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Sattrdat, Apbii, 10, 1886.
Republican County Con
vention. t A Republican County (invention is
cailed to meet at Jacksonville, Oregon, on
Saturday, Upril 17th, 188S, at 11 o'clock,
for tbe purpose of electing seven del
egates to represent Jackson connty in the
Republican State Convention to be held
in Portland ;rrril 28th, 18S6, and transact
such other business as may properly come
before it.
The convention will consist of 49 dele
gates, appointed among the several pre
cincts, as follows:
Ashland .H -Vedferd 3
Applegate 1 Junzsnita. 2
Bie; Butte..-." 1 Jfeadows 1
Chimney Rock.... 1 Pleasant Creek.. 1
Eden 3 Kock Point 1
Evans Creek 1 Steamboat , 1
FootsCntk 1 Skrlinc 1
FIonnccRock .. 1 Table Kock... . 2
Jackbonvi'lc . . ..7 Trail Creek 1
Lit Ie Butte 3 Uniantown 2
.. Willow Springs.. 1
The same beisg one delegate for each
precinct or one for each 20 vote or fractions
over half therelor cast for Hon. James 0.
Blaine at the Presidential election in
November, 1894. The Committee reccom
mends that the Primaries be held in the
severa precincts on Tuesday, dnril 6th.;
il being also one of the days for every
voter to register to have IhcTiglit to vote
at the coming election. We earnestly ap-
Jpcal to all to perform that pleasant duty
and privilege. .Vkuuitt Belunoeh,
Chairman County Central rommittee.
FlRK 'AT LaKEUKw. On Tuesday
night last a fire occared in Lakeriew,
'destroying tba livery etable, tba sal
'oon of Miller b Miller and the barber
shop. Tbe chief hotel of the place
was also in great danger, but as fcivr d
'by extraordinary exertion. Two
horses wera barni-d in the livery stable.
Tba lest is not 're orted, and tbeoi'i'in
of tba fir ii nuknown. "Tidings."
JtomBUno'a New Register. Mr.
Charles V. Johnston, who was appoin
ted register of l he land office at Ro-e-burg
on Wednesday, as announced in
the "OrejoniMiV dispatcher, has been
a resident of Portland for three years,
during which time he was engaged aa
brad book or par for W. S. Alai-cn and
Slaien, Ehratu k Co. llr. Jvhnston
'ii a brother of the la'.e George Fenn
Jehnston, the well known Pacific
coast journalist, who died in San Fran
cisco in 1883. He is a good citizen, a
democrat ts the backbone, and will
'make an efficient ofliter.
Tns Ektf.rtainuist. Tbe Jack
eouville Dramatic Association under
'the auspices of the 0. of II. gate an
'enteitaininsat at Holt'a Hall last Sat
'unlay uight to a large and apprecia
tive anduace. "Better than Gold"
ni the play presented and all carried
tunr parts out roll while some did
'even better than the acting usually
'sens at an amateur performance. Tbcy
Vill appear at the same place again on
April 17th when the cowaJr "David
Jarrick" and the faree "Little Rebel"
,will be presented. A pleasant even
Snj can be enjoyed by attending the
Repubicah Deleoatfs. The fol
lowing is a partial list of the dilrpaioK
elected te attend the county conveu
tian to be held at the Court Ilsuee on
Saturday next: Akhland J. SI. ilc
fjull, W. II. Atkinson, Gee. B Currev,
IL C. Hill. E L. Applegate J. II
'Chitwootl, J. Tliarnton, P. Dunn, J
P. Walker, J. R. Csev, F. Uopn, W.
3 liver, A. E Hama-.ond, S. B Galey.
'Jacksonville N. LangeD, H. Klly,
M. Urllinger J. Klippel, F. Kraaso,
Wm. Dt-neff and D. UroufmilVr.
Applegate II. D. Kubli. Medford
l)r. Adkin, J. 3. Howard, Wm G
2yeimy and F. Galloway. Woodville
Thomas Uayuond.
Religious Items. Rev. W. P.
Villiams will hold services at Central
Point Sunday at the usual hour....
Rev. A. H Snndermau will linlJ sr
Vice in Chimney Rock precinct next
Sunday.... Regular aervices will be
held at the Catholic church in this
place, Rev. F. X. Blanchnt officiating.
