Oregon spectator. (Oregon City, O.T. [i.e. Or.]) 1846-1855, February 10, 1848, Image 1

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WtMlWNrd tho Mar ol IlMatlra bakes lie waft"
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I BJ Pliiili 111 r II II lll it' 1 I ! I' I " l llnJLmtm """ n i.i MS- HH.iliHH.iliiltl.lMMJl.irilllilWlt
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BOAB IAW-CBMltt,1e1.
Abticli 9.
CffPtrton Habh to teorkon highwiyi, ij-r.
Boo. 1. Each malo Inhabitant oxer the
age of twenty one years, shall work uu the
public hlghwayi, within hi district, two
days In each year.
See. 9. All taxablo proporly shall be
assessed with and pay 01 n hlghw ay tax,
the itm of, not exccMIng ten cents, on
each ono hundred dollars of'rhc appraised
value thereof, at the dltorctlon of tho conn.
ly court.
Sec. 3. Tho amount of highway tax,
lull bo carried out In a scpamtq column
An theUupllcate oratate and cotfhty tnxes
'by the county clerk, and bo collected and
accounted for by tho county faasurc-r us
other county tax,
Sco. 4. The county clerk shall prepare
nd have ready for delivery to tho several
supervisors oflho county, by the first day
of June, annually, a list or the names f
all parson redding within their respective
districts, to whom any highway tax is
charged on auoh dupHoato, with I lie a-'
mount of the aame. '
Sec. 6. The persons so charged, shall
be allowed to work out audi tax. nt the
.rate of one dollar per day, and tho ut.
visor a receipt tnereiore sum ne rrroiveti
Inpayment by the county treasurer.
Axncu. 3.
Oflke rtrormanet of Ijtbor on IlighKuy.
Sec. 1. Tho supervisor shall .' " ,Bl
least three dnya notice lu nil pcixni", lin.
bio to work on hlahwavs in his district, of
lho tlroo and place, when ami where tht-
Hire to appear for that purMc met wuli
wnsi iinpicincnts.
Sco. 3. Tho notice aforesaid miy ho
given by tho supervisor pc-rsomll.v, r im
writing, lift at tho usual pluc-e nf rchlcri(
of the party.
See. 3. The supervisor Omll nikko to
each person, who shall nt his request lmr
furnished a plough, qr wacmi, ith n psir
of horses, or oxen, and dnor, an allow,
ance of three dys work Tor Iheinmo and
also in t roportka'tor a c htce.
Sec. 4. Every person lis'olo to work on
highways, other thaatupi rvisor, shall Imi
allowed I
lo commuto ajsuch woM or Hi
Jlicrcof, at tho rate of esjT d"ll
moncr shall, within twentV.fourltoura af
ter notice to work has been gixi-n, In paid
to tho proper supervisor, to linc.vpcudi.il
in tlio improvement ol tin- highway ana
bridges in his district.
Sco. 0. Btcry person nsscstvd to work
on tho highways, wlmn warned.ilisy ep-s-ar
in person, or by1 nn ulilo boJicif.inan
ns a substituto; and tho person ur uliMi
luto so SDm-srlni. shall arlnslU sink
eight hours in each day, under a-ponaJ(' j
oi iwciro ana a nan cenw lor every nour
such person or substitute 'shall lie in, de.
.ic. 0. If any such porvm nr his Mib.
Milulo i-lidll ; after oppcuring, remniii idle,
or not work faithfully, or shall hinder
otliers from working, such offender vhall,
for everv such olfcnod. forfeit tho stun ol
I one dollar
iiPcc. 1, Every Mrsoa so si
MtUB,,,! I AN ACT iMin n
duly notified, who shall refuss or
appear or pay, his commutation tat above
f provided, shall forfeit, for every jkf re
K I'usal, one dollar; if he was required to
p,i mmisn a loam, wagon, man, or other im.
plcment, and shall roTuse or negled to
comply, being tho ownor of such tenm or
implement required ho shall pay as fol low ,
1st. For wholly omitting to co
comtilr will
auoh requisition, three dollars for end
2nd. For omitting lo fumlsh n wagon oxj
plough, one dollar tor each day.
3rd.' For omitting to furnish a pair of
horses or oxen, ono dollar fir each day.
4th. For omitting to furnish a driver, ono
dollar for each day.
