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tie utjfm JfenfiiwL
Jicksosvuxe, TucrsdaY, March 15, 1883.
Republican Comity Conienllon.
The Republican convention fqp-Jack-Bon
County is hereby called to be held in
Jackson ville, on April 4th, 1888, for the
purpose of electing 7 delegates to the
Republican State convention to be held
at Portland on Wednesday, 11th dayo'
April, A- D. 1888.
The :omniittee recommend that the
primaries be held March 31, 1883. The
Eeveral precincts will be entitled to one
delegate for every 25 ots cast for the
Hon. Dinger Hermann for Congressman
in 1886, tc-wit:
Ashland 9 Manzanita 3
Applegite 1 Meadows 1
Big Butte 1 Pleasant creek 1
Chimney Rock. .1 Rock Point 1
Tden 2 Sterling : 1
Evans Creek VSteamboat 1
Foots Greek . . 1 Table Rock. ...... 1
Flounce Ro k ...l.Trail Creek... .. 1
Jacksonville. . . . .5;Uniontown 1
Little Butte 2i Willow Springs.... 1
Medford 3;
W. II. ATKINSON, Cnaiririafl.
To Out? Pat-ions. Those who have
paid me iiTadvance for the Sentinel will
have their money refunded or I will send
them the Democratic Times for the unex
pired time to all thoso who wish it.
Will jackson.
EiiPEBOB William Dead. Germany's
emperor died last Friday morning at 8.30.
The whole of Europn is i i mourning over
his death. Prince Frederick William
"was at once crowned emperor. Funeral
services w ill be held to-day.
On Trial. In the circuit court, of Jose
phine county, now being held at Grant's
Pass, the celebrated Hamlin case1 is now
on trial. All of the witnepses were ex
amined by Tuesday evening and the
case argued on yesterday. The case went
to the jury last night.
It is .said that about a dozen democrats
are on a still hunt for the Jacksonville
postmastership. Max Muller'a term of
office expires April 1st. Like a great
many eopIe of Jacksonville, including a
lanre number of good democrats too, we
tvoul'l like to see Max be retained another
term as P. M.
KKWbrAVER Sjock Companv. Tho Re
publicans of this city and county should
at once organize a stock company for the
publication of a newspaper here. We
are confident that neatly all, if not all of
the stock would le taken here. Let the
Republicans discuss the matter among
themselves and webeliove it will be done.
I'ruporlio bold.
Ilenrv Kliptwl, leal estate agent of
this place, reports the following sales
through his agency:
C C. B-ektnan to Henry Wendt. block
13. in Pool fi Ktippel'w addition to Jack-
teuvjAn:. rjhirr 4-niV"
- r."- tiro.' vuuMiicMHiw'tt t--
3. O. Beetman to l In. rjeke, blocks
73. 74. nnd traciio"- bioiic u. in root
KJippel's addition. Con. 32o.
J ,1m. Well to Geo. W. Do.:ne and Ed
gar 12 Miner, "200 acres near, Gold Hill.
Con. $250j4
New "Variety Sronn. A new variety
' Morottlil bo opaned"" April 1st, in Mra,-JlcCully'sbuilding-on
the corner of Cal
ifornia and Third streets, now occupied
by Chalo & Mi'Kenzfe, by Will Jackson
and Tlios. T. Turner. Only the best
stock of goods w ill be Kept, consisting of
cigars, tobaccos, candies, ntltsi btationery,
tropical fruits and everything usually
kept itta variety ttore. During the bum
liter months and the warm season, au
ice-cream stand nil! bu run in connection
" Vith the Mora.
Eating Them Olt, The Hamlin case
from thic county is being tried this week
lit Grant's Pas and a Urge number of
Jackson county people are in attendance.
From the following message, which was
leleg-aphcd from there Tuesday morning,
it appears that our delegation mut hive
eaten all of the hotels out, besides getting
away with nil the saloons had to drink.
Here is the telegram:
Grant's Pass Or., March 13.
To merchants of Jacksonville:
Send car luad flour,
beef, bacon, potatoes itnd old bmtrbon.
(iitfJCitizenS Jackvou, county.
