Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1866-1868, August 17, 1867, Image 1

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Yol. I.
jSV. 4 Si 0
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1C lUciin (enterprise.
CFFH'K: South oast corner -f Fifth me!
Main street, in the lmihJinir int'dy km. ii
a t!ic Cmirt House, Oregon City, Oregon.
Terms of Siibst vl pt ion.
a co'V. one year in advane
il dcluved. .
. . 4 CO
Or eniis of Ail v i t i s i ii .
'Tra:Qi-rt advortii-emems. tin' sp.tarR
lii Hue or l.-s'.i first hi.-erti'-ti . . . '-
Fnr iach u b ;... 'nrit inse: ima 1
jJusiness f Jitrd - ,..ne .-.putio per annum
4ayab!is ;uiift:rly. . . .
OiT'j Vidnmn per amuen.
Om; half coiuia.'i " ''
One 'jaartci- " " ' '
Lc-'u! atlvrtisinsr f. the. otablilnvl rate.
?1 iiiliiuiauh Iiixtic
a. I, A.
l.s its reul r ViiOtC
-.n.i)!uaicatif)ns on tiie first nn-1 t!ii;-.l Sat
unluvs rf c-ivjit month, at half jiast six r. v..
Hrethtvu lu tto-.nl sfuadihg are invited lo
Qittnd. I!v ord'T of " V". M.
Ore 'ou Citr, Nov. t,th, lf-C'.
fC--' Oregon I.oti;c A'o. 3. I. O.
?.iz of or, Meets cvtv V'c:l:i:-s-
u,tfcv L t (tii! tti t u iiuift, m Lit-.;
Masniiic Ha'h Metr.bers oftlie ordor are ii;
itcd ttt attend. )!v crde-r (i. :;
WiHmttlc l--Jgc o. 15--I. . ii. T.
'If "flH f-Ti-rr Satiiril.iv cvruinn-. at liie r'o!':s
tK.K. .'oriierhif M.uu and i iftii strei ts, at 7 i-li :
.clnck. Visiting inetuber.-j uvc invited to,6
Uv or4cr of W. 0. T.
..r. cousms. r. . '.r c-t.vv.
A'.-' yv.,;.j;(-.
OUKuO' itv, jiu;gux.
- ,-.i- W'll -i;t nJ f :1 e.u.-ir.css cntre.sfed
t "oar care m Aoy (
r.i'.'ifct money, nccjn
e JeiHiS, sed r-.-a! es- ;
t te, "'to.
v.- '-i'arlieuI.sr ai!-uti.)n :;1 cn to c'jtif-.vt;--
I and eases.
1 .
.Mlorucj iiitd Councillor at ...'?".
V ba-.ino.s. c!itt-atcd t, ids eaiv,
- ()r ririi ():e d.er eorth of iieil A i'-iih-n 's
ri!i -Lure. ,re.: ;. C:y. ;!--'..-. 1 .'
Br. H. SaiT.irraiirV.
Ol'FJOlP-in.b V
Dr. P. Barclay, AT. 11. U. L-v
.( Fovnierly f-'a: a on
!':. tT Mi. ii. ih C-
-! iVft . .
st i-.
J 0 II I'i
O dai;a i
c 71 r, A t-.i
-a;.' : , i
I .
- .. '
i "il ii att.un;
1 !'
I'i i 'i
1-a !
f a f ia a a p
.iii.i :
Wiilrhr-t C::::.
C0XTIIA '7h''A an
' nuii.T),
Will i!i--v! ti ft
ni-1 i a j; i pCI: -f ' e
--ltauiii bud-b e
a. tt cady l to.
! ia hi ione, cn-
j-!itiT aa.l .ii'iii.a- -v ! k
etc. dijldni g raaciiia'y
h. tea,.,.
B2L Ii
K. a. I'Aiiria!.
.- - i -
.a iis.e.Ers i "
0 -,
v. 1 '
1 'trf( in (;. U
i i sa
!. -vo: .
And cvorv ar'y-o k'pat in a hno
8 '. i M S-ntfir.T. Okkoox Ctv.
r n x-s "C 'S. 3 it it,-: .
Orcyo.i Cl'ij, Oregon.
'Hi' UN I'tiitst;.; n P.i) AJti: NtfV. ruii-
!.i:ed t:i make ;dl aiiia aer of ware in the
hue id' cm ape'-aire, from u v. e'i-tiieiet to a
ha'ae id, ef boi-i bi-e--.' ;.nd Mraigbt w icrk,
on slioi t s:a'iee, ami al l ca- aebh' la'.ti S.
Cull and e'xaitninc sample-! id' ear work, as
it is its own re jommen hr a .
oil..;m i b. ZiOhtili A SON.
J. Wvii,
Q,a. , -7 ;..--;. - '. ' "
Q Justice of the Peace d' CCj P.i c:;-dcr.
Olnce In the Court House and City
Council Room, Oregon City.
Mfi'.l attend to the aeknonLdpieot el
deeds, ami id! oli,ar ibe a-s appa: taiili
theolhae d" .last ice of l'ae i'' .. . :
g 1'
: : v
Joint t'ioming,
': a .!:: in. jjooicsur, st.i Tf.xin:r.
Thankful hr the pa'revee liotvmfere re
,ceived. vesIfC'iiV.'.iy soh;at a eea.i-aaiOe
of the favors of a geaereas pc.be.a.
lln sterf is between .Jac-'dn" r.n.i Aeker
inan'slirieas. on the West sale f Main slro-t.