See. 8. Tho supervisor, shall within
tlxuisys after, any person so nses.sei and
lOtiAod shall bo guilty of any refusal or
.tegiect lor which a penalty is imposed in
hi article, sinless a satisfactory oxcuso is
rendered to liinVthorcfor, bring mi action
of debt for tho penalty imposed, in Ids nw n
jismo, boforo 'riy justico of tho pence or
tno county.
Sec. 0. Every penalty collected shall
he set oft against tho assessment ujirin
which it was iounded, estimating ov cry dol
lar collected as a satisfaction for ono dliyn
Sec. 10. Tho acceptance by a supervi
sor of any excuso for refusal or nvulect.
'A shall not In any case, exempt tho person
yi exoused, from his liability to work or com.
IM muto tho wholo number of days avMesscd
:i "C0" I'm tor tno year.
tiri Ram 11 X1M... H..l.ll- l.l-l.. 1..II
ifitlr -' huh puviiu iiiguiray bush
I-', 1 fuu uirougn or border on any plantation,
I ' A -" tnll Mcomo obslruotoil by tho falling
treS or otharwlu. Il alisll Iwi llm ilolv
of tho owner of auoh plantation to rcmovo
auch obstruction, as hooo, m the same
come to his knowlcdgo for which the su.
parvlaor of such highway, ahull allow him
a reasonable credit on his liability to work
on highways.
8jo. 19. That there shall bo twenty co.
pie of Ihi act, printed for the uto of each
oouoty In this Terrlj'iry,
Hon. III. AllniiWnr pailaiif aclatmi.
trnry In this net nro hereby rrpoalcil.
Seu. 1 1. TIiIh net to tnkn ell'net ami bn
ill fww fruiii and allrr il" paMai.
L W.CmiKt, Clerk. Hpeaker.
Appmviil'.'Mli Hei'., IMI7.
(lilt). AIIKIINCTIir.
AN Xl'T I" diihlo Slk Connly.
lie il nmclM l,V Ihr imur of lUfttitiu
luli'ift a ftirteon Itrritoru mjollmri i
S..e.'l. That Pullc fiiinity bo and
It lii'rebv diWileil, and tlint i biiiidnrii
mIiiiII lNnilillnni, i! t!mi ineneiiij; nt ft
iHiint in I lit' miililli' ol the iniiiii cliaiini'lif
llm U ilium, lie riei, l;asl nr llm ImllnO
ikiu iH'iupiul by Jiwlah Mnriii, mid ruifc
lllllj. llieneeiliio WVst, wf m tolnfllliliijl
luiiive nf Mild Mnriii in I'nlk nmtity, to
the I'tfi'ilio iioeon ; llieiier,lonfTlieiriit
ol' wil.l ncran, In Nrlheni ilireeimn. til
tlieSniilli line ot Vnmlilll lutinl), lliiniV
llasl ulung tiii'l linn l Ihe iiikI'J of ibo
main iliunn. 1 of lint jVillanieri rljfr,
tliPiieeH. hin the iitklille orriiiln ann
uel nfunid river Milm place ofhAlnnlnp.
Ati.M. HOMBItT NI'.WfTl..
t". W. CnnKK. t'li rk. Hpeukrr.
I'mvil Hi eemlT lllli, Ht7.
Al'lTuWil 9!ld Hill iiiIh r, H47.
AN t'T In rrrnlr ttlitl orsnililr Itllli'K (Yllltl)
llr il rnnrlril hi the mur n' UtfrtMtn.
titlim of Orrtfnn Ttmlnrii, fiilloirtt
S.O. 1. Thai nil Ihal pail of (lu,,n
'IVrntor) uluate un-1 l)in illiui tlm fol
Inuiu oi'mtiimii miuii'iarn s n nun n
In n lit' firmilnil ninl (inrntily. il niTu fl kiili '
nrnte'eounty under llm iiaum i.f lt ntni
""'V ;ri r
iiiulv, lo xvil: iiuiiiiii m ing in llm mill
i ol the v illaiiietle nvi r al the south
i list i oi i:i r oi I oik Loiintv .nut riiuuiiig
South along (lie nl.ull i liiinui I of nuidriv.
ir lo lie miililti' fok tliemif, lin nee up
aul miildli1 fork In lis soun r, tin in e due
Soiilh lijtlio I'.'il pnialtilnf North lalilmle,
lliiuie Vrt ulongsuid puralhl tolhel'u.
ullic Ociun, lliniu-e North along llm mast
of slid Ocean to the Southern houndury
ofl'olk county.
