Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, May 09, 1885, Image 4

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    -t"" vriH'-,1 v--
1 ' 7m''it'
and Lere I will pausi a uiumeu; to r
treepaot tha blsisint; and Wnefiu tlit
thia lodgo ban conferred, not only t
the niewbar of tbs rder and tUeir
families, but to tliii community at
lrg. Think of it, .ret $14,000.00
diinemvtd for tb oart of tbt tick, ibe
ilitf of the diitretaod, to bury tb
dad, and to educate tha or ban. Iu
doinj this, wo iava only baen carrying
ut th principlti of oar beloved or
dr. Ad tan community I claim hai
been TMtly benefitted by this ledge
Wag in tbair nidit. It could not in
the Datura of things bo otherwise.
A yha teachings of oor order i bated
upon the sublime principles of Friend
skip, Lore and Truth; these are the
dementi of onr euccoss, these are tho
prinriplea that have brought to raem
Lerthip in tli'ti lodgo many of the bett
.titUsnn in onr town an J the surround
ing, country. Men ko lore Odd Fel
lowship for its moral teachings, and
-"regarding our lodgo as our family"
aiid whose action:, when founded on
that grand principle, are talcuTatcd -to
-ei&Ve men social and hnmana,
' Since our organization there has
Wen admitted into oar lodgo by in
iation 153; jeiaed by card, 28; admitt
ed by card aa A. O. F., 12; admitted as
aoa affiliated O. F., 1; total, 195.
'Withdrawn 'by card, 40; ceased mem
bersh-ip for N. P. D 38; died, 40; ex
spelled, 5; members now in good stand
inft.72; total, 195. The lodge, after a
period of nearly 25 years, has grown
from its original six cbartir members
ontil to-uight it numbers 72 rnembara
in good standing, all earnest, active,
zealous Odd follow. Oao night in
each week for the put twonty four
years and eight months, tho question
has been atked hero in Jacksonville,
docs any brother know of a sick broth
r, or a brother in diitrenl ens night
in each week, tho regular standing
wiling commUtco have made th6ir
report to the lodge of tho condition of
brothers who had been reported tick
during the week cr previously reported
and placed under care, with their rcon
mendations of what was neceatsry to
make the brothers comfortable. ' Tbtte
reports bava been promptly acted up
,on. If watches were weeded thy
wera provided. If money was needed,
it was granted besides tha regular
standing wilting committr, members
hare made hundreds of fraternal viiite
to sick and disabled brothers, frequent
ly goiag miles into the country to wait
upon tick brother, and cheer them
during their disability. I hare seen
Jacksonville lodge turn out ifty?
store in number in a pouring rain to
follow to tha grate tha mortal remains
of a departed brother, and tenderly
assign hisbedy totha tomb, with tnesol
emn ntei of our crdcr, and en twe of
nat members of this lodge.
After tha loda had been in exit
tenca a little over twelve years, Ruth
jReWkah Degree Lodge No. 4, was
inititute.l at Jacksonville December
30ib, 1872, by William Ray who had
been appointed special deputy Grand
Matter for that purjoir-, assisted by
members of thi lodge, with the fol
lowing named charter, member N.
Fuller, Edwin Buiitb, II. Klippel,
jtaac Stent, 0. AV. Savage, John
Miller, John A. Boyer, Louisa Savage,
Rachel Fisher, Augusta Helms, Jane
Kulli, and Mary Millir. All the
male members Iting members of thia
lodge Ruth Rebekah Degree Ledge
hit been an adjunct to cur order,
keeping foremost in the ranks cf
fraternal beneficial organizations.
On July 23d, 1873, Akhland Lodge
No. 45, wot instituted at Ashland by
EJwin Smith tpeclalh appointed deputy
Gland Matter fv.r that purpose, nttut
ad Vy members -of thia lodge, with
three of three charter members draw n
from this lodge. The numbers of that
lodge actnated by the 'pure principles
of Odd Fellowthip, have been a power
farfSffdin the communityin!rB"it"H
(jtaVitked carrying out the principles
Advocated by the noblest rpirit of
fraternity. This lodge is an offtboot
.of Jacksonville lodge, and hat worthi
ly porveo herself to be an active work
ing theatre of the order.
