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    o'eEbOn sehtihsl.
Jachsonville, - - - Oregon,
Br -
One copy; Per Yeir,lnnrtrnre, S'i 30
"T-1.JL"iJ.VJ.H.iJ i
dvcrliscmtnts will be Inserted in the
Sextinki. at the following rates :
Tin ines, one insertion $2X0
er.cb subsequent insertion. $1 00
Legal advertisements inserted roa
sonahlv. Job "work of all kinds done on prompt
notice and in workman-like style,
A Ulicoum in Nearly AiUes-tHer
VOL. XK5I--KO. 27
"pis Wpfi
T. R. YOtJNO, M. D.,
Physic an And Surgeon,
Centbal Point, Oregon.
Calls promptly attended to at all hours,
Having located at this place I ask a
fcbare ef the patronage of this section.
Calls attended to at any time.
Medford, Oregon.
All btisine"sin myline -will receive
prompt attention.
Jacksonville, Ogn.A
Will practice in all the Courts of the
Slate. Office in Court ll iuc
1 B. KENT,
Jacksonville OiJeGon.
"Will practice in all the Cnurlsof this State.
Office in the i burt House.
C- LT3MPJ3RT, M- D-, .
Graduate ofUniverfcit-, Leipzig, Germany,
Physician And Surgeon.
Calls attended to at all hours day and
night. Office opposite Slovur Ho el. Jack
sonville, Oregon.
te. I'rj cc, . li;
I . Vt C.'r.-iry, JU U.
3VEoafor-ci, Or.
Offices. For the present will be as
'physician AND SURGEON
Jacksonvile, Oga.
OFFICE At' City Orug 8tne. Resi
deacc on Fourth St., opposite 31. E.
Calls priiinptlyatteuded to day and night.
B. F. 1,0 WELL,
All business placed in my hands will rc
eive pmiiirlt atlentiiri. grtvcial alien
tion given to collections.
Kotiry Public, Real Estate Agent and
Collec cr
Modfoi'ct, C
I make conveyancing antl liirntsiiingab
Stracls of land titles a specialty. Loans
litgotiatcd and c.n'lections made. All
ttusiness intruded to iuv care will receive
prompt arid tlarelul attention.
T B K T 1 8 T,
Teeth extracted at all hours.
Lnughing ess administered,,
if desired for wKrk tjxtra
tharge will be r uillcc on corner of
CHlirTiiU and Jtli strcei.
A. O. QIBBS. 1.. B. STKARKf.
Rosbb2 and 4StrowbrMge's Railding,
Will practice in all courts of record in the
Slate of Oregon and Washihton Terri
tory; and pay ptrticular attention td
business in K"dcral courts.
aasaa mrwwn iniisaiMsg
Four courses f study. Nortrial and
dommcrciai College, Preparatory and In
strumental music.
For particulars of catalogne apply to
the undersigned at Astiland, Oregon.
II. 0. ROYAL, A. 31.
1 PRIZE.-?!
Send sis cents for postage.
no. receive tree, acostly oox
r jroods which wiil lielu all.
of cither sex. to more money right away
ihan anything else in this world. Fo'r
tines awiil the workers absolutely sure
At onwadd rets Tkue & Co , Augusta, 31c
Oregon & California R. R.
Ind connections. Time 2J clays.
Tare from Portland to San Francisco $33;
to Micraiuriito $30.
Close connections made at Ashland
with stages of the California Oregon
and Idaho Stage company.
East Side Division.
BelAYccn i'lirllinu! & Ashland
.Ti.-ill Train.
Portland. .7:30 A. xi.3Iedford...3:24 A. M.
3Iedford..3:2r a. M.jAbliland..3:lS A. M.
Ashland. 9:80 r. u.lMcdlbid.. 10:10p.m.
llettford. 10.11 r. m Portland ..4:25 p. m.
Albany l.llrrsi Train.
P"rihnd IATimfTif'lianfin , , ,fJ7n r .it
LebsnoD 4:45 a MlPortland.jlO :05 am
Pullman Palate Sleeping cars daily be
tween Portland and Atlaiui.
The O. & C. R. R. Ferry makc3 con
nection with all the regular trains on the
East Side Div. lrom foot of F. St.
