The Table Rock sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1855-1858, January 05, 1856, Image 1

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H I T 1 1 E L .
ftumlicr 1.
Vbimnc A.
Vs... rai'. tayloii & mlakely.
mx k : f ., l
U CltUfllUOBVlllV SlTflllHY, Y
Tcrmifr Advance t
One espy, for onl rear, ?-
" all mouths J 00.
" thre months, $!IC0.
. YM-' Inserted s.1 the following rates !
Orfi rnro of twelvi lino or lew, three In
srttMis, ' 00 ; cao subsequent Insertion,
tl (W. 'A liberal dcjuelloti made to yearly
Dullness Cards, of len lines or Icm, (or
on? i ii $30 : to persons who advcrllso to
thj it f thrro iqinrrfl or more, a n
fu'i n au per coin. win iw mane.
U Tho number of insertions '"'" n
.1 .L.iiitAmnrkcil on the irniraln. otherwise
Lnwy hTuo contlnuod till forlldcu, and
"tUurJI IUX-J. &.
aer--x "
HHv Perplexed I.ousekeuiior.
nv mks. v. n.uvai:,
lvlsh I bad a pvlw
Of'hands this verv idnutot
1M An puUll these Olngs to rights
inevtry iicticois in ii
Ilcrafs n big washing tolc done,
Oue.mlr of hands to lo It :
Sheets, shirts and stodlngsoats and
, ipjlltn,
,Ilow will I e'er gt llrough It!
Dinner to set for fix or more.
Kn loaf left o'er from Sunday
-. An'd'baby cross ns hu ens live
lln'iinlwnys so on Moitlay.
And there's tho cream, 'tis getting sour,
AtxiiimiHiuriimiiii no tuurmug,
And here's Hob waul a bit Ion en
Whleh way shall I be turning I
'Tls time tho meat wns In lio pot,
VTbtfibrcail was worked fir Imklntr.
ThoMothes wero taken fron tho boll
OUdfar.iitheluby Is waking.
Husbshahy, dear I there, huh-sleih I
lwih he'd sleep a little,
Tilt I could run and gut tone wood
Ja'Jiurry up that kettle.
Ofc.dMrt If 1' comes ho,
Andfindsthlugsln thli pother,
t ilU'M'iuit begin to tell mo all
AWut his tldr mother I
IToV a!o her kitchen uccl to be,
Itcrfinnni-r ninny rendy
Evscllyiwheu thu nuon-lKll rung
Hush, hurhl dear llttlu l-'rn'dy.
And Mienvlll comosoms baity iron),
. .Htghlcit beforo I'm thinking
Theyisay that baity wordi from nlves
Set sober ucn to drinking.
' tffowjtsri't that a great idea,
Tli4juen tliould take to flnnlag,
IIccouhj n weary, lmlf-ulck wife
Can't'nhvays fmlle so uinulng?
Vlien'Iiwas young I UKt to earn
My lUlog nlthqiit trsouble ;
JIkI Cj1uthe and pocket-money, too,
Andjwurs of lvlturo double.
J nerer dreamed of such n,
When i, a-Jaitt wsicouriol
W. jBtathcr, uiirsc, ru4tiilrr.. cook,
MOUtArCf"ir, cuuniivriuuiii! inuiniiir Ullry
wemsn and,crHb genrrally-Hlolitc tha
Kr tha s.ikc of belsg supportci!
A CioocI Old ii'ocni.
Who ilisll judgou man from mtiiie?
. V.'U.Jiall know lilm by liU drvMt
J'aupcrnuny oe in lor ixiucr.',
il'riuLus lit fur touieUiloft htf.
jWraplct shirt nnd ditty Jaket
Itii'rtlJecioL'io tho collen oro
Of tbddeepcit thought and feeling,
iMii!iiTeii coum uo iu more.
Qtft. who counts by soi, notdressei,
AVtlMic nines thronet the highest
"! Ill,ruM,v, J" " HiVi
Hal M pebbles on tuo sea,
Wnr,npraliol ahovo his fellowi ,
Oft'forgcU hU fellowi then ;
Usstcnurulers, lords, rfuiember
TLat'jour mtnnitt hiuds uro men I
ileajlf Ubor, men of feeling,
Wji cdthought and ntu of fane,
CIMuldf: equal right torunshlne
vJa's. nun's ennobling Diimc.
yj'iiti foam-cmbroMcrcd oeesns, "
1-115m IjUlo wecl-clail rlll ,
jiirrt arniecoio men iiigb sanliuj
There sro cedars ou the bills.