Kerby villa Lodgo No. 55, at Kerby
.Tille,.Joiephinr county, was instituted
May 8th 187C, by John A. River
specially appointed deputy giaid mawter
fer the rccasirr, assisted by mcmlers cf
thi lud?o, with two of the five charter
members drawn from this lodge. As
toou at the lodge was established it
flourwhed in a manner that give hops
to iU founders that Odd Fallowthip
had been planted an prolific soil, and
iu the yean gone br, namerout acqui
titioat to their members have Lsen
made, ana! tha hopes of its members
at the euUet have been mora than real ,
fatd she also u an outgrowth ef thia
'Table Rock -Encampment No. 10,
yrat instituted -at Ja-ksearille, Octo
ber 16th, 1877, by Silas J. Day pee
ially appointed Deputy Grand Patri
arch for that purpose, assisted by otb
ar Patriarchs with tha following
named charter members Pilau J. Day,
Newman Fuher, II. Y. Hdnw,
Abraham Bub, Kaper KuMi, John
A. Boyrr. Frederick Luy, Juhn Mill
er, Daniel Cronemiller, Tliomax B.
Kent, William Ray, Frances M. Ply
male, Juliun F. Kullogf, W. W. Kent
nor, Ed. J. Farlow, J. D. Fuuutaio,
and A. T. Iltdman; 17 in all.
I desire to say before I tlete, that
notwithstanding tho amount or' , work
that has been done, notwithstanding
tha position ni occupy to night in
comparison with our small beginning.
The work of Jacksonville lodgo will
continue as long as tliero is a want to
relieve, or a tear to dryj-'wn seek to
improve and elevate tho character of
man, to hiibuo him with proper eon
ceptions of his capabilities for good, to
culij.littn his mind, to enlarge tha
sphere of his affections. In a word
onr aim- rs to elevate man eo that he
will he a better husband and father, a
belter citizen of the community iu
which-ha-lives '"This is Odd Fellow
In providing for the ssecesiion to
the Presidential offico in ca-e of tha
death, resignation of disability of the
President, the Constitution and tho
laws have designated three officers
the Viot-President Erst; and if there
shall be no Yice-President, then the
president pro tern, of tha Senate; and
if there shall be no president pro tern.
o; the Senate, then tha speaker of the
Senato, then tha speaker of the Housu
of Representatives. It was long ago
pointed out that this arrangement was
inadequate and illogical, and four
yean ago it was fosnd to bo extremely
perilous, as when President Garfield
died and Vice-President Arthur suc
ceeded it -happened that there was
neither president pro tem. of the Sec
ata nor speaker of 'the House to con
tinua the succession, if death or disa
bility had come on Mr. Arthur. For
nearly three months the country wan
in peril of an interrcgnem. There
was an universal dtinaud then for a
better tuceession law, but Congress,
after pottering over the matter for
three years, has left the matter precise
ly where it wa; tje Scnaia has again
adjourned without electing a president
protein., and there is no speaker of the
IIousc. Thus 1885 repeats the peri)
of 1881 and tho unwisdom of all the
past on this matter. Philadelphia
Bjrnp of ri;i.
Kataro'-BrOwn truo Laxative. Pleas
ant" to the Palate, accentable to the
rz . . .....
iStomaab, harmless in its nature, pain
less in its action. Cures habitual
Constipation, Billioutness, Indigestion,
and kindred ills. Cleanses the system.
purifiet the blood, regulates the liver
and acta on the Bowles. Breaks up
Colds, Chills and Fevers, ote.
Strengthens tho organs on which H
acta. Better than bitter, nauseous
medicines, pills, salts and draughts.
Sample- bottle free, and large bottles for
sale by Merritt Si Itobinson, Jackson
ville. mm
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of
purity, sircnglh and wholesomcnss.
More economical than the ordinary
kinds, and cannot be sold in competition
vrith the multitude of low test, short
weight, alum or phosphate powders.
&M onltt is pin. RovlL BAKIXO PcW-
i)En Co., 100 Wall-st., N.Y.
Ttcntx TrcsJarrr" SceoaJ Sollce.
