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SATtmDAY, October 31 1885.
Wedding AjiKouacEKr D. C.
Courtney and Mrs. .Mary E. Dealey
will be united in the bonds of holy
jnatrimeny at the Presbyterian church,
Roteburg, Sanday evening at 7 o'clock
Take Notice Appointments of
Bishop Gross in Jackson county: Iu
Jacksonville, mission of three days
commencing on Nov. 8th; in Ashland,
lecture on the evening of Nov. 12th;
and at Eagle Point, mass and lecture
at 10-30 a, m , Nov. 15th.
Personal. Fred P. Cronemiller,
manager of the prohibition paper soon
to be established here, came down yes
terday from Roseborg, and is making
arrangements to commence business.
The initial aunber of the new paper
will be issued in about three weeks.
''Salem Statesman."
IIeetikgi Called. A meeting is
called by the young men of Jackson
ville, at the Town Hall this evening,
for the purpose of organizing a Turn
verein and electing such officers as are
necessary. Everybody is cordially
Invited to attend, as this means busi
ness to those who have boys who kill
time by going in saloons. Come one,
some all. Cshmittek.
Religious Items. Elder M. Peter
Bon will hold cervices at the Mound
school houe Sunday .... Rev. J. A.
S'over preaches ot the Medford school
house this afternoon and on Sunday
....Rev. F. X. Blanchet will hold
services at the Catholic church in this J
place at the usual timo....Rtv. A. R
Bickenbach will preach at Phoenix
Sunday morning and at ihn Presby
terian church in this place In the
eveuing of the same day.
List op Junoits. The following is
the jury list drawn for the November
ti rm of the circuit court for Josephine
county: II. B. Kitterman, L. Mc
Daniel, H. Hulbort, T J. Knight, F.
C. Day, J. S. McFadden, Jas. Mots,
-Josuph Lewis, Henry Kelley, Wui.
Bunch, Fred Geyer, O. J. Vanaoy,
-Jas. Ncoley, D. N. Gilraore, A. J.
CrimrB, E. Dituick, Dan'l. Sheehan,
R. M. Robinson, Dhpi-1 Hunt, A. J.
Henderson, J. P. Tulf-t, R, Bigelow,
-S. B. Mayben, G. S. Mathewson, S. G.
Uingham, David SlaKle, T. F Crex
tnn, M. F. Baldwin, Joseph Pollock,
J. M. Hoxie, G. V. Wimer, Jr.
Fbaterval Visit. Quito -a nura
htr of the members of Hope Rebekah
.Decree Lodge of Ashland paid Ruth
J.lhekah Degree Lodge of this place a
-visit last Mondav evening. An ele
gant supper was served in the lower
room of the Odd Fellows building and
th visitors uer serenaded while at
uppr by the Jacksonville Silver Cor
net Band. After supper hen the two
lodges had again assembled at, the
Lodge room they were entertained
with the choicest selections of vocal
in u hie with organ accompaniment, by
Mi's Delia Pennebaker of Ashland
Xodge nhich proved to ba the mol
njtivable part of the eveninrs enter
tainment. At a late huui llii invited
ursts took lrnve of their entertainers,
all having pasM)d a most enjoyable
venirg, and the visit will be eho'tly
returned by the members of Ruth Re
iekah Lodge.
Notice to Tax patkiis. Th un
dertiguml, SSaeriS ot Jackoou county,
Oregon, r his deputy, will meet the
tax-payers of said county, far the pur
nose ef receiving taxes for 1SS5, on
tha following dava, in their respecti ej
prwcmctu, at their usual places of vot
ing, nnd will remain in each precinct
from nine o'clock a. m. until 4 o'clock
r m. of each day, to nit: Chitmioy
Rock, November 30ih; Big Butte,
December 1st; Little Butte, December
2d; F ounce Rock, Dec 4th; Table
Rock, Dec fith; Willow Springs, Dec.
7th; Foots Cieek, Dec. 8th; Rock
Point, Dec. 9th; Evans Creek, Dec
10th; Pleasant Creek, Dec. 11th,
Mauzanita, Dec. 14th; Sterlincville,
Dec '13th; Uniontown, Dee. 16th;
Applegate, Dec. 17th; Eden, Dec 18th.
