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Satuhdat. November 7, 1S85.
Fruit Tbees. J. Luok arid Son of
'th Oakland Nursery, Cat. hav frait
trees bare far sale cheap. Apply to
G. A. Habbell.
Masquerade Ball. Th members
of thr Jacksonville Turnversin Society
"will give a marquerHa ball here on
New Tear's night, and will publish a
fall programme in our next issue.
Social Party. Tin Red Men of
this plac hare conclndod to cive a so
cial party sa the evening of Thanks
giving at their own hall. Tho tickets
have Keen placed at 1 and nothing
will be left undone to make it a first
class and enjoyable affair. Every
body is invited to attend.
Important to Settlem Br a lata
ruling of the Couiinistiontrs of the
General Land Office, the, odd number
pd ttctions within tlio indemnity (be
tween lite 20 and 30 mile) limits of
the Q.& C. R R. crant, are subject to
settlement under the pre-emption and
homestead lawR.
Ym F. Bexjamin, Register.
Some Squash. At James Drum's
store a squash can be seen that was
raised en Thos. F. Beall's place near
Central Point weighing 112 pound;.
It is of the Mammoth rarictv and a
monitor in fact. Another ouo pluck
ed from the janm vine weighed 90
pounds and the whole vine yieldfd
about 400 pounds. Who can beat
Wedding Bells. Mr. Claud Galcli
of Salem and Mitts Helitn M. Plum
per, dughtor of Dr. O. P. S Pluuimer
of this ctly, were married at Calvarj
PreMiyterian Church in this city at
liuou yesterday. Rev. E. T. Lee per
formed the ceremony. A large num
ber of friends were prcbent. Tho
young couple left for Salem yesterday
afternoon. Mr Gatch is connected
with ihi) fir if of Messrs. Ladd it B'isb
at that pIhcc. The brida is a graduate
of I he Portland High SlIicoI, class of
1S80. Portland "News."
Another JJukdlr, Capt. W. W.
Sander, late editor of tlie Benton
"Lender," published nt Corvallis, lft
and killed a young mail named James
Campbell near the Court House, in
Albsny n Thursday afternoon of this
week. Both psrtirs wero suitors for
the hand ef Mus Mattie Ai!ion, a
handsome icilliner of Albany, and
jealousy is suppotcd to be the cause.
''Campbell and Miss Allison were out
taking a walk when the tragedy oc
curred and the wounds inilico-i were
shut from behind. Zanders was ar
retted and lodgsd in jtil. Later r
qierts are that .Miss Allison is also in
Journalistic E5ticki'iuse. The
DsMpser-Cmpbell prize fight was the
principal topics of the day on tho
streets of Portland yesteiday, and
knowing the interest it excited, "The
News," with its usual enterprise, de
termined on issuing an extra, con
taiuin; the full particulars. Iu pur
finance f (hie, several cat-es of type
were put on beard the struer City of
'Ipbi, with a corps of reporters and
several lightning cempesitors. They
went to the eene of the affray, pro
cured all the information, put it in
type on board the steamer, and ten
minutes after lmr return, liovs nere on
the street carting "Extra News."
The extra edition containtd five col
wuus' closely printed matter, and
ahetit 2,500 copies were disposed of on
the street. The feat in one unpre
cvdented in the journalistic anualb of
Small Business While it is uni
versally Acknowledged that tho "Ore
Ionian" is the best ne spaper iu Oregon
it can nlso be noticed that it will
l-toop lower to carry out eonio pet
hobby or to punish some one the edi
tor may not like. During the pk
It published an item about the Jose
phine county seat argument bpforn
Judge Webster, whish was copied
fiom tho Ashland "Tidings," and for
which due credit was ghen, but in
stead of giving the names of all the
"attorneys employed, as nientionsd by
tho "Tidiugs," the "Oregonian' rotes
them all with tho exception of Hon
John II. Mitchell. For tho informa
tion of that paper ne will state that
Mr, Mitchell was leading counsel for
'Josephine county in the suit men
tinned, tint he made an able argu
ment for his clients and tho scratch
ing out of his name by that paper is
considered very small business by nil
those who noticed it in this section.
, Religious Items. Rov. F X Blan
Ichet will hold services at the Catholic
fehurch in this place at the usual time.
Rev. J. XV. Roberts of the M. E.
church south, will preach at Antioch
one 'week from next Sunday ... . Rev.
