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Saturday, August 1, 1885.
Hides Wasted. The undersigned
will pay the highest cash pries for bear
kins and all otker kinds of furs, deer
tini, etc. Call around before selling.
Thos. J. Kzsrszr.
Sad Accident. A Mrs. Griffith
had her neck broken by being thrown
backwards out of a wagon one day this
week and her remains were buried in
the Jacksonville cemetery on Wed ties
day last. She was a stranger here
having arrived only a short time be
fore meeting with this sudden death.
Eushino Business. Hunters are
reaping a harvest now in furnishing
bur County Clerk with ""scalps of wild
animals for which a bounty is offered.
The bounties offered are altogether too
high, and at the rate they are coming
in it will not take long to bankrupt
the county. The Court should con
sider this matter at their next meet
ing and make a lower gcheJule.
Notice to Snipr'nns. E. P. Rogers,
(general freight and passenger agent
for the O. fc C. R. R., writes us that
the company has made arrangements
whereby they can take melons in car
loads from Rogue riyer valley to Port
land or intermediate stations, taking
them with the regular " passenger
trains. This will prove beneficial to
bur farmers and will be appreciated.
Business Change. Fred Otten and
Wni. V. Jones have bought the Foots
creek store, formerly owned by Kubli
ttBolt and took possession .on Tuesday
of this weoc. The new proprietors
are both nell and favorably known all
over the county and for that reason
deserve .a continuance of the liberal
patronage given that store heretofore.
Try them and they will always treat
you well.
A Lesson. Four young tneh of this
place were arrested one Light this week
by Marshal Curtis for disorderly con
duct in a bawdy house and each plead
ing quilty they were fined $5 and costs
by Recorder Huffer on the following
day. The boys all acknowledge that
they got nothing more than was de
torved but they propose keeping their
tyes on the action of other parties in
the future, to get even.
The Snow. A very good-sized au
tiisnea attended the entertainment
fciven by the Nashville Students at
Holt's Hall last Wednesday night.
The performance consisted entirely of
tinging, orao of it good but the most
below average'. When the audience
retired it seemed to bd the general
expression that we had a better min
strel troupe than this in town witli as
good singers and much better actors.
Crimikal Business. Justico Foud
ray has been kept busy this wtd:
issuing warrants for different paities
and next week he will be more bus, y in
trying the cases. Among the case.
now on docket is a charge acninx
'Charles SlcVey for robbery in Henry
Bauten's dwelling house, one against
A. J. Merrill charged with stealing a
horse from Shattack, the showman,
and two other cases o J sheep and cut '.la
-stealing. All of these crimes are al
leged to have been committed in other
portions of the county outside of Jack
sonville. Protest. A. correspondent Sends
ii the following: Your cot respondent
was in Roseburg, and went to the
land office, was examining the map's
&nd every odd section is marked for
the Railroad and it they are allowed
lieu lands it will cover nearly all the
mines in Jackson county. I asked
the Receiver and Register and both
Vaid once the government gave the
railroad a deed to the land that ended
It, they do not have no mineral oath to
take now ere it is too late. There
should be a protest or some action
taken 6r there will be 'rouble;
, Tub Gkant Monument Fund. San
Fraucisco, Cal. July 30. To all offices
'4th lutrict: The exectutive commit
tee of the Western Union Telegraph
Company resolved at its meeting to day
to subscribe the sum of five thousand
'dollars toward the fund for a nionu
tocnt to General Grant; it also resolved
that the managers of the comnnniei.
toffices be instructed to receive subscrip
ns to tue tund lrom the public. All
facers will therefore nleaK disnlav
u ipwr" office's, notico to the effect that
they are prepared to accept such con
tributions and to give informal receipts
therefore which receipts will be sub
sequenfly replaced by formal receipts
from the committee of the Grant
Mouumeut Association, which hat
been appointed by the Mayor of the
City of New York. Each manager
will provide himself with an ordinary
cheap book, which under appropriate
Vending he will request each subscriber
16 write his own name-, his post office
lucres, and amount of subscription,
and tor which subscription the mana
ger will give informal receipt in the
following iz: Received of this
the sum of dollars as a
contribution to the' Grant Monument,
and whieh is to be forwarded to the
association having charge of the fund,
therein the Treasurer of the Western
Union Telegraph Company. This re
ceipt is to be replaced later by a form
al receipt of the Grant Monument
Association, signed, manager W. U.