"fiod, tl counts by souls, not shtloa
Loves and prospers you and mu '
For lo him all alnMlitluctlons
Arc Mpcbblcs ou the sea.
Tolling luinds nlouu aro builders
Ofa-aAtlon'sttcalthaml fame J
Tilled Uulncaa is pensioned,
1 F awI lattened on tlio 6amc.
'Hr thoHweat of other's foreheads,
tSeijwor man's outraged frctvli '
ilylJiftilhuphlsvoIcSj- VI,
nnd Justlco aro eternal, I i
V?i ,'Dw "d light ; I'
. -,. iiiYi-i ness auu light r
.ffvHlTfi kJiitll uncsif r,. . 1 aj
.iui .1 .. " never prosner I
VMtoerbl7a;.a,.Yr.w t
.,, , i ' ---
Dou r. ISW. 1 " r w" " ' ""-" ' Sing
'IV ,Kw!
X 'f" Wiolo Jn L 'iW0, rol,tInedunll lately, is thatpart ofthe
' &l "' $. T "eCOme as focky Mountain. which they ,L, lying !
I , l,Kr In the northern Wack-foot country, I
Natural History of Oregon
Among tho discoveries of tho expeditions
organlxcd by GoTernmenl for tho survoy of
tho railroad routes lo the Pnclflo coost.thoso
In Natural History nro among tho most
Interesting. Indeed, had no other result
been obtained than tho contributions to sci-
I encc, tho expense would sllll Ibo nftiply re
paid. Tho mineral and agricultural resour
ces of tho country havo been developed on
ttioso land which will bo at once tho routes
oftniTel and the liumcdlato scats of popula
tion, nnd thonicntn of Industrial wealth as
certained In ndvanco. In other departments,
such as zoology nnd botany, less
upon public economies, but sllll having a
certain Importnncc.thc Information acquired
has been highly curious nnd even valuable.
Several esculents wed among the natives of
the Interior, hmo liccn adopted for cultiva
tion, nnd medicinal plants oftnlcacy added
to tho dljpcnratory
A largo number of
birds, reptiles and antmnh, hitherto raro or
entirely unknown, have been collected and
described, nnd specimens forwarded to the
National Museum of tho .SniUinonltui Instl
lute nt Washington. Among the latter, two
species In particular nro noticeable, whose
Tery existence has been mado a subjeut of
ridicule, and whoso extraordinary confirma
tion nt first sccuicd to defy probability. It
is not tho llrst time, howour, that imperfect
descriptions havu caused doubt to arise in
tha minds of nnturnlists ns to the crnelty of
narrators. Tho case of tho Dodo Is an In
stance, the extinct struthlous bird, once n
nathc of tho Isle of Trance, but which had
come to lie ranked with the I'luenlx and tho
Hoc as a creature of tho Imagination only,
but tho remains of which have recently been
disinterred from thu rubbish of European
museums, nnd Its clasilllcatlon established
beyond question, liven concerning an ant
mal now as well known as the Giraffe, tho
most singular Ideas formerly provsllcd. It
was suppoKd.that the hind legs were dlspro
tlonatcly short, and tho older books of zoil
ogy figured It In tlds manner, presenting n
iiiw I-,.. ..i.j.... iiiiiiuii, nhu, ns g
well known, wusn mcro closet naturalist,
and indulged In violent hypothex-j nnd spec
ulations, went so far as to reason upon tho
adaptation of this form to tho pirtlcular
habits of tho animal, and its modo ofsubsls.
tence. It was not until tho natural!! or
the school of Cm ler applied n more careful
resenreh to anatomical conformation, that
this wild other like nbsurdltles,wns rejected,
and examination demonstrated that Its sin
gular nppearauco was due, not to Inequality
orits niembcrs.but to tho height of tho tliouU
dcr nnd consequent slops of the Ycrtcbrol
column. There I n striking similarity be
tween this caso and that of ono of the ani
mals to which 1 refer, nnd which has hllli
erto been regarded ns fabulous, but is ilem
cmtratid toie, nswell ns Its companion,
an actual nnd living inhabitant of our
own country. Host of your readers hnve, I
rrcsutuc, laughed orcr the story of the Yon-
keo who advertised for oxhlbllion thoto ex
traordinary quadrupeds, the Troek and tho
Oysstutus, but I supoct Hat very few over
heard of the origin of hl4lccrlption, or sup
posed that It was founded on fuct. If I
recollect right, the llrst person who made
mention of them, although not by name,was
C.ipUln Johnalhan Carver, whoso journey
to tho Kocky Mountains In 176.') Is quoted
by Mr. (irecnhow,nnd In whoso book tho usmo
"f Oregon was llrst glun to lho river now
Known M t10 Columbia. Carver, In his op.
