Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1866-1868, June 27, 1868, Image 2

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i3n,ygLsjjmiM '- ,
5ljc iVcckUj (Enterprise.
Oregon City, Oregofi :
r. r I11KLAXI). EDITOK A.U l'K(.rui.TOIC.
Saturday, . :
June 27, 1868.
National Union Ticket.
For Presidential Electors,
15. MEACIIAM, of Cr.ion county.
J)'r. W. liOWLHV.of Washington.
O. JACOBS, of Jackson.
It will bo observed that the
Oregon iun sails on July 4th; the
Xebraska on the 20th, in the opposU
The California Labor Exchange
Las worked a wonder for seekers of
employment in San Francisco, who
were previously unmercifully robbed
by the swindling tenauts of " Intelli
gence ofiices."
Utah contains 90,000 inhabi
tants; lias 100,000 square niles, and
the fmett)ocation for a capital in the
country Great Salt Lake City.
Her people arc temperate and pros
perous, let what inny be said cf them,
un the score of religious views.
The Constitution of Maryland
excludes ministers of the gospel from
holding seats in the legislature.
J.LjryluHi is Democratic, and sets a
bight-r estimation upon the keepers of
i um-miUs and faro banks, who fur
niali many representatives. Mary
bind is the slowest State in the
Union; was six vears behind all the
j est i:i tiling the Confederation, and
nmongst tlcV1 last in adopting the
Constitution. We cannot expect the
leopard to change bis spots.
q The movement among leading
politicians' of the east, opposed to the
principles of a republican form of
government, in favor of restoring
rebels to arm3, etc., is spreading in
favor of Oiase fur the Presidency.
"We hear of many Democrats in Ors
'gon who smear tbey would not sup
port Chase n nominated out we
regard a Democratic oath of that
inil, as of lss account than a " tink
er's dam."
A daughter of King Theodore
the Abyssinian ruler lutely killed in
battle, is living in New York city.
She is represented as bei.:g a reso
lute woman, declares lier rightfu
claims co a seat on the thione, and
her determination to secure it. She
Jias baen receiving an education in
America At the wash-tub, which has
indeed, ben a college to her. She
neC$r felt the necessity of money un
til her arrival in New York, but for
nil of that she knew something of its
power, and her father's treasure, hid
in Abyssinia will attract to her an
army, and ships to carry it.
The list Odd Fellows' Grand
Ldge, of California, sent Meacham
to Australia to endeavor to induce
the Brotherhood there to affiliate
with that of America; the Order in
Australia having been organized on
the lg'ish plan, known as the Man
:hester Unity. The mission has been
a complete success. The same work
injj i?as bgen adopted, and 4000 mem
bers there ore now in affiliation with
the American Odd Fellows.
Dr. Robert Newell who was
employed by the Indians of the Nez
Ferces tribe, to accompany their
chiefs to Washington City, upon the
late instruction of agent O'Neil, to
bring them to that place, writes that
one of the Chiefs named Utcs.sa-ma-h
kin, a friend of Llojd Drooke E?q ,
of Portland, had died of typhoid fe
ver, on the 23th of May, and was
buried in the Congressional burying
A Vrt.l;rrrt nil OPIlO Ttirli.lIlC
had not seen any of the Government
officials at trie time of writing, but it
is to be hoped that after the excite
ment of the impeachment trial had
subsided,. they received proper atten
tion, and the difficulties about their
lands satisfactorily arranged. The
Nez Perces boast that they have al
ways been friends of the whites. We
know by sad experience that an Indi
an war is a terrible, lingering, and
expeusive one, and the white man, if
'ver the gainer is so at a fearful cost.
The death of this chief may compli
t-ate matters a little.
Ueriah. don't like to be tw itted
about swallowing back his own vom
it, when made to do so by the Ore
Qgonian. He is very fidgety about the
0o Oregoniaiis leaders, to which Scott
replies: Q Q
" He attributes an editorial article
which recently appeared in this paper,
to Harper's Weekly. lie " don't
know positively, but it sounds very
like. Now Harper's, Weekly is not
a vry obscure paper; might it not be
well tor this critic to get it and see ?
3Ie has a great deal of trouble about
the authorship of the editorials
lished in the Oregnnian. He mav
console himself with the reflection
that no one will make any inquiries
about the . authorship ot anything
published, editorially, in the " organ''
unless some person happens alono-
hunting for a prodigy of dullness and
ld fogy ism to set up as a hero fr a
Democratic L'ur.cuta.
