Oregon spectator. (Oregon City, O.T. [i.e. Or.]) 1846-1855, October 15, 1846, Image 2

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0. L. OUKKT Wree-. . WifflM.,
Oregem City,
, ' w mmfmf ww
MMfei M tlpTtr SsejetlSeTt
O Resolution
of the Onra Priatia Aim
Monday. Oct 5ib. 180. Mlttfcnitok laeettW
tbe " 8pecUler" fear tinev vl
Whnii MTNtl Mfcmfcmtetk MOiMm 8ae
tator" have preferree pay fcr the la Orama
Scrip, which wilt not aae A Uebttltlee af Dm leal
Therefore '' .
JZesWwoV That keceeiter al MMMMMti
the "Oregon bpteUtv." be
Oregon Scrip will Mt boreeeive4 ia -feynaac Jar the
paper. visa, r.
Oregon City, Oct 8th, ISM.
M meate ieaet
ID Soma of ear
with im h pttieathwi tlMy ew ;
the largMt ihat bi th wmW. a4M
thing into it at
ID" On the fiat pace of mt
some original matter, to which wo eel
"Roll Call. At the nil call ef eac
before going to press eat yesterday, a ejerity end
not answer to their naaee after tskt.sBaWea mUim
provided in the oetthliehtatat ef the "mUr."
That ia to say, they did not anewer mid. New, that
U out of all conscience and hard to be heme;
coneeqaently, as Mr. Wbat-yenaMy-eel-'ea, aera.
" Our wifleringt ie intolerable." If
hold back will only ceene vp to the aeerk
themselves accordingly, by Um pay-neat ef their
sorptions , we " won't" aak uera a
ID The emigraata etill eeatiaae to' attire,
daily, generally in good health and tfrtej, eras, their
wagoMaadteeAMinTOryrakeuoMBMB. ay ear:
iaeue we ahall be able to fern eeemetaaw Hw a
now no reliable Jafonnatina
ID" It ii to be hoped that tbvejfata eeaatieawli
be repreeented in the ppteachlag eeareaeiea. If aay
of them feel averse to timllng a diligati, er evea a
meawnger, to the U, 8. Ceafetae, ttexeagat to, aet
withstanding, be rtpnaeated ia the ejerreaftieay, ia. ar
der that they may bare a vetoe, at least, taaV'eaab
ions of that body. By reference e aaother celeawa, it
will be Men how far Clackamae has pi sendee! ia tail
ID Wo regret to state Out Mr. Jean Hefctoeter,
recently a worthy and respected ekiaea ef taw tonito
ry, while on hie way to CaMtemiaraet aa
death in the. JJiupqua moiinleine, by
shooting himself lie was ia the actef
rifle towards bin, by the mauls.
broth against which it bad beea restiag , when it
charged its contealiiato fab body. Haired a ahart
time after the accident. ,
ID Three pieces fflTs cf rrianin) ef the lata U.
S. Schr. Shark's ordnance, havei
portion of the wreck, a few miles belew
head. Means were being taken to preserve the pieeee
if practicable.
Tjik Lace Navy, Scene ef .tbeCsasdiia
ore in an alarmed state aboat tbe UaMed Meant
force upon the lakes. Added to the. sail
our inland seas, they master a vary
We have on Lake Erie, fifty-ive
propellers, fifty brigs, two hundred aad am
ers, besides having ia precets ef baaeW, tea
ers, twelve propellers, twelve saaare rifgidviawai, aad
an iron man of war of five hundred
Mounted Riflemen It is ooaMeatly aaterled la
the Eastern papers, that the oamraaad ef the mw
regiment of mounted riflemeaie to he glvea to Ceptila
Fremont, the ceUbreted explorer. .