Locvl Bosissss. Tna adverti-ting pat
ronage gived to the local press, by the
business houses of Jacksonville is but a
modicum in comparison fd the amount of
trade carried on in this place. That it
would greatly enhance trade and values
to Iiberallv advertise everv branch of
business, is ad axiom thai needs no dem
onstration to astute business men. A
glance at the advertis ng columns of our
I ocil papers w ill fail to discern a single add
that do is justice to the business it repre
bents, while many trades and occupations
are wholly without representation by the
press, atld but for tlio spirit o business
enterprise that prompts the papers from
week to week to give local notices to the
business interests of the town, the more
enterprising business places in the valley
would certainly divert the lucrative trade
that has given us prosperity in the post.
Another strong point that militates
against onr permanent prosperity is that
bo much business is being done through
middlemen who give to the town no pat
ronage, and the houses they represent do
not advertise except by cards and plaques
brought from distant cities. Now that
transportation facilities make it possible
for our business men to deal direct with
wholesale h .uses, it would certainly be
to the ad van t Age of our people to pat
ronize firms liberal enough to advertise
for our trade or wifo enough to send
commercial nYenions that will give ns
the advantage of their traelin patron
age. Many oi uie drummers that re
ruining through the country to secure
frido, get their" lraniiiort.il sou in aajohv
Ing towns and make a flying trip tff Jack
sonville between breakfast and dinner
and do nofeven give us tire profit of a
single meal. A word to the wise is suf
ficient and the moral to titer story is, ad
vertise and deal with business houses
that will do the same, or send men to
deal with us tfrnt wilt give ns a living
thaxe of their patronage.
Good morning.
Baseball is all the go.
"Wild flowers in bloom.
Pleasant weather again.
Lent lasts until April 1st.
Grouse haTe begun to hoot.
'Tassthe pop-corn around."
Candidates' are getting numerous.
A heivy shower fell Tnesday afternoon.
A. H. Maegly is in Portland on a busi
ness visit.
James Slover, is1 confined to his room
with the meules.
0. L. Carter, the Indian claim agent, is
in the valley again.
Large number of Jacksonvillians are
still at Grant's Pass.
Capt.AlexP. Ankeny returned from
the Oregon metropolis this morning
Leo Stock, a commercial man of Port
land spent seeral days here this week.
W. H. Leeds, of the Ashland Tiding
was in Jacksonville bne &a.f last week.
L. Belfils left for Roseburg Sunday
evening, where he will visit his family.
The rumor last week of the failure1 of
the firm of Baker & Merrill was tmfc'und
ed. Jackson county scrip no brings ninety
eight and ninety nine cents on the dol
lar. The county seat question enters as a
factor, in both ..Wallowa and Malheur
John Boyer shipped a fine lot of smelt
from PortlandMooday which he sold "like
hot cakes."
T. J. Potter, General Manager of the
Union Pacific, died at Washington, D. C,
last Friday.
A new choir has been organized for the
Catholic church. Their singing is said
to be very good.
Postal Inspector Mason, of Portland,
has been inspecting the post office at
Talent this week.
G. W. Miller, of the firm of Baker &
Merrill, of Medford, called at the county
seat last Saturday.
The Plaindealer says Roseburg will
have awoolcn mill erected there this year.
Good for Rosebura.
The Atlanta Constitution is stili remark
ing with vigor: "The infamous internal
revenue must go."
Bert Whitman, of Medford is in town
helping his brother, J. Hi. Whitman, in
the county clerks office.
Henry Hockenjos, a Jacksonville boy,
!h president of the Marine brass band, the
leading baud of Portland.
A gentleman from Portland is in town
Jenkins: at fcotneof our vineyards jvitlt
the intention of purchasing.
Every precinct in-Juukcan county will,
at the democratic county condition,
present its candidate for sheriff.
S.-M1 DeRoboam, who has been at
Grant's Pass, as a witness in the Hamlin
case, rejurned Tuesday nlctfrilug".
Mrs. J. W. Singlotary, of Glendale, is
paying Jacksonville friends a visit. Shu
is the guest of Mrs. B. W. Dean.
The democrats of Lake county have
purchased a column in the Examiner,
and will use it for campaign purposes.
Jmbis L. R.Webster, wh'J has retnrned
from New York and is now holding court
at Grant's Pass, spent Sunday at home.