Rov. J. R. Roberts has gone to Doug
las county and canceled all his en
teagemeats for the month.... Liberal
Sunday school and Bible clais meets
every Sunday at 11 'o'clock A. M., at
the U il. L. Hall, TaleYTt... .Hev. A.
It Bickenbarh will preach at Phoenix
Presbyterian church Sunday morning
and in this place in the evening.
Liquofc Licenses. The petitions
lor liquv. lWi!.:iS' ireiUuIrd by High
, Tayler and Caten & Garrett were
handed to the city council in session
it Monday evening. They contained
about 160 tignaturet. Rrmonstraacrs
were presented containing abeut 160
signatures A large number ef names
en both the petitions and remonstraa
bit were challenged bv the respective
parties, and the council postponed the
.taatter till next llenday evening, at
which time evidence concerning the
Voting qualiScatioua of tba perrons
whose Barnes were challenged is to be
submitted. Affidavits are being taken
by the parties this week. ''Tidings."
Hs Is Watched. A correspondent
to Grant's Pais "Cearier," Iron Waldo
hider date of April 2nd, hat the fol
lewing: "You are awer that there
are a great many lies in circulation
how centerniag the Bybee homicide.
That's the way; add insult to injury.
A. certain young nan in this section ii
heeased of caesiag nsach of the trouble
between Tern and Bill Bybee. The
same young eaan it was thought was
been saeaking aroandilrs. Tom By bee's
house, the might after the killing of
TofevBrboe, and the tracks found in
the yard correspond te hit. This rams
reeng asaa ts accused at buratng Ton
sybee hen house last fall daring the
kbitnee of Ton Bybee. Leek eut,
Joung men, you art watched by the
people of this section. The people ef
this teetiek dttaaud the ptaiahtaeat ef
Whoever may be guilty of the. lew dews
bevardly kit ef killing Tata BbM."
Local Items:
Notice John Orth's prices for baton
and lard.
The de'.inqaeat tax Hit ameaht'i to
abeut ta.ooo.
Alfalfa seed can be had at Boitwick'a
farm on Applegate.
The raekeonyille TrnTei;ein will
shew'at-Ceniral Point'kn the 16th.
Dr. Will Jackson will be at Grant's
Pass next week on professional busi
ness. Miss. 'Kellie Luy is in "charge of
Mrs. Prim's milliuert store during the
latter absence.
And still they come. James A.
Wilsen wants to run for Shariff on the
Democratic ticket.
Daa't you sour Charley, but "stick
to the ticket, you know we are all
'Democrats anyhow."
Some quartz is being bailed to
Medford from George Schumpft tuiub
to give it 'a "further test.
J. M Payne, formerly City Marshal
of Jacksonville is new a candidate for
Justice of the Peace in Salem.
7tfrsr,-s. Hanna, Kahler, Neil rnd
"Squire Huffer are at A'hland taking
more testimony in the water suit.
Ed Morgan ef Phoenix has quit sell
in; liquor but will continue at the old
stand dinpenning milder beverages.
N. U. Bf'ggs closed his store this
week and will go te California with
the hope of benefiting his hralth.
Misuse Cavers and Johnson, the
fashionable dress makers, have V. ntat
new iign adorning their p'ace of busi
Prof. J. N. Hall of Central Point
seems to have the lead for the School
Superintendeatthip on the Democratic
Henney & Wormas of Medford arr
enlarging their livery staole and
t-ciii to be doing a good bainess in
that line.
The Grant's Pass "Courier" cele
bratrd its first birthday last week anil
is a spiigh'ly young cup. Success to
)ou, Bro. Stine.
Dr. H. Carpenter, Superintendent
of the Oregon Stato Insane Asylum,
has resigned and been succeeded bv
Dr. S E. Joseph.
The fine Vermont stallion "Ecn,"
owned by D. Punnier, will be in
charge of Robt. Wettrep of Central
Point this season.
The County Court extended the
time one nienth for paying taxes and
they will not be declared delinqu-nt
till the first of Jlav.
Al Sturgis of Forest creek has com
menced cleaning up at his mine and
is h'ghly elated over his prospects.
He has had a good run this year.
James McDougal of Blaekwell called
Thursday. He ould not decline a
nouinatiou for sheriff but thinks the
list of candidates is already too long.
