Oregon spectator. (Oregon City, O.T. [i.e. Or.]) 1846-1855, February 19, 1846, Image 1

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S ( 'I i-liiti' '" "" 'iiffnii, mil kiiIij. r!ui
'fiTlV I" l!'-l llliull
S I, lli il rum tin lnjlhr IIiiiim nl Hi prrsrii
htiiiri 'V "''A""' Trrrilnni, 'I'h. it in addition
li, .mill inn! silvci, HiMisiirv tlruli-H, it)i- il
nnli'iM on H'lln'iil ini'ii h.tnls, .mil l'ihkI incr
chuntulilc w In-ill -'it lli' utarl.i I irn i', deliv
ered nt hin li plates '- ii I- cii-lniiiiiry f'"r
reliant I" n-n-m- wheat nl, ilntll l-
luwlul ti-mli-r for lln- pauimil nl lues, and
nnl'iii'-nts n iiiIi k-iI in the courts t" trefoil
Iririlorv, iinil I'H lli- 'UMiii-iiI "(' tiii dcbls
i-iiiiliiu ti 'I m in-yii I'-ii H H , win-re no -l"--i
ial rniili.iit li.t- In i ii in. nil- Ki tli' ""
liur .
".'. Tin- r-iiial . state nl ii im'Ii
wduul, cinupunv, IkmIv i-ilili "i "irmriiti',
i-liiilin hii, ln-i, in lln-ir V--I- and chat.
; iilv, town ur i its imM ii m improve,
incuts, i liiinii'l iiii'I 'ihiii-iI in virtue of occu
iiiih ,m-i iiml ini'1 ill!""'-'' ' 'Ii'' in-un Im.
twee'll tin I llltril Stall's Hll'l irellt llrituiil,
shall Im- miIijci t I" i--i uti'ni. t" I"- lllKl-ll
ami -il'l in i "nliii' ! tin- provisions o! this
ui I, i i-pling iiml vanny .iii.in-l shall not
III- I i.sdi'.'il iih an I'l'il "I I'"' estate "f
,ui id Ii ii'liuii hi !i'l imIiimN. hi i-vi-i utmii;
ami im IiiikI i limn, "I iinpnivi on nls iihiii
a liui'l l.iini. In lil in i npliiij.' I' tin- laws "I"
ilic iiiiiinn, shall Ih-siiIijim t in ri ruiimi;
.hi. I ii" t i . i"ii c ' uti"ii shall U- i nut.
Ii .1 ui all mi-il, i ' cp l lli' "ii" "I "I tin-
plllU lliwll'isi l.l"l till i-MH llll'ill lllls Ih-i-II
iMI'.l I t"i .ui tllin- "tln-1 lliiili tli'- lime
,'jii i 'I ii"Mi l lli- I'.irtn .
S :i. Ii. ii. hi-fi atti i. an-, win nl i-M-rii.
IM lllil l"ll Hi'lllllsl til'- "''l. I liltl ''Is,
ami i.iuii "i 'its in.MTU "i iiii;.'..w.iiiimiI,
..I ,ui ill ti li'laul hi ili I' li'!. nit-. It sliull I"'
tin- ilut "I tin -In I ill "I- tin I i. liner, In
I. v V -in l i M'l lllli.ll. lp"ll -ii 'i p.ill "I ill'
stall' nl siii )i ili I. li'!, ml m .li f' ml. nits. Us
III'. si-. ..i lln , III, IV illii i l. il tin n- i Msts
n n iis.iii.iIii il"iilit i.l -n Ii 'I' I'-mliint .r !-
I. inl.iiits In in;; tin i --i i.i li.li- ..ii. i- 'I -inii
'., .(.. r' . " -' ' i ti 'I , Im! it ii" -'i' li ''in '
li' .ii liall hi yii ii. tin n. in a'l i a-. -. tin
j,H... an. I halt' I- "t -in h 'I' t hint shiJI
In . I . Mill lli-HI all'l "!'l llllli -s siu-h
ili'lriiilaiit- i.iiiitanl until n t tin -ah Up
i. ii i-i-uti'U "I tin ir t'lUii i i t pi 'ji' rt
' I lllll"V i im lit'-.