Notwithstanding the opposition
that has been made to the Oregon
Central R. R. Co.; notwithstanding
Gaston's private letters to parties in
the East, and his caution to Bankers,
Brokers, etc., by order of the Board
of Directors; notwithstanding the
Lafiyette Courier is of opinion that
th& P. T. Company cannot galvanize
the East side railroad into anything;
notwithstanding Gaston's assertions
to New York Journals that the East
side company is composed of black,
mailers, who proceeded to let a con
tract for the construction of 150 miles
of the road Jo S. G. Elliott, acting as
attorney for A. J. Cooke & Co., and
proposed to pay the cost of the road
in bonds, etc., when they had not
made " a survey, turned out a spade
" full of earth, procured the right of
" way for a single rod, secured the
:t subscription cf a single dollar to
"their stock;'' notwithstanding, as
Gaston said, September, 17th, 1807,
they had not a single dollar of
" property in any style or form;"
Notwithstanding " the worthlessness
for every purpose except one of their
notoriously insolvent officers," accord
ing to this same Gaston; notwith
standing the incorporators were stig
matized 'as mere tools in the hands of
others of more braius and less hones
ty;" notwithstanding their iron, and
locomotives, and machinery, and in
struments are " in soak," at San
Francisco, for freight in short, not
withstanding all the mean things that
have been said against them by par
ties interested in engineering the west
side road, this great work is quietly
progressing. We have tried to get
away from the office this week for the
purpose of witnessing the progress of
the work, but, as we have not been
able to do so, we give the following
articles from the daily Oregonian
and the Herald, whose editors have
visited the scene of operations. The
Oregonian says:
Any one who has taken the trouble to
visit the line of operations on the cast side
road and examined the work going for
ward there, must be couviuced that . the
Company is working with an earnest and
determined will, and that it fully means
to accomplish the important enterprise
which it has taken in hand. There are
about one hundred and fifty men various
ly employed on the road. This force is
distributed in several places a part being
engaged in cutting timber, a part in grad
ing, and a part in constructing a saw-mill
and machine shops. Besides these, are
two surveying parties employed in exam
ining the country and establishing the line
of the road. About seven miles of the
road are now fully graded and ready for
the ties. So far there has not been much
heavy work. The deepest cut yet en
countered is near Milwaukie, where it was
necessary to cut through a ridge to the
extent of several hundred feet, the deepest
place being about twelve feet below the
surface. This ridge was a bank of gravel,
solidly imbedded, and was a considerable
obstacle to overcome. Near this place it
was necessary to construct trestle work
for a distance of several hundred feet.
This work stands from five to eight feet in
height, and is built of very heavy timber
and in the most substantial manner. Dur
ing the past week the main part of the
grading force has been engaged in finish
ing the deep cut just spoken of, and filling
low ground adjacent to the trestle work.
They are now ready to move forward
about two miles beyond Milwaukie, to
which point the grading is practically
completed. With the exception of heavy
timber in some places there will be no
other obstacle in the way until the Clacka
mas river is reached To that place it is
believed the road will be graded within a
month. The Superintendent is pushing
the work forward with energy, and what
has been performed is in a skillful and sub
stantial manner.
The saw mill which is being erected on
the line about a mile from where ground
was first broken , will be ready to run in
a very lew days. It will be set at work
immediately upon the ties and other ma
terials for the road. The ties will be eight
feet in length, and six inches by eight in
size. They will be placed at a distance
from each other of two feet from center to
center, thus making the road as substan
tial as any ever built. Two thousand six
hundred and twenty ties per mile will be
required. The company expect to be able
to cut this vast amount "of timber at a cost
of about half what they would have to pay
for it if obtained from other hands. There
is any quantity of timber within a few
yards ot the line ot the roau between tne
ulace where the mill stands and the
Clackamas river ; and as all this timber
which is within reach of the road must be
cut down, it will be easy to hoist the logs
upon the cars and run them down to the
mill. A large number of logs are already
cut immediately by the mill, so that it can
go to work without delay the moment it
is ready to run. The mill is put up in
such a manner that it can bo removed to
other places along the road, when desired,
without expense or loss ot time.
We think that any one who takes? a sur
vey of the work which has already been
done on the east side road and observes
the earnestness with which those who have
the enterprise in band are pushing for
ward will receive very favorable impres
sions in regard to it. Such an examina
tion ought to satisfy any observer that it
is the purpose of the company and the
contractors to build a railroad.
The Herald says:
In C9mpany with a gentleman connect
ed with the railroad enterprise on the east
side of the Willamette river, we paid a
visit to their scene of operations. The
saw mills and shops were first visited.
These are located on the line of the road,
about two miles from. East Portland. A
shop for wood-work has been built and
adjoining it is the saw-mill. A little over
a month ago the order for machinery was
telegraphed to San Francisco. In ten
days it was ready and shipped on board a
vessel for this place. Yesterday the mill
cut the first log. This is what might be
called quick work, and is principally due
to the energy and activity of Mr. S. G.
Elliott, who is equal to a small steam en
gine in the way of rushing things. The
shop for wood-work is 60 feet long, by 30
jVft w H-. ani contain' a rUTr and t-'rv
lar saw, a jig-saw and a lath el" These ma
chines are all fitted and ready t run. The
planer is adapted to almost any sized lum
ber and will smooth an inch board or aj
stick CO feet long, a foot wide and four
inches thick for the sill of a car wiih equal
facility. These machines are all moved
by the one engine that drives the' sawmill.
