The Table Rock sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1855-1858, May 24, 1856, Image 2

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I)c SaUincl.
n. a. Tim.T,
Stale of Dcscrot.
; Wis lenrn liy Into California papers
tlmt a convention lias been held in
1 Utah Territory, enrnposed nf delegates
I from til part of the Territory, which
adopted n Constitution preparatory to
liioir ndmtaioii into tho Union, us n
! State, with tho nnino ol Dcseret.
! Georn II. Smith and Julin Tnvlur havo
Qmm rH.!irt. am.hmm M
a..u . .....w,..u -nuvi, i .1.,,, , ..J , t-.t.:....
Tttovts Doves, corner of Wellington '",, . X.
.nd Monljromcry street. Is our sutliorirt.1,"0" u,-v mid P" 0 Constitution
Agent In San Francisco, to ncelvo sub- and lt lor admission inln tho Union.
scrlptious and advertisements for tliu Sk.v
Saturtlny, HI ay U4, I HBO.
Wo infer frnni nn cxtrnct in the
Sacramento Union, tnlien from the
r- iv,.n. l,n I.m n, I.. ih "cmrn iicira, mat cruat unanimity ex.
Stntintl.eT subscribed, ami have uot naldlll'ted in tho Convention; also, that nil
for the same, arc requetcl to cnll and payl cl:isis of tho community wero ruprc
up, as our terms are tath in tuiranet. Ouri! a3ntcil. nml tlmt tho Constitution is a
fair i-xprosainn of tlio fei'lings nnd son.
tlincnts or nil the peoplo of tho Terri
tory. There can bo nn reason why Con'
terms are tow, and we caunot work without
These wanting thclrudvoTttracaUpubllih
cd, will have to accompany them with cash
furtbs number of IntcrUon roTulred.
SuUcrlbcra can forward money at our
risk, If properly mntlcd.
grew should not niidmit tho Stato of
Dcscret wilts nil tho tights of other
State, if ttio Constitution secures to
tho a republican form or gov-crnniont.
Will tim prcseutiitinu of tho Constl
gross cnusc n now n:ul protracted un
cussion wilt tho peculiar rcliytous
faith of tho Mormon s.-ilnt bonmilonl
spoliation of B85:;.
It will be remembered tlmt the trcnty
ninrle with tho Itonuo River Indians in
IBM, nppniprlnil fifteen thousand Mulinn of tho Stnto of Deserct to Con
dollar?, n part of tho Indian unnuity,
for payment of tlio spoliation commit
ted by tlio Indlnns in 1653. During
tho winter of 16.V)-!, that treaty was' question, nnd long, loud and polished
ratified by tho United States Senate. ! j "ic1im lie mado for untl against the'
Joel Palmer, Superintendent of Indian! I """"I"'0" riI s'le. " account of;
affairs for Oregon, appointed L. r.,nMr Viwm 0I poHgnmy. inou-on-Grover,
A. C. Glhhs nnd Dr. Geo. H.j. tUulion of tho Uniiutl States expressly
Ambrose a board of Commissioners to'!1""'1'!'' Congress making nny Inw es.
nsicss Iho damages. They met nt j'unliiug n religion or prohibiting tin,
Jackionvillo in tho spring of ISM, excrclio thoroof. Tho only question,
and mado nn asscjiment of spoliation, i ! "J Congress, will bo to first
ascertain wtiollior tlio constitution se-i
cures to tho peoplo n ropublicnn form
ii -
of government, then to admit tho Stato
j with the same privileges granted to nthor
that timo nothing has l.cen,lStuU,'orroru,otoa',n,itlhcn'- T"0"
heard of tho fifteen thousand dollars 1 1 m,0,l,or,,Iue,"" wiU "" wheiher
giving to ench person n duplicate,
stnting tho amount of damages he
had sustained on nccount of (ho Indi
that wns set np.irt by tho tronty to pay Ii1"0 tstal r 1,0"rot wi l,ot bo i0V'
for spoliation. Tho Indians havo rc. orelgn nnd independent Stato. Thoro
nro many questions of groat importnuco
reived a part nf their annuity nnd have
been removed from Roguo river to the
reservation on tho head of tho Ynmhlll.