j I. W In li ur i i u'l -ii -li.ill i-ili I"
.uiv -In nil' ir 'itlii-i "tin i. iiam t tin- pi"-ii-il
"I am ilrt'i iiilaut "r I -1 mlants, il hi ,
-In ur lln have I a i 1 1 1 1 - -. it -li.ill In lau.
till I ii -in li .li l.'iiil.ilil 'i '!i ! ii'laiils t.ii I ii ii 1 1,
as ri nipt Ir .in i'i i uti"M, tin I I! -w mg ii".
n-it , t"- it "in- I'lhli . "in i "W .iiiI i all',
"in' h"isi ii ,i,i' ..f i attli , Iim -In i i. hu
lii al "! li"ir . Imiii-i li'il'l aii'l l.i'i In ii liiriu.
luri', U"t l.i I'M ri il in aliH' tlui'tv iliillais,
in s.ii' 'ii i ui in tin- li'iu-i. "ui- I" 'I innl
tin in i --.ii In -ili liiii; tlii'H'l ii I'U i i is tun
ui tin liiuulv , funning uti'i.-ils nut tn I'M I
in value lilts il'illar-, mil' ui"iitli's jr i isimi
I n tin' "ii 1 1 i' ut if tin liiuuls , all mi') I ia 1 1 lis'
in ri'ssars iis, ami nil tin U -K - "I juimiIi'
lllil.irn s, Mill In I'M ncil ill Mlllli' lllll' lillllilll'il
il'illars hi tli ; ami it .shall In- the iluls of
-mil iillii-i-i-i null" -i'i-iiti' uny il lln- almso
M'iiiil ii"n rts .
.". Aus -lii'i ill hi ntlicr I'llii-i r, Irs iiir
an i-Nis'iitimi upii tin' piopi-ilv nl ans !.
tf in lit i it ur defendants, shall given! least lit".
li'i'M tlass ii'itiri' nl' tin' time anil ilai'c ul
sin li sail', i Histiu up u ritti'ii notices nf
tin1 sauie, at lliicciil llii' luo-t iulill'r i' ill
tin' i-uiiiits in hit li such salt' mas I null1.
II, ,ii iiiinits ul' inn ili si i-iitiiiu wluit-
CUT, sluill lir -.old mi CM'( til lull, ur li ir.
i in- nf iiiiv ulhiT piiNi'ss issiinl h ii ii olli.
i it, (iir li-ss than tiwi.tlurils ui' its alun at
tin' lime nf Midi Mile, after ilciltictiu all
7. Imii-the iiiimw nf ascertaining the
salui' of any imMriy lesieil uion hy any
iiHiriT, liy sirlitc of any cNecutiim ur order
uf ilc, liiunili'il mi any judgment, order or
jli'iTci', it nill he the duty of the oll'icer
Tfitkiii),' siieh levy, to M'lect tsMi disfiLMit
hoilhi'li'ildeis, residents of the eouiilv where
stu-li levy may Im made, to value .said pro
perly. Said oll'icer iiiuluujj Mich -levy, is
nuthuiied to administer an uatlTto said ap
praisers, to value said properly at uliut tho
huiiiu is ssorlh, clear u" all cncuiuhruiices;
and Miid iiipiaisei.s ,-lmll make out, under
their hands, a written statement ul'tlio valtto
nl' said prupei is, and hand the same to the
illicer making such lesj, ulnise duly it hliull
ho to append the ha mo to his ictuiii.
"j H. Wlieniivt'i- uiiy property levied upon
liy siilun of an eM-cutiou or order of snln,
iciimius uusoJd on I he return lu of .-.ut'li
Oregon Spectator.
t T'mJtlZJtr Ax -xJSZy Ji5 " "
' Wtntwftfd tliH Htur uf Krniira tukr iu way
Vol. I.