Tel. office. Each tnanfirer will in
elude in Lis remittance to the treasurer
or such as the requirements of the
.bffice may be, the -amount up to the
lime ot the next regular remittance,
kteompanied hy a transcript of the
liatsb-tnt: latter will b- forwarded th
?nw York for audit when the sub
scription will finally close. v
Local Items
Go to Plymale for your livery oat
fits. County Coart will be held next
Take a chance at Mensor Bro's
B. Fisher, the WoodVille' merchant,
called this week.
The town has been- overrun with
drummers this week.
Work has been commenced on the
new Rogue River bridge.
David Cronemiller and Will Ply
male started for Cinnabar Thursday.
Quite a number of our citizens are
at McAllister's soda springs this week.
New good arriving weekly at the
Golden Rule Bazaar and bargains in
every line.
Dr. J. W. Robinson is making a
visit to the Willamette but will return
in a few' days.
Jacksonville boys are more regular
in going to bed at an early hour than
tbey used to be. '
The George Schumpf. rusticating
party fias returned ffbtu Squaw lake
after a two week's absence.
New line of Chamber sets at
Branch's Furniture Store, Ashland.
Bottom prices in everything.
Tlio two year old child of John
Cantrell andwife died at the home
place near Uniontown Wednesday.
t We were not favored with the pro
ceedings of the Teacher s Institute and
for that reason it doe3 not appear.
9i oz jelly glasses with cover( Masons
and Lightning fruit jars A gallons and
quarts in lots to suit atNuaan's.
The firm of Herzog & Stacy, butch
ers at Ashland, has been dissolved by
mutual consent, the former retiring.
The Jacksonville Silver Cornet
Baud is arranging for an excursion to
Tuckir's Soda Springs above Ashland.
A. H. Mregly and wife are spending
a wepk at 'he Soda Springs while R.
IL Moore takes care of the business
J. C. Aver & Co.'s clever ntrent.
Geo. Giegg, called on us this week ard
renewed contracts on business princi
Keep a good look out where you
throw matches during the hot 6pe!l as
afire at this time would prove disas
trous. Go to the Golden Rule Bazaar and
see the grand display of prizes in the
show window which are lo be givn
Judge Hanna and Janulyare back
frojn S'oda Springs afte'rjfc&ying there
ons week. Mrs. J. R5NfcHh"5s slso't
returned. Kftfcij" --'
Tbrpbhing eomtusncifd
and our farmers aranewaept)buqy;
The crr will be much batter than has
been looked for.
The Henley Band this week pre
sented our Band with fourtt en lamps
to be used when on parade. Our boys
appreciate the present.
200 dozen chickens and turkeys
wanted at Mrs. Kreuzer's bakery at
onc. Charley Kearns will pay cash
for all you can bring in. .
According to instructions from
Washington Max Muller's postoffice
store will be closed next Saturday from
1 p. Si. Aill 5 iu the evening.
Buy a dollars worth of goods at the
Golden Rule Bazaar and win one or
more of the prizes which are to be
given way September 25th.
Frank Ennis, one of the proprietors
of the Sterling mines returned from
his visit to Hot Springs, Arkansas,
this week considerably improved iu
H. D. Kubli was over from Apple
gate yesterday. He says his visits
will not be so often in the future as he
proposes taking tlo attraation along
with him uefore Ion?.
George Jackson presented us with a
tine watermelon this morning. He
has made arrangements with the rail
road and will put his melons on the
Portland market this year. -
Miller's gun and hardware storo is
now in charge of Thos. Johnson who
claims that he is giving nway goods
for Iess money than ever offered here
before. Price some of the articles if
y6u think he is joking. .
The funeral service 'of Gen. Grant
will be held in the cottage where he
died on Mt. McGregor August 14th,
Dr. Newman officiating. The Gener
al's desire was to be buried according
to the Methodist ritual.
The register of the Ian 1 office at
Oregon city has notified the public
that he has received- official notice of
the forfeiture of the Astoria land grant
and that the same is open1 to preemp
tion and homestead entries.
Sir -Moses MonteSore, the philan
thropist, died at his home in London
Tuesday afternoon. Tho celebration
of his 100th birthday anniversary last
October was an event noted with in
terest by his admirers in all parts of
the world.