It is the intention of the Company to build
larger shops, in connection with" those al
ready built, for the purpose of making
cars. There is already a number of car
wheels on the ground, and the wood-work
tv ill be got out as fast as fire, water and
iron, directed by human hands, can do it.
All the cars to be used oa the line are to
be constructed of Oregon woods, prepared
at the mill. The passenger cars will be
panneled with alder, maple and cedar.
The ash, fir and pine will also enter into
their composition. These woods, in the
hands of skillful mechanics, are capable
of being wrought into as fine specimens oi
workmanship us can be produced any
where. It was the determination of the
company, that when the ground was bro
ken by a shovel made of Oregon materials,
produced by Oregon skill and enterprise,
that as far as lay in their power, they
would use in the construction of the road,
only Oregon productions. They intend to
carry this design out through all the work.
Thej have another saw mill on the road
here which will be exclusively devoted to
the work of sawing ties, and when it gets
into operation it will produce ties as fast
as they can be used. Having witnessed
the ceremony of sawing the first log. we
next went to Milwaukie and visited the
construction parties, two miles beyond.
There a;e four or five gangs of men at
work, numbering in all about two hundred.
Foremost go the. choppers, clearing the
way for the navvys. There are quite a
number cf Chinamen employed, who re
ceive $30 per month and find themselves.
The white laborers receive from 33 to
15 per month and board. The road is
graded ready for the ties. There is one
trestle-work 300 feet long built in a very
solid and substantial style. One cut
w here heavy work was necessary occurs
just back of .Mihvaukie. It is fifteen feet
deep iu the deepest place, the earth from
which, was hauled to make an embanked
approach to the trestle work. More than
eight miles of the road bed are now ready.
It will be completed to Oregon City with
in one month. The track will be laid and
cars will be running to that place by
September. The benefits of the road are
already beginning to be shown. One man
has advanced the price of his farm $.",U00.
A number of others have made proffers of
from ten to twenty acres of land for depot
purposes. Every body along the route
takes great interest in the enterprise and
help it all they cau. The truth b that it
is a fixed fact, and they have begun to ap
preciate its value. These are about the
main facts that we. observed on the trip.
We don't care about chronicling the name
of our kind and generous entertainer, lor
ho is a modest man and shrinks lrom pub
licity. Over in Yamhill county the other
day we were met by an intelligent
appearing gentleman who desired to
know of us why it was that people
over here were trying to crush out
the west side ro-.id? lie informed us
that this side literally amounted to
nothing, and that he had been given
to understand by Portland gentleman
that work was to be stopped at once.
You may talk abont astonishment,
reader, but only imagine our surprise,
at such an extraordinary statement
from so unexpected a source. He
gave ns the name of his informants;
and when we read in the Courier
about the P. T. Company galvanizing
anything, try to follow the current of
our thought as we set out in the
mysterious search of some other com
pany who might be trying to galvan
ize something else. We haye
thought seriously over the subject
and the little jottings by the way
which wc have gathered here and
there lead us to one fixed conclusion
respecting the objects to bo attained
by the operations of the west side
road. We are now very firmly of
the opinion that it will not be built;
or at least, that Portland will not be
its termius. It is to our mind, a
fact, that a certain other very import
ant enterprise is being brought to
bear in assistance of the west side
scheme, purposely to kill off the ors
ganization known as the Oregon
Central Railroad Company, for the
double purpose of preventing it from
asking aid of the legislature of this
State and the General Government,
thus leaving the way clear to some
thing likely to follow. There is not
the least particle of danger, however,
anticipated from this strategetic move
on the chess board of commercial
currents in Oregon. The east side
road is quietly wending its course up
the valley. There is not a particle
more of opposition to the Company
now, than there was ten months ago.
For nearly a year Gaston has been
butting against these " blackmailers;'''
but the "notoriously insolvent"
cusses would not down. We be
lieve a fact that he has it is about ex
hausted his " home resources" which
vere considered, in September 1S07,
in the estimation of his board of Di
rectors, ample "to complete and put
" into operation the first section of
" twenty miles of our road," in buck
ing at a solid lump of enterprise, and
capital sufficient to do all that
was agreed upon, between A. J.
Cooke & Co., and the O. C. R. R.,
represented by Gov. Geo. L. Woods,
about five months after the adjourn
ment of the last State Legislature.
The experimentof burning crude
petroleum in the furnaces of river
steamboats, was lately made by the
C. S. N. Co., but w ith what degree
of success v."c f.re itaill? to esptai'i.
Rev. Dr. Atkinson is lying dan
gerously ill at Forest Grove.
The storms have done much
damage to farms and crops in Uma
tilla county.
Oregon voted all the time in the
Chicago Convention, for Colfax, for
Vice President.
The people of Grande Ronde
valley are aiding the Oregon and Ida
ho telegraph company.