West Side Division.
Bfetweeh Portland & Corvallis.
Mall 'I rain.
LEAVE. 1 AltniVE.
Portland 9:00a m d)rvallis...4:30 p m
Cb rvallis... 8:0 a Mli'oitland... 3:20pm
Express Train.
Portland 5:00 pm JIc3Iinnvilie8-00r.M
3Ic31innville5:45 AMil'orll:ind...8:30 A M
Local tickets lor sale and baggage
checked at company's tip-town office, cor
ner Stark and Second stre-els. Tickets for
principal points in alifornia can only be
procuicd and baggage checked at com
pany's olTict)
Copier F nnl Trout st , rortlaml, Orrsnn.
Freight will not be icceived for ship
ment after five o'clock pm on either the
Eabtor WestSide Divisions.
R. KOEIILUIC, E. P. Rooeus,
3Ian.iger. G. F. & Pass. Agt
Citation to Heirs.
In the County Court of the State of Ore
gon for the comity' of Jackson, sitting
in jiroKikN May teim. 18bfl.
In the matter ol the estate of William
Uriner, deceased.
To Lemuel Ilriner, Kiiz.ibeth Rriner, Ma
tilda Foster, Mati Ida Kice warmer, Elsie
Harvey, Thus. Rriner, George Bnmer.
Pernina Gl.iudon.
I that IJ. C. Godd.ird Administrator,
has filed his petition praying for an order
ofi-aidcouit to sell the following des
erilvd real property belonging to said
c tatr, lo-wit:
Lots No. 1,2, 3. and the W 1-2 of the
N E if and (he N W U of the - E 4 all
in section 2, Township 37 sotnh, range 1
wett, located in Jackson conulv, Oregon,
the h. mestead claim of W m.- Brintr, de
ceased . ""
TlicieferB nl!ce I hereby clvcn to t!i. li'ra nt-Iao:
oliinMeKtate tlint theprajer of faitl petition wi.l be
lienl aii'l leterinineil at the nnal pl'ce of liolilinp
tunt Couit In J&cknviMe. in hatd county and
tate inTue,d, Jnne Rtli,18S6,at 10eliick A. HM
at wliiclitime tlie saiilheh anil all others Interested
in fSkI eafate are lieceby notinel tn appear antl shun
chum, if lliey !iae, uuv an order of sale lioultl Dot
t-e made as in the aforesaid petition pra ed far.
1'uMislud b) order of Hon. K lePentt, Jude.
Attrat: W M. II. PAKKEU.L'iiuty Clerk.
sib. j. a si'
Taolx.sozi.viJLlo, - - Ogii.
Having moved to a netc locallrm on
California street at the residence of E.
D. Foudray I hereby ask my friends
and the p"Ublic generally to give me a call
for anything in the line of Dressmaking,
Fining and Cutting,
Dress Patterns Furnished.
31v-jvrices are regulated to suit the
times and satisfaction is guaranteed.
3IRS. J. 31. S3IITII.
Land Office at RosEBinin, Og:;., )
3lay20, 1880. f
Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice ot his
intention to make final proof ill support
ofltis claim, antl that said proot will be
made before the Clerk of Jarkson county,
at Jacksonville Oregon, on Tuesday July
Cth, 1SSG, viz: Elijah Smith, pre-emption
D. S. No. 4428 for the S E j of N XV X,
Sec 27 township 38 south range 3 West.
He names the following witnesses to
prov his continuous residence upon, and
eultivatiou of said land, viz: James Jeff
rey of Jacksonville, Wm. Ray, Alex. A.
Ingart tind James 3IcDonnah all of
Uuiontown. Jackson conntv, Oregon.
Wm. F. Benjamin. Register.
County Treasurer's Notice.
Office ofTiicvscheu of Jackson Co., 1
Jacksonville, 3Iav 14 1SG. I
there are luniU iu the Omnty Treas
ury for the redemption of the following
county warrants, protested up fi July C,
18S1: r j ,
870, 140, ma, 14S, 147 195, 14fl, 102, 14'J,
1 14, 133, 125, 94, 121, 45, 110, 50.
Interest on the same will cease lrom
this elaie. Newsan Fisheu,
County Treasurer.