A. R. Bickeubach will preach at
Phoenix Sunday morning and at the
Presbyterian church in this place iu
the evening of the same day.... The
following are the appointments of
Bishop Gross in Jaskscn county! In
Jacksonville, mission of three days,
commencing on Nov. Sih: in Ashland,
lecture on the evening of Nov. 12th;
and at Eagle Point, mass and lecture
at 10:30 A. it. on Sunday, Nov. loth.
. . . .The following aro Elder M. Peter
son's appointments for the present
month: He will preach nt McClendonV
school house Sandny morning at 11
o'clock, and on the following Sabbath
will hold services at Central Poiat in
the morning and at the Lone Oak
achoel house in the evening. He will
be at the Phoenix school house on the
euenings of the 18th and 19th, and at
Mr d ford en the 22nd, both morning
and etening. On the 29'hhe will
preach at Grant's Pass both morning
fend renin
f i.
4. ! a1 iv .
-V-JW.'..SJUUULJ.'i.- JJ. 'MJm J-'J,-'JH 'i'u.
Local Items-
Pell Cghtx opened out in fine style
Thursday night.
Morris Mensor made a flying trip to
Roseburg this week.
The Legislature convenes in special
'Session on itonda'y -next.
Late rains have enaeled our far
mers to ''commence 'plowin;.
A large dreve of fat hogs belonging
to Wm. Bybee were taken to Happy
Camp this week.
Caro Bros , PI oen'x, pay the highest
price for be-f hides, fnrs, deer skins,
sheep p'elts, "dried fruit, etc.
Lots of rain this week and the
countenances of our mining population
wear a smile in consequence.
The Justice property, near Medford,
was bought at administrator's sale last
Saturday by J. D. Whitman for $3,
Hunters should remember that the
game law effecting male deer went in
ta effect again on the first ef this
Chas. Wolters, ef Ashland, is negoti
ating for the puichase of Mrs. Kreu
zer's bakery, which we hope he will
conclude to do.
James Burns has returned from
Portland and will commence mining
on Applegate aB soon aa there is a
supply cf water.
Three teams have besn constantly
employed for suveral weeks past in
hauling wheat from Karuwskis mill
here to the railroad.
Geo. W. Lewis, of Josephine coun
ty, is still at large and Wynatt, his
victim isVery low but there are some
hopes of his recovery.
D. W H.rdin of Grants Pas has
just burnt a fine kiln of brick and is
now building flues, etc, for which he
has contracts to last hiiu several,
Wm. Peninger, of Willow Springs,
and Com Leaver, of Central Point, are
both recovering from injuries rtceited
ol late, aud wilUjou be up and around
as usual.
Opposition in the butcher business
at Grants Pass has reduced the price
of choice steaks to eight cents per
pound. Holwan Peters has opened
the new shop.
Mat Obenchain -ana family came in
froto Klamtth county this week, the
latter to remain ad winter. Mat r
pDrta times flourishing in that section
and money plenty.
W. J. Russell has taken up his
abode at the peaitentiary in Salrm for
a period of one and a half years for
stalling a pair of pants from J. M.
McCall'i store at Ashland.
After an nbsenco of several years
in the Eastern States, Uncle Billy
Chsmbers hss returned to this alley
ta rrmsin. He says the climate was
too cold for him back Eist.
Call on G. A Hnhbell of this place
ifytniwant a choice assortment of
fruit tress. He is agent for th'e well
known Oakland nun-ery of which J.
Lusk fc Son are the proprietors.
The grand jury of Josephine 'county
has found a tiun bill against Thos. By
bee, for an atiempt to kill; aho one
ngaiuiil a Chinaman for robbing sluices.
They u ere still in session at last ac
Tho Coanlv Court purchased the
complete het of Township maps recent
ly purchased by County Clerk Parker,
from the Roscburg Land Office, aud
ordered them bound, to become part of
county records, i
Thn following is a list of 'the grand
jurors for the Novemburterm of circuit
court for Josephine county: H. KeUy,
foreman, G. W Winier, Jr., A. J.
Grimes, W. B. Bunch, S. G. Btnga
nien, Jos. Polloed, Dan Hunt.
Hon. Thro Cameron started north
ward Tuesday night to be in attendance
when the oxtra session of the Legisla
ture meets on Monday next. He will
visit Portlnnd first to liuy a stock of
goods for his Uniontown store.