Messrs. R, Koehler, Manager, and
J. Brandt, Superintendent, of the O.
4C. K. R., came up from Portland
by special train Wednesday, and took
a trip up to the Soda Springs yester
day. They expected Gen. Joseph E
Johnston, U. S. R. R Commissioner,
t'j arrive here from California last
evening and return with them over the
O. & C. to-day. 1 is presumed that
Gen. Johnston is making au inspection
of l he division of the California fc
Oregon north of Redding and of the
O. fc C, between Roseburg and A.h
land, to report upon the claims of the
The coming Mechanics exposition
to be given in Portland under the
auspices of the Portland Mechanics'
association, promises to be one of the
most successful which has ever been
held. The fair commences Oct. 8 and
closes October 24. Articles for exhib
it will be received on and after Mon
day, September 28.
A camp meeting will be held on the
William's creek camp ground, btginn
ing with service at eleten o'clock Fri
day, Acg. 15th and contvsg over
the Sabbath. Rav. E. GY Michael
presiding elder, Rev. P. A. Mo3es and
other ministers are expected to be
present No hurkstering will be al
lowed on the ground.
J. W. SniEVE, Pastor.
The report that the price of board
and lodging had been raised to S10 a
week at Tucker's Soda Spring is all a
mistake and the report was probably
started by some one to injure the pro
prietor. You can still get one of the
best meals to be had lounty at
the old price and if yen aon't think
you ate your money's worth Loui says
it wont cost a cent.
Wednesday afternoon Mr. and Mrs.
Savage, of 'Woodville; when on their
way home, met with a serious runa
way accident. Their team became
frightened at a wheelbarrow, and after
running a short distance turned short
and capsized tho wacon. The bed was
thrown off and overturned on Mrs.
Savage, and" Mr. Fisher, who were in
tlis wagon escaped with some severe
The parties working the Yank ledge
says the Grants Pass Courier sent up
an expert last week to examine the
mine, who expressed himself well
pleased with it. On Thursday's freight
900 pounds of ore was shipped to S n
Francisco for mill test. There is no
occasion for any exeitement, but indi
cations are that the mine, will be
worked, and that means prosperhy
for t'uis county.
"Le Journal d'Hygiene" publUhesa
comparative table of the probabilities
of life for moderate drinkers and total
abstainers. According to this, a mod
erate driuker at twenty years of age
may expect to live 15.6 years; at
thirty, 13; at forty, ll.C; at fifty 10.8;
at sixty, o.U. Hie probability tor
total abstaiuers is: At; twenty years,
44.2; At thirty, 3C.5; at-forty, 2fi.8;at
fifty, 21.25; and at sixty, 15 285.
Giand Master T. G. Reames, accom
panied by R. S. Duulap Grand Tyler,
(J. C. Beekinan, Ben Beekman and
Prof. J. W. Merritt went to Eugene
Ci'y this week to assist in-the laying
of the comer stone for the new State
U.iiverMty ut that place. All who
heard the oration by Prof. J. W.
nlerritt. lironounce it a masterly effort
ami wun mu imttiiiKeiiL uuuinuwu tuau
i . :.i. .i. :...-.! : . ! !.. '
he hsd as-listners Mr. Merritt may
,weU'ieeivrouu oi lueeornimmou
1 1 l?A . J rt m ft. f'vS'nl ilA.TOlVTfi
the stranger claims to have received ,
rough handling at the hands of the
railroad official. A suit for damages
is said to have been instituted, the
prosecuting witness claiming thut
1,000 in money und tho discharge of
ilio conductor who made the assault
would satisfy his injuries.
Congressman Ford has gone to Ore
gon for a six-weeks' vacation frym
the annoyance of office seekers. It
would be a good joke if Dave Curtis,
or some of the old St. Joe county boys
who are residing in a faraway state,
should meet him with a petition On
his arrival. George -hpuId have gone
clear through to Alasn. 'f he expelled
to escape all possible approaches from
the "'very hungry and very thirst) "'
members of his pirty.
Patronize such home institutions as
patronize other home business. If a
merchant ignores his homo newspaper,
does not advertise in it, and sends off
for his job printing; or tries to starve
out home talent and homecntcrprise in
other directions, let such understand
that their course is condemned. To
make a good town and a live commun
ity, eveiy line of home investment and
industry must be encouraged. Wo
must stand by each other.
