Oregon spectator. (Oregon City, O.T. [i.e. Or.]) 1846-1855, December 05, 1850, Image 1

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Oregon City, (0. T.,) Ttawdty, December 4, 1850.
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W Mm lillJl TV VI t '. llil I m imt m
JK WaaBaWaaaaTs eWafJ kB'aBaba ' lBBtMBBV aaaTLaiBB1, k aT WMk M kiaa"' !JM TaaWBaV "4,I,r,M
, " . t Ws,""' ' " v Baaaaa aaaBBBasBBBBj -m- aaaaa aaaa '. aaaa ' 5 .W.-wjfAiji
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. Vol, 5, 4
JeMf I.lasl MHB.
Mr. lUnam'a elftr vf f U00 (of Ik but sgaf, la
lx mb( by Jinny Und, u "UmUnfUArari.
r" tlM klfhl if hir Ani .aepiuaBM, bnuft
Ml M liaj, Myt lb TrlWiu, lata 143 cmMm
tioe. Tb ariii mi awarded lo tin MMwIaf,
willlm by Bayard T)leti
wotaaav uiiu villas iiw tv J. hhhdict.
I attar, kh a Ml horl. lb UM at Um WmI,
Wban Bmi Hln e'.r wertd U aatalM I
WMai aaalf a'tnteanv AlbMlaa la WtHl
Tha laafaf a aMaalaU, Ik ?, Uk,,
. AaJaWMajltaaaUlAiaai
WMWaMMMTliMMihly ftiaj datalnt iwaka,
AM feaMp UHatJ far wbaM ftaaaan liny dM I
TkM Cra af Baaba I Ua wlaa W Um (m
That ajw aM 1 my rtm m Hmm,
Faj haj a kaaa b Uw bnM af Um Tm I
AM laaj at lajf vatoaj a)aH (Uta la Um wa,
AM haf aj tkf kaajai iMMJaWi thalr Kin,
B. Um haa af tar eWMrt anild u aa,
AM art aM bar ltil on tkjr llaaatr of Ulan
fWaj Um TribiM:
ONO..,.Bt R. II. TO0Dit.
I'm laft m aali hajaa ttu,
Btjmi Um dark Uaa mill)
AM BMaf a avalb may fun tail f
Eta I tataia apla i ,
at BMaUa) tad jut nil eon ol g,
A raWaf wtim it Ml,
Era I rVf u it yaa D
A bam whfcla my lil !
I aaa la fw aa aaaOnra ttmt,
Aeajai Um alanay tuna.
My calaf MIU la alla Uaik,
Ta ate( ay BMga af aaaitg
Nit win I aaca rrpal aiy nam
AM all Um bm UmI aula
If jtm wffl aaly ftra bm bmt
A aaM vfcbla ytm baartil
A Ml 1 mr MtaMl.
Mm MaMtrlyalai fat a aaaaarl to Jwa M
la rraaa, aM w
Mi. Pvncr, A Ih Him ii cams and
M whan tha Prima MloUUf In the llouat
t.r CommsM ku drownrd what Motar
call.lh blind klttanaof tba Saaalao bv
which; I auppoaa. Mooaar imbm lb Buhl
inai arn'i lo aaa imi tkta
lonwry bIhmm kKo ttw Ml,
oallwf Ika alaiom of Ika etmHttU
lo aaaarata erumbla lo mm Mm
flag that' over rlh,--yaa
im to aaii tna atleailoa or my
Bnglaad tea aeandal aad abuMat vhleh
Lord PatRwraton f M I ballare la hi ncnuri
le al lb bottom, aa he lathe Foreign fdce
head J an abuse that strikes at llri root of
private famillMtirrm not using tx strong
language) and violates the dea-eat secre
cy or domestic lire I mean a lady's age.