Ashland, Dec. 19th; Medford, Dec
21st; Jacksonville, Dec 22d. At
least one half must be paid in U. S.
old coin. Tax-payers will pltase pay
their taxes at the above stated time.
The law in regard to their collection
will be strictly enforced.
A. S. Jacobs, Sheriff.
AcciDENTS.-Last Saturday as Fred :
.Newman was returning from Med
ford with a hack load of ladies the
horses got scared and started to run in
front of Webster's fcjua works. They
continued to run toward Plymales
stable where the team belonged and in
front of Plymales residence the ve
hicle struck a water box throwing all of
the occupants out and seriously injur
ing Mrs. Ellen Noban and slightly
bruising Mr. Boze and Ellen Moody.
Mrs. Schultz and -daughter escaped
unhurt. Dr. Lempert was called, and
thinks Mrs. Noben's injuries although
quite serious, will not prove fatal.
The Jack and haness are a total
wreck, but the hones escaped unhurt
Wb. Peaninger of Willow Springs
precinct, was severely injured by his
horse falling on him, when near bis
brothers residence. Dr. Aiken is at
tending him and as Tet the extent of
his injuries are unknown, as he has
not yet fully recovered consciousness.
"We hope that lie may soon recover
from his unfortunate accident.
Some party or parties at present
unknown, have been for several days
past in the habit of shooting reckless
ly about Squire IIoQinans premises,
doubtless hunting quails. As one of
the bullets passed near by one of the
ladies beads, the family would be
greatly obliged if the reckless idioot
Ikt would choose seme other locality
or bunting game.
Local Items-
County Court meets next week.
Baruch Fisher of Woodville -was at
the county seat Tuesday.
Henry Pape, Jr., has returned from
a trip to Portland and Yaquiua Bay.
McAdamB k Hoaley now occupy
their new saloon building at Medford.
John Ashmead and Joseph Gold
worthy of Rock Point precinct called
this week.
Our county jail is not so crowded
with boarders since the last term of
Circuit Court.
H. H. Pope lias resigned tne Post
mastership at Big Butte and removed
tn Phoenix.
The programme for the Red Men's
party Thanksgiving night will ta an
nounced next week.
Mrs. David Linn, with her son "Will
are now at Portland and -expected
heme in a few days.
T. J. Kenney's youngect son was
badly scalded this week ..but was ita
proving at last accounts.
Robt, Smith, Sam Klingle and H.
C. Turpin were in town yesterday
proving up on land matters.
The Hopkins place on Forest creek
was bought for 500 by David King
on Saturday last. A cheap piece of
The mechanics' fair has closed and
is said to have Dees more successful,
financially and otherwise, than any
previous one.
Wm. R. Jones bought two fine
horses this week one of Pat McMa
hon and the other of Pryor Eaton
paying good prices.
Genl. Thos. G. Reames if home
agaiu after taking in Eastern Oregon!
in Ins ciiicittl capacity as Urana blaster
A. F. and A. M.
Mr. Dorson, of Medford, a new
comer, has bought of Roberts & O'Nell
154 acres of the old Norton place near
that town, for 3,500.
r Dr. Prvce of Medford was nere this
week as a witness in the Maxon caee.
His office is now in A. L. Johnson'
building at that place.
Senator Prim and Representatives
Cameron and Beall start for Ssleni
next week to participate in the extra
session of the Legislature.
G. A. Hubbell, tha land aeent, has
mov ed bin office to the Postofike store
whero he can bo found ready to at
tend to any kind of business.
The ceremony of driving the last
spike in the Canadian Pacific, com pip t
ing the. line, will take place within
the next fifteen or twenty days.
List evening's show could hardly be
cille.d tvncecs -a jiecrly all of the
small audience resent left the hall
befjte the peifonrniico dosed.
Fourteen car loads of wheat were
hipjed from Central Point station
last week making thirty-two in all
since the station was established.
