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Saturday. JIarcu 21, 1885.
EoE Sage. The undersigned, desir-
ni to reraovi to Portland soon, offers
nil bit licmsebatd-and kitchen furniture
for rale at reasonable figures. For
further pirticu'ars enquire at my resi
deuce. B. F. Do-well.
Trie O'Keil Case. Attorneys for
the defense made a motion for a new
trial in the case this week and after
the argument Judge WeSter tcok it
under advisement until Monday next
when a decision will be announced.
The first trial cost' the county some
thing over $4,500,
Coscect A concert for the hem fit
of the Jacksonville Silrer Cornel Band
will be given at Holt's Hall on the
night of April 3d when an excellent
programme- will be fumuhed and
everybody is invited to attend. The
proceeds will go towards paying for
the new baud suits just ordered.
Doll, Times Wo never knew that
it was fo dull in Jscksoiivilo till
David Linn told us the other-day that
he lis averaged selling sevpn coffins
beJUtOKlli of February for a
nun her of years past and in that
mo h this vear he only sold two
and one of them was for anon tsi
dent. lie says if this is not on indi
cation of hard times he is no judge.
Installation. Orrgnnian Pocahon
tas 'I nte No. 1, Imp'd. O. R. M , in
tluliod officers I. .st Tuesday evening a
list el thi now Officials V-nig given be
low: Sachem, Adam Schmidt; Proj.li
et, J. T Ituloson; Senior Sugarnore,
J'(i. Birdsrv - Junior Sagamore, D
Crunemiller; lt Sanapp, T. T. Mc
Kenzie; 1st Warrior, U. Laberatt;
1st Brave, J. Bieenue;D. Cronemiller,
J.G. Buusej, A Schtuitt; Trustees.
Ouk School. During the time that
Prof. J W. Meruit had charge of oui
public school as ptincipal it iracln-d a
sUndsid a high as any in the State
Portland not excepted theieby,
drawing patrons from all parts of
the count' aud .onie from other por
lions of ihe'Sta'e Since Mr. Men it'
retired the school has gone into othei
hands, equady as good, and the schoo
will compare favorably with any on
the coast. Jacksonville has always
shown a liberality towards paying good
salaries to Uachers and theieby secures
the best teachers to be had.
Attimfted RountRY. Son-e tramp
presented a pistol at the head of the
(.'uinaman presiding over the culinary
dp irtmeiil of Col. W. S S'jce's farm
.er--J jj'vciix one day this week, de
uiandt, g ui.y valuables there might be
iu le uouse. Tiie Celestial tried to
remonstrate, "when the gun went oil,
powder burning the Mongolian's face
and tlu latter took to his heels.
n&iflua to sav the robber wenCTio
fartlir av n' evertlnns uudisturbod
iu the haui-e us nothing uf any value
was tin mc1. Dcring these pipinp
times of katd times it would be well
fur all to look nut for vims from such
characters, and the only remedy is a
doso ol cold lead.
To All Wnoa It May Concern.
The kubxcriber is informed that good
citizens affirm that his adverse course
prevented the payment of their just
c'aims for volunteer services in war
against the savages. He therefore in
vites ajl rurli persons to give him a
written statement of the amount due.
Or if they prefer give it in some one
of the meetings which posters will ad
vertise to lie held at Tullent, Ashland,
Phoenix and Jacksonville And if
arbitrators mutually chosen decide their
claim is just he will pay it out of the
millirn do'lars (room or le$-) which
distinguished members of Congress
will press on the next session to pay
fur his 25 jears volunteer service in
behalf of natioaal justice for all the.
people ithout regard to rare, creed or
sex. John BccONt
Close Call. One day this week
while pluming near a well in the
brick j ard lot little Willie McDauiel
fell into the hole head firs'. Tom, a
young son of T. T. McKmir, seen him
fa 1 in, and without anv further cere
mouy he jumped in iorescu the boy
and got him head up to the. bank.
Old man Hopwcod who was stopping
at Mr. McKenzie'n, seen the conttuo
tion and on going to the scene tried to
help the boje, but in trving to pull
the youngsters out lie also lost his bil-
ince and fell inUv the water held down.
Young McKenzie then hung the Inn
on a sprout and went to the reue of
the old man, and as he brought both
of thrm to tena Grma in safety he
now claims that he saved two lives.
The boy deserves credit for his pluck,
to say the least.