The new brick drug store of Dr. "V.
F. Kremer's at Grant's Pass 5s one of
the finest in this end of the State and
would be R credit to a Biuch larger
place. The Dr. also enjoys a large
practice and seems to be thriving gen
erally. Hon. Thos. F. B3all starts for
Salem to morrow night and Senator
Prim will join him at Grant's Pass
pre viding the latter gets through with
Court business at Iverbyville by that
time. They go to represent Jackson
county in the Legislature.
irrff. J. M. Smith has moved her
dressmaking establishment to rooms
in Mr. Foudray's residence on Califor
nia street where she will be prepared
to take any numbar of orders. The
satisfaction given heretofore onght to
guarantee her all tho werk wanted.
Privcs reasonable.
The ball to be given in the ware
house building at Central Point on
Wednesday night of next week prom
ises to be a grand affair. The Jack
sonville band xill furnish music, and
the supper will be provided .by Gus
Delpey at the Central Point hotel. ;
A large crowd from here will be pres
ent The young man named Pickett, of
the TJ. S. Geological Surveyors, who
died at Fort Klamath last week, is the
laft male survivor of the neted Gen.
Pickett family of revolutionary fame.
The young man belonged to Rick
sacker's party, and was engaged in
surveys throughout Southern Oregon,
having late'y finished similar work
in Northern California, throughout
Siskivu, Modoc, Lassen and Shasta
cou nties. "J ournah"
The law of the Suuuof Oregon ex
plicitly 3ays that no person who is di
yorced can marry again for the space
cf six months, nmnti! the time for an
appeal has expired; and any person
violating this express statute is liable
under the law.
Old '"Billy Whitcock," the favorite
saddle naulu owned by Col. John E
Ross, is ho mere, haying passed in his
checks en Thursday last after having
reached the ripe old age ef about
thirty years. Ho was imried with
military hseors and the Col. was in
town veaterday negotiating for a
monument to mark his last resting
A special school raeoting for school
district No. 1 will be held at the dis
trict school house in this place en
Tuesday, Nov. 7th. The object of
the meeting is for the purpose ef voting
to levy a tax to support a school for
one year; a'so to elect a director to fill
the unexpired term of Geo. Lrown,
which expires on the first Monday in
March, 18SC.
A number of the young men organ
ized a Turnverein last week by elect
ing J. 4)lh44Vs-'ey President, Ike
Muller Secretary and James Crone
miller Treasurer. The boys have
rented a room in Orth's brick and have
already commenced operations. They
propore fitting up a first class gym
nasium and they say it will prove a
good thing by keeping boys out of
saloons and off the street.
After hearing all the argiimrnl in
the Josephine county injunction suit
Judge Webstor last Monday denied
the motion to dissolve the same The
caso will now come up on its merits, as
to whether Abraham's addition is a
part of Grant's Pass, but no date has
yet been set for ilie argument. The
friends of Jonathan Bourne, Jr , claim
this decision a dfcidsd viclorp for their
We hnvp been informed that a large
and enthusiastic ami Chinese meeting
was held . in Mndford, tho metropolis
of Southern Oregon, one evening this
wpek at which a number of bristling
sand-lot-speaches were made, and tlio
C' inse incontinently ordered to "go."
Nothing like aping the pretensions of
a city boom. By thn way, we were
not aware that Medford had arisen to
thn dignity or ability of supporting a
The QuARrz Mill Mr. F G.
Dyer, agent for L D Brown of Port
land informs ns that he has inspected
a numW of our quarts mines and
finds a lot of them even much better
than represented. While a certain
bonus is asked from our citizens to
secure a mi',1 he thinkR there is no
longer any doubt but what the amount
will bo subscribed and a ten stamp
stamp tnill'put in operation heic in a
short time. With a good wet 'season
for placsr mining and a start in work
ing quartz Jacksonville would soon be
heard from in tonej that could f.di be
minundersteod and we hope all inter
sted in thn town nil) view it in the
same light.