Tho fifteen thousand dollars in nil
probability, would not pity nioro than
ttbout thirty.Gvo per cont. on tho dot
Jar of tho amount tho board of com
iiiisiionors nsicsted. Ito tho same
more or leu, thoio entitled to receive
it want it, or they with to know what
has become of tho appropriation.
Dlichnrjlnc Volunteers.
Tho Volunteers of tho iid Regiment
Oregon .Mounted Volunteers nro prstty
genorally discharged nnd being dis
charged, nn account of tho term of;
sorvico for which they volunteered hav
ing expired. Tho last recruits nro still
in tho aervicn; about 150 at tho big
Meadows, and some at Vnnnoy's and
Gravo Creek. Wo do not know what
is to bo tho next military move, but
much fear is entertained that tho In
dians will mako nil nttaclt on some
to tho peoplo that may nnd no doubt
will nrise when this mnttor shall bo
presented to Congress.
Tho pooplo havo tho constitutional
right in tho several Territories to pass
all laws of a local and domestic nature
they may think proper, not inconsist
ent with tho Constitution nf tho United
States nnd the Organio Act.
Minim) News. Within the last ten
days, tho miners on tlio left hand fork
of Jackson creek havo been making
new nnd rich discoveries. Tlio de
posits yield from ono to two hundred
dollars per day to tho hand. Wo have
heard men my that in somo places n
thousand dollars to tho hand could bo
taken out. Tho new discoveries aro
on tlio flat, nn the left hand fork, and
easily worked. At prcsont tho wator
u not very plenty. Minks. Tho prospectors
lot Sterling havo mado somo cood
unprotected train or traveller, or pitch it strikes in lho flat ivlicro tho town stands,
into tho settlements liko an avalanche' Lnd miners aro sinking shafts mid lit-
from Iho surrounding mountains.
It does seem that this country is
bloomed to misfortunes and disasters.
Wo had tho Roguo Rivor War during
1ho summer and fall of 182!), com
mencing within 12 mouths after tho
-countrv commenced settlim?. Mnnv
- o -I,
lives and much property was lost in
orally undermining tho town. It is only
from 15 to 20 feet to tho bed-rock and
pays well. This now discovery will I
add mucrf tn tho prosperity of the
miners, ns well ns thn whole country.
Nuws most Room River. Cii-
nere Report af jVew Digings Our
friend Ching Whang furnishes the fol
that war. A partial pence was restored (lowing intelligence, which will he
by the treaty of JSfi3; but it was only j; found very interesting. Tho Celestials
a cessation of hostilities on tho part of pjicar to bo doing well:
lh Indians, until they could ho bettor Hong kongkinngginggong; kwnii"
armed and prepared for war, as they
continued to commit murders all tho
timo, whenevor they could do so with.
out being caught nt the net.
j vaooUvsjrtbu.lkayirhii tpUiunsuic:iiyn '-tuKT
ffrilr,mxz7hlSiild;s liyjuM8olBiualma !
...ii4 juima.. i,iu;nre j-racuunyu 3.':ng8U
lUBYttm'JmlSahVirlJmU :nni1,ll niu-..V. i.
Sfaoellne Affray ia Saw Frnn
Cisco JTatnoi KlHg ef Win.
Shot by James P. Casey.
Through the polltentxs of Mr. A.
Solomon of Wcavcrville, Col., who vis
itcd our town this week, wo have re
ceived files of Into California papers
from Rhodes &i Whitney, from which
wo glean several items of late news.