The Roseburg Plaindealer thinks that
Jackson county can and will be carried
by the Republicans in June. We hope
Salmon 'anning on the Columbia river
will bo in full blast in about a month. 1 re
parations for a big tun are now being
Gen. Phil Sheridan will pay the BoiBe
barracks an official vfcit this ppring and
will probably increase the service at that
Build a band stand for our band boys.
Ashland, Roseburg, Eugene and many
other towns in the state enioy open air
Chale & McKenzie have concluded to
discontinue the saloon business nnd will
close tip, on the 22d, when their license
runs out.
l?ow is the time for the Republicans to
organize clubs. Jackson cSclnty can be
carried by them if they only make a"
strong fight.
The tariff question wil' be debated one
week front next Saturday evening, by the
debating society. It promises to be an
interesting debate.
Eighteen out of the twenty four who
took examinations lasi week for school
certificates, passed and were granted
teachers privileges.
The best fruit and grape lands lie ad-"
joining Jacksonville, and those who wish
to find a location for home place can do
no better than coming this way.
St. John, the prohibition crank from
Kansas, has bought property at Chico,
Cat., and will reside there. Iist is a
gain "to Kansas, is a great loss to oar sis
ter state.
A very neat and complete pocket map
of Oregon has been issued by Rand, Mo
Xally & Co., of Chicago. It is handy and
every one should bavfe one?. Addess the
The Roseburg Review of last week,
publishes Senator Vorhees free trade
speech, which takes irp nearly twehe
columns of the pupet. The Review edi
for has the craze bad
Daisv creek after it passes through tffe
lot owned by L. Solomon, should be look
ed after and the- cr.'ek given a regular bed
to flow iff As it is now, it is all over the
flats' in that part of town.
The Western Union Telegraph office
Till be removed from its present location
in the Post-office to the new store, which
is to be opened in the building now occu
pied by McKenzie & Chale
The late Emperor" William will be buri
ed to-day. Great preparations have been
made for the funeral.
Moore's Revealed Remedy cures and pre
vents all fevers and smallpox. Sold by J.
W. Robinson and E. C. Brooks, Dnfggists,
Jacksonville, Oregon. -
Settle Up. As this is my last issue of
the Sentinel all persons are hereby noti
fied to come forward and settle up.
Will Jacksos.
There are fifteen Chinese lepers at the
Multnomah county poor farm, and the
question of sending them to San Fran
cisco for shipment to China is being dis
cussed. .According Id feports, Southern Oregon
is to be given a candidate for presidential
elector on the Republican ticket For
that place, wc mention C, C. Beekman
of this p'ate.
The yery best meals can be hsd at the
Linkille Restaurant, opposite the Star
officei It is under the mana4ement cf
Mrs. M. Es Williams who spares no pains
to please" her guests.
W Jr Plymalo is running a daily stage
from Jacksonville to Medford to connect
with the trains both north and south.
His stage leaves Jacksonville promptly
at 7 a. ii. and 4 p. m. A liberal share of
the patronage is solicited.
FITS : All Fits stopped free by Dr. Kline's
Great Nerve Restorer. No fits after first
day's use. Marvelous cures. Treatise anp
$2.00 bottle free to Fil cases. Send to Dr
Kline, 931, Arch St., l'hila., Pa.
Ayer's Hair Vigor stiutulates the hair,
a vigorous grou th. It contains all that
can be Supplied to make the hair beauti
ful and abundant, removes dandruff, and
renders the hair flexible and glossy.
Jack Dempsey, of Portland, the well
known pugilist and middle-weight cham
pion of the world, wants to fight Mitchell
who fought Sullivan last Saturday. We
believe Jack could "knock him out."
When you have an occasion of making
a trip to any point in he county df valley,
take our adice and give Kenney's livery
stable your order. Bill always keeps on
hand good teams, gentle and fleet, "and
the best of vehicles. Give him a call.
The Chicago Tribune is booming Judge
Gresham by the page for the presidency.
It has information from all parts of Illi
nois to the effect.that the Republicans will
support him in the national conven
tion. E. E. Miner, a former real estate agent
of Ashland, but now of San Francisco,
has been in town all week. He hasbeen
looking over thti countty fo: speculation.
He is accompanied by his wife, herinoth-
er and father.
We learn that Jacob Schmilling has
sold his small viney aril in the southern
pai t of tow u to a Mr. Braendeh, of Albina.
