Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, November 21, 1885, Image 3

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    :jBey,''wriwu i luimvmuj.
Social Pasty Tk Red Men of
'tbis.p:at have concluded to give a
social party on the evening f Thanks
giving at their own halt. Toe tick
ets "hate ben 'placed "at $1.00 and
nothing-will be left undone to sake
it a firsWdass and enjoyable affair.
Everybody is invited.
Paistkd Rn. Wheu the news of
thu eiectipnf Hon. Joba II. Mitchell
to the United Bute 8-ut reschvd
Jacksouvill theie wa feiieral rejoic
ing; Republican and DsioccraU going
arm iu arm-to fcelebrate this tprnd
victory.. Guffs were, tired, the band
.played, and the universal enthusiasm
f tha large croft d cclehiatiog wan
something not teeu every day.
Child's Sxow Flake. Every lady,
'wishing a clear, delicate complexion,
should iisa Child's .Snow Flake. It
Tioariblies and freshens the skiu, re
mores Tan and Sunburn, and, thnitat
ural appearance imparted, render it
impossible to detect its use. Warrant
ed perectJy harmless. Sold by all
druggists, or by .the manufacturers,
John A. Child & Co., Druggists, Port
land, Oregon. Moil orders promptly
attended to, Price SO cents.
SEiuotrs Accident. Whits working
in P. Done-Jan's t.bop cutting iron h
piece of the metal struck Win. Smith
in the eje causing injuries that wilt
cause him to lo.e the uee of that optic
forever. Dr. Aiken, thu atlouding
physician, thinks it possible to restore
"eight in the injured eye bat the chauces
aie no leu than ten to. one that ton
result can bo accomplished. The young
man's many friends wish him the best
atccesi possible in whatever operation
may be required hereafter.
PkoBATS 60OBT In the matter of
tho Citato of Win. Brinrr, deceased.
J. W. Plvmire, F. Birreburg and
ArlUir WiUon appointed appraiorre.
Estate oj Wui. Williams. In-
ventbry filed and uu onlur granted tft
tell pciMMtal propel ty ... Edat of
Phoebe Bakimflro. Inventory filed
nhimmg rol prajtertv io Che value of
S100 E-.Lt.. of E A.' Fr'flkhd.
First trail tuuixal exhibit eppoved
. ..E.Utevf M Cufwell. Hearinc
of petition for cute of rfcl esfau pot
psned, until D.iecsibor term.
. s
Boriso Tlonettt. Mr. L. B. Wood
wurlli, .f ()irfli'nl, Cih.-hu Uuuqht
tho large bwij cf Jvdm FtirclnM in
Siskiyou cowntv, Cal., last year, has
been cot in K.Uuiath coanty aud in
this valley making -purchases ths
inoath. la Sprvgue rher valley he
bought seventv heod of t,'uldinr of thn
"WVlls 'mi.I Sladn btad'xtfSOa htik.l,
m1 in this vltv beh bought tbcot
twriityGve h-ad. The V.'ella' btid
he stvt weu s fine a collec'ton o
bor.vM and (OMei. i lis hat ee-n .ny
where in tho country, and Ike price,
for mibrt.knn hijrse--, j.is-t off lb
ranse, is pretty gi-u'i. The prices pud
for thOM) boiifht is (his valley woie
from fSO up. "Tiding "
Tub McDanikl. The trial of Mr.
Amanda MsDivtiief an an accomplice
it; the murJer'of her husband is n
progrein; in ihs Circuit Court and
it will probably cuntinua till next
Monk before a veraict is tendered.
)ut of tho repalar panel ouly i-e"en
jury mm were secured and a special
ventre of twenty foi-r were th"ii
drawn wliee the lit waB completrd.
District Attorney KphI and H. K.
Hanna ar protecuting whiln J. H.
