Oregon spectator. (Oregon City, O.T. [i.e. Or.]) 1846-1855, December 10, 1846, Image 3

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    o the oowjwpy for mucl monoy ax will
buy or bulla ft Mbooaor, and got tho inatori.
als for a mill, or buy one Thin can bo dono,
for the mosey le already in tho country, and
can be ha4 fcrsuoh bonds. Thin dono, wo
will be reaify to transact our own mercantile
Instead of giving a buxlip of whom for
twelve and a half cento worth of milt, wo
will get a bushel of salt for twelve and a
half cents worth of wheat ; our warehoiiHCH
orarned .with wheat, our mill in complete op
oration, and our sails spread to the breeze.
Who will then bo in fuwir of praying to
Congress to drive tho Hudson's Huy Coinpa.
ny away, to mako room for Jews und shurp-ors.
Furthermore, such n company will ho en
At a lute race in England, a Yankeo was
linked if they had such swift horses in his
country. "Why, I guess wo have," said
Jonuthuu, "I seed a horso in Baltimore, one
titled to credit ; so much mj, that their hills sunshiny day, start even with f shadow,
Goon Aovicb. Have wo in any manner
dono wrong to anothor ? Let us not be back
ward in makingjeparation for it; not hesita
ting an instant, bur nobly breaking through'
tho restraints of pride and shame that would
bo our hindcranco.
Hapwnbss.- Tho foundation of domestic
happiness is faith in the virtue of woman.
Tho foundation of political hapincss is confi
dence in the integrity of man. Trio founda
tion of all happiness, temporal and eternal
relicnco on tho goodness of God.
payable in wheat, lumber und woods will fur
niih an excellent currency, such as will be
good wheresoever their trade extends, if that
should be toCanton ; for flour and lumber is
better than gold and silver.
Do aot bo discouraged furmcrs, hut lay
hold on the plow, with now energy, and sow '
all the wheat you can. nomr-ilitnir. must ami
will be done speedily. We ure told by mer
chant, that farmers cannot he orL'iinizcd :
suoh ia rarely if ever tlm cuse, but such cir
and heat it a quarter of a milo on tho first
OCT " Time works wonders," as the lady
said when she got married after eighteen
years' courtship.
istr When wo begin to write on the blank
page of lifo in youth, it seems as if wo
should never fill it ; but alas ! at middle age,
it is so scribbled over with blots and erasures.
cumstanoes and such uono sided trade was i that wo can scarcely find room for a now
never known, the country is small, and record.
we can understand one another, and do feel
thegreat necessity of attending to our trade.
TnerofororWo insist, that everyone of you
turn All, tat. Av.ifw.1 ulinrtlu ti It.... w o ......
... WM, nW -4!-Wl f-l. ' l 111 Ul lll- .kMVJVJ M vmwvA MVA AMM
cral call for a mectine. and certainlv hone nWUls K ASH II Ml 1 14.
that at such lime, you will all turn out to a ri1H.E above mentioned boeto have been taken from
nun, though it should, rain in torrents. '" !rl " fe. '$Z.2!2l
I am and always Will bo reward-if tl.ey will take rood csre of nld boat and
A riUE.ND TO 1'AIK IHADE. return the ume in rood order our grateful thanks
with interest. Dee. 10.
Da. Humboo Kxckllki). Dr. Hothorom
Smokem advertising in the .Sunday Mercu
ry, his Patent Cut and Thrust Phlebotomi
zing Emetic, Cathartic, und Dietetic Double.