Hro. 9. That nil within said lioiinda.
ries shsxU cumpriso a county fir civil and
military jHirpows and bn under the sauio
laws, regulations and rinlrictions ns all
other counties in Oregon, and ho (iililhd
lo elect tho same county olTicers that all
attoceinllcwinnllllwllnrlisiil. ,
"VSferB.- iriN.1 fto county court. orsiW
in JMa' ."'"In"', v .7' '" iT I! "' i
Sec. I. That Niilhanii I I ord Ik- and
he is hereby nuthorii il to survey and
murk, out the lino In tweun Denton county
and folk louniv from llm point of be.
giimiiig lo tlm (Vast range of Mountains.
Imtt ft. Tho (jovcrimr is hen by nil.
ihoSril, ninl nmiiriil, to ap.int nll llio
officers nepessary for Ihe llii h nt organ
isation of lleiitou county ; said officers
to net until tlieir siiciessors shall he duly
eleded aiiil7piulilHil,
This net lo take IP ct and ho in force
from nnd after its passage.
Atitsi. iittinliiT Ni:vr-:i.i.,
C. V. Ciinsr., Clrrk. .SjKaker.
Approved '.':ii Dec, 117.
Iil.il. Alllill.M-.lin.
ilrllll 112 Ids hwilllirm IfMllilUrV ot
nuliiy, anil in rMSSlnli 1,11111 riiuiiiy.
iflnl bu Mi, llouir nf llrurracH
Idlirtt ol tirrion territory, Hijolloirrt
Sec. I. Thai the .Soii'theni iMiundary
nf ClinuiKieg (oiiiily shall bo loe.ili .1 in
llm follow lug manner: Coiuiui nciug in tlm
uiiddlu of the channel of llm Wjllumi Ito
rix-er ontsMilu thu mouth of tho Sanlinm
rllvi'r, tbeiico up said river lo llm north
fork, llicuie up naiil fork to (lie Cascade
mountains tin nee duo llusttotlie miiiiiiiiI
of tho Hocky mountains.
Sec-. 9. He it i nacted ihnt all I lint nor
lion iifiregon. 'IVrritory lying Souili ol
CliAlBjMb un.l Kast of lii nloii countiew
be' and jim sauiu is licreby called i.iun
Sec. !l. That tho suid Mnn county
sljall lw org.xiiiiil ns other counties anil
havo IteprcMiilnliwx nnd llireo Jus
tices of thu I'eaoo nnd othor olliicrs no.
cessary to carry lulu rlllct tho lawn of our
pnivlsMnal government.
fw i. Thnt tho (iiiveriior Im aiul ho
is hereby required to order and direct the
oitUcns of Linn county lo hold their an.
ma) election as in other couuiii a.
Sac. Tt. This act to tuko i (It ct and bo
in forco from and uflcr its passage.
Sco. (). All nets and parts ol nets eon
dieting with this act Im nnd tho snmo
aro horchy repe-aled.
Attest. H()iu-:iiT Ni:vr,i,i
V. V. Cikiki., Clerk. Speukcr.
Approved '-'8th Den. 1817.
AN ACT to sintnj Hit Orgtslelsir, prniaslnf
la sinks out Ihs ward r'gnlatt sinl iuwrt pflilU.
Sec, 1, He it enacted by Ihe UouttofUcy
reicntutivrt of Oregon Tirrllory, lieo-lhirdi
tf Ike membert concurring therein, That tho
sfxth section of tho Organic law lie, and tho
aamo is hereby, pmonded, sooatostrikooul
tho word "regutilflklKto tho samn occurs;
"to pass lawa to regulate, llm introduction,
manufacture, or aula of anient spirits" nnd
insort theword prohibit, so that tho said
sentenco shall read thus: lo pass laws to
prohibit tho introduollou, manufacture or
sain of ardent splr-its. ,
Sec. 9. And 1 it further enacted,
Orcgfoi City, (Oregon TcVrltotyj) February 10, 1848,
'i ' ' -U-JL .
ihnllhn unld iiniimied niiiriuliiionl, beside
heinu read nt tho jxilln nt thu ntixt sueeeeil.
hH ('( lloiT for Hcpnsentntites, slmll bo
voted ii'ii dirri lly by the olers of Ore
gon'Torrilory, oavhtiekil which llm xn.
lerdrH"ltes, vliixisliiutiiviitnrururnitaiiist
hajil pmHivtd niiK'iiiliiionl, shall cmitnln
I'ifher thn words "rrjfiinr" or "iirohihll."