Neil, C. W. Kahlar and J. T. B--tiitch
appear for the drfens. The
Tollo ing gentlemen compote the jury:
F. Hubbard, G. S. Wnltbn, H, F
Deaa. J W. I'tvn.ife, G. W HoWar.l,
II C. Turpin, 'Wni Mavfitld, F. M
Parlor, B K Mil'er, J. vf. Lay ton,
T. J. Keaton, Ym. Miller.
Caught ix a Tuxxel. On its
tiarthbund trip last Saturday night,
while a heavy rainstorm wan r.nging :u
thu mountains, the paffengftr train
found ith exit from one nf the tumi" s
this side of Doha completely blockaded
by n landslide On bickmg to get out
of the tunnel, this end had also slid iu
hincs the trmn had passed, aud lhy
found thetusi'lrr imprisoned nilbti.
the dismal tunnel, and as the telegrpph
wires were broken -by the slides, they
cauld get no asiistanc", and were
obliged to pass tho night there. Iu
the morning one of the traiu men
managed to gat out of the tunnel and
walked to Deta to get he p, to thai at
1 o'clock Sbnday tho imprisoned tram
gotoutand went b'li.itK way rejojeing.
Arrangements have now been made to
run a daylight awing train between
here aud Delta, as as done last in
ter, vbile the stormy either con
tinues. '-'Redding. Iiu!e)ndent."
BelIoious Items 'Elder H. C
Fleming pleaches at the Lone Oak
school .house next. Sunday . . . .E'der
M Peterson preaches at Medford uu
Sunday, both marniiigmid evening....
Begular services will bo held at tho
CatholicchuTch jrUtfiii 'place, F. X.
Blanchet officiating.. . .Rev. A. R
Bickcnbach -nitl liold tanio-a at Phoe
liix in the morning and at tliix place in
the everting, Sunday,. .. Rv W. P
Williams will hold servicer at the M.
E. church in this place on Sunday,
Doth morning and evening., ...Rev
J. R, Roberts of the 2L E church,
South will preach at the Phoenix
school houso next Sunday at 11 o'clock
A. M. ...The quarterly mee'ing of tho
II. E. church, South, for this circuit
was held at Brovtnsboroogh Ust Sat
urday and Sunday . .The quarterly
meeting nf the M E. church, South,
for Applegate circuit, will he hald on
Williams reek to-dar and Sunday.
Rev. E. G. .Michael, P. E., wiU be in
'Locat Items- ,
Thursday next is Thanksgiving.
New goods at Murrilt's and Colvin's."
Mitchell is elected. Carry the
aw to Harvey.
The Chick quarts mill at Mtdford h
about ready to cdtnuiecca crushing
Ws understand that the Albany
"Herald DisctsttiBator" is to start a
daily at that placa soon.
Senators Prim and Representative
Cameren have our thanks for decu
bients test us this week.
Ike Skeetrrs of Josephine -county
eilled tho other dar and to c, appear
ed better lsoking tha ever.
The oldest sen cf Robt. M. Garrett
of Ashland had a le broken this week
when trying to climb on a wagon.
The Red Men's ball comes off next
Thurday night aud all lovers of on
joying a good time should be present.
Hayes fc Elliott ef this place pub
Han card in the Aie.lfoid ".Homier'
denying that they would open a shop
Another Bakery and restaurant
wsb started here thin week in V it
S-hulz' brick with Geoigs Beck iu
Tbos. Chaner of Gold Hill is lying
seriously ill at his heme rf bronchitic
Dr. Prvcn of ifedford is the attending
A lot of young carit were received
at tho express odica l.ore mit .li tlm
week cot'igned to Juhu O Bnen of
The McDiniel mwtder caxo causes
he attendance of a larg nuruber of
witi'Ptsen f oiu Ash. and and us im
mediate vicinity.
N .tithsjin.ling th election of,
Jhn H JH'chttll o the Umtt-d States
Srnp, Pit -.lale will krp hi prices
fir livr out tits a-j lo as ever.
Dan Hunt of Jespphina cauntv in in
town end informs us tliAt i'.ip r. iners
in his teil' iu hne conimeuced work
bating plenty T-atrr to otk mb.
Mrs. J. C. Elder of Mrdford died at
that place Wednesday. Air. Eldr
and fcife. were furuier rnidems of
Jn. phmp cosntv n here they aro w.ll
and fvotkbly known,
'Sqiiiio Wm. Hofraian's fonerel on
Mnuiiay kit was ono of th lrgl
bVr seen iii JncKfcnvili p-cple cora
ing froro ill uni.iii of the coumy t-
ay their last respects.
Yhniliill p-oplr hav plueed moic
than 20,000 Acres of Unds in I ho
lunds of an agent tor sale and sent
tliei to the eastern Hates to Ef-citro
purthieeru a.aa send out colonies.
