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i3I;c lUcckln Enterprise.
Oregon City, Oregon :
June 20, 1863.
National Union Ticket.
O For Presidential Electors,
A. H. MEACUAM, of Union county.
Dr. W. KOWLBV, of Washington.
O. JACOBS, of Jackson.
Chinese are leaving Oregon by
hatallions for Montana. We can
pare then, well enough. Let them
49 go I
Tho Rescue, a temperance jour
nal of Sacramento, endorses Grant,
nnd refutes the charges of bis drunks
c no ess.
Indhmapolis has been obliged to
decline the gift of a fine piece of land
for a park, because its too poor too
improve it.
Texas is terribly infested with
grasshoppers. Although the floods
lrowned them by millions, a new
brood more than fills the place of the
Henry Kingsley says, in the in
troduction to a new edition of Rob
inion Crusoe, that the story is no ro
mance at all, bnt merely an allegor
ical account of DeEoe's own life.
A New Jersey paper tells a big
story to the effect that 150 bushels
of seed " rose'' potatoes were lately
bought by a farmer in that state for
836 a bushel, or nearly 810,000 for
the whole.
The Libby prison has been sold
.-at auction.0 Like Sumter, it is being
clipped to pieces by relic hunters.
"Time is wreaking a savaga vengeance
upon that spot of rebel torment and
Caroline Ilichings conducted her
own orcbesta at Cleveland, having
5een insulted by the regular leader, i
. .... t
i6 was thereupon conjugally sack
ed, and subsequently smashed by her
-uutrnged husband.
The foreign correspondent of the
Roston Journal, after devoting a col
umn and a half to a description of
Jerusalem, refers his readers to their
Sunday school teachers in case he has
tailed to make the thing plain.
; I
lias oeefi) coining money lor some
time past by advertising for waiters
at Newport hotels and taking 5 fees
in advance from all anxious for a sit
There are at present 20,000 per
Kfjiis in Liverpool receiving relief,
while the number of persons in the
workhouse was 5,000 ; so that, taking
the population at 230,000, these fig
ures show that 1 in every 11 of tho
population is a pauper.
There tira killed oti the rail
roads of Ohio during tho year 1SG7,
108 persons, 18 of whom were intox
icated, and Go were either on the
jack attempting to crossor attemp-
ling to get on or oil the train while in
Moshier, in anticipation of be
ing Judge, had his hair cut and dis-
hoived his partnership connection with
Lafayette Lane. Coos and Curry
xnved him from farther expense in
that direction. Col. Kelsay is elect
ed by a handsome majority.
Brick Pomeroy says of the late
Methodist conference: "There is now
in session in the city of Chicago, a
nondescript, black and tan, rump
radical, politico-religious mob, known
ns the Quadrennial Conference of the
IjDrt Morgan passed through
town to dy says the Rocky foun
tain civs came in on Larimer, turn
ed down F, and crossed the river.
One full company of infantry, three
pieces of artillery and ammunition
wagon, and one hundred wagons.
They are under orders to Fort Davy
Russell. Thus do the railroads push
the insignia of power westward, ever
Says the Cheyeune Star: With
in the last week or ten days, there
has been a great change in public
sentiment, and a great increase in
confidence among our basiness men,
and it would take twice as much
money to buy this city now as it
vould have required a week ago.
The Leader savs it is expected a six-
company post will be established at
ISorth Fork. The Araus savs thev
are taking steps to bring Crow creek
through the town; and that Indian
matters at Laramie are far from
Jookmg as satisfactory as could be
wished. (The. Star soys the Catholics
and episcopalians are preparing to
build chapels in Cheyenne. Alto
ther the people of Cheyenne seem
to feel much better since receiving
Talney's dispatch that the com
pany' shops should be built there,! Capt. Sprngue left the Klamath
nr-d tho Denver braneWfcc it, j !rc region mvstcrionsW, in a n i ran
tion with tbc mam T-a-l mere. ;-tv (,n tlix- lO.li. "
Assassination is fast becoming an
unpleasant incident of American poli
tics. We cannot avoid the fact.
Within otdy three years the Chief
Magistrate of our nation, a distin
guished member of the House of
Commons of the new Domiuioo, and
hosts of Southern loyalists have paid
with their lives the privilege of as
serting their principles, and as yet
it is omnious to think but in one
case, perhaps, has there been any pun
ishment meted out for this most cow
ardly of crimes. As in the case of
rebellion the attempted assassinas
tion of liberty the great criminals
go unhung. History teaches us that
great crimes afflict a land all at once
at. some one epoch, and certain it is
that treason and political murder in
our time have grown up together and
gone hand in hand. To complete
the fearful trio, usurpation rears its
horrid front, and there arc not want
ing those who endeavor to shield even
it. The general safety of American
civilization would seem now to re
quire their prompt repression of crime
at whatever cost. Jefferson Davis ;
the assassins of D'Arcy M'Gee ; all
the accessories to the death of Lin
coin; Andrew Johnsn, the abortive
usurper j the chiefs of the Kuklux
Klan, and the murderers of the count
less Union men who sleep in shroud
less graves in Dixie of the Ash
burns, Mau's, Zooks, Kings, and hun
dreds of others who have disappeared
in the yawning sephulchre of Seces
sia must be brought to punishment.