Habitual Constipation
Is a prolific source of misery and
many His, giving rise to Headache,
Dullness, Fevers, Nervousness, -Rest-pssness,
Biliousness, Indigestion, Pois
oning of Blood, etc Tho bitter
nauseous Liver mediciurs, pills, (Salts
and draughts formerly used to relieve
the sufferer, only aggravate tho disease
ind sicken the stomach. All who are
kfflicted in that way, know the impor
tance of the remedy ploasant to the
palate, harmless in its nature, and tru
ly beneficial in its action. Tjo trial
bottles of Syrup of Figs given away
frpe of charge by our enlerprining
druggists Merritt and Robinson of
Jacksonville prove that it is all that
can be desired. Lrge bottle at fifty
cents or one dollar.
Child's Sxow Flake. Every lady,
wishing a clear, delicate complexion,
fhould use Child's Snow Flake. It
nourishes and freshens tho skin, re
moves Tan and Sunburn, and, thenat
ural arpearance imparted, renders it
impossible to detect its use. Warrant
ed perfectly harmless. Sold by all
druggists, or by the manufacturers,
John A. Child k Co., Druggists, Port
land, Oregon. Mail orders promptly
attended to, Price 50 cents.
Heller ia SIIciclM.
Mr. S. W. Benerman, of Philadel
phia, Pa., for many jears identified
with the whoUoeia hardware business,
had rheumatism in his arm, and could
not dress or undress, but with the
most excruciating pain. He used St.
Jacob1 Oil, and the result, he says,
was wonderful if not miraculous.
Whn Baby was sick, we gavn her
When she was a Child, she crid for
When she became Miss, she clnns to
When she had Children, shp gave them
Meter Toxx At the residence of the
bride's paients, in Chimney, Rock pre
cinct, Oct. 20th, 1835, by A. J. Florey,
J. P., II. G. Mcver and Miss Mollte
Wilcox SrAnux At Grant's Pass. Or-
Nov. 4th, X8S5, Ijy Rer. W, P. Will
iams, Mr. Scott M. Wilcox and Miss
Char'otte M.Sparlin. All of Joscplilne
The ceremony took place at the groom's
residence, in the presence of a number
of friends on Wednesday evening Mr.
VMicox. is ine gentlemanly ana efficient
railroad agent at Grant's Pass. The
couple begin th'ir married life accompa
nied by many good wishes. They will
reside at ine i'.ass.j
H "nimmmLi
HEnTFORE At Lakeview, Oct. 10th,
1B85 to Mr. and Mrs. W. P. llereyford, a
ITork On pplcpate, Oct. IStl 1ES3, tol
1 Mr. and Mrs. J. "ft. Yorkj a son . J
I?fc - j
Anj---i-'"-i- ' '
Josephine Circuit Court.
The following is tbe;docket for tho
November terra: ".j-K
State vs. D. Stenehaker, 'three in
dictuents for killing derv in violation
of the law. - "
State vs. Hay Vng; held to answer
for robbing sluices.
State vs. Thos. T. Byhse; held to
answer charge of an assault with -in-ttxttokill.
State -vs. M. L. Woody and Blake
Baldwin; indictment for selling Ii
quor without license.
State vs. High Acres; indictment for
kil'ing Jser in violation of law. ?
Stale vs. Avery Ferrin and D.
Stonebaker; saw.
State vs. Chas. Agee and Gates;
H. B. Miller vs. W. M. Royal; con
firmation of sale.
Wm. 'Newman vs. "Wm. Bybee; to
re:ov?r possession of raal property.
T. T. Bbee vs. Wm. Bybee to re
cover maney.
Wm.fBybeo vs. T. T. Bjbee; action I
far damages.
Grave Creek Ditch and Mining Co.
va. John Rast et alj.'over dam
ages. r
Henry Smith vs. John Lee; to re
caver money.
I, Solomon vs. W. U. Tel. Co., ap
peal from justice court.
Hartman and Burroughs vs. lhos.
Prry; same as a"bOve.
Win. Bybee vs. Wm. Newman; suit
in equity.
J. Bourne, Jr., vi the County Com
mis-iuuers of Josephine county; in
J. T. Lyton vs. O. T. Topping-injunction.
A. J. Walcott" vs. John W. Stal
copp; dissolution of partnership etc.
Holman Peter vs. Cu'ioiua Peter;
Kerbyvill Lodge of Odd Fellows
vs. Win. Griffin; to foreclose mort
uagr. J. L. Adams vs. Mary Adams; man
datu of supreme court.
R. Lovelady vs. T. B. Loveladj,
Wm. Pullen and D. H. Whetstone
vs M Chapin; to foreclose mortgage.
Pollard and Thurston vs. Henry
Smith; equity.