Yes, I mutt ask, what I Lor I Palmers
ton (if that is his naioe),whit a he about
that he abould sutler an Kng'.lshwoman,
that pay lexea through her husband, lo be
insulted by the rudest, and I will My It,
the most unprovoked and moat unmanly
question that odd be put lo any genttrwo.
man. need i My, a quesuon bat goes lo
Inquire a lady's age t
Out, Mr. Punoh, you shall hear, and
through you all the women of England.
Mr. Mower is al this moment abroad.
A fortnight ago I made up hi 'portman
teau' and 11 him go alone for at I Mid,
how could we both go, and leavo the paint,
era In Ih Iwum f So he went, of course,
aad left me lo be poieoned, aa I might,
which 1 shall not go Into at present, nut
come to lb affront I hav suffered ; the
worst affront that can be put upon a wo
man I mean ofcoune, the Intuit put up
on her a;
Well, Mouser, a I My, being gone I
Mouser, a I My, bo
Mage together lofUloi
get my image logeiner !0 miow him
im. mj
m any
rthnora i aad on
boiM (aad If I pride rayMlf a
ad If I wide ravMir t-aaa
Iking, H Ii that I aarar travel wtUi
Ibaa aU traaaa, two haaaot-boi
haa, aada idirali basket, oraa
hat- nr mtmmmrmtf Miat'a
'inaal ftaay, 1 weal lajgaliiiy paaaajort for
Motuar wrote to mo thai they wouldn't 11
m Join; him on &rorog ollwhbout
though he never eo muehaa braalhed tb
inanlt which, a hb wlfo; Im must hava
known would haw bota pal upon me.when
left to niyaelf.
However, what t writ 1 writ a a
warning for Ik wIvm of England, that If
inay oo iravei, luey may taaa caro ana
go abroad with their habanda,on th aame
plee of paper. ''TwOigsononesUlk,"
aa tba watt My. " '
I want U Iha bauaaof lb Freaoh AM.
lawaderi aad; alter waal1 I've aaaHHd,
toaallrbaFraaohaalltal Kt I aaaaan
U'ealtooawortaa Freaoh rve)auMarl
tbairgaHaatry ebot Aay la powder aad
amok. JWall, IwaadarVrWBHI.
u I thought U a weaial i waa MM la
go Into a room; aisd the AmhaMador would
bm awl' Oat af aat'ral neaeot for aM
Bogland, I had of oorMerMd myarlf
with particular care, aMtheagti ikwan
not My bow I looked (not but what area
tha baaaomeet paoala haVatbelr wall laak
lag day aad that wueortalnly net on of
My went, f muei any maij -inougw onaii
nMd ta appaaraaoMi' batag quit
bkww aakaaWr wman I iaut My, air.
that aad laaata fcr a oook'e place, laataad
of a lady'' tiMpirl, lb French Amba.
dor eevld'flt havalrrated ma mora Ilka a
bear. Tlw young man mind I hava no
prajudloa again! youns mn,u yoong
inan, by no meana but I think M Ambat.
'aador oiiflht lo hava a lltlla mora of the
prima ol lift, which prime, by Iho way,
poor aunl paaoook Mid uaed to vary, be
ing now ai forty, and now ai flfty-fivc j
aha poor aoul dtclarad heraetf only In
htr prime when ah died at iliree-aaore)
the young man whtn 1 iwum Into the
room at, without oonoalt, I think I can
iwlm when I like Iho young man when
1 entered Ih apartment which waa not
al all unlike an atlorney'a office, without
that Irinl, hp.kln email thai kills de
cent people Ika young man, aa MouMr
7i f !" morad a muaUc. I'd heard
pod eooh Mnrple of It at the French
Ambaeeedora, IhMl mnet'oonleae I felt
for tha moment quite etaggefrd where,
upon, lor niy'-nreeene of mind never for.