Hi'n. Bigger IlTiuanii, tcct.mpni
ed by his ffily, will Im for Ws.lt
mgtsit city on next Sstordy to icp
reHcut On-sun in the natiuii! copgrose.
Mrt gd fortuiiB go with tlu'm.
At tho special echool meeting held
here on Tuesday last Prof. J. V.
Jleiritt was ctiojtn direcor in pltue
ot Georgo Brown and a tour mill lax
oted t. Euj port the scisocl for the was
coming yeir.
Wiih Mili-hcll in the Senstn and
llermaou in the Loner Hotts of Oen
qis, Oregon will now make her
Uinis ktin. and show the rest of
the people that we are part ot tht
United States.
In reponte to a telegraplic requv t
from tho "tmilv. J H. Hi ffmau of
LinkiilU, ( humuOued heru this
sk to attend the funeral of his
uucln. He will raniam several days
before retcruiug.
In etr.mining thn rarkted Chinnt"
quartan; in Tacvma 'the citizens fosnd
an accumuUtioa of hand: and feat
that hd rotted oil of Chian-.s lepers.
The etoiich aiising from the mass nf
corrupiio.i was lavist horrible and sick
e ung.'
A quartz mill in Jscksouville is now
an insured fact as neatly thx full
amount avked for as a bonus has htmi
raised. The terms of contract call for
an JS.000 mill and Mr. L. D. Brown
oxpects to start' below tomorrow night
to ordir it.
Next Thursday will be Thanks
giiiug. We aro goiag to have tur
key and cranberry inuce at that tluir
and if any member of tha family re
fuses to hurrah foe Mitchell after tho
closing exercises ho or she will be
"het dad on the spot."
Ed. Pienning of Rock Point pro
cinol as among our callers this week
lie cnuie on an imitation from fit
SheiuT, butjorilr. Piennwg's benefit,
we will sta'e' thai ho van hot Mneslen
on a criminal charge and sh only
subpoenaed here r a witness ia tho
MoDauiel murder case.
The President mads the folloaing
appointments on the ldh: Registern
of laud c.ffic, Henry Richard, of Oro
gon, at LaGrap'de, Oicgonj'WiiiCeld
3 Au-tin, of Wakltingion terntoiy, at
01) mpia; receiver of public uioiieys,
John T. Outhotue, of Oregon, at La
Grande, Oregon.
The Bskor City "Sage Brush" has
th following warning: Again we in
form our readers that the Pine creek
mines i no place for a poor man thu
fatl There is no work at which they
can find emplovtueut and they had
better seek employment elsewhere un
til spring.
Mrs. B. DeForet, teacher of elo
cution in the Wiilameltn University-,
will give an elocutionary entertain
raont in Jacksonville, Monday, Dec.
7tb, for the benefit of ths M. E.
Sunday School. Sha is wr-ll known
as a lady ef high social poiion and
rare elocutionary talent, and our ap
preciative people will undoubtedly
give hsr a good hearing.
Wells, 1'argo A,o. lultinl l adu
money order feature to their express
business in about two week. It will
be modelled on the basis of that al
ready in existence in tha postcSce.
It is understoo'd that 'it will provide
agaiust Iocs, and will be as rapid and
at the same time cheaper than the
pottof&ee system.
Saiua of our merchants last week
paid as high as 1 J cents por pound on
freicht fnui Delta. Others made con
tracts sown time ago to have their
freight delivered at 1 nts per
pouud, and a quarter rf a rent rnis
over semmsr retes. Oa a small let
we paid th' -ek 2 eents psr pound.
Yreka "Union."
Ths land between the 30 and 30
mile or indemnity Hmite of railroa'
crant, will now he applied forrapidly
The commissioner has decided that
the railroad company cannot claim
this indemnity land until they fail to
secure the amount granted within the
20 mile limit en oach side of road, nor
can they male application for the same
till the lailrcad is completed.
An Iowa paper (the "Liverraore
Gazette") has the followin;: "While
we'aro waiting for our exchanges to
begin their season's King abouf bic
eari of corn, we blush for shame to
read in on of tbm an account of a
frog having falten into a pail of milk
one night, and being found in the
tnornine seated upon a roll of butter
which he had c'nrned in his fmitles
efforts to get out." , -
As usual at this season whsn eggs
aiepcarceend dear, Oregon bent have
struck, and the market is being ut
plied w ith e2t from Iowa. Ju"-t how
it is in that cold climate the hens are
kept up to their work iB something
which tho poultry l&isers want to find
out. We have about all the fa'icv
breeds of poultry known, but the
breed wanted is the one that can pro
dtics ees when the price is high.