It is a necessity, and the crisis that
demands it is not sectional, nor even
national, but continental and histor
ical. A. Rosenheim. Rosenheim, who
has been accredited as holding the
" balance of power " in the last Ore
gon legislature, and the Council of
Portland, was laid aside by the vo
ters of that city on Monday last. The
Oregonian says:
In bidding a final farewell to Rosy,
it would be our pride to do it, if pos
sible, in such a maimer that he "would
forever be touchcd by a recollection
. j
of it.'' " Nary nother time" shall
we find him acting in his favorite ca
pacity as a " balance of power."
Nevermore shall anxious candidates
be compelled to sue humbly for his
support, and after receiving his prom
ise thereof, fine themselves most wo
fully sold. Nevermore, in all human
probability, will ho be a " balance of
I power in electing a United fetates
j Senator. lie has bid a long farewell
to all his greatness. Nevermore, as
of yore, shall he swim on bladders in
a sea ot glory. That pastime is at
an end. With him,
The wine of life is drawn, and the mere lees
Are left the vault to brag of.
The most gratifying spectacle in
the world is to witness the deserved
fate of a renegade. A man of no in
tegrity or ability in any place he has
been called to fill, it would have been
an outrage had he been placed for
another term of three years in the
responsible position frr which he was
a candidate. A clique sought to
place him there that they might use
him for their own purposes, and he
and they have been foiled in that part
of their programme. I his is satis
faction enough for one day.
-.The Enterprise thinks that th
circulation of the campaign Herald
! injured the Union party in Ihe late
canvass. We sliouid be sorry to
think that any person of common in
telligence who hnd ever been educat
ed up to the standard of Republican
ism, or had ever thought of voting
the Republican ticket, could be in
fiuenccd in the smallest degree by
the feeble garrulity of Beriah. In
our opinion the Enterprise is greatly
iq error. Oregonian
We tell you we are not. If there
were no other papers in the country
but Copperhead papers, the people
would be copperheads. If you ex
pect the people to undei stand the
issues as they are fact! you must
give them facts, otherwise, falsehoods
unrefuted pass current at par. I
the party propose to go to sleep in
the next four months Oregon will go
Democratic acain. The most shame
less bare faced trickery of copper
heads went undenied all through the
State at the late election
The disgraceful conduct of the
Copperheads at Portland, on the oc
casion of an election is causing con
siderab'e remark. Respectable peo
ple must submit to these seizures o
the polls, if they neglect to take part
in the management of their own af
fairs, as Portland merchants and bus
iness men have for a year or two past
in respect to their mu nicipal elections
When Henry Failing was first elect
ed a reform was effected in Portland
politics but the thing has gone a-
drilt Again.
In the House on June 13th, Lo
' cran cave notice that be would, on
I the 15tb, move to suspend the rnles
' to offer a resolution authorizing the
j appointment of commissioners to sc
lect a site for the capitol of the Uni
ted States, on account of the disre-
card of law which the disloval ele.
ment is showing in Washington with
such bitterness towards loyal people,
and disregard of the authority of the
United States.
Tualatin, June 18th 156S.
A letter from Oregon City in the
weekly Herald of ! to-day under the
signature of" Calchas" refers'.in part
to the manner in which the election
in this place was conducted7 Whoev
er this titled ignoramus may be, is
not generally known here ; but the
letter evidently bears the ear-marks
of a disappointed office seeker who
deserted the Republican parly be
tween two days (the 7th and 8th of
March) on account of a failure in get
tiug the nomination for the office of
, and who is no loss to the
party and but little gain to the cop
pcrheads, except the influence of his
own vote.
When a person is kicked by a
jakas, the source from which it came
is scarce worth considering, and were
it not that he attempts to villify the
judges of the election as well as my
self personally, I would not conde
scend to notice his mean, and coward
ly attacks upon the judges of election
throughout this county ; and I sup
pose his statements in regard to the
several precincts contains just as
much truth as wherein he refers to
this ; and that is just none al all.
I am charged with having been allow
ed to vote having been but two
months in the State. I came to Ore
gon in August 18G3 and have never
been out of the State six consecutive
months since ; neither have 1 ever
been out of Clackamas county ninety
consecutive days since October 1868,
and yet I " was allowed to vote for
the only reason that I voted a good
Union ticket." Now I will just re
verse the following sentence : Had I
been a Democrat no one would ever
have questioned my right to vote.