Religious Items E'der M. Peter
son will hold services at Med ford Fun
day next.... H. 0. Fleming preaches
at the Lone Oak school house on Sun
Jay.... Rev. J. A. Slovur ureaches ot
the Central Point school house Sunda
at the usual hoar. ........ Rev. P. A
Moses will preach at the M. E church
in this place Scnday, both morning
and evening.... Regular Lenten s?r
vices will be held at the Catholie
church, in this placed Rev. F X Ulan
chet officiating..... Rev. E Gittins
will preach at Rock Point Sunday at
11 o'clock A. M and1 at TVoodville in
the afte'noon at three ...Rev. A R.
Bickenbach will hold services at
Phosnix Sunday morning and evening.
There will be no services at the Pres
hvtprinn rhureli in this t.lneA T!v
. ... , ..........
' J. W. Shrete of Applegatn circuit will
preach at the- Drabs sahool house Sat
urdav evening and also on Sunday.
On the fifth Sundav in this mnmh lie
will preaih at the Murphy cietk cu.ol
j Local Items-
Thoz. Clearness- fias located: at
Stockton, Cal.
Goods sold cheaper than the cheap
est at M. Mentor's store.
Tim Dujan is now in charge of
the Sttcvl valley ma3S liar.
Sugars, coffees, teas, syrups, spices
&c, way down at M. Menuor's f
Nearly all thv psrtits indicted for
gambling have paid their Sues.
Judge Hanna has gone to Salem on
business before the Supreme Court.
Lots e- new goods at Mrs. Prim's
millinery store. Have you seen them?
Ben MeHch of Grants Pass precinct
paid Jacksonville a short visit this
Misses buSton shoes-stzes 10 to 13 for
50 cents per pair at 31. Meiisor's
Jerry Nunan has gone to San Fran
cisco to buy u.ore new goods, for thi
People of Jacksonville and vicinity
if you want bargains call at M. Men
tor store.
Five hundred dozen chickens and
1,000 dozen eggs -wanted at M. Met
sor's store.
Merritt is doing a good business at
Ins new stand, probably caused by his
low prices.
Col. Geo. B. Curry has rented B. F.
Do a ell's residence: and vvillsoou.loi.-ate.
heio to practice law.
Wm. DenefF will have charge of
Frank Bills' saloon at Eagle Point dur
ing the lutter's absence.
John Orth has furnished fine beef
this week having bought some stall fed
cattle from Wm. Bbee.
The John Tapper farm in- Willow
Springs was bought this week lv J
P. Eagtdale for 10,000.
Our merchants had the main stree's
cleaned this week and they now pre
jtnt an irupro eJ appearance.
Bacon is murh cheaper than .usual
thisytar being quoted at 10 cents per
pound when taken Log. round.
R N. Baker his removed hia-tailor
shop to the stand formerly occupied" W)
Mrs. Pi i in as a millinery store.
Several parties are negotiating for
the purchase of George St-humpf's
quartz niiue near Willo-w Springs.
A fifteen ball pool tablj-will seen be
placed in A. Chafe's saloon and will
no deuht prove quite an attraction.
Joseph Rapp remembered us again
litis week with a baket of fine eatiu
apples for which we return thanks.
County Treasurer Fisher this week
settled our Slate taxes in full this
week paying over something like SI 1,
The wife ef'Georgfi W. Crystal pre
sented him with n bouncit'g faby boy
not long Miitc the first borq in Mid
Nearlyall the salocn keepers in out
S de precincts of this count) hav e taken
out a license for a vear thereby saving
Lonada'e muslin 10 cents, Rock
land muslin 8 cent, and cotton diei-s
goods 5 cents per ) ard at M. Mentor's
R. II. Moore and John Bilger are
in chirtfl of Bilger & Maegly's hard
ware store during Mr. Maegly's ab
E. C. Brooks is again in hargof
his iliugaKiid jevvelrr store leaving Mr.
Bolton in charge of the branch store at
Good responsible parties wunm-g to
buy goods on .time or for cash at the
lowest bottom rates can do so at M.
Meiisor's store. t
The obituary notice of John P.
Cronemiller on to-da)s outside was a
brother of ourfeliow townsman
David Cronemiller.
Horsemen, should remember the
Sestinkl idfice when in need of pos
ters. Good work and low prices can
be had on application.
Medford residents will indulge in
four day's racing commenping April
3rd. Liberal pur.tes are oflVred und a
lively tuna is promised.