Amongst tho most interesting is the
shooting of James King of Wm.,
which csused great excitement nt San
On Wednesday, tho 14th Inst., the
city of San Francisco was thrown
into great excitement, occasioned by
James I. Casey shooting James King
of Wm. Wo glean tho following
synopsis from tho Marysvillo Daily
California Express, Extra, of May
15th: A communication appeared In
tho Sunday Times, signed " Cnllhan,"
to which Mr. Thomas S. King, brother
of Jamus, took exception nnd called
upon Mr. Casey to ascertain tho au
thor. This, Mr. Casey refused to give,
as tho author was tin old man of n
family; thnt he, Casey, was willing to
bo responsible for tho article. Several
interviews took place, Mr. King de
manding tho tinmo oC tho nuthor nnd
Mr. Casey refusing to givo it, when an
editorial nppenred in tho " Itullctin,"
Mr. King's papor, using offensivo Ian.
guago towards Mr. Casey.
Mr. Casey then called on Mr. King
and informed him that ho did not al
low him to do so, to which Mr. King
replied, ho would do ho when ho might
seo proper, nnd told Mr. Casey to leave
his odicc. A short timo afterwards,
nt tho corner of Washington and Mbnt-
I gomory streets, Mr. Casey seeing James
King of Wm. crossing tlio struct, call
ed out: " Jnmcs King of Wm. nro youl
armed I draw and defend yourself."
Air. King folded his arms nnd asked,
" are you in earnest l" " Yes," says
Casey, " draw nnd defend yourself."
King dropped his urms and mado n
motion as if to draw his weapon.
Casey raised and fired ono shot from
n navy slzo rovolvor, which look effect
in Mr. King's left broast. Ho ex
claimed "Ohl oh! I am shot!" Casey
was Immediately arrested by Deputy
Sheriff ISrown, and conducted to pris
on. A great rush was mado by an ex.
cited crowd to obtain Iho prisonor, nnd
crios of "hang him I hang him!" wero
heard in all in nil ilirjciiuns. It is et.
timated tlmt 10,000 persons woro col
lected on tho occasion, and several
persons speaking nt tho simio timo,
urging tho necessity of summary steps
to punish tho assailant by "lynch law"
Somo cried out, " Whero is Coral
Down on such justice; let us hang1
hira !" A proposition was finally made
to rotiro for tho purposo of organiza
tion and to return at 0 o'clock to tho
Tho prison was guarded by tho Po
lice, City Guards, San Francisco Iliues,
Wallaco Guards and tho SliorilT'a force.
Nothing further up to latest dates
Uut littlo hopes were entertained for
tlio recovery of Mr. King. The wound
was produced by tho ball entoring the
body ubovo tho left nipple of tho breast,
passing slightly upwards, and camo
out at tho back, uoar tho junction of
tho nnn. By last report, Mr. King!
was much easier nnd hopes uero c.itoi
tained of his rooovcry.
Correspondence of tlio Seutlnl,
Raker's Wim, Douglass Co.,
May 15th, 1850.
EntTons Schtinel Your Sentinol
seems to tulco considerable intorest in
relation to the seat of government ques
tion, ns I see several communications,
from different parts of tho Territory !
but thov nrottv near nil nro opposed io
Salem, nnd nro in favor of Corvallls
or Eugene City. Now, with mo it
makes but littlo difference where the
sent of government shall bo located ;
I only havo to say, that the p6op'e
south of tho Cnlapoola Mountains, if
tlioy know their own Interest, ought to
vote for Eugene City, because it is near
the centre of iho Territory, and band.
somely located In a f-rlilo sgricullural
country. Lnno county lias really more
good land within its limits than uny
counlv in tlio territory, anil is oca
Strkuxo, May 22d, 1M0,
Editors Scxtikel: I ice that J.
T. Glenn hss been nominated by the
Black Republicans, as their csndidnto
for Sheriff. I fllso seo that ho is wil
ling to Iks run as the Black Rcnubli
Pnbllc nreotins;.