Wm Crll, of CanyonvillR, Or.,
tays the "Examiner," has recured the
contract for carrying thr mail betwci-n
Lakeview and Liukville fer $2,400
H"nry Baaten of Poor man's creek
saye he wants the money due him from
ihue awing and wants 'ill hards ot
csl1 nttlin captain's effice and scttlo up.
FOR DISPEPSIA and liver com
plaint, you have a printed guarantee
on every bottle of Shiloh's vitalizer.
It never fails to cure. Brooks keeps
Both K. Kubli and A. H. Maegly
k co , received new iddilions to their
already large stock ef hardware this
i-k and can supply anything in that
Another engine of greater horse
power has brerTput in the quartz mill
and operations will be resumed next
week on quartz from the "New Eldo
rado." Three hundred immigrants arrived
in Sas Francisco over the Southern
PAoific, April 6th, and 120 on the 7th.
Many are bound for Coos Bay, Port
land and the Sound.
Raphael Moral has just received a
diploma from the Commissioners ef
the World's Fair held at New Oi leans
last year for the fine display of wines
and brandy made there.
Wouldn't it be the boss ieke of the
season if the Supreme Court would de
cine that the Circuit Court Judges
shall held over for a full term! Their
decitien is anxiously awaited.
The qualifications of vetcrs is a
subject of general discussion in Ash
land now, pending their contest be
tween tb petitions for liquor licenses
and remonstrances against the same.
A party of six tramps were here
begging meals and drinks but their
stay was cut short by Marshal Stead
man tendering them an invitation to
leave which they did on short notice.
A. juvenile brass bad of eleven
pieces was organized here this week and
are now receiving istructions from
Prof. Adam Seraitt, leader. There ie
some good musical talent in the crowd.
The firm of Haymocd & Magruder,
ftr along number ef years merchants
at Rock Point, has been dissolved by
mutual consent and the business will
hereafter be conducted by Mr. Hay.
mood alone.
Hannah Dablsr; at Ashland, Ogn.,
states in the "Tidings, that her hus
band, AareaL. Dabler, left Ashland,
Feb. 25th, and has not since bees, heard
from by his family. He is 41 yean
of age, light complexion, stoat built,
had a large moustache aad wore com
mon duck clothing. Any one know
ing anything concerning him, will con
fer a great faver by addressing the in
formation te hit anxious wife at Ash
,landi Orsgea.
hi siatea last wees: mat dame ru
mor had it that another exhibit would
appear just before election. We have
however changed our opinion in. that
respect, as we think brother Leed's ex
hibit will pie any exhibit our cotem
may havt. set up.
Four parties from Trail creek were
tried injustice Foudrays's Court and
were fined from 20 to $40 each for
s'aughtering deer for their hides.
None of them paid thfir fines ai'd they
are working it out in the couuty jail at
the rate of $2. per day.
The Crescent City "Rcard" is nr
ingthe building of a brasch telegraph
line Trom that place to Grant's Pars,
which it is said car be built forasmtll
sum ot money, and it 'i.i believed a
joint stock enmpay in building it would
make a paying investment.
The trial of Lewis Allen at Yreka
for the murder of Elmore Decker re
sulted in a disagreement of the jury
last Sunday morning, and a new trial
will bsgin Monday, May 3lst When
discharged the jury etood ten for con
viction and two fcr acquittal.
TheTJ. S. Hotel at Linkville was
injured to the extent ef $500 last
Friday by firo. Tho plaoj is without
defense, notwithstanding that a fow
hundred dollars would lay pipes all'
over the city and sufficient pressure of
water not less than 90 feet high.
Mr. M. Mickelson has bought of
Jchn L. Grubb the property known as
the Boona rach, on the Dead Indian
road, not far from the summit of the
Cascades; consideration, 3,000. Mr.
Mickelson will probably go into the
stock business on a moderate scale.
W. C. Daley of Eagle Point has de
clined the Prohibition nomination for
Akneflor and if J. D. Fountain would
now do the tame it would be a Repub
licau institu'ion throughout. Like
the "Times" eays "very few Democrats
will be taken off by the Prohibition
Mrs. John Daley of Eigle Point,
mother ef A. J. and W. C. Daley, met
with a serious accident recently. Sha
fell backward in descending a pair of
;Uir, striking her head so heavi'y as
to render ber unconscious for seme
time, and causing a wound from which
serious results wera feared.