Saml. RT.iv lor has been reappoint
ed Street Commissioner by the new
board of Trustees and is doing some
good work on our streets.
The mining season has about closed.
There is very little snow in the inouu
tains and even th Sterling mine- is
non running on short time.
Tun Tucker Soda Springs will be"
more popular than ever this year, par
ties alieady coming from a long dis
tauee to spend a season there.
J. C. Cattwrigbt, Collector of In
ternil ltoenue for this State, was in
town yesterday on official business
with the dittiilery at thi." place.
The Eastern papers give us evidence
that the bottom of hard times has been
reached, and '.lint the progress towards
better times will be slow but sure.
The mill property at Pnoenix has
been tiansferred by P. W. Olwell to
his wife. The former expects to go to
Southern California for his health.
L will sell a fine buggy and sat of
harness, both nearly new, -very cheap
Applv before it in too laie or
P. MgMahok, Jacksonville.
A young lady of Medford-, for a long
tide a resident of Jacksonville,, will
soon go over to he majority so mother
rumor sayR. We extend good wishes.
"I would like to treat " began a
conjressman, one day last week, and
then ull ih other con;re-snien crabb
j wl their hats and atj mrned i'jo meet
j uig by rising vote.
A pleasant social party was indulg
ed in by our young folks last Saturday
at Holt's hall as a compliment lo Wm.
2M. Moore, Tieasurer of Douglas
The Ashland council has passed or
dinances prohibiting gambling and tl.e
keeping of bawdy houses iu that (dace
and has last sou. of her population
Ex Senator Nesmith has so far re
covered from Ins recent sickness as to
enable his friend to again take hi in,
home, where he-can be cared fir by his
A. H. Maegly and bride started for
San Francisco lat Wednesday to be
gone a couple of months. Tneir many
friends wish them a pleasai-t trip aud
safe returni
The town cemetery is being im
proved by Sexton Duu'ap and the rlii
ft runt ordeis that have grounds there
are doing the same under Mr. Dun
lap's supervisions
It is generally expected that the
Oregon Southern Improvement Com
pany will run a ra:lr0ad to the Coijuille
river, this season, to secure- timber for
their mill alEuipire.
The next term of Circuit Court for
Jitckson county convenes on the first
Monday iu May. Equity cases still
command the attention of the Court
and attorneys at this terc
Prof. Geo. II. Walt has purchased
Judge E. B. Watsrn's- residence on
Piety row for $1,500 and will' move
there shortly. Property seenm to be
increasing iu price in Jacksonville.
The U. S. Senate passed a resolution
by a large niujority that ihn governors
of Illinois(if that legislature aojourns
without an election) and Oiegon have
the right to appoint U. S. Senators.
A new butcher shop will 'in opened
at the old red front next Monday by
W. E. Ilanley and J. G. Neilz Oppo
sition is the life of trade and soiiid
time causes a lowering in the price of
Woikon the Eiiterprisn shaft con
tiiiue.s riJit aling and Mr. Knapp,
the contractor, shows by his work tfiwl
he knows what he is doing,. The con
ti net calls for digging n shaft forty
"Volerit of Medford will elect town
officers' on Wednesday next. We
leurn that there nie numerous cimli
dates for the different positions the
big contest coming in for the otlice ol
City Maishal.
May 12ih -will be cele'TatoJ a us
ual by the Red Men of this placo this
jear. They propose having exercise
in the dav time and a ball at night and
expect a good attendance from lodges
in other places.
A genuine Singer sewing machine,
new and in good order, can be had at u
bargain by calling at this office. If
vnu want to make your wife a present
)ou could not find anything that would
suit her better.
Finding the industry- profitable W.
II. Bostwic of Applegate is tttt! send
ing apules to California havingVhipped
two hundrel boxes this vvrtk. He
says that he realizes a fair pric sulE
cient to make it pa.v.
The new straight road between here
and Medford is bung put in order by
D 11. Miller, supervisor of that dis
tricL It promises to tako a large sum
of money to makrf it a passable through
fare during the winter months.
A squaw known as Sarah found
lodgings two nights this vvtek in Mar
shal Curtis' cooler, ft lends coming to
her rescue next day and paying bur
fine. Getting drutrl: and smashing
windows was the causa of her arrest.
Oregon gains more laure's. This
time in the dried prune classes, having
gained first premiums at the New
Orleans World's Fair for Italian, Gi-r
man, ciench and silver varieties. No
awards have vet been made on cereal:-.