Judge Webster will decide the
Josephine county seat question at the
regular term of circuit court to con
vene at Kcrbyvillo on Monday next.
M A. Brentano is a candidate for
the oIGcb of Postmaster at Phoenix.
Max is one of the faithful and is de
serving of the recognition asked for.
The large amount of wheat now
being shipped out ot the vallty will
raise the price of flour later in the
season. Lay in jour winter's supply
at once. '
The poosibilityof changing th route
of the railroad through the valley is
something that does not reems to set
well en the stomachs of some of our
Surprise parties to celebrate birth
days were the ordsr this week.
Among these noted were Miss Mag
gie Cavers, Mrs. M. Hauser, and Mrs.
A.S. Johnson.
Oliver Harbaugh started for Cali
fornia with a band of horses this week
which he will dispone of before re
turning. Thos. Clemmons and others
acaompanied him.
The jury in the Colver Olwell dam
age case having disagreed a motion
for a change of venue and new trial
has been argued. No decision has
yet been announced.
The Womans Presbyterian Home
Missionary society met in the base
ment of the Presbvtetian church
Thursday afternoon. The society is in
a flourishing condition.
Mrs. J. N. T. Miller of ttis place
got second premium for tha displaj of
grapes nude at the Mechanics Fair in
Portland. A. R, Shipley of Ciacka
mas county get the first.
Con Lever was quite seriouslv in
jured at the Central Point wheat
cleaner this week by getting caught in
the machinery. No bonea were brok
en and be will recover soon.
F. F. McAndrews, a son of Thos.
McAndrews one of Jsekson county's
"solid men," left for Washington Ter
ritory Thursday evening to attend the
ierntonal University at Seattle.
.Miss Anna Bilzer of Portland is
ssid to be an applicant for a sobordi
nate position in the Portland post
office. Hermanv triends here would
be pleased to see her get the place.
A. W. Mencor hos made an assign
ment to W N. Moore who has filed
his bond with A. Marks and S. Caro
as separators, and will give due notice
next weak. "Roseburg Review."
Taking piBtol shots at bats was an
amusement indulged in by local sports
men iu a Jacksonville saloon early
Tueedav moraine. Lackily no damage
resulted, either to the bats or anyone
A load of Rogue river apples sold
on our streets Wednesday at four
a cents a pound. The cheapest
fruit of season. Lakeview "Exam
iner." John "L. Bums, the celebrated trav
eling agent for the well known liquor
house ef E. Martin k Co., made us a
call this week and took several orders
in town. He was on his way nerth.
Ex Governor Chad wick and wifel
spent a couple of days in town this
week. The Goveuor was oat en min
ing business and informed hi that he
believed this the richest mining conn-,
try in quartz aver discovered.
The Judge, District Attorney and
all the members of our local liar go to
Kerbyville to morrow to hold the last
regular term of Circuit Cnurt there
The next term of Circuit Court after
this will be held at Grants Pass.
Something like 100 fent of hydraul
ic pipe was sold by Marshal Curtis
this week to John O'Brien who will
ess it in the Steamboat section. Mr.
Curtis still has enough pipe to do the
work in his mines' on Jackson creek.
P. G. Strickland whom every old
timer will remember as-a stage driver
on the overland route, is now in the
Union county jail charged with ab
ducting his daughter from his divorced
Hon. John H. Mitcnell attended
our court last Saturday asounsel for
Josephinn county in the now cele
brated county seat question. He re
mained over till Sunday evening and
was warmly greeted by his many
Enough money lias been subscribed
by our citizant to insure the success
of the young men's Turnverein society
and a meeting is called for this even
ing to organize and elect officers.
Orili's hall has bten secured fer their
regular place of meeting.
Rev. David Tatum will lecture on
Temperance under the auspices ofths
W. C. T U. next Sunday afternoon at
3 o'clock. The gentleman come rec
ommended by the most distinguished
Temperance advocates of the Eastern
and Middle states both as an earnest
and interesting speaker and an orator
of rare eloquence and ability. Go and
hear him.
When you get married call on D.