A largo meeting of tho cltbcii of
. honso, on Friday, the 23d or May,
1R".(1 n cTnrf.ii tlipir indiffnstion at
the course pursued by John Becson, of
can candidate, if he can get tho Whig 'Roguo river valley, In writing letters
nomination also, loes mo gcniieinmi io mo cuuui i oi mo iii mipi
repudiate In his card "to the pub-spers in Oregon and iho United Statts.
lie." when ho says," while apprecUting'l Rev. S. 1'. Tajlor was called to tho
llifcirrARTiAMTVI" Whoso partiality1 1 Chair, and W. G. TVoult appointed
dnesho appreciatot Why, none other Secretary. Tho Chairman explained
than tho party thst nominated him. j
Nono other havo shown nny partiality,
tho object of the meeting, in a brief
nnd nmironrinto manner, whereupon
but for tho sake of making his electlonjj tho reading of n manuscript letter,
sure, ho cays, " It is duo to them, as signed by John Becson and directed to.
woll ns mvself. to stato that I am an iho editor of iho " Herald" (Sau Fran-
old lino Whig." Woll, that matter has' cleco) was called for nnd read. Cspt,
been known over since Mr. ulenncamt bmith, ti. Culver, bsq., and Alsj.
to Jackson county, nnd it Is also well i Crnnmcr mado appropriate speeches.
known that old lino Whigs havo gone 'whereupon W. G. TVault moved that
over to tho Republirnn party that nnml-
lined.'at no dlstnnt day, to bo tho most, nated Mr. Glonn. By his Appreciating
populous county. It is tho centrel their partiality nnd telling them ho Is an
rountv nnd has claims for tho seat ofiiold lino Whur, does he repudiate iho
government, greater than nny other. Black doctrino! Why, certainly hej
It then bocomes tho duty of the poo- does not, for it is understood in the
pie in Southern Oregon to vote for the United States that strong efforts hsvel
sent of government nt Eugcno City. and still are being made, tn unlto thel
Itierownsn gentleman trom near bh-( two (inrui-s, uui i win mi you, mm
Icm in this section of countrv a few' all others, what ho docs tell them
dnya since, who was ndvocnilng the. that ho "appreciates their partiality"
claims of Salem on nooount of the', for nominating him; but, ns their party
persecution that placo and its inhnb-iis mil strong enough to ok-ct him, that
Slants received from other parts of the " it is duo to them, as well ns himself,
Territory ; but tho littlo gentleman was to stato that ho is nn old lino Whig;"
not n cood elcctlonoorer, beenuso he! therefore, to make his election doubly
sprung n queition that did not suit us certain, "as such submit my namo to
in this section of country. Why, says' tho Whig convention," and if I should
lie, if you will nil voto fur Salem to bc bn nominntcd there, why, tho old line
tho scat of covornment, out hero, our
representatives will nil go for dividing
tho Territory, nnd mako tho new Stnto
Whigs will support mo, the pnrty that
first nominated mo will support me,
therefore my chsuco of election will
of Umpqua. Tho northern boundary of bo made moro certain, for tho pnrty
tlio new Territory will bo -13d parallel' that nominated mo cannot alone elect
north latitude. Now that will suit you .me.
all out bore. Now, this little gentle I This is tho position that James T.
man struck a nolo that just suited us, 'iGlecn occupies before tho people nf
over the left. Making lino counties of i Jackson county, nnd particularly in
tuo neignuoriioou oi aterilng.
Youis, Respectfully, MOSE.
Umpqun Hnd Douclnss. Yes, wo will
not go for that kind nf n division of
tho Territory, nor will wo go for nny
Tho littlo contlemnn went south
a commute ol nvo bo appointed to
draft resolutions expressive of the views
of this meeting passed. Messrs. Hays,
Smith, Rice, Cranmor and Taylor were
appointed ssid commlttoo. After a
short deliberation they reported tho
following preamble anil resolutions:
Wiierka, Certain slnpilar and uojuttlfls
blc nwcrtlons uuil imsrcprcMntatlcDsbave
recently, by somo menus, come luto elr
rulitt!ou,ln tbefortu a letter purporting to
have been written by Johu becton. of tbls
place, for publication In tlio 3. V, llerald,
nflrctiuR upon tbc cbaiactcr of the peo
ple cf .Southern Orcgou, j charging
them with npjrrcitlont and wronp upon
tbo Indlaa tribes of the country, sad
thereby, without csnc, bringing about
an unJustlQable and dluitroux war, waged
itiUiscrlrulr.atcly upon tba Innocent and
(loIcncclM Indians : therefore
llttohtil, TLat sia letter contains nu
citrous ni!rcrrecnt.t'.oin and eharces
ugalnwt Ibe people ot Southern Oregon, tbat not me icsm iusuok ot train, out aro
the productions of a low and depraved In
lU,oleed, Th&t It Is the duty or all well,
meaning cltrtru and publicly to
eipose tbo auto or of said letter, as by nrg-
Ircling to uo so, tDf uueljosat set Torta
therein talzht ha received as truth tr thoM
bo ere unaujualnled wltb the faeti.
