Oregon spectator. (Oregon City, O.T. [i.e. Or.]) 1846-1855, January 11, 1849, Image 1

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afei AW A, w fr.u " )31
Vol. 3.
Oregon City, (Oregon Territory,) Thursday, January H,
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w ;w,i( j . pwhwit t iwcnTAiiH
'Vth-A-n " J ' - -. U 1 If."" !.' I!.l'ft- ' Ju U -'T,-i -
am iimn imi i i .. SffTiijiM if. m Hi i mi mini mil Adi
.,MMi4. . ' . u .V -.'W"-' " fr.tiiVJ. " '' --- u LULia .. -'
Vimi Um New Yof k TrfbuM
RtprUifor iA Trihuni Ay O. Vfr, Iht
Continuation of the history of Ids dltcov.
arv of the nlantt Ntptuue. The dlt-
covtry of tin planet not tht result of
Ltdltt and Otntlmm.l prooted with
Ik gnat tubjtcl which occupied ui the
fc Iwt evening, I oonfeit, liowever, that
mm of the queetlone that am to engage
V Mf e W ma teat nao weir natural
ad knowltdge-stwncernlng them, without
uadtrgolng the htxard or hemg conaidercd
at If In oentrovtrav with men on thli tide
of the Atlantic, who do not think at I do,
and wbueo learned and proloealonal Inqi
riat may bare led them to oonolutlont not
Id harmony with tncee toward wnion we
art Indian) In Europe. Let me, then, at
the outtet, with all pottlblo dlttlnetneu,
utitrly disavow the attitude of controversy,
at untultabte, ungraceful on thit pUlfunn.
,So toon at the Important Inquiries of which
" we art ipcaklng hare retched their close,
and the planet Neptune It received a a
thoroughly undentood element of our
plaattary system, with relatione all fixed
and definite, thon whatever of peclallly
or Inoompleteneu may have been In the
viewt of any one during that period of iru
perftet knowledge or twilight, will doubt.
Ittt bt explained, reconciled and amplified
by lit author J at least, ll it far from no
ceaeary that I, whoso busiiw-ss it now li
almply to unfold In language fitting our
opportunity, the mannor In which my own
refleotlooi have, In the meantime, pre
tented to me a difficult and remarkable
tubject, ihould pUco myself In conflict
with othtre, especially when the occasion
it wholly unfavorable to a criliral analysis
of the grand causes of our difference.
With those preliminary anJ protective
atplanatlone, then lot us now pass fre-dy
and unembarrassed along our course. In
my latt lecture I endeavored to bring my
audlenoe down to that point in the history
at which the telescope at llerlin verified
the remarkable prcdicllonof Levcrrlfr
the point at which it waa revealed that the
ilmplii power of thought bv carrying hie
fueJ com lotion fh the perlcctnras of the
conclusion, h had laid his tinner in the
spot oceupiel by the orb sought for. with
au error equivalent only to about on and
two thirds the appanm diameter of the
Leverrier'a pr-dutlon viae, that at n
certain time the planrt would occupy a
apace indicated by the numbers 3'JA 81,
and the position it acluall) occupied when
discovered was as follow 327 31, coil,
a'.ilutlng an error of ! than um- degree
uf space. (Applatiw.) Now, to give ou
an idea ol the prolimity with wlilih the
prediction corresponded illi tlm f.ir,t
will stale that this spam i' just alxil one
and two-thirds the apparent disinter of
ha aun. This space, however, aljliough
amall In nparanco, U yet uniloplitcitlv
very large in quantity, ll will l found.
when reduced to miles, to bo about -10,.
000,000. A very small space indei.l,
when teen from this mormon distance
tl.t remoteness being ao vast.
trtoUiaUauaa JhfM lordly ttawbaiLrbevlar been tho certain, the unerrlni
aWael with, la., dcolaremy oplolotw IIIMni m discovering this now world, am
I -. Ia.1 .1 . -I... .1.. I
its entire iliinensiont and the un.
turt of lit orbit might be known
I men.
tionedtht Ittt ovtiiliig that from n small
bortion ofanv observed orbit the iippIku.