A meeting of the stockholders in
the Jacksonville Milling and Mining
Co. was held at the City Hall last
Monday night when the following per
manent officers were chosen: John
Orth, President, E. D. Fnudray, sec
retary,and J. Nunan, treasurer. H.
Helms, Veit Sehutz and K Kubli were
appointed a committee to select
grounds for the proposed mill and ob
tain motive power. The meeting ad
journed subject to call df tho president.
The Ancient Order of Workmen of
the Oregon', Washington and Britiih
Columbia, jurisdiction, have inviced
Father Upchurch, the founder 'of the
order, to visit Portland. The distin
guished gentlaman is now in Califor
nia, whero he has been accorded a
warm reception by the members of the
order. He will soen return to his
home in Missouri, and a general invi
tation is extended him to come by the
way of Portland that all may greet
A'l the announcement our cotem
published last week about our dead
hero was a single liner stating that
"Grant is dead." Cleveland's procla
mation and several Democratic ex
changes havn since come to hand and
our patriotic editor this week falls into
line, like all loyal Democrats do when
the word is given and the boes bav
"go." But jokes aside, for the grief
of the nation is too deep and hear', felt
to joke, we do like to see a man, when
the occasion calls, for it, magnani
mous enough to rise above his petty
prejudices, and gracefully respond to
the common impulse or common grief
of his country But unfortunately
I some men are not large enough to
' V
Portland fruit dealers a' looking to
Rogue River valley for thiir supplies
this year. They find our fruit of mueh
batter flavor than that 'formerly
received from California and with the
railroad rates recently established our
fruit growers can find a rearfy market
there for all tiey can raise at remuner
ative prices.
The Oliver Twists of our office never
forget to yell for more. This incessant
and chronic cry for more shows a
insatiate recklessness characteristic of
the modern American in general but
which is a sovereign and peculiar
speciality with the undaunted typo.
Just when you think everything is
complete and you are free, to enjoy
the coveted born of a little rest and
quit, hark from the capacious month
of that invincible cormorant, the cry
comes np "more" "core copy!"
We think the "Times" committed a
grave blunder in assuming that there
was something wrong in the aceounts
of the A. O. U. W. Grand officers
simply because a committee has been
appointed to investigate the financial
condition of the, order. The suspicion
thus cast upon certain, officers may
prove to ba very unjustXlf-Hhem.as it
will certainly Tie hurtful to the order
and nothing should have been said un
til after the investigation- and even
then it should not be made public.
A Portland exchange says: "It was
stated in these columns several weeks
ago that the four cents pe'r mile rail
road bill, or Iioult bill, was likely to
do more to introduce pennies in Ore
gon than anything heretofore in the
history of the state. After a few
months' trial it is now reported by
station agents, that in spite of all that
is said to the contrary, the people will
wait for the pennies and hand them
back when they buy againr The fact
they are coming into more general
use was to day called to mind by two
signs which read: "Fans three cents
each and 'Pears eight cents per
Daniel Holton, the hotel proprietor,
yesterday filedx an assignment in the
effice of thi? county clerk to John D.
Dement, for the benefit of all his credi
tors. His indebtedness amounts to
20,940 32, divided among a score or
more of creditors, mostly in this city,
but a few in San Francisco. His
assets consist of the furniture in the
Holtun house and one or two smaller
lodgings, the value of which, even at a
sacrifice, is believed will settle all
claim, as there .is ?3G,000 insurance
on the property. The principal credi
tors are Medorum Crawford and F. N.
Siiurileff S4500, and Charles Kohn of
Portland and E. Sikes of San Fran
cisco 8000. Both these claims are
(urea by chattel mortgages on tue
"niture. "Oregonian."
i mportMVKIeveJftpmeggJ
Brown is sinking a shaft on the Eldc
rado ledge itj Armstrong gulch arid is
down abou 9 feet; the ledge, at this
depth, shows a width cf nearly 2 feet
and is considered to be rich. This
ledge was prospected miny years ago
and many rich specimens taken from
it, I ut the machinery was so crudend
imperfect than tho gold could not bo
saved. Those who profess to know
say this Wdge will pay handsomely
with the improved machinery of the
day, and yield a large margin to its
owners. The gold is bright and ore
with little or no sulphurets. We wish'
the new owners all success.
