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Saturday, October 31, 1885.
Senatorial Rumors.
As suggested by the News" would
Iktbuasi, as soon as the proclama
tion for a rpecial session was issued,
rumors et all kinds concerning Sena
torial candidates and combinations be
gan flying thick in all directions. The
following from tha Hillsboro "Inde
pendent," "wite on" say, contains
mora meat than is usually found in
such substantial structures:
''Tha latvst rumors from Portland
are that Governor Moody was prom
icad tha support of all tha railroads
for tha Senatership if he would call
a special (session, and recommend tha
repeal of the Hoult railroad bill, which
prevents the roads from charging
mora than four cents a mile. It is
further stated as a fact, that the
'"bankers ring" bare pooled their is
sues in favor of Heury Failing for
the Senatership, and that the Central
Pacific Company, of California, will
back Judge Williams, and the Alaska
fur Company will continue to sup
port Sol. Ilirssh. Mitchell is out of
favor with the railroads because he
got passed tha 'Mitchell amendment,'
prohibiting railroads from charging
settlers more than two dollars and
a half an acre for railroad lands; and
which law the present administra
tion is now putting in force. Besides
this, Mitchell Is poor and has no rich
backers now like he had in Hirsch
"three years ago, and will not qo to
-Salem at all. The anli monopolists
will go in for Hare or Beise, as thay
-did last session, and they are even
stronger now than then, and will hold
the Portland land monopoly in chock.'
Let Us to Work.
Thejiaper he not yot, it senmR,
learned that An ex'ra session of the
1'gMa.ture will jositively be convened,
i r, if we miy bs permitted to judge
by their tone. They are still harping
away about the cost of an extra sets
inn, political jobs, etc., and their nu
merous remarks are enongh to set one
crazy. The tine to debate about the
advisability and cost ot an extra sess-
"ion, expired when the Governor issued
ilMtviMViiu WtiiTiig vt yctst legis
lative mistakes, and other matters of
importanco that will -come before that
august body on and after the 9th prox.
'Will the state paper please take into
consideratioa the fact that an extra
session will convene, and that a Uni
ted States Senator will fee elected; and
will they govern their editorial sen
tences accordingly? It is too late to
Ihowl about costs, jobs, etc., now. The
proper thing to howl about, at the
present speaking, is corrections of past
errors, and who will be the one most
fitted to represent the interests ef the
whole state in the Congress of the na
The State Immigration Board will
soon have the finest exhibit of Oregon
productions ever collected. Every
county in the State is represented.
The exhibit was being arranged in the
rooms yesterday, and when completed
it will te hard ta 'beat. Almost the
entire exhibit in the agricultural hall
of the Mechanics' Fair has been trans
ferred to the State Board. In all
there are GiO pieces of grains and
grasses, besides a large quantity of
fruit, vegetables, minerals, nuts,
woods, etc The entire collection ex
cels asjthinc'ever seen at the State or
Mechanics' Fairs, and will soon con
vinca the immigrant that Oregon is
the place for him to live.
CiNciNSATJ,,(ctober 24. The offi.
.cial count of Hamilton county has
beerrcompleted and the paper? sent
-to the Secretary of State tonight
'CwttScales of election -were issued
jsHarday, though it was not gener
ally known until this Afternoon.
Jjuits have been brought by the Re
publican candidates for the House
of Representatives te restrain the
clerk from issuing certificates to
Democratic candidates. Tha claim is
made that -certificates issued before
the count is declared that is, sign
ed and deposited with the clerk, are
void, and that these certificates were
issued before the additions were com
pleted, which alone coahi determine
who were ulected.
Judge Foraker, the Governor elect
f Ohio, in his speech at Madison
Square, New York, said; When the.
Republieans went out of the -national
offices, they went out with bands play
ing and flags flying, and every man
standing six feet high and looking the
world square in the face. Nobody
was finding fault because the heresy of
secession Lad been shot to death ca
the battle field, nor because the colored
race had been enfranchised and specie
payments resumed.
19th Century Cheek.
