Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, May 16, 1885, Image 3

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Saturday, May 1G, 188.5.
Notice. A meeting of the Grave
Cretk Ditch and Mining company
will bebeld in Jacksonville, May 20th.
All the stock holders are requested to
be present.. By order of
E. F. Walkkr, President.
Meeting. A call is hereby made
to the citizens of Jacksonville to meet
in the Town Hall next Mdnday even
log to consider what will be done as
an inducement to the Board of Immi
gration to establish its exhibition
rooms in this town.
Card or Thanks. Oregonian-Po-tahentas
Tribe No., 1 Imp'dO. K. M.,
f tliis place requests us to return its
sincere thanks to the Henley and Jack
son villa Silter Cornet Bands, ths choir
and all others who so kindly assisted in
tanking their late celebration a success.
QoiET Wedding. Last Sunday
evening our esteemed friends Mr. J.
C Wbipn and Mrs. Florence Shipley
were; united ia matrimony byRev.
A. B.v3iktSeb.-0nljrvth 'rela
lives and intldediale friends of the
bride and groe-ra -tfere present We
join their many friends ui the .wish
that their married Jife may ever be
prosperous and happy.
Challenge. I do hereby challenge
Horses Dunlap to ran a foot race 50
yards, for $50 to be run at Jackson
ville on May 23rd, 1885, and the per
son I will run is Joseph Measor.
Now if you thiak you can ran cent
right along s.s I mean -what I say.
Pat up or slut up. If accepted, for
felt to bs put up on the 20tli of May.
Henrt Meksor.
Religious. Regular services at the
Catholic church in this place Sunday,
Rev. M. Straetrn officiating.... Com
munion services will beheld in connec
tion with the morning services at the
Presbyterian church in this plac6 on
Sunday next Preparatory service
will be read to-day at 1 1 A. M, Rey.
A. It. Bickenbach officiating. In the
evening the annual bible anniversary
meeting will bs held, when Rev. P. C.
Helzler, agent of the American Bible
Society, will be present.
The Mackey Case. This now eel
ebrated cube, transferred from Jose
phine county on a change of venue,
lias been on trial here all week. The
'defendants are being tried separately
and tho case of Martin Mackey is the
one now or trial. Forty-one residents
vf Josephine county are here as wit
nesses, the prosecution hating called
thirty and the defense eleven. Only
tweuiy three witnesses bad been ex
amined as we went to' press trod it is
doubtful if the case reaches the jury
tbis'Weefc as the lawyer en 0tu sides
are fighting every inch of the ground.
It will prove aui( expensive case for"
Josephine county. l)istrict Attorney
Kent and C. V Knhler are prosecuting
the cap while H. iL Hannn and P. P
"3?rini appear for the defense. The fol
lowing ix a list of the jurors selected to
try the case: F. M. Jeffries, W. H.
Bostwick, L. A. Williams, J. J. Row
land, A. S. Johnson, A. C. E,.ps, Isaac
Woolf, Russell Alford, T A. Newman,
E. Gird, J. W. Adams, C. IL Bean.
Grand Jury Report. We, the
.Grand Jurors, would most respectfully
submit the following as our final re
Jiort. We have examined into all
crimes that have leen submitted to us
for investigation and have found in
dictments in such cases as the law re
quired. We have examined the
county jail and find the premises se
curely kept but find the ventilation of
the jail bad and liable to cause disease.
Steps should be taken to remedy the
tevil which we believe can be done
without great expense by placing a
pipe through the centre of the roof
and extending it up fifteen or twenty
feet which pipe should be at least ten
inches in diameter; this will create a
draught inward through the grating
of the cells and give the prisoners more
pure air. We have examined the
Court House and grounds and 2nd
them neatly and cleanly kept We
End the acoustics of the Court room
very bad and a great annovance by
reason of the sounds reflected from the
walls blending with the articulate
fe0undsjn.ivsu,ch.a r?r-,ner aiyto make
enrerNLtienuiiiHtrtlTgibte,. The con
Mruatien or tbe Uert Hoase cannot
bow beehaagedyet we.beHTaJwde.