The proceeding up to this time are
as follows:
Htinry Smith vs. John Lee;Jo V
cover money. Judgment for 400.000
and co-its.
I. Solomon vs. 'the W. TJ T.-l. C-.;
appeal from justice court. Suit dis
Hartmvi and Burroughs vs. Thos.
Terr) ; appeal from justice court.
Some order.
Fred Gayer, S. B. Mayben and J. S.
MoFaddcn were excused as jurors for
the term.
Holman Peter vs. Celorna Peler,
divorce. D-cree-grantedr .t
U. B Miller and Co., vsW. M.
Rov at; confirmation of Sheriff's sale.
Wm. Pullen and D. H. Whetstone
vs. Matluas Chapman; suit to fo re
el of-o mortcage. Decree granted.
L. Leonard vs Bach & Platter et
al.; to foreclose mortgage. Taken un
der advisement. t
A. J. Valcott vs. John Staleopp;
dissolution of partnerihip, etc.
Chance of Venue granted. ,
It. Lovelady vs. T. B. Lovetady; di
vorce. Decree nauted.
Railroad Items. Chief Engineer
Htod aud his party of K. R. Survey
ors, are well fixed for winter, v.ih
comfortable quarters about two raiies
this side of Soda Springs. They are
evidently preparing for a great amount
of work in surveying tlie country from
the vicinity cf Castle Rock northward,
and it is toriiised that surveys may be
made around the etut side of Mount
Shusta, and thence through Klamath
Lake basin to Rogue River Val'ey,
especially if the land grant is forfeit
ed. If they gain the land grant, the
conditions required the road to be
built through Shasta Valley, and with
out it, the comptny wil5 build the
cheapest and easiest way to make a
thrmigh road to Portland.
Tunnel 7 "ill ba finished in a few
weeks, and work is being pushed along
steadily in tunnel 8. Work has also
been coramnici-d ou 'unnels 10 and 11,
the latter being the second lqngest
tunnel, and next to No. 4, below Del
ta. The only opniing between 9 and
10 is the bridge across the river, and
the masonry wings at river are 32 fpet
long, said to be the mjt extennve
vtalls of stone yet built oTKny road in
the Union. i-vV
The road from Redding,! owards Ml.
Shasta will bo one of tho most r'oman
tic routes in the coentry, with numer
ous tunnels and picturesque scenery to
gratify tourists and lovers of meun
tain grandeur, which s'ght will attract
considerable travel, if trips through
that section can be made by daylight.
A splendid road, with easy grade 'has
been established as far as built, but
there seeins, to be much trouble about
making either a zigzag or loop road
from Bailey's to Sisson's, owing to
the limited extentof low lhd between
the high mountains along the head
waters of the Sacramento. "Journal"
Johnson's Xevr tnlTersel Cyclopaedia.
A scienlific and popular treasury of
useitil Knowledge.
- The best," planned by IIorace.Grecley,
LL. D.
It has thirty-one denartmsnts, tvith an
editor Of the hiahest ochaUrly SL"nding
for each Tiz. iTiblic Law, zc, oy t;res.
T. D. Woolsey, LL P. .CitII Liw, &c.
Iiv Prcs. T. XV. DvriSht, LI. D. American
History, by Hon. Horace Greeley, LL D,
and Hon. Alex. n. "tephens, LL T.
Botany, &c, by Prof. Asa-Gray, LL D.
Mod. &cM by Dr. Willard Parker, LL D ,
&c &c It i the best and the, only orig
inal cyclopaedia.
Mnstraled with rdins. plais. and en-
craving? ot the finest kind. More con-
Sensed than the Britannica, and more
accurate than theAppleton Contains
more type mailer; is a iaicj r; ireais
about 2.1.WW more suujecis manppie-
ton's, and costs about half the price It
is truly the busy man cyclopaedia.. I
CoUaiy CoURr. L'ao ioIiwiug is
the busiur&s transacted at tho' regular
N vpiubr term:
A. S J-urofes uppoin'ed ta iusp'.'ct
ai.d receivt. (hi Gr.tfin creeK brid.
Jnmes McDbui;iI1 was allowed 60
for repairing Antelcpn h-idge.
Jsmew Matnsy, A. J. Daley and
Cha. Liukswxiler appointed viewers
or. thn pioposvl change in the Bu tel
creek road.
