Oregon spectator. (Oregon City, O.T. [i.e. Or.]) 1846-1855, January 07, 1847, Image 2

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Oreftem Cy Jf T
Passed by ffte Brrf 0 JWrsete 3V
en Tuesday rsimr, 0ee.u "'"TV.T.f!
tuterierf ii the "SpecffrA JUI eVt
mrtmt raluMt
Rflvti, That the paper wffl to I III llHli to al
subscribe who have paid, unless they signify W e
.contrary. . . ... A.
Retched, That the hum of al '"
Oren Spectator" who, by the ehaa of thto Tetany,
hall not have paid their substriatiaao, ?
Oregon City, Dec. 2d, lMfi. ',
Omook SrecTAToa Nt FefcouMV-The aeit
Tolume or the "Spectator" wl eesnuieeee on
the 4th of February ensuing . The tonal wM to tve
dollars-or.if paid in cash, four dnante for ineeai
In consequence of the tardineei of tat ntoaaitoa la
liquidating our demanda against then), we Ail not to
mbte to enlarge, aa had been oar desire, at toast fat the
Pcbmc Mamsa-In another cohwna wffl to
found a call for a public meeting of Ike tumefe to.
Tualitln county, on the 16th bat, to take an enures to
prevent their ruin eo reada thecal.
Tun Holiday The holidmya have aeaaed.aad
we tuppoae conferred their uanal amount of enjoyment
at any rate, there haa been a went ebeHfsead
fatiguing puriuit of pleasure at aH events the hmorer
la worthy of his hire.
Publication of Liwa On tho fcataageof this
paper we recommence the puhHcotioa of the laws of
the Territory. Those paaeed by tho recoat logiela
fire will be pnbliahed first, after which, tho pufcncatlon
of tuch aa have not yet been made pubue, of 'prrvktqs
enactment, will be resumed.
Good Law We would call Uw attention of ow
friends abroad to the Pilot Lent, and u enactment to
prevent ' the Deerrtiom ef Sternum, which wfll to
found upon our in page. Wo trust they waaj prove
highly satlafactory to all, and mult toaefclaliy to tho
Cobjikctio5 In our last number, in ear
of Legislative Doings," - An act for tho ereetlea of
a jail," preoentedMnr Mr. TVaalt, should havt-faad
" A bill to be entitled an Act to amend aa Act far tho
erection of a jail," V Tnta CWJ"
proTUona for the settlement of the estate of tho late
Ewing Young. Tho acNrhich waa penned la De
cember, 1844, appropriated fifteen hundred deaeieef
the receipts from said estate, for the ereetlea of a jaH,
pledging the faith of the government for the repay
ment of the full amount of such receipts. Tho net
likewise provided for tho appointment of aa adminis
trator, And called for a speedy conclusion and settle
ment of the business of the tftate. Aa wo all know,
the jail was destroyed by fire In the month of August
last, and it speaks well for tho morals of the oonanw
nity, that the want of such a building hat toea felt
but in two or three instances.
TrroaRAriucAL Aknivbsaut. Tho anniversary
of the birth day of Benjamin Fbanbxh tho pne
ter, philosopher and statesman wffl occur on the 17lb
.Instant Would it not to a pleasant oeeasioa to eels
brate In Oregon? Most assuredly we think k would,
and suggest the Idea to tho moraton of tho" hkethtg
Association." Every Ay ia tho United Btatoi ala
bratoiiFraaklia's birth night hi ma happy meaner.
Let us also endeavor to keep this mimorubls wreak
green in oar memories. Could wo not select aamo
person to deliver aa address apaveerieto to tho ooca
sion, on tho evening of the IT tartan,' and after.
wards meetamnd the festive board t Let aa try.
' DnMmnii nm Jfena Biimhi, Wa
to state the Judge aWaW has resigned kb) aa'
-JadfB) of tho Supremo Cowt of Orogea ToaiHaiy,!
the guiles of whioh be h rer perfonMd la jap
able, faithful and satiafaetory manor. Iahisioiaf
nation, tho bench loses one who was eauneatly eaaal
d to give it honor, and although we feel that we aaav
to loaera iy this departure of aoaad judgment and hh
ialeats tno It, yet, Mwtheleae, do we heajflywlah
thatoarleai niay prove hie gain. J IVeraoM hao
retard to lafncUoattotewMw toeaoaea
MartiKt to ear verttag
AawayMWMaftoeBtieadeait Eighteen hum-
VodaWsi tf aiiijat ataltog on the etage of
has aaaad away
feveata) ,j
tto'aaaaj v
The djaag late, e'er eeMvo's grave ; ,
Aad sjtowiaM Meat the keenness of the power
What taenia thai natare hath a serious cast T
mami&imw iu ,.
i ill! I i aalil il I nr n
Ml J. iA I3TVT q5 i
to easwaanaeaaiai a awnMry
s wMnmm
I aa MIA ii
15,000 "
Tho IvVo faahfal to the storied past !