Linn fer a furniture outfit; when the
first born arrives he can bUpply you
with a cradle and when yau die he has
a fine lot of coffins to select from be
sides also being prepared to haul you
up the hill in a hearse of improved
pattern. You can stay with David
through life nnd he will make the
charges reasonable.
Chas. F. Crocker, of Central Pacific
R. R., and owner of the printing office
buihlinc lately trtirnPiUnSatiJ? ranciscs,
donated 5,000 to the support of the!
two families whose husbands -were
buriud in tho ruins while performing
heir duties as firemen H. S. Crocker,
who owned the printing establishment,
is busily melting prepsratious to re
establish his office as soon as possible.
Mr. J. F. Watson, of Portland, one
of the gentlemen interested in the
quartz mill to be erected on Burnt
river this fall, a mention of which was'
made a fliort time -ago, was in Baker
City this week. The ' Sage Bruh,"
of that place, says: "Mr. Watson is
now on jlurnt river, making a selec
tion of the mill site and will soon re
turn to Portland to make the necess
ary preparations for the shipment of
the machinerv.
There was received in Portland bv
tha Oregon Railway k Navigation
lines from Eistern Oregan and Wah
ington from July 1, to September 30,
74,143 tens of wheat, flour and barlev,
the greater part whea of course. Re
ceipts of wheat for October will be
fully 40,000 tons, and yet these im
mense quantities have scarcely made
inroad on the great stores all aloag tho
line. On last Saturday the receipts
were 130 car loads, the largest day of
tha season.
J. C. 'Wliipp our enterprising mar
ble dealer has just received a large
addition to his S'ock, and is display
ing at the marble works in Jackson
ville the largest line of monuments
and tombstones ever offered in 'this
market. One monumnt that me as
ures 8 feet from pedestal to cornice,
is magnificent in style and workman
ship; around an anchor with broken
cable are entwined wreaths of ivory
and forget-me nots, in bold relief, and
the whole finished in a style that
makes it the handsomest piece of mar
ble work in the valley. It is inten
ded as a family monument to nark the
last resting place of the six children of
Mr, and Mrs. Wm. Bybea in the town
"Whatever idea the young girls who
practice street flirting may entertain
cf their seemingly innocent pastime,
it may be set down as a certaintv that
when a respectable voung man desires
the acquaintance of one who may some
day become bis wife, he doesn't go out
on the street and seek for acquaint
ance through flirtation. But, on the
other hand, the flirt of the street, no
matter how innocent and fair her in
tentions may be, is the last person he
would sees as bis lues companion.
Ho desires purity, without and above
suspicion. The young lady who en
gages in this kind of pastime should
bear in mind that she not only en
dangers her reputation and leaves a
stain upon her good name, but that
her name is a by word among those
with whom she flirts to be candied
aboat in th saloons, on the street
corner, and in the lowdown unholy
places in the city; fastening on her
otherwise fair name a stigma or stain
that will follow her years after she
sees her folly and attempts to mend
J her ways,
The long-pending Queen of the
Pacific salvage case was wound up
yesterday by the payment into the
registry ef the United States district
court of the full amount of the award,
which, including ooits and interest,
was 70,517 02, The total value of
the property saved was 736,785 84.
The value -of tb.e cargo was $220,000.
The proportioajef the award to be paid
by the ship, or claimants, is $49,463
19, less the "S1254 paid to J. H. D.
Gray September 17, 1883, or $48,
209 19. Fer this amount a check was'
drawn yesterday by Mr. C. H. Pres
cott and handed over to the clerk of
the court. The amount of the award
to he paid by the cargo saved is
21,053 83, whioh is already in court,
having been paid in advance at tha
time of taking the goods from the
ship. "Oregonian."
