Oregon spectator. (Oregon City, O.T. [i.e. Or.]) 1846-1855, November 25, 1847, Image 2

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    iy Hte3iiwjl '
. i. cobby, iDrroir w. r. hcdmn, hunter.
refM City, Hot. SS, 1M.
!TWa'taiadtetl arival of the Iw Janet,
CaiiMb IMaf , far CaUotala papers to the 3d of Octo
lib Tswyoaataia a aawa of coaaiiioeace.
Can aww i ma Baaae veteo from our fair
at M. J. B. have disappeared moat unac-
WiM'wa be fevered witk another copy ?
OThe WaUaMtto rhrer ia raking Tery rapidly at
.Ihiaaaiat The raoaat warn raiaa an clearing the
lead of anew.
CTTbaaJUMaJ expreaof the Hudson's Bay Co.
fraaa England, arrived at Fart Vancouver on Saturday
hat '
Tbb Bau-To Bight there will be a pleasant
gathering at the City Hotel tojoia ia oar friend Ma
grader1 be! It will be a delightfnl affair no doubt
aright ejreeaBdHthe poetry of BJetW apd all that, to
aayaathlaf of the eld bachelor who intend being
tharo to uilaarar to BBarove their miserable condition.
Tberefore irk atteattai !, and don't be hard hearted.
Repeal the CarreMcy Law.
Ia a week from Tuesday Btxt the mcmbeni of the
LegiaktarawUl assemble at lata place for the ptraose
ofenteriaf uain thediachargaofthekduUea. Aawe
will aat tome another paper aatU after they will ha.va
eanraaedt wo have a few general remark to stake
which we hope will be worthy of conalderaUoa. Now
wo- have no doubt but that the Representative elect
will perform their duties faithfully eo far aa they an
conecioua of them, and we will bo pardoned there
fore If la our present undertaking wo abould remind
them of matter that may ahape thiaawWai man
duties. Law an or abould be made for the pafcUe
good, consequently their enactment to of each faapor
tance aa to demand the moat careful and rigid coBsld
eration. Yet, notwithstanding all the purity of pur
pose the wisest deliberatione.'aUtutea will appear up
on the atatate book "in the beat regulated" legtaUtare
which after legislation ia obliged to correct. If a law
ie found to be unjuat in ita operation, when the aplrit
of all law to joatice, abould it not bo repealed at once,
without any herniation? If a law to proved to be made
up of material that doe not favor the common right
the principle of which it to no honor to uphold
should it not bo repealed? The people the democ
racy, abould aupport nothing but what to right And
what u right ? That which doea noooe wrong f No !
That only which dot a positive good.
With these reflection and conclusions then w turn
our attention to an "Act relative to the currency" im
pudeullyatarittg at us from the 2d No. Vol. 1 of tlio
Spectator, now before us, being among the first law
adopted by this Territory. Now we bold that no con
dition of circumstances con ever justify laws of this
Mors Immkisant. Ily Iho subjoined letter it will
be aaen that another company of immigrant have ar
rived In tho valley by the Southern route making a
aarprUingly short trip having left the Mates tlm Mil
of last June. "Tho almost impassable Kan yon." U
certainly being redeemed.
I'olx Countv, Oiikoom,
Nov. Kith, 1817
I'orctuii lullllRenr.
Iukhnh. 'I'll" distress in Ireland contin
ues. ( In tins subject, tin Alius of March '-'.',
nuj'h :
" In tin- iiu'iui tunc there would apiicarto
lie wiinc Might abatement (if the prevalent Ir-
I ish distress. The cllbrts so lot if,' made, mid
so persovcringly iiiakiii lor the relict ol our
i". ' i .... i . i! - i... ri ...I ......
Dear )3lR I havo tho pleasure to m,. furnishing hi'ihri-ii across the Chunnel, uro
nouncotoyou tho safo nrrivul hy the South- ",w beginning to have 11 visible umcliorntio
orn route ofa fourth company ofiinmigruiils Hied iin tin- condition ol the hungry h.
of 20 or-moro wiaons. This party left,!''''- Hut it will take time to reacdi the depths
Z" m . . .' .' . 'I I . " . I... . I... .... .!.... I. ...... I..
