Yamhill County reporter. (McMinnville, Or.) 1872-1883, June 08, 1882, Image 2

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    Yamhill County Reporter
N bw Y ob *, Junes.—Tbe niegrat* bee
lag special . Davitt ha? written a long reply
Sear» to-day in a pamphlet entitled • Th# truth
ut »be land league,” published anonymoualy
Mvxne week» ago, and extensively circulated through­
out tbe United Kingdom, and now rt-lasued under
bia own name by Arthur Arnold Forater, aon of tbe
ex-chief secretary fur Ireland. The purpoae of tbe
pamphlet ia to show that the land league and those
connected withit had in view tbe commission of
muiilatiuu, plunder and murder. The
N kw Y obe , June
Tinut editorial: At th« elec*
Mon in Or*goj to-dav, the first member of th* next evidence ia supplied by extracts from «peerbee aud
cougre«<* vili be chosen. The peculiar feature of newspaper articies. Davitt’» reply ’<■ that
the cootat, however, is the prominence given to deuce has been garbled. Passages have been peF
the Chinese question. It is claimed by the demo* aisteutly removed from the context, and mitigating
¿•rat» thsfthii is the first opportunity that Pacific part» were suppressed. Tbe object of the pamphlet,
•oast statM have had of marking Its senee of the be »ays, is to arouse prejudice and enkindle hate
gross tergiversation of the republican party iu be. tor which opportunity has been afforded by the
trayiug pledges of the Chicago platform in regard to Dublin aasassiuations, a purpoae which be desig­
the Chinese question.** Exsctlv how the marking is nated wicked and hateful, at a time whe* lhe efforts
to be, except by increased democratic majorities, of good men on both aides are being directed to
does not appear. Latterly Oregon has been cou. allay passion.
Davitt cuttingly remarks that he regrets the
ceded to be a democratic state, and the only logical
result of tho so-called republican betrayal iu the author had not ueeu brought up under better indu-
matter of the Chinese question, must be to give euce than that of presenting a lie which is ball
democrats a largely increased majority. Our demo­ truth. He maintains that anything may oe proved
in tbe same fashion against reformers, who have
cratic frieuus will of course, in case their majority given
England uutkxed bread, and extension of the
* is diminished concede that treatment of the Chinese
Had not Forster, be dbks, done mischief
immigration bill by congress aiui the president, has
enough without Forster Jr. coming forward now. Il
met with popular approval.
World'» editorial on tue Oregon election : The was the Forsters of centur.es, he maintained, who
republicans claim to have made considerable gains stung Irishmen to madness and helped to make the
of late years through immigration, but on the other people of tbe two countries hate each other so that
hand they have suffered serious losses through the tbe accursed system might be easier to rule and
«lideut’s veto of the auti-Chinese bill, so that the ruin. To the charge made in the pamphlet, that in
lit of today's voting may be sot down as in 1870 Davitt was committed as a felon, having been
bt, with chances slightly favoring republicans, engaged in a plot to murder, Davitt replies that
wbat he did m 1870 is no proof of what he did iu
Chinese Maisma.
1881, and inquires why the pamphlet which pre­
^Blthougfc not generally known, Chinese of this tends to tell tbe truth about the laud league does not
City have instituted a Masonic lodge, and on several tell tbe whole truth about his share therein. ‘‘I
4flFasions members of t|>e Chinese lodge have sought drew up the charter of the land league, ” says Davitt,
t®f rlaternize with members of other Masonic lodges, “and I drew up the instruction» to organizers from
bfipn every occasion have been repulsed, China- that time until tbe orders of Forster recousigned me
■Mb were considered members of a clandestine to a convict prison. I made a hundred speeches.
lodgp and as such nut worthy of notice. The Chi- Why doe» not Forster make quotation» ironi any of
H^^ftodge is less than two vears old, but it now has these if he would find me guilty of inciting to out­
308 members. Its formation was due largely to the rage and murder ? Of course the answer 1 b , he can­
not. I defy him to name an instance wherein I did
efforts of Deputy Sheriff Tom Lee.
otherwise than decry force and protest against out­
E New York’s New Penul Code.
rage. If he cannot see this hji has no right to go
NW Y akk , June 5.—The new penal code does not back ten years.
go into effect until December next. It provides for
Davitt goeB fully into the evidence against him iu
•he punishment of all persons who break contract 1870, and says it would not nave bung a dog at an
other time, and that Forster’s suppression of facts
in connection therewith iB more cruel and cowardly
than the act of any miserable moonlighter in Ireland.