('. V. CiMiKcrierk. Sieiiker.
A'iniiil, "JHtli Decnmlier, IM 17.
AV ACT lii aiiirml Ilia uslli ul fl ss pis
nnlifil in III' Ursiiiu taw.
Src. 1. Hr II nwrlril hy Ihr Itouit
of llepretcnlnlirea of Orfton Trrrilary,
at fnuoiri : That a ihiII Ihi nK'iud at the
next annual rlvillou lor taking tlio ynlOJif
llm people for, nr aiiiiliiitt uinendlliK "tho
until nf nll'u e, ns fiilliius You ilo mil
i mnly sweur, or iillirin, (ns the caw limy
Ih') llifit iiii Mill siiiipnrt the (ritnie, laus
ul the I'nniiiouol (loveriiilicnl (if Orejjmi,
mid Inilliliilly demean )ourilf in ullicv,
mi help Null (!ihI,
AttrM. ItOIIHItT NI'.Wi: I.I,,
('. W. t'pokK, t'h rk. Hpeaker.
Approxid '.'"III Deti. IHI7.
ANAirl'lu rtnl Ullli JlMlin of III" IVsen
auil imiii i'milulil in 'Ui ksniM i mini)
llr il rmtclnl In, Ihr nine n' Itriireien-
, ttttit a of Orrt!"ii Territory,
Hit'. I. TUt Ihe Mherill uf ( lai ka.
mas enii'ii) lit riiiilrnl lu imii I x the
iiualiri-.it Villi rs of mi. I loiinly, liiiinii
or ni ur tlio (.hIiiiiiIiiii J-loiinli, lu met tnt
house of Julio Suiixter, in lliiiOirsI
Suluidav in I'lbruary, A. I. IbIB, at
ttllc, ,,Mimg llm uulilinl voters shall
,.,.v.,.l iinl.misi-iliree mm iblu ih rsons lo
nil OMinlgisofil-iii ill. i whah said
iiiiiilil'iul voli rs shall inocn d loil.it by
ballot nun soluble in rsmi I ir -'.-li
tho I'nice mi I "lie .iiitiible pi rwm lor
Con. nil. lo, to ui t in ll.ut pniincl.iiu.l hold
llitiroffiein until til" Ul l-iiliunl el
tivn, nnd until lilt ir hiiecesyii i are did)
elected and yinlifliil.
See. 9. Tins net lo take rffic-t, mil
be in force, from ninl alter its passage.
Attest, koukht m:wi:i.l.
C. W. Cooxr, Clerk. Speaker.
Approved 9-th Dec, H47.
AN ACT suilimliw Willunn llusim. Will.
lsnillswili.iHl ihrlr islrslo coostmcl a
-),, Jr( ),' fa fa"i $ HejmP
'".! W Willhm Hughes, U',11.
.... ,,' ,,.... .i ,i,i, ...,. i,4 ....i
am Hamilton mid their associates be and
they are hereby nulhorUcd to construct,
wagon rond across the Cascade Mountains
in llm vicinity of iho Sautlnin river, to in.
tere-i pt llm old road in tlm xnlleyof the
Mnlheur rivcror iiistwnrd thereof.
Si c. 9. Said rond shall lie madu so as
loadiiiit of wngous passing ill safety by
llm 1st of Seiitoiuber, V I. IHIH.
.See. !l. Win ii said itiad Is ompli ted
it shall bo the duty of llm snld mad coin,
pany to resirl the atno to thu (overuor
whoshnll npHiint u Coinmiss'oner ul the
said coinpiiiiv'n expi use to view said roud
mid r. irl under oalh Ih" condilnni of
s.iiil ro.ul. And if it is the opinion of
slid Commissioners thnt wagons tuny
p.ins the road ill safely It will li law till
lor Ihe said rood company to collccVtflll
ut llm following rules, vk: For every
w agon or other w hot h d carriage and tenm,
three dollars; for.mili head of horses and
mules, ten cents; fur each head of cattle,
six cents; fur eneli head of bheep, Ihrrn
Se. t. And mi id road company shall
hv ku ping the rond upon and, in good re.
pair Iip i nlilli. I lo tlio nlsivn mentioned
rates of loll for thu term of llireo tears,
win ii they shall surrender Iho jtald road
wilh nil thu improvements thereon tothe
(iiiverument there alter1 to bo free lo all
pi rsons vvhiilHoc-vi r.'