Prof. J. W. Merrist has been invit
prl to deliver the annual address at the
Commencement oxercise of the State
Univirsity, Eugene City, and we under
stand that he will accept. This is a high
compliment bat al! aquainted with the
Profes38r know that he can fill the
station with the ability required.
JseLsnnvillo could alene supply a full
ticket to fill the different county offi
ces. J W. Simpson for Sheriff, E. D.
Foudary for Clerk and K. Kubli for
Coioner is the latest. slate we have
heard. RS. Dunlep, our City Sexton,
considers his rights infringed on by Mr.
Kubli and the Coronorship is still in
Republican county convention next
batuiday. Representatives from out
side precincts all teem to favor holding
otilv one convention and besides elect
ing delegates to the State convention
next Saturday that & full county ticket
be nominated at tho same time. Wa
also consider the idea a gsod one and
hope that such a move be made.
If any of the following named persons
will communicate with the Postmaster
at Monmouth, Or, they will learn
something to their advantage: John
M. Shelly, a packer in the Indian war
of T5 uid '56; Miller Judd aud Hiram
K. Walker at one time living in Jack
son county; Levi W. Libby and Wil
lis Waid, formerly of Jacksonville.
Reliable parties engaged in quartz
milling have offered to parchasn of
waifn & isragdon rocs trem either
their large or small vein for five dollars
per ton at the mine, agreeing to tako
an avraje of ten tons per day. The
paying character of the?a mines is now
assured beyond a denb', aud they
will certainly be extensively worked
within a short time. "Tidings."
There was a large quantity of freight
brought to this city on Sunday morn
ing bv the steamer Salem, which had
com via the O. P. from San Francisco
and Eastern points. Our trucks were
kept busy daring the day transferring
freight from the wharf to tho depot.
We noticed among the lot freight
marked for points as far south as
Jacksonville, Ashland, Yreka, . aud
ether points. Albany "Bulletin."
Hon. J. C Carssn, State Senator
from Multnomah and A. F. Wheeler,
Assistant State Treasurer, made us
pleasant calls on Thursday last. Mr.
Carson is President of tbe large sah
and door factory eimpany at Grant'.
Pass, and never having seen a hy
draulic mine in working order he ex
tended his t-islt this far to s the work
at the Sterling miaes. Both gentle
men returned home the same evening.
The "Tiding" has gone into thn ex
ibit business as well as our County
officers and as this is his first effort
in that direction we must certainly
ermpliment him for his splendid suc
cess. The way he wips out a debt of
$103,834,83 and leaves a balance in
the trratury is certainly equal to any
effort in that direction by our demo
cratic officials. Try again brother
Leeds our County needs vour financial
The Sentinel is indebted to Mr.
Frank Hodgkin, Assistant Secretary ef
State, far pamphlet copies of the "Re
port of the Board of Commissioners to
examine the matters of assessment and
taxation in the State of Oregon, to
gether with the bill submitted by said
Commission." The report is printed
by W. H. Byars, State printer, and is
a public document of considerable in
terest. It is quite lengthy, but being
in pamphlet form will be convenient te
those who feel specially interested in
examining its statements and recommendations.
L'nkvilies busman men sMirwss
consists of seven stores, foHrJstleoas,
three hotels, tk-eo blacksraitVAaep,
a brewery, three livervand feed'Skbles,
a first-class flouring mill aj
one saih and doer factory, ''
shop, one drug store, a butekei
the U. S. telesraph office, fonrjd
tour lawyers, besides a nnmner
oia-s mechanics, wagon tnatw.
knd at lnt but nnt. In- nnv meaw
least, one printer " and hitiaefil.r--Jt.r."
The Jacksonville Fire companv, th
members of which wre sorn in as
Deputy Sheriffs on the day of tbe.exe
euuon of 0'NsiI, add ho performed
r,uard dety on ihat occasion, srrt'not
satisfied with the action of the-Com
missioner'e Court in disallowing 'their
bill of 52 20 ech for services rendered
that day. That seems to have 'been
tbe understrnding when the company
was invited ts attend in an official ca
pacity and why such action was taken
is what the boys want to find out.
"And thus the work goes bravely on."