This week as one of our prominent
citizens of the legal fraternity was
slowly wndine his way homeward,
after the-Says-wetr. and tearof ceurt
duties, his mind still interit on the
knotty problems oflaw, that like
Banco' Ghcstjefused 'to down at his
bid, he was suddenly accosted by a
youngster with paper in hand and
asked te sign it. The astonished dis
ciple of Blackstone with visions of
countless books stored "away at the
importunity of the ubiquitous beok
agent, asked the young man what he
wanted. He said: "We are getting
up a Turnrcrien society to keep us
boys away from the saloons." As our
legal friend reached in his pocket for
the desired half dellar ho remarked:
"Whan I was a boy I remember very
well when a chap ef your size went to
such a place he &ot such a raw-hyde
ingforithe never wanted to repeat L
the experience," and llowly wended
his way onward cogitating on the
adamantive cheek of the 19lb century.
Newark, N. J., Oct. 29. Gen.
George B. McClellan, ex commander
ef the array of the United States,
died suddenly this morning, at ten
minutes past 3 o'clock, from exhaus
tion, produced by repeated shocks of
neuralgia of the heart, at his home on
Orange mountain. Though he had
nearly completed his 59th year, Is had
preserved not only buoyant 'spirits,
but a buoyant youthful appearance.
Therefore, when h began, about three
weeks ago, to feel pains in his heart,
neither be nor his medical man, Dr.
Seward, of Orange, ner any of his
family regarded the matter ai various.
He and everyone eke believed yester
day that the troublesome malady was
cither gone for good, or at least for a
long time. In that belief the general
O'dered his carriage yesterday morn
ing, drovo to Orange, accompanied by
his only daughter, saw several gentle
men an business, and mads an appoint
ment with ono of tbtm for 11 o'ciocl
to day. He returned Inamo in excel!
ent pplrits, ate heartily -at his meal
hours and retired to rest
It seems that the disclosures, made
by Cbancey M. Depaw ef what Gen.
Grant said of Andrew Johnson's plans
and project, which have been fully
oivsn in ine.JSaitrp' di.snalrhei. do
of Gen Grant. Sherman, Sheridan,
Gen. Butler and Judge Bingham knew
of them ut the time.
Circuit Court Proceedings.
The following proceedings have
taken place in this. Court since our
last report:
H. T. Inlow, et. al, vs. H. and A.
J. Roach. ShtrifFs sale of real estate
btate vs. H. Mathnws; indictment
for ma'iciously killing another's ani
mal. Continued.
State vs. J. Cunningham; indict
ment for embezzlement. Same.
State vs. J. W. McMahon; indict
ment for murder. Same.
State vs. Frank Howard; indict
ment for robbery. Indictment dis
missed on motion of district attorney.
H. Englebrecht vs. Landers h Mc
Conuell. Dismissed.
J. Scloraon & Co. vs. J. N. T. Mill
er, guardian of C. Sarraillet; to fore
close mortgage). Dii-missed.
Kubli fc Bolt vs. J. N. Travlor.
Sime proceedings.
li. ivarewBki vs. Pleasant Smith.
Frank Lorraine vs. Bernard Lorr
aine; suit for partition. Argued and
taken under adviicment.
State vs. W. J. Russe'l; indictment
fo. latcciiy. Motion for new trial de
-E. Oonagbv vs. Go. A Jackson; to
recover money. JuJgtuol for $412.
75 aim losts.
M. C Barnes vs. Abbie M. Birnrs;
sui for divorce. Dt-creo grafted.
J.ohn Wliita va. Win. Piati; to re
cover money, -lrausferred to Jose
phine county.
J. W. Collins vs. John Hcokenjos;
suit for damages Demurrer to com
plaint overruled, and case set for Fri
day Oct. 30, 1885.
State vs. Wm. Briscoe and F. S.
Biwer; to foreclose lien. Taken under
J. B. Thomas vs. F. M. Parker: to
foiecloss mortgage. Taken under ad
Newnma Fisher vs. A. C. Louden.
Judgment renewed.
J. Neathsmrr vs. M. E. Pogne, et
al.; to foreclose mortgage. Continued.