Ion of the law of gravity enabled n.tro.i
..i.i... .iV-...i.-..I-1. ...... I K.r.
wtlltjtt iv ui-iuvi' iiit ttiim w at t
tunattly a hippy discovery-mide first,
I btlioie, br'aii Anw.ricn astronomer,
Mr. Lean ClWatker. and about llioi ami.
mr. eant. vrawaer, nu nuoui inoiii"
lime, or very toon after, also, by an oh-
terver of Germutygrcntly accclerat.d
Hie period wiicn, on tne ground oi laci, inu
leading ft atd'rei of Neptune't orbll could
be correctly deduced.
My heartrt will remember thit when
exhibiting tho extraordinary eccentricities
or llerechen orbit at the last lecture, 1
mentioned that the orb had been seen be
fore it wit discovered to bo a planet, and
that these old observations were ol" great
Now a hippy arolden) of this kind occur.
fed with regard to the nlanot Neptune,
Tho planet, it wn found, had been tern
twice by a Frenchman turned Lalando, in
May, 1795 ; and thit ostronomor ao nar-
rowly mlittd tho honor of adding a fresh
constituent toobrtyatem, that ho rejected
hit obttrvation of Mty 8, becautu il did
nol agreo with thai or May 10 1 11 us lu
ting the momentous truth he would huvo
Immediately rcaolieu, tnrougii iniuequiio
fatA In hit obeervatlont. If, inttrad of
doubling hit obeervatlont, he had watched
the orb, he would have discovered tho
plaael j but Instead ol doing to,tfjutt In
one of those memtnli of cartleuucti that
will occasionally come upon the matt ao
curate and careful pertont, ho tald, "one
of my oUervatlont mutt bo wrong, and 1
wlllvblotlt out," and to h did, and with
it hi blotted hit own name fiom the tcroll
Although theobservatton wat not, under
th. rlroumitanoes. exlremelv orcdltablo
to LtUndt, it hit bern, at I nava tald, of
lovn noi n.ioriii yiiu iijii un-.- .n ciiaugn in us r. iniious -iiiu nnuii.-i.-i im. . . , - . , ., -.. . r .1.1 7, . j .. i i .. ,.,.,.
discovery of Neptune, It ht. Ik ,-n w niched rxi,t.,ev... tho Ir.elik.ly did It appear represented in fig. a, while that of the ,-llher by force or fraud, have procured an
with every tedulouiness, in order that k ,,, ,)0 ,,Hed n-latioiu ofa falw plan- "JV"1 l',n"c, ' VPf".'?1 ,n ': ' ho obligation from thoao aervantt, for a con
an accuracy of measurement which artt with Uranus aliould l.nc- aufliced to nlf repretenled the d.llerrnte between I ,,,,,, ,,,,, Jomj y or
aowentble. us to tran.wrl Into iht an far ,-ouduil us w unerringly l -h diweiy . ... title for the time
the very highest consequence to ut, for
by attending Ilia observed portion of thn
orbll over a vary considerable apace, ll
hat enabled ut even ao early to reach
with much certainty the leading faoia
connrolcd with the motions of Neptune
having revealed at once the Irua distance
of the planet, and Ita period of revolution.
And here it It that the strange Intelligence
came to us whloh aeemed to Impair the
beauties of those labors of Adams and La.
vorrier, which, according to an impreasion
that In this oountry baa beoome unet pre.
valent not only withdrawing from them
all preUnsiona to perfection, Iwt even dis
entitling litem lo their aaturadlyjutt claim
Indicating lit placn amid those tcmoto In
fiulludea. The intelllgencn indeed Vtas of
a nature that could scarcely seem other
wise than startling, for ll showed -.hat in
thai part of Ihtir inqulriee which attained
the distance of Neiitune, at cording In
Uode'a law, both uf Ihran great attrono
men were in error, and not by a trifb
a number amall In relation lo the kind
of numbers we use in pursuance of tuihlih
inqulriee, but even by a sixth part or the '
planet's antlro distance from the tun by
the enormous space ol alx or seven htm.
