Oregon spectator. (Oregon City, O.T. [i.e. Or.]) 1846-1855, September 02, 1847, Image 1

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.In ligation ef Ifco Calamfcla The
Oregon Treaty.'
V find in tliti Union, tlio journal of the
Si cuid'h proceedings in secret MMion on the
r"'on Treaty. It appears, that whilo the
rs(jution advising the President to accept
tho nfl'iT of the British Government wu'
pending, Mr. Nii.f.s moved to amend by ad.,
iiiil' thereto tuo tallowing:.
With the following proviso at the end of
him -'(! articlo oi (lie proposed Convention,
to wit :
"Prowled, That tho right j?f aaviaatlng
the Columbia river, secured to tfie Hudson
Hay Company, and to all British subjects
trading with tlio name, bo limited to the year
A. u. 18u:j, when it shall cease and deter
On tlio question of adopting this amend
merit tho Yens and Nays were as follows :
Yeas Messrs. Ashley, Atherton, Bagby,
Dix, Fairfield, Houston, Jenncss, Niles, Sim
mons, und Woodhridgc 10.
Nays Messrs. Archer, Ronton, Berrien,
Calhoun, Clinlmcrs, Thomas Clayton, J. M.
Clayton, Colquitt, Davis, Dayton, Evans,
Grccno, Haywood, Huntington, Johnson of
Maryland, Johnson or Ijouisiana, Liowis,
McDufhV, Mangum, Miller, Morchead,
IVarcn, I'nnnybackcr, Pholps, Rusk, Sevier,
Speight, Turney, Uphurn, Webster and Yu.
lee 31.
So the proposed amendment was rejected.
Tho resolution advising the President to
urccpt the roposa1 of tho British Govern
ment was then adopted by the following vote :
Yeas Messrs. Archer, Ashley, Bagby,
Henton, lierrien, Calhoun, Chalmers, Thorn,
as Clayton, John M. Clayton, Colquitt, Davis,
Dayton, Dix, livnns, Orccne, Haywood,
Houston, Huntington, Johnson of Maryland,
Johnson of Louisiana, Lewis, McDufTic,
Mangum, Miller, Morclicad, Niles, Pcarco,
Pennybackcr, I'helps, Husk, Sevier, Sim
mons, Speight, Tuniey, Upham, Webster,
Woodhridgc, and Yuloc !J8
Nas Allen, Atherton, Brcese,Camoron,
Caw, Dickinson, Fairfield, Hannegan, Jar.
nuL'in. Jenness. Scmnle. and Sturgeon 12.
When the Treaty itself camo before the
Senate, and whilo the resolution to consent
to its ratification was under discussion, Mr.
HaNNEOan nioved'to amend try slrikfng'oot
all after the word rcsnhed, and adding the
lollowiug :
"That the President of tho United States
Ik- and ho is hereby advised by tho Senate
to offer to the Government of Great Britain
as n just, fuir and equitable compromise of
the conflicting claims or tho two uovern
incuts connected with tho country lying a.
long between the Hooky Mountains ana the
Pacific Ocean, extending from tho parallel
if t'J degrees to 54 degrees and 40 minutes
north latitudo and including tho Islands em
braced within said parallels of latitude adia
( eut tothocoast, tho following aa the funda
mental provisions for a treaty between the
two Gotcrnmcnts:
"First. Tho Government of Great Britain
shall acknowledge the right of soil, andtho
-mcreignty to exist, and bo with tho United
Stale to the whole territory abovo described,
nrnl shall abandon to the United States 'nil
i-Iutm ulii'li slmll in uny manner con diet
with the jiiraiiioiint jurisdiction of the Uni
ted Stntt h therein.
"Srrowl. The 1'niteil States shall gimran
t to th Hudson Hay Company for twonty
eurs I'm-iii the elate of such treaty tho most
l' rf ct si airily in nil their possessions, und
tin- riht to pursue their business of hunting
.Hid truppiug with nil tho iiuiiiuiiities which
p.-iUin thereto, and urtrado during that pe
riod with tlio natives; ami thu usu during
that time of tho ports, rivers, and harbors
within h.iid territory, without chargoor hiti
"Third. Within twelve months from tho
date of huid treaty, commissioners shall Im
..ducted by, and on behalf of, tho respective
gnwrumcii Is, whose duty it shall bo to assess
at just and liberal prices tho valuo of tho
propel ty of tho Hudson Bay Company with.
in said territory, which amount, when ascer
tamed, hhull bo' paid by the United Statito
-atil company, in mich niatiuor and at such
tunc as shall Im agreed upon between tho
I nited Stairs and Gieat Britain."