peiidls, dcterlu ,ho various animals In
habiting that region, .1,1.., that! lnih
country of the Onuoblons (AMloaboan..'
,tliero is n singular beast, of the bigness of a
iwrsc, ami nivlog liooft, whereof two legges
in one rmo nro ntnslcs sliorler than the oth
er, by which wenn. It is flitted to gra,se on
tie steep slopes ofthe mountulus. It Is of
wnazlng swinncss, and tho salvages doo
Wd It off. whereby it cannot run. but full
lvr ond is so taken." And fanthcr : "I
ai alto told of one which I did not see
ui is 11x0 to n bear in slxo, but covered
m a tbell as the tortoise, with man vbomn
jsVng'lho back. It has great claws nnd
tqlh and is excccdlm.' nrn nttn ,., ...1
t." Thu sclentlflo iinmi. i,ii, i n.l
fl "ii.vvwimij tllMltUt.ll
ck havo been vulgarUed, were confrro.!
,.. r , ...... llHIbll 111 lUUIJ
"PV these animals bv tho Freeh natnr,iiii
whtlmaglucd them to bo American renres
eenhtlvcs of extinct Aslatlo quadrupeds. ItlJol "I'd ii)ilau.o atinmlnting exurlion,
wouU seem that two or three of thnnitMii produced such (ifrota. thnt linfnr.i Itnli.
ofwjlcli the osseous covering of tho Gyascu -
tus I formed, had found their way to tho
mlm of W"l"ratlvo Anatomy, probably
lhi0Y tha Jcl,fIt '"', who obtained
'''ew l,om iho ln,"ans. They wero some
wI,at Jurch biu ing been carved Into dish-
syurcu, m ing been carved Into dish-
1...1 1 n. .....
",u'u v'10" uob"- lllnM recognized
them as belonging to somo air-breathing
nlwBii. ,1
tlfully ingenuous specimen of sclcntlflo de-'
had not bccnVxrlorrd. 11 Was naturnl
icnough therefrs, that their very existence
e'.ioulii uo uouicii, oiinougu Fomo oiuer
mountaineers persisted In declaring that
thoy had seen &m. With the exception of
one of Ihoilonil protuberances, or horns of
I tho GynsoutuiiJ) specimen, that I nm aware
of, had over nilied tho Allantlo cltlcs.nud
that.whlch wasbtalned n few years ngo by
la gentleman tnnilladclphln, was supposed
I to bo tho honlf an extinct Ilhlnoccros,
j which it somowft, resembles, nnd attributed
to tho snnio crnjt tho fossil romalnsof tho
1 Mauvnlnes Tcru or. thb Jllssourl. Tlio re-
'ceut sclcntlllo ci nidation connected with
the Northern l't lie railroad c.ploratlons
nm' s,,rvcy lv j flnnlly put at rest tho
qiicmiuii ui iii'j n iciiku ui meno iiru uuiiu-
, nls, and my acqti tlon of perfect spcolmens
has dcmonstraUl their entire accordance
' with the usuil 1; of nature and their sin
gulnr adaptations the circumstances under
which llioy lire,
I 1,,u lrocK '" '"""' urrK""""" ,s
ni ti . ,1 , . .... , . f .
awoiu me biii ui nuio, uuu iiku iiioiiiiiic
lnnd "'' lP-jr,3P '?, lo1,uc,,u,,c:, '" lho
' Aittal T'niliia liHt,M nnllpA ImnTj Tin allm
genus Knmii,lmpz cnllro hoofs. Its slue
turo diners, hii7Cr,from thntof nny known
nnlmal, in tbtmiii of articulation of tho
shoulder amPilp; ints. This peculiar con.