SHILOH'S CURE will immediate
'y relieve croup, whooping cough and
ARE YOU MADE miserable by
indigestion, Constipation, Dizziness,
Loss of Appetite, ..Yellow Skinl Shi
oh's Vitalizei is a positive cure. For
sale by E. C. Brooks.
a positive euro for Catarrh, Diphtheria
and Canker Mouth. Brooks can fur
nish it.
FOR DISPEPSIA and liver com
plaint, you have a printed guarantee
on every bottle of Shiloh's vitalizer.
It never fails to cure. Brooks" keeps
you need for Constipation, Loss of Ap
. AIUJU Ui. 4.X i-
petite, Dizziness and all
symptoms of
Dyspepsia. Price 10 and 75 cents per
cottle. or sale at &. V. .brooks.'
of Bourbon, Ind., Hays: "A.Ui my
self and wife owe our, livcfB SHI
Brooks keeps it.
each bottle of Shiloh's catarrh remedy.
Price 50 cets. at Brook's.
The I'oiiulsr Approval.
Of the now famous Syrap of Figs' as
the most efficacious and agreeable
preparation ever offered to the world
as a cure for Ilabitua Constipation,
Billiousness, Indigestion and kindred
ills, has been won by the wise plan
pursued by the California -Fig Syrup
Company. Knowing that any remedy
truly beneGcial in its effects on the
system, and at the same time pleasant
to the taste, ill meet with a rapid
sale, the Company, through its agents
Merritt & Robinson gives away a
sample bottle free of, charge. Try it
and judge for yourself- .Laige bottle
fifty cents or one dollar. -
Child's Snow Fiake. Evory lady,
wishing a clear, delil
should use Child's
Flake. It
nourishes and fresll
.skin, re-
moves Tan and Sun
. thenat-
ural arpearance Tal
Inders it
impossible to detectj
ed perfectly harnl
fulrusgists, or by
John A. Child &
land, Oregon. 31b
State of Or.F.cox,ExECCTrvE )
DETATJIES.T, Salem, July 23d, 1&33.
It is my sad duty to announce .the
death of the ex-chief magistrate of the
nation Gen. U. S. Grant, who died to
day at his residence at Mt. MeGregor,
in the state of New York.
The greater part of his active life
having been spent in the service of his
country, I trust that all of the people
of the state of Oregon will do reverence
to the memory of the dead hero and
suspend their usual labor on the day of
his final obsequies and in such way as
may teem proper to pay the respect
that is due our lamented chieftain.
Z. F. Moodv,
Attest: Governor.
R: F. Earhart,
Secretary of State.
The intprmentof Ex-President Grant
will takeplace at Riverside Park,
New York, Saturday, Aug. 8, 1885.
Religious Items. Elder M. Peter
son will hold services at the Mound
school house Sunday j. j. Rev. A, M
Russell of Ashland will preach at
Med ford Sunday at the usual haurs
.... Rev. E Gitlins is now engaged
in closing his work for this conference.
year.,..Kcv. A. K. iSickenbach will
hold services at Phoenix Sunday morn
ing and at the Presbyterian church in
tho eyening. . . .Rev. P. A. Moses will
hold services at Brownsboro Sunday
morning and aiening Rev. M.
Straeten wilt chant mass at this place
on Sunday nt 7:30 a. ll, and at Eagle
Point at 10:30 a. ii ; also at the latter
place in the evening at 7:30 Rev.
A. 11. Bickenbach is conducting bible
readings and song service at the Pres
byterian church in this place every
Wednesday evening, which are weil
attended Rev. J. W. Shreve
preached h's farewell sermon at the
Drake school house last Sunday
There will be a basket meeting at
Dauiel'i, school house, Josephine coun
ty, Sunday, condueted by Rev. J. W.
Shreve, assisted by Rev. S. Hathaway
Eider Slover preaches at Antioch
school house today (Saturday) nnd
Sunday. Subject: t "Human Deprav
ity" and "Pre-requisites to church
membership, or a converted church
.lo'jiisonN New I'ultersal Cjclopiedia.
Jlr. C. II. Libby the General Manager
for this work, called on us this week nnd
pave us an opportunity of subscribing.