We are glad to hear that Capt.
Sprague has been found, and that he
has recovered, and is well.
The Blue Mountain Times is
informed that Hon. W. W. Parker
of Astoria, has been nominated Sec
retary of Idaho Territory.
Hon. Columbia Lancaster, for
merly Delegate to Congress from
Washington Territory, has formed a
co-partnership with Aaron E. Waite
Esq. of Portland.
Farmers in this valley, says the
Ensign, are now busy making hay.
The hay and grain crops are better
this season than they have been for
many a year.
The Ilumbolt mining company,
at Eagle Creek, Baker county, have
just taken out $1,100 from a run
of two weeks with their ten stamp
mill on the Gem lode.
The Sentinel is informed that
the Klamath Indians have fenced
about 2,000 acres of land at that
agency sown 140 acres in grain ;
and that settlers are flocking into the
section from every direction.
W. T. Wythe, M. D., son of
Rev. Dr. Wythe of Salem, has taken
his departure for, Kenay Harbor,
Alaska, in charge of stores for a hos
pital, and is under contract to re
main there one year.
The Herald pays Portland me
chanics high compliments. We en
dorse the remarks, and would add,
that anything wrought by artizans
cau be produced in this State, and
many of them of Oregon material.
The interest being manifested in
instituting and systemizing education
al institutions, in our State seems to
be favorably on the increase. Am
ple facilities for training the young
mind are now almost everywhere af
forded. :
The Roseburg Academy is being
re painted, and fitted up generally.
The school Directors request the En
sign to say that the Academy will not.
be open for the use of any kind of
meetings after Mr. Furgusson corns
mences teaching.
Mr. Coggan, of La Grande, we
learn from the Times, is delivering
a 20-stamp mill at Yuba, South
Boise, for an English company, the
Lucy rhillips. The amount is 145,
000 lbs., and 1G of the largest sized
freight wagons are required for the
Colonel Fulton informs the
Mountaineer that a terrific hail and
rain storm passed over his farm in
Celilo precinct, on the 12th. The
hail stones were as large as hen egis
and the rain fell in torrents. Con
siderable damage was done to the
grain and fruit trees, also to the
roads. That must be a favored spot
for such freaks of the weather. In
Junel8G3a storm of like terrible
proportions visited the same place.
The great storms all throughout
the States last winter put an embar
go on business, and compelled peo
ple to dig out. The cold touched the
very marrow of the bones, and made
the poor feel an hundred foldpoor
tr. Poverty in a land like our own
charming Oregon is quite a differ
ent thing from poverty beset by the
gloom and cold of a Michigan, Indi
ana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa or
Minnesota winter. " You may bet
your life !"
The Oregon Central Military
Road company is another enterprise,
which has forced its existence, and
done its work in the very teeth of
a spiteful opposition, but it has sue
ceeded admirably. The principal of
fice of this company is located at Eu
gene City. The following are the
officers for the ensuing year; B. J.
Pengra, President; J. R. Bayiey,
Vice President; J. B. Underwood,
Sec'y; A. S. Patterson, Treasurer
Wm. B. Pengra, Sup't. B. J. Pen'
gra, T. D. Edwards, II. F. Stratton,
J. R. Bayiey, J. A. Chapman, J. G.
Gray and Wm. II. Odell, Directors.
Grand Lodge A. F. and A. M.
The following grand officers have
been duly elected and installed to
serve for the ensuing Masonic year :
A. A. Smith, Grand Master; XV. D.
Hare, Deputy Grand Master; D. G.
Clarke, Senior Grand Warden; A.
B. Richardson, Junior Grand War
den; B. F. Brown, Grand Treasurer;
JE: Uurford, Grand Secretary; J.
R. Bayiey, Educational Fund.
The lloyal Arch Chapter of Or
egon elected the following officers at
Portland, on the evening of Monday
last: J.. It. Bavlev, G. II. P.; P. C.
Schuyler; Jr., D.G. II. P.; J. Con
ser, G. K.; C. W. Cartwrighr, G. S ;
Rev. J. II. Wythe, Grand Chaplain;
E. Earhart, G. Sec; J. If. Couch;
G. Treas.; B. F. Goodwin, G C of
H. ; I. Williams, G P. S ; O. S. Sav
G. K A. C.
Benton County, has subscribed
20,000 to secure the west trunk of
the Railroad through Corvallis.
- The Record is informed that
grading through the French Prairie
will be done before wet weather
sets in.
The survey for the O. C. R. R.
will be commenced in Benton county
r.ext week, and a gang ot hands will
be set at work on the grade through
that section.
The ronte of the survey from
Salem to McMinnville, recently com
pleted by Mr. Burrage, of the O. C.
R. R. corps of engineers, makes the
distance 22 miles, through a very val
uable region of country.
The first deed of trust from the
California end of the Oregon R. R.,
was filed on the 11th ult. This
mortgage of the Company to their
trustees gets the capital with which
to commence work.