Concerning tli Joephino countv
oourt hcU'a cae, the Grant's Pass
"Courier" avs: "After the decision
of Judge Webster ia an action of in
junction whsrein'lhe Crtrntv of Jn
phine and Sol. Abraham wercdefen
dnnts and Jsnilhsn B. urns r.as plain
tiff, a citizen proposed to the Judg"
ami commissioners that the ;enuntv
lenrd call an extra e'oti and re
scind tha motion whrrein tho count
hs beu joint defendant with Iho tail'
AVrahsm, and if Mr. Abraham and
Jfr. Bonnie wi'h to fight at Uw about
the location of tli county buildinF,
let tbepj dn ";o at their own expetin
There is a point in this fuggestio.
that i ortb considering, and nne
that i being continental! upuii by tht
best u.iz-ns of this coun'y."
A pleasant social githerinc lotk
p'ae at the reilnce of Mrs. W G.
rViult, Ut Wednesday ci onii g,
that dav being tho 7C It aiiiiiverxary
of Lcr birth. Mr TVauU came ta
Oregon in 185, and bs lived in
Jaci.st.li cauulv sinco 1852; and ii arte
of the pioiiMr v.omen whuse gencirt-n.
Iiinpita'ity v.-ill ovpr bo remeinhi-rei'
by 'the fily iei tiers of this aute, and
it will be pleasant lor her many
friendt ta hear nf her toatiuued good
healthj she has v.itr.tssed iho progrtss
ive devel t nieiit of tht. Pacifie north
west from a wilderness to an empire,
and as ih' shudowii of the evening of
her life e.re !er.gthaing, tho loving
hands (.: Uer daHL'h'cr, grinj childnn
aud gri&t grand cluldiea anticipau
ier oveiv watit. Tne Sliver Come
Band tendnred her a serenade, refresh
uif-iitH wero srvvd, and ilia gua.ts de
parted wishing Mrs. T'VauU many
'happy lfturus of t!i2iioy ia which the
br.MINEL which was foumlej by Col.
F Vault, hur late husband heartily
CKTTi:n'a Eism Wuiskies Again
we giottt our manr friend", remimlini;
iltemi that ths stuson of "pace oil
eauh and good uilty towards men,"-
tsinpidlv approaching, hen protpen
:y r."nd genwrosilr ga hand ill hand, and
ilia whole civiliznct world scebn -for
those tributes and mementoes whis.li
-erve to bind closer tho friends of
fleeting years. After the lull omei
thb atnrm; tho ir..vn of "depression is
apidly pacing a-.vay. Tbo higns of
the times indicate a bettor and more
active futme, and in anticipation of'an
Increased drmand for find whiskies,
we will cive personal attqntion to the
bst of European and Evstern liquors.
We now oflVr to our- -p vtrons ths a4
vatilage of selecting from th"o fine
vvhi-kie', which wo guarantee will not
be excelled on the cost Wo liavp in
stcck, J. F CutWr, Extra, Old Bour
oon, nnd A rgonr.ut whiskies. Menritt
it Robinson has been appointed
ognnt for the cele'jratpd "J. F
Cutter" whisky -for this section
of Jackson county. He will fell at
urne prictba you would have topsy
stE Martin & Co.'h . disjillerv, Kv.
Put up in half and whrtTe bblhjaUo
cs-.es of Cutter at S. F.Pfices.-.
John L. Burn9, commercial ngrnt
for E Martin & Co., 403 Fr.iiit S ,
S.m Francisco. 3in nov 1
Itabltual ConsttrMitlon
Is a prolific source of misery and
many ills, giving ri-.e to Headache,
Dullness, Fevers, Nervoumess, Ilsf.
ejuesSj Biliousucv Iudivtion, Pols
oius of Dlood, etc. Thb bitter
naueous Liver mediciHes, pills, salts
and draughts formerly used to relieve
the sufferer, only aggravate the disease
and sicken the stomach. Al wio aro.
afflicteil in that way, know the impor
tauce of tho renifdy pleasant to the
palate, harmless in its nature; and tru
ly beneficial in its action. JTje trial
liottlei of Syruji of Figs i,ven away
free of charco ly our enterprising
druggists Merritt and Robinson of
Jacksonville prove that it is all that
can be desired. Large bolt!" at fifty
cents or one dollar.