formation ul tins tho limbs a degrco of
latoral inottoi, ci bllng the animal to clc
vata or deprtu t.innt will thus, When
standing ui-ona oping surface, giving It
tho appcurnneiof bllqulty, as described by
Ciirvor, nnd cnbl ig It to run with singular
swiftness ulon st .p mountain sldcs,whcro
otherwise nil nln I of Its 1U0 would nnd lib
footlhild. In id t Is hardly surpassed in !
ugillty by (hi lluhorn or Kocky Mountain
goat. I ncrdcircely say that tho tradt.jln,,,,., Tlio mean nnlmi5l temperature
lions oi ns acig uiutiiio iu turn, uuu mu
consequent sjeic of capture, are mere In
vention. Itlwi o tills mistake, however,
that it owcslUC -cck appellation, derhetl
from n verb, r;ifylng t run round, ns it
was suppose It ijicirclo tho mountains In
IU course. . ,
The Gynstuli '(Itaicutut ll'aMiigto
iiieiuu Noll! ' as believed by Carver to
bo n beast of pi It Ii,howcrer,n rodent,
partaking utrfr tho ch.iraclcrlWo of the
Tnrdigrada, t4! :li Kdong lho Sloths; and
notwlilutnmlliil i great strength and terrl
bio npjaranoi i perfectly harmless, its
fooil eoiislstlii(-I clly of lho root of tlio
ramttitia MeiiLij,whlch its powerful nulls
enable it 10,, f.,nuM .j... mhw
dlnary nulmsipiibout three feet in height
nutl nluo in etimo length, its corrugated
tall being iibcatno foot. Its back iscov-
cred wl.h n ,Mol, composed of scales, or!
rawer .ui,oi.n omc iiiusunce, m-
poed upon nrinydermatous hide ; forming
11 (luxlblo bu! ecu re armor, nnd having 1
.iIa.IM ,! .l.i A ktrtl.. A .. ul.. .( '
iiivii iiiv iiui u jjiuira n tun u ruurv uim
powerful hort .lightly recur ed, which ex
tend from the baldcrs to tho loins. 1'rom
these the carMilIsheHaiid spoons so eoni
inon among I Indians of tho north uro
manufactured, ud It was these also that
isungested tho isoof tho animal Itself.
Your classical 'sders will at once recall tho
('fortlG)ai,M!rquo Cloanthus" of Vir
gil, and tho d( ilptiou given in tho fourth
, Iwok of tho ,1 j ul of the buckler carried by
1 the former In I Ic. It was tlio Cyasicutos,
or shield of G s, formed of tho scales of
Isama ww.d ,..., rw, .i.i.i. n...!
'(ierlve.lll.eau latl'on of tl.I nnlm,l. i
which I ha 8V added tho spcclllo de.lg-
nation. Iu tft oluino of Natural History '
nccompinvinfi Iteuortof tho Uxncdltlon.
such of our r lers as dcslra may II ml a
-" i .
more detailed s unt of theso singular quad
I remain, t truly yours,
UXMi :m.c-iio(ju, M. D
I. of Steven's Uxncdltlon.
i .
, . IltraU 'to. 10, 'M.
I i.'ULsFiu Krioinsi.v Okatuiiv.
uuuii nuvr -ei wits uorn,ui3 iiitner,
.'...... ..,-. . i i, .
tho liral buroc , finding liimsoll' rislnj,'
dully In weulilnnd consequence, nnd
beliuving that ouoy, in tlioso
davg, could a rnys, conimniul r.seut
in I'atliuiiient. jtermlned to hrinu nn
his son oxjiiifsly for the Ilouso of
Coinmoiis. Wien that son wns nuito
a child, Sir tybert would frequently
nl btm m il,..i..i.l i ..... nv.....
-VI mi iiiusii nil-. Ullll niiv. i iw
Uobin nmo a kioucli. nnd I will i.iv,.
I'vou ihia chom." Wlmt bw will
tlio litllo felluwbrodiiced woro nnnl.iu.
1'" ws ton year) old.he could renllymU
jllress tho coiii4ny with somo degree
oi eloquence. 4s lie grew up, ills futli
er constnully tcxiJc lilm ovory Suiid.13
into bis iirivuto loom, and inndu'him le
pent, as well as' ho could, tho Eurmoti
which had oeennroiichcd. Littlo nro.
grew in elluctieg this wns mado, und
litllo was oxjxcted nt first, but by
steady persavemico tho habit of mien-
" b,v" '"mhiii, "io seriuon
WlS rvPme." a,,ll(,st verbatim, When,
ui urjr (insmiii nny, 1110 senator re.
niemboiing aociirntuly lho speech of nn
opponent, auswtring his arguments in
correct succession, it was llttlu known
(tliat tho power of so doing wasorig-
Hiaiijr uvijiiireu 111 uriiyiuii cuurcii,
(XT ltis
Qjenilv. Ho abstemious,
I'liktlior KnlorcRtliip Onoldviits
of ttio Ari'tioAdvciKiirur.