The case of the State of Oregon
on relation of Jos. Gaston against
Geo. L. Woods and the O. C. R. R.
Co., was dismissed in the Circuit
Court for Multnomah county, on
Monday last, on a motion of II ill &
Mulkey, attorneys for the plaintiff.
The Salem council, at biiing its
nose off. put a heavy burden upon a
few enterprising people there, who
are now doing all thev can to save
the railroad for that city. We fear
that an " example" will be made of
leaving a place out in the wet, before
the road arrives at . Salem, and that
one example may prove a benefit to
some of the vallev towns, but it will
be death to us.
A survey has been completed
for a branch road from Salem to Mc
Minnville ; and were it not for the
fact that we have already more hals
won- all we bet than we can pos
sibly ever wear out, we would wager
a beaver that that will be nearer
to successful completion in five
years from now, than the "original
Dr. Townscnd'' of Portland notori
ety. . '
It is a fact worth knowing, says
the Record, that the distance from
Dallas, via Salem, to Portland, by
contemplated routes, is fifteen miles
less than by Ililisboro, and from
McMinnville to Portland, via Salem,
is less than seventy miles, and will
involve less expense for transporta
tion of freight and passengers, than
by a direct route on that side of the
river, as there are few difficulties to
overcome, and the distance is only
about ten miles farther. One Cen
tral Road and sufficient branches
promise the greatest benefits to the
Betting High. We thought men
were going crazy on the wager ques
tion in Oregon ot the late contest be
tween Messrs. Logan and Smith for
congressional honors ; but a friend in
Indiana writes us, beginning with :
" You may bet your life" one winter
in the " Atlantic States" is enough to
cure the most obstinate case of home
sickness, to parties in our own
delightful Oregon.'' We heard of
cue cronic case that gave way at the
first cold snap.
Political Item. If any union
man wishes to understand why cer
tain classes stand in such dread of
negro equality, let him attempt to
deposit his vote, in some of the
wards of this city at any hour after
one o'clock on election day. The
billingsgate of the half civilized and
wholly drunk rabble who crowd
around the polls will convince him
that their fears at any rate are well
founded. And yet these men, in
many cases, too fresh from the old
country to be rid of its broadest
brogue; too ignorant of letters to
spell out the ticket they vote; fur
sale to those corrupt enough to buy
their support ; breathing out the
stench, aud staggering under the
weight of free drinks; inferior to the
blacks in morals, manners and at
tainments, have the impudence to
swagger around the polls and insult
decent men who vote a different tick
et from theirs. P. C. Advocate.
Railroad Matters in Yamhill.
Col. Chapman and Ex-Gov. Gibbs
returned yesterday from Yamhill
county, where they had been in at
tendance upon a meeting of the Coun
ty Commissioners, as advocates of
the interests of the West side rail
road. We learn from them that the
Commissioners decided, on Thursday,
to assume for the county, the interest
on 875,000 of the Company's bonds,
at the rate of seven per cent, per an
num, in gold, for twenty years. The
details of the contract were agreed
upon and the document will be signed
immediately, Mr Gaston, President
of the Company, remaining at Lafay
ette for that purpose. By the terms
of the contract, the coupons are to be
signed immediately and the interest
will run from July 1st proximo. The
bonds are to be placed in the hands
of Mr. W. S. Ladd, as Trustee, who
is to collect the interest and keep the
bonds till the road shall be in opera
tion to the Yamhill river, when all
the bonds, coupons and accumulated
interest are to bo delivered to the
Railroad Company. The county, in
consideration of its aid, is to have
the use of the Company's bridges in
Yamhill county free for public use.
The West side Company is certainly
succeeding remaikably in eecuring
aid of this sort.--Ore:ranijn.
We take the following telegraphic news
from dispatches to the Ortyvnian.
The Occident arrived at San
Francisco on the 21st.
New articles of impeachment
are being prepared.
The Sioux Indians are commit
ting numerous depredation3 above
Fort Benton.
Brigham Young is still alive,
but Ileber C. Kimball, his second,
died at Salt Lake on the 21st.
The revenue cutter Shabrick is
again afloat. She was " beached"
on this coast last September.
The San Francisco wheat and
flour markets are very dull, and but
small sales of oats are reported.
The time for completing the
Oregon branch of the Pacific R. R.
has been extended.
A heavy fire occurred at San
Francisco on the 22nd. Among the
losers we observe Armes & Dallam.
$G,000; but this will in uo way in
iuterrupt their business.
Surra tt was discharged on the
indictment for murder, by Judge
Wylie on the 21st. The case was
continued on other counts, and pris-
oner admitted to bail in the sum of
Singular Coincidences. There
is something singular indeed in the
fact that Idaho City has been three
times visited by very destructive
fires, and these all occurred in the
same month of alternate years, and
at about the same time. The first
fire occurred June 17th, 1SG4; the
second June 18th, 1S0G; the third
June 19. h 18G8. This latter con
flagration would have been as disas
trous as the first two, which swept
the town, ouly that the spread was
checked by water-works erected last
Appointments. Hon. Cyrus On
ly, it is said, is returning with a com
mission for the construction of the
Oregon Castom House at Astoria.