Oregon City, (Oregon Ter.) Thnnday, February 19, 1846. No. 2.
s ril, it shall lie thrs duty of thn ofTicrr M re
turn tint sauie, with an (indorsement of liin
doings iheruon, wliiidi return xhall wmsti
lute u Inn uin such property wj n-muiiiing
unsold ; the deH:nduut or defi:ndunts shull
luise thn riht to tho Kissi'Rsion of such pro.
MTty, liy lixcctiting und dfiiveriny to tho of
lieer lioldiiif! said writ, a lind with mn and
siiliicieiit security, to the acceptance of said
'illicer. in doulile the vulue u'.'suid prnK;rty,
eiiiiditi'iiicd for the delivery of said proiM:r.
ty at u time und place to Is; up,oiutcd liy
said oll'icer.
I). If llie projMTty "f any defendant or
dele iidunts, taken and sold on execution liy
sirtue of this act, should full to sell for a
sum siiliicieiit to satisfy the delit, clr.magcs
and costs, due und aci riling iis,u sufjh cxe
eiitiuii, the olliccr shall make rctuni of his
doings tlicreiiii iiccordinls ; and another
u ril of execution shull JftUe(, to Uj credited
lis einlorseiuclil liilidi;' liy thW clpfk or jus.
lice, ssith the sum or sums presiously puid
or made on any previous execution ; umii
sluch ssrit of fiTiiiinu lhe pniHr oll'icer
shall priM'iid in levy and sell, in the mati
ner hcreiuU'fure prescrils'il, milking return
"I" his linings thereon as in other cases.
$ III. That if it shull nps-ar uxm the
face nf uny nt nf execution, u- by en.
durseiiieut theifon, made liv the oll'icer iisu.
iii' the same, tliut any one of the crsoua
a.iiust shum the same uiiiy In; issued, is,
or are mils-security for anyone or more
of the M'rs"iis h(!iiiiist s hnin such cxoculion
mas hase Is-i-u issued, the olliccr executing
the same shull first sell its much of the pro.
perty of the piiucipul defendant or defend
ants, iiained in such eM-culion, us lie may lie
aide to find, h.-'fiire hr shull sell any of the
(iiupi its-of such security or securities, un.
less such olliccr may Is- otherwise directed
l such security or securities.
$ 1 1. When any person or mtsoii, other
than the defendant or defciidunN, hy himself,
In iself.i.r themselves, his, her, or their ajjent
ui attorney, shull tile u claim, in writing,
uitli the olliccr holding such execution, set
tiu; fmth that such K.Tson or H'rsons, is or
are the owner or osvnern of, and have just
claim to, uny personal property levied upon
hy such oll'icer, hy virtue, of such execution,
specifying the article or articles, item, or
items, of protierty so alleged to he owned
and claimed, it shull lie the duty of such olli
ccr huvjiig levied on such property an afore.
said, forthwith to summon six disinterested
h"iisehoii ix to determine the question rais
ed hy such claim; r d the triitiof the right
of such property s. I lie held lieforo some
justice of the ieuceof the proper county, in
which said procrty may he found ; which
justice shall attend upon the summons of tho
oll'icer executing such execution, and shall
president such t rial,. ssveuring the said house
holders summoned to try the right to tho pro
petty aforesaid and witnesses introduced by
the parties ; und if uny person or persons,
panics to such proceeding, should consider
himself, herself, or themselves, ngrieved hy
the determination nf such trial beforo such
justice, it shall I hi the duty of such justice,
ijkiii the application of such person or per.
sous, to certify to the county court a true
transcript of the proceedings had beforo him
in thn premises, under such limitation and
restrictions as aro ircscriled in regard to oth
er ciises of appeals from judgments of jus
tiees of tho peace; and furthermore, to take
from thn person or persons returning tho pos.