A Tea Meeting for the benefit of
Mrs E. Gittins wife of the Pastor of
i lie M. K. Church at this place,, will be
held oo"h when an excellent pro
gramme will be presented. The order
of exercises will be announced. ne"xt
Karewski now has both oFhis teams
emploj ed in hauling gravel on the road
leading to the mill and its surroundings.
He will soon quit merchandising and
devote all his lime to the i.ii 1 and if
he don't make a success of it no one
else need try.
A rrport was in circulation this
week that 0Neil had made his escape
from the count) jsil and was i emptor
ed near the residence of Tlio-. G.
Hi auies, but the officials around the
j'lil deny ihe fact and it was piohabfy
ktarUd.tor a canard.
The members of the Jacksonville
Silver Cornet Band all had their meas
ures taken this week and will soon ap
pear in a fine uniform. All hands
take a lively interest and the leader is
to be congratulated with his ttiGcesj in
establishing the class.
Mrs. Schumpf,. mother of George,.
Sebastian, and John Sehumpccv tliis
place, celebrated her Soth Uirthdav
last Thursday night. Thn laml gav-p
her a serenade and many friends Were
present to wish her many more years
of health aud happinesy.
The RigM Reverend Bishop Gil
mour, Cleveland, Ohio, is one- of the,
many eminent church dignitaries who
have publicly added their emphatic
endorsement to the wonderful efficacy
of St Jacobs Oil in'cs.es of rheuma
tismiind otbrr painful ailments.
Report says that Sol Abrahams will
build the proposed warliouse at Cen
tral Point and will also have a store
with a large stock of goods at the
saraepoint, Sol never does things by
halves and if he ones starts in he mar
build us a railroad betore h quits.
The last l2islaiur hmhIu the cr
ryirg of concealed wefr pistols,
dirks, slungshots,, uietnl knuekles, or
auvthins with whi-jb erearoeillly Sarin
might be done. exceptins sri ordinary (
pocket knife, a crime. Boys, sell your
revolver?, cr wear them iu vlghk like
cow bovs. -
Miss Maggie Caters and Miss S C,
Johnson are now prepared to do any
work in the dressmaking cr millinery
line and ask all those havufg w-rk in
that line lo g've "them a ,calL Look
out for their advertffemenl uext wsek
and don't fail to call anl ask tLeir
A i-atoon fcerper at Eurfka, suffer
ing from dull business,. "t out the
sign: "Positively no admittance to
Uy." The result was Ciat nearly
every man in town lookeij. in to dis
cover the reason. Finding r.very thing
" uua', they passed the natter over
by patronizing the bar. J
The fire department wakoutin go"od
force one night this w eelciprepared c
give Indian Sirah a geoil ucking but
.she had evidently heard of the nlans
and made herself scarce An",that ocoa-
ilf scarce in",tha
since left town ;
. L.I... J !
She has
that whs tho object worked- fur- all
hands 0U,lit to be happvL
Wm. Jacoby of thisjilaip hashought
out Poque's general merchants') store
at Gold Ht'l n,dri's-"fdovn last
Wednesday to fake cliHrj?!! BiTTyis
mi industrious and d
man nrd we hope to se? him do well.'
Ikn Mullflr succeeds lliui as Deput
Postmaster at this placo. - ,
Dr. Will Jackson can again be
founil at his office. Wo-learn that he
has n proposition from Dr. Towiisend
of Ahlld for his c Hue. here and if
the nrrancenientsnre nuiife. tho former
will retire from practice here. -We
hope that such will not be the case as
we would doubtless lose aim as, a citi
zfn also if ha-sells out.
Jay Beach and his celobra'ed trrtt
ing stallion, Altamont, oTe-gettrtig-con
siderable notnristy in California".spurt
ing citcles, tho burse havi.ig won sev.
eral trotting races against noted fivers
The best limn vet made is 2:28 but
lie can boat that and Mr. B-ach i only
holding him baok for u limo- when
moie money shows np
Tho eclipse last Monday morning
was all the attraction nnd everybody
hail smoked glass when, it was not re
quired ns it could better be "iewed
with ihe naked tip., Ii lasted from 8
till 10 o'clock inihe morming, sot
cold, nearly dark, and the oldest in
habitants were divided on whether a
heavy raiuortnow storm would follow.