The House Committee on PostolKct?
and Poit roads have recoramendcjC-chat
the special delivery-system Jie.xt4d
cd to all classes of ": "j,""" ytjieV'
wilt require almost d'ou&eUienafeger..
of carriers, because the claJtssofpLailj
matter outside of letters, largely ex
ceed the latter, both in number, and
weight. Not inly aa, but they will b
lately increased, once it is. settled that
they are to be delivered by carriers as
aji'ressed. If Congress adopts the
recommendation of the Committee all
thought of making the postal denart-
-- - - t i - .
ment self sustaining may as wel be
aoandoncd. At present rates of post
age it would never be able to pay its
own way.
Rsv. J. R. N. Bf 11, of the Roseburg
Review," came down from his home
in RoSfbuTg on Wednesday and pssed
through this city fi-r Corvallis. He
dropped into tlie Revere house for
dinnsr, r,n;l on c:mi:s out of the din
ing room horeathel into hi3 pocket
for coin with which to liquidate,
but nons could bs found in any of his
spacious pocketb Lo aud behold, he
had la It his purst (if bs had nr)
under his pillow at boac. Mins Los".
Garret concluded B;ll was to big a man
to wrestle for four bits, and therefore
told him that lis would trust It is not
kno-irn whither he will meet-tba sttue
favor in dead heading his way Tioiac
wiiheut coin, ot be compelled to take a
tio ticket. Albany -UcrMd."
The Democratic prlimnsi last
Monday werd largely attended ell
over the county and especially at tho
county seat where 1S7 voters were
polled Tho fight for tbe circuit Judg
ship between Mussrs. Prim aad Neil
was the occasion for so much strife and
the full strength of the party was
brought out to vote one way or the
other. J. R. Neil secured this delega
tion and having a majority of the
delegates in the county ho wilao
doubt be the nomineo for that postion.
The issss for the District Attorney
ship it ne'ccidcd yet bat Wm. Colvig
of Rock Point seems to have the best
of tho tight.
What promises to bo one of the rich
est and most extensive strikes that has
ever been made in Jackson county,
was made by John Robinson and John
Slagle on the hills in the front ef
Granville Sears' ranch some two miles
distant in tho hills. Tho find is rich
decomposed rose quartz, bearing free
gold in abundance. The ledgo has
been traced on the surface fer a dis
tance of over 700 feet and at a depth
of 6 feet is five feet wide. In every
piece of quartz cac be found a pros
pect of free gold. We visited the
ledge Wcdnesda), and found Messrs.
Robinson and Slagle at work taking
and sacking the quartz the ledgo lay
ing in such a position that one man
can take, out several tons in a day.
Several parties are interested in ex
tensions on the same ledge which has
been traced fer some distance. On
tbe location notices we noticed the
names of DI Miller, Wm. Robinson, F.
Baraeburg and J. B. Griffin. The
above parties being also interested in
the first strike. "Monitor."
ah me ahn;
To captivate the popular taste and
surpass all previous efforts to pleasq.
me paiaie, requires no siimu amount
of knowledge and no little skill, and
whf-n ws remember that. the very;
acrepable liquid fruit temedvj Syrup1
Ufctfis-i is a bwiffSua! to tliB-ysiefBK2l7AV ADVERTISEMENTS.
as it is Acceptable to tbe btomaih, we
readilv understand why it is ttaunij
venial favorite aa a cure for II ibiinal
Constipation Mid the other 111m arising
from a weakness, or inactive condition
of theBoweh, Kidney1, LUor and
Stomach. Sample bot'lej free and
large bottles for salo by Merri.l &
Robinson, Jacksonville.
Pbksidestial Afpoihtm fnts Tho
news was receivnd in Portland yester
day that W.T. Burrif, the well known
attorney, hid been appoiutfd Eedster
of the Oregon City land effi.-r, vibe L.
T. Birtii, whose trnn expired sev
eral months since. Mr. Bunyis an
able gentleman and will fill the posi
tion with distinction to himself aud
honor to his party. It was also re
ported that Mr. Johnson had been
appointed as Register of the Roseburg
land office, vice William F. Benjamia.'
Contracts Let. The Board of
Ceunty Commissioners yesterday, let
the contract for building tbe Court
Heuse, te G. W. Catching, for "the sua
of $2,400. Uenrv Rogers contracted
ts build the jail fof the suns of $315.