Chas. Nickell rt. Al. E. Pegue, t
al.; to foreclose lien. Same
Alice B. Maxon vs. J. D. Mason;
suit for divorce. At isue.
Jemima Colver and J. Dollarhide,
administrators of the estate of L. A.
CoKer, vs. P. W. 0'cll; suit for
damages. Motioa for change of ven-,
ue taken under advisement.
Child's Sxow Flake. Every lady,
wishing a clear, delicate eomjilfxion,
should Uhtf -Child's Sdow Flake. It
nonrislie aud freshens the skin, re
moves Tan and unbura, and, luenat-
ural appearance imptrted, renders it
impossible to detect its use. Warrant
ed perfectly harmless. Sold by all
druggists, or by the manufacturers,
John A. Child &, Co., Druggists, Port
land, Uregon. -Mail orders promptly
attended to, Price 50 cents.
Mail Routes to be Let.
Following is a partial list of the
mail routrs in Southern Oregon upon
which the contracts for four years'
service, beginning July 1, 188C, are to
be let next January. Bids will be
received np to 4 o'clock p. it, Jaun
ary 2, 1886. Particulars as to "forms,
etc , may be had at the post office:
Route No. 44,170 North Oanyon
ville to Riddle's, 6 miles and back, six
times a week. Bond required with
bid, $900.
44,177 Medford by Central Point,
Eagle Point and JJrownsboro, to Big
Butte, 31 miles and back, -3 times a
week. Bond, 2,400.
44,178 Grant's Pass, j Wildr
ville, Kerbyville, Waldo and Smith
River, to Crescent City, 100 miles and
back, six times a week. Bond re
quired with bid, $10,000; check, 500.
44,179 Waldo to Althouse, 10
miles and back, twice a week. Bond,
44,181 Grant's Pass to Galice, 20
miles and back, ones u week. Bond,
44,182 Linkville, by Tule Lake, to
Clear Lake, 48 miles and' back, once a
week. 31800.
44 183 Link ville, by Dairy, Olene,
Bonanza, Bly and Drews' valley, to
Laktjview, 102 miles and baJb, three
times a week. Bond required with
bid, $7,600; check, $174.50.
Linkville, hy Naylox and Klamath
Agency to Fort Xlamatb, 37 miles and
back, six times a week. Bond, $5,000.
44,225 Applegate to Williams, 12
miles and back, three times a wgnk.
Bond, S900.
44,226 Ashland to Linkville, 64
miles and back, six times a week.
44,240 Bonanza to Langell val
ley, $ miles ami back once a week.
Bond with bid, $200.
44,241 Rock Pcint to Draper, 8
miles and back, once a week. Bond
with bid, 200.
44,242 Gold Hill, by Sams valley,
to Table Rock, 12 miles and back, ?ix
times a week. Bond with bid, $1800
44,243 Sams volley to Spikenard,
10 miles and back, once a week. Bond
with bid, $1000.
44,245 Wclf Creek, by Leland to
Lucky Queen, 10 miles and back,
three times a week Bond $700.
Galesiille to Glendale, 7 miles ind
b ick, three times a week. Bond, $600.
44,261 Jik-onilleto MedforJ, 6J
miles anil bak, seven times -a wxek
Bond, $1300.
4u,2G2 .TackFonville by Applegs.t9
and Murphy to llderwlle, 3a miles
and back, twice a week. Bond, $1700.
44,263 Jacksonville, by Union
town, to Wrights, 25 miles and back,
once a week. Bind, 'JG0O.
44.264 From Jacksonville to Wil
low Springs, 6J miles and back, six
times a week. Band, 900.
I PriBfiirtLK ASDlDAThS A . Wil1
ants tor tue U.
S. Seuatorshio nhich
strings out as follows: John H. Mitoh
ell, Geo. H. Williams, John F. Caides".
M. C. George, Rufus Mallory. H. W.
(Unrbett, W. C Johnson, R. P. Boise,
VY. J. aicUonnsll. U.A- Dolnh. H W.