Illll UCillg lit till1 " m'CII lllisei v lis imij mi" nuniiui: nun, um
St. Joseph on tho 2?d Juno and being
heen tpuuhed. As Me liccoino mora intiiimte.
lv ui;itiainted with tho iletuils of iloineatiir
siillenni' the yuevons iiictiiri's o Marvn.
Twi iMsrwaurrar-Wo understand by persons just T-' -" by
character and it is but a short sighted policy Uiat ' action of .Mr. Gordon, lell the forks ol the
could have induced any community to attempt to a- "u1'.' " !h -,! ' (lll-V "' A"B"-. I"."'1, '"r
vail itself by them. Wo are at a lo-to conceive the fWomia. '"'.V J"'t ' MV Ol ( ..hi.
rearward of so largo an immigration fared
but badly until tlioy took tho S. route.
Vlnnlncr nn St siKiinrlaunn nf ftm. tlmir tiifntw
rapidly recruited and upon thoir arrival here l'. disease, i.n.l dcuth, all of which hao
woro in line condition. From tho best infor. I ' ulli-bfd by .- iiiic-h ol tin. hor.
mationl can got they have mado tho inostlrors il scrihed it In-ohiik-h iiinra npparent
saving trip that has over yet Iwcn mailo froi..h"t the i-xlnit mid niliiiily ol tlioriilninily
Fort Hall, having lost but four animals on will- "Inch l'ro idence has uHhttcd the conn,
tho road (which were Btolrn by Indians.) try has Ih-'-ii rather nii.lerMatcd tbnu exug.
The party kept up no guard, und it is remark. crat,d. AimI williiiiHt-i.iiviolinii.it wdiwr.
ablo they loit no moro; n woman was wound. K " "' ''l" '" ",l'1 ,,,,,, ,,,"r,, '" 1' 'li'"'"";
ed in tho arm by nn arrow. So terrihle hml ll"" " '"' ,li;,r,M '"''"r, "" "uni-rM, t
tho kanyon brvri described to them that tl.ev -wi-ll the dill'enMit reli. I IiiikIn; u contuitioiis
were exiwling daily to arrive at it until " uinofclmrit is pouring in, and it will be
thev camo into the settlements, and declare " '"- " l'"intain is eMitniueii.
there is no kunijon on the road. Thcy
brought with them -0 mIiccji.
Here are some interertinjj particular rclulac tntlie
arrival of the lat comnnnir on tliu .Soiillurn imi'c.
received too latr for iim-rtion in our Ut mmt.
A compuiiy of 1(1 wagons, under the 1 1
Stockton, who advised them to keei tin
1 '.- l l. a S I. a. I! r.C tmmt (Vl KBHILaI .
down from tha Cascade, that it was currenUy report- .; - - . ... . :.,., Southern route to Oregon, until thev tirrneil
Offnise a SinSIO suit 01 lis kpcuuou uin a ircu uuui it. .-ill" i
. -,.a at the aacrainento river, uml bv di scemling
a baneful influent. .... , , .... ,,. .. , ,.., r
. i. ,.,. i r, . . , , it they won d avonl t nu Siera .ea"la. 1 ln
Wo are vexed to think that when Oregon legulatcd . .. ' . . . . . . . . . .
. , , , . followed his ad ice, but alter Itiiiif' hi tm-
only from necessity and mado such lawn as were ac- , . ,i .
i .... . i l i xc. in uiui inn .-.Miiuuini in- i'miiiii.
tual v rrquuvd, aud pretty eood ones too, she should . . . . . , . . r . r i . f
, ' " ' . , ilinv concliiiled it wot lit! be .safer to fi low tin
d tharo that aoatethlag like ono hundred more wagons
of iirasugraatahad arrived at the Dalles. There are
oboat esse hundred families of the immigration still re
maiaiagat thaa two points on the Columbia.
CTHiaEaealaaey Gov. Aberoethy, informs us that! have meddled with that which did not roncern l.er
be kaareeelved a fetter from California, dated the 5th
of October last, a which it waa staled that the U. S.