Other statements are quoted against the land league
which, he asserts, are made by men who had no
more right to represent the league than Forster has
to represent the society of Friends. In extracts
quoted from the Irish World, he accused Forster of
biingiug a false witness for the purpose of making
political capital out of national hate. He concludes
with a high compliment to Herbert Gladstone, and
congratulates the premier on having got rid of
Tlie Egyptian Mtuatlon.
C onstantinople , June 5.—Besides Dervisch
Pasha, commissioner, and Lebib Bey, »ssiBtaut com­
missioner, Ahoned Essad Effendi, second commis­
sioner, and Vilmy Bey, attache to the commission,
have sail« d for Cairo. All foreign ambassadors were
summoned to the porte last evening and informed
of the dispatch of the commission, with tbe object
oi endeavoring to effect a reconciliation between the
khedive and Arabi Pasha, and restore order. Lord
Dufferin, British minister, telegraphed Earl Gran­
ville, that in view of tbe sultan’s action in sending
a commission to Egvpt, postponement of the coufer-
en< e was desirable.
C onstantinople , June 5.—The porte has sent a
circular to its representatives about expressing an
opinion that a conference is no longer called for
since the commission sent to Egypt will suffice tore-
store order. It is said that Ahmet Urzad, the sul­
tan's confidential agent in Egypt, has succeeded in
establishing an understanding between tbe military
party and tbe sultan so that in the event of landing
Turkish troops they and Egyptian troops will fra­
C airo , June 5.—In consequence of the protest of
the British government against military prepara­
tions in Egypt, the sultan telegraphed tbe khedive
and requested Arabi Pasha to discontinue them, and
order cessation of work on the fortifications at Alex­
Th» WW>»<I«M>-«.
W. H. Vanderbilt has retusej from
The proprietors of tbe W*Stingliotu<
Lieut. Danenhower has been «»dered threshing machine have deeded to push
their goods throughout the entire north­
on special duty at Washington.
Republicans carried the city of Wil­ west and have already started a vigorous
The Westinghouse Separa­
mington, Delaware, on the 3d by 150 ma­ campaign.
ta is light running, strong and durable,
with a.- excellent shoe and riddle move­
Col. Montgomery, collector of tbe new ment that rxakes the machine very valu­
port of Denver, opened his office for bus­ able iu separating a ild oatB from wheat.
iness on the 1st.
It has many excellent points that will
Postmaster Taft, of Charleston, S. C., win for it golden opinions wherever in­
has been released on bail and the case troduced. The bouse has ustabTiehed a
branch in Portland with a thoroughly
sent to tlie grand jury.
practical machine mau Mr.
Several thousand dollars worth of jew­ as
manager. Mr. Z. T Wng Jrifor soinff1
elry was stolen from the store of G. H.
Watson, at Burlington, Iowa, ou the 3d. years with the J. I. Case <»J^ny is with
Mr. Dart and will be of much service in
The thieves were not discovermUte,;
pushing the Westinghouse to tbe front.
A large number of people attended the The house also handles an engine that
annual examination of tlie Carlisle In­ VMWMty improvements aml^ooj points
dian school. The boysand girls showed They aWalways ready to send descriptive
marked progress in all departments.
circulars on application.
P. M. Taft, acting county ehairman of
T urkish Kens.—Bend tn John B. Garrison
the republican party at Charleston, 8. 107 Third street Portland, for catalogues <>f de­
C., was arrested on the 1st fast., for in­ sign«.
timidating white and colored voters dur­
For the best Oregon pnoiugispii« go to Abell
ing registration.
lhe gold modal photographer, 167 Fi st street,
Portland. The best work at popular prices lo b.
Nearly a hundred thousand head of had
cattle and twenty thousand horses have
Garrison repairs all kinds oi sewing machines
been driven through Texas so far this
For that headache! Try the Oregon Blood
spring for points north and east. Great
Purifier, the vegetable remedy, it'« the cure.
numbers are yet to come.