Ucivtetd, That we approvo of the course
Ulccn by the iJllors ' the Table Hotk
Htnllnti, In rcfuil.ic to pullith such fains
ana unjun stateccuts.
On inmlnn nf UauL Smith thn ia.
ma. From the Sacramento Union, of ! tutlotsm were accented, and. on motion
about thnt timo, nnd when ho not toi ,in lr.ib Imt . u nln-in m.r.t It...
Jackson county tho division question,;. , ,.,.. (llu cllf.,rn,,!
. - ... - ,
was sprung again. vliy, says be,
now gentlemen, if you will go for Sa
lem, tlio Marion county delegation will
givo you n new Territory out hero In
Jackson. You know Grovcr is to be
our representative, nnd ho has ulways
Indians, which proves, without a. doubt,
thathostilitios havo commenced in that
quarter in oarncst.
The Tulare Ikdia Diiticci..
rTinfntmn tints Ii na lktsiti i,..nA
been in favor or dividing tho Territory; I bv lho wnjr of Slockton 0f another en
so by voting for Salem, you can securer gBgemonl wi,, th0 Indians. A detach
.Is infiuenco both In tho Oregon Leg.; n,ent of Unllcj SltttlJg troon. from
of Cupt Rice, unanimously adopted.
On motion of Capt. Smith, the Sccro
tury is requested to furnish tho editors
of 'the Tah!a Rock Sentinel with tho
proceedings of this meeting, with a re
quest that they publish lho same.
On motion, tlio meelinp tiiijourncd.
W. G. T'Vavlt. Sec'y.
filntllrn nntl tn Wfiilitnntnn Pitt VniJ
may rest assured thnt all tho influcn.
tial men nbout Salom will bo under
great obligations to you, if you will
vote for Salem. Why, Mr., sayi onel'ii,.
of the representatives from Jackson I
connty.In tho Legistnturo of 1653,i1.(i ,i,r
Fort Miller, under command of Lieut
Livingston, with Capt. Do Muster's i
rillo company, hud a fight with tho sav
ages at tho samo placo at which
We recret that W. L. Macy's ccmraunt-
1 cation was rcceWtd too late for this isue.
thU man L. F. Grovcr, did support a
memorial to Concress for a division of
tho Territory, daring tho session ot(
1603-d, in a horn, nnd ho will do just)
so again. How is it, that just before!
tho voto is to bo taken on the soit ofi
government, tho Salomites havo bo.
cumo wonderful anxious for tho inter
ests of tho south, nnd think that our
interests would be promoted if tho Tor
ritory could be divided. Yes, they will
promiso anything, just before election;
uftor election, what is tho uso of talk,
ing ; tlio south is always kicking up a
row nbout something; they nro '"Know
Nothlui's;" wo have cot the seat of
government located where it will stay '
while a turritorinl govcrumeut exists;!
we don't nsk them nny boot; wo have
got tho power over them in the Logic. I
lalure ; they cannot haven road or uny
lu!iiic ITXcclitici.
engagement reported by Doctorjl The Democratic Candidates will met tba
rgu occurred. The Americans ,pple or Ashlaudlllli, on Tus
three men wounded, and. as . ll!0.2.'!u.'n't.
tho Indians were slrenrdv fortified! At Wall's Mills, on Wtdnrvl.y, theJB.U.
wero cnmpiJUd i rtUv. After tlioll tiav tbu
affair, a messenger was dispatched to
Fort Miller for n field piece for the pur-
poso of dislodging the Indians. The.