Democrats would allow negroes, in.
dians and chinamen to vote, provided
such votes would sustain their party
in power. But we can and must yet
redeem Oregon from the thralldom
of copperhcadism, and next Novem
ber the Democratic party will follow
the Lost Cause " with which it has
been identified for the last six years.
In reply to the letter announcing
his nomination at Chicago, General
Grant says :
In formally accepting the nomina
tion of the National Union Republi
can Convention of the 21st, it seems
proper that some statement of my
views, beyond the mere acceptance
of the nomination, should be express
ed. The proceedings of the Conven
tion were marked with wisdom, mod
eration and patriotism, and I believe
express the feelings and greatness of
those who sustained the country
through its trials. I endorse the res
olutions. If elected to the office of
President of the United States, it will
be my endeavor to administer all
laws in good faith and with economy,
and with a view to giving peace, quiet
and protection everwhere. In times
like the present it is impossible and
improper to lay down a policy, to be
adhered to right or wrong, through
an administration of four years.
New political issues, not forseen, are
constantly arising. The views of
the public are constantly changing.
Purely adminiitrative officers should
always be left to execute the will of
the people, which I have always re
spected and always shall. Peace
and universal prosperity, its se
quence, with economy of administra
tion, will lighten the burden of taxa
tion, while it constantly reduces the
natioual debt. Let us have peace.
Deseret News, of Salt Lnke City,
says that the delays in the overland
mail route were caused by storms.
We think Indian storms. Unless the
government remove their cornrais
sioners, and send out. soldiers, such
storms will occur in future quite too
often. The Helena Gazette says :
The " gayest fun" the " red rovers"
have had, was the habit of running
into the forts every few weeks to
talk peace and become friendly, thus
obtain plenty amunition and fire and
lightning whiskey." , As soon as they
could posess themselves of all they
wanted, they would throw aside the
peace talk and institute the rifle and
bow in place of the peace pipe. Now
that the upper posts are to be aband
oned, our Lo neighbors will come ov
er and be "more sociable." Hender
son, Tappan and Sanborn will give
them full rations as long as they car
ry on a vigorous, successful war upon
the whites, and turn over meir
side trade to " our agents."
Hamilton Boyd was elected
Mayor of the city of Portland last
Monday, by a majority of 3G4 votes
over bis oponent, Capt. Wm. Dier
dorff. The politics of Mr. Boyd is
the only thing exceptionable with
him, in our eyes. He has excellent
business qualifications, and if he rules
independently of partizan ties will
make a good Mayor. Wa are sorry
that Capt. DierdorfF was defeated be
cause he is a good Republican, a gen
tlemen, and a scholar.
U. M. ljOCKwooa cc uo., nave
been awarded the contract by the
Postm36ter General for carrying the
mails from Salt Lake city to the
Dalles, via Boise city and Canyon
city. The service will be a daily
A warehouse is being erected on
the river in Polk county about a mile
above the Salem ferry landing for the
accommodation of the fanner?.
Butteville will celebrate on
4th of July.
The quartz mines of Jackson
county arc paying handsomely this
It is said that Hon. Asahel Bush
will have charge of the Salem branch
of the Bank of Oregon.
The Sentinel refers to improve
ments going on about Dallas. The
academy grounds are being fenced.
The county seat of Baker county
was changed at the late election, by
a vote of the people, to Baker City.
The Eugene Journal is glad
that we have saved the Judiciary of
the State from the Confederates.
The majority for Kelsay for
Judge in the Second District is 30.
Coos and Curry give him 1 12 ma
jority. Hons. J. II. Mitchell and Lans
ing Stout will deliver addresses this
week at several places in Lane county
on the subject of railroads.
The Congregational Association
of Oregon this year, held its Annual
Meeting at Forest Grove beginning on
Tnursday, June IS, 1SGS.
The citizens of Eola, Polk coun
ty, will celebrate the Fourth in be
coming style. Hon. P. C. Sullivan
and Benjamin Hay den will orate.
We learn that Dr. Plummer of
Albany, has been tendered and" ac
cepted, the Chair of Chemistry, in
the Medical Department of the Wil
lamette University.
Capt. Flavel is laying the foun
dation of a hotel at Astoria upon
which he will immediately erect a
building suitable in every respect for
the wants of the public.
N. J. Marshall one of a party
engaged in cuttiug a trail from Oak
land, Douglas county, to the Bohemia
mines, was instantly killed on the 3d
inst., by the falling of a tree. De
ceased was a resident of Oakland.