.sasepof warPreUe had arrived from Panama, with
.ao bow of peace, bot very late date from tho States.
ll that has et been ihnie for the relief
of the destitute s-fins iii no lisped to have
staid the progn ss ol imutality. The most
hiirrouiug ncioiints continue to be received
In-iii SI. go, Cork, Kerry, l. itriio, l,at)gf'rd,
ami otinr counties. Tie- deaths from htnr
vnti'ii are increusiiie. at d fever and dysen
tarv .ire spreading ' all thitctions. 'I'nere
are niiirly IIHKI pri"n. r- in the county jail
'ft' iL and c I these al"iit one-tenth are in
fi r the 'liuiiHie i-vi r.' The extruoidin
arv iiiiiiiIm r ot pn-'ie-rs i, jinneipally ouing
to tie-1 i-ting distress, the cluirgf s luring gen
erallj tor l.iieeny and sheep stftiltng.
"The iin -t of Ihililin arc every day
i rovvded vv itli iiiigran's, iirincipuliy natives
I'Tipperarv , Kilke nti . King's and (iueen'h
CTTba aaaaea af tho members of the House of Rep
reassxvaaroafouows: CTarrassitt f ntnfy - H" Crawford; J. M.
Waif, S-aWhHe,
Chmmfg Ceaary- Robert Newell; A. Cham
tjerlate; W. H
a I 1Z1 TdnnoZSol of Andw mento a party of 11 wagons passed the, on ,,. Tll(.N muirillblv appear to he of
ahould uI1h- T"1.". their way to Orogoii (the party of Mr. I la- lhul ,.,ass l,,n in Ireland by trlt1 doerip.
Jackson WMU,eill.t n()l ,)V,.rtake this ,1Br,Vf , ,., p,,' .,r line able yoimg fel
that second father of his country, made as plain as tho
noonday bob to the understanding of the common mind.
And this matter or "regulating," or in any way med
dling with the currency, we fancy, has received Its
auietui in tho States. Orecon, prliar. needed
; W. H. Rector; Anderson i fomt experience In legislation, and os knowledge
comes ouicklv from experience, wisdom to gauerelly a
TWafrs) Cawtfjf. Ralph Wilcox; J. L. Meek; ft confenUeCe. We sincerely Ifopn it may be in this
David HiB. . case and that that wisdom may be mado munifra In
Yamkilt Cowntyh. A. BJce; Iewis Itogers; , sj,a immediaile repeal of tlmlaw complained of.
Ptlk Cfy.-J. W. Nesmilh
St. Clair.
Vuneouttr Cmtnty Henr- N. Peers.
LewU'Ctunty-8. Flomondeau.
CUtttp County, John Robinson.
to the American people, questions mat naa lougag. tUov nrriv(lj j,, (10 Willamette valley on tin
itated the political world, the comprehensive mtna oi ;
low so!' the laboring class, whose energies do
I The law at present operates only to tho advantage
M.A.Ford; f lh merchant: it makes him the bankerwilhout
days less than two months on the road inclu
ding all stoppages and lying u whole week'
in ono camp. Tho small party Marling in
behind and getting through before them have
mado the trip much sooner.
morning oj mc i.m of vcimxr, tieing two ,11)t seem to have been much impaired bv the
prevailing destitution. Abitit three hundred
1 1 a 1 1 y is the number ol those who Ily from the
hcenes of misery which ist to such a fear
ful ete ut, and they all dm ct their course to
Nnv Voil:, pioeeediiig. m the lir.st instance.
!o Live i pmil.
'During the l.i-t week of February, Lord
lie efi, sn. at hi- own expense, .sent one
hundred pi-i-on- fiom Ins i Mate hi tiueen's
limit tit N'i'W ork; and not only paid their
pas. i 'c i, mi, and provided them with beds and
pruvi- ions, ami evi r tiling necessary lor tlicir
Yamhill Cosvention. Wr iubluli tin- hhIijouh-iI
letter with much plcujiuro and leoiimour friend Juil'i'
Ituwcll that we desired to ho rorrci t in our ri'inarlic
ubout this subject and ko fur ;is our iii'inory htvm iis
we were so. Wc concede the mil, bowi cr, lli.il lln
Judge rhould knoA' how l'olk eomity n.lcd in tin- cnii-
vcnlion, a ho vvus one of tliu dclegatrn from tlu.t :ras. , ,. , w ''lirht but he also gave
an oiil r on New York, that thev hlmiild re.