session of the jmcrty in controversy, a
Ixiuil, with fluflictent security, conditioned for
the delivery of the sumo to whomsoever it
may ho dctorminod to belong by tho judg
ment of thn court on said appoal; and if tho
claimant should fail to cstublish his or Iter
right to such property on tho trial of such
upjical in the county court, and if, in tho
opinion of tho court,' tho appeal was taken
for deluy or vo.Mition, it shall bo tho duty of
such court trying tho appeal, to assess in fa
sor of !ucli execution plaintiff, six per cen
tum on the amount of such execution, if such
amount shall Im less than the value of the
prosily claimed ; or in cam tho sum due
on such execution shall bo more than the
property claimed, then wix per centum on
the value of said property claimed ; and in
all cases where a trial of the right of pro
perty has been had, tliQ decision thereon shall
Imj conclusive between the parties to such
trial, so long us the same remains unrever
sed : Provided, That no officer shall bo liable
to any prosecution for taking any goods in
execution, in the possession of the defendant
or defendants, unless notified or informed of
the ownership therein, previous to his 'sale
of such goods under execution.
VI. The clerks of the county courts
may, ujoii request, issue executions direct
ed to tho proper officer in any coui.ty ii: this
territory, whose duty it shall be to obey anil
execute the same, and make due return
thereof to the officer who issued tie same,
according to the provisions of this act; and
whenever un execution shall bo issued, in
any county in this territory, or from the su
preme court, dire; ted t to the sheriff of any
other county, it shall he lawful for such fiher
iff, having received such execution, and dis
charged ull tho duties required therein by
law, to enclose such execution and forward
the same by mail to the clerk of the court
who issued the same, and on proof being
made by such sheriff, that such execution
wai mailed u reasonable and sufficient time
to reach the office from whence it issued,
within the time prescribed by law, such sher
iff shall not be liable to any amercement or
penalty for the failure of the safe arrival of
such execution, any thing in this act to the
contrary notwitlistanding : Provided, That
no sheriff shall .send by mailany money
made on such execution, unlessfco lie espe
cially instructed to do so by thfaJpintifT or
hr ugeut. B
1.'". When any property may In; taken
on execution hy virtue of the provisions of
this act, the officer taking tho same may re-It-use
such property by the defenduut or dc
fendants entering into bond with sufficient
security, in double the amount of tho value
of such proicrty, conditioned for tho deliv
ery of the sumo ut such time and place as
may be named in such bond, to such officer,
to Iw sold according to lasv, which bond shall
he bv such officer returned into the office
from whence tho execution, by virtuo of
which such property may have been taken,
issued, und such bond shall be valid in law,
and an action may be had thereon whenever
the conditions thereof may havo been viola
ted, and on recovery being had thereon, the
amount due on such execution, shall be as
sessed in favor ofTfieT'plaintiiT: Provided,
That property so taken be of sufficient value
to satisfy tho same, und if not, then tho value
of the property so taken, together with twelve
per centum thoreon.
14. No real cstato of any testator or
intestate, shall bo subject to execution upon
uny judgmont against tho executor or ad
ministrator of such testator or intestate, un
til tho devisees of such testator and tho tor
retennnts of such real estate bo first made
parties to such judgment, in the following
manner, to-wit : Where any judgment shall
bo obtainod against any executor or admin
istrator to bo levied of the goods and chat
tels of tho deceased, and execution issued
thoroon, shall remain unsatisfied in wholo
or in part, for want of personal estate, and
there is real estate in this territory, it shaU
do msvtui tor tne piaintin in sucn juagmem,
to filo in the proper court, where such judg
ment is obtained, a petition against tho ex
ecutors or administrators and heirs and do
visees, if any, of tho deceased, setting forth
tho facts of tho judgment, nud tho want of
personal property, and that thoro is real estuto
in this territory, describing tho same, and
setting forth in what county or counties tho
same is situated, and praying said court to
award tho proper writ, or writs, of execu
tion against the same; and tho clerk of said
court shall, upon filing auch petition, notify
the persons against whom it is filed of the
pendency thereof, requiring them to appear
on the first clay of tho next term of said
court, and show cause, if any can, why tho
proper wrh or writs of execution shall not
bo awarded; which said notice shall bo giv
en to residents by summons served by tho
projxjr officer, and to non-rcstdentn by pub
lishing the same in the nearest newspaper
for four weeks successively; and if a sum
mon, it shall tie served on residents ten
days lieforo the sitting of the court, and bo
published to non-residents as aforesaid, the
court shall, at the first term, award the pro.