Book me, ana preeeace of mind lo a fe.
male, aa dear aunt Peaeook utrd to My,
la worth a platol al full-cock whereupon
did'nl I draw myaolf up I tbould think I
aw i
1 Tbora I atood, and the AmUutdor nar.
far an roueh u law fcrt chair;
and if lie
did'nl look at me; and while with one
hand be twiddled a pan a..d with hi oth
er Angara coaied a ferrel.colond rnou.
taoblo, and Mfled a few hair al the end
of hi cblnf '
Self they werea licll.rone.and
h could'nt get 'e
'em all the lower ly pull
Inn 'em well, If wbllat
imuaing lilmaelf
in thie way and never eprakina a word.he
did'nl actually begin lo whittle !
Well, you may believe my blood rose,
and I did begin lo with mytelf a man.
However, aa i never forget myeeir, that it
before Mraagara,andoulofmyown hou,
for wllh oae'e own hoeband, and under
tai'i own roof, it'a (juite'a diflorenl thing,
aa rm aiwaya coot out, l smiled wnai I
felt lo be an lev mile, Mying to myself,
tni la in rreaen AmbatMdor; but
let's aw! how It will end."
Thtre I stood and the Ambassador,
going on with hi whntllnc, atired vt me
frora head'lo Onl. Yea, from the ritaon
of my bonnet, lo the very lop of my Ada.
laid boots. Not thai I eared a bit about
Ms Marine-. I ahould think not. I've teen a
Iktle loo muoh of the world for that not
a Ml j for I took bis looke as it I'd been,
a aaarbl eiatwei looktea at him acaln. and
grvMfblM, I akomM tkaak.a UttT betmr
jeaTwfcMaaMri t,,.,. tn,,ii 1.. . imh
atariaa-. ha braan.
tanaMfcel N, thai I aoaid, a irtaa vry
pan him my Bb, be began to write ma
down. Whereopon, aa was nat'ral, I
looked oompoaed ; for I'd aeen Moueer's
paaaport, and though ha'e not so handsome
a man aa I might, if I'd only liked, have
iiad for a husband, ne'e oy no means, i
should Ihink not. the frtaht thev msde.
The Ambassador smiled a bit, and went
on writing.
There o my eves upon the
paper," aaia I lo myaeir, as he looneq ai
me i and. whether or no. I did feel ;em
. --'r... ..
twinkle. "And that my now, I'm sure of
it," tor it suddenly burned so ; and that s
my mouth," and I could'nt help smiling at
the thought, " aad that' my complexion,"
for I felt a flush, "and that's my hair
and now I'm finished." And having giv
en my name, of oouree. I thought It waa
all over, when the Ambassador, u if ho
had been Baking for the cool r it thing In
lifo, Mid, in a sort of English thai even a
poodle might be ashamed of
"Whatls your age 1"
" What I" cried I, and they might havo
heard me In the street.
" What 1 your agtt" Mid the Amba.
aador one more, twlstlnshis ferret mous-
taohw in such an aggravating way thaH.LfcfoK u or j raji
oouia nave 10m n oil. i
nU.ll ..Ml !..... Ill l.l.l.... I
HlllIUI, llllllMI OIIU lll.l
all he got out of me.
"What 1 Madame'a asep Mid tbe
Ambaaaador, beginning lo laugh.
What aaaeattaa fir a palHa '.f iaaaV
mm r aahl I leMjhlag mT Ajfc a kv
dy'a atafaTiBawar'
I bmM kkw;atadam' ag," aakt tha
AMbaakedor. '. -' "V
- IT Ilka yoa iaa),'' aatt 1 aM
"Thoa Madam eaa'l go to France,'!
Mid lb Ambaaaador, throwing down hi
" What I it to Frano how old I am t
Franoo I very curious, Porhapv I'm flr-and-twcnty,"aaldl.