At WentcaU's Store, Uutte Creek, Tburt-
At Jacksonville. Friday the COlb.
At iiterllnr SaturJay lb. 31st.
At the same ' toe. rnd plaeeo. the rept
r... ;.;:-.. i.. .?. i . .t i a- r will paw resolutions txpresslfe or tbelr views
ArpuUiean lenrns that the Indian force ,0 rflt,on t0 c..-rtaln articles. wrilUn for
bus been doubled since tho first act of imlbcatluu by Join Ueeaou. upon the sub-
uositiity, and mere is every prospocl jeciot ,DC "oguc.i.ver hot.
of o general Indian war in that quar.,! All arc Invited to ottend.
Indus Hoitilitim in Pumas. I .J 'J,,oll couiiiv
A rnnnrt .-n,n. tn ... .,... lUu fll,l I JUtKlOU LOUIII).
.. .,..w.v v,.,hH .w ww r stsv ! ' -.
JiVountamrrr, that three miners were , j For Rrjresenlativet Jointly from Jack.
, iiiu'uutfu inn wti- hi tucir cauin, situ
ated near Butto valley, .North l-nrk of
Feather, by n body of Pitt River Indi
an. U'u understand that n wlilto man
wai also murdered by tho Indians In or
near Honey Lake Valley, and his lur.
ses driven off. Tho projinosticalioi...
thsir fellow citizens had been trench
urously murdered by the ludinii.
A Man Shot at. Wo nro inform. ,
d by Capt. Rice, that n gentleman .
who was crossing (he Sukiyou Moun.
t.iins on .Monday, tho 21st, wns fired
on by an Indian. Just as tho Indian
fired, tho gentleman saw him, and as
a wheeled his animal, heard and saw
two other Indians on the oppot ito sido
of the road. He returned a few miles
aud met two other men who joined
him, and thoy crossed the mountain on
the old trail. Thoso red devils are
still ou lho alert to commit murders.
Camonvili.j:, Dou-lus Co.,
May Hth, IMC.
Mrssru. Editors As the day of election
l..1...fH.I..U I. 1 1. .. .
ika'Jbhchvinuhaieillbd.vnnhrpaJrI3;p.cnuo ,0T0,e uPoa ,uo laIoa question, It lx.
comes us, as good citizens to Inquire Into
the advantage's and disadvantages of the
different localities brought out as rival can
didates, for tho same. In the first place wa
will speak of Iioicburg, ns that Is the place
lu which no naturally feel most Interested.
We do not deem It ncesiary to go Into a
seneral dissertation to prove it a fallacious
idea to Iblnk of bringing the Capitol to this
place, from the fact that there are not a
In 10iS, tho ..ooplo of Roguo nmi-iSSJlM.JM?
vnlloy wero compelled te tnko up urms'i'fJaq tuwu;.vchbdu3nuu'iv:yg2!h3;ylb7uicg
in selMefens.; but not until scores -CsffiA
IllSkSO 1 I A ll!liS I.K.I 1. . ... A t I l..jl&.S.".t . .l..l .. Ma.1 . i.
Iiic-ir.j 7 ikegtv tvlvkugmm fl3h:yds3n nfnj
'II 'n'l. n-.-.riinl.lHh. ...!'. 1 .ll..."t '
OCT We refer our renders to tho nd
vorlienient ol John Anderson In to
day's issue. ThU enterprising n.erchant'l , "" , n J 1 Mj"io
l. . . ' fa ,ru, advocate It. Tbo question Is betwetn Eu.
has n large nssorlmenl of goods, selcc."Btnc. Salem aud Corvallls. Of urse. It
is to tho Interest of the south to go for that
placo farthest south which Is easiest of ac
cesa by land and water, having at the same
ted for (his market, aud remarkably'
low. l-oruicr, mechanics, gentlemen
i and ladies, it is almost impossible to
cull nt Anderson's store without buy.
jing something you need, at n lower
prico than ever befuro.