Grant's Pass "Codrier."
Graxd Ball. W. J. Staaley , will
give a grand ball and supper at hie
house in Woodville en May day eve
April 30th, and extendi a cordial in
vitation to Prohibitionists, Democrats,
Republicans and Mugwumps te cam
1 asal mingle together in the mazy waltz.
Pkobate Coubt. The following
proceedings have taken place in this
court since the last report of the Sen
tinel:. ..In the matter of the estate
of Catherine Patterson, dcc?ased. Sec
end feisi-annu&l report of executor ap
pro.ed....Etate of H. A. Miller J
May 4th let as tires far hearing the
final statement of administrator .'. .
Estate cf Rowland Hall. Final state
mem .of executor accepted.... "Estate
f U-fcry Cutter. Alfred Carter ap
poiu'ud aCtuiuuirater aud Hi Wat
kin, F. O. Collins and S Arrasraith
appraisers... .Ettate of M Vrooman.
Inventory of apprsi'iiaent filed, show
ing property to the amount of S1,13.".
....Etntp of minor heir of Gen. Mi
ICttight. Report of guardiao'of Wm.
McKuigbt approved.... Estate ef
Minerva Elder. Inventory of ap
praisment filed, showing properlv to
tho value of $1,077 Estate of Clyde
Payne, a raiuor. Petition of guardian
for sale sf real estate granted . . . .Es
tate of Anna and Maggie Shipley,
minors. Citation to next of kin or
dered issued . . . . Estate of J nlien Ras
pot Final settlement of admimstr'
tor deeied.
Xl8Tj,OF Jurors. The following is
tie jurVjltBt'drawn for thn April term,
ot cirewts eeuri ror josepmne ceumy,
as furnished'us br one of the effiiclas
of that county: D. F Mathews, W.
C. Hartley, Thos. E. Basye, Thos
Kr,s, Z. D. H)de, R. Cougle, M. W.
Wheeler, G. W. Catching, N. Tlios,
B-nj. Bull, Wm. Stringer, EUenezdr
Hogue, Samuel Eggr, A. A. Wimer,
Iaac Csitar, Clms Foidt, John Going,
John Welts, Cbas. Duncan, Judson
Tolen, J. G. Sowell, Cbas. Howard,
E. Turner, Jesse Mah, James Devnei,
Cbas Ladd, Alson Everv, Arthur
Brockman, A. J. Waleott, Juhn M.
Jehnson, Joseph Dtert.
A Fine Horse. Jackson county
horse-breeders suffered quite a loss
when they allowed Rubt. Westrop'h
well known drafi stallion "Turk" to
leave this portion of the State. Thcie
are many fine colts in the valley sired
by Turk principally owned by John
Toeprer, Jnhu Sizetnore, Duvid Bird
sy, S. P Jones and others all of wliom
are proud of their stock and can re
crmruesd the horse wherever he goes.
Turk is now thn property of C. Q.
Morgan of Pi in Valley, Union ccunty
Oregon whero he will remain during
tho season.
Lecture Rev. W. S. Simpson, a
native Highlander, and a forcible
speaker, will deliver a lecture at the
Court House in Jacksonville on thti
evening of tho 19 h of this nion'h.
subject, "Life in the Highland of
Scotland." Thero will b music fur
nished by the M. E Church choir.
Admission 25 ceuts. Those who have
heard this lecture, speak highly of it,
and as tho proceeds of the Inciure are
to be applied to tho intercut of our M.
E Churo! here, we ask a goodlypat
ronage. 2
A Word to Workers. .,
If your evocations are mentally or phys
ically laborious, if they subject you to expos
lire iu inclement weather. If they confine you
to the desk, and are oLa nature to involve
wear and tear of braia, and nervous strain,
you may occasionally require some renovat
ingto .ie. Hostcltcr's Stomach Hitters is tho
article for you, it stimulates thcfailingener
gies, invigorates the body and cheers the
mind. It ennbles the system to throw ofl the
debilitating euects of undue fatigue, j:ives
renewed Mror to the organs of disestion,
arouses the liver when Inacti e, which it ery
often is with people whose erults are seden
tary, renews the jaded appetite, and encour
ages healthful repose. Itstnsredientsaresafe,
anil its credentials, w hich consist in the hearty
endorsement of pi rsons of every class of soci
ety, arc mot convincing. Admirable is it
adaptetUo the medical wants of workers.