Tret eaa.tt rtWMMlkisl by bWmuT'IB2 ;
ings over :(bse petKHH ef .the ijall,''
paiviVH.niii vow a vn, VUV IvwHIillwal
vrJJch the troublesome sounds are re
flected. This we think"clfii;L'e'doneat
a comparatively trilling expense and
will effectually remedy the evil with
out injuring the appearance of the
room. We have examined the county
record, the Sheriff's Treasurer's and
County Clerk's offices and find so far
as we are able to judge that they are
all properly kept, and in accordance
with law. Wo have etamlried the
county hospital and find eleven in
mates. The jnmates state that they
kar no complaints to wake, that they
are well fed and nave proper medical
attention, and we would judge from
appearances that they are as well kept
as the circumstances will admit, yet
we would suggest that tlu county pur
chase a piece of land and erect suitable
buildings thereon for keeping the
county poor. We would state that
the papers returned to us from Rus
tics Court were not complete in a ma
jority of cases, so returned to us, which
was an inconvenience to the grand
jury. Therefore we would suggest
that the county court withhold pay
ment of Justice fees in such cases un
til such papers are completed as re
quired by statute. Having now per
formed all the duties required of us we
ask to be discharged.
J. H. HcrrER, Foreman.
Local Items-
$20 worth ef goods for $15 at Men
sor's store.
Go to Mensor's store for bargains
before it is too late.
More rain, more wheat and mere
money for everybody.
Crockery and glassware at a bar
gain at Mensor's store.
Bro. McGinnis and ft W. Skeel of
Medferd called this week.
Miss Kattie Hand of Ashland is
visiting friends in this place.
The best standard prints 20 yards
for 1.00 at Mensor's store.
Capt Ankeny of Portland visited
the Sterling mines this week.
County scrip taeen at par al this
office for olJ atcounts or new.
A German picnic under he auspices
of the "Ein'racbt" will be held soon.
The Vigor of Life troupe was here
two nights this reek bat done little
The rush still continues at -Mensor's
store because heissellier iroeeVfor 1-
The matrimonial fsvsr has struck
Jacksonville and several wedding
dresses are under way.
Call on Chas. Kearns at Mrs.
Kreuzer's Bakery when you want a
plate of delicious ice cream.
An A. O. D". W. cuff butten was
found on the streets which the owner
can recover by calling at this office.
Henry D. Kubli, the Applegate
merchant, was in town this week and
took in the Red Men celebration and
Ben Lohr has been removed as
conductor sn the O. & C. R, R., on
the run between Ashland and Rese
burg. Joseph Sage of Albany paid a ilying
visit to Jacksonville Thursday on a
visit to his daughter, Mrs. Wni.
Mrs. N. DeLamatter, Mrs. C. J
Howard and Miss Florence Lind arn
here as witnesses before the Circuit
What is going to he dons in Jack
sonville on the Fourth of July! It is
time to commence making arrange
The Grand Jury adjourned Wednes
day after a nine day's session. Their
final report will be found in another
H. O. Lang and C. P. White of
Portland were here this week arrang
ing for the publication of an immigra
tion pamphlet.
Numerous "eports" were in town
this week taking in the Red Men cele
bration. Suckers were scarce and
they made a short slay.
As the CNeil case has been appealed
to the Supreme court the necktie
party set for'hext Thursday will not
take place a that time.
The proprietor of the TJ. S. Hotel
will accept our thanks for compliments
in the shape of cake and wine after
the Red Men ball. Call again.
Messrs. Holt, Hardin and Wilcox
returned from Liukville the other day
not finding enough encouragement
there for burning a kiln of brick.
Wm. Heely was this week bennd
over in the sum of $200 by Justice"
Foudray to keep the peace. The bonds
wers furnished and defendant dis
Hard times were even noticeable at
the Red Men ball. Either the old
roan was out of funds or our local mer
chants had run out of the kind of
goods required.
Reduced rates on the railroad were
furnished to those who attended the
Red Men celebration here on the 12th
and quite a number availed themselves
of the privilege.
L. G. Ros has resigned his position
as clerk in the Lakeview Land office
and returned home yesterday. Re
ceiver Knox has also forwarded his
resignation sowenttTinformed.
A large crowd attended the ice
cream and strawberry festiyal at the
Presbyterian Church last Saturday
evening and all seemed to enjoy them
selves. The proceeds netted over $10.
Farmers and school directors &o and
seethasa nice bellsjatBilger&JMaegljs
.'OfHTean be erecUd M a smalf expense
and isamost indispencible on any
farm or school house. Call and see
Rev. X R. N. Bell has kindly con
sented to deliver a'temperance lecture
under the auspices of the W. C T. TJ ,
at the Presbvterian church Thursday
May 21st. Every bddy iscordiall in
vited to attend.
Cronemiller & Birdsey have taken
the agency for the Shogreh road carts,
as improvement or. those now in use:
Judge DePeatt bought one this weak
and pronounces it far ahead of any he
has seen before.