On tins niiK-udinenl tho Yeas and Nays
w i re n follows :
y.tA,s Messrs. Atchison, Cameron, Han
ne.Mii, Sumnlu and Sturgeon ft.
Nay: Messrs. Archer, Ashloy, Alitor,
t .n, Baghv, Harrow, Benton, Berrien, Cal.
.., .n, Clinlmcrs, Thomas Clayton, John M.
llMSsW-S tlJmttmmmmiimi
aasa 'bbb- H i trade assWMaiBiiBMBkJHBB-u
SB , a - -" , h. . Aa .. aBBa .. . Ill :fcCidaSHBnBBBm
mmtmMMMmM m " lafaaSaiBnkBalsl MM m-m-MMmw . lantio. M imMmWmmmmtmk
in nv im tAijnr.iniiti ttsmam
sssrassl KVamaFMHH iPKif kwsw fJaWVJram m lawwaMlml8HvmmPJm
. B. '' ' .. ',r jiJUtj ' .!, ' ' ' " hiwsaiiV'
Westward tii Star fBNafr takes ks way."
Ytl.ll OnmmOttrA
rt "Mt- 'ni -rr '" vn fr v
"I t-T
'i i J.: I .,11
Clayton, Colquitt, Corwin, Criieoden. Daris,
Dayton, Dix, Evans, Greene,' Haywood,'
rioustoa, Huntingtoa, Johnson of Md., Johni
son of La., Lewis, McIJume, Mangum, Mil
Ier, Morehead, Wllos, rcarco, fennybacker,
Phelps, Husk, Sevier, Simmons, Speight,
i urney, upnam, weucter, woodbridge and
Yulee 48.
TcaiiT Revolutionized. An intelligent
correspondent ot the Jouraal ol uommeroe,
writiaw from London, sketches tho "move.
ment"of tho time in various parts of Europe
and that of Turkey in particular he presents
ta the following Interesting light. This is
indeed. revolution, though bloodless and
The Pope having entered the lists as a re.
forsMr will not surssin vou more than to find
tfcattte Oiarf TarklBM done the same
For the first time ia the annals of his dynas.
ty, the Sultan of Turkey baa paid a visit to
his Asiatio domiaioas, and on his return re.
ccived the congratulations of the Embassa
dors to the Porte; Thui is tbo first instance
on record of the carjm diplomatique having
had an audience en matte with tho Imperial
Sovereign of Turkey; and by way of show,
ing still farther innovation, his Majesty re
ceived their Excellencies in tho state-room,
to which they were ushered, and remained
standing during the whole of their visit.
Education is to proceed in Turkey with
giant strides. 20,000 schools aro to be es
tablished forthwith '.brougbout the country,
and aaornal schejUbr teachers is to Jwia
sOtitted at Csr-umtiaople, under Emir Pacha
who wu educated at the English University
ot -vaaierwge, -where ao'ioor'-nt
tor mathematics aud classics,
Another circumstance without precedent
in modern history, is the fact that the Sultan
on his return from his tour, went to tho Sub.
lime Forte and mado a report to the Vizier,
as to the condition of tho provinces ho had
visited, issuing orders for their future better
government. Among other things he declar.
cd that he had abolished all custom duties at
Adrianople, Brausta, Konian and Tokat, and
then went on in tho following free trade
style :
"As it has been acknowledged at all times
A New Planet. A French Philosopher,
Mr. Leverrier, at the meeting of the Paris
Academy of Sciences on the 30th of June,
read a paper which attracted a great deal of
attention. It related to nothins? less than a
new world which ho affirmed he bad diseor.-
ered. Ho said there existed in the celestial
space a planet which nobody had yet see,'
not even hinvtelf, but tho existenco of which
ho could di t castrate. "It was in tbo depth
Of his study," says tho French paper from
vftich wo translate, "without opening bis
wiBdow, by a combination of figures and Use
I MJ Wl UOTCIIIt'f UiasVTUfVU allfj UMUtCb
rnjatsdred WmiSm. It remains' for the as-
troaomer to verify this calculation by actu
al a'bservation with instruments. lr. Lev.
errier is not.uncasy as to the results of this
proof; he indicates tho region of the heavens
to whjch observers must direct their glasses,
and the precise moment when the star will
pass them, i. e. the first of June, 1847."