Barrelled Firo and Hrimxtouc Cordial, says:
"It is a sovereign specific, and iiiMuntnrie.
ous remedy for distempers, acute, chronic,
nervous, general, local, real, imaginary and
epidemic disorders; forguu.hot wounds, sim-
Ele and compound fractures, casualties of all
inds and tuddrn drath. It operates i mm).
ly on the body, mind, estate, real or p'-rson
.j .. ... y,, -... !.-.,,,. . rion Bu-ne-t Oreeon City and PortlaDd, under the
al, placo of residence of the patient, and lusl ,,. todye 0f F. W. Peltyewe dtCa
nearett neighbors. It extirpates the spinal
marrow, which is the cause ot many frequent
and fatal' complaints. It dissipates itdipoo
tumors and untimely births, and is an effec
tual proventivo against old clothes und ad
vanced age. It assists nature in her attempts
at amputating disorders of the head, and
greatly enlarges tho pluck. By rinsing the
mouth daily with this cordial, tho epiglottis
becomes firmly fixed in tho socket, andcari
ous teeth adhorc closely to the metartarsus,
by which means deglutination and chiglificu.
tion progress regularly. The muscles, which
btoome fluid by use, are restored to an ossi
fled state, and the whole arterial system grad
ually relaxes into potrifuction. Applied to
the eyes, it eradicates the optic nerve, ex
tuboratcs tho pupil, and enables blind people
to see clearly in tho dark. From its drying
qualities, it Is useful in drowning, ond hang
ing yields to its elevating stimulus."
A Hiht. Tho Richmond Stur says .-Folks
who don't like the way naners are edited
ought to ask leave to put in a specimen of
tns ngftt sort. Any editor will bo glad to
give muk individuals a chance at any timo.
We would just for the fun of seeing them
eut up and slashed by tho critics, aftcrwurd.
Every man who thinks it easy to edit a pa
per exactly 'right, and to universal accept
ance, ought to try it. May-bo ho would suc
ceed; and if so, would be bettor entitled to a
reward than the discoverer of perpetual mo.
A preaoher having remarked in a sermon,
that every thing mado by God was perfect
"What do you think of mo ?" said a man
rising from his seat and pointing to his own
ibaek. m Think of you?" reiterated tho
preacher, "why, that you am tho most por
Jeot himtkltck my eyes over beheld !"
"I" ""
Daw, Jr., says, when a man becomes poor,
and gets bird up, with big owl-eyed starve,
lloa atariawat him from a short distance, he
will tu esT aad.go devil ward in spite of all
piatst yinklaf t the contrary. Righteous-
I MM ratal fceerare luxuries tbat be can't
I HEREBY give notice that my note in favor ei
ther of John McLoughlin, or the Hudson's Bay
Company, I do not now distinctly remember which
party dated in October 1945, will not be paid unless
Uiepayinent ia compelled by law, aa the payment of
aid note in "good merchantable wheat" baa been re
fused at the granary at Linton.
1)ec. 10, IWL Kltf JACOB HOOVER,
THE undersigned have thia day formed a co-partnership
for the transaction of General Comnus-
Oregon City, Not.
10th. 184C S3tf
THE PAKTX&RflHIP heretofore ex
idling between Geo. Abemethy and A. Been, t
tint day duaolted by mutual consent i
Oregon City. October 37, 1846. 3 tat
THE HUBSCRIBER baring purchased
the entire Slock of the Oregon Muling Compa
ny, will continue the business as formerly.
October Q7, 1846. 3lfll
J. B. IVcClsirg dk Ce.
JAMES B. McCLURG. Ihoxovuuu, Oahu,
HENRY CHEVER, $ Sakowicii Islands.
Nov. 13, 184& 2llf
AditilHtalrmtwr,s If Uce.
TfVrOTICE is hereby given, that the subscriber has
1 been duly appointed administrator of the estate
of Robert II. Poe, late of Tuality county, deceased,
and has taken upon himself that trust by giving bond
and security as the law directs ; and all persons having
demands upon the estate of the said Robert H. Poe,
are required to exhibit them within one year from the
third day of last August, and all persons indebted to
said estate, will make payment as the probate law di
rects, to DAVID T. LENOX,
Nov. 19. 1846. 2Itf Administrator.