We acknowledge a pleasant call this
week fiom Frank E. Hodkin, Assist
ant Secretary of Stale. He was ac
cotupanied by his familywho vvill're
main here for a time for their health
hiving taken menus at I. W. B-rrv's
Mr. Hodgkln exp esses himself wrll
pleased with our climate and people and
he may some-day take a notion of lo
cating here " '
By the school la-v- passed bv Hi
last legis'ature each district gets ?5f
after which the remainder of the
school funds are divided pro rata as
has been the custom heretofore. This
woiks all tight for the smaller districts
bit the larger ones will buffer in pro
portion and will no doubt h.wo to in
crease their special taxes in conse
quence. Petitions for the appointment of a
new Postmaster in Jacksonville were
in circulation ibis week with Mortis
Meusor nnd J. R. Little as tho appli
csn.s. If Cleveland sticks to his leu
Rute of office rule it will be somcihir."
over tree vears before n change is made
in this office and us Mr. Mulier is ac
ceptablo to both parties wedo notluok
for a chango before ihat lime.
Sol Abraham and Dm Lev ens,
prominent residents of D mglas county,
were here this week looking after then
mining interests on Applegate-.. Thev
hud their ground leased to Chinamen
for some time past but on their recent
visit they rented i to J. N. Oasteel,
Chas. .Nail and others notwithstanding
the Uhinamen there eniployed Olfered
tlema goodiiguie if they would sell
the property.
The swing team on stage line be
tween Yieka and Laird's, going north,
was taken of! last work, and thfciP is
but one diive between here and Ash
laud, same as in summer. The roads
are now as good as during siunmer
tune, and as soon as the. weather be
conies settled, wilhuut danger of fur
ther storms, the stages will probably
run through without stopping over
iiiglu itrYieka as at present,. in going
to Delia. 'Journal".
Tho Jacksonville distillery has heeu
running every day for some .jime past
and will continue until about the first
of Slav when they expect to have
about 500 barrels of liquor on hand
Five utn. are constantly employed and
Mr. Lvtle informs us that he now re
ceives otders from all ortinns cf this
State and California. Some fine liquor
can be had at that plaee- and it is as
pure as can be rusde..
Full arrangements have now been
ma-ie. iu the the tSir-o brunches of O Id
Fellows of this ilacenri1 ihn GGUianm
versary of U Id Fellowship in this
country will lie celebrated i finestvlH
by tlit uieiubais uml their families on
Monday, April 2Zlb The exerci-es
will consist of a sociable. iii the O Id
Fel oV nail tu close -with-a supper iu
he lower -B'ory Jfl!ieir building under
the ma&ageiJkt of the diughter of
Rebekali- ofk order. An address
by one of ihefctbers, giving a review
of the work-offcordtT fn Jackson
ville, will be ooWie features of the
ocisvsion, Jind wil
gree to publish
it after itsdulivil
jw the amount
of good that or
.doue to its
members in thil
AU O-ld
Fellows and- their
tv funted.
Suil for dmu&gsa ba been ddiineiic
ted &gul P. W.Owell of Phoenix. for
the ML-ciJanal killing of L. A. Colver
some Hme since. JSnoue Uouhls ut
thax it was an accident ani how a
money cjHsideration could now quiet
the Ue'.ings of either the widow or -Mr.
Orwell if. more tlian we can compre
hend. We doubt not that Mr. Oi well
would gladly giv all his earthly poss
essions if Loui Colver could be letum
ed but money utr this time would not
la-sen the sorro-r of the widow nor
vase the. heartaches of Mr. Olwell.
A meeting of the board of regents
of the state university was he d at
Eugene on. Friday, six of th- members
being present. The directors, after an
examination of the grounds, concluded
to locate the new building, for which
appropriation was made by the late
legislature, 100 feet north of the pre
sent building and at right angles with
i. It will cmsist of a basement and
two stories, the first to be divided into
.class rooms and tin second for1 an as
setnbly room. The directors ordered
he executive committee to procure es
timates of the cost of the brick and lum
tier necessary for the building. The
board adjourned till the evening of
Apiil 8, to meet at that time in Judge
Dtady's chambers. The. appropriation
is 830,000 but the plans are to be pre
pari d on an estimate cast of $25,000 so
as to allow for contingencies. I( is ex-
&pI that the walls of tho nuihling
will be up aud the roof put on this year,
and the structure be Guuhtd ear'y next
v oar.