Oregon City, Oetoiuv -7lh. '.'''
Our tov , -r, Cit y 5 ra y ns a n .
C:w.gS o.'Eo'o.V'Yi'r.
All orders for the delivery of merchandise,
or packages and freight ct v. ha'aee- descrip
tion, to ai:v part of the ciiy, wiii l-e ea- enua.
promptly and with care. e eaa
Joatx sivrats. lS(jU n. :. mv:-ik.
CSaesip okro !
Tei y pi,.- c
Iff 1!
a On
1 Voder ia
Dry Goods, Boots :m-l Shoes. Cfoth.ng,
iiaeaa "i-ta Stone Nt'aria
Coa-eeries, li.ird.va;e. e'.-a, etc..
m.'i . a- .- it . ,'( ; P; !r'J
Orc.f ra Catv,' October -?., ts'i'- 2:ly
p p p
Jb.'nCl-:.' Jd,ANiCS. of every d-serip-Hon,
r,,r sale at the Kx: Kiieaisi-: onima
V? your neigaln r to tbscribe
f-"' tin- En rsiiiru :.m.
I a i n St r. r-. nx,
..AO f'ii
IE,;.'.;; T'.d-'iry.
: v.. i.. wjjrn:.
T. Vv". UliUADKS, f
; Oregnn City. Oivgon.
V.'c ijn ifv tlme-il'.z,;:." of Or.-r'-n City, and
i the travels re; pu!'!i" to dve us a share of
i their jiafrcnao. Meals con be bud at nil
hoars, to j ilea so tli.- i t fastidious. 1
Notice to tto Public.
T HA VK this ct iv clescl the- Jiarhuv House
X in ho or ..i' Tiie idi'l' 1 be ;.-.. ih ; ray
old ce-a.ai..r-. wilt pive their liberal iiatrou-
aee i- I cm :-.t..;v .. ea ,i j,(
lem-a-. na-y
v;i: fad . : -. :
on hand ta muk
it ii- -a-tos ai va s
e a r a 1 .'e.
-t ("Ay, Aucv.ft i,
Dhicc S,:ii,'!i, and lV:fn Maker,
Corner of l,un ana Third sttvets.
Oregon City Oregon.
Llacksrntthinc; ir. all its branches. Wusron
mas n: ;.:m r,
to ;ivc- saiih.
Ali wcrl: warranted
TZ7 T JirriTSTIVr 1
lst.-.bli'a-i since t at. the old st a .?.,
M.vjx Srun-.T, U;;i:';ex c'ixv.
An ass,:i -tnient et Watches, Jew-
s, t-.i- f.f whiih are vvarrui.Scd
as feiire-.-oi.ti d.
to b
",; '
(n s?:i;;t nuficc.
ast f.tvei-.s. ;:17
l.;s2pe2ci?siS. Mill 9
o;tKt:o.v errv.
i; i A' J cm vi-:i-:x feed
i'.irttes wanii:.;- feed until furnish
tb-'ir siii-i. -. i -".tf
i'arttes wanii:e-
o ii i: G o a
0 I T Y
e :r"'T. e-V e - ' oil
..-', a v-: )' v .o'--" ' r'a.r Arlkk of
'' O: tk-r.i v
c ! ," o , f re O'i 1 1 ien
. .'"I iMdiiO S. . rvt:l
ee.! v ;
!s(i'!,V NiAeS-tMii TO LLT
:.,!.;;:.- i- odor::' -d t
.H.IJX iihZLAl, Ar.Tt'sr,
Utis r -i nr.
V, : hi .-
At ii 'v. . ;-
t,, t ; ;e e ; i-: r '. i .oi o i s mi
a' .-1 ' oe-.'i-, '..'' i io' '!-'..-: i-soi C.
jerpar to e. ai ate I et-
: I'orO
: h -tv.aa
i'i -tc
-.a the h
a . - i .
Oow'IL'AO ST Bit El
, ........ - . - r ,fv
..... .e.,...e..a ....... e'
7 oi
'ih : :. i'L ii id ".'.
: a ai ' :.e v Oa i e
a t .a v.a i ere tn .;.
i a - -. . ; i i .-t oeh o!
.f ( ;aa.
a - .O ''
a-I u v. .
' i ii :
:r-..I C
d t o
-ao-.-. !'.e
a . 1 1 '.' v a
:,. A..i
,!. ,
i hi. a
J j
-.-.-r-. -.y n , r.: a-,.-v-.vO-. ;
Th-.- Maaie.a- h,-- b. a-a t .1
j a;
iar. -i- ho h -a.' r ' : naraliy tiao ?'a
;P(... e nae i'-'aaiaa .-ah.-.-a, ; ep.:-i ha' t'aa;r
.a,-. .!:..-,,.; .ho ;.a,,dvi: h a raw a;:! w ah iiSy'aa
d MiaP- el' She finest braads ot viaes,
h pa'); s ;;ad i i a-;i. a. '-
j. P'jyy ep i. y.
S rrrirr, O a lamx Cnv.