TS hereby given that on the twenty-fifth day of
M. December, 1 wilt otter for sale at public vendue,
4he farm and claim belonging to the estate of Robert
it. roe, deceased, oaid farm containing about thirty
acres in cultivation, with a good log house situate ana
being in Tuality county,, and adjoining to P. H. Bur
nett. The sale will take place upon the premises, be
tween the hours of 10 o'clock A M. sad 9 eloekP.
M. A credit of nine mouUu will Wj.Hvsa to the pur
chaser givisg bead sad good security.
Nov. 19, 1846V-llf Administrator.
Clock! I (Hacks I Clocks I
A FEW Fancy MeUl Clocks far sals, at tho
store or John H. Coaok, for available funds. An
awful dlsoouat mado far cash! No Shan nude fee
xamlalBg the article, For price, iaoain at the store,
rof J091PH WATT.
Oei.S0ik.iasa. ..anf - w
TlklL A. a. T inrwv m-iu ..j -
MT respectfaUy tendew sis Pisfiasliaal srrisasts
th cWssiof Orogea City sad viessity, ss a fegslw
Ha ksa Imut linn J:..J.J .L. - L. - -
f ,J "d it the HM, tbat ia " skiiMlsg
umnmmmm, ia rewow ui0 esq Beaaa to aw aeos res
and waatMi djuwIm. h. .. . i- ..j.... i.k
Uie prisciples of common humanity, or the dictates of
- - J?"T"y nm oeueves in puniyug me
currents of life, which, are the seat of health of dis
ease: and as accumilated experience of eighteen
vear practice In the States, has ceaviaced hfa. that,
in Nature sawBle gardes, maybe fouod herbs sjm!
MaJlU of sufficient varials bJI..u .. si
Uimlyapebcatioa,) snyoftUwholefamUyof dsmaees
to which man's frail nature is subject Though bred
to the study of mineral inedSdaes, as are other., ret,
from his knowledge of UwireaV!ts,fromcevictioBassJ
ftvnnm- Iia hu uwi nim t.nn.i. l a
," ' "7 -," "-" twmnumimi, ana aenouBoea,
the use of the bona ratUiur. Utatt :-.l.
v vvwvv isiBBBsaSBiassX MssUSsVSSjnB
falsely called remedies, which generate crames sad
..w, wu, ,OIr coangwKW, eaoleet UM
constitution to siuv abUaw aviU. m ' i,
ment and debility, gradual consumption, sad prem
Actins-.as Natnm'a mlabtMi at IUr 1.1. j:.i
are prepared to stand the severest test ThesabsKri.
lust Lb fttU. kL a a . u
cation of hia nmtiAira ti Itu in ' - --
bis reputation as a practical physician, and bb beaer
as a man. He will pay particular sttturlea to the
diseases of women and children, to which be has devo
ted much time. Obstetric eases arasnirflv HUI i
in the City and country. Office sad residence on
Walar-slmet. al tha lata rmmAn. M. W U O...L
r -..w .wv .it.. . am .a a. laivH,
where be may at all times be found, nnTnaa rsisf sarins
muj ul.
Oct 29, 1846. 3ml
PrOdtXe) K IsUaV
WHEAT, OaU, Com, Pease, WbHe Beans, and
PoUtoea. Abo. Bacon. Salt Pork. Pork Hasa.
and Breeding Sows.
Appiv to the subscriber, at hia hmm h. Van..
hiU nver. RANSOM CLARK'.
Yamhill, Sept 10th, 1844V 17 tf.
Pr Sale Br Psivatk Costsact.
rMIHAT most eligible and desirable claimKtuated
JL on the banks of the CattlenooUe . river called
the Oaks.) It is most' advantageously sjtasted fer
large dairy, having n splendid range for stock sal
hogs. It is weU wooded with tbeik)est Oak la the
country. On the claim are two leg bessee, oaedd by
14 the other 18 by 14 pig .sties framed bare, t
by 27 also a house, wood . preamsd out o cedar, 40
by 35 and about 40 acres of lend iadosed. The
house is situated abouf 400 yards from the Cattlepoo
Ue, and about half mUe from tbeCilswlii, sad with.
inwreebotOTrideofVaneanver. This plalm will IniiRs
posed of at n moderate price. Fo fartber particulars,
fcsVlsuaiarpMsji Vatvenim Veal.
nftmr: r' " rnsafaVr--.
feiiaal aJrsaaV esAmd iawi aa fair any Imml'
sngesstemw. a lUMI, ' -V :UT
Tbe tmyaMs. aAAU are rasssslrnii IsAbillll tHsi
fMTJr.!!f w tmMmltr "' evety,
rtamswwpiMrrt tbe assTsaats ef MseW
Oct 15.