We noticed a couple of young bloods
driving a team through the streets
Wednesday evening at a furious rate
of speed. There is an ordinance
against this and our Marshal will keep
his eye on the next one that attempts
Among other attractions daring tie
Band contest on Wednesday lost was
a bycicle race between little Bennie
Fisher and Harry Miller. It was
made a heat race', best two in three,
and the earnestness of the boys and
their determination to win made' it in
teresting for the large, crowd present
Bennie wofi the first heat and in the
second they collided when it was de
cided a draw and the purse' ydmded.
Ihe contest is nsely te be renewed at
swed i
some future time.
The contract for laying the water
pipe from the hotel corner to the
Granger's stable was 1st to Bilger &
Maegly this week for $94.50. This is
something that has been needed for a
long time past and we are glad to see it
go on.
The Henley band expressed them
selves exceedingly well pleased during
tbeir visit this week and say that tbey
promise a return for favors extended.
The bett of feeling prevailed and
everything passed off agreeable to all
The Champions of Honor will give
a dramatic entertainment on May 23d.
The proceeds will be used for temper
ance purposes, and as this order is com
posed of tbe deserving young people of
Jacksonville we hope to see it made a
great success.
The two Hoseburg papers were rep
resented in Jacksonville this week, the
"Review" by Rev. J. R. N. Bell and
the "Plaindealer" by F.' P. Cronemiller.
Both are former residents of our town
and they were warmly welcomed by
thtir many friends.
Last week a eouple of-amarties who
were owing 0.iGaa4arda". Merchant of
BftM'.v"allejfOr.7oeBoloded testseUl
lhirbi!ls7 bTJfBee1dkgiTney how?
ever got no" farther than' Liukville
when they were overtaken by Mr.
Ganiard and forced to settle.'1 "Star."
K. "Kubli started for Salem last
Wednesday night to represent Jack
sonville Lodge No. 10 in the Grand
Lodge of that order to convene at
Salem next week. Besides attending
to lodge duties he will also make pur
chases to suit the trade for the hard
ware line here.
The sermon to ths children by Rev.
A. R. Bickenbach at the Presbyterian
church last Sabbath was very interest
ing. Tbe words of ths text were
"The child Samuel ministered unto
the Lord." We regret that we cannot
give it a more extended notice as it
certainly merits.
The proceedings of the Jackson
County Board of Immigration are un
avoidably crowded out this week hav
ing reached us too late. The next
meeting of the Board will be held at
Med ford next Saturday when proposi
tions for the location of permanent
headquarters will be received and the
question of issuing pamphlets will als
be decided.
We were yesterday shown a nugget
taken out near the old Steamboat mine
by W. E. Finney, weighing something
over three ounces. The owners think
they have struck a bonanza and the
size of the chunks taken out would
tend towards making any one believe
the same way. They will make ex
tensive preparations for work next
Hon. T. F. Beall was in town the
other day and informed us that there
was a "nigger in the woodpile" in con
nection with the passage of his rail
road bill. He further states that he
can prove by a majority of the Sena
ors and Representatives that it
passed both houses, a fact that was
sent to all the daily papers of Port
land, the reporters of each having
gained their information from the
official records. He started below
this week to investigate.
Piof. F. D. McCully, of Dayton,
W. T, is paying Jacksonville a visit
snd is the guest of his aunt Mrs. J.
M. McCully. We see by our ex
changes that the Prof has had chargn
of the public schools of Dayton, W
T , for some time past and has brought
them up to rank with the first in the
Territory. Tb? Prof, is making a
tour through our State during his va
cation and we hops he will enjoy bis
short stay with us and also visit our
public school which we consider sec
ond to none on the coast.
An Ashland correspondent ef th
"Oregonian" writes as follows under
date of the 12' a inst: Two more wed
dings in our best society will oecur
next week Mr. Ed. Myers, son of one
of the wealthiest men in this valley, to
Miss Ida Muller; and Mr. Charles
Hargadine, a native Ashlander; to
Miss Carrie Casey, daughter of our
popular superintendent of the woolen
mills. To-night occurs the marriage
of George B. Landers, one of our well
known fruit and news dealers, to Miss
Ella Roper, the accomplished daughter
of F. Roper, proprietor of the Ash. and
mills, and one of our most influential
citizens. Ths ceremony will occcr in
the Presbyterian church.
rernor - MwxiHWaratjr -
is just as silent as ever regarding tbe
Senatorial question, and answers the
reporter's inqniries -with a -bland
smile, and "I don't know." He can't
tell yet whether he will call a special
session of the Legislature or appoint
a successor to Mr. Slater, or whether
he will do the other thing. The Chief
Executive, however, knows that Ore
gon will have enormous crops this year,
which information was furnished the
reporter gratuitously. It was rumor
ed around town yesterday afternoon
that the Governor was in town to con
fer with the Republican leaders on just
wfcat action te take in the Senatorial
matter but ths report lacked confir
mation. "Portland News.