Jacksouville,April 2nd, 13S5. J
Notice is hcrrby civen that there arc
funds in the county Treasury for the -redemption
of the following county war
rants, protested up to October 9th, 1SS0.
Numliers 1849. lbStl. 1837, 1SS4, 1883,1850,
1858, 1S.13, 1S(W, 1877. 1C01, 180o, 1SC9,
143, 1875, 1891, 1S0O, 1833, 1912, 19U,
1909. 1839. 1002. 1910, 1 124. 602, 15C3 In
terest will cease from this ditc.
Newman Fisnsn,
County Treasurer.
Jersey Bull!
The undersigned lakes this method of
informing the public that he now keeps a
fine bull, of three-quarters Jersey bloo.d,
who has few superiors in Southern Ore
-on, in his pasture near Jacksonville.
Parties desiring to place their cows in
his enclosure will be cuarged $3.50, with
SO cents per week for pasturage.
For further particulars enquire at' my
butchcrshop in Jacksoni ille.
Jacksonville, -4pnl 2, laSS,
W f-
Piles! Piles! Piles!
A sure Cure for Blind, Bleeding, Itching
and Ulcerated Piles baa been discovered
by Dr. Wil-inm, (an Indian Remedy,,
called Dr. "William's Indian Ointment A
single box has cured the worst chronic
cascsof 25or 80 years standing. No one
need suffer five minutes after applying this
wonderful sootliing medicine. Lotions in
struments and electuaries do more harm
than rood. William's. Ointment absorbs
the tumors, allays the intense itching,
particularly at night after getting warm
in bed,) nets as a poultice, gives iustani
relief-, and is prepared only for Pilc3, itch
ing of the private parts, and for nothing
Head what the lion. J. M. ColUnlierrj
of (. lcvcland rys about Dr. William's In
dian lile Uintmcnt: 1 nave useu scores
of Pile Cuics, and it affords me pleasure
to say that 1 nave never lound anything
which cave such immediate and perma
nent relief as Dr. William's Indian Oint-
For sale by al druggists or mailed on
receipt of price, $1.00.
IIEXRY &CO., Proprietors,
Cleveland, O.
IIodoe, Davis & Co., Wholesale Agents,
Portland, Oregon.
and tVALARIA. ., .
From thew ecm-ccs arise three fenrtts OI
tho diseases or tiio human race. Ihcso
evaiptomslniEcate thcirexiotcacc rtoso of
Appctllt, Botvcla costive, SJtU 1Ind
nclie, fullness aftercatisr,averzlmvCo
exertion cf IjoC.y or jnlnd, Eniclitlou
cf food, Irritability of tciuper. JLow
pJt.i. A tcellng of Jiavlas neijlectea
llcnrt, Uot Ijtforo tho yc.blcbly cci
crcd Urine, COXSTIPATIOA, pai dc
condthonso oraremoJyth.it acts ellrectly
on tho Liven, AsaLlvcricedicinoTHTr'a
PlXiIShave no cqnsl. Their action on tho
Kidneys nail Skin Is also ronipt ; romovlns
101 impurities through theso threo " car
cngcrs or t!jo eys tem," prortnslc? appo.
tltc, sonna fllgcstlon, roRalar stools, a clear
El.laandavisoroa3boilv. ICTPS PDCia
causo no nausea or griping nor lhterlera
Vita flally wort ftni .u - irc."cct
hold eTrrywVr 25s. Ctaw.4IMntrr&ta.Y.
T&ffiTS mm b1
GnAT Hint on AVnissEsa changed in.
rUntly tonGLossr Elaac byasingle ap.
rllcatlon of thLs DTE. Sold by DrusgUt3,
c. sent by express on receipt of 3J.
Office. 4 1 Murray Street, New York.
Eo they Toons or Old,
baring Lost tho
cttrHmtcs of
Haj Ilesatn QolcUr
&-&&SSF4ii 33RJTXBC5
mmmSmti Power
Fnf. Jem Cirtok. nT THECSE or
The Civiale Remedies.