JLYbh fflxiwf? Gross.
Arch .Bishop Gros's, of Portland,
dflivsrwU tli- latt oc-r, sr'es of lec
tures at tna court notice in Jackson
vilr iast Monday evrnut;.. Tne in
te -. Its -a ivcTassed during his 'ec
umi, th'tt the largt court room was
aekeil aud rjany uustVe to obtain
seat. Tha Bihou is of medium
h-icbt, rotund figure, and fnir com-
p'exiou, and has a bus oroail bi'a.l
with a marked development of the
p 'nl and iniellectual orcan-,
backed by self-esteem and combat
iveaots, wLtcli are" held n abeyance
.y thtf dignity actl culture of tb true
Siuthm enlauaii. He is a native
of Murvlaud, aud proud of his birth
right tf Atuericaa citizenship, but
-ils with a iliglit toreign accen',
whetisr it is the inhBr-t.ge of
ttic-tgn parntag, or a corrupiutn ol
Jin i i-.x a, acpi'red by be con
stant use ot the many languages at Lis
romaiaud could not be dstei mined.
Ills laige language and iUe-nity jjive
grace and fluency to hi expresious,
and everv seutuc is rounded ami
po Khed until it falls oa tho ears of bt
luost bitter opponent with a persun
Rifpi qnence.lhat inspires them with
a detirs "to hear him agaiu of this
matter." He begi-is lecture in th.
Augusfiu ag, and bri fly outlined the
wrnngling'S of the -litF-ant schio's el
philosophy that were agitating Urec
and Koine, and cunt ending tor su
pteroacy ia that ogv, brilitng out the
bitter persectitionii lo wlncu many
v.tre u-,'j"cted, and the ble-ei
8iiottr of uianlihd, whoxe advent
had boen fareluhb by the Prophets,
and was heril.le.l a-. hi birth by the
h .Iter.t-. ot Uli ee t- ( hri't tho ho
of Gtd, begin b" mill's ry ho too vvi
peisfintsd, liutl-te.1, aint suit np.u
I Sll 1 ttSfl! UV IllS CU-TS b'lOie
PfHtmus PiUt, ihe Kot.1 in eovtrni.
Jiusr Cojiar Au-:Jstu, vvliere becu u
ly 'lee Hred, " t.nt l thti end 1
ho n and "for this 'caU's- ea'iir- I ir. t
.he 0tld, to bear witness to th
tru'h." ftin scene, OhrUt brftre
Pilate, is one tint always ati-s!s t.
'be M'-art cf tli Cinijttdn viorld, Im
as 'be Bishnp psthedevllr toll tl
sttry of'ths Swioi's-niiht ot suffering
and pereec i ton, in which n lUiw
disciple hid denied him, and in th
srlv ni rnmjvtpald from the aso
uf tlif night, lie earleVy Meclr.a
ibe truth -of Uis Divine miuijtry, be
fore the Rjmin governor, the emph'e
ord-picturo stftas emlo-vrd wi'h a
lisitii ftrce lo move the hirsts of hi--.tearrre.
The Bishop here nlln lei tu
a thrsictcristin of ourppopln w- ich ho
;id was distinctively Americin, tltr
oarteous coii'.djratton thlt wfs ec
jrdtd to ?tch othr in ihe express
ion of tti individual right of opin
ioo jvnd ptid u graceful tribtii" 'o
his lialiva state of Maryland, which
he said was lbs firit. nf the CO unit a
to gusianle." to thn proplv thtf rlj;b
of rftigtou 'iberty. He referrr..
biifiy to Christ's commati'l to E
dtctplrs to -4:0 iia hnnd preach the
gospel, ai.il lits promiH "bo wit..