II. A. Hogue, Esq., has been ap
pointed Superintendent of the Dalles
Mint, aud D. M. French, E-q., dis
bursing agent for the erection of the
same. All good appoinuients.
Frederick Whymper, one of
the Vancouver exploring expedition,
and more recently artist of the Rus
sian-American telegraph construction
party, has sailed to lecture before the
Royal. Geographical Society of Lon
don. A great many papers, including
this one, have published a story of
an eagle carry off a child in Illinois.
It turns out to have been the steam
boat Gray Eagle that took the b.iby.
The hoax was very cleverly done by
the Quincy Whig. Capt. Davidson
should be ashamed of himself.
The next steamer for China in
the line of the P. M. S. S. Co , will
be the New York, for Yokahama
July 31.
"WccSilj- Coiiimciiial Review.
Extektrisr Office, )
Oregon City, June -ititli, 1S03. j
FLOUR Imperial, Standard, Monitor,
and Harding's brands 50 (a) SG 00
bbl.. outside brands $4 50,$4 75.
W1IHAT Dull demand at S5(m90 cts.
OATS The demand is about equal to
the supply, at 40c.
CORN MEAL $2.f0$3t cwt.
FEED Ground $25 rt ton : Middlings
$2025 ; Bran $12.
FRUIT Green Apples fthx 5075 c;
Dried Apples lb ext.oc; Dried Reaches
none ; Plums l0(-7,12c.
CURED MEAT Racon ? lb 0cllc:
Hams pi lb 12ic; Shoulders 57c.
LARD In kegs 9 c; tins 10c.
EGGS Abundant at 15c. fl doz.
R UTTER Ordinary to prime lb 20
POULTRY Chickens doz ?2 50 3:
tame Ducks 75c. pair ; fame Geese $-fo0
"ft pair : Turkeys $2 50$3 1 pair.
GAME Grouse 50c. pair, or $3
doz.: Pheasants. 40c. "ft pair, or $2 h,y'.
VEGETABLES Potatoes bu. 40 cts
Onions 100 lbs S2 00$3.; Reansnoo
lbs $5(r($5 50.
HIDES Salted lb li5c.: dry 910
WOOL 18c. lb.
roirnvxn tricks.
Flour Ranging from $5 50 to $G 00
"Wheat 75 to SO cents bushel.
Racon Sides. 0 10c. ; hams, 13llc;
shoulders i(W,7c.
Lard Inlins. 12ic; Kegs. tl10c.
Rutter Fresh Oregon 25 to 3f cents.
Eggs 1G to 18c. r$ doz.
Dried Fruits Apples, 5f.e.: Teaches,
IOC-. 12ic; Plums, 15(3 22c.
Sugar Islands, 0312; San Francisco
C. 13jfl4c; Crushed, in bbls.. lGr.c :
half bbls.. 17c.
Syrup Heavy Golden, best brands,
80085c ; Island, in bbls., 35(fi;40c.
Coffee Java. 2tUc; Costa Rica, 19c:
Rio. l!)c.; Kona, S. I., 18c.
Fish Mackerel, in h bbls, $12 50: kits,
$3 50; Salmon, $5 50 per i bbl, $9 00
per bbl.
Salt Liverpool, per ton, $37 50; Car
men Island $27: Bay. $25; Dairy $32 50.
Rice Patna No. 1, 8 cents; China, No. 1,
The Pacific Capt. M'Cown, of the
firm of Johnson & MCown. agents of the
Pacific Insurance Company, advertised in
this paper, has presented us a synopsis of
the last annual report, made December
31st, 18G7, in compliance with the State
law. This, be mindful, is a home compa
ny, and one that cannot be discounted.
We believe it to be a-i reliable as any in
the world. The capital stock now is $1,
000.000; and the assets of the company ex
ceed the capital to the amount of $289 -818
09. A. J. Ralston Esq.. of San Fran
cisco is Secretary of the Company.
The Alb ant. This splendid craft sits
upon the water like a well fed duck,
smooth and glossy in appearance, and in
a short time will be ready to visit her
New Steamer. A boat of fine mould
is now on the ways by the P. T. Co., for
the Yamhill trade. Capt Apperson treats
his passengers with so much consideration
now that we hardly know what one can
ask when this new craft h placed in ih
t'-it-le. .
It was reported in this city,
says the Herald of recent date, that the rea
son why the democratic party elected their
candidates, is because they (the candidates),
purchased such handsome suits cf clothes
from Kohn & Fishel, which improved their
appearance so much that Republicans could
not cast a vote against them. If every per
son wishing to be successful in politics,
wealth, health, or even love, would buy their
clothing of Kohn & Fisdiel, we should not
meet so many disappointed persons, and in
tact everybody and everything would b as
happy as a cricket.