-UercorerrrrT'tiwe of IiFIULJTV. bli.i:
IATOi;i;ilO;, IAKUoLLLI: nrd ert-rr
ft m of Mil iiiulloM and wcaina I etlifrduo
to ontbful Fflly, Abns, or ntnn lu'lnrew
Thiitnitui ut or wlnattnl l.T 1'HOF. tHIALE.
adopted in vyltj JIO-1'lTAI-in i KAM'r and
tttiQaallfipdlT rndomed by tho Mrriiriil Irofi5fon
li EASILV A1TMHI, l'Al.NS llH K.
and above J1 LAN 11. NO IN II K KIM 1,1s.
FRFR TO ALT, pponrweii'tof 6nti
will nd frfe to Any earnest Inquirer oar splen
did Ulustrattl C4 p7e inodlcit.1 ork.givirRtTtiip
toiutof llforinn tti Sexual Piseaxe, dcffcrlrfoa
or ttils trvaOnent, prices, tcstiinniala and news
paper ei dorvemetita, Vcu Ac,
Uaare Lv oyrniB fir the new and wrtMn to
cure, Slf Adjanthitf nd GIoto l-UUnff Cradle
CompretMor, lor tha thurougU and radical cuie,
withuut eurfcry, of
Con.ullotlon vllh Hill Medical Stuff, FltEE.
Ci'.ialo Remeital Agency, 1E0 FuitonSL, N. Y.
Woodburn, Orcson.
Alargc'stock of Fruit, Sliade, Ornin:
tal and !Mut trees.
and Sliruliocry
Tor sab cheap.
Insect Pest on Trees.
Bend for cataloguo. Address.
J. II. Settlejiier
Woodburn, Orcjon.
A. CIIALE, 1'ropriotor,
Caufoexia St, - - Jacksonville,
Has just been furnished an elegant new
Billiard and Pool Table,
The finest brands of
r- -. - -
Always on hand.
Settle Up.
All persons knowing themselves in
debted to the undersijrntd, by note or
Twok account, are, rcqm-sted to call and
settle at once, ivr&ons Knowing uicm
se'.vcs indebted to ns will do well to heed
this notice, as we me.ji business and are
dcterminVil.to enforce payment where it
is refused or neglected
-Ilso notes -and book accounts due the
estate of Mlas Draper, deceased, must be
sctUcd at once. JOHN BOLT.
Jpplegate, Feb. 17, 1SS3.
A Clear Skin
is only a part of beauty;
but it is a part Every lady
may have it; at least, what
looks like it Magnolia
Balm both freshens and
. aSitBreeBga1misli
Extrtm Setfesig fw all
woofflspeea ji fc
The Rogue River
Distilling Company
In the building situated on the cmcr of
California and Fifth streeu whtie
can be obtained a
Satisfaction guaranteed.
N. K. LYTLE, Superintendent.
Central Market,
Hanley &. Neitz, Preps.
Tliis market is now fully prepared to
furnish the public with tho choicest qual
ity of
Of all kinds including
(BEEIFp WEAIL AK3 C51(lDinr53
Aso superior
to patrons, and no effort will be spared to-
ward civine General satisfaction.
Hanlet & Neitz
6 5Iilcs South of Jacksonville,
1 and is prepared to furnish the markitj
wiui every description in luiuucroiasnpi
rior quality at the lowest rates. Bills
sawed to order arid satisfaction guaranteed.
All orders addressed to us at Jackson
ville will receive prompt attention.
Adam Sckmitt, Propr,,
Jacksonville, Oregon.
The undersigned is now prepared to
make anything In the line of barrels,
kegs, -ats or tubs, and will also do any
kind or repairing in this line. A good
assortment of suitable timber kept con
stantly on Jiand
finrwltnin VtT9 TTIIldft trt order in finaiU
!t!. T ...; rlncvl nripps. fjim mi.bw. la tnr ooinlltr the nnrcbi n:yiMtie
undersigned by note or book account,
re requested to caU and settle without
delay. O. KAREWSKI
Jacksonville, Sept. 23,1888.
JacksonTille OresonB
Dealers Ira.
Corner Of
W. 3. PLYffiaALSJ, prop'r
Would respectfully inform the public
that he has a fino stock of -
Horses, Buggies and Cailagr
And he is prepared to furnish bis pitron.
and the public generally with
Fine Turnouts
As can bo had on the Pacific coast. Pad
die horses hired to go to any part or
the county
Animals Bought and Sold.