A ainal 0a A."
rr';: ricior,
The : iiae- tal es f'as rii aha,a of ari-;aaia--ia
th t ti..a e-" a,: t , a .-a -a" :e;s mj.-' ot
the be.-.T :h.i!i.i-i Tai-iaS 1. ia- a o a O U. h e
tale. The laras; i.r.tmis a tha'aia, jh-iaia-c-,"
Sa; -aparihi, Sa haaad Ohegarpop s ' v !
to e-ii- r. ' pp
(J,,,: I .,.: -,.e,'h '' .'a T i.-!- ep''-',
Ouego:; City Okeuox.
r-iiv I'liOrRIi'.TOnS TAKI-: pt.kasuiu:
j .2.. in e . : era u.; :.a. c i'oan i;,- n--
aoo-e lte-.o- r m "nod saap
e;ea evrv ear ;.nd eteni;
!Uia V. ;:i Kee-'
f.r the eaieiadit.aiiaO : lae ;ieaie, ;
with ihliiioaU, etc.. on rrietiy teiajiaraa'te
a i:
e-ieUs. iee t'ri :o.i served en r-aia;- , -.-
e a . ,- v ;. p O. -a an
!vi.'ld,V.e ! iia-iie itV. 1'r. : i- ; ;a.
Jbtvsv.g pitrchasad
w ; - a s fi iaiari-! the
--a ' ;.. i'a vi te a..aed a
a-ve Ur'overy,
that lie is n "V
.. 1 .utility of
As a -l d :;a c.i.i W i -Oai-a'
J-i.m . (n-d.'i s s. ii.'i: ad i.l
i, . o- a Citv, lii-caiaber
;.::ve!if"0 in tl'
d ef.aaolh- i.ih-a
i. ': v. C ra
A J- 11 l i C;Xi T ,
PT1:' Cjfi CC::M .slt'CT ? '
a. i r
a (.''
710 ,; f,
and Jl ' iin Sis.,
Tii is '.ir.TilOD r INi-'OKMI.Nt'J
Cid-Ca fa
iticot i v ( n
i . i ail load - Ire
lm..A means, saris as ;
An.i cvcrvtl.irg e-h to f -aad n tln-irlhie
( d" b!i:-As. ' Ptmi S P Aid-dltiiiT.
(hepenCi'y, April -- th. a-i. :C:1y
Mj in Xtrul.
O return, Cit'
-"A Th e adosi
ual v.-iil keep
. ; : a i 1-a. ad ;:'; lh-
-i a! let it s 01
a..d e a i s
iiiaats 1
7 '.-,;, 1 .- .
j C.r.cd i;.t '.; For!:,
F m:.a.. Jlnm, Lrd. Talhir. S-
S A lih.-r.d -ia-ra at palramve issahc:-;.!
I as 1 ea;ec: to !o-ep as g - -1 an - a.
i ; ed -S as -aed q ailov.as fa. coo a -.a -ra-,
I vh'ah v;u na uJiveiad ta ; archasers at ar.y
( ieas:iiaoae oi:-.aue-. ..; ...'.- e...--
; 1 -
it. MAY Vil.
riii-TICVS '113 AK.
lh' T' that :l:io -hl iUL-1-.hIy
My f'.il!i.:- ueil to s-h;,
Vh'n I. a i i-vi', ro'-'.-it-J n hU knee,
J;i t I:ii-.Ii:!"M.i'.-j Kicfi r Sprim'.
Ali ! I was light a nil gk-vful. then,
A ml knt-w no cave or fear
That sons lirouglit cliiiaiioo.l back again, j
Ana calle.1 up mciii ry tear. !
Then, rsiothc-r, .-Utlnpr by his sh!-
Kept titit- vvhh i,f.-dh-s l.rtgit.
An.l joined r.-r neft, swvot voice to Lis ;
. , . , , ,.
it.i.i , i ji ;u. .a ii iK;.i';it :u r L kj i ,
Is to ray heart s;;!! JL-ar,
An .1 st-c-iiii to say. ' forget mo not'"
And calls up u.crn'ry's tour.
I wotiM not be a child again,
Oil ! no ; oh ! no : nut I !
Au 'I yet I tore to think it o'er
Anil live the days gone by.
The novc is beautiful and bright,
And fail of love sail cheer ;
Ih.it let nie for the. jriM to-night
Ih'op menhry 's tear.
Then sing again that snnc; for me !
Tuf.e'a iU'-nf ry s s.sui.lingU-iiigs ;
Kaeh not'-t calls back tviao long lost
Some sv,'c.'t- a:Teetl-.'in brings.
Tii mi sing for iac the :aeU.ly
7d y tno'her loved to hear ;
My heart throbs high with faith and hope.
My eye drops i;:e;o'ry 's tear.
Ttii: Twins;. A fanner in the
otate ot Connecticut has a oa,:- oi :
twiu daughters, i ney notii atteitd ;
the same school, and noc loisg fsince
otic of iheni, w ho is rather averse to
bluoyiu-r; was called up by the teach
er to recite n Ie?.c-oii in gefgrar!iv.
which -he had learned very inq ettict
!v hi taet, fshe con id not goon at
al!. The teacher was getting out of
patience, when he was called to
another part of the room for a mo
ment. No sooner was Lis back turn
ed, when the twin sister sprang to
the floor, unobserved, and pushed the
j (ioliuq'.teitt pupil to her seat. 'J he
; teacher returned, and pr.-r ,!; upi;
his ouectioiis, uhieii were rtnswered
e,i!h a degree of promptness and ae
curacy which, at the close, drew from
iilnt a far; word- of comm'u.datiou.