A tremendous hailstorm fell on the 1st
inst., at Paola, Kan. Hail fell so large
and rapidly as to make a noise like a
rattle of Musketry. Great damage must
have been done to growing crops.
A dispatch of June 2d saye: The na­
M I *1< A I. Pl» I I .. ri—A monthly Jour
tional conference of the Dunkard church THE
nal of music (both vocal and instruin»*ntal, sent tc
address for «¡Oct* per year, AddrMW Wiley p.
is now being held at Arnold’s, near Wa­ any
Allen, publisher and music dealer, 153 Third street,
bash. Ind., aud is one of the grandest Portland, Oregon. Catalogue free.
ever held in Indiana,—2000 persons be­
ing on the ground.
The blooded cattle sale of Piutnell,
Thomae A Smith on tht 1st, resulted in
aggregating §16,830 for 69 animals, an
average of §244. > Some of the Rose of
Sharon breed sold for §600, and Con­
stance 9th for §1000.
Nine hundred guests ware ut the table
and galleries were filled with spectators
ut tbe annual festival of the American
Unitarian association of Boston. Judge
Lowell presided and Oliver Wendell
Holmes read a poem.
A kerosene oil can exploded at tbe
residence of Alex. Adams, at Decatur,
Ill., on the 3d and set fire to three chil­
dren, burning them all to death. Tbe
accident was caused by attempting to fill
a lamp while burning.
The boiler engine at Norrie, Wiscon­
sin. exploded on the 4th, killing tbe fire­
man and Heury Hopkins, blowing the
engineer, name unknown, to atoms, fa­
tally hurting Fred Otto, and injuring
four others so there are doubts of their
The condition of Jewish refugees at
Brody has improved. Between tlie 1st ,
und Sth of June 1560 start for America, j
The chief rabbi of Lembnrg had an au- .
dienee of the emperor, who assured him ,
that he would do all in his power to assist i
Rev. Fater Gleason of the church of j
the Holy Name,-St. Louis, has been sus- t
pended by the bishop^ a
^X'.-e'^MU^a, Me. He
i I h r, address
the charge, and has gone to Rome to iy
the case before the pope.
Failures kforted to (New Ysnk Nr
■even days ending June 2d, 135 «««■G’t
12fi last week md 124 the week p’>vior-s.
—- i< v in the west , anfi.
.»ou h
of failures; eastern If, western 42, mid­
A Nt
Mespatoh of the 1st says: dle 27, southern 39, Pacific states and
Altlion 1,1 <A.i IS some talk to day of a territories 11.
A storm on the 4th extended from
more favu^U turn to tbe labor troubles,
many of the iremost . business
__ 2___ men of Halifax to Garretsburg, North Carolina,
this city re| d tbe situation as very leveled houses, trees and fences in a
is said by western men common wreck. At one house two chil­
wboiiave be. in town this week that dren were killed. Hailstones as large as
trades union nd other labor organiza­ a man’s fist fell, damaging crops ser­
tions throng ut the countiy have at­ iously, and it is feared fallen trees will
tained a mor videly extended system of delay trains.
xo-onerutioD n strikes this year than
Chief Justice Waite, Justice Gray,
evt-r'b^'ore. lo complete is the organ­ Gen Sherman and one or two others will
ization. they y, that not merely 10,006 take a trip to Yellowstone Park, Yosem­
but 106,000 : n in different trails can ite valley and other places of the Pacific
be moved to us^Btrike simultaneously, coast this summer. This party of ;jeB- Wheat, Oats, Flour, Wool fe Dairv
or Uy piatdu as circumstances, in the tlemen will start early iu July, and al­
opinionstif t'lr leiufors, may make ad­ though Gen. Sherman has just returned
visable. It said that Juno 1st has from a long and busy journey to the
tree on «PpUcnUon.