Flv-and.iwaMy," cried tho Ambaa
aador, aad whara he lMrnt tha word I
can't toll, " roppoee, Madam, for porl,
we go double or auhat' ,
My Uaed did bell, bat leant rivad to My
T-fiailjr &ada' iaid-th. brul. be
gtaay tograC-HtmuM have yoar
Wak'taAMULthrowlaaTmr rail
alt hiikt j tMiilai IiIm In In Till niinti
'MWa7Kkr' my fcMi aad
taaa what yoa afaaax ot that." .
da awV TaMarH aWsHHalaBM vrarMV BrawRavHaVl
aad gave m. my rmmti wkiak I did not
leak at, I waa htSWN, Ml I'd
mum myaMrMmy room ataaaM.'
Would yen believe It Wheal an.
fcldad tha paaeport, I aw withta nry dee,
eriatleaj ' r f-rV.
ftAaaa whkh fa tha Viwaah fcr
''Age!" - ''
al aoMr, Pach, not araa to you will I
ravoaltha iaaull tnatia baaa put upon
No, rieavalt for my fellow-iieU
guiHi tw wUh it, this wanting not
ot WfWl
have a paaeport
port fcr IMnwalfie,
My nothlni about y
do go abroad, to go ot
i, kot fer
inan iney
yea ra but
wiK-n they do n
on Ih Mm
sheet with UieTr huakande,
Your,' insulted,
Amu Movsia. '
The Honeysuokle.
Rsstoiixo and raiMavmo mi Starr.
A friend who had read ih fcilowfaif
valuable ilamofloforr.iatlao.bul who had
lorgoiien waion way lo ton hi tymf' for
low or eight by age, requested aa yetter.'
day lo republlab tha process. It k aa M
Iowa -.1
For Mar-etgbtedn, cloM tha
Pmm tha'faaiere awotl' Ikaari
ntwrd, acrose Ik eyes. Tftfe
the pupil, aad ihua'langtheas or'
the angle of vision. TMe abould
aevoral times a day, till short
1 overcome.
For lose of eight by age, suofa a repair
magni.vlng glaaaae, paat tha ringer aad
lowel from the outar corner el tha eyee
inwardly, above and below the eye-ball,
preeaing gently against them. ThUiuanst
them up, and preMrvM or reetorMfha
sight. ,
It has been already said thai Iblafl
nothing new. The venerable John QoW
oy Adam preeerred biadghtin rtWway,
in full vigor loth day of hi death. Ha
told Lawyer Ford, of LancaeM', waa
wore gteates, that if he would rnaaalala
us eyes wim nu nngers, ireniar
lernal angles Inwardly, ho woald aa
y, aa woMaaaaaaa
(laaee.' Ford triad
able lo dispsnae with
It, and won restored Ms eight perfectly,
and Iim since preserved It br the eontlna
atlon of this pracllce. f Faaatsfrwalsa.
We publish the foregeuig, becauM, If
true, ii mem an in mmierty that aaa
be given (I. Bat wWet publkdilaf, we
have doubts as. to IbahbllibHiiy oftha
recipe, ii is new tone that wr. Adam
" proMrved hi dgbt in tbla way in fall
vigor to tbe day cf hk death ;" bat It ia
not new, mat many peraoaa have retained
their visual fccukiee Utile or aoaa imaaar.
ed, to the age, or beyond k, lo wbfeh M?.
Adama attaiaod without airy of tbie lav
nriac aad maniaulatlon. Wo are afraid
ibat tna ramady fa rather to ia)o hi ha
Btaaaal, or if k fa, why ha (I aaa baaa
INoaaaaV pWMlO WBk aMMV laaaT UM '
mm m iaa i
remody. aad that
Ha would bo haifad aa.ft i
tor by all iho nMraiahtri
inaunaarabla. f we ara of uVsm'1
but light aad sight, Mr. Faff, aaaJ t
Iho agfictod) will oront to yoar M
monument made of th (raaMaf 4
ed spectacle. QhU. Ltji
UroaTiirr Ciaa. YeMerdar. TaH
Court of Common Plea, aa lajunellai i
a curious nature waa beard by Jada
raraons. it aapear inai mraai ws
oi new.i ora eaierea law aa. as
with etsht or tea oeraoaa to m to i
In California, under tho tklaaf thtl
Minlnir Company. i&jV'y.