Tho subjoined is thu nnrratlve of Dr.
Tho expedition succeeded In crossing Mel
villa liny, nnd reaching tho headlands of
Smith Sound us early ns tho Gth of August,
180.1. I'indlng tho Ico to tlio. north com
pletely Impenetrable, they were forced to
attempt a temporary passago along the I
coast, where the rapid tides running nt
ihoTnto of four miles nn hour, with n rise
and fall of sixteen feet had worn n tcmno-1!
rary opening. Previous to taking this
... lHBnluA.1 .aI .... . u t,. , I
Ity, nnd which was, In fuct, equivalent
lo sacrificing tho YCMth n Francis mctillio
bout, with n canoe oT provisions, was con
cealed as a mcuns of retreat,
Tho penetration of.tho pack' led was at
tended iby many obstacles. Tho vessel
grounded with every tide, nnd but for her ,
extreme strength would not havu been able
to sustain tho shucks of the Ice. She was
twlco nn her beam ends, nnd once on nro
from tho upsetting uf the stoves. Somu
Idea of this navigation may bo formed from'1"0)' were afterward reduced to lho ncccs
tho fact oHicr loaning her Jib-boom, lie st
bower anchor mid bulwarks, hcsldc ".out
COO fathoms of warping lino. They were
cheered, how over, by n small dully pro
gross; and by tho 10th of September 80M,
had succeeded in gaining tho uorlhcn. itcoof
Greenland nt a point never reached .before.
Here tho young Ico fro around the vessel
nnd compelled them to seek a winter asylum,
Tho winter gavo them a degrco of cold
much below nny prc Ions rc(istratlon on
reevrd. Whisky frozo In November, and
for four mouths In tlio year mercury was
was nvo degrees talow zero, summer and
winter Included. This, without a doubt,
was lho grcntvit cold aver experienced by
man, ns lho scut of their winter quarters
was nearest lho pole,
The scurvy was readily controlled, but
the most novel foaturo of this winter was a
tetanus, or loik-Jaw, which defied all treat
ment. It carried away flfly-scvcn of tlalr
lest slcdgo dogs, and was altogether n
frightful scourge.
Tha operation of search commenced ns
curly as March. Thu llrst parties, under
the personal clnrgtf ofl)r. Kane, crossed tho
Ico nt n temperature of 67 deg. Iiolow zero,
Tlio loi of their diun wii 4l.,. mi
ivuij alternative, to adopt this early travel
Manv ofthn nartv with front blttim nmliin.
(lenient amputation of tho toes. It was by
-uwwlc(, , ,,.,. brtck (a.Ir 'l
IllttitllSl ft lliiiua jf1,Stal Hint 11.. a w.n.1I 1 1....
rc..ilts. Tho parties wero In tho Held u
lato as the 10th of July, only ceasing from
labor when lho winter darkness mado it Im
possible to travel,
Greenland has Iteen followed and survey
ed by Dr. Kane toward tho Atlantic, with a
comthiio fronting duo north, until nstu
peiiduou glacier checked their progress.
I This mass of ico nwo In a lofty precipice,
UQ0 feet high, nbutting Into tho sen, It is
I undoubtedly the only barrier between Green
land and tho Atlantic It is nn effectual Uir
'rlertonll future explorations.
' This ghuicr, in splto; of tho difficulty of
fulling bergs, was followed out to sea by
11,", ofsledges, the party rafting them
'olvesacrossojHMi water spaces on masses of
CC . .. ' . y '"cUed "In travel-
,,K 'B",y mm monR '" DMQ' nnu lrucM
It In n northern land. This glailcr Is, wo
believe, the largest discovered by any pre'
This new lnnd thus cemented to Green
laud by ico, wns named Washington. Tho
largo bay which Intervenes between it nud
1 Greenland, bears, wo bcllec, the name of
reauouy, 01 jiaiuuiore, ouo or the pro
ijeelors of tho expedition. This ley coii'
'nectlou of tho old and new worlds seems
a feature of peculiar interest.