WANTED A capable man or woman,
of unusual energy, to take the
ascnev cf this or some-other county lor
the "History of Cal ifornia ." To the right
party it will pav $100 to $300 per month.
Address F PERSON. Manager Occiden-
' tal Publishing Co, 120 Suiter street, San
1 Francisco. mar271m.
SM TF' 1 -tr'a ri
H Ki f 3 K i5i rB5d
' Abaoluteltt
Free frni Opiates, Moieties and Poison.
SAFE. ifer,,
Cures Rhetitnatj'n, Kcurslgia,
E y
Th8 Greatest HotoalMurfljih of the Ago!
Loss of nppotitc, Uoirela costive, Vein ia
tho bead, tvilU a dull sensation in the
hncK partt Pain uuder tho shoulder
blade, Fullness nftcr catinc, tvith ndii
Inclination to exertion of body or mind,
Irrilubilitroftcmpcr, liovr spirits, ivith
n fee lias of uavlncnejloctcd ome duty,
Vrarlncge, X)tzz!ncsi, XTInttcrins: at tbo
ilcnrt, Dots beforollio eyes, Headache
ever tho rieht eye, llcstlcssnesi, with
fitful dreams, Ilishlj colored Lriuc, and
TBTT'S PILLS aro especially adapted
to snch caes, one Uogo etrecls sucli a
The Increao the A :octI(c,rmd cause tho
rtcdy tr, '1'al.e ou jcxli. tuus tho PTstera 13
nourf pUel, a"l ly ihoirTonlc Action oa
the HisrcstiveOnralig, TItaularatoolsr.ro
produced, frlfv a.'ff. ; I ainrray S1..W.V.
CiLtr ILirrt or WaisilFus charRsd to a
Giassr Black by a slnsle npphoatlon of
t"ln Dvr- It imparts a luttirnf color, acts
iiantanPonly. SoM by I)rag3i5t9r or
f.j'tl,. uznrvsson icciMptof St.
OiTice. C& Klurray St., Now York
uachsonvillc, Or.
At the old stand of S. P. Hanna, in Crone
miller's building, kiepsou hand a
lull line of
And is pn ared to do all work in his line
ou sin i notice and in a worl.minlike
man. cr. Vehicles of eery des
cription made Jo order.
Bevairing A Specialty.
Terms reasonable and satisfacation
guaranteed. Geo. Ricvns
The Eutees1 Gthde is Is
sued March and Sept., each
lyear: t:i6 pages, Sir Hi
i inches, ntli ov'f ii,auu
illustrations r hole pic
ture callery. -ves whole
sale prices t"trcc( to consular jn allgoods
for personal cr family u . Tells how
to order, and gives crar oost of every
thing you use, cat, drir wear, or havo
fun with. These inva lble books corr'
tain i 'ormation gleaned from the map
kets of tho world. Wo will mail a copy
Free to any address upon receipt of the
postage 7 cents. .Let us hear fecuryou.
aST i S8 VTavbuh Areuc Cldcun Hi.
Men Think r
they know all about Mustang Lin
iment Few do. Not to know is
not to have .---
vrm be nailed FREE to an applicaati, aoi te canomcrs of
lut rear widest orderlag IL it contains about ISO paces,
COO iUastratloaa, r-r Ices, arnrate deicrtptioBS sM TstnsM
oUrertlono tptrlsnttns nil Tsrietes or VEGETABLE
li& FLO Vf EU SEEDS, DCLIIS, etc Inralubla
to aa. especially to llarket Gardeners. Senl for It.
D. M. FERRY & CO., Detroit, Michigan,
Wa et-ntir. i to a-H cr. Roil.iton Xcr Patents,
ft (w-s. r--.ie KarKs, uprri?iu-1 te, lor tt
UiuSe SVw-n eatRrta. (iiha. Kt.ir'aiid. France
t.er a -if- au Z- ;I:!rty-Utc
lea's' s-x-vciric3tce.
iv is.biw. i U'Kttlicrarf riticed jitfce
'r-iKvn ic . i . u a: jit" lursra dplepdid
i'lastrn'od wifkh later. $3.20 jji..s.1j-s
it !T msss f . dc. c. l?- Any irteristicpr. anil
13s at on a- u us dmilatio'' Address Jills'
E C), Pst't &iHcit rs. li's of .rkaEXTinc
iX'micA. S-'I IS: oa-'v it y. cw Vort.