Ti'.e j"he, le-'.vi ver, was discovc rn
nex; tie. v, hut the teaeiier th,ott;hr. it
too io,n.l ai; i successful to give o; e:i-.-.ion
p r cia-!'M
The Maine Far.n-.. r tells of o young
pi.'rn and. woman who g-)t marri.d hi
Ih tie i la-t v-'mt: r, and the nrxt .lay
C-dio.e startcu on lueir
T;o;:e moon P n.r into t!;e wood;-
' here he had contracted to cut a
large quantity of cord wood. 3 Te
lie built a camp, where siie sproch;
le r time m p: - - toot nor t no comi .-rt ct
' ana.
aim on
Saturday m.edit
d.ey both make their appeara'ace ii
' "ft
;;re their
L ' 1
for the next we k's work, atui n turn :
on v. Ion day mornintt to their camp j
home, as happy as a king mid queen, j
Th'ase are the willing hearts and
strong hands that will cut their way
through life, instead ot whining for
some turn of fortune's wheel, which
rarely ever turns up right 'for those
whose only wafchimg is simply for a
streak of iroed 1 nek.
Stkl-l Tuaui:. The great value !
of the steel trade is beginning to be !
appreciated in America, and at Pitts-
burg and several other places iu this ;
country steel manufacturing has '
bemm In steel making the profit is ;
I in the refinement of quality, he in- i gthm scheme. If we want popula
' crease of value being most enormous. I tion we mml not only oit'er cheap
p0r instance, ail !!on tjarWi-rtil el) i
worked into horseshoes is worth
AID ."0: made into needles it repre- !
seats $C5C; in the shape of icnknife !
blades it brings vT25f, m.d r. -fined i
and drawn into balance-springs for ;
watches, it stands for 8250,000.
1 .H--t- -
Purmg the last live .'mdtwenty
, -1 j
years more tnan hvo hundred tour-
nais havi been started at New York, j
of which, i.owever only five are still j
j in existence. The oldest American
newspaper is the Newport Mercury,
the first number of which appeared j
Julv 12. 175S. edited and printed b
Ileipamin Frai.
( T. I,, i . 1 1 li . " .... c i i i r c
living in Plainfieid, iu that Statt
t ! I" i .t. . 1 - .
:as wo. Keo m a i.-teiorv na ue nas
, .
f-ived J;T20, w roc 11 she exriended, f
without the knowledge of her bus
baud, in the erection of two neat
headstones iu the cemetery, to the
iatiaory ol
I,:- -A ,l.v,a tv v..s
1 1 1 . & - ' - ' ' ' "
Most women had rather have any
of their good qcalities siight.al than
truly their beauty, let that is the
.. . - ! ' ... . n. '
i i ' ' s i. liieotiH;eiau.ie aceaai i .su i oe ii .
! ed" a woman of real merit
; -.---
Ti.-tn Hood w as ore 'se:
to carl v
rising, in fact anything in the line
personal activity. II e declared that
w ho was always '; stirring'' I stuffs now waiting for an uncertain I like a housekeeper with littie f.irni
e a 11 spoon!"' " 1 foreign market. ' j turc? Recau5e she is easily moved.
a man
must L
We have sufi'jty ?eh e rn es on paper
to turn a larger current ot imKiigru
ti.:a towards this State. But it re
quires snmethinsr more t'.an a hand
some prospectus and that sort of capi-
ta produced merely hy writing down
th (;r,c f,t if tW Honri
ct a prospectus now a::d then, serves
to attract attention, even such cheap
t.fft.s y-iculd not bo wholly dis-
conrageu, says the jnc'lin.
Tiie Canadians have recently made
strong efforts to attract immigrants
to Canada. On the opening of the
navigation of the St. Lawrence this
season, 1,700 Karopean immigrants
landed in a single week at Quebec.
Of these, all but CO left immediately
for the United State?. These, and a
very large number who arrived at
subsequent dates, were mostly Nor
wegian, to whom a cold countrv is
rather attractive than otherwise. But
they would not'stay in Canada ; and
so were drawn off by the greater ad
vantages of Wisconsin and Minne
sotti. It is one thing to attract im
migration, and quite another thing to
make the people stay, as our Cana
dian neighbors have found out by
these practical tests. The question
i ... .i . . . i
, '
btat-- i e cannot ItoJd ti.etn with
a I.'.rrdr.g prospectus, !or restrain
their departure with resolutions and
paper barricades. Lrsm.i is snore nc-
cessiijjc an?
of She Wt-s
qui.e as eiieap m tnanv
m Slates.
.it is reached
at one-1 id
the co.-t of coming to
is eoa-f. at:d there is less vexation
about '.itles and cosjjy land litigation.
; i hero is muc
; hut st
; throi:vii tiie i
! can be bong!
; nil iiifcrmatl.
clieu p I., .a. s
course, sol;:-'
I eiv:s--e of 1 1,
aio-oa v!;l
: Indira m n"s
So. lea Th,
i good land on t i.e coast.
:' it is not accessible
o d cftice. r.nrge tracts
it :. .-(' . 1 n-iiids ; am!
n given to slew v, Isere
can bo f.-.i:. 1 h is, I
u i -. e: i
in tne m
i ;': this
' r.c
have not
c. simple
r r
' oVc--,'.-)-::" i
to d 0: ta-
i ibijlile i-. . e
i K .-pt i
; wi.i-rii
I lo can
an ! I; 1-, I 1-' ; :. i p
las e- eof t o t he St a t
- we i.avo
lai:hed d. Vet'sity of
i. .. o are s ao
i f S'lrphla V, h-i
virt or
O ;
hi the S;
He, t ;ie
vv.io.e i'i ;.u. a
here, wee ih
wotuu oe cons.ijniet
r-.t it i anu'aci orios t
supply to-may to- want of borne nmd
V ; . i
Oi P. SUf laS (.I Mr;-;,-.! .