A dispatch from Stockton, Cal., of
March 14th, gives the followirig ac
count of the killing of Loni, the "king
the air," who ua.ked a tight rope
between the SestINEL olfice and the
fj. S. Hotel in Jacksonville several
years miicp - ""The wire had been
stretched across the street from the
tops of opposite two story buildings.
Leoni sppeaied at the top of the build
mg on tho test side, diessed in bright
blue, tights, trimmed with gold fringe
Aftr ban in t to the crowd "hn grasped
his balanc:ng pole, cau iously stepped
on to the cable and advanced slowly
across. Wh'n u little mere than half
way across he kneeled on one knee nnd
one foot, and, laying his balancing pole
across his knee, placed hiselbow on his
kueo and rested his head on his hand
At that instant one of ihe tackle rcpes
p tried and let the cable down. I.eon:
grabbed 'o patch it where his knee
rested, but missud it, nnd, falling to the
ground with n crush, struck on the
hack of. his head and neck, breaking
his left clavicle in two places aim
fracturing his skull. The hlood gush
ed from his nosriN, mouth and ears
A ph)sician was immediately sum
j, moiied but Leoni died about an hour
later, while being taken o the Counti
Hospital. He was 34 vears of age and
hul been in the show business about
twenty years."
tlabllnal Constipation
Is a prolihc source ot misery and
many ill, giving rise to Headache,
Dullness, Fever-i, Nervousness, R,-st
lessness, Biliousness, Indigestion, Pois
oning of B'ood, etc. The bitter,
nauseous Liver tnedieises, pills, salts
nnd draughts formerly used to relievi
the sufferer, only ngravate the disease
and sicken the stomach. All who are
afflicted in that way, know the inipor
tance of the remedy pleasant to the
j-p'il.ite, harmless in its nature,and trulv
beneficial in its action. The trtai
bottles of Syrup of Figs given avr.iv
free of charge by our enterprising
drugcists Merritt it Rubinsoaof Jack
sonville prove that it is all that can be f
desired. Large bottles at fifty cents
for one dollar.
NoBBr Clotuisq Stork. Ashland
Oregon is the place for every man and
liov, old or vouiiff, to buy their Fall
and Winter clothing nnd furnishing
gooilsdieciuse vou can buy better goods
for) our money nnd you will live Ion;-
-and prosper, but if you g anil piy tin
ohi lashioned pricee fur goods and ,
then get J.hoddy clothing )ou nrelianle
to swear because vou are cheated,
I'JVtch coin because the goods are
"ihodily and will not keep you wirm,
und then die, and then what vvill be
come of vcu Go to the Nobby Cloth
ing Store by all means, take no such
chances' Tailor shop- fn connection
3d you can get anythiug vou vant in
the clothing'linc.
fo lowing business has transpired in
this cou't since the last report of the
Scs'TISEL. . . . State vs. A. H .Simp
son; to keep thu peace. . Bvfendan'
bjundover in $250 bonds to keep the
peace for one year- O. Severnoti
vs. Lincoln Griffith, et ol ; to foieclose
mortg.ige. Sale confirmed. ...State
vs. Lewis O'Neil; motion for n new
tiiat. Taken under aiHi.-emei.t by
therooTt, Minnie Helms v. Al
bert Helms; divorce. Taken binder
advisement until Monda), March 23d.
......Court then adjpurxu-d until March
A Card. W late pleasure in an
nouncing that Prof. E. T. Kugler has
lesovled to runmin in-Southern Oiegou.
He is well pleased with this country,
which lie declnres, for health,
ceuery and poluclive soil, rim
L.vr to his native Rhine countrvl
rfuake frivnd', who became quite
c'iroaic diiteaseil by continued uinldling
with .Mr. E T KugUr's personal jin-v-aie
business in setting anv kind of
story lo ihe coirrary in circu'ation,
would do well, to tako tha Professors
advise, to mind their own liusines",
by keeping their unclean snoutV, oir,
from his nffair!' Mr. Kugler means
what h savs.
JIatrijjoxial V. II. Peninser
and Mim Vena Ht were married, at
tbeTidence of John Watson en Wed
neiday last only a few oE tlm
frh-uds of thtf contrac'inir par
iis bema pr?s"nt. Roth are
well known her and with' thi-ir msnv
friends we join in wi.-hins thnin a
pfacefiil, prosperous and happy jour-
' ney through life..
Jacksonville Public School.