D. W. Smith having paid in 'the
costs for viewing and surveying the
mountain road in Antioch district
said read was therefore ordered esub
Bids wrn krd fa- gravelVg the
rosd in Tico'a lane ea tha Med turd
County Clerk Prker was author
ized to purchase a complete set of
township maps from the U S. Land
office at Rnseburg, the price td be paid
being 200. Th maps have arrived.
R. S. Danhp, N. FSteadman and
A. G. Colvin appointed viewers on the
road leading from Jacksonville to
Peorrann' creek.
A change of road msds near Joseph
S iiiIi's place on Buttn cr-ok.
An imrmnisa number of bil!swre
audited and ordered paid.
a positive oure for Cat.inh, Diphtheria
and Canker Muulh. Brooks can fur
nish it.
you need for Constipation, Loss of A p
pctiiH, DFzziness and nil symptoms of
Dyspepsia. Price 10 and 75 cents per
tottlr. ' For sale at E. C. Brooks.'
WHY WILL YOU cough when
Shlloh's cur- will give immediate er
lief. Price 50cts. uud 1:00. Brooks
kerps it.
pepsia and Liver Complain'? Shiloh's
Vi'alizer is gusrintped to euro you.
For ss.le nt E. C IJrooks.
prable by tint terrible cough. Slnlnli's
Curs is the n medy for you. Brooks
keeps it.
of Bourbon, Tnd., sayR": "Both my
self oi'd wife own our lives to SHI
Brooks keens it.
ARE YOU MADE miserable by
indigestion, Constipation; D-zzinfSs,
Losiof Apnetite, Yellow Skin? Shi
oh's Vitalizr is a positive euro. For'
ale by E. C. Broolts.
Furs, Skins, Hides,
.VTi Cl S'oitCt.
I will pay the Tiifaest cash
prices for all kinds of Furs and
aiciiis. Font! for price list to
Krie, Pennsylvania.
mi j. i sum
Having moved to a n"v looation on
Cnliforuia siroet at the residence of B.
D. Foudray I hereby ask iny friends
and the public generally to give uie ;v call
for anythin-r in the line" of Dressmaking,
FitUS;; and Cutting,
Dress Pal'criti Furnisicd.
t .
My prices ure regulated to suit the
times and satisfaction is guarantee 1
Freal Pole id Pose
Atec'3 Sassapvuilxa 1m dcnio-istntcd its
poorer cf euro for ull dlinaea of tho tlood.
Tho tiarpconcr'c Story.
Aeu Ltilford, Junel, 18S3.
T)r X C. ATrn & Co Twitr yerrs sgo I
vu a l-vrpoon rsn ttws North l'a- i&c, "when firo
o;hcr of tlie crew a d mysr-rf Trtre laid up with
Mrurvy. Cnr bodiis were ulwatvd, guma svrcllrii
ni,d Vjfeod'flff, tocth Ivft, p!rpi blotch's sit
oxr f), awi vojr Lrealh stfiiii d roOcn. Ta7ll
by si d Ibtstv jvim P'srtty badly off. AU onr
lime-'uita wal aeHicst:iny destroyed, bat tho
caput n bd r couDta dozm bottles of Arzn'a
SiRSAPiMLT-V and mo Vi tint. "Wo rccov
td on II qutcfcir than I bavo cvtr tnamta
oronTUtfcbout by any othtrtrcalirttrtforBctrrrr,
oniiro.Hnpfwdi,aIoflt. Breinsrro men
tion ! j oiir Almnnic of yorr Saraaparilla otto?
pood fir aenrvy, I thoncat y3 cughi to know of
tii, and u tend you the t-KU.
TLCkpxO): y j ours, IUlphT. TVrsaiTZ.
Tho Trooper's Esporlcncc.
Dc. J. C. Atik fc Co. G'nUemcn? I havo
jnncb otourar U XnUfy ia the gnat value of
roar- 6aruii'la. r3 b'vo bn ftaUontd
here for prvr ;wo year, duriog -which time we
had 10 live In tnta Bcinir under cwras for
tuth a tine bronsM n vthit la cslltd In this
coualry "vdclt-soTes." Ih d t'uo's aorrs for
tome rime. I wa udvist M taVo yonr Sarw.
paril a, two battles of Vihli.'t made my rorea
dlaapncar rap'ulr, aa.l I Mn rnrr qulto tvcll.