-The writer goes on to state the circum
stances which led theSavan to his important
discovery, if such it be. It seems that cer
talajrregular movements in the planet Ura
nus have long been the despair of aatroao-'
mars'. While the other stars move in the
3 'it orderly manner in their appointed pUu
, this distant member of the solar ayssaw
attimes plays the most aaaoeowrtaMe pranks.
Seme have imaated these to arma-fa tha
ing collected au necessary intormauoo on
the subject, that henceforth all duties of the
kind, affecting the City of Constantinople.
shall bo entirely abrogated, and that this act
shall como into effect from the date of the
1st day of ne.t March."
Tho Imperial Solvman, you will pcroeive
is becoming u good Cobdcnito, and now' ho
has only to give a cheap postage, to aid him
in carrying out his reforms and rendering
them effective.
There is ono point mora ih tho character
of this reforming Moslem which will entitle
him to and secure for him tho gratitude of
tho wholo Christian world. Youhavo alrca.
dy had some powerful details in your col.
umns of tho persecutions of tho Armenian
I'rotcstants, and all that thoy have suffered
from the excommunication of their bishops.
A Vizcrial loiter to the Paoha of Erzoroum
says that tho Protestant faith has spread in
some degree among tho Armenians partic
ularly at Constantinople. They havo been
anothomatized by tho Patriarch, and thcro.
by injured in their trado and business, and
obligod to close thoir shops.
I ho Sultan had forbidden tho primate to
act at Constantinople, and thosamolaw must
bo enforced at Erzoroum. Tho Armenian
primates uro "not to bo suffered in any way
to pcrscuute or intonoro with the converts
when engaged in their trades and commerce.
His Excollcncy is finally ordered "to protect
and defend them."
Tho Morning Chronicle correspondent ut
Constantinople, in his last despatch, emphat
ically states that "Protestantism is now plant.
ed In the OttomanlBmaire. and it is nv be:
lief that It will strike itsfeotsdeeo and snread
j them wide." V
yniyerstty l..diticns of the gjansMricjjsjfc tad
gw egrecTa)iwa disturMnjr tafkiioeoe oa the aait
Saturn or Jupiter. But Mr. Leverrier says
that neither of these conjectures is right;
but that Uranus is exposed to the eaeeta of
another planet not yet revealed to sM.
This is beyond Uranus at double the distance
of that planet from the sun. Mr. Leverrier
professes to be ablo to prove this by the most
unquestionable mathematics.
isaaas) ' fka
Ws AslaWV
ilifir yiui'
im aaawry
of the At-
i. Jtis known
sMBafssnans Pawvss
Itm atoaatboats
avteatad Lafcst'lHdasnsi; la 18M tfcara
a ssjrvsaTCs,Vias7i ssaaaas wasjBjsissjsj spisaTsjvjsya3p s?ar anavsi
sarir sWs"PjwsMBsajBjspBaT BsTPiaPaWflaPW
vessels narisjsted'llw"!
prdoelleTsi: !UI00fiMfc'BTisW
ions: 'scbcoiiers'm'4MW lamiJTWl
SM, 7,0M tow. JU eoat of t conatracl
Uon of tnasa vaiflMMM.v r -u
.Inthesaae vmrmmnwmm m LakaOa:
ii- m l. ."'!: 'i' L'.ii" v-Tm"-: .
vaJXJ 17"f "f
- i a. -'J j fj J
msjs,crmca4aa4 iajM iwi aaMaassasr
Dorr.ctc. . JUM4Miefi.ava,YaaiJsv
thab 400 lives have Tieea lost, and last IL
during the boistorous.wsather, CM) Uvas.wisre')
lost, M vessels driven' aSovi '&imZ
tai wne
not leas thari lflMflHWlk. of flour
over the Lakaiaa'1aMil makimk
At the -ntfaenr tttftf "imefWrof thr
Lakes may be nUriv estimated at tl0O.tMJl.