No More Bounties. At the April
term of '.he County Commissioners'
Court aa order was passed rescinding
one previously made placing a certain
bounty on tho scalps of wild animals.
Notice is therefore given that on and
after this dato no bounties will be paid
en the scalps of wild animals until
further orders of thesaidCounty Court.
By order of the Court,
, W. H. Pakkeu, Connty Clerk.
jBcfceenville, April 8, 1886.
Challenge. I will fight the man
Nelson now in Jackson county, Mar
quis of Queenhbury rules, for $250
aside. I have thir day deposited a
$100 forfeiture in tho hands of W. H.
McAdai.8. Fiht to tjike place 75
miles fiooi Medfonl, and to be had
with 3 ounce gloves or bare knuckles.
Referees and final stake holders to be
agreed upon by both parties. t
i ' Gio. A. EdWar.
IF ..
Ssttlft Up.
A'l persons knowins themselves in-
'debted to the undesigned are hereby re
quested to come forward at once and
make a settlement. I need the money and
must have it s") call around at once.
Hesrt Baoten.
Poorman's creek, Jpril 10, 18SG,
Ibave made a reduction in the price of
hog meat now selling
Shoulders, 6 cents per pound,
i-ide-meat, 5 cents per pound.
Good Lard 7i cents per pound.
It is all open for inspection and war
ranted. Jous Ortii.
Lard Office at Roseburg, Ogk., 1
April 7, 1886. f
Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice ol his
intention to make final proof in support
of his claim, and that said proof will be
mail bpfnrp tlm .Incite or Clerk of Jack
J sen county, at Jacksonville, on Jfonday
ay n, lOOO, viz: inarew xicary, uuuie
stead Ho. 3452 fer the E JorN W if. S
W&ofNWif,and H EJtf oftJWK.
Sec.18Tp.33S. Range 2 East. He names
the following witnesses to prove his cpn
Ubhous residence upon, and cultivation
of. said land, viz: B. F. Edmonds, Lee
Edmonds. C. P. Parker. J. A . Obencham.
all of Big Butte, Jackson county, Oregon.
t Wm. F. Benjamin, Register.
The ropular Approval.
Of tho how famous Syrup of Figs as
the most efficacious and agreeable
preparation ever offered to the world
as a cure for Ilabitua Constipation,
Billiousness, Indigestion and kindred
ills, has been won by the wise plan
pursued by the California Fi Sj rup
Company. Knowing that any remedy
;ruly beneficial in ita effects on the
system, and at the same time pleasant
to the taste, ill meet with a rapid
sale, the Company, through its agents
Merntt & Robinson gives away a
sample bottle free of charge. Try it
jnil judge for yourself. Latge bottlr
fifty cents or one doilar.
sue QHiEirc
Will be giveti at the
On the Evenings of
Saturday, April 3rd and 10th,
' Under the auspices of 'the
ORDER of . of H.
The following
bfl presented:
excellent pieces will
Cast of Characers:
David Garrick Henry Pape . .Tr
Mr. Bimnn Inot ... U. F. Slcadman
Squire Cherry D. A. Jones
Mr. Smith N. U. Begg
Mr. Jones G. Newbury
Thomas James .-lover
Servant Byron Prrsley
Ada Ingot Kate Miller
Jlri Smith.. ..'. Mrs. A. F. EiMy
Aramintha Brown Mrs. D. A, Jones
Cast of Ch racter:
Peter Pcrqhan, lawyer, N."P. Steadman
Gilbert Murdoch Henry PsiuJr
Torn payson I). A. Jones
KiclKiru Uonlon Ii. j.Jnrous
Vs.i, a colored sen ant Byron Presley
3ln. Garfield H utie Newbury
Annie Garfield Clan Cameron
llclle Gordon Katie A'iller
Jennie Joy Jrs. D. A. Joucs
Cat of C ix-scters:
Mr, Stephen Poppincourt, If.F. Steadman
Arthur Ormeston Henry 'ap?, .I r
Mrs. Vingrove Mrs. A. F.Kddy
Laura ivatie Jiller
Kiltie Vmks Jrs. D. J. Jones
CooJcdr lills with particulars
IMP'D O. K. M.,
St. Tammany's Day, May 12,
On the cerner of California and Third
Street, Jacksonville, Oregon.