AslsksnaasBsnlft-s --
iBiaai City.
M' The travitiag esassmnety sis wsfssnlisly
brvKedtoeaB. TUCIrytleteiki aslisgi
bsg repairs, and tbe aitftWtsr feels sale la
snyfatg tbat wbea completed, bis umtisiufs fj fssl
more cemfertable, ss ertty wiibssssij ssisssiua wtfbe
rendered to make tbem so. Us WUe sbeJt aot be
surpass! d to uw territory. Tbenswbe'faVirlamnsHh
a csJI frem tbe west ssss or ass ihsjf,al teSfifO)
bono ferriage free. Jaa-M, lBaeVltf
The way f keep thimn stefAlffM.
ALL those wbo have made aetsaals wkh EL M.
KsssWsVlsMI Nf evtllsMV OT HVvfat MsEftV wal MMI
callandaeene. AsIbswessMmymrryaadsbsllslim
my tavern bminemwitb tbe nwiat msalk, I msst
Bjraff tbinge straJgbt , -
- Dee. lOtb, 1848. H. M. KNIGHTON, c '
Tavatm tmtt Tvumj.
NOTICE is hereby givea to tbe dtkeao of
Oregon, Out tbe rmdsrigned is new OMsay-ingtbesUixlfenBMriyksbyMsJky.eaUM.
i gesssBUSssav
annlv Ia lha aiitavritiariB (ha Man
Tbe Oaks. Nov. 6, 184&-9tif
W vers and William GUser, is Una day dissolved
by mutual consent W. GLASER,
The Manufactory ef Hats will be carried on at tbe
old stand by WM. GLASER, who has taken charge
of the entire Stock, and assumed tbe debts of the
6rm. Orders filled at tbe shortest notice.
Oregon City, Oct 24th, 1B46. 20tf
Wagon and Cart flit.
BAR IRON, suitable for Wagon and Cut Tire,
assorted sites, for sale at tbe Brick Store, Ore.
gonCity. Oct 15,1846. ' 19tf
AL. L. respectfully announces to tbe public tbat
he is ready at any time to survey any claims
or landed property, when ca&ed upon. All orders for
warded 1o A. L. L., at tbe Oaks, below Vancouver,
will be attended to. 8pt 99, 1B4&18UT
west side of tbe river, and noses to sfvo i
faction to all who may call on him. Tsrwo- Ready
pay, 25 cents per meal Price -for bono ovt sag,
75 cent AH kinds of produce will bo reosiroeTisr
tho MUXMo r
Abo, 1, HMea WamtcsJ, whieb U w
tan on shares, or cash or store pay wil bo given.
Hides will be received at any time at the above staad,
and also, Hides coming down the river, oaa bo hot at
Mr. Sharp's obop, above tbe Fam, when lbs aadef
signed will receive tbem.
Uaa City. April 30, 1844V?tf. , , r rt
10,000 Reward for every one to mtleni 1&
own buttneu.
THE subscriber begs leave to mlsrm ibopibie at
huge, tbat be has istahlisbsd bJaawbf is lahs'1'
Ksrbasdthlng in general, at Oregon City, whom 1st
will keep on band aa ssswfuat of PWweywsiob ssa
not be surpassed in Usf. States. Psiseswwiohsgtoma
ilisiiniliins. iinlin srrnmmndstud with Ism. Ipsb '
ed or unfinished. Abo, Patent PUeh Forhs, Hon,
Axes, and all kinds ef nteebanice ssek. AjtaasssW;'
scriber has had leng oxperieaoe m maohlserr, bo fcsb):
himself competent to execute allkmdoof awl.wsslb
shingle machines, and Uuashing maebsses of Sbt best1
approved patents. -"
Gentlemen wishing to pBBcbaw any of the'i
articles, will do wett to cau and i
on Main street, Oregon City.