’ ms,td
bem fixed o as the day on which a coast, be is as enthusiastic over the pro­
Liberal Advances on Consignment!.
great numbe f iron and coal workers ject a» if it were to lie his first visit to
COMtgnmsnta and Orders Solicite^
to strike. It at the same time the be­ these places instead of the tenth.
lief of some v 1 informed men that over
The heaviest rainfall in any’ 24 conse­ X» A»p aa FB°WT ST., roBTLA-vn. OR.
production i continued deprivation cutive hours in the last four years, has
of foreign rkets will before next fallen in Illinois. Since the first of May
to date a fraction over 14 inches has fallen
at Springfield. Streams in the vicinity
;iine, id that the suffering and are greatly swollen and bottom lands
t resting from such stoppages overflowed, bridges gone, some loss of
seriuuy to increase the dis- stock reported, aud damage to crops con­
of tlf operative population, siderable. Railroads centering there are I
o hohkis reproach republicans greatly interrupted, but are getting in
• liaUso entirely neglected order again, and all damages will be re- I
paired by tbe 5th inst.
. ..
A bill has been filed in chancery to set
aside the will of Chas. L. Dei unick,
Catholic priest, who died at Big Rapids,
Mich., two years ago. The bill is filed
by a sister, who claims the priest's prop­
erty was really their father’s held in
Ben. Selling,
trust. He willed most of the property
to a housekeeper, who the bill claims,
was his mistress, and to her sou. He
wm a popular man, but got into trouble
on accouut of this woman. Great scan­
dal is likelv to ensue. The property is
worth §20,600.
Gen. Sherman has submitted to tbe
secretary of war the .report of the board
appointed to investigate as to the num­
ber of people killed and property stolen,
ete., during the recent Indian outbreak
iu Arizona. Total killed, 42; wouuiled,
9. The depreciations ommittc ' n re­
ported by eitiz.’ns involved a tot li lo««
of stock and other property of »30.250
belonging to Reuben Purdy, O. R.
Smythe, Ramon Gonzales, Dr. J. H.
Welch and Mrs. S. B. York. A copy of I
the report has been forwarded to the
ecretary of tbe interior.
The progress of the great strike in the
west is eagerly winched by the trades
unions «nd working people in New Y'ork,
t is expeeted that most and toe question of rendering pecuniary
»saistance to the men that are out, auouid
such be needed, is already under discus­
sion. There are intimations from some
quarters that railway employes are in
sympathy with tbe movement, and may ’
participate in it, but at the companies'
offices here these were discredited. Ir
regard to the strike iD New York it m<
be stated that a number of iron shoe«
have seceded to their demands, and >n
sawmill at Bnekers-
Ljnst., killedone man
•Mral others.
W, Park, Sidney
, P. Huntington,
inry Hart and J.
«ted director» of
United State«, cur- v
(tap Company.
June 1st ar -reg»t. 1 - . 2
Buffalo Bill **» roliliol ..f ny^HHES
BJ>íW>rtation du-
ad ore,
jewelry to the value of f20'M) aBNMUT
on all
on the l»t in»t.
: >
'• Wa increasing important«
Seymour chair computy’g factory t 1 forsigu good«, as publish«
Bo the
WeatTroy, N. Y., burted on the lx decree, will go into effect il
first of next November.
Loss, §85,000.
James E. Harvey was Langed at Car-
Miners of Buckridge cdliery at Sbam
okin, Pa., have struck fot; an udr*noe of rolton, Va., on the 2d iust. for murder.
The gallows was erected in a field end
10 cents a ear.
ths execution wus witnessed by li)06
Heavy rain lias extingashsd tba fire« ijsople.
Win, L. More, who was to have
in northern Michigan, a»d no further been bunged
ut the same time and place,
danger is anticipated.
\ -<
Jittempted suicide in themorning by tak-
Tlie 1351 immigrants of tlfi steamer ng morphine and will die from Its ef-
Herman from Bremen started wet from ects.
Baltimore, on the 1st.
I John Roacli is president of the United
Lieut. Danenhower arrived i Phils-, states and Bralilian steamship lines,
delphia oil tbe 1st and wa.t visi d by a nth American built iron ships, and sail-
large number of friends.
iig nnder the United States flag, organ-
The New York cotton exohan reports lied by prominent merchants of New
sales for the year at 307,705 bal against York. Philadelphia, Baltimore and Rich-
310,516 in the previous year.
i ..nd for the purpose of running a semi­
monthly line of passenger steamships be-
The Mexican congress has u
New elections w ill be held in ■ ne und i tween the United States and South Amer-
; iean ports.