TToaw .v iW, T. K. EoDlf.
Tmprr, Capt Jljinttd Eljttmcn.
Aer's Sarsaparifci
Is this enly thorooshly electlre blood pariSer,
tho only medtrti that eradlcstra the pOtona of
Bcrotuia, Meroury. and Conuifom DIaeaas
from U.c aybtcm.
I3STU.E3D jrr "
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, 3Ias3
Sold by all Drrcsists : rriee SI ;
S.I bottles toz 'i.
In the Circuit court of theStits of OregOrr;
for th GtiiiDty of Jackson.
Mary A. Doncgau, plaialiff. )
vs. i
John Dvincj-in, defendant. )
TovJohn Daneaaa: .
i Oregon anil byordcr of L. H. Wcl ster
Judge of said coart dated 24, October,
lSil. Tou are required to appear in said
Court, and anvner the rsimplamtof said
Plaintiff filed against yuj, on or before
the 11th d :y or Jan3ir.-, 1S3C. And you
are notified that, ifyoufiil tojinsvrsiiid
coraplsint as atnTe rtnjuirea, tlie i'Uintm
Tvillnnpyto' o Court for the relief (I s-
manded therein. towt: bor a decree
' against tou for a divorce and the care
and fttstodvof the minor children,
Given under mv lund this 2lst day o.
October A. O., 1833.
B F Dowtxt
Altorncj' for Plaintiff.
Lt 'IJJI.l.W-.t-JAJJJL.WUfllj-UUJllS.Jjm.lJll-'SiJ'.L
-PS eS3
m m fiwB
SAb Ma Eli
Successor to
ilger &
Selling goods for
Glory and "Very Small Profits.
We keep in stock all Tilnrls of Shell Hardware, Store and Tinware, Oils and Plow.
Wagons Harrows imd Cultivators
L-amps, Bells, Rope, Iron, Paint and other Brushes, Curry
Combs, Tacks, Window glass, Coal oil, Hinges, Blackings, Pad
locks, Door locks, Powder and Shot, Fues, Caps. Sand Paper,
Knives and forks, Cross cut saws, Hand saws, Planes, Nails,
Traps, Grind stones, Bolts, Augers, Cable chain, and many
other goods too numerous herein to mention.
JLarges t.,S to ck-oJEa rtoamand Farm
Implements in Southern Oregon.
Call or write fo prices. A. II . 3Iakolt & Co., Jacksonville, Oregon.
"We would respectfully aak our patrons and friends to call nnd pb
our line of goods before purchasing elsewhere, as we feel sure w'e
Sell As Low If Not Lower
Than any iirst-clnss goods can be sold for; and we guarantee all out
goods as repteseiited.
Jacksonville, Oregon, May !), 1S84.
Mm m W k
Table Linen
Table Covers
Toilet Sets, Parlor Lamps,.
Clothing, Dress Goods,
In Full Measure and Fine Quality
Red Men's Bni'fl'np, JacksonviIlc,Orson
Tobacco, Cigars. Candies, Etc:; Etc;
Calilomia strcctbetween Oregon and Third, Jacksonville.
Fresh New Stock and New Priced I
1., JWljagJlilJIlTJ
Parties haTing.'Wool for sale will find
It to their advantage to call on ma before
selling to 'dther partiej, as I am paying
For both Spring and Fall clips.
Call dutir address me at Ashland, Ogn.
David C. .Herri.
Ashland, Oct C, 1833.-'
ftrliyvi He... Ordson,
Mxbi 3M. Hyder, Propr.
First-class accommodation can always
be had at this house at the most reasona
ble rites.
JSTAn excellent stable connected with
the hotL
- -a-. -.-.
Oil- cloths,
Bed Spreads,
Having taken ont the necessary license,
I oiler my services to the public as a-
Genefal Auctioneer.
A'l business in myjine will be prompt;
ly attended to at reasonable -fates. Satis
ULtiongu;irantced. ;For further particu
lars enquire Of or address,
XX m. A. 0 wex, Cantral Point, Or
Xjast Cn.ll.
As we are closincj np our business
here, all who are indebted to n aro"
hereby requested to conif .foranl and
settle without unnecessary U.Uy.
Re ames Br.os.
undersigned by note or book account
are requested to call and settle without
delay. . O. KAREWSKIi
Jacksonville; June 32; 19?5.
IK 'h R" y r'fS