Se-e. fi. This net to take efTe-Ot, and lm
in force, from unit after ils'pssssge.
C. XV. Cooki , Clerk. Speaker.
Approved 'jail. Dec, IH17.
AN ACT mmil.i( for hotUn( Circuit Courts
la llm ruunlii-ii uf llcnlon snd Usn.
Sec. I , lie il ennclcd by. the llotut of
tirprncnlalim of OreuoniTerrllory, Thnt
Iliu times of holding Iho Circuit Court lu
thu counties of llonloii and Limi shall bo
Ins follows,- In Iho county ofLinn, on tho
seeoiio niuiiuay oi ri'iiruury miiuliuiii-i.
ill tho county of lleiilon, on Iho lliinl
Moiiduv of February nnd August
Hva. 9. The Judgn of Iho Circuit
Court Khali receive one hundred dollnra hi
addition to his present salary, ns I full
imnpi nsnlion for thu extra duties imiiosrd
ilion him hv this act. J
Sco. .1. This not lo tako cftoct, and bo
in force, from and alter its passage.)
Attest. UOllERT NKWIiLli,
C. W. Cookk, Clerk. Speaker,
Annroved 98lh Doc 1847. ! )
AN ACT sutlioriilng lbs Tressnm to es-
rlianvA Hrrin.
.See. 1. 7im7 enacted by the Houieof,
Repretenlativei of Oregon Territory, I hat
when any iorsoii shall presenMny lawful,
lyatlcsted Territorial Sorip.or draft, to
tho Territorial Treasurer, and hVdcslrous
of having llm samd exchanged fur Hcrip
or drafts of n smaller denomination, IKhall
bo tlm duly of said Treasurer to tini.ool
the scrip, or draft when presented, by Is.
sulii(?sorliior drafts In thu amo amount,
In denoiiiinalluim to suit tho applicant.
And said Treasurer shall In ullowc d tliore.
on two per tent to bu paid hv tho Territory.
Hco. 9. This act to like effect and lie
In force from and after its passage
C. W. (.'onKP, Clerk. SH.ukur.
Approved 9!lrd I)ou.f IHI7.
Tho tlauii lor 4'H(llN Timber wild
Itr.MAiiKs in Nr.w Yon Parmrii'hCmii.
Col. t'tarkf-h Is olnurvcd that aboiil
llm middle W August, no linioiis mat.
oaij rornieu lu yri
eSClo cut elthm- itr
Is lornieu lu vent, II is in vrr prop.
!o cm rhlicr fcr fuel orllrbber while
i .. i. !.... in... ,1.
trees must lie taken into rouilerotloi ,
thmo of nmliiru gnmlli arc best, inir
trees have Ihm'H foinel in Knglaiid thirty,
tno fert m ill.iiii. ler, hut hollow, groning
mi llioiliull. lulls.
Mr. I'de. of Srm Jtrtry, Cut your
wood for fililnr fir tlinlier (as the old
s tying i) in llm old of the moon! in Au
gust !
Mr Mneomlitr I ngreo to that max.
im. It is beil to i ul our lues in Ihv
, nuijerii f iresls lit Hull lime, tlieV il not
tin n sprout ugnlii : I nolo imu Him mo
I acres
Mr. llitwlnj I lie iii'viu hxn nothing lo
do vviih il, but lie- litter pari of August
, is lln ImM Hum In i lit Uovvn a ion si,
lo i ut ilowii a hire st. to
if I nreveut inoUtliiL' from llm stumps.
IW. Cliirk VVh'i-, Ihe sap vessels ol
trees an- full, il eill, thu aceliuueid of the
sap iiimi'diai Iv iK-gms mi injurious ope.
ration oi. the wood itsi If. The very bark
snd i hips of lb" In is i ut at such a linn-,
are found lo bo very bridle. Tlmslringth
of thu tto'ids fibres is conscnsully much
injuicd. Hut when the treo Is cut whru
tho sap is down, both Iho bark and the
wood will be found to bo tough.