Waring was to pay aaab i
and all tbe exoeneta to Baa 1
wm to 'receive In return MJ
dust collected by th
One or Uw eompaay
dust, ywarlner aafca :
rratraln the depoakor l
iaa i.i. h.-
On tha MhwlMtaVi
company m
bam taakl
twovaani: it
what eourM itkMiuM wjfal
wm oblalaad with ftr twoyaara,
lagaly entitled to oao-halt'Tkajla j
anraao ana aaia unor aavi
court. irmi. wfatrtr,
tit J
A MoMma Taaa A CaWbaaJa
iwMBadenl of tho Salna Omm (.
loraMnroi iewunowa .rum.
irM of tha Radwoad aaaehav
wMoa mi two faaaraa aaa aaryti
Ml u mmmmm-iwm waa
bm iBaaAar aaM:laaMMal iaald
bvMri wa aajt, wieMj m
$$ SUlSSttXtl
arm Bveaarata oakalfaakfrajB
MaUktyaardtofwaad. Tbaal
Wflv awHJ aT r" 1 waoWJTWf I
glo fcr Mo par tawuaad, the
tow mt sbaMad.aad tha reaaii
of tha wMwaaid TMaWyiaUlaAfai
fcrwed. M fcM par earl r tkaa, J
TCHI WQn"jB lwaw ' wMaftMwavWaM Lw'w "
i priaarfal larail the neat little ai
t,ao. t,iT. v, 4if,
ThtRNkM Naairi,
' About fhrty year tlnce, yoimg man
la the neighborhood of Drogheda, Inland,
pw " aaorcaaes 10 a young woman
to a vi
Hrmer'a daughter: and alihouib lilt au
IMUfon were not approved by her friends,
yet h encouraged him to hoe, and even-
lawiypromieea 10 marry him. Ilia clr.
eamatancea not beina tha hi ami k.tl..
lag he might Iruat I? her fldelrfy, ha wm
faollaed to defer lb ceremony until bo
eeeM get a oMnpetence or raffcienl to
make her oomfortaUe. bm !(. lu.
aeaakl after by many, pressed bar aareau
M decide, and bellevfiiaT hie delay ansa I
R . a . .a a a,. I
would marry lbs Ant man who
I aek ber. He.'ihlnkrna her decla.
rarOM from k Sudden canrice. eara.
faaely loM her lodo eo, and the parted In
ine muier or Muuroot waa a
i, wann. nuuuir.uou naoneior. Muni
in M appearano and Scottish In his man.
MR, witnai uaviog ine name of mo-
ney aad a eomlorlaHa situation In the mill,
ha wm far from Uios an object of indif-
to in parent or unmarried re.
fcr what aba eonaUtrad hi falMbood. coo
eeased to marry Nan t and rtnaaMwd that
ii might b dona aa soon aa poaalbl, no
Ikaa wm loot everything wm prepared
for the wadding and Wore tb expiration
of iweety-fcur hour aba was bis wife. ,
A incog tbe guests invited, James waa
not fcrjettea ; perhaps she wanted to an
Joy a'aW of triumph ovar blm, aad prove
aha eeald marry without him. lie ailaad.
af, hat wm downcast aad MrrewfuL la.
king no part la lb beistorM"BMrriaMal
Mgeaeral at country weddings, eiad af
aaariag to pay no attention to what wm
oeiaag arouaa mm. Aiur u erte aaa
retieed; her husband, the Millar, haviag
iaMgod rather freely, wa aarrfadiaa
BMa-af faMaeibfllty, aad bid beanie her.
aad the Ifcht ktagiMaoved, aha had fall
labmraJa rii(l on her batty ai'ainl lad
of JaaMe,.who ah new
her baait..aliaaaMB he
-TfJJf'v ftii S,i t i w li-iifii' a.l
sMlea. Having leag regarded Mary with
a wMfut eye, and been often proposed for
bar acceptance by her friaade. ah ow.
i you hare, it .will
kk'wea mum lMvo,or 1 willoall
, Mary, for my heart b, break
l 4-
UM Inaleted be should Imv ber,
IBMlTtJ no ot ber answer inan
I eant, my heart fa bnakiag V
h ha rank exbauoted on tbe bed.