The rnngo of tho slcdgo Journals may be
; understood from tho fuct that tho entlro
j circuit of Smith's Sound has been cllccted
1 nnd its shores comnletel v charted.
llut ibo real ditcovory of the expedition
Dr, Knno clalmi is the real polar sou. Th
chanucl leading to tboso waters was entirely
fiee from Ite, nnd this mysterious feature
wns rcudeicd more remarkable by thoe.x
istenco of n bolt of solid ico extending ono
hundred and twenty-nvc miles to the south
ward. This sea verified tho views of Dr,
Kane, as expressed In tho Geographical So
ciety, befoio his (Upartuic. Tho lashing
of the surf against this frozen beach of Ice
was Impressive bejood description, and
ouo of tho most remarkable sights ilurig the
expedition. An area of three thousand
miles h been seen entirely free from Ice,
and v, uamtd after lho Hon. J. P. Ken
Jy, !ato Secretary of tho Navy, under
whoso auspices tho expedition v. us under
taken. The land to the north nnd west of this
channel mv been charted as high us 62.S0
This is tho nearest land to the role yet
known. It bears the name of Mr. Henry
Qrlnncll, tho founder of the enterprise.
During the winter of 1634-5 they ndopt-
ed tho habits of tho Ksquniau.Y. living upon
raw walrus meat nnd surrounding them-
selves with moss. Iu spite of tbvso precau.
tlons the jcurvy advanced wi(h steady pro-
grcssj but by tho old of a slnglo team of!
dOgs Dr. htino succeeded In clfeetlng a com
munication with n Bcttlcmcnt uf Iqulmaux
seventy nlllrs to tho southward, and by or
ganizing n hunt relieved tho party.
Tho vcisels oro In good trim, staunch and
ready for another tussel with the elements ;
but no doubt for the present they will bo
laid up In ordinary Wo observed numer
ous articles of frqulhmllx manufacture on
board ; among them ladles' seal skin brcccli-
cs, elegant leggtus nnd moccasins, thnt look-
cd cxtcrnnlly big enough Air n giant, but so
" on tho Inside that only n vtry delicate
I fni nn.ilil .!.. .I......
, lwu vwum UU1I WlflU.
Our reporter found on tho forecastle n
somewhat aged nnd ilocllo specimen of tho
cnnlnc species, whose history Is milto event
ful. He is a large full blooded animal of the
I'squlmaux breed, known by tlio soubriquet
of "Toodlcs,"nnd Is n great favorite with
tho men, both on account of hi sagnclty
and thofalthfulncss with which he has served '
them, during tho cruise. He Is the solo sur-
Ivor of a paok of sixty dogs, used by Dr."'
IKnno nnd his companions, some of which'
slty of killing for food.
I'oor Toodles Nad a narrow escape. One
morning found the party without a pnrtlclu
of food and only a slnglo dog this fallli
ful nnd affectionate Toodles, who had
been tho companion of their vlclsltuitcs,
shared their sufferings, nnd who had lost
tho uso of two toes by front In their service.
Thus Toodles hnd accumulated claims on
their gratltudo, nnd Ibr n'long time they
hesitated before mcrlflclng him Hut al
though the ties of friendship are hard to
break, the calls of a Jiungry stomach will
not bo satisfied with sentiment, nnd conte-
ciucntly Toodles was doomed. The plitol,
was already loaded, and tho slew 11.111 pre-1
pared which was to convert tlio shaggy body
1 1 of Toodlcsliilo a savory ragout, when 0110
of the party made his nppenrunce with n
seal which lie bad Just wuciedcd In cap-,
luring. Tho nppcaratice of a numerous'
I..i. r ....1 t.. ,!.... . i.t..t... . .-.1 .1
uviu ui etui 111 unit ncillliy pri'TCUICU 1UC
recurrence of nctuul starvation, und thus1!
Toodles was acd.
This expedition has traveled In n lower
, tempernturo thitit ha- ever Itcforo ken at
tcmptcil ; Minus 4(1 deg., mid in one case
07 deg. below zero was borne by the paity
in tho Held.