Railroad Items. The railroad
work, is being pushed right along with
eaergv, especially the -masonry, as it
is the desire to gat all the bridge abut
ments and foundations for trestlework
over gulches, laid on bedrock before
the streams are raised by the winter
storms. The men or struhg out all
the way up the 'Sacramento river,
whero the water is likely to interfere,
and they will get the work above high
water mark, so as to permit operations
during the winter season, in finishing
tunnels, trestlework, bridges, etc
There are about 1300 Chinamen on the
pay roll at present, besides a large
force of white men, and by next spring,
the company will be able to put on a
much larger force to tinif-b tb road to
Oregen in tha speediest possible man
ner. It is now stated that a grade of
not more than 85 teet to the mile, has
been gained by latur surveys, in place
of 116 at different point between Del
ta and Sissons, -and new surveys will
be made through Shasta valley, from
tho summit -to gain a fhorter and easier
route to Klamath rhr, which may
result in the adoption of the survey
through the Cedars and Little Shasta,
or some changing of the route passing
near the S. ilt Works. The straightest
route would probably be directly
through Yreka and Hawkmsville to
the Klamath, with a high elevation
clear to th8 Sixkiyou mountain, but the
cost would be much greater, and more
than the company might want to in
vest. It is also probable that the Cen
tral Pacific managers are waiting to
t.ee if they gat tha grant, before ac
eepting the Oregon brunch, winch no
doubt requires rebuilding to make a
good, fast road to suit tha wishes of
the C. P. in securing the Oregon busi
ness witli the East, in competing with
the Northern Pacific and Cregon Short
Line. As the state laws will not per
rnit the sale of railroads to corpora-
'.ions outside of state, a leasa of 99
years is made which is virtually a sale.
Asrnjtp Wooli
The sampfeTot o1
and shawls sent by
oora Atteai).-
en Mills to the Mei
charge of Dr. Ch
much attention, and
first premium, a silver
host display of oods
medal, as the
of that kind
The goods were selected from the ordi
narj stork mi hand at the factory, and
its gratif lug to note the fact that they
took first rank in corapaiison with the
products of o'h"r factories " The Ash
land Woolen Mills have already earned
a high reputation for their fine blank
eta aud flannels, of which they make a
specialty, yet the proprietors keep
striving constantly to make still furth
erjmprovements in both the quality
and style of Gnuh of their goods.
a positive cure foT Catarrh, Diphtheria
and Canker Mouth. Brooks can fur
nish it.
you need for Constipation, Loss of Ap
petite, Dizziness and all symptoms of
Dyspepsia. Price 10 and 75 cents per
tottle. For sale at E. C. Brooks.'
WHY WILL YOU cough when
Shiloh's cure will give immediate er
lief. Price 50cts. and $1.00. Brooks
keeps it
pepsia and Liver Complaint) Shiloh's
Vitalizer is guaranteed to cure you.
For sate at E. C. Brooks.
erable by that terrible cough. Shiloh's
Curs is the remedy for you. Brooks
keeps it.
of Bourbon, Ind., says: "Both my
self and wife owe our lives to SHI
Brooks keeps it.
and Bronchitis immediately relieved
by Shiloh'b cure. Brooks keeps it.
For lame Back, Side or Chest use
Shiloh's Porous PIsster. Price 25
cents. For sale at E. C. Biooks.
Habitual C.nMIp.iIion
Is a prolific source of misery and
many ills, giving rise to Headache,
Dullness, Fevers, Nervousness, Rest
essness, Riliousnets, Indigestion, Pois
oning of Elood, etc The bitter
nauseous Liver medicines, pills, salts
and draughts formerly used to relieve
the sufferer, only aggravate the disease
and sicken the stomach. All who are
afflicted in that way, know the impor
tance of tho remedy pleasant to the
palate, harmless in its nature, and tru
ly beneficial in its action- Tie trial
bottles of Syrup of Figs given away
free of charge by our enterprising
druggists iientt and Robinson of
Jacksonville prove that it is all that
can ba desired. Large bottlei at fifty
cents or one dollar.
When Baby wm akfc, we gave her
When she was a Child, aha crid for
When-kh9 became Mtrs, W clung to
When she had Ofaildren.she gave them
Gold Rill Items.
Henry Neatnammer killed a very
large fat buck this week.
Gov. Chad wick accompanied fcf 3is
amiable wife were at Gold Hill for
several days.
An itinerant bilk of Phrenollogist
held forth hero last Monday oveniug.