A t v-- nr Ta,.-,r,. 'rp
qrsa week in your own to wn .
v j v inn vu """' "'--i .wuioa ax
tjyjxj ana ifo nutnt tree.
AA. - IT
Jo R 'IL
(: fci kj?, w h a ra
Survey ing Boats-
The boats to be used by tfie sur
veying paity to Crater lake will be ou
exhibition this evening at Ball's boat
lnuse, foot of Stark street. The soun-
ding apparatus is fitted into the larger
of the three. It consists of two heavy
ash timbers projecting overjthe stern,
with a pull oer which a line runs
from a windlass -amidships, taking the
vire or Cord, as 'the case Laay be, from
a reel placed iu the bow. On the end
of the journal of the pully is a speed
indicator; showiug the I'cniLer of res
olutions made by the pully, and thus
the depth of the water is determined.
Mr. W. G Steel has named his soun
ding boat "Cleetwoud." No such
word exists in any language and it has
& peculiar and interesting . orgin.
home lire- rga, while on his way to
Sin Fiancisco, Mr. Steel dreamed that
he was in he company of his father,
and that they both saw the heavens.
In the dream ihey wended their way
through the winding streets of aa an
cient city, when Mr. Steel asked:
"Will, do you want to see something
beautiful?" "Yes" was the answer.
Mr. Steel waved his hands abovo his
head and commanded his on to look.
In3tautly the heavens became filled
with golden arrows, which Mr. Steel,
Jr, upon inquiry, learned was "Clent
noittl." And thus it came to pass that
a boat wass provided ,vith this name.
Hon. T, 13 O lineal, for many years
a resident of Salem, and who, durinf,
an activu business life, has occupied
many positions of honor and trust,
dif d at the Chemeketa hotel in Sulpm
lait night from the effects of an attRck
of appoplexy, which occured but a fen
hours firetious. Many who have
known him in his better days will be
pained to hear of his death, as he pos
sessed many good qualities and was a
man amnngmen before misfortune
overlook bitu. He was gf-uorous and
warm heat ted wilt his friends, and
was well thought of in idyn of his
ptospeiity. His yotfiigpst son was
nijh him whf-n tit the last death re
lieved him of his.jHtins and MitTr rings,
and the etu'-r ton ariivfrf here from
Portland this moriii:i2, aaJ in obeJi
eat to the father's oft repealed reques'rfl'e servant to the top. N. Y. "(Jor
his wasted body will bo I,iid nt res.t
beside his wife at Corvallis, the fun
eial cortej-e having here at 11 A.M.
to-day. KiDdfriendawliOiui.il knewn
bin, in bet ler days, were with him at
the lSst, and fair bauds in memory
of a happy past to-day strewed his
casket with floral tributes, and
silently wept over an almost wasted
life. He was a member of the Al
bany lodge of Workmun, his insur
anco policy of 2000 having been
made out in favor of his daughter,
at present, in Washington, D C, be
tween whom existed continued devo
tion through weal and woo.
The official teim of the governor is
four years. Governor Moody's term,
therefore, will expire on the second
Monday in next September. But the
returns of the vote for governor are re
quired to be sent, ssaietl to the secre
tary of state, who delivers thtm un
opened to the speaker of the house of
representatives. Tho tpeaker then
opens tho returns and the vote is can
vassed by the house. As the legitla
turori0 the law of 18S2, does not
meet until January. 1887, Governor
elect Pennoyer cannot be qualified
when the term of his predecessor ex
pires. The question arises, can the
lesislature, by changing the' time of
canvassing the vote, extend the term
of the governor beyond the constituti
onal Hmit! If not, who Vill be gover
nor after September 13lh? Or will we
have any governor! The law provides
that the governor shall continue in
office until his successor is qualititd.
But the law did not contemplate, cer
tainly, that any legislature could by
enactment prevent such qualification
so as to extend the guberuational term.