We notice by i Portland exchange
the marriage last Tuesday evening at
Trinity Episcopal church, by Rev. Dr.
Foot, George M. Love of Jacksonville
and Miss Fanchion Dowell recently of
Portland. This event has been an
ticipated for seme time by their friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Love were both born in
Jacksonville, and their parents, each
began their married lives here, so the
happy young couple are well and fav
orably known to us all. Their mar
ried life bejin snder ths most favor
able auspices, and in common with
their many friends w wish them un
limited happiness aniK prosperity in
their new relation. Key will make
Jacksonville their home we learn and
ars expected heme te-morrow evening.
i euer-
nesday afternoon.?;.
ville Silver CorsH-S
Henley Silver Conwtf
for them. Theju3
Ked .Hen were rrw
Hon. N. LangelljM
lap. The bands rM
t Dun-
tbe Ions
uiazza in front of tbe'l
ffietel; and
the judges were stationed1 In windows
in the Red Men's Hall, across on the
opposite corner. An immense crowd
of enthusiastic spectators filled the
sidewalks and crowded doors, windows
and housetops in the immediate vi
ciuity. The bands played each th'ee
tunes and after quite a long delibera
tion the first prize of $70 was awarded
to the Henley band and the second
$50 to the Jacksonville band. Tbe
judges decision elicited shouts of ap
plause. Ths leader ef the Jackson
ville band proposed three cheers for
the judges and three cheers for the
Henley band which were given with
cordial good will and the courtesies
immediately returned by the leader of
Henley band with equal good .will.
Hon.NIjaa6llsl3HEMjt Dbu-
lap decided, 'in fav
baud,' while 'Pre
musicians pa" the'eoasTniaTatam9d hiir
decision in favorfof in tJaclften villa
band which is highyompHmi&&ry to
ihe" Jacksonville b"and."Th'e TleTnley
band started for home soon after the
contest and ths Jacksonville hand
played a congratulatory farewell as
they departed; Our boys have been
playing a little more than a year,
and for that time of practice, they
would be hard to beat. The result of
the contest gave entire satisfaction to
everybody, and especially to our band,
as the boys were so well pleased with
their brother musicians from across
the line, that they woulJ not have
liked to have taken the first prize if
tbey had beaten them. The Red Men
Dave always offered prizes at their pub
lie celebrations and balls, and pay out
more in that way than the net pro
eeeds of their entertainments. Cer
tainly they deserve great credit for
their public spiritednesa and liberali
ty. Circuit Court Proceedings.
Ths following business has been
transacted in this court since the Isut
report of ths Sentinel:
H. C. Dollarhide vs. O. k C. R. R.
Co.; to recover damages. Jury trial
and verdict in favor of plaintiff for
$1200 general damages.
Haymond k Magruder vs. John
Swinden; to recover monev. Judg
ment by de.fauh for $695.71 interest
and coat.
L. Solomon vs. Gee. W. Holt et al.;
to foreclose mortgage. Decree of fore
closure', gran ted
ment for "murder- inltBelfirst degree
Defendant arraignedfaa "pleads "hot
gouty - ;ap -
H. C. Dollarhide yQIkJ?. BB..
Co. Motion made for a new triaC
State vs. John Myrtlr; indictment
for larceny. Defendant arraigned and
pleads "not guilty."
State vs. Murtin Mackey; indict
ment for murder in the first degree.
On trial.
Amateur Entertainment. Ami
tears belonging to the Champions of
Honor will give an entertainment
hers on Saturday May 23d. when
"Above the Cliuds" will be presented
with the following caste of characters:
Phil Bingold "Crazy Phil" the Hermit of
the Mountains N. F. Steadman
Alfred Thorpe, a city Nabob. A.F. Eddy.
Amos Gaylord, a country Gentleman,....
L. L. Jacobs.
Howard Gaylord, his son.... H. Pane. Jr.
Titus Turtle, a Gourmand, D. Jones
uurtis uupman, "Chips" in the Kough..