The remains of Mrs. Denoille
have been found by the scouts under
Hicks. It appears that the Indians
dragged her about half a mile from
the spot where they killed her hus
band, Sergeant Denoille, and then
dashed her brains out.
It is said that Calvin B. Mc
Donald has yielded the tripod of the
Unionist to its original projector W.
A. McPherson Esq. The latter has
been a contributor through the last
campaign, from tho beginning to the
ending of the same.
McCraken, Merrill & Co., call
the atteutioa of the public to the
stone-ware manufactured by the
Buena Vista, Polk county, pottery
firm of Smith & Co. It has no pois
onous acids in its glazing. It is equal
in quality to the best eastern ware,
aud is sold informly low to the trade.
Last week the Indians made a
raid on Susanvillo and drove off 12
horses. A party went in pursuit and
killed three, but lost one of their
number, John Belknap, who was
shot dead by the Indians. It is re
ported that seven of Johu Creigh ton's
teams were taken and three of his
teamsters killed.
Hon. J. II. Douthitt thus ad
dresses the Albany Democrat on the
subject of the Railroad. "I shall
commence a general canvass of the
county for the sale of stock, and for
donation to aid the enterprise. Both
the Company and contractors are
hopeful of an early completion of the
road. Should the people respond as
they should, and to the extent that
their interest demands, it will not be
many months before the iron horse
will be snorting over the prairies of
The Salem people have indefi
nitely postponed the proposition to
pay interest on $100,000 of the O.
C. R. R. Co.'s bonds. The Record
says: " The citizens of Salem have
the power to help the enterprise by
individual subscriptions, and should
do so, unless they desire the road also
to be indefinitely postponed. The
road has to deflect from a straight
line some five miles to reach Salem,
and the county will be better accom
modated by a central road than by
one that shall bend around to reach
every town.
Both English and French astron
omers are making preparations for
observing at the East an eclipse of
the sun on the 18th of August next,
which will be total for the space of
G' 4G' along a line passing through
Southern New-Guinea, Ilindostan,
the bay of Bengal, the Malayan Pe
ninsula, and the Gulf of Siam. Lev
errier recommends that the French
ships be placed on the eastern side
of the Malayan peninsula for the ac
commodation of the observers. Some
interesting questions regarding the
"coroDa" and "red "flames" it is
hoped, will then be satisfactorily set
tled by meats of the spectroscope.
A storm in Colorado is thus
"noticed" by the News: During
the rain of yesterday it snowed four
or five inches. "
Dr. Cass says the Pacific rail
road is running west like the old
nursery-story pumpkin vine two to
.our miles a day.
We have just returned from a vis
it among some friends in Yamhill
county ; and, reader, we are slight
ly exhausted not because wo found
the trip tedious, for we were so hand
somely treated, and passed the time
so pleasantly that we have ouly thanks
to tender for those attentions, but
weary because we are not accustom
ed to such episodes ! The daily rou
tine of a publisher's life, especially
when he is Editor and devil also ;
is anything but pleasurable; hence
we were " out of our sphere'' of ac
tion on this trip, and felt weary when
we arrived homo. We gathered a
oreat variety of good ideas on the ex
cursion ; new ones to us; and shall
be benefitted by them in future.
Yamhill is truly tha garden spot of
Oregon. It was formerly a saying
with reference to a special locality in
New England, that they built school
houses there, and raised men ! Yam
hill county is not yet sufficiently aged
to boast of many men which she has
reared, but it is a little striking that
there are a great many efficient men
in Oregon, and some few that we
know of outside cf the State, who
honor Yamhill for what she has done
for them. The attractiveness of home
is too often lost in a materialsm which
culminates in dusty streets, tree
less yards, and ill fashioned habi
tations. In matters of rural taste
and home adorning, however, Yam
hill county lacks none of those essen
tials to make home attractive, so far
as our observation enables us to say
at present. It is true that Oreeon
farms, as a general thing; illustrate
good taste, and serve everywhere to
remind us of how much more might
be done, had we the people, iospired
to fill more of those wastes wonder
fully attractive in their own physical
features. Nature is profuse iu her
ministrations, and rural adorning
can never be accomplihed with more
ease, and with a smaller necessary
expenditure, than here in Oregon.
But we aimed to say a word in this
with special reference to Yamhill
county. Her area is equal to a good
large sized middle State, while her
population is scarcely equal to an or'
dinary county in Ohio or Indiana.