He got a cold reception.
Henry Grfffis is "buying wneat for
the Salem Mills all the time. Prices
ara advanaing steadily. ,
Rob Jacohy and Sam Barlow in
dulged in souther fight this week.
The fight was duclared a draw.
The miners of this locality ara-mak
ing preparations to commence work as
soon as sufficient water can be had.
J. O. Johnson. Supt. of R, R.
Bridges has been putting in braces on
the Queens Trestle across Rcgus River.
W. P, JacoW "hss been -quire sick
fer several da s, we are pleased to oe
able to ba that he is convalescing now
Ed. Swindon' and his mother will
leavj .Gold Hrtl next Monday for
Wincheiler, Illinois. They contein
plalu returning about Christmas.
Mr. Fielder arrived at this plate
last week from Michigan with -bis
family. He- is looking aiound for a
good ranch to purchase. Ha brought
somo fcorouiJibced cows, hogs and
chickens with uiin.
Ren ITaymond has always been lnfh
to acknowledge that Johu Satterfield
is the boss fisherman of Rock Point.
Last Sunday Saterfield concluded to
settle the matter by shotting the re
calcitrant Ben just what Ire could do,
and ha -accordingly sallied forth with
his rod and linn and commenced to
belabor the waters of Rogue River
An unlucky salmon trout grabbed thr
Tatcl hook, a running tight endued i
lasted just one hour when old Sa.
landed the raonter. The fih weight
14 pounds. Beii aiknowleulgei the
corn. A.J. B
T"tTe r the Vailed Sfcttct.
Hon. James N. Kerns, United
States Marshal of Pennsylvania, writes
that during the n-veni winter weather
his family u-nd Rel Stnr Cough Cure
and were much benefitted by it-. He
sayr. that he knows nothing better in
relieving colda or sore throats.
"Voa: table
nisiia "J sir1, a h
The great popularity cf thu rrcvars'Ion.
after its Jest ol many jears, sboiiM be an
assurance, even to the mot fKciiCi al. ll a.
itlsrcallv trpri.oriou. Thoe who haie
used Hall's 1Uik Ke.vkwlk fcnow tliat
it c!oes all that Is chi:wl.
It estucs m-w cTovvtli ot bair on bi!d
' " heads oruviiKi the Mr follirles ore not
uezu, vuicn i ec:uoi:i ice cusc: rc.on i
natural color to m.t? or faikd hair; pro
serves the scalp healthful unil clear of
daptlroff ; prevents the li-ir falling off or
changing Ior; teeps it roft, plbnt, lus
trous, acd cuittd it to gruvr hn; nnj
llAli's IlAin UEXKVfTK producds its
effe-ts Iiy tha healthful influenre of iM
vegetable ingredients, wliiih iuIuraSo
and rejuvenate. It is not a dye, end U
a delightful article for toilet if-e. Con
taining no alcohol, it dos not cvaii
ora'e quickly and drv un tin na'iiral oil,
leav in the'Iuir haiU iid Lri.l.t,. j da
other prcjisra 'ccs.
BucklnsfcTn's Dys
ron tds
Colors them brown or black, as desired,
and U the best dj e, because it is harmless ;
produces a pemiant.t natural color; ami,
Deins; n sin-rlc preparatlrn, U more con
venient of application than any other.
K. P. IIAI-Ij & CO., Nasliim, Jf. II.
Sold by all Dealers in Medicines.
Timbar Land Notice,
Land Office Rosebuho, Ob., )
October 20. 1SS3. f
Notice is hereby given that, in compli
ance with the provisions of the Act of
t ongrcbS approveu .Junes, loio entitled
"An Act for the sale of Timber lands
in the States of California, Oregon,
Nevada, and WashinAon Territory,"
Augustus It. Bickcnbach, whos.c post
office address is Jacksonville, Jackson
counly, Oregon, has this day filed in thi"
office his application to purchase the K
ol S E f of Sec 31 and W K of S W
if Section No. 32, in Township No. 82
South, Range No. 3 East, of the Will.