Scondvertsiementof Fisher & Bro.
They have new goods allow p.'ces.
David Lcvinger is nn hands with n
iietr stciol;. Kto mhertisrueut.
Dr. Hliiiiie lus received a new sup-
p'y ol drugs. b-o ndv.
other local matter in tho south, unless l"""n,,,m,t , h lr0"l:le,.in "j"!
I... i, t.. .. - :.... i north end of the county with tho red.!
i-J tUS Bit SV lilAIVSli IUt 4 W
want them.
skinned rascals before tho summer is
ended. (
This Indian Wak on Kciin Rtvcn.
Tho extra of tho Los Angeles Star cf
the 6th May, says: Rumors from vari
ous tources have reached us during th-'
week of nn outbreak among the ltidi-i
jans. I hey have been running off
j stock nnd committing depredations on,
lite rottlers, as well as threatening them '
witli extermination. After some '
these depredations, tho settlers armed
themselves and killed five Indians.
It becomes tho duty of every citizen
in tho south to voto for Eugeno City
or Corvallis, as either of those places
aro more central than Salem. Eugcno
City is tho placo that is entitled to tho
Capitol. JOB.
for tba Sentinel.
Unrrona Ssntimju Having noticed that
you publish In the Sentinel articles from
correspondents upon the scat of government
question, I thought perhaps your readers
mln'it !! i l. . 1. a t t I till
.... ...... ,v uun ,ua viuu.u.ui I K,c.r.or, Amini Tli. CnM.n TV,
county would vote upon that question. 1 ' s . Thc most , Uni ,tcm of ,BtelII.
think that at least nine-tenths of tbe votes ', ,i .m v,..,. .t ,.!
Af llil. mnnl, .III I f n in.. ..-- "'"""""c I"
.. .
time a due regard for the probability of
We would be well pleased Io havo It lo.
i catctl at Eugene, but it is well known that
tbat place cannot carry anything of a vote
ia tuo miiamatie, wttn in tingle exception
of Its own county. In the Willamette, tbo
contest Is between Salem and Corvallis. and
by throwing our unanimous voto in cither
scale wo can have our choice between thes
two places, unuor taeso circumstances we
think It behooves tho friends of the south to
lgo to the paMs on tbo first Monday In June
'nnd put iu their votes for Corvallis. A'ide
CoNoncssioNAU Tbo hut mail did
not bring us nny late nowd of impor
tanco from Washington. Tluj Kan
sas contested election caw appears to
consume more lime than any other il
busIiK-n. No now snf Congress taking ., Tut: "Gumiun Eba'Wo receive'-ffm ,1!!1 .Ir'Jud,C0 or awctlosial partiality,
wChatatt UiSpSCC ..nllynowspaper I, has equal S '"
committee, it will pass the IIouio wiiu., cil' coast. .May success attend!' Then, citizens orOougbus sodJsckson,
out delay. jj the cnli-rjuijing proprtetors. ,ct u "" "nwl Cora1Ual Your.
IUIMj 1ULuuAc;S.