per writ or writs of execution, directed to ,
the proper officer of tho proper county, un
less good cause to tlto contrary be shown,
and tne nonago of heirs or devisees shall
not, in any case, be good, cause to suspend
in. Whenever any property shall bo
sold on execution by virtue of any of the pro.
visions of this act, and the name will sell for
more than will satisfy such execution, the
interest and costs accruing thereon, the shf
iff or other officer making sale of the same,
shall render the overplus to to the defendant
or defendants, and then, and not till then,
shall such officer be discharged thereof up
on the records of the court, to which
he shall make return of his proceedings con
cerning such sales.
16. If any estate shall be sold upon exe
cution issued under and in accordance with
tho provisions of this act, upon any judg.
.ncnt or decree rendered by a court having
jurisdiction of the matter in controversy,
winch may have resulted in such judgment,
and such judgment or decree shall be after
wards reversed for error or errors, none of
such estate, so sold on execution, shall be re
stored in consequence of such reversal.
17. When mutual judgments aro exist
ing in any county in this territory, it shall bo
the duty of the officer or officers in whoso
hands the execution may be, to set off ono
Execution or judgment against the other, so
tar as tho same shall entend; and executions
may he certified from one county to another
for the purpose of allowing such set-off; and
it shall bo the duty of tho officers, when any
such executions shall come to their hands, to
allow the same.
IB. The innocent purchaser shall be en
titled to his suit against the judgment cred
itor, cither in law or equity, for tne recovery
of the money paid for such estate.
I. John E. Long, Secretary of Oregon Tor
ritory, (L dcreby certify that the foregoing
act, in relation to "Currency, and subjecting
property to Execution," is an accurately
printed copy from the original, truly and cor
rectly revised by me, und now on file in my
office. J. E. LONG, Sec'y.
Crime in tub olden time. In the course
of some remarks recently made in the Brit
ish House of Commons, hy Mr. Crawford, he
stated on the authority of Hume's History of
England, that "in the reign of Heiuy VIII.
there were confined, as debtors or criminals,
at one time, in the jails, 00,000 persons; that
72,000 criminals wcro executed for theft and
robbery alone, in the reign of Henry VIII.;
an average of nearly 2,000 a year: that in
1500, in the county of Somerset, 40 persons
aro stated to have been executed iu ono year,
for robberies, thefts and other felonies, 35
I ournt in tne nana and ;w wiuppcu. i ne ra
pines committed by idle vagrants were intol
erable; at least 3,000 or 4,000 persons inov
ery county were living by rapine, assembling
in troops, committing spoil in tho daytimo,
and, magistrates intimidated from executing
their duty. In 150774" act was passed tak.
ing away the benefit of clergy from person!)
committing robberies in the daytime.
Virtuo wants more admiration, Wisdom
more suppliants, Truth irnoro real friends
and Honesty mora practitioners. .
Tho trader wants mora profit, or leas en
vy of his more fortunate neighbor. ' .
Tho Printer wan more subscribers, pvm
tual payment, and lead duns.
Religion wants less said about thp theory,
and more done in the way of practice.
Philosophy wanta residence, arid Fidelity
an asylum. '
Love, Charity, and Banks, want to be kt'
better credit. ;
Prido wants lo bo discarded, and Modest
Diffidence introduced.