February 19, 1846-3U
d hi tbe
A. L. Lovuov. A. A. Smaxaa
LAW, and Solicitors In Cbaneery, Oregon City,
Having this day entered into eo-partMitbip m the
business of the Law, under the above styU.and name,
L. and 8. will attend to any pwfamisaal basiaem en
trusted to Their care ; and will praetioo la the S
and Crunimul Courts of Ureses Teiwary,
several County Courts. i
Oct 15, 1846. '. 19tt
For Salt I!!,
MY SAW MILL, situated near the county read
leading from Tuality Plains to Sosvieli Island,
about six miles from the Utter place, and three from
the former. Tho MiU is ready to go into operation as
soon as tho rains commence, sad will ran sis saoaths
(n tha vear. or the whole vsar. by the addition ef aa
over-ahot wheel, there betas' sufficient fall for one of
thirty feet!!! Them ah upon the same claim
several ether MiU situations, wiw euencleat fall to run
any kind of ssacblnery. SThk property will bo sold
veryoaeaa. For torsse, apery to r
Oot 16th, 184&-I0tf CHA
Fans few S-ale.
a Thesubscribsreanbisvabssbteesba,BB
BPffl Tualaty alalas, fer solo. Tbomamoatlm
JIHlLckim 89 acres ia eaJtrrsU-n, wUmnmrnji
leace, with a log-abm Uwmoa, ard also tbabar far a
framed dwettiag and ban, a quantity of sblngiao, kit.
Persons wishing to purchase a good farm, wiff do Vol
to visit the above, as it wal bo sold oojraed terms.
For further particulars, inquire of Was. Baaoas; on
the adjoming claim, or of the subscriber, at Portland..
May98,rS4-9tf A, COOK.
the Brick Store, Oregon City.
Oct 15, 1846. ; Utf.
r,ts asthMojisadHesss,
JsLiotasisa ia Bs power. f lift Maa sadaesse,
and wiM siarfo aoUUag at sasltoeapeot ready
pay melees "Wm
V m JW Ulwia oaMsfsJp wBMslsl aw smtWwffif,
forHossrpsymsa nlij mMQm,
i ffmnantlo' Foma If, fMM, ndi V Iaftft
Farm tor fait.
HAT supsrior and most dish-asla shka
situated oa tho Yamhill rim. aaa
occupied by UMsubseriber.bonVred wr sab) oa
favorable terms. ItiasHuated at aboat the oeator of
YaasbJU oeunty, weH watered, and tbe bosiftabor
in Oregon. The feaoao an sobmIst, sad bsniBaagB
goo FJtjgeeaad jgESSf
YambiB, Sept 10th, 184&-17tf. ;,
FamU.Ltt. T "-'-.
HE subscriber hie twoaUds, eostsiabkf;
00 acres each, of etdsjriaaf.iiml to tbo '
beet ia Oregon, with sasalsmaos, tarns, salt
eat bswss. wbJcb ho b) doiwoas of: nsmnr eeAtrlBHM
YamblH,stoatl(aJi,I8oA.IIXM ' ' , b
Tssm-Frre desiim si advaaoe If aetaaMaa(
UHOipiraiieaof bveasashs, sk .emW oawVmnb
aalasTtks itslnllls af ek'sseom, tbo .OBMsB
aamtaaimaltoomaBamsvS. V -i F$?
""'Sa'WWSSRa ,'i , ,. , , ,(,o-n
'-li. M2 ix JSaU. ;
--" MHJ Lkh'
I IAHssmsBof ,
t . lasaajaj Baaaasaai
' ' '" - -