CO John Adams was at oae fbrw .filed apea try
some one to contribute toieretga tfkdm wheai ha
abruptly answered: "1 have aahlafYeVfr that
. . - . . J .. .T ",
purpose. There are new, atlehrtilaetr,
sot one of whom will prtaeb ia eaah etjbara
X"OW, 1 wiu coniriswe as atesa, aM
aae alee, to clvillie thead ray
err ?-
"esjsjyfsaa if
Waaf Ouaati Wjn She wants a speedy set-
ef gw bedary tanllnn, and the Immediate
ef ehejeaiiieelea ef the United States over
mtmmm tm fetiaeyy. me wants a aevoiepement
ef hariieiaiiii.ariy ta estakWi the f.ct that ahe pos.
eeaMwheemtf tae'raeaat of weaith and great
e)esnia jMt ejalaeat degree. The steamer upon
hat aaaeieeat rivew ' the locomotive upon her pro
eaeejteeilas would be to her es blcaings, and could
aetftul to eJerd a meet gratifying return to the entrr
atkeag eeaiUliet who would so eetablikb them. The
aeeaMar cireametaacee under which -lie labor at pro
eat, aad has long oeatiaued to labor her recent origin
her reraoteaeai from the highly civilized and great
eeaemerekl aatieas ef the world do not wnnit her
to shew her ewacapahiUties to the extent that he to
ardeawy deairea. Is she btameable, then, in asking for
aid, whea her eary capital is a few articles of her own
ateeheiea whea there are miles and miles of her
lieh eal yet aabroken by tbe husbandman when
there ie aaareety eompetltion enough in her markets to
exeoJa aa ejuwaragement for labor? Under her mild
esBagieeable aad healthy climate, and the numer-
which nature has lavished ujnn her,
herself and receives satisfaction from
khe fciaagthit her eferts will not go wire wnrdetf. The
ie hteeauag in the waste and her noble forests
the will of her people.
ef the pretei ng necessities of Oregon.
i, however, without saying a word for
eaweaftoa the agent that opens to man the noblest
lad meet extensive field of action, utility and good.
rsreat Oh! hnmeasurably above and beyond all
ssssfB, Oregea wants the means of keeping ignorance
oaief harherders of giving her children that know
ledge which is power, in order that they may grow tip
the fuM etatare of manhood and perforin tliwir du
tiee, aaahetoia their righu and bo co-lnborers in the
great weik ef human improvement. It the United
to this territory be liberal for the sue-
'el establishment of public tehnoU, and the grati
ef unborn ages will be their meed.
We may resume this subject again, when time and
wfli permit us to do it better Msrvicc.
WmtAT CaorIt is our desire to obtcin an
at aeeriy correct as possible, of the quantity
af wheat that each county cf the territory hns prolin
ase eMag the present year. Will our farmer friend",
thereMre, do at the favor to make up nn tstimate of
she yield ef erepsin their, respective counties, and for
ward the same to at as soon as practicable ? We are
aware that it will be a difficult matter to arrive at the
aetaal amount of this production, yet wc may lie nb!r to
eeme pretty near it in this way, at least, near enough
to give our friends m she Stales a good idea of tho
great productive qualities of the Oregon soil. Wc
weald prefer that tbe estimates should be under, rath
er thea exceed the actual yield. When wo shall have
ehtilied the desired information, we will puMMi it,
ghmg to each county its estimated share of the gene
ra crop, with each remarks as may nut b deemed
smawewltti to tbe subject.
faatf Mixiccv The New York Exprciw of the
lfehaf May last, contains news from Mexico, receiv
ed via Havana, from Yen Cruz, to the first of May.
Goa. A Imeatw vent from Havana in the steamer
Tweed, ea nut to 'France and Knglund, taking triih
htm lie Presteaieffen of tear Utvrd hy PnrrAn.
Oea. Santa Aaaa remained at Ifnvana, devoting
Waaatf to asjatameats, apparently quite uninterested
ia tsw.eJUrsof etates or nations.
A large Spanish Beet waa cruising around the Isl
and. 'We hear aething of the two Mexican war
oaiaasetB. The people of Vera Cruz were every mo.
meat eaaectlng ear forces to commence. the blockade
aad IsmbeidsniiHt ef the Fort.
Leotsrs from Maiatlan, San Bias, Sus., betray tho
groateet eeaeternatiea on tbe west coast, in conic.
ejaeaae af the number of U. S. vessels of war there.
smarts wns constantly arriving in the city of Mexi
aa, that Meatorey, or Naxatlan, or some other port on
thp 'teste, had beea taken or blockaded by our forces,
he they were generally contradicted the next day.
TM mnuea teip uouingwood, eu trans, Admiral
, waa at anchor offSan Bias, 7th April. Emi-
flam the United States were still pouring into
to tbe great consternation of Gen. J'a redes,
leja them an army in disguise. He gives
.- . A I . "
aa CaMerma aa Met. Apprehensions are entertained
that tha Marmeat, who were said to be crossing the
weald overrun the wholo of Moxlco, and
: st Their reputation has preceded them.