Mt alarmed, called aloud, aad
y coming in louna aim oeaa at
loot hi oMtt having really
All was now coafaaloa. lib)
conveyed to his residence, a few
ant, and his mends having In
to restore blm, be waa laid out
faVaractice then was lo putt lie body
Mi beard' that Is, on plank laid on
uaVr frame of a large table, over
a anon wne piaceu wnion, railing
aivar the end and sHea, entirety eon.
I lha eerpaa on the Ubfa'tbey eia-
awe, wmooo, mmo. aw. hih
fcr two day, aad all the neighbor.
i aoor
Mary the object of ibelr
8b never talk tbe apartment.
tat aMMlngly uaceaeoioaje of every.
aad bewildered with angnlsh.
r, on the aeeend nltht. the wm
Mt the bad len her home unperoelv
aad had gone no on kaew whither:
rah could not be .found after the
; ararch, It wm supposed she had
fhemalf' In the river.
maralpg prepamiMeM were made
jam, out on proceeding to put
l-MBa, tkey found the
rr. dsad)jtda-hla
latolaa, anperoalved, aador lha ta.
i aavMg manaaiea Mr arm enoer
L aad Braeod hi arm amnnd bar
Sal, la that position, id adieu to
arrow. ,
How remains to be told. They
Itaried In on gravo In Milllfont Ab.
aad although tbeywero In lifo aepa-
i la dMth they were not divided.
M Oimkait Licattnt A neat little
, apparently about nineteen, mvs the
ick Herald, a fcwdaya ago entered
inni towi im lamoTing nor Don.
'iaaaJred if Dr. Bradley Taylor wa
!. .al. .., u . L
FTba Dowor, who wm present, prompt.
ipoUUiy'lMpoadedin Iho affima-
i you. My the lady, the eentlemin
tr to have fcr. Governor t
aaadaai, eava the doctor, with'
t oonfUsloo.there hM been some coo.
i on that subject. ,
n you are tb vary aeatleman I
., liar yea any Licmuu It iim
am i will you have a rttallm
I will do, Doctor; lament
I WW imiciMitan.
Wherraa lb pasfleof CalMsrnaa have
prMatd aconetkatfaa aad aaked adauo
aion late the Unfaa, whkh beaetketfaa
wm eubtaUadtoCMraaa bv UkaraaL
deal oftWDaiied tkaMe; by msii.dal
led February IS. 1M0; aad wieofe. ml
amiaauM, w lawaa m pe raHta la
J . . r a ai m " i f . . T
it Bay orgavsramtat t
gHaaMiby th
ai iafawna, a
eMM Amrfaa,
... ... ..v .
mmSt mt 7at .CL-1
;CJI aaVaaCLM.
Sm. t. Aad bo ft rurrber
"' "lift ll l rrr i iiinltlli ii Is
al Maraeratioa of im iakibfcMijalf tto
Dnkd ftalM, fMMaMofH'latt,
" " w laimwBiBiiiaaai van-
grr. !
ec. I. Aad be k ranker eaa-todr-
iobi ine sbm bom ov vuuaraia m aaaa
led lato tbe Unioa eird iba eaaeaas'aaa.'
ike UaHH Btatae to, aM lWfM,l
vi, laBMiaBaaaii Boiaiaa)iraaea;qeBBjita
ed, and they aUII ker lay aayTSaTi
aananenoi any oaagTUUea
aad la no ou ahall aoa-iaakl
it aaa'aili
ton, who ara citlaeaa of (be Uakcdlhatea,
be taxed hlgfiertMaiwaUeM; aaa). that
an tbenavLiabl WMarawltafa lha
rata ahall be 'eewaaeei hfahwara. aad
ever free. aa'waU to )M laaabfeaaai af
aid alau m w the ctUaaai oTJb UaHed
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by the aeopU of.OaHfcraU aaaniefaa'af
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fagjIroM the prfae!
non.intervoBtion i
to Oen. Lewi Cat.