,ffth Bs'wild greeaaeai aeeas Time's hoary bed,
Aad nasnratii thereaatof the dead.
Hav the newveei"areve aresiUous to the interesU
of ewaBMatoeoaatry, aaamid the viciaatudes of
Iwaaaa'larlpj aad'.Taaity ff human wishes, be full
of gtalhleaUMhNitowteairee of her people. In
a retrespeeuea w lae past, we au see wnerem we
aaJgki'havo aetodl 'bettor ear parts exercbed mom
wheat raked In this Territory during the past year,
which we think is as comet aa it b possible to obtain.
: Chiming county, , , OOfiOO toaheb.
' m...iLL. ." . i i 'an Ann n
IWRII' f mvpw
Yaaahul '
Polk A -
Claekaaaw. Vancouver, Clat
ofaatUwia niaayie, , ,45,000 "
According to this etlsaate,'s htndred and fifty
thouMnd busheb of wheat were produced last year ,
in this country. Of this amount there is be)ond
question a surplus of fifty thousand bushels for expor
tationsay ten IhouMiid barrels of flour.
Tho next year's production will be considerably great
er, without doubts l'olk is a new and very large '
county, possessing aa nuwunt of fertile soil that ill
luke years to put under cultivation, although the coun
ty is being rapidly settled, and consequently is annual
ly increasing its cultivated area. Yamhill, Tuali
tin and Lewis counties can and will accomplish much
more in the growth of wheat hereafter. Especially
.a a . t a t I. s f II
rartoaraaee'aad forgiveness, more true charity and ' ,ne ocmm M " nn oeuniry auout ins wwu ww
love. Teas naVoy us like the wind. We see not ' geUy Pd to roceie the seed of the abon-
uani uarveai.
Oats grow excellently well throughout the Territo
ry, and it ia seldom that the husbandman is disap
pointed in his expectation of a profuse return from this
crop. We find it Impossible to obtain any estimate of
the annual production of this article 'that may be de
pended upon, The cuHivatloa of tobacco haa but re-
,WKh salisJaotisa instead of aorrow aad regret, and with y introduced with equivocal succe-, and at
a Wave aad stout attrtfsr any aad ever- emergency, , pr""' " oniewnai prooiemaucai wnemrr h wm
leek forward to the fatore with cheerfulness and hope. ' ot ufficient encouragement to more extensive ope-
To hrre one another our neigh- rations.
In the space of a few yeas, as soon as it growth m
made an object, wo shall have another great and im
portant staple in the article of Hemp, the culture of
which has been already fairly tested in this country,
with the most gratifying results.
Grbtt and saw mills are numerous in the Territory,
aim these are cowrtant in their opt ration lonp as
die staeo of water F Wits. Four'of these saw mills
' alone manufacture j early over fifteen hundred tliou
1 sand feet of lumber, the greater part of this amount
is, and has been for some time ready for shipment
wtoaae the eddy eeaua, aar whitherward it is lend
ing, aad we.aaeja oareetvea to witness their flight with
eaaaaaeataa we are changed ; aad yet time is be
gaiiag anaa of ab atreagth, as the winds rob tho
weoaief tba iaMage." So lot as Uve, that, aa these
eeaaaassaaf, i thae aaaai thus milestones, as it were,
nfaaraay,aasliwayteeloiaity, we can regard the past
tor ae oejsslf It k a divine commandment the
rwineifle of aiHast aetiei. -It blove that shall de
atrey the faetMioaa dadiactioaoof society unite man
kwodteeaeaarwanilhiathtiheod and achieve tlie liar
eatoai wiasklp of the oat God.
Whoa the bat (eekag of the human breut,
la He aaantiaoaha to final rest ;
When all of beauty sbaQ have passed away,
Aad tho mind's vision triumphs o'er decay ;
Whoa life ltsslf.retooaingtoito Lord,
Finds that perfection earth could not afford
t atJa at.! & aiaulHiiAnUiiul (14! AIM ut tiiav
Oh I thM,perehaaN, wbeasinly taint hath pa-ed. ;- ' -; --
T ,,T " t- .L i- . sarey remark, that we are able w freight several more
And heaven's ewa knags aa the soul M cast, ' u , ... ,.
vevacoi asrrgumnjr uicj giiimj tw wik m im
truth is, that under existing circumstances, we have
I few opportunities of exporting our produce. Give Or
I egon but a fair chance, and her commerce will yet
i whiten the waves of the Pacific and Indian oceans.