Mr. I'iir'rt our Jcrsevmon out
oaks fur wheel sisikrs in June, peel on
t, jali nll,
k L,I1CI
exponei.ee a
lion, simo ci
tlm liak, niel lliisio wno trauo in me
nisliiess havo nover found fault
'Trnvrr w sssuilsstssl ..-r J
TalliM'litf According tox;iy
experience a principle governs this ques
tion, somo cullrits In Juno men ly for
tho hark fir Die uses ortlio tanner. Hut
whin Iho tree Is wanted for strength and
durability, number principle must Imi ob
served, A tree cut when full of lis sap
rlshes ruiiiilly; the reiiulrimeiits for
upccilv ilisiollilioii ol tile I
then ex.
1st nnd operate-.
This leads me lo remark upon an anal.
ogous consideration, that of tho proper
period fir the transplantation of certain
trees. It has Ih-i ii rromoiisly complain,
rdnf ns a difficult operation to transplant
Ihr I'vergriens. Now ns to iheCislar,
you cnii obsi no if xnu plcnse, that this
evurgrii ii sheds its en Ms uhout Iho Inst
of Si pt. nili. r nr l In- brgiiiiiing of October.
At this l rul von eau transplant lliecc-
iW with proper enrens lu its nwli, o.,
wilh ns lillln loss as other trees, but al
no other limo.
I might, perhaps, properly remark that
the ruling passion ot iho tree must ho oh.
served nnd obeyed, if wo would Mieeiul
hi Its proper liinmigement. And, indeed,
il is c-i rtniii thnt In tlm annual grow lli of
n trie, llm new loncentlie- Injur ol womly
fibro which is annually formed, is due to
tho proems of tlm sop and its picullnr
action. This process will not en.lure in
lerrupllon, hut will prove lo you by. its
loss, that the Ireo must not Ihi trnrnqdilpt.
td, except whin this great process is s,u,s
Huiled lor llm year. j
Mr. Pile I suppose the Dealers in
wheel KKikeH ought to know hut still I
am of opinion, that the proper lima for
fclling trees fir fuel or timber, Is uudoubt.
sdly wjieti Iho nap is down.
Mr. Jlmcley. Uswosual uommlssion.
e rs and (icuoral (Jov eminent, re-qiiiro
th.il tho timber they want for public ser
vice, should bu all cut in winter.
Mr.Metg: Tlio Utility or this discus
sion Is In bring to tho know ledge of ninny
who do until now It, Ihal them Is n proper
limo for cutting wood lor ftnl or building
very fur inoru valuable than aoy othor.
Many u mnu lias sutltrcd liy tlio iiieinn.
lure decay of iho llmlier used by him in
various buildings, without knonW that
tho wood was cut ot tho wrong! Reason.
Our object is to say this for publl&aood.
Me. f ,l,-Ai,fill,l llm rSlnrlli Vil Nao.
land, Oak limber cut for tho barhj
tanning, in tlio iniuuio ni ino summer, xras
nfler being stripped of tho barRoHcrait
In Dealers in limber. Thcso VierrtTirln.
nlpally knee for boats and vessels but
(ho Dealers would not buy them. On fu
ture trial, thcso knees and timhora vvcro
found lo ho brittle and short, They
should limn been out in wlntor, when tho
sap is nut I When first cut, that timber
was pronounced to bo ironyvery tough
nnd hard,
Cure for Warts. Tho Rdllorof the
Massachusetts Ploughman gives instaneea
of tho removal of warts by the applioa.
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For Ui Offfwi Hiecislr.
Mr, Tiilitor, A wonderful and horrible
thing committed In tlm land. Tho Prei
murlnd'aiid an IMitor vlutlinlwd lu con.
nriueiie of a majority of iliu Directors of
tho printing assooiatioii, huvlug informuiJ
(I. Ii. Curry,, that his sorvlucs vicro no
lunger required as IMitor of the Oregon
Spectator. Thus eoiifurring ujsin him
" thu happiness of lenving tlm services of
so coiitcmpliblu n tliipie," us ho cntls
Now Mr. IMitor, I hntn n fiw word to
say in rxpluiiaiiou of this wonder and
though Air Curry, may lliinl; llilsoominu
,.ianl rr.Umiiiloii on llm null of one
... ... . ' , .. .... ,V!t.i.i f.
" I"' I"". IHI "I. tl IHII.III.I ...-
in iliunrsianu wnui i uuvnio soy. iiiiw
first trtacc, I remark, that Mr. Curry puis
an altogether fa I so issue hvfirn the public
lie would have it believed, that his dis
missal was in consequence of the puhliui.
tioti of " thu Thomtoe rV.-sidlilion." The
lullauy of this will appear from tin: fuilow.
log sluemriits.