dred millionsofmileat
I think the audlenoo must remomber
that I aaid that when these two attrono.
en urKan uieir iiiTr.wg.iiuur., ui7 mw
auinnd two tlilnga nrtl, thai tho new orb
would lie in tho aaine plane with the oilier
niairois, aou seconuiy, ui.i .uijuiuihk iu
as far away from tho sun as Uranus, which I
would make it ihlrtv.elg lit time, farther
away from the aun than the earth Is. Now '
ptjo law, ii wouiil uo lying nouui inito
it has been found lo be only thirty lliii.
aa far from tho aun aa the earth. This
shows ut that throughout the wliolii of their
calculations, this enormous error of die
lance i ttunded. Il it a very remarkable
fact, certainly, thai a law which prevails
In ao many instances should bfound lo
fall in this particular Instance. Hut It
often happrna when lawa whose principles
wa do nut understand are extended over a
considerable space that they fail. Now
the origin ol llode's law Is entirely un
known It la what it called an empirical
law, becauae we do not understand the
nrinclDla uoon which it acta. The failure
of Dode'a law. however, wat not the re-
mailable circumstance : the remarkable,
---"-w-r-wi-' ''""fraRiiir TiTiiiTIFtf
wiin uua asvt sk tw ia iuvir wuvuit-iivitiH
..L -Ll. lLal. I-hI.IHu.-
ineao aaiiuwviuura anou-a no nuns m
true conclution t 'tlx -udlrnoo will ob
serve that llitrerror In the distance of the
plauot Intolted a'a an error inllarutolu
lion, for the revolution nf an orb di-lK-ndt
uhjii ita .ustanco from tlio sun. line
I.ctvrrler and Adams aupt-oned Nrpluue
rrvolrl round the aun In -II yean u
actually fcoes niuml it in about I fid years
makiiv a dillerence otul yeara!
I caniot marvel that the announcement
nf tliltextraordinary and certainly mi
looktir tor discrepancy threw over lin
whole inquiry an exceeding doubtfulness ;
and this not i
ular opinion
set .a
.1 merely In the current or p.
on j for the more thorougli our
i of the perfection of the celcs. I
:' i . S" " " ". '.":" "Vl Z i: I
sec that in tho mighty splier!- aroun.l us. W the bUckWrd, on which he exhibited
where every amm is rV.1 and adjusted'.) "d lustralrd In various way, the con
.tenia! laws, and cannot in unv wav be junctions, acceleration-., and retardation.
.1. l I.. .-:,!.. ..til,.,..! r, n,r... ntwllm,
--- ..r i isi . --.....
, ..fll. r. Iallo.1. Willi H humeri 1S
ofihe actual orb.
r-IM... I -. !.. .!.. ..... r.1 . In.
,,,;,, n,,,, the l.lncklK.ard for the pur.
f.MU f llnatraiiinr the ln,iH,ih.lllli of
I tn, um I ,.,..
mere thane having aiinht lo do will, the
i r v...." ti... I,..
llSt,iJi ll l'l niipiuiui ti . ,
....wKoortholcctureoontnliisu lull state-
1Hnl of all the Idiat HluatraUtl uun llo
The case i doubt, u Mronge one ;
but as nothing ran hnmven within this
chcnie ofoura without lull ami mieiiiuio
paiiMe. wni.rociiil without il aiwildinu to
,.l...vnrini,i,rn.l iho inmlerv. At tho
outset I would reltorato it, as a truth Ik).
j ond the roach or tuesllon-H.ii.' which we
mutt hold foiisiaiilly in our thought, that
Itwo pl.licls uaiinoi k-miiii,i ipi.iiiiin
...i 'Pi... ... I -..,.,..
anie thing.