testing his solvent condition. Under it in fuel he to
nmtxrtrtt from mcli u Iliiiitr ns inwiveucv. I lie natu
ral channeli"? trade have been dameil up, we ini:e ; (,. t, Cl'RIlV, I'.S'i. hir: in UKil.iug ovi r , , jVe i.' I . .oh n tleir arrival tbeie. "
it flowthroujh nuiubrricoi nha'low, uncertain and unNjhc iiindeciith number (lid Vol.) of the Spec. The r ci iiit t tli- I'.nii-h Avsoeiation fur
, . . . f , healthy powages, and all to liltlo purpose. 'I lie fur-1 (ttutr winch bus hut U ' y come to hand, I the r. In t ! di-tr -- m I c liinil and Scotland,
ip Va v r h 8 "d I u A , ' nM doc- not realize the full valuu of his produce, and see an article cnti'' .1 Yamhill Convention, a. report, d on lb- 1'ith in-taut, amotiiited to
Caaa. E. Pickett, Eq. from the Sandwich Islan . exliorbilmit demand for the various articles of in which you propose to immortalize sum,...! fJ.-iii.non. r. e-i..l iimh the II. me .Secretary,
, ir .... .. , ,, , -. I inerchondiso ncccwary to his comfort, is swallowed up. ihc proceedings of that august Asm mhlae. .,u. .,,,,. I a . .-ll. . ti in uud -the tiueeii
D-Tfc kbrated Methodist preacher Mr. M"-j ,,,,, f pf0it. Everj de,rt,ent of iudurfry and Anticipating your a,l,isio, that ih. llt,r.'
gotdivaiced awailo ago aud lias now got mamoa. ft-rl the paralixing effiret of such ua unrightcoui three gn at re(tli.sitesof a historian are, iin- '. ( ;,aiid Duke d Tuseauy has granieil
tk.w.1 Mil lii rp I d 'law Private eontrocU will niwavs occur us a mailer I partiality, fidelity and accuracy, I have no t (,,, v,!,,, ,.. the hb-itv ot the'pre.s.s. Alls.
. TZllT! iT! r .i ' of course in trade ihey are iiwep-'ruhlo to iUexUtrnce. i hesitation in believing jour Mrict regard for ma icni'.n-t rated against u without avail.
IB view of the d-treai In Ireland, (wo leam from tl.c "" """V" ". , I Hlfn n,n,liii,.. will ifr-m.,t vou to cbeerlnlK iu r P,.ri.- il... s.l, ,.f l.
... .... . 'Iiav ntm m uain nccoum. iiiui nbuuujuuumn nwt .-..-. .,.... .-, , g- j - i s ! .,i -w. '-
coisAserebie extent have made collection ihrough " strengthened by such enactment. They would .
then coagregations, and have transmitted to a centrnl
committee ia London thirteen thouiund pounds ster
ling. FsusiMO Encocsjiued. We have received a let
ter from Capt Kilbom, dated at Astoria, tlio 3d iiwt
iafonauig us that he had dug from tho gurden of
Colonel McClure, at that place, "the producu of
one potato and that a volunteer one. The whole
BUBber amounted to 99 ; the entire weight of which
wu 18 pounds. One measured 17 inches in circum
ference, three measured 14 inche ditto, four 13 inches
and one eleven inche ditto. About 35 were larger
than the common siie; the remainder, from common
eiee to emalL" Captain K. also obtained from the
Caragaaim a cabbage weighing 33 pounds, which
bad baea pUated about the middle of thn month of
Wa BaB alaa attest tlio unusual productiveness of the
l af ear Mead CoL McClure. A great variety
a there observed in most prolific growth,
af wWeh la a Horticultural nxhibition would
gsjBt aaaBsaaJy win the premium. The CoL ho but
iMklXdteeeefhuid under cultivation, yet the super!
er aalali af Ike aoil enable him always to realize
BBaVBsVm hi agricultural operations, which per
' haaa mUrj parmltt him to be hospltablo as he is. HI
neaBt ajii f Boapitaiity to oureelf, constitute ono of
ike tliuwn " w sTMBwry.