Mr. Braendel intends" to bring (no or six
German families to otir townlo make
their future' lmmeS.
TliedentOLralS havS'Tiaa l controf of;
Jackson cointy's affaire long enough and
the Republicans will ttlake.a stfdng fight
o carry the conntyatTIie June election
Give the Republicans a show and the
county debt will diminish.
In Portland, Maine, where the usual
Republican majority is abi.ut fiTOjthe
democrats and prohibitionists fused and
nominated Neal Dow, the "father of pro
hibition," for mayor. Reports from thnt
city slate that Dow, democracy, and pro
hibition was defeated by JGOO majority.
Much mention is feeing made df Judge
Gresham's fitness for the presidency, a..d
it is probable th t he will be, nominated
by the Republicans for that place. Willi
him, the Republicans can carry Indiana,
New York, Connecticut and New Jersey,
which means a grand Republican v:o"tc-
The democrats of Lebnndd want Cleve
land for president and Gov. Pennoyer for
vice-president. Cleveland, it is said,
wants Oregon, ami he may gtit it by fa
voring Pennoyer fot the second place.
This would be a good combination t'j get
defeated in Oregon Herald-Disseminator.
The literary society still flourishes and
an intere.iting time was had last Saturday
evening Officers fora term offonrweeks
were elected. They are: President, G.
H. Watt, Vice President, Misfj Hattie
Reames; Secretafy Miss Hattie New
bury; Treasurer, John Jeffery; Censor,
Frank Neil.
San Francisco, March 12. The South
ern Pacific Company have not decided
to build it line from Montague, California,
ort the-Oregon & California railway, to
Shovel creek, on Klamath river, via Lit
tle Shasta, and probably thence ia Link
ville and Klamath lake to Eastern Ore
gon and Idaho, for connection with the
Oregon Short Line.
Within four weeks four sets of f vrhrs
have been born in Yreka and the imme
diate vicinity. The latest to be doubly
blessed is Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, who
reside on the Little Shasta road. Iheir
home was likewise favorGd fince before,
making four children in fourteen months.
Talking about climate, what's the mat
ter with Siskrjou? Union.
The much talked-of prizefight between
Sullivan and Mitchell took place in
France last Saturday. They fought thirty
nine rounds and the fight was called a
draw on Sccount of the rain. Mitchell
would not give Sullivan any chance to
knock hira out by running around the
ring, but at times' made it pretty warm
for the man from Boston. John L. istlfe
boss yet.
The hop men cut a sorry figure these
djvs. Many voted airainst the prohibi
tion amendment believing that hops.
would tinni: a better price, but now they
see they were badlv sold. Where are
thoe men who were looking for bind up
in Jackson county, to stfirt vineyards' in
cao the amendment was defeated? Oh,
what fools we" mortals be. West Side.
Don't be alarmed about Jackson county
and our vineyards. They are all here"
yet and thousands of acres more will be
set oiit in vines this Jear. The last sen
tence should read : Oh, what fool ire
mortals be for voting for and supporting,
such an amendment
. Mr. Wm. Dunbart wfco.lteIyreturned
from China, has orders to send several
tons of Oregon butter there as soon as
the price is low enough. There is a mar
ket over there for a large quantity of but
ter, which is supplied chiefly at present
from Holland and Italy, the butter being
put in tins. This coast, being 'so much
nearer, should supply that market,
bnt Oregon is not likely to do
much toward it, as we are importing
large quantities of California butter at
present. When Oregon, can manufacture
more than enough butter! supply the.
home tlemaud, a profitable trade can be
bnilt up with China for the surplus.
Oregonian. .
One of the necessities of Jacksonville
is notel accommodations to meet the
wants of the traveling-public. 'Latest in
dications from the East are that the com
ing summer will see "an unprecedented
tide of travel over the Pacific coast "and
if we hope to catch any of the pecuniary
benefits of it we must be prejtafed to re
ceive and accommodate it. R J. Ryan
has neatly fitted tip his iour story brick
hotel to rent, and a wide awake business
man with the necessary experience and a
small capital would find it arrinvestment
that woul t undoubtedlyjrpve profitable.
It is to the interest of the town to offer to
the traveling public everyiwlucement to
visit Jacksonville, and the increasing
value of crape and fruit lands in this vi
cinity will soon give us permanent pop
ulation that will assure" us ?f future
prosperity. By all means eive the'town
the best hotel accommodations possible
and the p tronage of the public will be
assured us.