ITorscs broke to work sinde or donbla
ITorscs boarded and the best of care be
stowed upon them while in my chargc
A liberal share of the. public patronage
is solicited on reasonable terms
Tho Thoroughbred Jack,
"Will make the season or 18S5 at the Jo!
lowlngtimea andnlares:
BEE''IIER will commence at William
B3bec'3 farm, one mile north of Jackson
ville, on Wtdnesday, April lot. where he
will rennin five days when he will be
taken to Bybcc's Terry and remain four
days returning to Jacksonville on tho 0th,
this ruio to continue during the season.
The season will end Ju y 1st.
BEECHER is n thoroughbred Mam
moth Jack from Kentucky. "black in col
or. 10 years old, with good lorm and ac-
n, and weighs 1,300 pounds.
By tho season, $12 50; insurance, 16;
sincle lean. 8. Payable at end of season
and when mare is known to be with foal.
Rest of care will be taken but will be re
sponsible Tor no accidents.
Wji. BYBEE, Proprietor.
New Cigar
Dealer in
Cl;ars, Tobacco, ClsarrUes, Notions, Etc.
Also keeps a full line ot musical instru
ments, consisting of
Vnltan. EaDl-, Tamborincs, Acordcons.
Uarmoulcas Lie
Give me a call and I will satisfy you
both in price and Jn the quality of ihe
goods offered for sale C UOsTEL
YEIT SCHUTZ,- - Proprietor.
JLformtbe citizens or JacxsonT.llfl aQ'l
t. wn-l . I.h. Ihittharnii fiml.At
I . i...ln Rrvr-h tatlmrrT
iTftTin Ardf.r. ATI.lt wlllDieiia Tru
Send six cents for postage,
and receive free, a costly box
,of goods which wiil help all,
of either sex. to more money right away
than anything else in thU world. For
tunes await the workers absolutely sure
Atonae addrsusTncE & Co-, Augusta, Me.
:C5 C-LT3J'Z,
is the leg'timit'
result orover tcn
lyyearsot practical
experience by a
thoroughly quali
fied graduate phy
sicianof one of thi
highest medical
colleges ffEurepi
It nitftltivpli' rum-
-tiuai. hottm: Pitth 1 NcnousniU I'hv
sical Debility, Seminal Weakness. Spe"r
matorrhea, Inipntcncy, Prostatorrhoea.
Ilypenu'sUiesia over sensitheuess of tin
parts, iviuney ana l ladder complaints,
'ro purities of the blood and dibassof tlu.
It permarently s!op nil unnatural
weakening drains upon tho system, how
ever they occur, preventing involuntarv
seminal lossrs, delimitating dreams, semi
nal losses with the urine, or while at stool
etc., so destructive to mind and body, and
cuics all the cil effects of jouthlnl lollies
excesses, restoring exhausted vitality
Sexual elccline and loss of manhood, how
ever complicated.
A thorough as well as permanent cure
and complete, restoration to perfect health.
Strength and vigor of minhood is abso
lutely guaranlced by this justly rc'cbrrcd
reliab'e great rcm-dy. Price $2 ."0 per
bottle, orfive bottles lor $10. Sent upon
receipt of price, or i". O D tonny address
secure from observati'ju uidstrn.t'y pri
vate by
Hi., t. II Mlrlllir
SI5 c-rnj- direct t as. I miirijco Cal.
Sufilcicnl to show its merit wi'l be sent
to any one applying by letter, stating his
symptoms and age. Consultation? strict
y confidentially letter, oraloClre, free.
For the convenient or patients and in or
der to secure prefect secrecy, I have adopt
ed a private address underwhich all pack
ages arc forwarded.
The Fine Stallion
Will mike tho season of 18S5, commenc
ing April 1st, as follows: On April 1st
and 2nd he will be in Jacksonville, on the
3rd and 4th he will bo at Eagle Point, re
turning to each point every ninth day dar-
in? the season, and on the other days he
wilLoeumnclat Uranville Bears' larm.
Sclam is by Scampcrdonn, he by Nor
folk, he by Lexington, ho by Bostom, ho
hy Sir Archer, he by -4rabian Boy.