At the late election 1208 votes were
cast for Congressman, and to her cred
it be it said Gi l of those were for
Hon. David Logan. Ia 1SGI the
vote of Yamhill county was S3 4 ; and,
in 1SGG, 1128 so- it will be seen
that she has a fair increase. The
soil of Yamhill county is excellent, j
We were shown fulison the farm of
Col. Cris. Taylor, lately purchased of
Gen. Joel Palmer, which have been
cultivated every year but one since
ISIS, and which even now produce
astonishing crops. Gen. Palmer has
raised GO bushels of wheat to the
acre, year after year, on a portion of
this iand. The land is rolling, and
farms are cultivated with less difli.
culty than on flat lands. Timber
groves are interspersed with prairie
lands, affording ample facilities for
building and fencing. At all times
the farmer of Yamhill county has as
ready means of transportation as oth
er river counties, and at certain sea
sons shipping is more ready. We
have no statistical information re
specting the amount of grain raised
in Yamhill county, but have been in
formed that 100,000 bushels at least,
have been shipped since last harvest
from Dayton, LayfayetteTand McMin.
ville, the principal depots on the river,
and more remains in store. As good
farming lands as can be found in the
Western States, with valuable im
provements thereon, recently sold in
Yamhill county at $20 00 per acre.
One farm, of a full section, was re
ferred to us at $10 00 per acre well
improved, and a body of valuable
land, embracing some 2,000 acres
was placed at a nominal sum, in our
estimation, for any one who really
wishes desirable property. The pco
pie of Yamhill county can boast of
their schools, we feel certain, from
the appearance of the school-houses;
they havealso, a Court House, which
is really a creditable building. It
needs some repairs however, to make
it pleasant. This is situated at La
fayette. We found the Clerk ex.
and elect Mr. Adams and Mr. Red
ding, both " at home," seemingly
happy over the " result" in Yamhill
county but not so pleasant in regard
to the State at large. We visited
the Courier office, a dingy looking
place, ia entire keeping with the ap
pearauce cf the sheet issued from it
ouce a week. Mr Johnson was not
" at home:' Dayton is a lively lit
tle burg. There is considerable man
ufacturing carried on at this place.
The Day ton Reaper is made there,
a small furnace, wagon, plow, black
smith, and'earpenter shops adorn the
principal street flour is made at the
Dayton mills of .Messrs. Samuel
Brown, and Gen. Palmer; and a
new lumbering mill was just com
pleted by Messrs.-Walter & Co., on
the 17th. We have not time to in
clude, in this article, more than a
portion of the additions to our record
of Oregon, made on this trip to Yam
hiil county. The reserve we shall
endeavor to make useful from time to
time in the fature.
We take the following telegraphic news
from dispatched to the Oregonian.
The currency bill was before
the Senate on the 18th.
-The Democrats have one major
ity in 31 districts of South Carolina.
The ship Einihj Farnam, "171
days from Shields to Portland," put
into San Francisco on the 15th.
Great excitement prevails on
the Canadian frontier from fear of
Fenian invasions not altogether un
founded. The " next " revolution in Mex
ico will come pretty soon. Revolu
tionists arc steadily gaining ground.
Johu Stuart Mills' seat in the
English House of Commons will be
contested by Ex Governor Eyre.
The Sultan and his new Cabinet
arc maturing a plan to permit per
sons of foreign birth residing in Tur
key, legally to hold property, which
right is to be guaranteed by treaty
with foreign powers.
Tho Post Office Department has
awarded the contract for carrying the
overland mails to the California Stage
Company atabont S1000 per day be-
tween the termini of the Pacific Rail
Copperheads in Congreess are
now opposiug the admission of the
Southern States. What a sweet
scented consistency, that parly dis
closes, by its tactics in and out of
The Missouri river is unusually
low. No boats will be able to get
above Muscle Schell, and only two
or three that far. Pack traius ar
riving from points on the Columbia
via 1611 d'Oreille Lake, report the
trail in excellent condition.
Three gentlemen from the South
ern States arrived at San Francisco
on the 13th. by the Nevada, repre
senting so many associations of in
tending immigration. They have
been deputed to examine nnd report
upon the advantages offered by Cal
ifornia to settlers coming from the
Cotton States. They will visit South
ern California, San Diego, Los Ange
les, San Bernardino, Santa Barbarra
and San Luis Obispo counties.
Counties. I ?c -s ISCi 1S6G Z
I ;
Baker 405 .r)S0 . . .
lieuton 536 543 700 1021
Clackamas CVi U.12 1240 40
Clatsop 137 lu7 1SI 172 C,-
Columbia 85 12S ls!3 l!i:5 IS
Coos 211 18$ IriS 10 ISO
Cuitv 1 2 1(H) f'2 Hi
Douglas VT' C.2 1015 1 1 1'2
Grant Sh5 425 .r71 'JCO
Jackson .V3 S05 1.'3j 1230 pj
Josephine ... 17-t 2i$ o4S o22 t'J
I-anc 658 So4 HSfj 1270 21S
l.inn .lOoG 1802 1750 2550552
Marion 1402 l"ti2 19ol 2103 271
Multnomah. . .1121 11SI 1005 2220 82
Polk 6 IS 650 S!4 1120 157
Tillamook 01 4-3 45 83 16
Umatilla. ... 231 403 911 702
Union 2Sl 503 72i 600
Wasco 22 451 es.'.fl 762
AVaihington. . 475 S-JS 67S 824125
Yamhill 614 504 804 1123 ISO
Totals. . . .10,200 11,083 1S,S50 20,170 '2,7S-
Majority 870
Baker county. . 233 1,1V;-'
Increase over 1 Sit.