000 per annum.-' TWtoraevJdbeeofwhet'
that oommeroa wiH W hereafter; and hoV
neoessary it is for the Gvernmesjt to "foster
aaeyprotect that trade; ia the imprevenimt of
the 'harbors aad hays-&wJsad Phhr
VHUtr. ' - '
A Gesat Stxambsut Paajacr. Vesea-
siaa EJlis,' Esq., faamlj Uafted mates
Charge at CaTaooas, sMMaasMsaed -front ihsy
uoverasaaatof VsastnalatlfataMelMal right
of navigatiag the asigaty Quash i siJaVatiaaa;
vessU,.for twaaty4wo yaasa, osi Mass Mgkv
ly, advaalsgiiBi 'What a thaatN toaW
Rome. The naV Pope, Pius IX., is mak
ing himself vary popular by his liberal re
form. Railways are now the order of the
that duties on foods, oroviaions and cattle-arc -dax4abis pontificate. It is thought that his
extiwmelv nmiiutiVUi inBoriniiitiira urXLw retsn wiiKbo of Brest benefit to hu sutriects.
roerce, we order, inconsequence, after bav- if-prolcwgW sufficiently for him to carry out
all his measures. But there are fears.tbat
hA Will hn fnnnit tnn mnaJ in Urn Psn that
JsHjbj noma ia fora liberal share of his pri-
vsaa;i0BariueSf He has granted a general
amnesty, which has caused unbounded en
thusiasm in his favor ho has also paid from
his private purse tho debts of all prisoners
detained in tbo capitol for debt. He has late
ly said "My people may expect justice and
moroy Iroin mc, lor my-only guide is this
book," (tho Now Testament.) Ex. Paper.
The Explosive Cotton Valve of its
discovery to America. The new discove
ry that cotton prepared by being saturated
with some acids, has aa much explosive now.
or as gunpowder is one which will bo of vast
service to this country. The fact that it ia
larchrapor than gunpowder will, soon bring
it into universal use, and then what a mar-
kot tho entire wbrld offers for the staple of
our Southern States 1 This is a prospect of
great interest both in a national and com
meroMi point oi view, we can now grow
as much cotton rs wo please without any
fear that it will become a druu in the mar-
ktt, or that it will depreciate in valuer aflcr
n certain supply.
"FJcVt Know Beans." In 1773. at Ins
wich, beans woro ordered to bo used in volins
tuo wnito denoting yea, tho black nay.
J" rom this originated tho eld phrase, "You
don't know beans," as no one was allowed
to votownouia not Known wmto uean trom
a bluck ono. '
STi ar.
lis infii si iiiisB i ami
mtU. ----'--' lkj 'Mji-ii -tJCduJ-IL.
drained ayli 4M.0M sore a'or SittV
e08.0M of .mnL AUi'wmAitimL I
calves she Paraguay, or' Oarssa, the Wtf
large tributary which aagtwsnU its volasaa'
from tha flbuth. 'For SMk. mm k mm if
rejmected author, "few rivCTSoftheworW af
ford a more exteaded and hjaa iaternptad
navigation.".: - ' -
Miss Parur, who was .captured atjaer
father's fort on.the Naviaslo, tea or twelve
years ago, has nuuned asvIadta aUef, aad
is so wedded to the Indian atodeof lift., that,
she is unwilling to vetum to hcr:s4dta. ,l(ia
The Cfarmmssuaera. mda rry ,!
their power to reokiai tmrim,,
shouldUbo restororkuKlriTCrf E;
would probably take advahtata M.tWlaK
opportunity, and flee .away tolIhaHrusjaof '
Pforthera exuTexdVlUmr'
Daniel Wwwter Rxattsss; Tha
London Sun gives a grapaio sketch ef Jfri
Webster, into which is Introduesd the follow
ing characteristic anecdote, which we do net
recollect to have seen before: f
This distinguished man, justsefewjjtfcr
te's last visit to Ameriea, ihraied one laf a
fishing party in Masssaesstts Bart lie tai
hasn selected to deliver the walooauaf spseeh,
to the Kreacaman, on ate pareachlafviait;
and during, his osupaUeaef hjuiUaaof oeaV
fish and toswaa. observed tohejvesjr.
abetraeted., It apaeand aAwramais taatba
must have been studyiaf that part; oCikssV
speech in which he afVMd adi'ssd La
fayette, for" a sUsmaniwbo.IFas Ihaiag
next him observed himvpdWM.if.,hia,yae,
hand over hand, with asma aaWW K
large fish was hooksd.yet w4tast ayhlhitias;
any satisfaction 'o'his.fcos lsfvhaffh
tured a prise.' At' length the nsh.WM.asea
approachioff thaaailaoe and glsamiftg thM,
. i
man! the renteesatativea 'of tfcViwe
nhores welcome vou to our scores," aad
flopped the '"moast'er cod" 6a the dyelt
rx twrt
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