I be of the sumo forco and effect if th's law were not in
cxilence. If it did no harm this law is won than
useleiM ; and it were libelous to common sew to ac
knowledge it We shall look with some interna for
the action of the "congregated wisdom" upon this
(CPJ. M. .Stanley, Esq. tho excellent young nrtiM,
whose brief sojourn with us lost summer mado him nu
mcrous'friend and admirers, writes us from tho"Okan
agan" somewhat of his travel. He contemplated a
visit .o Fort Colville und n rclum to then purl about
the holidays. Wo huve no doubt that ho will bo nblb
to accomplish sufficiently in a professional wuy to ru
pay him for the lubors aud fatigues of such u Irip.
BJTTho Galveston News suys that Um number of
German emigrant who urrived in that City daring tho
quarter ending J)ecember3l, 18-10, wus40l.
BTGen. Puredesisln Paris, endeavoring, but with
out success, to entangle thu Freuch government in tlio
afliiira of Mexico. Pairdes gave it a hi opinion that
the Mexicau war would bo a long one.
(D"It to stated that a whole colony, numbering fif
teen thousand aoule, will come to the United State,
from Switzerland in the month of May twxt, and set
tle down In the Wet
correct any errorn occurring in your editori- uaiv', it apnars that th n. I'arudcH waH in
al, vvlicn dourly pointed out to you. tluu ( ;.ipital, and had had inteiviews with the
I have no desire to comment on the pro. King and M. (Jui.ot,eiidi avnring to convince
ceedings of the Yamhill Convention ; lode, th'oithet 1'ianee and Mngland ought to in
tract fromorculogisotho merits of its mem. ,.i; ,, in t Ii- M.ian war. Tlie writer, ig
bora; my object is to correct ti luislaku which unraiitl) i peal. m' ihc policy of the Cabinet
occurred in the ubovo meiitiomd article. ( Washington as I dlowa: What it wants
On tho motion "that no rcccominendations i.s to po.-.s. -s i'tnelf ot ( 'alilorniii, lor it Iioh no
toofTicc in Oregon bo mado to tho K.xecutive other port in the Pacific, and ufier thut to
of tho United StatcH," you nay that "l'olk take io,e-sion of the Sandwich Islands, and
County led off with six votes in the negative." make its. If . .ulusisc master of the com.
I prcsumo you will not be inclined to doubt merce of China and South America,
tho correctncHS of my knowledge on the Mih.t The livening Post of New Vork mention
joct, when I inform you thut Poll; County on, the arrival of a French ollieer, woll rrcom
tho question alluded to gave -six votes in the mendi .1, v. ho had volunteered to mirve in the
anirmutive. .I.S. Aimy in .M'Meo, but was Mixpcclcd of
Tho articlo in question would have had)eiug nn agnil of the J)ul;o of Montpensiei.
but a silent perusal by me, had I not heeir who was desirous of becoming the king of
personally concerned, and believing that of. .Mexico.
ter tho receipt of this information, you will In the I.'. S. Sen.ui-, Murch Sid, J. Inger
in justice to myself and the delegation fiomw) was nominated us Minister to France,
l'olk County, correct the error in regard to. hut rejected. Mr. Richuid Htu.lt was then
tho manner in which they gtivn their votes .appointed.
on tho question ubovo alluded to, I remain1 Piesidci
yours in friendship.
l'olk County, Nov.
ETThe Hon. Thomas Hart Denton hae publicly ilu
ctined running a a candidate for tho uoxt presidency
lout Polk has addressed a loiter to-
the Cabinet at Merlin, threatening to revoko
nll exeqiiatiiiTs m Prussian Consuls in tho
U. S., if the Prussian Government powistH
in refusing In grunt one to the Ainoricun
Consul in the Jlhcnish Provinces.
; inc retmuances oi mc luuonug insnmeu
asHMNtsk: :J
w;-r' - -