A Aw days after tho Aniiiinlinei'iing of.
the slock holders of the- printing v.' in.
limi, tlm I'n sidrut tallod u inei ting of tin'
Isiard ofdircctoro; on.llist oceaniuii a re.
solution was introduced to inf. mi Mr.
Curry, that after thirty days, his services
would no longer bo, required as editor of
the- Oregon Spectator. After son.e few
remarks concerning the matter, n motion
was madn to lay I ho resolution on tho ta
ble, for tho present, for the purpose of In-
funning Mr. C. of tho fact, and to give
him tlm opportunity of resigning rather
than to havo the resolution of his dismissal
upon the journal. Thi was unanimously
greed to, at least, no one mado any oh.
jatnion, nor was there cvon man, who
made any objoetkxis to tho resolution, or
who sroke Is. favorof -Mr. Curry as Kditor;
Imt trSite"fO.ta- My sarrvtmu ibe pa
per, agreed, that il was on tho downward
inarch, and that it was very unpopular,
and that but littlo interest was taken lu tho
rusal of its columns. 1'lie princijiul
complaint was, that we got no local news;
thnt Iho pages nf the Oregon Spectator
were destilula of any information of Ore
gon; Hint extracts romposeu the greater
part of tho editorial labor, and that it did
not advocate Tompcraucu or Morality,
but with a reluctant spirit. This Mr. Hdi-
tor, was about tho sum total of tho first
meeting. It was agreed to, by tl e bnanl,
that Mr. Lovejoy should speak to Mr.
Curry the next day upon the, subject, and
we expected as a matter of course, that Im
would resign Inunodiately, for tin- reason
that ho had said as much on tho evening of
the annual meeting, which was to this ef
fect. " Tell Nowell ihnt in case the lioard
mi cts to night, to lender my resignation."
I inferred from thai, and huvu lit aril Mr.
Curry say, thnt he never would wait lo he
turned out, hut would leav.i when ho snw
auy thing nf tho kind,, or knew of it, I
thought ii wasJusticu to Mr. Curry lo tell
him, belore Wo resolution passed, of tho in.
lentionofthe board ofdirectors, and would
havodono it in v self, had I known before
tho meeting took place, of tho Intention of
tlmgeiillcmuii who introduced iho rosolu
lion; hut, I knew nothing of tho kind, and
did not expect il that night. At lids timu
Ihero wasatnlk of gelling another editor,
but nothing definite. Ueforo Mr. I.ove-
joy saw Mr. Curry iho noxt morning, somo
one of Iho board of directors had inform
ed Mr. C. uf tho o veiling 'h proceedings,
which frustrated our most sanguino ex
pectations. From that lime, Mr. Curry appeared
much displeased with tho lioard of direc
tors, nnd his countenance betrayed his de
sire to publish any thing that would bo
unpleasant lo them, or injurious to tho as
sociation. Tho board met at the time ap.
.ji few evening after tho first
meeting. Mr. Lovejoy waa absent, Mr,
llrooks askod to bo excused as he had
some writing to no, ami consequently ten.
Tho board of directors proccedodto bus),
ness. In Ihe courso of Iho evening's con
versation, some ono, I think myself, men
tioned that the resolutions concerning, J.
Q. Thornton were about to be published.
One of the member laughingly remarked
that he thought there wa much nt tier of
more Imporlanoo to' tho publlo; that the
Legislative coramlttoe In session, bad pars
ed many ants, unknown to the People; that
No, 1.
an Indian war was; on hand that thos
resolutions wrrn of lltllolmportancotoour ,
rcmhirs, and to publish thcin at anotiier t
.. Ill t. J. II Stf - '
line,wouiu oa quuo as wen. fuvawif j
to tlm conclusion, to respectfully rtqus.l
tho editor not to publish those resoluth
as. they woro of but littlo Importanob I
tlio public, liaving Men lost in tne rtv
II lit ho never was, tolil not to publish f
nor was he ever forbid to put anxj
In tho Spectator whntover, nor
Curry discharged under that preu
but tosHsMiiM) with hit sorvicos trail
conlcmputlon licfjro tlnso resolutions ov
er oamo Into existence, and this Is woll
kB) lojiMiny, and can bo proven to all jj
wsXtr1! MU tho trouble to cnii and an.