Charley Bilcer.
Nat Naylor, Thorpe's protegc..U.Bcgs
urace ringaus, young artist, 31 -. lidily.
Hester Thorne, Gaylord's Housekeeper,..
Emma Pane.
Susy Gaylord, Gaylord's Daughter
Katie M.Miller.
Lucrctia Gerri.h, ''So Romantic"
Ada Plymale.
"The performance will conclude with
a farce entitled "A Race for a Widow "
Popular prices of admission will be
Good News Tie following dis
patch is taken from the "Oregonian"
of the 14th andho completion ofJ.be
O- & Cis nQwa?sured--W ."
NbwIYork, MaHl3.-2TIi tport'
fremXeodon .that :tW-OffesjiL
the Central "J?acitic systJH oosSriJed
here to-"dar. The arraBgenfenttM.vir-
the latter, the stolckoi one being ex
-hanged for outstanding stock of the
other, on terms not yet maae known,
and perhaps not definitely agreed upon.
New bonds of tbe Central 'are to be
issued in lieu of ths present detau'ted
Oregon bonds. This admits the Cen
tral Pacific into Oregon, and besides
patting it on an equal footing with
other lines to Oregon and Puget sound
business, completes a great north and
south line from the British Columbia
frontier to the gulf of Mexico.
Our Josephine Visitors. Among
the witnesses subpoenaed from Jote
phine county to attend tbe Mackey
trial, we notice the following: Joseph
Trimby, Chas. Crowley, Chas, Feld,
Jas. Thompson, John Mack, Dr. Hnl
ton, M. McLaughlin, Chas. Decker,
Peter Hansen, F. G. Burns,, Chas. D.
Sexton, M. Baugbman, Florence Lind,
Jas. Hughes, A. D. Lakf, Henry
Drew, Dave Bricgs, Caroline Howard,
Jas. Turner, Wm. McGirk, E. B.
Brown, Jas. Dovle, R, Crosby, O. H.
Beach, John McOougal, S. W. Forbes.
Chas. Hnghei, F. W. Sawyer Thos.
Gilmore, Jack Henderson, John Sur
ranno, Geo. Wimer, jas. McFall, Jos.
Sowell. Wm. McGirk. M.McLauehlin,
Wm. Chapman, John TtvUr, John
The band contest!
ed bv tbe Red Mobl
k ppBpHumPMt
- -l 3. - . -"-.. . -
son; aivoree.iJ!aavsgragj .
State vs."Ams"BdalMr)Dniel: indict!
Red Men Celebration. The cel
ebrution of the 12b of-May, St Tam
many's Day, by Oregonian-Pocahon-tas
Tribe No. 1, I. O. R. M., was the
most pronounced success of the season.
The fes'ivities were inaugurated by
the arrival of ths Henley Silver Cor
net band at 9 A. M. The Jacksonville
Silver Cornet band and a number of
citizens in carriages and on horseback
met ths Henley band a short distance
from town and escorted them th.ougb
ths principal streets of the town while
the bands played alternatively, calling
out almost our entire population. At
1 P. M., Oregonian-Pocabontas Tribe
No. 1 in full regalia led by the master
of ceremonies T. T. McKenzie, and
preceeded by the two Silver Cornet
bands marched through the principal
streets, and to their handsome '.lew
Wigwam, where a larce assembly was
already in waiting. Ths hall was soon
full to. its utmost capacity and many
were disappointed in not being able to
witness the interesting ceremonies for
want of room. Ihe members of the
Tribe formed a circle in front of the
GreauSachem, and upon an altar ia
the circle was. placed the emblems of
the. ereer with aburkine tapertupoii
aB'8-Ben Biiie is ids center; rreeai-
!-; .!t. .--'it. .,..- n v
hki,-t'J gre;t;tSS-nb-Js4H
most ineuim&tMs gut ot uoa,-w man
and-ths belief of the Tribe ia tie
xamev The canopied seats' of the ti-d
first officers and ths Prophet were
hung wi'h tapestries of red white and
blue, our national colors, and appeal
us they ever do in combination to
American patriotism. On ths stumps
in front of the officer's chairs were
crossed and handsome vases of fragrant
flowersthatexhaludtheirodors over the
symbolical but harmless tomahawk,
a rare intermingling of nature and art,
and the symbols of savagery and ciil
zation. The Great Sachem, D. Crone
miller, called the house to order with
a rap of the tomahawk an I the Mis
hinnswas advanced from the Eist
Wes North and South, and deposited
their war clubs at the corners of the
altar as an evidence of good will. The
master of ceremonies then introduced
the building c-inimittee, under whose
supervision the wigwam had been
erected to the Great Sachem. The
chairman of the committee surrendered
their trust to the Sachem, thanking
the brethren for the confidence repofid
in them and, invoking the blessing of
the Great Spirit on tbe moral edifice
each was erecting in their lives. Th
Great Sachem congratulated tho com
mitteo on the successful completion of
the work intrusted to them, and awar
ded them the praise of duty well done,
and assured them that their fidelity
and skill was duly appreciated by the
brethren. The Great Prophet, J. T.
