Oregon free press. (Oregon City [Or.]) 1848-1848, April 15, 1848, Image 3

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smissed IHem. The. VVascopams paid J received per Bark Jancl,and for sale; at ra ue
Lbe.llon cattle from the . immigrants. VmX6WXRBnf
... ...u-H on i n.., fcu..,j.-M. B 2 thousand gall's mojtasscs 32 krgs white, gi
icveral of the wounded men. 15 hundred barrels salt blark load
The Yakamas Indians have made us a visit wis' ing
peace. We insured them our friendship exchanged
presents and dismissed
:us inborses for the stolen
Mr. Jennings arrived
from the Dalles-r-wilh scv
jreen and
12 hajjs shot
jrom nun we warn mai oapi. aiavon siarieu m me sixty do syrup
8th inst., with 100 men for the relief of rorl waters. 100 lbs. black pepp:r J6 boxes window glass
Jie .would make forced marches until he arrived there, b Ihous. lbs., manilla coftoe 1 1 doz. flint tumblers
1 Ihous. " arrowroot
More Voi.o.NTBEns.-Qiiile an excilement is prevail- 1 "1 j, j0"S
ing in the upper part of the valley., in volunteering for j ihous' " rice'
the war. Our friends, Judge Ncsmith and Ol. Martin, Forty boxes tea
in Polk and Yamhill counties, hae already raised Twenty " soap
li ran rnmnanii.R " 2 JtolgSfbr'll SHgar
large companies, sixty
Efforts are being made in this City, also, to send ano- hundred kegs cut nails
ther company into the field. We have heard ihe name 20 doz.. pocket knives
of John S. Snook, Esq., favorably spoken of as its sells knives njid forks
, 1 20 pairs carving ditto
.commander. ,8(I, butcher knives
'T"'r f " chopping axes
Ladies Meeting. The ladies held 0 public meeting 10 boxes pipes (clay)
m Wednesday afternoon, at the Methodist Church, ( doz, pes. scission;
for the purpose of assisting in providing the army with 'G " latnps
.clothing and other necessaries. They resolved to do o0 grTss mairhes
everything they ,could-rin fact, all they did must
have been correct of course, it could not have been
otherwise. We regret much, that the 44 dimensions"
jof the "Free Press" are at present so limited, as we
understand its size deprived us of lb- Imimr or pub
lishing the proceedings fm Ihx' occa-inn. As it is, our
more fortunate and 44 bigger" coleniporary the "Spec
tator" is to be niade happy, and so forth. Give us
time, ladies, and we'll gel large enough.
io " plates
1o 44 striped shirts
40 44 regatta 44
2 Ihous. assorted needles
cases flannel
300 pieces assorted prints
5 bales brown drills .
o blue cotton
3 " shirtings
2 " duck
( " canvass
3G dozen crimson pongee
200 lbs. sewing twine
3K 44 linen thread
,elc. etc. etc.
doz, manitla hats.
April Ji, 'iS.
UST arrived per Sch'r Afarv, and for sale at Cour.ii
and Cuosav's, Oregon City and Portland, viz:
ExPLoniNf. P.artv. It may not be. generally known
Silk and Madrass bdkfs.
Calico, chintz,
Mer. blue prints,
Linens, shirting stripes,
Tickings, bro. cottons,
Ked and orange do,
ILitls and screws, wicking,
Watches, pipes,
Palm-lea Thais, summer clo
thing, lamps, blacking,
Fancy soaps,
lJlank boofes, paper, Soil,
- tIt.. I.I t 'II.. m . 1
that Col. Ford, with onlv eleven men, left the Rickceah , . ".'V1 urui' a,,,,hU,ru"c ,ssia- a,sPJLt
,, ., .... .: , , ..1, Oenlsranulad.es hose, ulones, nutmci's,
valley, on the 12th ulL, for the klamct country, with ,.k sUk mx.k kerdlii;4 Classes, svrup, tea,
the intention of making explorations. Apprehensions Denjins, cotton flancl. Colfee, suaar, sail.
are reasonably entertained for the safely of so smajl Shirts, gloves, suspenders, Vinegar, oils, turpentine.
Matunk News. The Hrig IL.nry, for California, went
to sea on the lid inst. For several days previous to her
sailing the weather had been quite stormy, with heavy
fogs to the seaward and on Ihe river. On the olh inst.,
the Brig Mary Dare, for Sitka, had dropped down to
Raker's Uav and the Bark Cowlitz, for the Sandwich
Thread, buttons, tape, Lead, pitch, nails.
Pencils., scissors, pins, Crockery and tin ware.
Lace, c.unhs, sealing-wax, Glass and glass ware.
Locks, tiles, buckles.
For sale for cash or produce. j
ApiilU, 4, 2ts.
IVOTICE is hereby given, that I have in my posses
sion a sorrel mare, having a star in her forehead
Islands, was in Toneue Point channel, lloth of these an(1 stripe on her nose the left hind foot while Amer-
vessels, ero this, have gone to sea. The Bark Anita, X".5!0,3 ry.ujlrs f,w- l?wfI vvas delivered to
, 1 n 1 the late Col. Oilham on the Umatilla by Sticas, who
for California, is now on her uay dovtn .the river, hav- says she yvag ,e(1 vvU) ,)im by an lmJligrailt, Sno
ing taken in part of a cargo of lumber at Niocokoi. yvas placed in my care, and is in ihe valley. The own-
The Bark Janet, from the Islands, has arrived at er is requested to prove property, pay rharges, and re-
Portlaud " cclvu the mare which may be found'al Euglislv's mill,
P Champoeg coonly. Jf N. ENGLISH.
Report. It is rumored that the Governor contem- Aprtl ,0' im' 2uu3-
plates calling an extra session of (he Legislature, for
Ihe purpose of raising means lo prosecute the war, by
the levying of anadvalorum tax.
THE public are hereby informed that T, Rob't Adv,
consider one note, held by Charles McKay against
-Thanks to J. G. Campbell, Esq., me, for the sum or fifty dollars, lo be null and void as
for late papers from III.! Stales-also to Gen. Palmer ,,u !ias. bailed to perform his part of the agreement
for news from the seal f war. "" for a c,a,,n situated near Gha.npoeg-and
I u,arn au p(TS()n ()r persons against trading for the
, said note. Said note was given in February last
Arrived Scb'r Mary, Hei.cii.vm, ! days from Oahu, and becomes due the first of June next. ROB'T ADV.-
S. I, General cargo lo Cuucij and Cnosnv. Mr. and Champoeg, April 12, 1818.
Mrs. Davis, N. Crosbv Jr., and F. DuWitt, passengers.
IT'OU San Francisco, about the 20lh inst, the fast
. sailing, Hawaiian, Sch'r Mary ; Delciiam, mas
ter. For passage, only, apply lo Couch and Crosrv,
at Oregon City or Portland, or to the master on hoard,
April If, '48. 2s.
Kept by William F. Goode.
The baking business carried on as usual.
April IS, '48. a,,,