1'rom tho TiWi wo tnko the following,
supplied by Mr. .Morton, steward ofthe Ad
Ilriini-ii I
! Tho lllslanco of tho winter ouartcrs frem'
the benrest I.qulmaux settlement was scv'
leiity miles. Notwithstanding thu distance,
.however, tho Indians made frequent visits
to tho ship. They enmo ocr the Ice, In
'sledges drawn "by dogs; nnd these nnlmnls
mnde rapid Journeys- traveling often as
much as seven or eight knots an hour. Thu
Esquimaux women wero often on board the
icssel. Iloth mci' and women wero some
times taken iu, loJged nnd fed, nnd they
usually behoved well, but they will steal '
everything they ean lay their hands on,
without regarding its uso nt all. The only ar-i
tlcles of which they nppeared to understand I
tho purpose, wore knh es, rope, and lmplc
ments of iron. Of philosophical instru.
mente, ship's npparntus, nnd the ordinary
j appliances of civilized life, they had not the
most distant conception. They stole them
because they loved to steal, that wu all. I
ijii person uiey nro siout, of low stature,
and vcryfut. They havo no boats, nnd do-
peml wholly for means of transportation'
upon their dogs and sledges.
JUUCI..WA Six Months Ajirn tiik Dat-'
tix. Itectangular patches of long, rank,
rlftl. ...,.. ,....l.. l.ll. , .1
..v.. bi..., nuiiiig HijjH uuuru iuc more nn-
luiiu green meauow, marKcU the mounds ' ,
whero the slain ofthe Wth of October aro
r,in.l.i.. (V.,-.- 1 II,. I..- 1 I
...,.-...,, .-.,, ..., ...,.,8HrrvsPnro firnI. lound 8r0llnd tbuil( pjon,,
refuse to cat the unwholesome shoots. As ,,., . fi..i..i...n 1. .. ',,..,.
tho forco moved 011, ev Ideuces of Hint fatal ,
and glorious day became thick and painful. I
Tho skeleton of nn Kngllth dragoon, said toj
!. -Il. !..!. 1... ..Ill ......... 1 ..
7 , r '" ,'7' " 7 , , '" T , .:,n Yt"v Wie Journal,,:
ho plain wh tattered bits of red cloth t,0 rak thJ Mn)rtJ mrM wee
unnglng to lho b(n.c of li s armi. All tbv . i . V
ibuttons had been cut off the Jacket, The
man must havo fallen early In the day.
when Iho heavy cavalry w cro cloto lip to 1
Canrobert'shlll, ntid enmo under tho fire of I'
tho ltuwlau artillery, There was aUo a
llusslan clone nt band In ghastly companion
hip. The Small, bullet skull, rouud as u
camion ball, had been p'cKetl bare, nil save1
tho sculp, which Was. still covered with
grizzly red locks.
,- 1L ... 1
menta of shell and rouhd shot, (he body of
another Ilusslun seemed starting out of the
grave, which scnrtoly covered his lower ex-j'
trcinltles, Tho hair-decnyed skeletons vt J
artillery and cavalry horses, covered wllh
rotten trappings, harnesa nnd saddles, Jay
as they full in tho agonies of death, or had
crumbled awny intou dtlrh of lone and ,
skin, nnd leather straps, cloth ond buckles. J'
From the numerous graves, tho uncov ered !
bones of tho tenants have starled through
the Holl.nsif to nppcal ngnlnst tho haste
with which they had lcen bulled. With tho
clash cf drums, and tho shrill strains ofthe
fife, with thu champing of Wis, and ringing'
of steel, man ami horn' nownvcpt over Hie
remains of their fellows In all the pride ol
London T Imes' correspondence.
a-nriner ou, nmm irog.'i0iHe,ann St. Petersburg who car stand
Tho editor of n newspaper down east, hss
been Med to Improve the circulation of his
Monkeys have been dying of cholcr In the
Island of Trlutdad ; nnd their nearest rela
tives, our city dandles, are nil of tremble In
j consequence.
' nnro-fncctl falsehoods Hl told by tho
j ladles In ths present stylo of bonnets.
I The cloak of religion is to 'e known
sometimes (says the London Punch) by tho
ftnt u hM lurlhB fcrnion ttnic
The fellow who kept a "stiff upper lip,"
regretted afterwards thnt he didn't gtvo it
, to a pretty girl. A lcssui fur future prac
I tice.
1 " Med has run away with your wife," said
one friend to another, "l'oor fellow, I pit
him!" was the reply.
A part of tho mountain of sorrow which
nn liicbrinto had heaped upon his own bead,
lately slid off and broVo down tho bridge
of his note.