Wo beartlv commend Mr. Libby to all our
reader, lie sure and examine Johnson's
Uyc, if he should favor you with a des
cription, you cannot help being pleased
with its merits. It is rich." It has an
editorial sUffof 37 of our gi-eatest scholars
and 2,000 contributors from all parts of
America and Europo whose name3 are
signed to their articles. It is "The Best"
and the only original American Cycle,
Kg ad vijuxn KT! SAXjni-rr 5f
particulars .lUdress a card to fl FT
Libby, Portland, Oregon.
Sold by subscription only.
Good Inducements. The following
goods will be given away at tho Golden
Rule Bizaar to evety person buying a
dollars worth of goods will be entitled
to a chance to win one or more of the
following prizes commencinc Monday,
July 27th and continuing untii Sep
tember 25th, 1885: V mens sack sui
of clothes; 1 pair mens fine bootsj 1
mens black hat; 1 box fine cigars; 1
pair fine suspenders; 1 silk handker
chief; 12 yards brocaded dress gcodi.;
1 jersey jacket; 1 ladies silk tie; 1 pair
ladies half cloth shoes; 1 ladies corset:
i dozen ladies hoss; 1 po-.ket kuife; 1
cane; 1 broom; 1 box soip; 1 box pape
tril; J dozen towels; 1 ladies collar; 1
picture frame; 1 pair gloves; 1 psir 'ace
curtains; 1 looking glass.
Closing Out Sale.
To quit business. Our entire stock
of general merchandise is offered for
sale, in whole or in part, at cost. If
you want cheap goods, now is your
time to buy them as we mean just
what we say. Reajies Bros.
When Baby was sick, w6 gave her
When she was a Child, she crisd for
--. . m
Wnen s became Miss, she clung to
Wheu she had Children, shs gave them
Dickey CAiXAGHAK-In this city, July
19th, 1885, by Rev. Father Straeten,
Geo. Dickey and 3Iiss Lucy O. Calla
ghan. FAmvcoxEK Bi,Bvrs At the residence
of the bride's parents on Gals creek,
July 28th, 18S5, by Elder M. Peterson,
E. N. Faulconer ot Yamhill county
and lliss E. E. Blcvins.
Yrcka papers please copy.
Slaoel 3fcDosocGU-Iu Lakeview, July
11th, 1885, by Judge A. Fitts, Herman
R Slagel, formerly of Yreka, to 3Iiss
Nellie 3teDonough of Lakeview,
Andeksox Hclt In 3Iedford, at the
residence of George Anderson, July
25th, 1885,byC.U. Barkdel), J.P., D.
"W. Anderson and Hiss Dora Hull.
HcCtjlloch Howard In Medford. at
the residence of ffm. Churchman, July
30th, 1SS5, by Rev. M. A. Williams,
James L. McCulIocn and 3Iiss Annie
McKexzie In Jacksonville, July, 23,
18S5, tMr. andJIi-3. T. T. liclvenzie,
a daughter.
Lodsiqxokt In Jacksonville, Jnly 27,
'1S85, to ilr. and 3Irs. Joseph Lousig-
nent, a son.
Uuticn In tbis city, July 31, 1885, to
3Tr. and 3Irs. Chris. Ulrich, a son
Rittek Near Lcabinon, Linn Co., July
'9th, 18iSj. Mrs. Richel Hitter, mother
of Mrs. Beilinger ef this county, aged.
M years.
ttjuw Mutuifi 1 iyt luituciiyxt Jiau.CcDUirj 'l1.1 umijiLUiuutciu iiuu w
ff !?n'rllnl..1.r.l'....'-t.'A. i-ii.-.-! fV....
eS3r"0njas4J:SAtlams?UPtp.r K2a4ssr'aeBBK-
The great popularity o this prepara'. ton,
after its test of many Tears, should bo an
assurance, ei en to the raot rtcpiical. lhat
it is really meritorious. Those who have
used Hall's Hair RisjEWEn know that
It does all that is claimed.