aud having passed tliroti-h Tolk county a
few days ago, I discovered that the Salem,
triek of trvlnr to ii-t tli wnntn Ar it...-
county to throw awnytbelrvoteuponlluenal
VUta, deceives nobody, and that that county i
will olio go nearly unanimously forCorval
tbat the Eagllch and French Ministers at
Washington had uotlfled our Government
that the squadrons nf tbelr respective gov
ernments along tho Central American coasts
had received Instructions to land nen aud
mu boats uicangmtui naiKer. IBisnewi
Us. Now. na Corvallls will act at let fuurh' '"T " "" "rZ .."""" "'" ?q m
,i .... ...... ,iiiay oi me raiting ot me steamer, oua mav
time. a. many votes in the Wlllaiiic.te V.I.I lKfiwotMtU ue report ,ru'C( antl
ley a. Eugene City, or.ny other point south French ,n(, z Mt , , t0 'llt ft ,
ofSalen, If the wuthtrn counties throw! ihroat Into excution, Walker will find legions
,-M.r 7- . " . . . . of w,lT0 sympathizer, and theymayfindlu
yoU for CorvaU,. that Place will be certain' th8 ,0 uaho )Mlr ef hf, ' on
in tbe Willamette Valley) Rslem will be There are hundreds of Ibousands of rifles In
iiKciy to mat it the south wishes lUB umieu otatcs toai, aituougn mey would
the seat of COVCrlimtnt located atknnlnt' nM i .. . ilv....i. i j
south of Salem, evidently their only way to! u.,, , ., Ar , " u'""'1' ""'"
succeed Is to voto for Corvallls. J. fi. ' be nlKi m bU dfcnc " hs opponent of
Lafayette, May Oth, 8Jt3. ; two such oatlons ss France and England.
..,., . -,. il CoxoRtssioxit, rAr. Notlc bas been
rn,Mh, "T" W"'8' IWcuIrstl.oU.S.Seuate.ofWUtoIncrea
ca. lot. iirlcnt and command hid nrA.I',ii. - r c.n.i.. .n.i u. .,.,
cecdol Into the ludlan country, as U as Na- i ; it Is proposed to fix the per diem of members
cbes river, and taken up a position on tho at twi-lve dollars, Instead orelght, which they
fcouthsidoof lbatrIfer.wheraheRitinT..-.i.,.. ..t. . ' " "'"""
dlons tncamped on tbo North side, some ono I '
thousand or twilvn hundred strong, Tbeug.i Tne Taurxrc Mr auow. Orson Hrde, la
mras tor uto uays bad Ueo endeavorln-' to coropany witn near one nundred .Mormoa
treat witn tue enemy
MVv ... WH1UK RUT lltaiin. IWU If H lAn m-m.m
moro while Men s blood. In view of theao li'l'' ' " attractive one.
matters. Col. . tlcht hossent to Korli V.n. M
but nil (h Ch?r. I families, bas "anitatted" on tha TrueLeo
Hkloom nnd Shewbanay, are fomta"l Meadows, at which point be Intends to per
to asking any treaties, and v.hh for! '"""eotly locals a Muriaoa setllemeut Tbe
couser and Dalles, for three additional Cora- 'I c Cf ekaian will please accept our
panics oi regulars. rcrtluna Timei, May' thanks ror express favors daring tbe rast
son and Josephine Counties,
For Heprcttntaiitcs, Jackson County,
For Sherif,
ForPolfJt :.,
N. D. tiii', ill.
For County Commissioners,
For Treasurer,
For Assessor,
For HujKrintendcnt of Schools,
Democratic Ccunt'i Committee, for-thc
Yec'r 1850.
Editors or tub Sixth. eu Vos will
pleaso announce my name as a candidate
lor tbe otlice of Sheriff of Jackson County,
at tho entulog Jim election.
For tbe Information of those wbo are not
acquainted wttb me, I will say tbat I am a
Whig. E.B.BALL.
Msy 11,18.18. X6U
- for Sheriff of Jackson County,
Dy tbo request of
t'.tf Mast Votzsi.
for Assessor of Jackson County,
By request of
23tf Jlisrr Votim.
Editors Sextixil Pleas announce the
nswe of Geosoa W. Anperso! as a candi
date for the otficn of Sheriff, at lb coming
June election, subject to the- action f U
Whig Conveotlou.
Jacksonville, May 10, 1856.
"ce-i awagi jj
a Clotbinc, Boots and Hho, llili, Ac.,
.i tor suow ids, oi a. r. Hour
We hsvs alio received I lis week, a hut
addition to our previous arrivals of
Spring and Summer Good,
And will sell them CHEAPER tbast
aver sold heielnfuce in this ValUy,
run VASII.
7if i. A. BRUNNER it BUO.