hem elldiv, even ou'o tha end of
tii weld," a'ld thi took up tut sn'
j-ct of infa'abi'itr, whieh h" prel ce
"vith an a"-urtmo to tha "Audistue bf
ttia utter ab-enoe of Hg'itrv on his
J own piK, and asked of lh people, tin
g-neiOUJ eou-.iuerAtton of tho subject
tl at he expected of an Americit su
lier.ee, where bigotry-had not an abld
ijig plate in the hearts of the people
Ifis argutoeitt was logical and conn f-hen-ive,
etubracir.g tho different pas
sage 1 of ecripturs upon wli'di the
Ca'bofie Chur-h pre.Jicstcd ths claim
of tho truo church wkieh, h g'vr ia
original lan'guagoV, with tlia Irnnsla
tins, aud eoueludw 1 by espreing his
Jra'cful apprecietiu ef coorle&us at
'ention that he had rcc?ieJ during
nil ion, and assured his hesrers of his
players .for thsir fJ.iu lualth an I
p wperitv. Slioulil the Arch Butcp
vi it this place ngr.it. it i useless 10
asvir" hi'ti of a kind rec ption, as lit
won for him'tlf the gefld will of all,
by his ploataut soc'al diepoNitiou, and
thecourlesv and candir that marked
his public nddraws. His audience at
tho crutrt houstf- must- havg.'.exce':'dod
f00 and on all occasions he received
the must respectful attention.
riijsl.-ians vrcre la Vain.
Mr. David Netter, 705f Mission
street, San Francica, Cal, writes
that for several months ho suffered
fioai a serore cold rr.d cough, which
n'n'alfy resulted in total hoarseness.
He consulted several phyticiaus, but
obtained no To'ie.f? and .1 hen tried
Red Star Cotigh Cure. After taking
a few doses he felt better, and before
he had fiiit-htda bottle- lis jvas com
pletely cured. " jt. V - '
When Baby was sick, wo gave hpr
When she was a Child, Rhecrid for
, . ,i - -,-- CASTORIA,
.Whcnbs became Miss, slip clnns to
Whenshahad Cjiililren.jhi cavp them
fSm'Tr.ztt jf'Lusk" and Son"of
th Oik-Inn J Nursory, Cal. have fruit
trees hpre fpr sale cheap. Apply to
G. A. Hub! ell.
U.U1! XL IFM-JilllllU'W
uorthbounJ freight train wh'ich left
Ashlaml Tuesday morning was thrown
from tha trick in tha Cow crtsk
j csnvuu. In rounding a sharp curve,
ins eujiueer discovered a large tree
lyi ig acro tho track a short distaiiie
ahead. He reversed his engine, but
could uot stop quick enough, and the
engine aud thres cars were ditched,
thu remainder of tho train being left
fctandiug on the track. No one on the
train was injured, the engineer and
fireman saving themselveiby jumping
befure the engine left tha trsck. Two
ladirs were on tho train and while
bsing convoyed on a Land car to the
nearest station one of them fell fiom
the cox and was injured si ghtly. The
passenger trains being unable, to pass,
transferred their passengers, mail ano
espres matter, and Wednesday luorn
ing's express was therefore about six
hours late, in reaehing Asblaud. A
temporary track allowed thu expiess
trains to ps around Monday.
For lamp Bask, Side or Chest ue
SIiiIoSi'm Portms PKster. Price 25
?enti. For sale at E. C. Bioofcs.
SSJ3 s?a Sxj3.V
P-. a n -i-'ii ii
h m rv )s a ::
satsy. bSS t'ii
lb d
esa feg im ssiau V. zJ & SSa
Treo from Opiates, JE::ictle3 and JPolsca.
Ar U u.31, AMU XlALKKS.
ime iiLtiii.ti i.vwhrtEa to.Difn'aEHTD.
miKLia i-Toiiixa oii.iLi!ioas,UD.
Parties h-'vinsr TV ml for sale will f nd
it to their idvat tag" ocall on mc la'ore
-siting to other parties, .is I am paying
For both Spring and Fall clip3.
(Tall on or address mc at Ashland, Ogm
' DwiD C. IlERSCJ.
AfthHnd, Oct. 6, ItW
Noiice of Co-Partuership.
V inc it for our own convouience and
iortheb'st interests of the community,
nave decided to form a co pirtncrship
s:i the practice of Mei'icme and Surgery
.n !cdtorct nn', in order to make the
nroper arraBgem nu forsuth co-partner
s'tip, those indebtetl to either ot us will
onfera fivor by settling their accounts al
th' ir earliest convenience.
Our oflloes will be as heretofore until
.the rooms which we have engaged in
Vt il.iams' bricic bulldins are completed.
It. PRYOE, M. D.