Jler. meridian. All persons holding any
adverse claim thereto are required to pre
sent the same at this office within sixty
days from thu first publication of this
notice. Wji. F. Benjamin,
In the Circuit court of the Stite of Oregon,
, forth," Cminty of Jackson.
Mary A- Donegan, plaintiff. 1
vs. '-
John Donegun, defendant. )
To John Donesan:
JL Orecon and by order of L. R. Webster
Judge of said court dated 24, October,
1885. Tou are required to appear in said
Court, and answer the complaint of said
Plaintiff filed against yon, on or before
the 11th day of January, 18SG. And you
are notified that, ifyou fail to answ;rsaid
complaint as above required, thePlaintifT
will apn y to the Court for the relief de
manded therein, to wit: For a decree
against you for a divorce and the care
and custody of the minor childi en.
Given tmtfer nv hand this 21st day ot
October A. D, 1385.
Attorney for plaintiff.
California. St.,
The nndcrsigned is fully prepared to do
All work in his line in thebest mannerand
at reasonable priees.
(KUItyE30fln MPF.
r!a week in your own towp. Term?
S)DD md $5 outfit free. Addrea H
Haiaet,. & Co., Portland Maine.
S O U tBX-Vtamnle worth fi
, free Address STUiSOn " 0'rtiand,Me
An E. Maegly & Co,
Successor to
Bilger &
Glory and Very
We keep in stock all kinds-ofShcit Hardware, Stove and Tinware, Oils and Flows,
Lamps, Bells, Rope, Iron, Paint and other Brushes, Curry
Combs, Tacks, "Window glass, Coal oil, Hinges, Blackings, Pad
locks, Door locks, Powder and Shot, FuafcCaps. Sand Paperr
Knives and forks, Cross cut saws, Hand saws, "Phraes", Nails,
Traps, (jrind stones, Bolts, Augers, Cable chain, and many
other goods too numerous herein to mention.
JLargestStock of Hardware and Farm
Implements in Southern Oregon.
Call or write for prices. A. H. Maeolt & Co., jicXsonville.tOregon.
LaBELLE wagons, buggies and hacks,
lansing riding harrows with seeders combined,
"We wonlil respectfully ask onr patrons and frieud3 to call and sea
our line of poods before purchasing elsewhere, as wo feel sare 'w
can '
Sell As Low If Not Lower
Than any first-closs gooda can be sold for; and we guarantee all onr
goods as represented.'
Jacksonville, Oregon, May 9, 1834.
Table Linen,
Table Covers,
.Toilet Sets, Parlor Lamps,
Clothing, Dress Goods,
sirs finn, m ladies m vmx
In Full Measure and Fine Quality,
Red lien's Building. Jacksonville, Oregi.a
Groceries aiad ClothtH
Tobacco, Cigars, Candies, Etc., Etc.
' California street, between Oregon and Third, Jacksonville.
New Stock and T(ew Prices !
Parties having Wool for sale will find
it to their advantageto call on me before
selling toother parties, as I am paying
For both Spring and Fair clips.
Call on or address me at Ashland, Ogn.
David C. Hebeim.
Ashland, Oct. G, 1885.
Kerbyville Oreson,
Mrs. M. Ryder, Propr.
First-class accommodation can always
be had at this house at the most reasona
hie. rates .
'tS"An excellent stable connected with
the betel.
Maegl y
goods for
Small Profits.
and Cultivators.
Oil cloths,
Bed Spreads,
Ravine taken out the necessary license.
I offer my services to the public as a
General Auctioneer.
AU business in my line will be prompt
ly attended to at reasonable "rates. Satis,
faction guaranteed. For further particu
lars enquire of or address,
W it. A. Owes, Central Point, Or.
Xiaat C3a.2X.
As we are closing up our business
here, all who arp indebted to-ue are
herebv requested to comi foryirtl nnd
settle without nnnecexsary it' ar.
Reames Baos.
undersigned by note otbook acri'nnt,
are requested to cal' nd V)lt '' tit
delay. U. KAIiE.V&KJ.
Jacksonville, Juno 22, 138o.