Mr. Rapplee is meeting with
success in obtaining subscribers for
his map. It is highly recommended
by nil who are supposed to know
anything about the locality of streams,
etc, in the State. D. P. Thompson,
of this city, thus endorses the map:
Or.r.cox Citt June 15th 1;$.
Mn. H. W. Kappleye Ihvtr ,'- ; I have
carefully examined your Map of Oregon, and
have no hesitancy iu stating that I believe
it to be the nio.st correct map that I have
seen ; particularly of the portion of Oregon
East of the Cascade Kange. I have Keen
engaged in Surveying iu that region of
country for seven years, an'i believe that pCr
tiou of rour map which embraces the coun-'
try from the Cascade Mountains East, lor
one hundred miles, to be entirclv correct.
1). I. Thompson'.
U. S. Dept. Survey.
Launch?;;). Captain Uaugbmr.n's new
steamboat, the Success, was successful
ly launched a short distance above Cane
mah on Saturday last. We wish every
success to attend the Captaia's enterprise.
It may be well to state that the Success
is, almost without exception, Oregon pro
duction. Her machinery was manufac
tured at the Willamette Iron Works. Bul
letin. All doubts of the safety of Dr.
Livingstone, the African explorer,
are now dispelled. Sir Roderick
Murchison on Wednesday, April 8th,
received a letter from the distinguish
ed traveler, which came by the way
of Zanzibar. Dr. Livingstone writes
that he is ia good healih, that his
journey of exploration has been suc
cessful, and that he will soon return
to England.
It is said that Oil. Neyce, who
so mysteriously disappeared from
Oregon at the last Linn county fair,
has turned up at Vacaville, Solano
co., Cal. The story needs corrobo
ration before we can believe it.
The people of Peirce county W.
T., are about to complete their ar
rangmeuts for tha erection of the
long talked of woolen factory.
The reports of losses by the ter
rible earthrjuakes and volcanoes at
the Sandwich Islands are truly la
mentable. -
Never endeavor to entertain a
sea-sick man with music on a hand
A bill is before Congress to aid
a railroad from Paget Sonnd to Van
couycr. ye hone it may pns1?.
AVeclily Commercial Review.
Enterprise Opfick, )
Oregon City, June loth, 1S63. f
A New York dispatch of the 14th
quotes wheat dull at $1 C0(S)$2 70 ; flour
On tho loth, in San Francisco, best
brands of Oregon flour were jobbing at
$7 $7 25 per barrel ; best California
i4 City Mills" SC 37 i, extra $7 50$7 C2.
Wheat $2 10$2 30, the latter for choice
Santa Clara. Oats fair to choice, withiu
the range S2 20 $2 40 -ft 100 Es.
FLOUR Imperial, Standard, Monitor,
and Harding's brands Si3 50 $6 00
bbl., outside brands 1 50$4 75.
WHEAT Dull demand at 8590cfs.
'ft bushel.
OATS The demand is about equal to
the supply, at 40c.
CORN MEAL $2 50$3 cwt.
FEED Ground $25 ton : Middlings
$20$25; Bran $12. ,
FRUIT Green Apples r?bx5075 c;
Dried Apples R t?xt.5c; Dried Teaches
none ; l'lums 1012c.
CURED MEAT Bacon lb !)cllc:
Hams lb 12c.; Shoulder 57c
LARD In kegs 9 c; tins 10c.
EGGS Abundant at 15e. "ft doz.
BUTTER Ordinary to prime 1) lb 20
POULTRY Chickens doz $2 503:
tame Ducks 75c. pair ; tame Geese $2 50
pair ; Turkeys 2 50$3 pair.
GAME Grouse 50c. pair, or $3
doz.: Pheasants, 40c. pair, or S2 3, doz.
VEGETABLES Potatoes bu. 40 cts
Onions "ft 100 lbs $2 00$3.; Beans'-plOO
lbs $5$5 50.
HIDES Salted lb 45c: drv 910
WOOL 18c. t lb.
Flour Ranging from 5 50 lo $6 00
Wheat 75 to SO cents bushel.
Bacon Sides. i)10c. ; hams, 1314c;
shoulders t!7c.
Lard In tins. 12ie.; Kegs. 910cv
Butter Fresh Oregon 25 to 37 i cents.