Sclam's dam was a Rifleman.
He is 1CH hands high, weighs 1.S0O
pounds and is 8 years tId.
Terms Single leap $3; by tho season
$10; insurance 15.
1 will not be responsmie lor any acci
dents but will exercise duo caution to pre
vent the same. S. BOOTH.
Wide Awake
A. ftewsv. Progressive, Instruc-ill
'I --.1 l..fl4 V. -.:.imn M..1. M
iliic mm iicuuii .m, ffjjv., ,u.f-n
iiisueii in I uc iieiit ni iuc ureal in
land Lmpirc. Published every writ
tit ?2i0 per year, fcaniplt copit
10 cts. tend lor it.
Address Times Pcnusnisa Co, I j
Utppmr, Oregon 3
TJCaniodto Z3rzoIin33.s
To exchange a house of It rooms and 2
lots 100x100 feet with spring and ristern
water on it, near public school and street
cars, in city of Portland, rents for $33 per
month. Hill exchange fur gook stock
ranscin Southern Oregon.
Address, C. "W. Ladke?s. O. R N Co.
Portland, Oregon.
OoK 1 J O-tJSaBip'es worth $5
free Vcldruss STIS40N & Co.,FvfilaBd,3fe
fF jSy fr f t
W ondorful
German lnvigorator.
The oldest, greatest and
Uttrtmedy lurilie curcrf
Nervous and l'liysical TJebi'.
ity. Vital K.xhnu-,ticn, Simr-
"- lin d. Failing J'.tffiory frd
i;i isscti artt tmniKfl ccrv
litions of the Gcnito-Urinarn
rpins. ltpeedily cures
impotence, E.irly Decay,
Loss of Vigor, Seminal
u eakntss, and all the sad ef-
Q f.cU of youthful follies and
O auuse or txeess or luturlty
CI It pcnnancntlr urevenu
-T- all Unnatural Loss from tho
g system, as thousands can at
test who have used the Ren
j .tly in tho past quarter of a
2 century .rhich it has- beca
before the public.
It is indet'd a Wonderful
Remedy toning the nerves strcntheir
ing the muscles, checking the waste, lu.
vigurating the whole system andrestoring
the afiiicled to health and happiness.
The Dr. will agree to forfeit $l!WJ6 f
a case undertaken, not cured. The reason
so many can not get cured of Weakness
and the above diseases is owing to & com
plication, called Pwstatorrliea, with
llypcr-csthia nhich requires special treat
ment. Dr. Licbig's Invlgorator, No. 2, with.
our peculiar spejcial treatment, is the only
euro for Prostatorrhea. By It Jianhootl
is restored and the hand of tinia moved
back froti age to youth.
Price ot either Invlgorator $2. Gasa -ofeix
bottles, $10. 8cnt to any address
covered securely from observation.
Dr. Liebig fc Co. treat successhilljr by
llomocopatby every form o( Special, Priv.
ate or Chronic disease without mercury
or naseous drugs. If vitality is drained
from the body, numcrons diseases follow
that bafBe ordinary medical ircutraent- It
allowed to continue, the unnatural loss
causes Consumption, Diabttts, Bright,
Disease, Insanity, etc. Cures rtiaranteed
Diseases of tho genito urinary organs,
kidneys, liver and bladder sptcially treat
cd. Diseases of women speedily cured.
Qualified and Responsible. Dr. Liebig
& l o. from Europe, are organized in com.
plianie with California Xkdical Law.
Diploma procured by regular college ed.
ucation and are now in their nineteenth
year of special practice.
Vost powerful electric belts free to pa
Td prove the 'wnnricrlul power of tha
invigorator a 2 bottle given orient free.
I onsultitinn frco and private.