Them) Is ae moatlon made in the Havana papers of
i, bat a aay bad been lilting out, it is not
that aay thtag would have been given out
IT Paget Souadfrlmpesafoaei ,mmtJ fa teemaeh
., V "
laweiamUef aasiaag
aiettaa,ewfmsw)om-e. ue -- eeamme.
a At a .iUtAa tlAlo sseilkAai & .'
i in) ooenuHrw . .-w. , ,m-t ,
If aval Orden have beea received at the Brooklyn
Kavy Yard to gat tha ateeao of war Dale, Barton, and
Trlhll, and tha Mfato Maeedonia ready for sea at
Ta rreate,s etareTteace to mete orders, was
'iwMa.were aha roaarfed at Norfolk on Sunday td
ft erallha U. . mlg.flffaitea. The Truxton b to be
ay caat. carpenter.
hjaP.f hrig Ferry was to leave Norfolk yesterday
ThaU.eOMlMtnbrldte, Cant Pennington, arrived
at atosteleMeiaea the 4th of April from Montevideo
Ws-s-sWilaaVUttr, MthMay.
A Pekcious Document. We givu bslow, an a
matter of novelty, a few extracts from the recent pro
clamation of Gen. Paredrs, President of Mexico, It
will be teen how much regard he entertains for truth,
and how perfectly he U at home In his native brugga
docia: " The old injuries, and the ofTences which have been
repeatrd ever since lr3ti by the government of thu
United StatcH aguinst the Alexicaii teojir, liuvu hreu
coimnniinated by the act of sending u ininisti'r, to lie
accredited near our government, with the churuvterof
resident, as if the ri-latiotin between the two rrmilitirs
had not been altered hy tin' act of incorporating Texas.
At the same time, when Mr. Slidell presented himself,
the troops of the United Slates occupied our territory,
their squad nn w threatened our ports, anil preparations
were limde for occupying the CuliVoruias, of which llu
question of Oregon is only u preliminary ; and I did
not admit Mr. Slidell, becuuse the dignity of the nution
repelled the now insult.
" lu t,he meantime, the army of the United States
was cantoned at Corpus Clinstif uud occupied llid
island of l'adre Vayin ; nfterwnids iiiutihcd towanls
St. Isabel, and Ihojtag oflkt nam waved on tho left
bank of the Kin Bravo del Noil, opjiosite the city of
Mutumoras, after taking p.cwSjii of the rm-r with
their ships of war. The town of l..irrdo was stirpriM-d
by a party of their troops, and u picket of ours, on the
watch, was disarmed. Ilottilitirs, then, have Ix-tn
comiueucrd by the U. S. of America, in nuking new
conquests upon our territories within the buiindarii's of
the department ot I umatilipas und ew Uon ; und
uIo by the advunce oftroojM iqwii Monterey, m Upjier
Taking poutuion of I lit Hiti llraru ilrl Siirtr, liy
thijf vf tear, anil adruncitif; Iruojn nin Mulinnuini
in Upiitr California ! Truly the Mexicun I'resideiit's
expositioiui uro most marvellous. He strums ut a gnat,
and, without any difficulty whntever, swullou u
camel. Facts, Mr. President l'aredes, alone will lie
respected und huvo weight in tho world'n jiidginent
they uro stubborn things, anil in this care ut lenl you
cannot make them. After utthbiiling the ret.Mnihilit
of a war between tho tun nations to the AiiierirmiM,
and stating that tho intimation of the receding of the
United States troops to the left bank of the Nun-,-
w;u rejected, he (oleinnly declurcs thut Ire does not
decree wur.
" But the dtfrnrt of Ihr Mrxititn trnltiry, he eon
titiues, irhieh tht troop of the United Stutm inrmlr.
is an urgent ueccMiity, and my reuiiaililiiy will !
immense before tho nation, if I o not command the
reielling of the force that iuvadeu it us eiiemte ; and
i niter euminanueu if, rnJiu iiu uuy win runimrnrr
di.kknsivk was, and all points of our territory thut
shall be invaded or attacked, will be defended with all
il huvo rommanded the (teiiernl-iu-Cliief of our
forVfriOii the liorthem frontier, to repel all hntlilttie
offered to uk, which is uctual war uguiiiNt uny Mir
making war on us; and calling upon the God of
battlch. Ho will prcseno the valor of our troojis, the
wiqucstionuble right to our territory, and the honor of
thoso arms which (ire used only in defence of jtiMice.