Tlm perturlmlioini ol I niuus
whiclMcamduotod to this gr. al diMWiii),
Iitiiw rrom mm orb alono llie Irvr AV;i.
unr, unil not tin false one; uud Ihctutler
cannot ersoni.tti the foimer iu rtgiid lo
it. action, within our hvIi-iii. The- Iuwh
of tho gnherio uro too lixcl and di Unite to
permit llieiojirrsonaltons and i-xchaiigea.
lach atom Iu this immense fabric hi ita
, unchangeable and lui-omtnuiiirnblj nlacu
1 and function. 1 nor umi any ii!..i iduul
nut otl'or exchange hit duties fur tho ru
iponalbllillri ol auolhor.
llie tpcaKer nero urow ou r ui..
grain on the hlatkbourd, lor the hujpiae
of enforcing at ill niorr strongly thi ideas
contained in the alwve section of hi. ills
coune, afjer which hoconlliuud.l
I a'm now done n ith preliminaries. You
will perhaps excuse Iheir ledioiisn. st, Inr
I thiuk vou will tee thai wo are d. aliiig
with what Ilea much out of the direction of
ordinary thought, and which therefore it
It not eaty to ctoine wun a cuaiornary
garb. My tola object Is to accomplish
ii,!.. and therefore I have haxarded appa.
rent reottltlon. and have noRrcaardod
Klintlflo forroi of tipotliloa and
Lot me now remind my audlenoa of lot
essential aim alike of Adamt aad Love.
rier. ll wat, to Usd at VU aUtcevery of
Ue OUtwUng fUmHtt UM 1 $ U Ut
dltumry, to point lo that part of tbahea.
vena where llie Kileacope ought to find it
an aim grand and adventurous Indeed
but which wan essentially limited (a
(act, by.lho-by, to whloh sufficient alien,
lion has not been drawn) for they did not
j underlako wholly to produce Neptune
to uniotu inrougn caioutaiion, wnat alter
ward would bo deduced from (act I vVry
sought fur nothing except lo Indicate,!.-,
pan nf the sky whero the. ptaaet wat 3U -.
lurking, and where the telescope might'!'11
detect il.
In bug In nine thn aoluticn of this re.
markablc problem, Ihey aumed Nep.
lime's distance, rrponlng with confidence1
mi llode's law. Now il appeared lo inany . ,. . , . . ,. . ,,
aslrunomere, lingllah at well n. foreign- Whereat it l.tt been reported (hat tho
looking al the question in an a f;rfeeiiun. stock belonging to the Hudions Hay Com
ner thai this law might he inaccurSvr, pany are being sent on the west aide of
niMi men lore mat me aoiuuon nan ."""NNisnutlly river, in numbcra to great that
cnance oi ting a irue one ana icuuiie.. ;
laiiv:!. in imiug nil, inio , iiii iiwumii'-i
Is very fear must have occurred aliko
(n Adami and Leverrier; but ere Ihey
, proceeded far with lli-ir work, Ilia
lno,t important truth car.io out that, at
an epoch tho most ino-rentout of all, Ihn
two planets, Neptune imd Uranus, held
that precise relallvo position in regard of
uio sun wiiltli renuerec, error in uistance
of no moment In rcsprct of llie new plan,
rt, place lluT position where it afjiutod
ttietr ettlinaln ol Ilia planet's mast only
,.n,bo u ,, dly to
SuppoaS tha Bun, Uranus and S
Mtutei wt( n 0 facU
The following Illustration wl
tills Idea
eptune lo
other as
rcprcaenlco: oclow
l a
Kao. Uresis-. hrptcms.
which were their relative positions in
1BV0. It will be apparent al once, that it
matters not what iho distance of Neptune
may be, whether it is situated el 1 or 'J;
Iho kind nf nslluenco it will exert over
Uranus will be the aaine, whatever its
distance. To exercise a given degreo of
Influence, however, the mitt or the planet
must Increase aa Its dittanoo Increases,
and vice vena. But farther, in a few
yeara these orbt, 1 and 3, owing to the
diuerenoo in tneli velocillee, would be
Mi.an-i maau a..
-. . ..
aesutai. uetr
wm.1i! a aa aa
they would aet tltBawaag Oaaue aa tha
tame direction.