Eggs 16 to 18c. rf doz.
Dried Fruits Apples. 5 fie: Peaches,
10; 12c: Plums, I5,22c.
Sugar Islands, 912i; San Francisco
C. 13i14c; Crushed, in bbls.. 16Ac;
half bbls.. 17c.
Syrup Heavy Golden, best brands,
80(i85c ; Island, in bbls., 3540c.
Coffee Java. 2Ac ; Costa Rica, 19e;
Rio. 19c; Kona, S. I.. ISc.
Fish Mackerel, in ' bbls. S12 50: kits,
S3 50; Salmon, $5 50 per i bbl, $0 00
per bbl.
Salt Liverpool, per ton, $37 50; Car
men Island $27: Bay. $25; Dairy $32 50.
Rioo PatnaNo. 1, 8 cents; China, No. 1,
If you wish the very best Cabinet Photo
Gf.APiis, you must call on Bkailey & Itri.oK
sox, 423 Montgomery street, San Francisco.
Dress Making. A lady lately or
rived from the East, alter a tour of Europe,
recommends herself as a dres maker, and
milliner. Knowing her business perfect, and
sparing no pains to satisfy, she solicits the
patronage of the ladies of this city and vi
cinity. Residence at the house of S. W.
Muss, Esq.
Dutciiek's Lightning FlyKiller.
That pest of Summer, huge black swarms
of flies can be got rid of cheaply add easily
by the use of the above popular article, which
has an enormous sale at th. cit, aud is now
for sale by dealers everywhere.
Hostettep., Smith fc Dean,
Reiuxgton & Co.
32. St) Wholesale Agents San Francisco
Fashionable Stationery. Messrs.
J. E Tilton & Co.. Boston Mass., will send
by mail, post paid, a handsome box of as
sorted fashionable note papers with envel
opes to match, stamped with any initial de
sired, to the address of any one remitting
to them one dollar. In sending, write the
initial clear nnd plain. 3:Sm.
At the residence of the brides' father, on
the 10th inst., by Rev. E. P. Henderson, Mr.
Gko. D. Weltcii of Dayton, and Miss Cakkik
Brown, daughter of Hon. Samuel Brown of
ftew Advertisements
Justice of the Peace City Recorder.
Office In the Court H'ouse and' City
Council Iloom, Oregon City.
Will attend to the cSkriowlediiment of
iceds, and all other duties appertaining to
the otlice of Justice of the Peace,
At the No. 1 Boot Shoj), Main street,
Oregon City, Oregon.
Can, and does, make the best boot of ar.y
man who attemps the business.
Z'Jxf Refer to customers. C5
Retail dealer in School Rools,Sla
tioncry; also, Patent Medicines,
and Perfumery.
At the Post-office, in Masonic Building,
Oregon City, Oregon.
Old stand vndcr the Enterprise OJJlce
Oregon City, Oregon,
Will keep constantly on hand a good
Assortment of all Icinds of Meal!
The Public are invited to call
and examine the qualify, etc.
Celebrated Stomach Bitters.
At this season of the year when chills and
fevers are prevalent, there is no one who
should be without a bcttleof Louis Lacour's
Delightful Stomach Bitters. Like the
Lighthouse lo the Mariner,
they are the guide to those who use them to
outride the breakers of disease, in the jout
ney of life. To them was awarded the First
j kemium, at the California State Fair. The
l ommittee highly and especially recommen
ded them for their medicinal qualities.
Their emblem is
Their device :
Iro Rono Publico ;
I3 Sold by all the priucipal drug stores
liquor houses nnd saloons iu this citv, and
throughout the state.
In lots to suit, at manufacturer's rates, by
Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Y incs
and Liquors, 22 Front st. Portland. (:U
Boots with Wire Quilted Bottoms
These Boots are made on the American
standard last. They never fail to fit and feel
comfortable, and require no breaking in."
The Wire Quilted Soles
have been proven by practical experience to
last twice as long as the ordinary soles. A
splendid assortment just received at
K. 1). WHITE & Co.'s,
Lo't and Slice s;crc,
SLI i-J I First it. IV.-Uand.
a . is. Kii;-
Corner of Front and Oak streets, Portland
Of Real Estate, Groceries, General lUr-i
dise and Horses, aliUrcL.
Every Wednesday and Saturday I
A. B. Eichardsox, Auctioneer,,
English refined Bar and Bundle Iron
English Square and Octagon Cast steJl
Horse shoes, Files, Rasps, saws- '
Screws, Fry-pans, bheet iron, 11.' G. Iron
A large assortment of Groceries and Liquors
A. 13. Richakdsox, Auctioneer
or. y
North American S. S. Co.,
511 A: SOtH
To Mew York, via Panama!
.fL ship company will dispatch the fast
new steamer
1,000 Tons.