Dave Cronemillcr, II. K. Hanna, E. B.
"Wation, E. D. Foudray, . Jacobs,
George Rievc.
Chas. Nickell', J . R. Little, Wm. Jlensor,
Clias. Prim, Wm. Ive-ney.
H.Pape, Jr., A. F. Eddy, fjias. Pursell,
U. Labourdette.
A fine supper will be. furnished by Geo.
Beck, which will be served in the lower
story of the Odd Fellows' building. The
best of music has been engaged for the
occasion', and no pains wid be spared to
make the hfljir the event of the season.
Everybody is invited. Tickets, including
supper, ?'J JO. J. G. BIRD3EY",
J. a Will PP.
General Com.
"Scntner Office For Sale.
Desiring lo engage jij other business
the undersigned offers the
for sale at a bargain. For the amount
reouircd no better investment could be
founl for a payingbusincM. For lurtUcr
patticulars call on or address.
Frank Krause.
ts& Active, -s-
May good fortune follow tns readers of
The Daily Alta t
The foremost newspaper of the Pacific
Coast, which presents both aides of all
matters of public interest; No enemies
to punish or friends to pet, but fair and
truthful with alL
The Weekly Alta
Presents the strongest possible claim to
a family circulation. It is filled with
good reading, Btories, fashion notes, and
pays intelligent attention to the House)
and Farm. Splendid premiums with the)
Weekly Alta.
By Mail, Postage Freo, In the United States end
Canada. i
Dtily. (Including Sundtj)One Ter, ......... .18 00
Dally, " Ona Month.... SO
Sunday Edition, One Tear ,.. 2 00
Weekly A1U. One Year.... , 1 SO
Send postal card requestfor free sam
ple copy of Daily or Weekly Alta.
Drafts, Checks, and other remittances
should be made payable to the order of
San Francisco, California.
Of Southern Oregon, are hereby Informed
that in addition ton large a'uu elegant
line of
I have added"to my stork the following
clas3 ot goods, of which I have a full line :
Sadies' F'nrmshing Qo?ds,
Both Knit and Muslin.
Inant's Wardrobe Complete,
As cheap as to be bought any place; also
Under 4 years olc.
A beautiful line of
Consisting of Lisle and Silk.
Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Corsets',
And many other ..things, too numerous to
" mention. I have al.o secured tho
services ofa"
' i
And am prepared to execute all orders la
that line in lirst-class style at reasonab'e
Call and see me at the buildin' form.
erly occupied by A. L. Johnson on Call
fornia street. MRS. P. P. PKIM.
Notary Public, He'dl Estate Agt.
Abstracts made of Titles to Lands.
JJosal TJoouxaoxxts
Of all kinds drawn up, especially pertain,
ing to the settlement of estates.
Collector of Accounts Prompt
Investment Securities a Specialty.
Jackson County Scrip Bought and Sold.
I have a complete set nf Maps of aU
Surveyed Lands in this couuty, and re
ceive abstracts monthly from Roseburg of
all new entries made. I am thus pre
pared to make out Homestead and Pre
emptior papers, and can thus save to par
tios the expense of a trip to Roseburg
Land Office.
Several fine farms are in my hands tor
Prompt reply made td all letter.
Charges in accordance with-tlie times.
Refers, by rermisslon, to C,.J.,Bcekv
man, Esq., BinkerfWUon. IffRSWebSS
stcr, Judge of this judicial district,"'andJtoa
any business house in Jacksonville. ".'
Office at south cast comer California
and 5th street, Jacksonville, Oregon. 4J-8ILAS-J.
Saloon And Restaurant,
The proprietor take pleasure in in
forming the public that he has
thoroughly renovated this well-known
stand and is prepared to furnish
Fresh Bread and Yeast
daily, delivering the same to any portion
of Jacksonville free of charge.
Meals, 25 Centa.
The table will be supplied with a choice
variety of eatables, while the best o(
wines, beer and cigars may b'e found in
the Saloon
EGive me a call.
Kerbyville Orecon,'
Mrs; M. Ryder, Propr.
First-class accommodation can always
be had at this house at the miret rcasona.
i ble rates .
crates. .
tSfAn ezcollent stable connected wits
the h'etl.
A. Zr-