nuJtf!r OriindorslgnLi!. 8-t-lng thi
MrvCfajf;srajj, disposed to bu dlsOMIgl
ml ataMaawi WKhhiscinploycrs, I llioi
tt sfH'WMli J Mm ofrnndlethlfflfl
This la niv reason fir x otitis for tho IX
lutlon to dixpensc !th his sovicca liraaaf'
date. Wlmt I have done with regard I
Mr, Curry, I hntodono under a srnss of
duly, nod hud Im ken my brother, to havo
tnl.tu any other course, would, in my
opini n hne Ucn wrong. !ttl most sur.
prising lo iiic, that Mr. C. Jms been ono of
the ljoard.oflirectors foi the last year, and
neje luiknioi leasing, nut appcariu nun
pleaxc-d with his situation and company;
tlail he should drop oft" Im suddenly and
'condemn llic balance, by liolding them up
to ridicule, nnd in his word of porting
siy, " they should be conspicuously kept
before the public eye." I fancy Mr. Curry
has taken lids course to excuse himself,
for tho failure he lis mado in editing tlm
paper ns ho wants us to bclievo that if
lie lias cuinmiltc-d any error, It is not of the
heart. This may bo true. I asked Mr.
Curry as politely as I knew how in be.
half of tlio President and directors, not to
publish those resolutions, but at the saane
time told him, llicy did not say he should
not publish them ; I also asked him as a
favor not to publish them, but never said
liny, should not be published, and he .wall
knows It, and believe that I do no't'ner.
xeresr did oaV about it pa'atleuhn-lyTs
course no nas UKcnm tins ausir, I presons
is not the first act nf tho kind, bt no doubt
ho has much experience in thi mode of . J
gaining popularity. Ilolswelcomo towbat
he- has made from me. ,
The cx-cJitor wishes to inform soma of
iho members of the Printing Associslioo,
that they only have a right to set in judge
nient upon his publio character, that his
private character is his own. Mr. Editor
duos ho mean to say by this that hi prl.
vnte character is somewhat impaired and
will not help to bear up his publlocharao-
ter; or dues ho mean that ho ha nono at
all, or that he ha an exclusivo. right to
set in judgement upon the private cbnrao.
ter of others, w ithoul giving them on op.
portunlty to utter the truth.
Rtspcctfullv, yours, &o.
Danocr or UsSItl-sk Bi'iiali. In t)
New-Ipswich, N. II. n girl about eleven
years of nge, named Clarissa Fox, who
had been for a limo in declining health,
suddenly becamo worse, and died, to all
appenrnnco. The day follow ing, at about
thesamo hour in which her decease look
place, a faint color was seen to tingo her
cheek. This led to efforts to produco re.
animation. Day after day passed. Eve
ry means vvnsuscd that could bo devised
for the purinsc cold baths, warm batlis,
friction, blood-letting, blistering, dec
Food was administered in enemas, as wero
also metiiuinos calculated to act
(ul on Iho system. But not the I.
parent effect was produced. No
testation of life appeared, exaent In Ike
daily return of that faint llngc) of ooler
upon i no cnccK ; ami this regularly ap
peared at a certain period in every day.
My father visited tho child on thoiin-Mii.
iiisi.i aay anor sno wont into this statu
I ler appenranco was bi every respect
that of o corpse Of course there waa no
decomposition; but thorn was cvorvolh
or demonstration of death.. Several daya
later my molhor thinks four or five,
which would extend tho limo to the thirty,
thin! or thirty-fourth day at the usual pe.
rlod of tho return uf slight color to her
cheek, the girl revived, and was restored
to consciousness and speech. Tho chain
In urlilnli XihA liArl twtjtn mr. Iamm I.A1....I
wa broken. But thero wa not sufficient
viiior.rcmainlnir in Iho svstein far uenna.
ncntrocovory. Nature was exhausted!:
Bho did pot appear to havo been oonsolouf
w, .mv .i. w ., w, w. ,.v ,.tv uniiii- jyl
tioo, but ald she wa very sick and should "s.
die that alio wa willing to die, and tats
vpnuwi . -, ,.t
I havo given qmcand souroes pf la.
formation In the, above narration, hnoene "'
Ihi seemliur taorwHMIltY of the etonr
mantkit. 'Iatdddm the) aveat'oeour
in iboi on 803, ai my rather, I lv
. .." .::ci - . . .'"
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