This fact however, (the conjunction of
the two planeta in Win,) although wr
fectly adequate to explain the conformity
of the two orb., within the period border
ing cither tide or 1$-.U will not, it it cvl
dent, extend much beyond that neighbor-
hood ihedillerent velocities of bodies an
sn very different distances would cause
thriii toon to diverge to mat in vw,
when the discovery was actually made,
their positions in the aky would hold with
lll'M i-utmiwia tat atti- ani n uutu iiwtw etflll
... th olIlcr no t0frmblo degreo of proxlm.
', , ,?
ITI.0 lecturer ben had rccouno again
I "' unus uccasun.cu UY iin- irwc aiHl
i-H.tj. 1 t.. ...t.s r.rihktnn alaiiihl
be nj;
N..c.-t.B. ... ...-. . ..-- i-...-..
I :" ,...,'T... .".i.'..L. . .. ' ' i i..
- exilllsiTeiy lo uincinni inrmiMran
t-nllrd Ocular Iniiiuulllies. wh'c-h relali-
vMi tuiar iiuquuiiiici,
exclusively to listanco. All I
llieso tilings
"''"' ' '" ' i;!,lri;icr, ""'' ',y,"'f .'T
of hi dltgnuii, but we tnnnot rcMit
Mi . if t
them to our reader, Inasmuch a. wear..
I JwwWt. I.. rrrt Ihts ismlW-or a MarXHonrrf..
In conclusion he anid-
them to .nir reader, inasmuch as o an-
I i . .. J "" "" "l'""
' It aeeinol In inn to nquiro this ad.lij MmnKm lo renpect
tional cxplnimlion to give to llie it-w '.M ua(lliui 0r0r f
-j" "" ; .
iiunciiiniiieiciici-s, nm. iu riiiii.e mo in u. i
tort that til oil natx-t In the lulsirt nl tlm,
llluslrlous nun wIhmc footsti p we Iibmv
" tracing, loino tonii ri'imoni-sirr-
M "Utifnl, idmrmlurircd by ll h.HM
(-., ,... ...... n ,u .. ,
iifliler Iriniiiti!,-,. Nrllher. t
.. rr .
1 rlui
it whollx 11111iM.lf.il in vindication nl mmi)
., i - .. . . i
existing kiiowlolgo of our sysluiiV me oca of profit and . 11111' ' ' iotillou"
chaiiUiii raett the fact r.jii.ite i WI0K thartercman-tcd from the gern.
eiinhh- u to upoh theories, raiiiiol nil , ,, . i,..,.,., .i ,,i, . ,
1 1 ' i v . t 1 ment of Cireat llnttin, and who aro 10
c-ourse be h.uleiHil On wo must wait mid 1 "lcl" ' ' .. ' .
wnich oh the egen unroll themselves; but them aecountablc Tor their act.,
iu nspeil of our ability to understand .ijlt That at It hat never liccn tho po
Hi. in when aiiiilmd I cannot now dlen. cv of , lie Federal Uovornmenl In enact,
u trrni. Il ia not ixisslhlo that In lids placu , ', . ,. ... f..,i
1 can deniointrati or confirm it, but vel in '"B Bron,ln8 '0 rl6'" ofl'wmptlon,
conlldtfuco 1 .Hedge that a lime la not far ond othor conformable lawa to Induce the
distant when wo shall ho able 10 extend, pedy neltlemenl of wild tracts within the
aa it were, a great chart through our ay. 1 (Titttoal Stalet, to grant tald benefit, toany
torn, on whioli every orb bclonaing toll'
will leave an Imnrew of il. nluiioiin ns
clear to the skilled rye, in tho lim- mi Out
Ilium of a leaf to the microscope of i.
ixitamat ay, building on tin ae promt la.
bora of our it may hi, as time "Pkilr
r.i, ..... - -mm .. ..... b ..." v
grund stellar avatema, havini' iiihoII.hI
ll.eirirder, we .hall stretch th. r. H ev. n
pat., that with hand aa firm among tho'e
such a plan and chart lo which Hi
throbbluge of these rritiro starry unlvvrao.i
shall report themselvet. and where lliey
will Impress their harmonlea --for the ln
tpectitn 01 man 1 (.ureal appiaute.j
At a matting of Iht dtlttnt of La wit
county, Md at Iftwroarket oa laaoth
day of November. 1848, tat) followlag pre.
oaediagt war bad.