, .J. R. Kelly CominanoVr
From Mission street whart, at 12 clock, M
t; iTiTn iv riTvp 'ntt iu:v
Connecting via. Panama It. R. at Asprnwr.il
with tub
Companv's snlemlid new steamship
3,000 Tons lor SEW YOU K.
One hundred lbs. Baggage free.
An experienced Surgeon on board.
Medicines and Attendance frrt.
Passage tickets to and from Liverpool,
Queenstowii, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp
Copenhagen, Christiana and Gottenberjj, br
the Liverpool and Great Western Steamship'
Company's staunch and elegant Iron steam
ships, at unusually low rates.
Passage from Bremen, Southampton amV
Havre, by tirst class steamers of the XortU"
Gerniiin Lloyds, at reduced rates
For further information applv to
I. Y. BAYMOXD, Agent
N W cor. Tine and Battery sts., up-stairv
.td! San Francisco,-
Mew York, Japan & China,
Wiil be dispatched as follows :
Leave wharf corner of First ancl' Brannas
streets, at 11 o'clock a. t. of the following
dates, for Pit na nut, connecting via. Pannnu
R. It: with one of the company's splendid
steamers from Aspinwall for New York, dh
Tile Gill, 141; 23:1 aoel 30lh,
Steamers leaving San Francisco on thef th'
and 2d, touch at Matizanillo. All touch :
Acapnlco.' Departure cf the Gth connects'
with English steamer for Australia. Depart
ure of tiie lMh' is expected to connect w ith
the French Trans-Atlanfic. Co.'s steamer fi
St. Xazaire, uiid English steamer for South
America. Through tickets'can be obtained..
Departure of 11th is expected to connect"
with English steamer far Soutliampton.South'
America, and P. 11 K: Co.'s steaincr,for Ccu
tral America. Through tickets can be had
The following steamships will be dispatch
ed ou dates as given below:'
J l'ne ISth Goliien Citt, Capt. Lnpidge.coii-
necting with Ocean Ovei.x, Ca-t. King.
Jiwn'23d Golkex Acs, Capt. Furnswortli,
with Kisivr, Staii, Capt. Conner.
Jcxe Si'th Svcitavkvio, Capt. Parker, con
necting with Aiiiw.vA.'Capt: .Vhiirv.
57" Passengers berthed through. '):
gage cheeked through. 100 lbs." allowed
each adult. An experienced surgeon on
board. Medicine and attendance free.
These xteamsrs will positively sail at V.
o'clock. Passengers are requesteCHo linc
their basrgage ou board before ten o'clock. ,
Through tickets to Liverpool by the
Cunard, Inman aud National steamship linn
can be obtained at 4b e P. M. S.S: Co.'s oflic
in SanFrancisco, 'where may also be obtained
orders for passage from LiverpooLor South
ampton to San Franoisco, , either via New,
York' or St: Thomas if desired' an aiuomr.
of V) on .i'20 wifl bf advanced with th
above orders. Holders of prders will be re
quired to identify themselves to the Agents
in England.
; For merchandise and freight for New Ycrk
-and way ports, apply to Wells, Fargo & Co.
The steamship New York, Capt. 0
M. Fauntleroy, vvl be despatched Frida'
Julv Z' at 12 o'clock, noon, from wharf tor-
t'ner of First and Uiannan streets for Yoko
hama, to connect with the Cheat uepceuc
for Hongkong, and th6 Costa Kica for
Fcr passage and all other information, ap
ply at' the P. M. S.S: Co.'s office, corner e?
Sacramento rrnt"Lcideslorlt' sts.
) Portland as follows:
(Sundays excepted,) at 5 o'clock a. fli.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridoyt,
At 5 o'clock a. m.
Every Eriday, at 5 o'clock, a. vt.
Tteturhin?. leave Vk allnla on Hondo?
Wednesday &, Friday, totuchipg at Uuiatill.
Monday and Eriday, al 6 o'clock a. Vh
Daih, (Sundays excepted,) Monday :
Wednesday, and Eriday, at 6 a m,
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, -al
7 o'clock
""f" Beats for the transportation cf stock
President O. S. N. Company, j
Portland, Orego"-
Sc'siiislosit Company
Capt. Buone 'I o'rf-
Wiil make regular trips daily, leaving o
gon Cit v, -a. m., and Portland at 4 f
connecting with the steamer Ann, v- i
y?ftft FAYETTE. McMlS
and intermediate points on the Yarn!" ,
Oil Monday, Wednesday and itW
AND Ol .vn
111 - - .. ....
i On the Upper W inamenc,, . -Saturday
of each tret
N. 1IAU, i i'"21-
Xl be served
un'i'. luither notice.
J ,i.iC '.ill, x - '. -
1 --Y