Mmmi. DioUaeoa. and Brkbu a-d all
Nonbem.ajaiWara.BMeiberaoJ Cba
giM who agree with them; for the bold
aad atateataasllka maanw La wklab thev
hava opposed the Wflmot provfao,,aad
that we tender them our bumble. aed of j
praise tor lb warm regard they have
maaueaiea nrine perpetuauonoi tMUnna
oftbeM aute. by aarryiagot the eoaoti.
tutioo Mil nowslaada. The reealutioM
or the commltiM were adopted Mparately
auu "j irg9 majonira.
A Miaacta in Mixico. A letter writ
lea from Colotlan. In Mexico, on tba9flrd
June Imi, autea, that whilst theeaoiera
waa raging at that ptaoe, aa faBge of It
NfohWM ToknMoo had baaa hhatiiilin
abed tear, which were very aarefuHy
wtpaa away whb eetaaa j aad thla larfar
WMdistribaled u anriofaMi roMe.rto la.
dfaaaadotheta. The neoola Mid thM af.
let th Saint had abed (Mrs, tha detog of
wMcKevideMlv aa aM -' ' tba
onoiani aogan io ojauaM ta vieieaea, and
in a tew days had almost entirely dfatp
pMred. Itkadded.tbatafullaadfcnn
account wMtraaemkted of thla mirael lo
tbe Bishop of "nr-'alnisra ' arrrnnMaUit
by all tbe proofa aad atjaatatloaa? aM to
give I)m nlatfaa lae dajtof an bftclal
aew mm am u en oawinwroica or quesuon
diwreafter. . '
Thedfaappoaraaee of the cholera may
be believed without reeeana to the ravir-
vewtloo of a Mint. A lrbe mlracleTev.
ery oaa can think aa bepleaaea, u folks
do about the Bohir Oboat Mary.
ww mwRtQfltm ViVwTa
Movnjurra or DatTmevmaan Paoru.
Among tbe peaMagara ia tba ateaawhlp
Georgia, ealled oaTVaeday, for New Or-
leaoa aaa uaaarraa, mm, a. saruen, Esq.,
Chief of Boundary OMMalealoaan ' LUbi.
A. W. Whipple, Col. N. T. W. Chandler
ana peny, en rowe mr t?i nun.
Among thoM In' the Cherokee, i Mr.
Anson Dart, of Wfaeeaehj, the aawly an.
pointed Bupsrlataadeel of ladfaa Alklm,
for the Territory ofOrMoa. Mr. Dart fa
charged by the geveraeteat, wkh lha eol-
leoiioa ot iBjoratauoa reeaietuas the re.
ourcee and eapabilltfaa of the new Ter.
rttory. jr. x.nmrn.,
The PUmmik Qmmt. aa data furnUb-
ed by the eeaeaa tahere, Mthaelss tha
populalfaa of Piileburgh aad rarranaivlag
lowaa at btjqw pstma. aaa ot ae
tv 1I8.TMP Thla fa aa iaireaM of
80.0M ia tea yean fcr the whole eouaty.
It mv ft wBl no daabtbe ma, when the
ortho euy aaa aatieaa wbji aa at ieaM
one hundred per oeat ia tea yr or, ia
other word, tbe population bM doubled
since th ctniusonsio.