If the lecisla'ura can extend such
term three mouthsj as in this case, by
postponng the canvass, why cannot jt
extend it three or four or any number
of yean! The term is fixed by the con
sututicn. Can the legislature alter it?
The President of the New York
Central says the company have lost
money on every fast 'rain run from
New York to Buffalo, but they are
compelled to keep the trains on, so
great is the competition. The rate of
pped is about fifty miles an hour
Guarding Tlie,:Itich-
The private aerrice for tns pro'ec
tion of the Yauderbilts, Astofa and
Gould was organized thrpa years ago,
an.l 13 ostensibly separate! for Pach
family, though the men wro dtftud
ha "Vnderbilts and Aston are provid
ed byjthe same establishment antl work
together. Regular atrol duty is
doue, night and day, and twenty detec
tives are exclusively employed for the
- urpose. Tl.eiearefour Astorresiden
ces and fit e belonging to the Vander
bilt.s, all in or clove 'to Fifth avenue,
between Thirty.third and Fifty second
streets. The spies are on watch eight
hours each per day, and the beats are
to arranged that the nine houses can
not be apiiroached unseen ".by ono or
nioro of the guardsmen. William II.
V-tnderbili was iheorigiimtor cf this
system, and he was incited to it by
the largo number of cranky letters
whiihjifl received. Ho profecsed to
have no fear of rational evil-doers.
but was apprVliPiisiiR that maniacs
rn'glit attack iiim or lorao member of
his family- Since Jiis death the mails
have been laden with all sorts of ap
peals, demands and ihreald directed to
his sons.
Jay GoultlV self-protection is more
secret and characteristic. Up does not
trust it to a detctive agency, but hires
his own body guard. For years he
has been alwa)snccofnpaiiieiI by a stal
wart young fellow. But that is a safe
jruarl against Wall Street enemies
Cr.m .s who might cut up capers in or
.troutiti his home are under the view
of sp'e.s whoP quarters are in n room
ot the Windsor Hotel, across :he way.
That is additional duty doue by a sep
arate Set of men. These employes of
the mill ionjirM families, whos" names
are poor poople's synonyms for wealth,
are kept informed as to every new
demonstration by a crank, and they
are alert to descry and drive off the
niononiaiiidcps who attempt any ex
ploits. During tho Western strikes
J.tv. Gould made the trips between his
home ami oUici in a cab, instead of
fleialed cr, as formerly; and it is ob
tervtd that a ring at hi-, bell brings a
siunteiing watchman to the foot of
the slej.s abuut r.! quickly as if does
Milwaukee Sentinel."
The firs; marriage in the whi'e
home took place in 1811, when Miss.
Todd, a relative of Piesident Madi
oii' wife, Married1 John J. Jackson, a
Virginia congressman. The npxt was
tint of Monroe's daughter Martha to
Mr. Gouvernur, of New York, about
nine years later, and in 1826 tho son of
President Adams married his cousin,
Miss. Jack son j there. During the ad
tuii.istration of Jackson one of the
diplomats, a man named Pageot, who
afterwards represented the French
government in this country, was mar
ried in the white house to the daugh
ter of Andrew Jackson's close friend,
Major Lewis of Nashville,, and Jack
son's hieco was married during this
administration to a Mr. Polk, of
Ttinuestee. During Tyler's adniinis
tration his daughter was married to a
Virgiuian named Waller, and duricg
Grant's term his daughter Nellie was
united with Sartoris, anEnglish gen
tleman. Another marriage during the
da, 8 of Grant's administration was
that of Gen. Russell Hastings and
and Miss Eiutlv Piatt.
Missouri has reaped a victory and
won a laurel that will surprise the
world. Senator Cockrell introduced
the correct pronunciation of "oleomar
garine" in the senate to the" confusion
of a great majority of members who
have been calling it "oleamarjirine."
Thero can be no longpr a doubt about
Cockrell'n return next spring. Miss
ouri will hardly commit Jtbe suicidal
act of retiring from the national gaze
iho man who has ruadr her famous at
Clackamas coun'v lavs claim to th-i
oldest pioneer in Oregon, a man named
Faro, who lives near Oregon City.
He is one hundred jejisold, voted at
the late eirction and Hill manifests an
intellgent interest in all public matters.