Our general will govern himself by tho rrtnl)lilud
usage of civilized wurfure. With orders from me to I
prevent, if poHhiblcthoell'iji'ion of blood, he will lurriiiutt
to the (ieheral-in-Chief of the American-army that he
ihall return to the other tide af the Itm de la AV
er e, the ancient limits of Texas."
Clackamas Coi:.sty Court. A secial tenu of
this Court was held lust ueek, and some iuqioriniJt bu
siness transacted. Mr. John Switslcr was authorized
to keep u public ferry sit the Columbia river opposite
Fort Vancouver. Mewirs. Woodcock, Cornelius and
Parker were appointed reviewers, to relocate and im
prove, the road leudiog from Oregon City to the Molal
la settlement; also to review and locate a road to
Champoeg county line. Mewr. Caon und Stephens
were appointed supervisors for the purpose of making u
road leadipg from the city limits to thu residence of
Mr. Stephens, on the Willamette river, opposite to the
town of Portland. The case of Mr. Simmons against
Wornbough and Butler, for the recovery of tho amount
of a promissory note, came up, and after evidence
and argument, was submitted to the jury, who could
not agree upon a veu'ict, and were discharged.
Riot at Montevideo. Some serious and alurming
disturbances broke out on" the night of the lfJth of
March, in Montevideo, on the occasion of tho urrivul
of General Rivera in the harbor, on board of a Spanish
frigate. The troops were culled out. A pruvious de
cree by the government and council of state had been
issued, ordering that General Hivcru should leuve the
country, and providing that ho should huveusuitublu
pension to support him suitably in some foreign laud ;
this was stuled to be out of consideration fojjiis former
services to the country.
Intemperance in Old Times. During n session
of the MamachnsettM General Court, held ut Newton,
in 1C39, " Peter Hoshnker, was censured for drunk,
ennet", to be whipped, and to have twenty stripes
sharply inflicted, 'hnd lined five pounds, for slighting
ibe magistrates on what they could do, saying they
could but fine him."
(fir Tho rose in Bwcolest when it first
opens, and tho spikenard-root when tho herb
dies. Beauty belongs to youth, and dies
with it, but the odor of piety survives death,
and perfumes tho tomb.
" My lad," jmid a young lady to a boy
carrying aii empty mail bag, ore you a
mail boy ?" " Ye duzen't think i'ze a female
boy, duz ye ?"
Pursuant to adjournment, tho citizens of CUcka
iniu county met on the 10th iitant, at the City Ho
tel, when the meeting was culled to order by Wm.
Finley, the chairman, and (. L Curry was excused
from acting as secretary on account of indisposition.
On motion of II. M. Knighton, W. G.T'Vnult was
npniited secrotury . After the minutes of the pre
ceding mot'linjj was rend, the meeting proceeded to
On motion of Wm. Holmes, the following resolution
wus adopted.
ItrMolrrd, That Clackamas county send live delo
gates to the r.nvenlion lobe held at Oregon City on
tlm first Monday in November next.
Mr. I h' Stewart submitted the following resolution
for adoption.
Whereas the citizens of Oregon Territory Im;Iicvc it
to bo thejr duly to recommend to Congrcw to make
some certain reserves for important purines, we would
suggest first, Unit Um Falls of the Willamette and one
I i 1 1 V east, one uuln west, one mile soiyth, and oue milo
north m resetted, together with Fort Vancouver, Fort
NcMiiully, Cuw DisapfKimtmcnt, and Cascade Falls
of the Columbia river, be reserved for internal im
provements within this territory, and would further re
commend, that One sectfon out of every sixteen see
tionsof laud lie reserved for srdool purpose, and all
persons huvmg claims on the alsive s(ccifie(i lunds, bo
grunted floating chums.