1 I;"..- p!' i-o:
within 1 . ;"
a-, i no ma: art ter j?
- faip-s, i: is a1 -nrd to
sav, aa lOaPers now
i ;r apraao'urai ; r; o;., .; Si rai.ire de-
a -i ! ' . . .
so a.nc ia a e to uic li.uii i-'niii;. than
ju iuwa or .dhmesota. We vvant a
manufacturing population to consume
our bread, and to make even agri-
culture more desirable by making a
borne market more certain. The
man who starts a new manufactory
touches the question of immigration
in a practical way. He has turned
es.terprh e into a hew channel, helped
to niei;
increased both
Iu,n Id action on the one hand,
hu!;u consumption on the other,
A capital of KgO.CUO thus invested,
bears more directly on immigration
t-5"'n $1,000,000 put upon paper as
the cheap manifesto of seme immi-
u""-h "oia
and wages such
"ora as cmo -enges the. sk:1! of ab tne
handicrafts and fahrioators, is needed
to supply the growing markets of this
coast. When the employment is of-
fend, population wiii hasten to this
State. There is no better way to
help others than to go about the bttsi-
., , .
ucss of ludpmg ourselves,
I;i 1'-''':il:? ov-r t!l3 of omcz
lhihdi in various parts of the At-
'a!ii' -S 'c mid mat tne manu
lV-ur'r variably lead 'ff. They
h created wealth for timmsc-lves.
lor tiirir ciipe's ces, ;tuo lor the eoun-
try. Ho y have diauvn out of the
surfeited market of the West millions
ot o i.ars cbprooiu
. ..,, a, vno.
...... I'i . .i
w one mm
thus not only
o raw ni;
rotoi!.:! ion tn th.eso ma mi-
; factor. ug centres
, but by thus quick
cn'mg tie: market, have sent another
j current of producers into the great
agncutu-al States of the Upper Mis-
' Ms'.npi wren na na.s oeeo
Vn'hv. What has 1:
done on one side of the continent,
, c;m p0 plO--,0 n tlfect upon the other,
I T;,r. ,;.,u, w;q ,.o:ne ..oK..; ,lC. rc.yt-:!U0
i t)f In;.nuf5lcturers will I.e.-nl the list in
, . . c. , . .. . ,,. , .1. , ii
the P.ac
know no
,- , , ,,
surer sources of wc-aitu tnan
1 those industries which draw popnla.
: tion t y ma.iufactunng vrhat we need
' ami consuming the snrplu, bread
An Honest I'lan.
About three years ago, a Monsieur
Chavigne, son-in-law of Widow
Cllquot, lost, bis portfolio in the
streets of Pans, containing forty
notes of a thousand francs each.
lie goes to the commissioner of
police, in order to give notice of his
" 1 am afraid the money is lost,''
he says to the commissioner. 41 I
set out for Ilheims this evening. My
name is in the portfolio. If it is
found, it can easily be forwarded to
Quarter of an hour later, the ger.v
tleman is at the statiou on the Wes
tern Railroad.
" First class, Rheims a ticket."
" Have you lost anything, mon
sieur?'' a&ks a timid voice behind
" Yes, certainly! rue Croiz des
PetitsChamps! a, portfolio with
fortv notes at a thousand francs
O monsieur! 1 am very glad
that I can give it back to you. I
found the portfolio; it was not locked
up; I opened it, saw your name iu it
and the notice that you were going to
lmeuns tins evening. . in you
please look iu and see that it is all
i igh'T'
Monsieur Chavigne greeted the
worthy laborer very courteously,
seated himself in the coupe and rode
to Rheims.
la the evening, during supper, the
t r. r- rr . .f t !...!, . . - ..... 1 ...r..U, . .. t .r -V.
i '
portfolio became the topic of conver-
wit ion.
'And v, hat reward did you be
stow on the poor man?" asked Madam
" My f.dth! nolhmg nothin
alb-I really did not tionK ot it. ho
train was just starting and"
" i on must make ama-mf tor tins
. , .
forge tfuluess, my frieti-.l. !) you I in that country. One thing is cer
no buck tosmorro'.v: try and look up j tain, that most of the evils are within
the honest man, ami shale the fortv ! the reach of a great r.nd radical re-
tl.eaisatid fi aie's s itli him.
or m v
part will give ten thou.-nnd.''
it Lhivo Monsieur Chavigne and
the police considerable trouble, to
,'lnd the man m the '.douse mpdn, who
had rctnrne-d to his l-d.-as. Yet
ilay siicccd-d. To .lay he hasan
income .f fifteen thousand livrcs,
which ho owes to his honesty.
The mmu.f icturing interests of the
country are steadily advancing. 1 he
City of Louisville reports 14,017,
750 invested in manufacture, em
ploying 1 1 .41 0 hands and annually
producing $U7,S5li.095. Her fom;.
dries lock up $1,05-2 000 and give
work to 1770 hau ls. Her woolen
mills, three in number, employ bO
hands and have $d, 100,000 capital.