He has been a resident of Oiegon forty
yeirs, and was represented at the late
pioneer reunion at Oregon City by
his sou, a youth of four score.
The Apaches seem to be on ths run
fr the reservation, TheV evidently
I intend to claim their ruserved rights.
The Paragraphers-
A Rule that worts both, ways
when u fleet goes out on a cruise' the
crews go out on the fleet.
Isn't it passing; strange how all tho
smoke iu n stove always manages to
find its war to one little crack, and
come out!
The boy who always plays ball on
Sunday may, on arriving at maturer
years, play the national game of poker
in Congress. "Maverick."
A harmless! American ship of war
may be called "she" properly enough,
but a line mail steamship, ought to be
called "he."
When you see a man looking wise
and holding his tongue, yoii call make
up your mintl that lie has learned that
he don't know anything.
3ry son, when you run for offiee re
member that a lump of sugar will at
tract more ilies than can light en i .
This is tho first gieat lesson1 in Aintri
can politics. Macm "Telegraph."
"I read so many cases of people be
ing buried alive. Is there 00 remedy
for ii?" "The only remedy I know is
for the Legislature to pass a law com
pelling doctors to finish their work
properly." Texas "Sittings."
The Guvernrtent is going lo aban
don its experimental tea farm in South
Carolina. The Government found
that it coUldnV look after both the
navy and tps faun taid decided to
hang onto '.he navy out of respect for
its gi eater age.
Citizen (to Western tragedirtn)
"Your first appearance! occurred last
tiight, I uuderUnd?'' Wtstern
Tragedian "Yes, sir r-r; they wero
applp cor r-res."
"Who was Jmliis?" asked the Sunday-school
teacher. "The fellow what
hung liiFfcelf," replied the small bey
with a mouthful of chewing guc.
"What caused him to hang himseli?"
,'I dunno, 'less it was cause he had
been readiti' some of the jokes iu the
"Punch." Newman "Independent.".
There art- a great many men in this
world who imagine that they aro born
with aeniusj and lie down on th sofa
and wait for an inspiration uniil
some other fellow, who thought him
self a dunce, lises by hard labor to a
competency, buys the sofn, and leads
the dreaming genius out by the ear.
Chicago "Ledger."
"Johnif," said the four eyed school
teacher, "do you know what capital
punishment i-T' "Yes'ti','' said John
uic', brightly. "Well, Johnnie," said
sho whom the children irreverently
call "Old Double windows," "you may
tell us what capital punishment is."
"Bein1 put "n a spat over airong the
girls, 'm," saiJ Johnnie, and he wasn't
put there forthwith. Sommerville
"I understand, 3Ir. Catapult, that
there lias been a free-love society
started over in jour town." "You're
right about tha. startiti', Mr. Queer
cus, but it was out ot our town they
were started. The moral committee
tackled 'em in one of the seances and
started 'etn across lots, an' judgin' by
the force of the statt they got, ef they
halt this side of the Rockies the 'II do
well Yonkers "Gazette."
Fires at Salem. Two fires oc
curred at Salem on Thuisday, the first
being just before noon, when the roof
of tho residence of J. H. Miller, on
Trade street, near ths agricultural
works, was discovered to be on fire.
The department turned out promptly
and succeeded in extinguishing it with
out any serious damage, the loss be
ing tsbout 51"0, fully covered with
insurance in the State Insurance com
pany of that city. The second alarm
was rung just prior to midnight; a
fire breaking out in John Hughes's
barn, in the rear of the Thompson
house. There being no hydrant or
cistern within two blocks, the dimes
were very difficult lo subdue, and lie
lore they could be brought under con
trol the barns belonging to Mes-srs.
Hughes, Jessup, Keller and Savag"
were all destroyed. Mr. Hughes's
loss was about S700, including a new
hay press, valued at 500, none of
which was insured. Dr.'Jessup had
$100 insurance on his stable, his loss
being, outside of that, about 200, be
3ides the injury to his residence, which
was badly scor cbed, but covered bj
insurance. Messrs. Keller & Savage
had no inurance on tlipir property's
which was valued at probably 500 or
J600. The residences of Drs. Jessup
and .Reynolds narrowly escaped de
struction, the e Hurts cf the depart
1 mpnt alons saving them,
Tales of a Pig Wind-
Stories of Hip recent "cycione in
Ohio are coming in quite freely, but
they do not approach the mighty
stories of the tornado that swept up
the val.ey of the riaring Oodota'f, in
York county, in the spring of 1842.