July for deputies and half sen r.
Luquuy at General Sheridan's head­
It is rumored that General 8 rmatj is
about to retire from active ser e, and quarters as to the truth of the report that
General Sheridan has been cal honte. be had left prematurely a fishing party
At the banquet of the New ngJand in Micbig an because of a telegram from
Woman suffrage Society covers re ¡aid Washington that General Sherman was
for 400 guests. Julia Ward He pre­ about to retire from the armv, which
would place Sheridan at its head, elicited
sided. ,
the information that General Sheridan
Coinage at the Philadelphia iut in left Point Aux Pellee merely because he
Muy was §6,682,400, and include 36,o00 had remained there as long as he wanted
eagle«, 294,100 half eagles, am 00,o0» to.
silver dollars.
In the house of lords the marquis of
The Essex institute, at Salen Mass.t Salisbury said he had received informa­
gave a hearty reception on the 1st to tion tn»i con.) soldiers were erecting
Neweomlie, the naturalist of e late earthworks arouno Alexandria and that
steamer Jeannette.
the British government would not permit
The graves of Hon. Thaddeus jvensS \ the fleet to interfere. Salisbury remarked
General Reynolds and Presii t Bu- that if they allowed the works to be con­
cliunau were beautifully deccted at.. tinued grave consequences might result.
He hoped the conference ut Constanti­
Lancaster, Pa., on tbe 30th.
There are heavy forest fires ick oft nople would be a short one. Lord
East Tawes, Mich., and acres a filleil; Granville replied that tbe government
»ware of all the circumstances
with smoke and cinders. Much i ienltv was
must be left to judge how it is best
is experienced in saving farm lit lings, and
and unless rain comes soon greatjamage to ft^jl her duty.
A tragedy is leported from Yell county,
will ensue.
Patrick Egan thus cables the ppi*IIM Ark. Lararus Brooks and James K.
of tbe land league: The rumor o'> McGliee, farmers, quarreled over a land
sion is an intention of tbe enemy.1 1»J- suit, and McGhee learning that Brooks
nell, Dillon, Davitt und myself ^tr 111 would win it became furious with pas­
thorough accord. American friexirte11 sion, and finding him in tbe woods hunt­
rely there will be no surrender oipur ing oattie in company with a 15 year-old
boy, aiter»,few wordsshot him dead with
a shotgiu». Utn-as the boy started to run
The Chicago Tribune’s hc-'d linip^- sent a shot alteriiim, breaking his arm,
press the point of a long Pbiiad Jb*a but not cbiking his flight. McGhee
special as a big sensation in Penn«yynla then reioadfoi his gun and placing it
over Don Cameron's ultimatum/ tat- against the forehead f his prostrate vic-
high tariff men think the boss nni/havt “m, shfitWw charge hto his head. He
lost his head and are indignant, '
then walked off and is »ill at large.
Richard Mortimer, born in Eiannd in
Indians returning to Arizona are sup­
1791, and eugaged in man up ture o| posed to be trying to get back on San
woolen» some fifty years ago lied ill Carlos reservation again. Mexican troops
New Yorkjon May 31st of piefmonia ate making if very warm for tils hostiles,
His estate wus valued at §4,060,(1)0. Hi and they ba-e returned to Arizona. A
grand daughter is tho Count«» Vol Yicent reprtt states that a band of thirty
Orisla, of Berlin.
Iidians is n White Stone mountans, in
tin vpjjuiy ol Nulsou sUUuu ou ta*
li'utk iu Llm butk xm J s uf
began May 30tb with non-union »n Southern Pacific railroad. A courier
wro arnsekMu the 1st from C*mj
two brothers by th»
yard, where about three humlre- !l
fe^^f-wbo were en route to'
men gathered and began stop#1'1?. *e
worker«. Police wereS-7 w > st when Mex.c wer^Bimped by hostile» num-
... .t.Mvrall was quiet.
nimbanF"’ hl “flean. and <•“> <6
in Ch
I change to note in the
iuabàt *».
. «U.MIS A co.