About $1,500,000 are invested in the
manufacture of saddlery and harness,
and employ 140 workmen. She has
twenty tobacco factories, wh.ch oe-
euov ,eoo inuius. iu u I'lii'ii iiiiiif,
1 ' '
wiih 175 hands, and 52 breweries
and distilleries, with 875 hand-. In
Michigan, additional flour mills are
bring built. Two new woolen mills
are being built and two repaired,
while a tannery, a foundry and an
agricultural implement factory are
going up. A company has been
formed to manufacture band, hoop,
bar and other iron in Ohio, with a
capital of $140,000. At Newark, in
that Staue, $800,000 worth, of porta
ble sawstoi A were made last year,
nnd a woolen mid at Falrmonnt is
turning out 1,000 yards of jeans
Postage Stamts. Some idea of i
the amount of letter-writing tn it is
done in this country may be termed,
when it is known that nearly three
hundred and fifty millions of postage
stamps were sold last year. It is
calculated that these would weigh
twenty tons and, -that they would
cover forty-one and a half square
acres of ground. If placed together
end fi-r tod, they would reach b orn
the Equator to the North Pole, and
1 the vaine of the oaner on which thev
I i : , ,,;,.ar,.i c. iifk
it , 1
i teen thousand dollars.
; A Western paper proposes
j assylnra for useless young men." It
J would be a flourishing institution no
I doubt. Hartim-d is investing 140,-
000 in a school house.
-The New York papers are reduc
ing their expenses to suit the times,
and nearly all have largely reduced
their reportorial force lately.
! A uood book and a good woman
' " . , .
are nice to nave around one snouid
not be ju Igeil from their overings.
Why is a teudcr-hearfd person
Ttie Kvoliis fxT.ixk liclaisil.
A country which forces its ponula-
tioii into exile, and sutlers a deide-
tion of hundreds of thousands yearly,
is not a prosperous country. At the
close of the late rebellion, iro such
desertion took dace in tne Southern
States as is constantly going on in
Irehmd. A few hundreds of discon.
tented spirits vent to Mexico a.nd
Brcxtl, and relinked after a short cx-
periment, satisfied that there is no
place like home. Not all the evils
inseparable from a long and impov
erishing civil war, could wean them
from their love ot country. And
now, when famine oppresses them,
there are no schemes of desertion, or
plans to form colonies on any exten
sive scale iu other lands. There are
better opportunities at "home than
abroad for any legitimate enterprise,
The men who leave one part of the
country for another part of the same
great domain, do not feel any stub.
violent wrenching away of home ties
;ts those who feel that t lie v have
abandoned the land of their nativity
and gone into exile forever.
There- is a radical evil somewhere.
which reduces the social and political
j cot.dition of a people m that they are j
j continually fleeing by thousands ;
j from their homes. j
The population of Ireland, accord- j
ing to the most accurate &!atities, I
! Was represented bv the fbllowim- '.
; ures cinrlnir the years m-tcd . le ll.
j y. 175,000, 1851, o,55d.oG0; 1S5S,
! .Ml I i iii.l. .--,- t - I . i . :
i ' '
i ;l decrease of about 2,000.000 since
i the year 1641. And this depletion
', is still going cn at su accelerated
.j rale sineo the close of oar late civil
war. If the present rate ot nuance
ment were kept up, in I V0S Ireland
would be wnoliy Oepopmated. Tins
: tendency to desertion is in fact in-
i i . i , .
, erea-ea oy tne more recent troubles
form, such as .Uriti.-di
not noieli longer tail
desmeir can
to inaugurate.
A State Cnurcn, impocd upon
people impoverished and dispossessed
by a tenant system, an i who. in their
; extreme poverty, never fill
Kl ll?.
, rort their own religious 'mstltutf- -ns,
; is, such a moiisttoms tdmse of power
us has not been tolerated bewhere
,, .. ,
since the ovci iU.ow el Siine.j. '"
I long as Irei-ieJ is treateu as a con -
' que red provint-e, there will be dSaf-
i feet ion and conspiracies. A people
who are intensely Catholic, are daily
I insulted by having a religion thrust
upon them utterly repugnant to their
i convictions. Livings me given to
: rectors where no congregations cm
! tie gathered; and the Stale establish-
j ment seems to serve no higher vvti
! than to rat out the substance of the
land. Ireland can as safely be
trusted to remain Roman Catholic as
j t() reraa;n ircbvterian.
; . , , , , . ,i
I It certainly would not do to treat tne
people of the latter country as the
Ensr'ish Government persist in treat
ing the people of Ireland. A Scotch
rebellion would finish up the State
establishment in less than a twelve
month. There is one hopeful indica
tion. The spirit of wholesome re
form never had a stronger hold of
the English people than now. The
ouestions which involve the prosperi-
iv and future peace of Ireland will
have to be fairly met. And when
equity is done, we shall see if the
Irish cannot prosper in Ireland.
D:s;i.vr.Li'i St.m:. Toe !:. Lag
is'.h mail brings us a report of a
speech made by Mr. Disraeli, the
Chancellor of the Ex cm .pier, one
sentence of which will create no iit'le
contrntnt in this country.
He says that though independent,
the United States is still to ail in
tents and purposes a mere ca'iey oj
Great Britain. As a p' Oale we
ought not to notice tdin slur. We
can sfiord to wait- lor t'..o tone
we sua
ave ab-orb-d the read of
the continent, annexed Ireland as a
I State, and st
ized E:. gland for a coai-
lag station and military depot iu
der to srt about our conquest to the
Old World. Then it will be time
enouc,:. to not'.o
I Dora-
s smr.
A Western cotemporary says.