Tho meeting wat called to oratr by M.
T. Slintnoot, whereupon William Paaiu
wood wat chosen chairman, aad BanHsH
0. Crockett aecrttary. The fckjeot Jt taw
meeting having been axplaiaed fat a tatia.
(actory mamstr. on motion of A. B. Bob.
i, a atwaaMUea of thrto
ttre of the' tthae of tho roetifiig'
The chairman appointed A. D. Robin
son, Hamuel 11. Crockett, and J. N. libey
on said committee, who rnado the fellow.
1 rnnri.iivli!
. . , . tho
tallon will be contumed by aaid stock, to
Iho grctl detriment of actual aettlert on
aaid aide of aaid stream : and whereat a
great portion of aaid cattle belonging to
said society are what are generally termed
Spanish cattle, known to bo but little more
domesticated than tho hardtof bufTalothat
range the plaint ; and that If suffered to
mix and herd with domcttio rattle belong.
Ing to settlers, great lost will inevitably
result to raid aettlert, by suffering the
grievances above-stated to remain unro
ll reavd.
Therefore, be it retolved
1st. That when the American citlzent
first determined on locating themselves at
I'uget't Sound as permanent settlers, many
obttaoles ol a discouraging nature were
throw n in their way by aaid society or H.
II. 0., in order to induce them lo abandon
their cherished object; at timet using mte
repreatntation and fraud, and when thla
fulled to answer their en.!, fore waaffo
ken of with impunity. k-
3d. That we hold the conduct of Wan.
aaataaeaataaa ta kiweaai AsaW.
Llatagt. aagisaasjaji jlastawS awa4ataAaaJiB ftateataU aVJaWaVa.aA gaas
AaMaM twtNafa'Vv Wl tttfalal faaWf taWawawel ihB
yKtala laada that We, the aaid -Ted tale,'
pretended lo claim by certain reterrauoaa
made la tho treaty of boundary between
iho Un!ed Sutea and Ureal Britain, la
faiorof nn I'uget't Sound Agricultural
Society wliewicjjell knowt that no tuch
reservation exists; ana meto direct acta
or atsumptlont of power are only equalled
b the bate subterfuge in attempting to
hdd other large tracts of land by an appa.
rail acquetcctico in the provisions of tho
Oganio Law of this territory, by having
minis of land recorded iu tho office of the
'Jerritorial recorder, in the names of aer.
nlt of toidcompany, when In fact, in a
i AiiJ'Mlnuuihor of catee,
ju aerTaiiia wws
Ignorant ol mtui K-uaiioiit, elKl'llterwaiUe,
-.,t.i r-.n il, lt.,li,.l Si.im:
-""V1"" "" - '
ilin n-iim the nnucrthev can exert over
,C11C uroaturr ol their will, to Iho man!
fist Injury of the country, and for tho ad
' ,., , ' ,.
ancemeni oi ineirowu agKr..u.H-...c-....
3d. That while we, aa American clti
feci excrvtlo that binds citlzent in
the laws an J treaty
o eminent, yet, Rt Iho
f,,l i.alousofimv lnfriii"e-
me, e fu I j'aInuorm.y infringe. I
illi-tDMi- v liilidiiultthoh.ie
,,.,.. in. r ... . I ' , ... '"i.1
- ' . ,
ment on
n p,,,,,,
,.il)fc, ,mn,t u ,u ..ti.l i. , -lour
n p ,,,.,, nni"i..a 0f all h) K-rson,
lltginnce to forclcn
n monutcliK - 011
d I'-.!
.,, linn .mn O,i.on. or those
oilier than American cilixens,
wl.n Imil il. elated their Intention lo bo-
,-om. sin h In u legal form 1 that audi will
Hi. lirovj-'oii. orthe autlcipated grama
ui ininJ l i'tin rs in mi'ii .niurj '
,,!,, .i.ml.i in Tact, a depart.