Roloson, with tomahawk uplifted, and
in the name of the Great Spirit sol
emnly dedicated the Wigwam to chari
ty and benevolence, and advanced and
laid hw tomahawk on the altar. The
'Great Sachem affirmed the dedication
by authority of the Great Council of
,'the United States and the Great Coun
cil of the State of Oregon. The Mis
hinewas then proclaimed the dedication
from the East, West, North and South.
Tub Great Prophet then took a bowl
of pure water and sprinkled the floor
of the ,W'gwam 8ayingi in the name
of that freedom that proclaims liberty
of speech I dedicate this Wigwam, in
the name of friendship pure as this
water; 1 dedicate this Wigwam, to
that charity that sutferith long and is
kind, endureth all thiugs, and with
which we may accomplish the ends of
this institution I dedicate thia Wig
warn.' The Great- Prophet then offer
ed a fervent prayer that the blessing
of the Great Sji'rit m'ght ever rest on
tbe members of ihe Tiibe, and that the
Divine Sanctionmight be vouahafed to
them in the dedication of their Wig
warn and when death should forever call
them from this earthly forest they
might be forever re united around the
Great Council Fire of Eternity. The
choir sang a beautiful quartette and
the ceremonies concluded with the
grand honors of the Tribe. Although
the exercises were new to the greater
part of the large assemblege present,
they were facina'tingly, interesting
throughout The wierd symbolizing
ef the traditions of the prisiitive Red
Man. and the devotion of the toma
hawk and war blub to their appropri
ate work in a patriotic and benevolent
order, betokens the dawd of the day
when the sword is to be beaten into
plow shares and the spears iiTlo-brun
ing books and tbe people .fhall, learn
war "& more-. An order like the InaT
praved Order of Red Men that i-nvck'
TV" 1-Ii- l-1" -.
B3 ;nmH.ginmiHMmn-uMiii
and th'wwi tho.MMf aras of:
Hen arew its awervin me
and u fffavBrtukf in iff -vinftAmnntPtia.a-
JiuaiaauyubyUba-t -oJid-pnmJipIesFbf
freedom, friendship and charity, is a
foundation stbne in society and one of
tbe firm pillars that nionuriients the
most humane and generous promptings
of the human heart, and is eminently
deserving of its increased influence
and prosperity. The ball given by the
Red Men in the evening at Holt's hall
was welt attended and passed of pleas
antly. The handsome toilets of the
ladies elicited especial comment, and
the music furnished by the Jackson
ville string band, assisted by Madame
Gaylord Bell on the harp and Prof.
Schmitton '.he silver cornet could not
have been excelled. The entire occa
sion was marked by the most perfect
oroer and good feeling, making it as
plpat.ant a public gathering as has ever
been bad in Jacksonville.
Fob Sale. The undersigned, hav.
ing moved to Portland, offers all his
household and kitchen furniture for
sale at reasonable Scores. For further
particulars apply to G. A. Hnbbell.
B. F. Dowell.
I'lANO fOR SALE. lv. JLUOll Has 8
first class Hallett & Cnmston piano,
nearly new, that he offers forsaleata
bargain. t The instrument can be seen
a -Mr, KuWi's store' on California;
Letter List.
The following is a list of uncalled
for letters remaining in Jacksonville
Austin Rev J
llaney Jane
Hall Mus Sadie B
Harwick Yeby
Harrison, Thos
Hansen Thos
Hutehins Eugene
Andrew J M
Anderson H L
Beck W J
Brown Mrs A H
Bingaman S B
Baker John
Haver Al O
Bailey Miss Mary Harphey John
Benson Mary F Joy Sterling H
Baker Mrs Nancy Kimble W H
Cbidestes Sam'l Kingcaid Mrs M
Clark James
Clark Capt H 2
Cooper Mrs K
Craddock Mrs R
Crag J A
Craig Chas H
Carter A
Coutney Wm
Davidson John
Donnell Miss S
Dennis W
Grant Deliah
Knapp Mr
Keeton Chas
Lively Wm TJ
Laboordette TJ
Lantz Geo A
Miller John X
McManis James
Morse E E
Murry J
Moran Edward
Paley Samuel
Powell Miss Leona
.Helmes Harry RtiwJeyrByroa
Randall H A Rogers J W
Si vera MriN J-Stifr:Frank",l:
Thompson I
WbilprelXucy Wilkesoa. Chas E
Whitaker .Geo
Max Muller, P. M.