Several enterprising PorIanders have
hit on a novel plan for advertising the city
and state. It is the intention to organize
a splendid band of from twenty to forty
musicians. It is to bo. called the Port
land, Or., Brass Band. None bnt the
finest musicians will be allowed to join,
as it is intended to make it as fine a band
as can be gat herd together on the Pacific
Coast, It is'calculated that the band and
expenses of the tour will foot up at least
$20,000. With this band grand concerts
will be given in manyijot ihd principal
Eastern cities. In some of the larger
places a stay of from one to two weeks
will be made. During the"1 concert, de
scriptive circulars and other reading mat
ter w ill be distributed. The programmes
will also contain brief paragraphs telling
of Oregon's climate and resources. A
brief lecture will be given by the agent,
who accompanies the band, on the "'land.
of red apples." It is calculated that more
good solid avertising Can be done for
Portland and Oregon iatbjs than in any
other way.
With this issue the.S?STniEL ceases to
tn fexiKt. at least? for the Dresent. It is
uiora-tljan possible Ilia tad Jiepubliuana
tnrougnous me. conniysxoou oy me oi
tisel it would not onhhaVe lived but
rrould have grown jinsii and qualit.
Now it will be seenlow much a local,
party paper is"neededWwatrh.arid cor
rect abuses that mustEurely creep'in.
Any party that is long in power must of
necessity become moro""6r" Ics3 corrupt,,
An even balanced condition of parties
will Insure a more perfect honesty of
officials and correct adainistration of af
fairs. Education and bigotry are perfect
ly mcompatable nnd ? alroaseqnonce we
rriay expert, that a, laxjs portion of the
rank-and file df tho de'infrfatic" party will
be counted 1o live and die under the old
banner no matter wnat principles or
fea-lers may exist. Tbiratis no tloubt
but the battle to be fought in the'political
field Uiis year will be thjj most impoftiint
that has occurred for jef r The strug
gle will decide more or less whether the
great principles of" pro'ttion to our in
dustries shall be a thing of the past or
not. Should i ho theories of the Cobden
club so much desired -fey 'England and
Eufope prevail we may look for financial
depression, poverty, afhl 'distressing la
bor troubles. For our par we cannot see
why the Southern States can not see. ho x
necessary it is to foster then- infant man
ufacturing indHstries. Under the foster
ing care of f he protective' tariff they have
made wonderful strides and phenominal
progress. The SentineI, in tfce past has
been found id line advocating such prin
ciples and supporting sntfi men for office
as were in perfect accord with the prin
ciples of thi? "GrandOld Party."
As a last parting admonition those
young men who are al)dut to cast their
first vote we would sayJ( examine well the
situation, read carefully the history of
the political acts til r the; flour existing par
ties and then decide, jlf&ou ij(jdge the
future by the past you; can easily" de
Icrmine with which paryyou will vote
and the issue will nfa. be ascertain. One
who runs may read who sbe the men who
are pulling the wires for selfish motives
only. "Ei UnqueXionum." .
Mary had 4 rittfe lamb, -f
Its fleece was white as snow,
And built a little tariff pen
To keep it safe yon knowti ,
Bnt Roger Mills, he came" along,-
An ugly boy was he,
And smashed the little tariff pen'
T let the lSmb go free?
And in the night an English wolf,
As silent as a clam.
Came" prowling arotnid the broi'en pen7
And killed the little Iambi
Then Mary wept, bnt hopeful said,
-I'll have free wool ai least 1"
"And s6 you shall," said Boger Mills; '
So said the ngly oeasf? v
But wlieS she went fo geLihe fleece,-
The woif was sitting on it ;
"Come on,"' eaid he Sand' 'get your"
I'Ttf Cxed my price nfton it.".
So Mary traded with the wolf,- J
And roundljrdid she pay;
For that de r fleece she fed .the beast
A twelvemonth and a day.
Springfield, Mass. Union.-
Southern Oregon Tfanscripi.
Central Point has a couple of candi
dates for county offices.
'Medford appears to have its quota of
candidates for two of the fat places.
W. N. Ladue of Salem, spent a day in
Medford last week.
N. A. Jacobs is duly announced as a
county clerk candidate; ditto Chas.