It causes new crowth of hair on IcM
beads provided tho hair follicles are not
dead, which is seldom the cam: restores
natural tolor to gray or faded hair; ptv-'
serves the scalp healthful end ci?ar of
dandruff; prccnts tho lair faUInij off or
chanxin color; keeps it soft, pliant, lus
trous, and causes, it to grow Icrff and
Hall's n.un Kmrcwxn produces its
effects by the healthful influence of its
veyetablo ingredients which i:n borate
and rejuvenate. It $s not a de, and is
a delishtfuV article for toilet use. Cur
taining no alcohol, it does not eap
orate quickly and dry up the natural oil,
leaving the hair uu!i and hrio.-j. as do
other preparations.
Buckingham's Eyo
ron Tzs
Colors them brown or black, as debfrcd.
and i-f the best dye, because it is bennies ;
produces a permanent natural color; awl,
bein? a Mnle preparation, h .mora coa
yenient of oppltcRtion than any, oilier.
rr.ETAr.ED ix
E. P. TIAIX &-CO., Xnsnnayjr.-n.
Sold by all Dealers In liediduos.
Tho Greatest Kadi-at imuapa of the Ago!
Ijosnofnppetlr?, J!owe:ncHitiTe,.iain!a
tha bead, veli'j n dull .-mnition in tiio '
fanoti pnrt, Tain under the aLsnliler
blade Fnllucsa after cat'nsr with xiili
inclination to cterttoa of body cr mlrf.
Irritability oCtcnipor, I.nwuplriti, with
a fecliua of bavin Reelected nomo dnty.
Weariness, DiszlneM, Flatlurln: at tbo
llenrt. Sets before the cyen, Ilcailncfao
over tlio i-Iffht eye Hoatlofne, vlt?t
fitful dreams, Ilitrbly coiorcO I rise, and
X7TT"S IUI.Iiu'O especially adapted
to such ca-jes, one il -e effects bucti a
They XnrreiukCtfeo lTpetite&nd-aPM tbo
body to Ti3 on Fleatitti - cbe f-tm 13
nonrIUct2.rt brtlw.rTonia Action on
Grav IIatk or Whiskers changed to a
GLOsurliLACK. by a slnsclo application ot
tots Drr. It imparts a natural culv, act
f-lantancoof.y. bold !v l)-;?its, or
tnt ly crprw on receipt of m.
Office, 44 Murray St , fJew York
Soda Springs Hotel,
Ten Miles From Ashland,
L. B. Tucxmv, Proprietor.
-ThTCTHcTnioftrtccentlv beenjmuch en
ufiuaj ii(ta t
;SndftMllcjaBacimintt5tJM8Ubr gutSja
27tose In Seaivh Of Health
Should give these
jTamcms Boba Springs
A. trial, as they are admitted to possess
wonderful curative qualities.
Xopain3wtll be spared to render the
sojourn ot invalids or others pleasant and
The table will be served with the best
the market affords.
Lots for sale at low pricos and en easy
terms. . .
Apply to J. S. HOWARD, Agent, at
Also, iu tho Railroad addition to the
town of ASHLAfMD.
Apply to 31. L. 3IcCall, Agent, Ashland.
Apply to 31 V. B. SOULE, Agent
gold h:ll.
Apply to 31.
E. POGUE, Aged, Goid
Apply to S. 3f . WILCOX, Agent GraDt's
Pass, Or to GEO. II. ANDREWS,
0.& C. R. II. Co.. Portland Or.
j&. o.slxi:o.
We take pleasure in announcing that
Pi of. E. T. Kugler has resolved to remain
in Southern Oregon. He is well pleased
with this country which he declares, for
health, scenery and productive soil, simi
tar to his native Rhine country. Snake-
I friends, such as tadei ' and tlialtrtr's, who
became qmte curonic-uiseaseil-uy con
tinued meddling with 3Ir. E. T. Kugler's
personal private business, in setting any
kind of btory to tho contrary in circula
tion, would do well to take the Professor's
repaid advbe to mind their "own busi
ness," by keeping their "unclean snouts
Oat" of his affairs! 3Ir. Kugler means
what he says.
County Treasurer's
Jacksonville, July 24. 18S5. f
there are funds in the County Treas
ury for th redemption of the following
County Warrants protested up to Novem
berSth, 1880:
Numbers 8, C,0, 10,13,11, 12,14, 15,17.
Interest on tho same will cease from this
date. NEffiUN FISHER,
) County Treasurer.
To Special Tax-Payers.