And heaven's ewa baage
The mortal heart any yield Its idol up,
Forget be worship dash be joyous cup !
Bui like that iewor whioh turns to meet the sun,
And drinks be radiance tin" the day is done,
80 wiM the true heart naauea once inspires,
Tarn ever towards the object it desires.
The bard, of ateaer, any not yabdy seek
To give einreaalaa aad make fancy speak ;
The reahas ideal where bis geaius reigns
All, al anay areathw ghvy for hb pains.
But Lore's dewlaiea always is Ms own,
It wiH not brook a ihral near the throne,
Where sanaiest aailes and brightest dreams abound,
Aad eight the sweetest, joys the most profound ;
Whose Hen attending with her rosy hours,
Weaves gayeat garlands mid tho moonlit bowers.
--Oh J IJyekaa! to the pure heart given,
Earth's ptototypiag of he destined heaven.
Aad Love shag triumph, for it is of God !
The tea though awuYd, the spirit walks abroad,
Lives hi aba dwawlags of those souls thai yearn,
Aad eaaaet uauah far it is etera.
The sorpaat'a tral asay still be in the heart,
Aad far' a aeaeaa vaaejaioh with its art ;
Bat truth aad ihtae Godaosslsln Love,
That baage at asesabe, like tho Ark's own dove,
Of aaaee aad safety after trials boras,
Bast for tho weary joy for those who mourn.
The heart o'er tasked, though yielding in the strife,
SUB brokenly teres aa through after life,
Aad none may know the rich aad golden bond
That chained k hare whoa substance was beyond,
For. ea the spirit away a viaion's east,
Tee rwset too bright, too beautiful to last I
ID" We neglected to stale, in speaking of the Me
morial in our lost paper, that the House of Keprrsen
' talives made arrangements to forward two copies by
I sea, one to California, and the other to the Islands,
from thence bv the first opportunity to the States. Col.
Finley, abo, was empowered to be the bearer of a
I triplicate cop- when he retuns to the States, as he in
, tends doing in the Spring, by the overland route. The
copies for California and the Island are now on their
way per bark Toulon.
j For the Oregon Spectator.
You are like the rose the queen of flowers the
first to be noticed, and always the first to be valued.
You are like the modest primrose that peeps beneath
the thorn. You are like the lily, surpassing all the
flowers; for Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed
like one of these for he was not innocent and you
are. You are like the Polyanthus, which blushes
very pretty behind tho garden gate. You nre like
the evert pea, and your supporter is your virtue.
As the pale moon, the silent queen of night,
Rules by her power the ocean's restless wave,
And glads the sailor with her trembling light,
When, winged with fury, tempests round him rave ;
Ho o'er my spirit torn with passion's strife,
Toas'd by ambition reigns thy gentle sway,
And though assail the rudest storms of life,
My mad despair thy influence can stay.
Banks of the Columbia, Dec. 15, 1846.
For the Oregon Spectator.
Mr. Editor. It !h said that necessity is
. t- j.iL .ul. ui' . tno mowiejjy invention, nuu uim una mum.
elJVS '""u. j"CL' tyis imperiously called forth in Oregon,
fccto-eoraethlng which may be ono knoW8 our morcHntj0 gimation,
crn for a moment question. There can then,
bo no apology necessary for proposing a plan
for our relief, dictated by necessity. Lot us
then form one grand and combined export
ing company : the more we can haw to join
in it, tho bettor for tho country, and tho
sooner we shall havo relief, In this compa
ny, nearly ovory farmer could tako one
hare, which should consist of ono hundred
bushels of wheat, delivored in tho mill or
granaries of (he company ; tho company to
s organized under a proper constitution,
wjth a president and directors, chosen annu
ally by tho stockholders, each share being
entitled to a vote. Tho company should con
tipue in operation for at least Ave years be
fore, winding up, Tho president should U-
auBBaaaBsjaauBaaBasjeaaja ai .11 . --
sun scrip for tho amount of Mock actually
paid in by each stockholder, and this alone,
after tho first organization, should givd the
stockholder i. veto. Tim president and di
rectors hav'ng regard to tho constitution,
should mal.e all by-laws, direct tho salo,
shipment, dee. of produce, and fix thn prlco
on merchandise belonging to the compnny ;
havo published annually a full statement of
tho condition of tho company in some news
paper, and keep the books always open to
the inspection of stockholders. The compa
ny thus organized, and with a stilhcicnt
freight of flour or lumber, should charter n
csm'1, send an ngoiTt to diHiioHe of it, and to
purchase such goods as tno farmer necn.