Mr. MrCuncr moved to amend the same as far as
relates to Oregon City, hy tner1ing the net of Con
greM relating to lliirlmgtou and other tawns in luwn
When Mr. Taylor moved to amend the amendment
by striking out all after tho resoUing cluue, and
inserting the following
"Thut our delegutes are .requested to ak Congrrss
to make reM-nes of nil water-fall", chs, town Mte,
ac, us they ma) think pior, mill that the pncetds
thereof ir uiplul to the improvement of the h.i,
mers, roads, ic, in said territory." After mum and
unlimited iIim'isioii, in which M'-. Slcwnrt, Me
Carver, Tu)loruml (Nilwell participated, the amend
ment of Mr. Taylor vas adopted, and w;u pniM-d by
(In motion of Mr T'Vault, the following resolution
Hrtuliril, 'I'li.it our delegate to the contention to
be hehl at Oregon Cit) on the lirM .Moudu) in .Nut em
ber next, b" iiflructei to drall meinoriulii to tin Con
grew of the linteil Slate, piajnig lr the eli-iiwmi of
the lawn of the I'mted Mali s over Oregon, Without nl
laeliiug it in Iowa or an other territory ; nlxi praying
the cMubhshmeiil of a mail route to Oregon, uud the
fx'idy pamagii of a law granting donation uf luml
lo each citizen of the L'lllled States, rewdlllg III Ore-
gon, us wa jr(iK-.l in uh.it was railed Dr. latin's
bill ami prating the enrly rommenrement of Ibe
great National Ituilmail, comieetmg the I' States
with thu Pacific. Aleo, to diuft an address lo the
Secretary of the, Nav, particularly, infonniug tlm
kind and quantity of .Sm.il supplies that can ! fur
iiilied inOregon.niid praying thut measure ( ndnpt
ed In eimlire the pureliare of such supplies an ran li
furnished in Oregon for the I luted Stalls Na)
Mr. lejoy ntepi the following rew.lutiou fi-r
ttemlred, That our delegates be iutnicted lo iir4
their influence to draft memorials lo Ihe Congress of
tlm Cuitcd States, pruning that un Indian ngent lx
ftpjsjinlcd, anil such sub Indian agents a may Ik
deemrd requisite by that government, us soon us may
Is-, fo. Oregoh territory ; and further thut roumuiwioii.
er lie npN.iiiited to make I renins with the sewral
tribes of iiichunHvtcst of the Ids.-ky mountains, end to
do such other acts mid things us are deemed necessa
ry by that government for the safely uf the citizeu in
tin country.
Tho resolution was adopted.
Mr. Col well offered the following for adoption.
Keiolced, That H is proer for the mliubilanls of
this country to ineiuorialue Cougretx, for the purm
of obtaining uppropriutious of mouey, to lie rtpeuded
in clearing uwuy olsitructious to the free nuvigation o
the Willamette river alsive tlie JmiIIs ; also, in luuking
a cunal uroiiud the Fulls ; also, in clearing uwuy ob
struction la-low the Full ; also, in improving the mouth
of tho Columbia river.
Thu resolution was udopted.
Mr, T'Vuult offered thu following.
Kenlrrd, Thai this meeting instruct their dele
gates to tho convention to be held in Oregon City on
the first Monday in Novemlnr next, lo devise roine
ways und means lo forward the Ktithn und memo
riuN of the citizen of Oregon to tho Congress of Uie
United States, without sending a delegule.
Mr. Colwell moved lo amend by striking out nil after
tho resolving clause, ami inserting the following:
" That our delegates bo instructed lo upjwiut a mes
senger to Congress, whose duty it shall bo In curry said
memorials am petitions, and remain-at Washington
during thn sitting of Congress? acting in the catmcity
of a lobby member, and who ehull be paid by tho citi
zens of Oregon."
Mr. McCurver, in on able sjioecli, opponed the origi
nal resolutioii and udvorated thu sending of u nuri
scnger. On motion, tho meeting adjourned, to meet again
on Thursday, tho 15th inst. ut 1 o'clock, P. Al.
W. FINI.UY, Chairman.
W. G. T'Vault, Secretury.
Vo direct thews roiiiiil(s lo the bono und
hIuimv of the country, from wIiono impartial
opittiotiH ulono wo expect correct conductions.
First, would not our interests bo promoted
by electing an individual to carry our me.
innrinls. Azn.. In Wnsliinrrlnn 1 Hould he do
any thing in conjunction with ConRrcssfto
roltcvo our commercial ami pnuuni conm
tion ? If lif could, timn instruct your dole
gates upon this subject, that provisions bo
mado for his election. We aro not tenaoious
about claiming a scat for him in Congress,
until wo are organised but when capital.