" John, howdoos tho thermometer stand )''
"Agutnst the wall, tliul." "I mean how
Is lho mercury!" "I guess It's pretty
wcl, dad; it hasn't complained lately."
" You llttla rascal, ic it colder than ycstci
day?" "1 don't know, dad, I'll go out
und feel."
It is said that there aremoro 11 cs told in
the brief sentence, " 1 nra glad to see you,'l
than In nny other single sonteuce in tho Eng
lish langubgO,
A writer in one of the northern papers ou
School Discipline, says t
' Without n liberal uso of tho rod, It Is
impossible lo make tuo noy smart."
A codlluh breakfast nnd n india-rubber
coat w 111 keep a man dry all day.
' Company which does not help to Jmptovo
ui, will certainly have the contrary effect
1 Asioclato with uono but the intcllgcnt and
pO Quaker joung ladles in the Malno
Luw States, It is said, still continue to kiss
tho lips of tho young temperance men to see
if they havo been tnmpcribg with liquor
Just Imagine a beautiful girl approaching
you, young tcmpcninco man, with all tho
dignity of nn executive officer, nnd the In
uocenco of a dove, with the charge
"Mr. , tho ladles believe you nrcin
tho habit of tamper Ing with liquor, nnd the
have appointed mo to examine, you accord.
Ing to our established rules aro you wll
You nod acquiescence. fJhe gently steps
closo up to you, lays her soft white arm
around your neck, dashes laoV her raven
curls, raises her sylph like form upon hef
tip toes, her rounil, snowy, heaving bosom
against your own, nud with her angelic
features lit up with emllo as sweet en
heaven, places her rich, rosy, pouty, sweet
sugar, molasses, bul.rr, eggs, strawberry,
honeysuckle, sun-flower, lllly, baby-Jumper,
rosebud, cream, lart, npplc-ple, pouch-pud
ding, npple-dumpling, ginger-bresdi nectar
lips against yours, nnd (Oh, Jerusalem J
hold usl) busses you, by crackey I Hurrah!
for tho gals, and tlio Maine Liquor Law,
and death to all opposition I
Several oi our bachelor friends say they
(would like (olive In Maine.
l' WITHOUT Sltl'lMirUS. TH(.
1 LaU,rdc' of Bmtil Carolina College, In his
I rlclu' wor on roysioiogy, says 1
As tho women have concluded to dlspcnso
with shoulder straps, somo men, especially
in the city, have thought thoy would provjr
pantaloons to bo worn without suspenders.
men now strut the streets with their
pantaloons tightly buttoned side by side
wlttl tllA WAmsn wliVOi 1'tv la) nsmaiiUAnii
v.., m-v -.. v. !"""
wj'wii ihm livn IUV V'll V BI1IVSI1 WUtll
coses ; pressure upon tho vital organs, lm-
palrmcnt of their proper action, want of de-
lrilhstmit (ltflaSiaa Ami i.aAih f na. ,1..aL
. ""r""""l - u.m puuuiu.nucuiil,
.,, wllh ,illIrnanla ,lllp,,,(1 ',,..
v., ...... ...... j- ..... w..... ... ..u ..
around tholrdstonuccted bodies, preventing
growth at the rapidly growing ne, and tho
result is a generation of dyspeptic pale-
faced, puny apologies for men.
Aml'si:mi:.nts or a Uuuiak Mis.
Tiir3S,!-'A recent rrench traveller in
Russia S4V8 : " I know tho wife of un
... . J - -
'for a quarter of an hour over 010 of
'her serf grJs, nnd in cold bltfod, beat
her black nnd blue. I could mention
the name of a liyeim who fntented a
special instiumont of torlQte to punish
her cliniiiber-inuld. She fiutoned a
needle in one end of n short piece of
wood, llkei n whip bundle. 'Whenever
the poor girl did miything contrary to
ber wishes, she wouKl eullher un. i'ho
unlmppy wretch wastBen lorceuto pull
iuP ber kleeves, etaud by her mistress's-
side, nnd while tho latter read a ro.
mnnce, she drove the needle im'o lho'
irl's arm. till the Wood ran' '
y im aiaimiaj ! mil
QZr (.'Heaven helps thus? yrLo.ielf
themselves?' tt " - ,
r 4
i ' r
c ft )
alBV 1 laKaaEi