E,. The Unionist says that Gov.
Whiteaker, iu his first message, strenuousiy
advocated attention to domestic manufac
tures, and alluded to soap, socks and pickels
as the principle articles which" needed the
attention of our producers. The document
fell into the hands of the "se.vuil mistake,"
who expunged its ouly practical part, and
soap, socks and pickels were not mentioned.
The manufacture of soap has, however, been
revived by lliggins & Co., of Portland, who
are making large quantities of it; but socks
and pickles are still neglected. Gov. Whita
ker will be a member of the next legislature
and he ought to be appointed a special com
mittee on the neglected articles.
jew Advertisements.
r0 RENT !
One of the most desirable places in Ore
gon City, consisting of a House suitable for
a large family or a public boarding house
together with an Orchard, barn, one or two
good cows, etc., is now ollercd for rcut on
very favorable terms.
Apply to W. J. CALDWELL, .
Oregon City, Oregon.
J. F. MILLER & Co.,
Hoots 501 SIlOC!?!
At the Oregon City Boot and Shoe
Store, Muin street.
Of Ladies', Gents'. Roys', and children's
Boots and shoes, on hand, or made to order.
13. Miller
Establishment of J
To iVo. 101 Front si., corner of Abler
Carters New Building, Portand,
la Chas. Woodard's Drug Store
r? Where he will be ready to attend to
all manner of workmanship in his line.
Watches and Jewelry repaired m tns most
workmanlike inatiucr. J. B. MILLER.
Main street, Oregon City, Oregon,
Ojqjvxiie ChanHtn tt Ufa's.
This House is now open with one of the
finest stocks of Wines, Lhpiors and ckrars
ever brought to this market, which will be
sold either
Wholesale oa Retail,
at prices that cannot fail to give satisfaction.
To parties wishing to find a good ar
ticle of Wines or Liquors fjr invalids, or
Knglish Al and Porter in bottles imported
direct, 1 will say that I am prepared to furn
ish as good an article as they can iind any
wheic. Z6.
North American S. S. Co.,
cila cV- mis
To Mew York, via Panama !
Passengers Berthed Through This
is not done by any other route !
ship company will dispatch the fa.t
new steamer
3.000 tons, Joski'ii Si ttox Commander.
From Mission street wharf, at 12 o'clock, M'
Connecting via. Panama It. R. at Aspinwall
with the
Companv's splendid new steamship
2,500 Tons 'or XEW YORK.
One hundred lbs. Baggage free.
An experienced Surgeon on board.
Jledicines and Attendance free.
The Xcbraskca will sail July 20th.
Steamers of this Company will hereafter
touch at Manzanillu each way. Freights and
passage at reduced rates.
I'assr.ge tickets to and from Liverpool,
Qtiecnstown, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp
Copenhagen, Christiana and Gottcnberg, by
the Liverpool and Great Western Steamship
Company's staunch and elegant Iron steam
shins, at unusually low rates.
Passage from Bremen, Southampton and
Havre, by first class steamers of the North
German Lloyds, nt reduced rates
257" For further information applv to
I. W. RAYMOND, Agent
X W cor. Pine aud Battery sts., up-stairs,
.td I San Francisco.
Ninety-Second Year of National Inde -pendence.
July 4 tb, 180v, will be held in
the vicinity of East Portland,
To which all the Lodges of Good Tem
plars in the City of Portland and vicinity
are respectfully invited.
will form at the Lodge Room, East Tort
land, at 10 o'clook, a. m. ; the right vest
ing opposite the Oregon Hotel, at the Fer
ry Landing, and counter-marching will
proceed to Crystal Spring on the grounds
of James Stephens, Esq.. where the fol
lowing exercises will be gone through
with :
Prayer, Rev. C. C. Stratton,
Reading Declaration of Independence
by Hon. J. X. Dolph.
Oration, by Hon. J. F. Copies,
Song Hail Columbia.
Addresses will be delivered by friends
of the cause, after which a. general open
ing of the lunch baskets will be the next
order of business. On the conclusion of
which it is hoped that a general requisi
tion will be made upon the. various
sources of amusements, which will be dis
tributed plentifully over the grouuds.
A general and cordial invitation is ex
tended to all friends of the Temperance
Cause, the different Sabbath Schools of
Portland and adjacent towns, and to every
one w ho wishes to enjoy, in a temperate
and reasonable manner, the anniversary of
a great nation's birthdav.
Marshall of the dav. Mr.Z. D. BOXES.'
Auajvfn,; Mar-ball. Mr. C. C. CKK.IT.