Dr. Lb big's wonderful German invigo
ntnr is protected by ropyw right fn in
P.itenl t'lT.co of United states Govern
ment. Eivtnrc of Imitations. Call or ad
dres I.irnin DisriSARY,
400 Geary Street, San Francisco, Cal .
Private entrance, 40(5 Mason Stivct, fovr
block up Ceary Street from Kca.ii,
Jain Entrauce througa Dispensary Drug
test. Marras-
(pnti.vi.ivr Ana uitAUTJAii,)
c. II Krarsy 5lr:f , Saa rranrtsco, Cnl.
iyJgSIs a never f uln;
wi?ciire for Nervmn I)
gy 0bility,Exli:insic IVi-
luiiiyrcuunui yeas
ness, Spenniitorihcea
Lost Jlunlnxxl. Ihi'
iipotcney, rr(Wltor;"
'SCj,'"JiI'WZ'','',','l Aiin ra
F. VthJl.fe T1 ! 1 ltd ftMrt
XV:SSPA?&$aU the temlilcetliCta
-Srof self abuse, youth.
ful follies and excesses in maturcr years,
such as loss of Memory, Lassitude. Nuc
lurnal Emissions, Aversions to Society, i
Dimuess of Vision, Noises in the Head,
the vital fluid passing unobserved iu tha
urine, aud other diseases that lead to in
sanity and death.
Dr. Minlic. who is a regular physic'niij
graduate of the University of Pennsylva
nia, vill agree to forfeit 50(5 fur a case, f
this kind the YiUl Restorative, (under i a
special advice and treatment) will not
cure-, or for anything impure or injuriou.
found in it. Dr. Miotic treats all Privata
Diseases successfully without Mercury.
Consultation Free. Thorough exnmin -ticn
and advice, including anulysu of
urine, j. Price of Vital Restorative $1.50
a bottle, or four times the quantity ?S,
s:nt to any address upon receipt of prim,
or C. O. D., cure from nbservallon an l
in private namo it desiixd, by Dr A K
Jl.utic, II Kearney street, San Fniucisto,
Send for pimphlct and listof questions.
rmui-le Kctllr rrre
"Will be sent to any one applying byli-t.
ter, stating symptoms, sex anil age Mric i
secrecy in regard to nil business trans
aclii ns.
Dr. .Vintio's Kidney Remedy Xtpb.
reticum, cures all kindi of Kidney ar 1
Illadder ComplaintK, Gonorrhoea, Uleet
Liucnrrliota, cm. For sale by all drug
dists; $1 a bottle, six bottles for o.
Dr. .Vintio's Dandelion Pills are tin
best and cheapest Dyspepsia and liiliovs
cure in the market. For sale ly all drug
gists. DR. SPINNEY
No. 11 Kearny Street,
Treats at Chronic and Rperlal Dlxairn
AVho may be sutfenng trom the effects
of youthful follies or indiscretion will do
well to avail themselves of this, the great
est boon ever laid at tho nltar of suffering
humanity. DU SPINNEY will guaran
tee to forfeit $5li0 for every case of Semin.
al Weakness or private diseas? of any kind
of character which he undertakes and
tails to cure.
There arc many at the age of thirty to
sixty who arc troubled with too frequent
evacuations oi tnc oiaauer, ouen accanis
panied by a slight smarting or burning
sensation and a weakening or me system
in a manner tho patient cannot account
for. On examining the urinary deposlu a
ropy sediment will often be found, and
sometimes small particles of albumen wiU
appear, or the color will be ora thin milk.
it.li huc.asain changing to a dark and tor.
pid appearance, 'ihere are many men
who die-nf this difilcu ty. Ignorant of tbn
caup. which is the ccoud ttage of seminal
weakness. Dr. S. will guarantee a perfect
cure in all such cases, and a hea thy rcs
tontion of the genitn tirinary organs.
Office Hours 10 to 4 and C to 8. Sun
days, from 10 to 11 a. m. Consultation
Inc. Thorough examination and advic,
is. Call or Address
No. 11 Kearney St, 8an Francisco.
June 3,1382. If
Valnsblo Lacd For Sale.
The undersigned ofiers 1,000 acrcn ol
valuab'c Iacd for sale. Land situated on
Antelope creek, eighteen m les from Jack,
sonvillo Will be so'd In a body for 10
per acre or in 1C0 or 3C0 icre lots at fiom
$15 to 20 pc aere. For particulars' ad
dress pr call oa A. L- Johnson, Land
Agnt,or "W'M. BYBEE,
Jacksonville, Oregon.
j -t .af'rtvaa-r
-V.-W r,.CUi. C"