After the storm we speak of one farmer
found that his well had Iresn frulltvi
up by the roots and was hanging en
the limbs of a white oak tree four
miles away. A cel'ur belonging to
one of his neighbors was split in two
one half of it being blown throtrgh
a stone quarry and the otber half
turned up' end wise against n haystack
in the adjoining county. A flack of
gee&o were completely snipped 0 their,
feathers by the wind, and u uried ap
ple pie was Mown through the side of
aJ tchool-bouse, ternfjing the lecher
and scholars, besides ruining a large
map of ths grasshopppr'districtof
vanaa3. A lurge barn containing
fifteentoiis" of hay wu lifted iilf its
feet and carried bodily six miles down
the valley, it selt'eddown so tjimrely
that the doors couldnot boi pened
without prying them. Tht wind
blew thejails off six Durham cows,
and a- Berkshire pig weighing 200
pounds wasblown completely through
his skin the l;ido remaining in a standing
position and preserving an expression
of naturlness that deceived many Tis
itors. The boundary lines of several
townships were bent all out of shape,
so lhat they looked like a curled hair
mattress on a hot griddle, and the air
was b'own bo completely out of the
valley that people had to go up onjtlia
hill when they wauled 10 breathe.
The iutroduc ion ol the Chinamen
intojhewesttrn'staiesof Mfxico un
der coutaact with tte 'government of
ihat conutry, has not met with tha ap
proval of the laboring classes. fahfri
the tirat installment of 200 arrived at
Mnzitlan tt short lima ago the citizen
thronged to lilt landing to the number
of six or seven thousand, and prepared
to forciidv r-sist the landing of the
cjoHps For over a week these wer.
loufmi'd to the tesiel, and not until a'
thousand additional troops were
brought from tin interior could she
discharge her cargo of little blown
tutu. During their disembarkation the
ciowd of men. women, and children
hooted and jeered and threw missiles.
T.a Chinamen were safely houred
with 'considerable dfficulty.j but ul
t lough guarded by the so tilers, t!
papulation found means of getting at,
them, killing them by twos atid threes
to the number of fifteen or twenty.
Tney frere finally hurried off to tlwin;
t.-riorin small squads.
Magestic OmuzATiofiV Out in
this glorious west, communities c&n
be found in which civilizition, refine
ment, and common decency are more
complete strangers, than to the) wild
Indian who roamed the prftlriM a cn
lury ago, and 'about whomjso mi.ih
sorrow and regret his been indu'ttd
111. As an example we will state1 thai,
a few days ago a bov, a poor outcast
was stealing a ride on a brako beam
of a ear.'aud when near Blackfoof- e
f jtl ofl and was so severely injui d
that he died. Tue remains wert
tossed into a box, just as the were,
and buried without eereuiotiy what
ever. The corpse was dixposed of as
rudely and quickly as the ea-ca of
a dead animal. What's the use send
ing missionaries to the Canibal
Island i when wp have an abundance of
material to work on right here at home.
Or.'gon "Siftings."
Bobby was very fiiu'cii impressed by
'lie remark of the minister at church
that man was made of dust. "Ma,"
he saitl, after a thoughtful silencf,
"was I made of dust, to?" "Yes,"sht
replied. Well, how is it, then, that
my birthday comes in January! There
ain't no dust in January'
Ihe marriage of Miss Folsom lo
President Cleveland recalls the fact
that Amelia Folsom, a cousin of hers
married Brighatn Young several years
ago. Miss Amelia was Brighani'a
sixteenth "wife."
The wife of President Cleveland is 22,
and vpry probable will be a president'
widow from forty to spventy vears,
rirawing a pension of 5,000 per an-s
nuiu, as the woman who married
President Tyler forty three years ago
is still doing, hence Miss Folsom will
probaly be an expense of not Ipsk than
300,000 to the people of the Untied