A. 15. KicliardsCjp'
Corner of Front and Oak streets, Tortlani
Of Real Estate. Groceries, Generalir
dise and llorses, 41rcW
Every Wednesday and Saturday t
A. B. Richardson-, Auctioneer.
English refined Bar and Bundle Iron
English Square and Octagon Cast gteeV
Horse shoes, riles, Rasps, saws
Screws, Fry-paus, sheet iron, R.'g Ir0B
also: '
A large assortment of Groceries andLiquor,
A. li. RiciiAHDso.v, Auctioneer,"
S i oiiiiiwliip Ooss
Mew York, Japan & China
Will be dispatched as follows : '
Leave wharf corner or First and Brannau
streets, at 1 1 o'clock a. m. of the followinu
dates, for Puhihm, connecting via. Panama
R. R: with one of the companv's splendid
steamers from Aspinwall for New York, oa
Tlic GJU, 1-ltn, 2 a,i ;jo.t,
O F EA CH M O N T 11!
Steamers leaving San Francisco on the Cth
and 'i-id, touch at Manzanillo. All touch nt
Acapulco. Departure of the 6th connects
with English steamer for Australia. Bep&rt
ure of tlie 11th is expected to connect w ith
the French Trans-Atlantic Co.'s steamer for
St. Nazaire, and English steamer for South
America. Through tickets can be obtained.
Departure of 14th is expected to connect
with English steamer for Southamptoii.Souih
America, and P. R R: Co.'s steamer for Cet
tral America. Through tickets can be bad.
The following steamships will be dispatch'
ed on dates as given below:
Jrxu 13th Goldex City, Capt. Lnpidge.con-
nccting with Ocean Queex, Cant. King.
Jixe 23d GoliX iGE, Capt. Fariiswerth,
with Risixcr Star, Capt. Conner.
Jlxe 3nth Stcu.vvEXTO, Capt. Parker, con
necting with Arizona, Capt. Maury.
Is?" Passengeis berthed through. Bag.
gage checked through. luO lbs. allowed to
each adult'. An experienced surgeon oa
board. Medtcir.ead attendance free.
These steamers will positively sail at 11
o'clock. Passengers are requested to hare
their baggage on ooard before ten o'clock.
ZriB' Through tickets to Liverpool br the
Cunard, Ininan and National steamship linei
can be obtained at the I. M. S.S: Co.'s ofiic
in SanFrancisCKv where nviy also be obtained
orders for passage frotu Liverpool or Southampton-
to- San Francisco either via 'ew
York or St. Thomas if desirrd an amount
of 10 or -10 will be advanced with the
above orders. Holders of orders will be
quired to identify themselves to the Agenti
in England.
For merchandise and freight for New York
and way ports, apply to Wells, Fargo St Co.
-3?" The steamship New York, Capt. C.
M. Fauntleroy, will be despatched Fridar
July "d, -at 12 o'clock, noon, from wharf cor
ner of First and Brannan streets for Yoka
hama, to connect with the Great Uepcbuc
for IIoxgkoxo, and the Costa Rica fur
For passage and all other information, ap
ply at the 1'. M. S.S: Co.'s ollice, corner of
Sacrameuto and Leidesdorti" sts.
Portland 'as-follows:
(Sundays excepted,) at 5 o'clock a. in.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
At 5 o'clock a. si.
Every Friday, at 5 o'clock, a. m.
I!f Returning, leave Wallula on Monday
Wednesdaj & Friday, touching at Umatilla.
Monday and Friday, at 6 o'clock a.m.
Daily, (Sundays excepted,) Monday,
Wednesday, and Friday, al C am.
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday,
al 7 o'clock a. m.
Zf Boats for Die transportation of stock
in readiness when business offers.
President O. S. N. Company,
Portland, Oregon.
Capt. Boone Master,
AVill make regular trips daily, leaving Ore
gon City, a. m., and Portland at 4 p.
connecting with the steamer Ann, Copt.
Vickers, for
and intermediate points on the Yamhill.
On Monday, Wednesday and Friday,.
axo for
(On the Upper Willamette,)
On Saturday of each wet L
N. ilAUN, President.
Celebrated Stomach Bitters.
At this season of the year when chills and
fevers are prevalent, there is no one whx
should be without a b;ttleof Louis Lacour's
Delightful Stomach Bitters. Like the
T .1 n li fhsn fs ilia T;nrtiieY
they arc the guide to those who use them to,
outride the breakers of disease, in the joui
nev of life. To them was awarded the Firm
r i .i i .i...- ...... l-..:- The
j utiiii , ai uie iainorniH oiaie ran.
Committee highly aud especially recommen
ded tht in foi their medicinal qualities. - . -Their
emblem is ;
Their device :
Pro r.nno Publico
IW Sold by all the principal drugs'.uro
liquor houses and saloons in this city, aa f
throughout the state. I
In lots to suit, at manufacturer s raits,
.1.. ,
E. MARTIN" & Co.. .
Dealers in Foreign and Domestic
and Liquors, 22 Front st. Portland
Old stand under the Enterprise Op
Oregon City, Oregon,
Will keep constantly on hand a good
Assortment of all kinds of
The Public are. invited to caU
and examine the qualify,
At '-i '- i-V"Tr:C 0-c-