.v . .'
mmmmm m mmmwrn, m mmmammmmmm
f. ariaalali far eaaaw tha iamb mimWF&MfSmmm
aaMMaaaakaBaMaatoaiaaaaa rVB?.BSBT
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rr.- r 1L' IJB) " BMH1 WMIia. -raBtt MHI
ind returalM ibaaha rjSmTT1 l'm"mmVm9m
Daafal Wabatar. &J,V1mfmWmm
UlaMWUaaHaMMtaaaaaMt &lULa I
mmvwgmf'WmMfWm Wttmmt
$?' b7 " f4Lw -r
win cireaiaw aaea aaaan.
weekly b,bbw oeaia, wtafa
gateaaaaal elroaVufaai efTba
Trlbaae wlM be l,NMgjl
atua and a halfef .type. ad aa
weekly Mvea aad a half laaaaf
and ISO lb, offal, hiald Mhw ad
riM la proportfaa. The
done oaoMef HMeFwar.
et, the coat of whfah wa
which fa driven b a Ma4
gfae of the omm aather.
weekly etneadkaiMaf tha
3,wew, (ai tae rawar waa pan
and iu form obsagtd to ikatefll
bonoon jw raaa, a aieaeare wi
involviac a atsillauiMMofi
proved allctlNWaaadaaaavWto'j'ajgaa
alary wnae ft haaea M,aBBBMaxfamry
ler. by wktehweamaaaaaakBfaaaeraawe .
exclusive of aeerikeeaM. TteZaadba
alaaw eoatalaa daily, lariatled'of aaVer; '
'aWMBBf aaaa IvflUS aW 'WaHft MH 1
K BTAeaarWBTevaMaTajFHIHVBV vaseafsBVVlVVkaaTeVa''
lar wiiiaatraaM Mlaiaatowaaaaaafai ,
all, ooMalMaMemf. .TbkaMaMf1
that T If tmtmiHSm, fcr ayeM.'.
oron caiiaga week toOtyMnaMrl.
ben, or two oeat a, taenia paper, fceafabv J
m nearly m Mh rMMae BMHeraeak
endea 7anM fcr Mt, or bto 'aaaH. ft aie
le paper, aad net eajy gitee Ito aejaiVii
Ira mora valMble iwaeaaaTthaaraMf !.'
er paper, Moept the fcaraeeatjaw.aleaf
London, but ia la fact Ik CUmt Jmnml. x
faaWwerW. ..
ITfaJwttf ItOaai Imb regalaily sbtee
ditloae oa in tha aMratog, whaVh la thM
Mrved le Cky aabaaribani Mwial lb
o'clock, P. Maad aaa aHtFjHf
Taovau Dt PirraaeaaaTee laafW
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or ntisburga aaviag m rnmj.mm mm
mltted a namWr oT vegiaato to jeJjs ka
aauiriaT ragtMd ia aaaarBj ttaajLtHH aaa
Mayer arteatedaad aWailaMbiTdB)
aamof my Miwwi tfabiiw
T olBWesweaMeaTwW eawp wvBtaawpPfg b'PJUawwBTP
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aald their miptlia treaid ; jaaaBaaaBi
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ewiMgiiiii, wlbMaKt v, -"1
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of omarai leaar--aai Mlaslai IkaaaTal'' ;-"-
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aal a 1 1 lm7M&mWmmmM ,", r , -:4
aaUl aow k gieoiil lffilr--lW
laylwattj aad m?igmJ ??&"M
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Wi)wfaVfi to pMlMwlliAHiHAMb M
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laaaaastat BaSafaTaaaatlUaByaBfaTaW-i iBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBaaaaaaKaaaaaaaaaaawl ' 3
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Trjjyafalaaajafaweatr M
aJeato Bafc;jSBa hj
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w olrialailiB at mmmm
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ftTaaCarkiva Hatold lawtltolee fi
ii!!8rr.wiL,?aeJ M
inan aa nu tpyn vva HaaaaaaataMijw i'
Bullion, wne My no 5'fi?'.'-i ' ;? J
lemwrai an uw ilia. -aa waaaaw. -
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