Tlie followins.is tho report for the
month ending March 10 lSSi.
i La
A. -A g Z
Gnunmar. . ...
Primary.. ....
Ko :m Ot a
41 CO 0 2
50 50 0 1
Co W 2 4
ToUil 197HS7J- afiai 83
A I. Fletcher Linn, 00; Wm. Linn,
9G; Hattie Rcamcs, 91; Omar Cantrall,
80; Elinor Ilanley S3. A 2. T T.
Turner, 0o; Oscar Iuncaid, 03; Miles
CJUtralI,02; Byron Presley, 91.
II 1. Clara Cameron, 88: Fred Klip-
pei, oo; L.eua varaeron, BU; UU3 rvewDilry,
t0; I. Mulier, 63.
(71. James Slover. 04: Mattie riem-
mens, 87; Lottie Heed. 85; Kaspcr Kublii
wt. a ujii.-, cu; xuwid ivnow es, ov
C 2. -Susie Turner, 91; Tillie Helms,
03; Phebe Ktllcy, 02 Jennie Jackson, 92.
A. Lora Smith, 01 ; AmelU Mulier, 9t;
Willie Miller, Oaj.Vmrnst w'eyderman, 87;
Herman Utlser. 83iWilliam Lvtle. 81.
Eugene .-lrmstrongvSl; A. C. Reami-s, 80.
i. .cuius nymaie, oi ; wa'tcr flyman.1,
SS; Cora Brown. S3: Birdie Donetran. 80:
Mamie (TroDcnuller, fcO; Amelia Ucuz,8'.
'. John Mil er, 87; Magcio Slnnlcy,
wi ' iimtscu, vwj uu iu icijsor oo;
KitieReed. 85: Evart Smith. 83: Tims.
iMcKenzie. SO; East e Fsber.fO; Minnie
lsyDe, 8U; barrio G'ronor.iiller, 80; John
Bellinger, 0. Omitted from lust months
roll by mistake. Wil ie Miller, 00.
A. James Watson, George Bicvcnuc,
May niiiE.r.
B. Mary Day, Lydla Cltnimens, Maggie
Moody, Gus Pape.
C. --trnie Elton. Walter Williams,
Eusene Tin mnson Marvel Tavlor. Eddin
Kun.m, Mmnic Eaton, Jennie Ileames,
rranK ueiunger, iena ltice, lUa (Jlem
raensVau'l Kress, Birdie Scbmittv
rmiiAUY l)ErAr.TMET.
A. Helen Rice. Einmi Helms, tlarry
Miller, f5cnnic Taylor, Daisy lliljur,
Willie Reynolds. James Wilson John
Reutcr, iliicBruwn, Dora Knovri&s, Rosa
B Ualtcr Voody, S irali Harden, Jlin,
nie Gianiui. IVnnie Fisher. Wi lie Har
den, Emm i Ulrieh, Frank Olenchain,
.josepu unmt-s, ry Water, Martin,
joucignot, llattic Kent.
O. Edward Day, R.iy Ab ight, Ida
iicoaiL-r, j..inra unm-s, ixniic uruwn.
GEO. U. WAIT, Principal.
1I. i'ltlCST, 1
Alice Dorii is, t
'ss't. teachers.
pepsia and Liver Complaint Shiloh'a
V Utilizer is guaranteed to euro you.
For sale at E. C. Ivrooks.
erable by that terrible cough. Sliiloli'fc
Cure is the r- tuedy for ) ou. Brooks
keeps it.
For lame Bi;k, Side or Chest .use
Shiloh'a Porous Plaster. Price 25
cents. For sale at E. C. Brooks.
each bottlo of Shiloh'a catarrh remedy
Price 50 cets. at Brook's.
SHI LOU'S COUGH and Consump
tion Cure is sold by us on a guarantee.
It cures consumption. Brooks can
furnish it.
so quickly cured by Shiloh'a Cure. We
guarantee it. Call at B ooks'.
CATARRH CURED, health and
s-veet breath acscured by Shiloh's C.i
tnrrh Remedy. Price 50 cents at E
C. BrnOKs's. Nasal Injector free.
and Bronchitis immediately relieved
by Shiloh's cure. Brooks keeps it.
WHY WILL YOU cough when
Shiloh's cure will j.rvp immediate re
lief. Piice SOcts. andlOO. Brooks
keeps it.