For lame Ba;k, Side or Chest use
Shiloh's Porous Plaster. Price 25
cents. For sals' at ti C. Brooks.
each bottle of Shiloh's catarrh remedy.
Price 50 cets. at Brook's.
SHILOH'S COUGH and Coiisurap
tion Cure is sold by us on a guarantee.
It cures consumption. Brooks can
furnish it.
so quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We
guarantee it. Call at Brooks'.
CATARRH CURED, health and
sweet breath secured by Shiloh's Ca
tarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents at E.
C. BrnoKs's. Nasal Injector free.
WHY WILL YOU cough when
Shiloh's core will give immediate er-
lief. Price 50cts. and S1.00. Brooks
keeps it
and Bronchitis immediately relieved
by Shiloh'k sure. Brooks keeps it.
Anoid-fUtlilontil Idea.
The old-fashioned idea that one
should never enter a sick room with as
emptv stomach is a truo ouc. The
gaUrio juice is not secreted in an
empty stomach; it is only when toed
is taken that the stomach and diges
ticn commences that the gastric juice
is present. All germs are killed by
coming in contact with healthy gastric
juice therefore a full stomach fortifies
one against contracting Contagious dis
eases. De Haven's Dyspepsia Cure is
especially adapted to act upon the di-
gestiveguicesot tbe system and keeps
them in a pure and natural condition.
In this mariner it ensures proper di
gestiori and assimilation of ths foed.
It never fails to effect a curs in tht
most obstinate cases of Dyspepsia;
Indigestion, Flatulency and Sickhead
ache. Sample bottle free at E: C,
Brooks' drug store.
Tbe Famou .Notre Dame:
On the 30th of last January, the
Sisters of the most noted Catholic
ladies seminary ia ths United States,
the famous Notre Dane, at Govans
town, near Baltimore, Md.; made pub
blic a card, certifying to the beneficial
results attending the use of Red Star
Cough Cure in that institution. They
found it efficacious alike for relieving
coughs, oppressions on thn chest and
irritation of the throat. Officials of
the Boards of Health of Brodklyn,
Baltimore and other cities have like
wise publicly proclaimed the virtues of
this new discovery, which is entirely
free from opiates, poisons aud other
When Baby was sick, we gave her
When she was a Child; she crid fer
When sb9 became Miss, sue clung to"
When she had Children, she gave them
Proposals Wanted. Bids will be
received by the Silver Cornet Band of
this place until May 20, 1885, at noon,
far tbVodUsiruettan-of "aibanohwajoo-
j? pwM.arid speciSeattesa of which
jWsiiB, at D. Linn's cWntJiip.4
i?! t jj X-.'
will paynfheTiTglipsl cash jirfce for bear
skins and all other kinds of furs, deer
skins, etc Call around before selling.
Thos. J. Kennet.
Lovk -Poweijv In Portland, at Trinity
church, by Rev. Dr. Foot, May 12, 1895,
George 21. Love and Miss Fanchion
Lund Svanoe In Jacksonville, at the
house of Rey A. B. Bickenbach, May
9, 1885, by the Right Rev. B. IVistar
Morris, Rev. Wm. Lund of Coos Bay
and Miss Millie Christine Svanoe of
Wnirp Shitlet In this city, May 10,
1885, by Rev. A, R. Bickenbach, Jas. C.
Whipp and Mrs. Florence E. Shipley.
Stevens EKOLisn In this city, May 9,
1885, Andrew Stevens and Miss Mary
English of Table Rock precinct.
"V eaveh On Forest creek. May 2: 1885.
to Mr. and 3Irs. O. Weaver, a daughter.
Mills. Near Phoenix, May 12, 1885, to
Mr. and Mrs. J. Yi. Mills, a son.
Ckosbt Near Phoenix, May 18, 1833, to
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Crosby, a son.
Hardin In this .city, May. id, 1885 to'
Mr. and Mrs. D. V. Ilardin, a dau'gh.