Den't Collector's office. Dist. of Ozn,
fersons rcsuimg in JncKson, Josephine,
Curry. Klamath and Lake counties, w 11
hereafter apply to this office for their
special tax sUmps,also Brewer's stamps.
special tax stamps,also Urewer's stamps,
- . W A OWEN.
IV A uv;r,
Deputy Collector.
Jacksonville, July 14, 18So
f B ' s n 'r6
Mi. Shasta Agricultural
Association Dist. OTo. 10.
Wednesday, Oct. 7lh
For racing purposes this district shalf
comprise Siskiyou, rriuity, Shasta and
3fodoc counties, California, and Jackson,.
Elamath and Lake counties, Oregon.
First Day Wednesday, Oct. 7th.
Race No. 1 Running race, free for all,
mile heats, 2 In 3; nurse SoOO: 1st horse
.2io; 2d horse $75.
Kace flo. 2 'Irotttn; race, free for j11
horses owned in the district prior to Hiy
1st, that have never beaten 3 mlnuts",
pnrse ?200; 1st horse $150; 2d hcrs .
Second Day Thursday, Oct 8th.
t Race No. 3 Running race, free for all,
h'alf-mile and repeat; .purse $200; 1st
horse $150; 2d horse $50''JgStetote
Race No. 4 Trottihg liicfjfreeTqrfulir
3 year olds owned in the districtfpfiVtq
31 iy 1st ; mile heats, 3 inTt5?parse"$0O;(
lsthorso $150; 2d horse $94BttpK&?cv
Race No SKunninglwcfreforJdl , -
ljrf mile, single dash-'pnrse aflWSlsrr""
horse $120; 2d horse $30. -- '.
Third Dav Friday, Oct. ath.
Grand parade of Stock. m
Itace No. 0 Trotting race, free for a'l
two year olds owned in the district prior
to May 1st; mile heats, Sin 3; purse 150;
1st horse $120 2d horse 30 dollars.
Race Vo. 7 Trotting race, free (or all
horsos owned in the district prior to 3Iay
1st that have not beaten 2:50;, 3 in 5;
purse 2C0 dollars; 1st horse 150 dollars;
Fourth Day Saturday, Out 10'
Race No. 8 Trotting race, free for all ;
mile heat 3 In 5; purse 330 dollors; 1st
horse 225 dollars; 2 horse 75 dollars.
Race No. 9 Running race, Iree for all;
mile and repeat; purse 200 dollars; let
horse 1C0 dollars; 2d horse 50 collars.
Rules and Regulations.
1. Ten per cent, of the amount of the
pu sos shall be the entrance leu in all the
above races.
2. Entries to bo placed in the entry
box kept for that purpose at the Pavilton,
prior to 0 r. ji . on the day prior to race.
3. Kntries must give name, pedigreo
and description of horse entered as tar as
4. In all the above races, threo to en
ter and two to start.
5. All trotting races must be in har
ness. G. National Trotting Association rules
to govern trotting Rices.
7. Pacific ftast Blood Horse1 Associa
tion rnles to govern running races.
8 Time made at this meeting, shall
pot be a bar during these races at this
District Fair.
9. AU races over this course shall be
bona fide.
Bedding for horses will be furnished
30 days prior to mieting.
1). N. Lash, President.
Fit Ed Lehs ers. Secretary - - gg
Fuse and Caps,
Paints Oils, Varnish, Glass
SfcotjSrashs, Chains, 3?oso
I have secured the services of a first
class mechanic, and am prepared to do
all repairing promptly and in snpcrioi
style. " '
In connection with the above I am re
ceiving and have constantly on hand a
full and first-class stock of
Diir-oooD3, ouji boots, tobacco
Everything sold at reasonable ratos.
Jacksonville, 3Iarch 0, 1878.
Criterion Billiard Snlcou
fT'-HIS popular resort, under new man
1 agement, is furnishing the best brands
ot liquors, wines and cigars. The reading
table is supplied with Eastern periodicals
and leading papers of the Coast. G ive ma
a call.
3E,-n'fclio STotioo.
TTntlPf is liprplnr .rivpn Hint T Trill tia
be responslb.e for any bills or accounts
I made? without mv PTnrpsa ordpror antTinr.
J ity. 3Ioniti3 MmiaoK.
' Jacksonville, Or., June 4, 1885.
su . .. .- -