Advertising is to the trade what
ploughing is to the fanner. There
would be some natural projection if .
tno sod o, i.., ; - -
ken, and it would ho,d
same relation to the production m a
wcii-oAtiyated garden, that the pro;-
its ot mi. id vei umeu naoe e-e i.it- : ne-rmefit ug uau nutt, ia v-aii.; --fs -advertised."
brl Ig ; ham a fill, was a5kol byai 1U-; "' Q :
i .... i , ,7- -i
An Englishman has invented a
' doming mat-hire" an infringe. ! was the reply, : it was near tbe cb
ment oiMue Yankee prerogative. i seivatory."
j Lord Dudley had been invited to
i the house of a friend upon the occas
ston ot some great .cV, but bem a noyed, as strangers always are, by
man of eaily habits, had ordered ids ; the indescribable bray ing of the jack
carriage at a certain hour, having j asses, which, coming to the market
some miles to travel before he could j early in the morning with vegetables,
obtain his accustomed repose. To ; always improve &fe hour when stran-
j Ids great mortification, after repeated
inquiries f,r Lord Dudley's carriage,
; it had not arrived, and his hudship
as well as others imagined that some.
One of the guests, seeing how much I it can appreciate the bnek-Wk saw
h;s lordship was disconcerted by the ; niing effect of it on the strongest
event, very pobtely cfAred a seat in nerves. Rarey could not stand k
his. The gemh-u-a-n jn question had R!U be s u ore ho wouldn't. He nc
to pass Lis lordship's house on his oordinglv watched the awful little
return home, and though ho was be;i;:t? wil!l his 1)roft,S!5iol!al keenness
stranger to Lord Dudley, his raid; j sharpened bv oernetual nain. tn
j and position in the country were ot
j 't:rse well known to him, and the
j civility w;iS no more than one gentle-
! man won id, under si m Mar circum-
dances, have id'Arcd to mod her.
Ntrvcriheicis, they had not
seated in the c.irriaae r.ioro
j twc:.fy minute", when the peer, holm:
tired, ha.
tained a
, up to tn s time, m;dn-
most perfect sih nee, ob-
j served, in a low but distinctly audible
tor-' (,f vo.ee, .
" ihn very sorry I accc-j ted his
ohai'. 1 win t .-mow th r u an. It
Was i-;e-! Cfi-Oonie l.i-i t'... ;
c-vs'ct-st is,
j suppose l iniiH u-k mm to dinner.
r T - 1 r . i
' It's it
dense of a bore !"?
i Ho then reittpscd
into ids former
: ?t;te of taciturnity, who; . after a few
! ".'. v- 1 !. .. . t I.-.,,, 1
, 3
to lie suiiieteu w itti toe' same failing. I
; hnitiUirg his lord-hip's tone, ob- I
j Served,
j " i'ei haps he'll think I did it to
nm;-:o ins acquaintance. Whv, 1
; sa0I1-(l have Hone the same to any
; a;s csmie. i ta pe tie
! 'Vu;i t thmk it necessary to ask me to
i O,.,,.,,. i ! : l . i i : e l i
; "". i oe estism.cu a i u accept
his invitation !" .
i.ord Dudley listened to him with
earner t interest immediately coumre-
' a
heiAiao ; ; ifdie w iiicii oe hrat iumsed
! r"1" J'!t !!'s ,J!l!i!' w ;':! 'l!Cn
hearty good-will to his compaumn,
ma.mg every proper p-logy for his
; mvommury rtmctiess at.u oom thai
, mrt i"e travcu-rs oecame msc-para-
; '"J. .
i Xits Am;:kic.ix Kxan;rroi;s -T
; pA!v.;.
, i ., . .
-me numoer of the Amen-
.... T.
: can cxh.D. tors at Paris was not "rent:
; the Piinagonsent of 'their " mi arte r'
pas ieen severe It rr.ticised. and not- !
withstanding the creat fuss made in !
j New Yoik to collect and forward
'; American paintings aval wcoks t,f j
j art, the verdict upon that " corner" ;
is not flattering. America is too
young for art, and much too busy iu
I building saw mills, threshing ma 1
j chines and steam engines to bestow j
! a great deal of care mi what is called I
i ' the fine arts.
Rut in useful
m -
i vent ions and all the " modern im
provciacnts" we need not be a-hamcd
i . - . ,
j to sdow our jtamuworjc ngamst the
j world . Our dispatches s.iy that of
the five hundred and twenty four ex
hibitors from Amciiea, tvw. hundred
ami sixty two obtained ri.-.s, and
four grand prizes. We oimlit not. to
grumble at this shoeing. It is not
likely tliat any other nation has been
j awarded a higher proportion of merit;
, and if our statuary and paintings are j
; the subjtcts of contemptuous criticism
: by the side of the art of France, Italy, j
j or Rc'glmn, we may stdl indulge in ;
: honest pride at the thcualit that the I
q World is behind the New in use- I
ltd inverdions and i::dusti i.d appli
ances. 1 lico-h ro Paiker once said
he w ould rather iaair a' the -progress
of the coarse than the fine arts, and
that a new saw-mid gave him more
pleasure than a fine painting. To
this conntry, by cheapening t he? ps ice
of bread and adding to our capacity
production, too reaper mowtm
1 i ,
and thresle-r is of iudultely more cm-j a,,(.(1 wlh lt :l)iu f; Vcr,"
seonence that all cur fine nrts : and : malady neailv as fatal as the drend
w? imagine this will Lo about the ; CA sickness of wldeii it may b the
verdict of the Paris .Judges. ' si-ter Pot.
