai) ll, IC.l-;in-ie"
1:11111. Ill