, . . , ., Jr. 1..
w f""" ' lol,l' talabllr-olicy of the
government would evcntu.ie in uo goou.
Wh. That we view me claims ano iro-
nrovemtntt made by the Puget'a Sound
0th. That we view the clalmt and Inv
A grUuhuflX Society tinoelkeratWcatkwIkept meitt. ktf.
tftanr- aasWa atwaawv-tj BPaVsVIPiA-.-i 'i-1 ,1H
alaaaaTalllrl1!' ' 'w'uavMikil
. aktaBata aaaiaa''aat katal mk
"-"awswlalfwiaaaf taaViaaV -ftw' talB t fj
rieaa tatiaatw, a W,
tha aanit aa aall
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arettibiaatW aayAaiirliMi
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Company, or Puget'a ftaad Ai
SocleW, for too atrraata la Use
aaia aocieiy, ava aiwoiuiiina; w m sum,;
lew tald peraoat fcr wboa taM MatH i
located art'outof the emaloyastat at
society, or company, and have tvtlle-J a
and continue to occupy the taata. '"''
7th. That tha American aettlert at
I'uget't Sound are under ao obllgalUaa la
tald company or toclety, to attflbr tha ria
vtncot above Mated to rtaaUi.wradiiaaV
aa a favor. r
8tb. That Wnitata F. Telavle, aUaf
tervant of the etid comeanr or aealiir.at
Fort NUqually, be requeeted fcrAwt la
remove aay atoek of aaid atewy laai are
now on the weet aide of taM rivet Hat-
qually, to the eatt tide of aaid MMtas, aa4
continue to keep them tttre aa-yaata
determined that aay atiek gritraaei akaa
not be tuflered by tha Aasttiaaa aasHtw.
Oth. That aa aaid aoelety kit aaHiraly
refuted to furolab Atawrieaaa wi ttttf,
at any price, until quite reaiatly, aad
now when tboatTara owered (or aale thay
prove to be the moot laferioref dta'awtk,
and tbcee at aa einotbetaat prief t Thai
to tttla. aaia all other acta of aaiatnolely,
we know that their aim it oaly their m
lotereet, while it Uaa laeaH la tha etas.
moo aeaea of aay ostaiatjaity.
10th. TWae-ta7elaW.fweiiateof
tbUmeetfattha aaattaWaa. F. atsatie.
obief aerraat ef tha Hadtaa'a say
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At our reedere are aet Ukaly la ha aaa.
plied for the pretest year with
published here, for waat of priaten, we
publish a Counting Hooee' Almtato, aa
the beet that the BPECTATUK urrtvc
can do ia thla respect.
The people of Oregon, ladiea aad all,
" mutt take the weather aa It cornea,"
until they obtain enlightenment from "el
manao makera" abroad.
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s'j j jkite
i atlas axasati
1 S3
-I' X' B' 7
8' 9110
llflS 1314
IS 1617
J 'IS 19 00,81
S3 33,34
J .JIjJJifijglJSaoJlT
J . 33 at'u 96 a; M
' 30 I ' J 8
8 9 10:
ilia is1 14
C 7) 8 9 10 11 U
13 14,15 10 17 I8l
0 31 33,83
Slfii S9 30 31
3 4
t .10 II IS
J 17 18 19
13114 lli
l84lSJ,.S6',97 9e.,J0;
1. .....-. Koa.. tone of the farm-
. n,..in.a In Doatea latt winter, Ool.
Thayer gate hla arde of preeertlag agga,
.. fZ. , T.V. a auart of atlt aM
three quarttof lima, j4J,n,J
the whole, ttlrreduaaad tUtaaltrai, ia af
the contlttenoy of ortan haa pat ia the
"B?he Matt. Plouajtmaa fff tha fcUaw.
Ing from a Bherburae oorrtapeaann e
alum, and make
waahlrur. Put tha
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k: ail uwiha'aaal that'eeataiae the
eggt with tha tttaikmte fWtawtaata
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taata aawaaaBtaaa
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al lellS'ie'lT 1819 90
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aaolutiaaaa for white
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leave eat
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