Scott, W. H. Odell, T. McF. Patton,
w. u Hare, 1. W. Uase, Binger Her
man, W. Lair Hill, Geo. H. Durham,
sol. tlirsch, 6 V. Woody. Henry Fail
ing, Richa'd Willi ims, C. H. Lewis,
if. a. Knight, Joseph Simon, H. Y.
Thompscn, Geo. L. Wood. Joliu
Kelly, R. P. lEnrhart, Geo. W. Mc-
Brido, Johnathan Bourne, D. P.
Thompson, E. L. Applegate.
The Reddiag "Free Press" mentions
being shown a veritab curiosity from
Siskiyou, iu the shape of a mineral
deposit. It was simply a conglomer
ate mass of lava, quartz and gravel,
interspersed with bunches of gold
panicles about the size cf and resem
bling large grape seeds. Mr. J. O.
Welsh, who showed the specimen, says
that it came ffoai near Mi. Shasta,
ana was iour.d abou 40 feet from the
surface. The discovery is ca'led the
"Great Northern Boom," and is the
richest yet made, there being acres of
this r:ch stratum. There is much ex
citcuieut regarding this uew field of
Cutter's Fuck WnisKits. Again
we greet our many friends, reminding
them that tbe season of "peace on
earth and good will towards men,"
is rapidly approaching, when prosperi
ty and generosity go hand in hand, and
the whale civilized world seeks for
those tributes and mementoes which
serve to bind eloer tho friends of
fleeting Tears. After the lull corner
tho storm; the season of depression is
rapidjy passing aay. The signs of
the t!mes indicate a better and more
active(future, and in anticipation of an
increased demand for fine whiskies,
we will give personal attention to the
best of European and Eastern liquors.
We now offer to our patrons the ad
vantage of selecting from these -fine
whiskies, which we guarantee will not
be excelled on tha co&st. We have in
stock, J. F. Cutter, Extra, O'd Bour
oon, and Argonaut whiskies. J. Nun
an has been appointed agent for the
"J. F. Cutter" whicky for this section
of Jackson county. He will sell at
same price that you would have to pay
at E Martin fc Co.'s distillery, Ky.
Put up in half and whole bbls.; also
cases of Cutter at S. F. Prices.
John L. Burns, commercial agent
for E. Martin 4 Co., 408 Front St.,
San Francisco.
Crawford Watson Kear Roseburcr,
Oct. 2'1, IS35, A. AI. Crc-vford and
Miss Flora "iV- S"n
CorER At the residence of Dr J. Hin
Ue, M. 211,1 75, of an alT ft oi of
'Kc livir, F'mer Cooper; aged 21 years,
1 month and 24 days.
Ktxgslet On Apnlejrate, Josephine
county, Ojp., of general debility, C M.
Kinesley, late of Dakota county, Minn
mm row
The danger to the public health from the indis
criminate use of the many lime and alum baking
powders of commerce has been so fully exposed that
everybody desires to avoid their further use.
The proprietors of some of the "worst of these pow
ders are now going from house to house, trying by
means of a trick, or so-called test, with heat and water,
to show that their article is as good as the Koyal
Baking Powder, which everybody knows is absolutely
purerHfed 'wholesome, the object, of course, being to
supply tlfeir own goods in place of the favoriteK6yal,
"which housekeepers have for so many years relied upon
to produce light, wholesome, and palatable food.
The housekeeper will do well to be on her guard
against these baking powder tramps. Every intelligent
person knows that any goods peddled from house to
house in this-manner, or that are given away in sam
ples, or sought to be introduced by secretly traducing
the character of other goods well known to be pure and
reliable, have no merits of their own,and have failed
to find puichasers through legitimate means.
As a matter of fact, one of these tramps is trying to
introduce a powder that has been found by the Govern
ment chemist to be 11.85 per cent lime, and the other
peddles a powder that is 20 per cent alum one a pow
erful caustic, the other a corrosive poison.
No such tricks or jugglery can deceive any one.