Cartur HuMPuncY At the resi
dence of the officiating minister,
March 15tb, 1883, by Rev. M. A.
Williams-, E. A. Carter and Miss
Mabel Humphrey.
Mack Walter At Bonanza, March
1st, 1885, "at (he residence of th
btide's falher,'Harvy Mack to Miss
.Bella .Waiter, both of Klamath
Faith At Alkali, Klamath countv,
March 1st, 1885, to Mi and Airs.
Chas Faith, a daughter.
Wncnnn In Tablo Rock precinet,
March 12th, 1S85, to Mr. and Mrs.
N Webber, a daughter.
March 17. 1885. f
Notice is hereby criven that the following-named
settler lias- filed notice of his
intention to make flua proof in support
of his c'aim, and that said proof will be
made before the Clerk of Josenhine
county at Kcibyville, Oregon, on Saturday
May I'd, 1885, viz; Preston AVorn.vck, pre
emption v. a. mo 4'8li lor the !ot IS1-&
10 and Lois 3 and 4 sec 20 T, 3(5 S Jtfi
West, He names tbcfollovvin-vvitDe5-cs
to prove bis continuous residence upon,
and cultivation of, said land, viz: J. II.
Harris, J. M , Johnston, Anderson Vanoy,
and F G. Burns, aW if Josephine county
Oregon. Wit. F. Uekjvjhs,
U. S. Land Offick Rosfbcrg, Ort.J
March 20. 1884. f
Notice 13 heeby given that the follow-inj-numed
settler has filed notice ofhis
intention to make final proof in support
of his oh.im, and that said proorvvill be
made before the Judircor f.Tcrk of Jack
son county, tit Jacksonville Oregon, on
Sfono'ajv May 4, IbSo, viz: narvey Rich
ardson, homestead No. 3272 fur the S14
ofNEJIandE iotS EJL(Scc 4T St
S It 1 West- He names the following
witnesses to prove bis contiemm rtsi
dpnee upon, and cultivation of, s-iid land,
vizs John M. Black, Bank Hodge, O.J
timrdandll Hiil,all ol ttnar Jackson
county, Oregon
. Wit- F. Besjamtk, Register.
Odd Fellow's BuiUtag MeiserTillc, Ortgt
'. iJ .V.
" . "
Fuse and Caps,
Faints Oils, Varnish; Glass
Shot, Srash3, Ghaias. 2&&o
I have secured the services of a flrst
class mechanic, and am prepared to do
all repairing prompllv and in superior
In connection with the above I ara re
ceiving and have constantly on. hand, a
full and first class stock, of
Everything sold at reasonable rates. .
Jacksonville, March 0, 1878.
Jacksonville, Oregon.
JOHX 31ILLE?., - Proprietor.
ctiltural implements, tools of alt
kiDds and a general assortment of skela
He also keeps the largest slock of, and:
ali tUs Potest improvements in
Ffsbinc Sacklt
SPcwder, Shot, Sttr
Give him a call and examine his stock:
before making joui purchases.
Of cither sex admitted to tho
On any Treck-day of the ycar. ' .
Tha College Journal, containing fnfbrma-'
ion of tho course of study, ratesbfluition,
board, examinations, etc., and catsof 'ploia
and ornamental penmanship, free Address,'
A. V. AltJISTEONG. ""s(&.
LockvJ?ox 101. PoEnairo.jOg
Sr In wrilinrf, please mention this paptrXtiZ,
For Sale.
Owing tollfliealtli I ofE-r forsile (he
property in ."Ishland known as ".Marsh's
Phning Mill," also the Kean Creek Saw
Mill property. I wil Sell the' whole, pr
one half of either or both properties, at a
bargain lo tho right kind of a business
man. This is .1 rare- c'i ince for an active
man to secure the best husiness in South
ern Oregon. For partliulas apply to the
undersigned at Ashland, Oregon.
L. S.P.JIarsh.
Take Warning;
AH those know in? themselves indebted'
to- the estate ot Madame Jane Holt, de
ceased, are hereby, notified that an im-
mediate settlement mu-1 be had at onco
and thereby save costs.
Jeajt DeRoboah
Jacksonville, Dec. 2V1881.
Saloon for Sale.
Tha caloon ,iroTerty at Chavncr'a
briilse. onsistinz of iti homs liquors
an.l fixtures, la ouered for sale at &bif
gain. For particulars call on
Thomas Chats-sb,
Gotd Hill, January 23, 185.