Plmct On Williams creek, May 9;
1885, to'Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Pullen, a
Iiaimvflr ft.. L' 4111a n ihhu.1. f.... O
1 1685, loir, and it rs. Suckpole, a so.
Habitual ConXIpKllsK
Is a prolific source of miry and
many ills, giving rise to Headache;
Dullness, Fevers, Nervousness, Rest
lessness, Biliousness, Indigestion, Pois
oning of Blood, etc The bitter;
nauseous Liver medicines, pills, Salt
and draughts formerly used to relieve
the sufferer, only aggravate the disease
and sicken the stomach. All who ra
afflicted in that way, know the impor
tance of the remedy pleasant to tho
palate, harmless in its nature, and truly
beneficial in its action. The trial,
battles of Syrup of Figs given away
free of charge by our enterprising
drugcists Merritt & Robinson of Jack
sonville prove chat it is all that can ba
desired. Large bottles at iifty cents
or one dollar.
WANTEd. A middle aged widower
desires to correspond with a lady about
the name age. Object matrimony.
Address J. R., earn Box 86,
Jacksonville, Oregon.
Pioposals ior Flour.
pfflee of FaroBatag-& DphCossffitaMnr,
trWoaeewer e?.a?May V3u
'QJRAEBD' proposaft,: fa duplicate wb
0""ject to the usual eemHttoas,' -will be
received at this offiee and'at the offices of
the Acting Commissaries of .Subsisteacs
at the following named posts, until 12
o'clock, soon, on Wednesday, June 10th,
18S5, at which time and places th"y will
be opened in the presence of bidders for
the delivery on or before June 80th, 18S3,
of the following amounts of flour: viz:
Boise Bks., I.T.,5,8Supounds;Fort Cocur
d'Jleue, I. T., 23,148 pounds; Fort Klam
ath, Ogn., 15.GS0 pounds Fort Spokane,
W. T.. 89,984 pounds; Vancouver Bks ,
W.T., C9.I88 pounds; Fort Walla Walla,
W.T, 21.706 pounds.
Samples of the flour (not less than ten
pounds) proposed to be furnished, must
be Submitted with tho proposals. Tho
flour to be tested by baking before acctp
tance. Proposals for quantities less than
the who'e required will be received . Tho
Government reserves the right to reject
any or all bids, and to diminish, or with
the consent of tho bidder to whom award
Is miide, to Increase the quantities called
for, as the exigencies of ihe service may
Blank proposals and printed circulars
stating the kind of flour required, and
giving full instructions as to the manner
of bidding, conditions to be observed by
bidders, terms of contract and payment,
will be furnished on application to thU
office, or to the A. O. S. of the post at
which it is proposed to make delivery.
Envelopes containing piopo&als should
be marked : "Proposals fer Flour al ,'
and addressed to the undersigned, or to
the Acting Commissaries of Subsistence
ut the posts to be supplied.
Captain and C. S., TT.S.l.
Jacksonville, Oregon.
JiJHX MILLER, - Proprietor.
cultural implements, tools Of all
kinds and a general assortment of shelf
He also keeps the largest stock ot, and
all the latest improvements in
and a full assortment ov
Fishing Tackle,
Powder, Snot, Etc
Give him a call and examine his nock
before making your purchases:
li tHM Xf .
'rr -, ;.
-MkL . . 1 I Ml H I i I "-.
'2 --' ;-
nr4iAA 4Ms.wun."
The College Journal, containing Informs-'
.ioii of the course of study, rates of tnition,
board, examinations, etc., and cats of plain'
and ornamental penmanship, free. Address,-
Lock Box 104. Pobtland, On.
In vrilmj, please mention this paper:
Take Warning.
All those knowing themselves indebted
to the estate ot Madame Jane Holf, de.
ceas-d, are hereby notified that an im
mediate settlement must be had at once
and thereby save costs.
Jean DeRoboau
Jacksonville, Dec 20, 1834. s
Jacksonville, March 26. 1885 f
Notice is hereby given that there are
funds In the county treasury for the re.
demptlen of county warrant's, protested
np to August 31. 1880 inclusive, interest
on tbe same will cease from thi date.
Newman Fisiikr,
Treasurer of Jackson Co , Or.
Saloon for Sale
The saloon property at ChavaeiV
bridge, consisting of the house liquors
and fixtures, is offered for sale at a bar-'
gain. For particulars call on
Thomas Cxatnek,
Gold up, JaotMsy X, IW.