The crucial test that the Royal Baking Powder has
undergone, during the last quarter of a century the.
test of actual and successful work in the preparation
of pure and wholesome food, under which it has never
yet failed is entirely satisfactory to the practical
housekeeper. She has always had "good luck" with
it in makincr lisfhf, sweet,
- - " i? -V-r.1U
i efcat tpmirai.
IP r
..her housekeeping favorites. The Boyal Baking Pow
der has the reputation everywhere of being the bet
and the only pure baking powder made, and the
baking powder tramp who attempts to supplant its
place in the confidence of the housekeeper will find
thi a bad vcar for his business.
r.y.y. v-i '.vvi-,xnaWl
for infants and Children.
"CastorUIssosreriadaptedtoelindreEthat I Castorla cures Colic, Constipation,
'4 recommend It aa superior to our cresenntion I Eour Stomach, D'arrhcea, Eructation,
taowntome." H.A.Ascotk,M.D I KOIj Worms, pves sleep, and promoteo 6T-
VI So. Ozford St, BtooUtb, N. T. WltloutlSjurlous medication.
Tes CcrrxcB Coio-ast, 1S3 Fulton Street. K. T.
Frank Brothers Implement Company,
F&iiai9 Mill Machinery
HARROWS, Etc., Etc., Etc.
A Full Line Of Farm Machinery.
Write fdr catalogue. Address either
FRAttK BROS. IMP'L. CO, Portland, Or.
Or, R. W, PORTER, Agent, Oregon City, Oregon. apr 11 3 m
Owinr to IU hp-iUb and nvipnt finAnpirtI
eo,to retire permanently from the mercantile
entire stock, ot
At the Old Ashland Store,
At an Francisco mil
1 " ' -v
The Store and "Fixtures will be
Ashland, Or., June 26, 1885.
anFmai3i.i Hiqwm
and ddicioua.brfiacUiiscuit
J.-J. .i.' L-LiA.. 1- -V
i u, lUjto ryj-u u c nxr"Tiiyitti-cta t
COOPER &. CO Saw Mill Machinery,
ilifRrii1t!p tTi nmlMiiim t,-- i,i
business, and therefore offers for sale his
The Bull Times
Has touted lm goods down to
Hard Times Prices
He will sell you MORE GOODS for
LESS MONEY than ever before sold
in Jacksonville. II is stock is
And his prices will
It is needless to enumerate the articles
he has to sell, as he keeps everything to
be found in a first-class
General Merchandise Store !
When In town glvtf him a call and he
will show you goods at prices that will ,
Idea clean out your head.
Flis stock is varied and complete, and
you can hardly ask tor anything he has
not get.
Remember the place coroner of CalK
fornia and Oregon streets
Highest Market Price
CSCalI and sec if this advertisement
is not as true as gospel.
Jacksonville, Oregon.
JOflX H1LLE3, - Proprietor.
XJ cultural implement1?, tools of all
kiDds and a general assortment of shell
lie al'so keeps the largest stock ot, and
ali the latest improvemtnts in
Wishing tackle,
Powder, Shot, 3tc
Give him a call and examine his stock
before making your purchases.
A. S. Johnson, Pro.
As the demand for fruit trees is so
grea' in this valley I have started a Nur.
scry in this place and will raise nothing
but the finest varieties. This year I wi 1
sell from tho Woodburn Nurseiy as usual
and also irom the celebrated Alameda
Nursery, Oakland Cal. The following
are some of the leading varieties I will
keep i
Early York Briggs" Tted May.
E. and L. Crawford's ritump World.
Wale's early balway.
Amsden Susqncinnnah.
Alexander Mary's Choice.
Orange Cling Yellow 3ergen.
Lemon Cling and many more.
IPriuiOQ nad rEM-wjais.
Pcttite PrmjeAgen - -tPcacUJPHm,.
Italian Prune " Yellow Em?.
Golden Prune Coe's Go den Drop
Grosse Prune Bradslmw
t Cathrine Prune Japan Plum
Cherries. Nectarine. Anricot. Oinnr
t pple, French Goosberry, Oregon l ham
cagne Berries, and all kinds ot ornament
al and shade trec3.