Nickell; ditto etal.
Just the kind of weather, this, to re
tard the progress of the on coming fruit,
and release it after all danger of frost has
Would be candidates who begin al
ready to raise the hue and ciy about
sticking to the nominees of the conven
tion, may be trusted to have the big end
of half a dozen combinations.
The voting of the money to build the
road, between Ja'-ksonville and the rail
way was a good thing to do, but to collect
from citizens of a town, money with
which to bnild a road outside that town,
will be rather anew thing.
Proposition to place lampp?sts at the
corners of our principal streets, will be
introduced at the next meeting of the
council. This, a much needed improve
ment would give our city a fine appear
ance. A committee has the matter in
Mr. Shultz who is to build a flouring
mill at this place has purchased of A. S.
Jacobs, a half interest in the property
known as the Riddle House. lie is
making a bid for the balance of this fine
property, and ii he can buy it, will pur
chase adjoining buildings on D street,
and not only increase the extent of the
hotel but raise" the whole" to two stories.
Mr. Shultz will, in addition to this, erect
the mill this season.
Washington, March 7. The new con
vention between this country and China
is practically completed. It has been
the subject of more or less correspond
ence between the Chinese Legation and
the State Department for a year and a
half. It is barely possible that it may be
sent to the senate on Thursday of this
The utmost secrecy has been observed
regarding the treaty, but in a general
way it may be said it will be so framed
as to positively prohib.t the further im
portation of Chinese laborers. The pres
ent law rcstrifling immigration for a
period of ten years from I8S2,will be ex
tended six additional years. In other
words, the restriction will extend ten
years from the present date.
The convention will also include a
clause to indemnify Chinese subjects for
loss to life and property suffered by them
on AmflrJgn-gAil,..Tlfc.'"M't flfe-w-
demnity it is not possible to state with ac
curacy, but it is believed to be less than
It is understood that the new treaty
will give Chinese owning real or personal
property of tho value of $1000 or upward
certain privaleges in respect immigratin
that rrtiOt enjoyed by their less fortu
nate brethern, and that the same clause
will be further broadened in other partic-.
The Sub-Colflmittee of the House Com
mittee on Foreign Affairs havfi agreed to
report a bill to give effect to the Chinese
treaty, which will be submited to the
Senate by the President in a few days.
table Etiquette.
Uever pick your teeth at table.
Never smack the lips while eating.
Never put jour elbows on the table.
Never put your knife in your mouth.
Never put your fingera in your mouth r
Never drum with your fingers on the
Never ptoposff s conundrum or whisper
at table.
Never carry fruit or bonbons awayfrom
the table.
Never bite frilit. An apple, peach or
pear should be pealed.
Never say or do anything at table that
is liable to produce disgwU
Never stretch your feet nnder the table
so as to touch the feet of your vis-i-vis.
Never play with your' knife or fork or
salt cellar, or balance a spoon on your
Never tuck you napkin, bib-fashion,
under your shirt collar.-Unf old it and
lay it across your lap.
Gold Hill, 1st Sab., forenoon and evening
Central Point 2d ' "
Medford, 3d " " " "
Jacksonville 4th " ,. "
J. W. MiiLEB.Pastor.
Cli!aeaxce Bale. Desiring to make
room for my immense spring stock, I
have determined to oner, special induce
ments for the next 3d daysx The follow
ing are some of the reduction", for cash
5 button Foster kid gloves,
in duck oniy, zormer
price $1 50 at $1 00
Fine black Milan bats, for
mer price 2 00at 1 50
Shade hats fronf. .,.. 25 td 125
Everything in proportion. Orders by
mail attendeJ to promptly at Mrs. P. P.
Prim's Millinery Store", Jacksonville,
To the Public;
In order to protect the public from ex
tortionate prices, the SestineL will pub
lish advertisements for sheriff's sale of
real and personal property under fore
rfostire of mortgage or execution, for the
reasonable sum" of ten dollars.
Fob Sale. A second hand cook
stove, in good condition, for sale cheap.
For furth'ef particulars call as this of'
Cfltftrfra'ptlon Sarelr Ctrnd:
To tub Ebitoc Pleae inform your
readerf tnat 1 nave a positive remedy lor
the above named disease.- By its timely use
thousands of hopelcs casesnave been per
manentlv cured I shall be ekd tOsend two
bottles of nry remedy tbee to any of your
readers who have consumption if they will
send me their express and postoffice address.