On tho return, each shareholder to lie allow,
ed to draw at cost and carriage, each year,
one half, or two thirds of tho value of each
share, tho remaining portion kept back till
tho end of five years, for tho piirchawj of
ships, mvrcliaudiHo, materials for building
mill und constructing thesamo for use of the
company at the und of v. Inch timo tho com
pany may wind up, if thought best, and a
complete dividend made of principal and in
teroM. An agent despatched to Now York, or
Boston, with tho bonds of the company, would
bo able to purchase on time, all the materials
for the construction of mills and such mer
chandise as would enable them to carry on
their business with their heads above water,
lie could either ptirelinM! a vessel, or give
employment at stated prices, until tho com
pany should be prepared to nay for it. Ho
could bid for the supply of the Navy in tho
Pni.ifin llm mililurv IKlstS 011(1 (IrSL'OOUti Sta.
t toned in Oregon, with moro UHtturaiico of
getting it than any other individtiul or com
pony in the world. Thus e would, by our
own influence, successfully counteract a sys
tein of mercantile extortion, that has rarely
had a parallel, and which must bring poverty
and wrcterlldnes in the most fruitful coun
try in tho world, if tamely submitted to.
To prove this, let ui submit facts ; one bush
el of our choicest Wheat will only purchase
'2 pounds of coflee, or tho sume quantity of
nails,' or 3 panes of window glass, and
other things in proportion, when our flour is
sold in the mills of the merchants, at Oregon
nilv. In llm nanw inirrfncv that wheat is liuid
, for', for 94 per hundred pounds, or at the
Sandwich Islands, for from 910 to 10 dollnrs
per barrel. Thus vou see how we are im-
. poMul upon : even tlio gold which the poor
. . . ..I., i i :. ....:..i
emigrant iciciies nerc, iosr nn vuiuu m vii.--gon.
In the States, sovereigns nre worth
84 81 cents in the banks or luml offices ; but
here, they can only be puvscd to these all
controlling monopolies, for 81 fiO cents, and
will only buy 1'JJ pounds of coffee, or 1H
pounds of nulls. Verily, relief is called
for in these particulars, and that speedily, or
we are ruined. M.
We an ia want of asore staustieaf information ffcttn
we bare yet raoihud aeaeerafag the various produc
tioeo of ear Tentseryi
reed upon that wht eeaetitnte a data from which to
asjiepesteaeaad aWweeaohusons. It will bo of in
calculable advantage to' the country to have indispu
taate lafiiaaatlM, as to the productive qualities of our
soU daaeemktatod abroad, There has been somewhat
of aa leiggintlaa of truth a straining after effect
ia snath of the lafirnnllsa aahlished for tho benefit of
Orogea. We aid an? ijhaai'wbe behove that the end
eon noTse Jaunty tsW'atoaa and particularly In this
ee,k Jt uaateai to lelert'te' any other means than
tra4, without strotsamg k kt the least, to to of essen-
Jatho agjiluaiiatef the end in view. Tno
i wil achieve more,
,thM prwiiUautnt nnd
' Whteh Wo been writ-
OiWau. a
tn r &! MmMMt
Fur the Oregon Spectator.
A public meeting will be held by the fnrm
ors, at tho Methoilist meeting house in Tual
itin Plains, on Saturday, the Kith instant, to
take measures to prevent our ruin, by thn
combined operation of tho merchunts awl
shippers, who have united to tio us down
and prevent us from gcttingitho just rowan!
of our labor, by refusing to ship produce for
us, and combining to force ub to take their
goods for it, ut prices ruinous to us and de
structive to thoA interest of the country ;
and by ottering us by way of insult, what
thoy nro pleased to call 00 or 80 centsper
bushel ; as per exumple from 2 to 2
pounds of collec, or 2J mnnds cut nails, or
:i panes of window ij'Inss, per bushol of
wheat, and other articles in proportion ;
whilo flour is sold at the Sandwich Islands,
in less than 20 days sail, nt from tlO to 916
per barrel. We hopo noun will, wo holiovo
none can bo absent, who has his interest of
tho of tho country at hoiirt. Turn out
boys, rain or shine. A friend to fnir trado
who appeared in a previous number of the
Oregon Speotator, is particularly invited.
Should his plait suit, wo are pledged to fur
nish him ten thousand bushels of wheat to
start with.
A Rockv Mountain Boy.
Questions in Subokry. Do wounds of.
ten heal by tho " first intention 1" Not when
the pationt is rioh nnd tho surgeon poor.
When does mortification ensue 1 When you
"pop the question,'.' nd re answered
t.'l J