E. V. GE.4BY.JT.D.
Medlord, Oregon, Nov. C, 1SS3.
urs, Sidns, Hides,
JVn.d "oXtsi
T vrill pay the highest cash
prices for ail kinds ot Furs and
Kiiis. Send for pricu list to
GEO. W. GOi.llM?LC,
fcr'n, Pennsylvania.
Ki-rbyvillo..... Orecoc,
Mrs. Sda Ryder, Propr.
First-class accommodation can alivsra
bahad at thishoubeat the most reasona
JgAn excellent stable connected with
the hotel.
California St.,
Jacksonville, - - - Oregon.
Tlie nndersigned is fully prepared to do
all work in histine in the best manner and
at reasonable4 prices.
'...jiiHK SCflliMP '
I navins taken, out the.neceKsary license;
I offer rriy terviccs to the public as a
I 1 .! A Z
AM bnsiness in my line will be oromnt.
Ilyatt ndedtoat reason ible rates Satis
fit tion gmrantecd. Tor further particu
lars enquire ofor address.
vi m. a. uwra, uentrai roint, O-
Dissolutiou Notice.
11 thtf Rojtle Biver Distilling o.
comprised of If K Lyt'e, John A. Han
ley ana tieo 41. Lore, is dissolved b
mutna) consent, John A. Ilanley wi 1 eni
tjnnethe business and win receipt all ac
counts duo the late company as well as
settle its indebtedness
JOHN .4. ' AVLTtY,
Jacksonville, "Not. 7, 185-
5 tiff--' r2f irrzSi.t.5a
,CftT"E CaEATW " 3 e?f
felif Mm REKiDl
t"3 F? B C"r-s Khsnr.siism, Nrn-ato,
fte tlifST? E"ll.e. Untt'l is TiwISttlS,
5 (iS 5 ls?l9 Puh a. unv cTS.
N'e.fl,JTWlJ,TllJlJEVJUJJ.JLlllUXiJieWiM.lliaiJU.ItflJilJilAt.tJLa - 'U.l'mltMlrlirPJIJklieaiAAfa
Siirface IndiGafions
"WTiat a ratner wouM vcrr proper1 tcm
"urf:ico hidieatious" ot what is bcneutlr,
are tha Pimples, Stie3, Sore Eyes',
B0II3, and Cutaneous Brnptions ith
T h!ch people aru annoved in sprtu; ami
early sumner. TUo effeto matte raccumu
litcu ilurin tha winter months novy
lnakes iu presenco felt, through Nature's
cmleavors to expel it from the system.
"While it remains, it is npoion that festers
iutlieblooUaaJ may doi clop Into Scrof
ula. This condition causes deransement
of tha diestiv e and asimiIatory organs.
with a fee'.hu of en-rvation. Isntruor. and
svearinos oftenli'ihtlyspoKvnof 3si-only
f prins I ev er." Th&so aro cv iilcnecs that
IvaUiro I3 not able, unaided, to throw oJ
tho eorniDt atoms which weaken the ital
force. To retrain health. Nature niut ba
sided bv a thorough bliKxl-purif.v in med
Iduc; anil nothiiy cUe U to cJlectiveas
Ayers Sarsapar7a,
which is rufflcicntly powerful to expel
from the sj tem even tho taint of Hered
itary Scrofula.
The metiic-.il profession indorse AyiuYs
Sarsapakiixa, and many attestations ot
the cures cfiectedby itcome from all parts
of tho world. It K in the 1 mutate of
the Hon. Fntnei3 Jewett, ex-Stato Sen
ator of 3Isachuserts and ex-J!ayor of
Lowell, "the only preparation that docs
real, l3tin j good."
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass.
- Sold by all Druggists: Prico $1;
Six bottles for $5.
tirand Mask Ball !
"Under the auspices of
Jacksonville Twnvcrcin, Ifo 1,
Cx.-n Tx.n.zr'y lot, 1SOG.
Rccimnox Comjiittcr: tj
J. H. Little, . T. ifoore, .lames Cro
nemlller. . '
Tiion 3lAKor.ns:
W. W. Cardwell, James Uirdsey, Wm.
Cojimittke Op Aiir.AOEJij'rs:
.Iris. .Mentor, 0. O. Uunniuham, 1 O.
No maskers admitted until rcc onized
by llto reception committee.