Eespeetfullr. T.A.8LOCDM,iI.C.
181 Pearl St., New-York,
To Fall and WinterBiiyers
L 3STO-OT- &nc3. Coraploto Stools.
3BVU.1 .Etxita, "Wlaa.ta?CSl-oocajs
consisting of
Hoots, shoes, hats, groceries, oil-cloths, hosiery, tlu
and the largest line of GENTS CLOTHING in the City U now diitJy si
at ;
Merritt's Cash Store .
in Jaolt sorrolllo, Oregon. '
Don't buy until yon have seen my goods.
due price to all.
Casli from all.
Credit to none
Opposite Postdffice, - Jacksonvlle, Or
Staple, Dra'andaTancy Goods, Ladles' nnd Goats
IFiiniisliinjj Goods, Boots, Sliocs, lints, "Wall
Paper, AVindoAV Similes. Oil ClotHs &; Car.
pets, Groceries, I?xo virions, & Confec
tionery, Crocltcry &; Glass
ware Coal Oil, Tobacco "
Cijcars, etc , etc1
A complete line of the celebrated
CALL and examine our stock, and ascertain our rriccs before nurchasinjr elsewhere.
ns w e are here to do business, and determine to pleasc'our customers. Country produce
akett in exchange at the standard market price. We also keep HAY SCALES in addi
ion to the store. REAMES & WHITE
Blankets, Woolens, Flannels, Hosiery Yarns,
Etc, are immense.
3VXem'si JsilJ. svs3. "7$7":Lri.-te:r Olotlainar-
Button a"d Lace, Calf and Kip Shoes for "Winter nse
Mip Gum boots, JKnec boots, &iioW JEZv
cluders, Parkers leather-soled hip
ppre gum boots best in the ""
Staple and Fancy Groceries and Provisions.
Crockery, Oils, etc, etc.
When coritemplcting buying your frail and Winter supplies, don't forget I am bettor
prepared this year to offer you Standard Brands of Goods for less money than any other
mdti in Southern Oregon. I exchange for all kinds of Farm, rroduce.
225 Miles Shorter, 20 Hours Less Time.
First Clais Through Paen;er and freight line from PORTLAND and all points in th
Willamme'fe River Line of Steamers:
The Wm. M. Hdid, tho v. 5 Bentley, and the Three Sisters
Leave Portland, 8 AM, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from Messrs. Hitman &
Co'sDock, 200 and 202 Front St., for Corvalli-i, and intermediate pointtt making clos
connection tit Albany and corvallis with trains of the Ore-on Pacillc Rrilroad. '
LeaveAlbany JLiOOr.MlLeaYe Yaquina 6:50a. at:
Corvallis 1:47 r.M " Corvallis 10-TWa.m.-
Arrive Yaquirti 5:50p.M'Arrive Albany 11:15 a. m;
O. & C Trains Connect at Albany ad Corvallis
The above train connect at
with the Oregon Development Company's Steamship 1'ne between
Willamette Valley", Thunday Feb. 9. Tncday February 14.
Ea'tern Orepon. Tnesday " It. Sunday " ID.
Willamette Valley, Sunday, " 17, Saturday ' 25.
Eastern Oregon", Saturday 28, Thursday March. 1,
This Company reserves tfie right to change sailing dates without notice.'
Passengers from Portland and all Willamett Valley points can make cloe connec
tion with the trains of the YAtUfNA KOUTE at Albany or Corvallis, and if destined
for San Francisco, should arrange to arrive at Yaquina the evening before date of allin j i
TViT5nfnrT?Jihrtn nnnlr fn
C. H. flASKELf,. Jr.,
Gen'I Jfrt. and l'as. Agent,
Oregon Development Co.;
304 Montgom'ery street,
San Francisco, Cal.
Grown from acclimated stocks
On my own grounds.
If your merchant does not keep
them, send for Catalogue.
Walla Walla,
Jacksonville, Or.
Act'g Uenl Frt. and Pass. Agraf;
Oregon Pacific It. R Co.,
. Oregon
.General Blacksmiths,
Make and repairs all kind c vehleta.
AU work don- vmlj discatch ad nciSw