Criterion Billiard Saloon
THIS populai resort, under ne- man
agement, is furnishing the best brands
ot liquors, wines and cig-irs. The reading
table is supplied with Eastern periodicals
and leading papers of the Coast. Gii e me
a call.
F. E I T S 0 H A.E D,
California Sreet,
jV TAKES a specialty of cleaning and re-
lii nainntr wnirnpa nnn kiu.
urasrss wc reasooaoie.
Give me a call
Sheep For Sale.
- The nndcrsignttTliRs MfThcad of good
mutton sbeep and 350 head ol stock sheep
which he offsrs Tor sale it'a barjain. Call
on or addrtis mo at Jacksonville
Of Southern Oregon, arc hereby informed
that in addition to a Urge and elegant
line of
r have added to my stock tho felloTring .-k
class ol goods, of which I have a full line: Vl
Ladies' Furnishing Goods,
Both Knit and llojlia.
Infants Wardrobe Complete,
As cheap as to be bought aay place; alr I ( j
Under 4 years old.
A beautiful line ot
Consisting of Xisle and Silk.
Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Corsets,
53rlX3rx- S3a.a,xcls
And manyother things too numerous to
v mention. I hayealso secured the,
services of a
And am prepared to execute all orders ia
that line in first-class style at reasonable
rate. Call and see me at the building form
erly occupied by A. L. Johnson on Cali
fornia street. MRS. P. P. PRIM.
Notary Public, Peal Estate AgL
Abstracts made of Titles to Lands.
Of all kinds drawn up, especially pertain
ing to thu settlement of estates.
Collector of Accounts Prompt!
Investment Securities a Specialty..
Jackson County Scrip Bought and Sold.
I hive a complete set of Slaps of all
Surveyed Linds in this county, and re
ceive abstracts monthly frem Roseburg of
all new entries mide. I am thus prt
p ired to make out Homestead and Pre
emptioi papers, and can thus save to par
ties the expense of a trip to Kosebury
Land Offlcc.
Several fine farms arc in my hands tor
Prompt reply made to all lettors.
Charges an accordance with the times.
Refers, by permission, to C. I'. Beek
man. Esq, B inker; to Hon. L. R. Web
ster.judge of this judicial district, and to
any business house Jn Jacksonville.
Office at south cast corner California,
and 5th street, Jacksonville, Oregon.
. 1 OlljAa.l. UfL.1. t
- '"ij ; .. 1 1, ---
O. Soilding, Jackboavilla.
General Merchandise.
1 pleasure in informing the public
tint he has purchased L. Solomon's in
terest iu the
Vhich will be kept stocked with a com
plete and first diss iwirtmentof general!
merchandise. I will sell t
Very Seasonable Rates.
Give me a call and see for yourselves.
corrirj TFJsaaszzvGS..
shortest notice and cheaper than at an v
other establishment in Southern Oregon.
Furniture of all kinds kept on hand or
made to order
Jacksnville Crescoat Ovsp
A?iaii ttonto.
P. McMahon, Proprietor
Stages leave Jacksonville evervMondav
Wednesday and Friday mornings at 3 jl
irjirriving at Waldo in the evening, where
close connection is made next morning
lor Crescent City. When the new wagon
road is finished about January 15th
through tickets to San Frandsco will bo
sold for $18 by this route.
Express and order business done at ra.
duced rates.
P. McMAHON Proprietor
Wool Wanted
In ATiy Qixcu3.titl.os,.
Anyone havini wool to sell will do
well to give me a ca'I as I am prepared
to pay cash for all lots no matter how;
large of small. Call on or address
Geo. M. wiiaaiD,
Ashland, Oregon.
More Wheat Wanted.. -&
Ten thousand bmbe's of good, welli
filled whent for which I will pay 50 cents
per bushel delivered at my mill in this
p ace. To all those who are owing mei
either by note, book or other aceonnirr
are requested to pay the, sameinwhesC
for which I will allow 00 cents per bush
el delivered. G.KAREWSKI,
WMHtonvuicjicj. -', wm.'