Ticket, iccliuliii!r suppor, 51 25 each ,
sp-ctatnrs 50 ctnts 'Ihcro will bo s
an Tia teb e fdr chi'dren
I lie best of music has lmqn engagcf
an I no Twins will be spired to' makelta
succces in every pKnicuIar.
SCJa week in your own town. Trin"
jV aid $5 outfit tree. Address II .
Hai-lkt, & C-i-, I'drtlnntl Elaine.
fDO L J '13-CV'Siitivilii) worth ft")
fiw Address "iw f- " - -rf jiml Jif
Cwintr to ill health and recent finan'.i-il
ed to retire tennancntly from the mercantile
entire stock ol
At'tlie Old Ashland Store,
The Store ahd
Asbland, Oi., June 2G. 1S85.
QBeFies agsd:,OItMsii
Fobacco, Cigars
California strect,b' tween Orpiron nnd Third, Jacksonville.
r ; "" i f
Fre'sk-' VNatc Stock
'S-- f ,
Erank ,Bi6'tliers Implement Companyj
DEALEHS 'US . ,. ' ' . '
Pasn&9 if ill Hacblffiepy
BUFORD'S RIDING A"ND GEAR, SCOT T & CO S Engines ,5: Threshers,
: T HARROWS, Etc., Eta, E'c.
A Full Line Of Farm Machinery.
XVnte for catalogue. Address cither
FRANK BROS. IMi'L. CO, Portland, Or.
Or, H. Wr. PORTER, Agent, Oregon City, Oregon. apr 11 S m"
BBS. I I SffiTF,
Jacliscnxdllo, - Oraii
Havin? lr.oysd to a new loc.stlon oa
"iliforniu Mittt at the' r&Idenceuf E.
D. Ftudiaj I beieby ask my irlemis
md the r uWic gcmrally to irivc mc u call
tor anything in the linu ofDiesimalticjr,
Filling- and'Cultinj,
Dr&s Hittema Furnished:
3Iy prices are regulated .to suit tha
times and satisfaction is puamnteed;
In the Circuit court of theState of Oregon,
for th- County of Jackson,
lary A.. Doneg-.in, plaintiff. )
Tohn I)one;sn, defend int. )
To Jolm Dnneimn
Tnr. same of the state op
I Oieaon and byorderof L. fl. Wtbstgr
Itidg-'of s"aid" court dattd 24, Octbbcr,
t8Sfi. You.are required to appear in said
Court, and answer the complaint of said
Plniniitf filed epiinst jou, on orbelore
die lljli day of Januarj-, 1SSG. And you
ire notmcil that, If yon full to ansvvsrsaiil
complaint as nboe requld, tbeFlaintiff
wiil app y to tho. Court for the relief de
manded therein, to wit: For a dtcrtu
n?inst you for a divorce nnd the cara
md cusio ly of the minor children. (. ,.
Given umlcr my bund this 21st day of
October A. I., Jb83.
B. F. Dowell,
Attorney for 1'inthtiO".
Timber Land Noticd, ,
Land Office Roscboro, On., )
October 2l. 18S5. f
Notice i3 hereby given that, iu complf
mce vvlth the provisions of the Act of
ongress approveil June 8, 18T8 entitled
" in .let for the salo of Timber lands
.n the Stales of California, Oregon,
Vfeyadn, and Washington Territory v"
Vui-ustus 11. nickenltachV whose posC
fflce address is Jacksonville-, Jackson
"maty, Oregon-, has this day fikd in this
ifflee iiis application to purchase the, E
ot S E if of Sec. 31 and W U of 3 W
Seel ion Ko 32, in Township Nb 32
smlh, Ilangg Ko. 3 East, of the Will.
Mer. miridian. All persons holding any
Diverse claim thereto are required to pre
ient the same at this njlled within sixty
dys from tho .first publication of this
notice. " Wii. F. Besjamin,
X:nst CaU.
As we are closins; up our business
here, 'all vvho are Indebted to us 'aro
hereby requested to come forward and
settlu without unnecessary delay. j
. - ItBWBS BltDs.
undersiirned by note or book'account,
sre requested to call and settle without
Iflny- G KAUEW5KI;
Inikmnville.. June 22 1885. '
d-fflculties. tin- nmTi.iBlrmwl lma ,.,. ,.,i
business, and thenJore 'offers forsaio his
Fixtures will bo , ,-( ;
J M. McCALli.
Candies, Etc., ;Et.
l S t fit '
and New1' Prices !