A Doctor's Pl:.. Er. Croas. a
well known surgeon, was once dan-
gcrousiy id. Shortly alter his re- i
covcrv, he nse one of ids lady pa-'
tie-nt.- they are not always p.-. tier t I
ladies who remarked to him :
" () doctor ! i l eioHaj to t ee that
vou are out fo-ain; had we lost von. i
our good people would have died by j
the dozen."
" Thank you, madam," replied the
i nffable doctor; -b.it. now.
they will die bv the fr
A .',-nileiiiaii who was relatiurr an
- - - . t . t -i . . ...r,i. -., f.
; surgeon a U was near tne veneorm
t!i:t he had been hurt. "No, sir,"
I'urcj- ami (l'.f'Ja(l.uss.
j John Harry, the horse tamewhdn
' h& u- in T;n trihlv
: COrsare enjoying the half-dozin da v
j lt which" immediately precedes
: tii0 pa:n 0 zelU up, ohmv with
; cnrl.T;1i T(,Cinon, fi;nfrIrt , :n
j - . . . . .. , . 4 , . , V. CIV. ...
;f lru.ro V.1S" ,i0 vnv to stop their
j braying without cutting their throats,
j but' almost resolved to do that if
j tiJorc W:)S no ot,er rrmodv
lie soon noticed that the animrd
"mvnrrabJv str.;iirhtend its tail out as
: ctitr -is -l nr.'-,,. .,..
" ' j wio i mi. .ii ll o e 1 1 i'i :
: commenced, and he darted wih thh
! rapidity of jgenius to the conclusion
j t;Jat ,ls thti ...n ..ni ihn
together, the brav couldn't m with-
cutlj!(, (.,; ; so he determined to hold
; ;ljC t;1q dnv,,0 u,, ti(,j a riUnjbt,p of
-avy i.iv.-i paving stones to stout
sttitur-. with slio-kiiots on Srlto- (.twb
' ' ' '
ai.d whiie the owners were enio-. in-
their ':ca:'e lalta" at some nemhbor-
; ;,m .,r., i v......r ..... ........ .
v..,.,, ..... . . o t.ic7 iiiie j ci
t!.cunjjspceting tails and retired to
watch tht- result, In a few minuPt.-.
en especially noisy jackass was seen,
to open his mouth and gasp convul
sively. 1LG stood gasping for three
or Pair seconds. lie wheezed and
the h.vo. block swung suddenly to the
hi ay ing level But mOsound came.
1Je i0okcJ ,da;ilt ; vei y around to his
-: 0olll,vni;, if ,,n.
5 - ;..itt , Lull
: ;iqf,q j.:n)
His lios siiviTMk rrnrt bi
: , .-,.,. ,-, , , . . '
; e..oppci.. me sruciWKfi leaves lie Had
,,, . , , ,
i '-'ee-n munching, as the idea entered
; i-. !,..., i .o.,, ,fn -i , ,
n.s head oi.it t .hhievi! had somehow
,r,,t ,.e ,
ogs into him. An-
. nlc r trie-l i.t u ,
; y.as f:;, ,h.a hccj;lIq . Vpp(v
; ;ip uicd :l d;0rns vm..,, h;!(, onv
; ,,rVK; ViiWl.:,,z r..tslcJ ,id crashe,p
; cvery htrcet airJlaue, hut
hi vain. There was silence that day
jn the " Strangers' (Quarters," and re-
: toicnig m every house from the'
h,- , , T1 - , .
1 -'"-ii oei i'epoio to tne vvxa.x-
: PdA, , n..,.,
u"v" Ireland, and c$
fCC!n'b' tho City of Dublin and its-
ic"mify, has just felt the sfp greed
'-fa disease so closely resembling the '
'!f!'k Dea'h of the olden time, that
'' ,nost eminent physicians who
i:a :) wit t- a:' alarmed -and
1 he symptops of this malady arq
Srsd, bilious vomiting nmj purging.
succeeded by acute headache and in
coherency; then a purple, eruption.
usually manifesting itself upon the
breast and shonhlcrs, and spreading
over the entire bouv: then de.biiit v i
collapse, accompanied with paralysis,
and sometimes with a dislocation of
the head and spine; and at last, death.
The duration of the first variety of
cases which have occurred since
March, IS'.iG, has averaged eighteen
hours'from the firt indisposition un
til the fatal instant. The duration
of the second variety has averaged
from three to ve days; and t hat of
the third variety, which is the only
one in which recovery has taken
place, has reached many days and
even weeks. The contagion of ihe
sickness is shown in the statement
made in regard to cases uldeh Lave
occurred among soldiers.
With these remai kabl?accounts of
the progress made in Indand by s-
f arful a disorder, physicians in this
country will doubtless asseverate
, . . f
11'0 is .- i.i ivvr iiii.-i- i.ri..i.iit 'hi-i n i r . T .
. li.e Suinarir-tendent ot a buno
i School in Hartford, Conn., recently
m.'itlifi.'i--; Annual Ilepof?, in which
he reccmmeiided that the adult mem
bers .should go to work and do all in
their power to increase the infant
cl'jr.s in his echoed during tne coming
year. 0
t. .
The first railroad was clurtered ii",
Connecticut in 102. At ds time
; t;tre are 017 miles cf road llnishc i
I Earn, ju tj,e iimte, i.nd 127 miles cf doubh
! track. The number of passengers by
.... ... , . . c. e? r.
; ai. tne roans ourmg tne yeai
; r. co.o -a--. V. . 4v .
w iVJUV.lUJ. iVtl trai.;i.i-i3 V;
The ladies say new cocoanut water
fails are just the thing to wear wit'.i
a goiird dress. ,n.H