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Saturday. July 14, 1883.
'Lecture. L'eut. J. S. Parke, U
. S. A., will deliver a lecture on the
Modoc war at Holi's Hall en Wedues--ioy
evening, July 18th.
Skllino Out. Those desiring any
thing in the line of merchandise will do
well by calling on Barrucli Fisher be
Jfore going elsewhere as he is closing
out his stock at cost. A trial will
-convinco you all.
Notick. A large assortment of the
-celebrated New Home sewing ma
chined, the best ana cheapest in the
market, have just been received at E.
0. Brooks' store. Call nnil examine
them before purchasing elsewhere.
For Sale. Contemplating removal
rfroni Jacksonville, L.Solomon offers his
(residence on California, St.. an excellent
rpiece of property, for sale cheap; also
zA good assort motit of household and
kitchen furniture. Give him an early
Reduction in Prices John Miller,
aat the Hunter's Emporium, is selling
''Lay forks for SI each; scythes and
unaths, SI 75; grindstones, CJ cents
.per pound; and all other goods in his
-jine 10 per cent, less than ever before
-sold in Jacksonville, Remember that
Mr. M.'s goods are of the best and lie
Joes just as lie ugtees to.
Close Shave. While Chris TJIrich
waB setting a trap nun for a skunk at
"his home last TIiuimI.iv evening it was
discharged accidentally the charge
grazing Chris' finger and setting list;
window curtains of his house on rite
coming near causing a serious accident
sail the way round. As it was no serious
-diimage was done hut Chris says lie
'fools with that gun no mor
Farmers Attention. G. Karewski
is now prepared to t.ike conliacts for
cutting grain with his iniptoved ma
-ehiiery in any parts of tho county
He haa already dune some work for Win
Rybee, Jas. A. Cat d ell, Nick Ficke
'V. Mitche land Col. Muuiy nnd lefeis
to them as to the milliner in which
it was done, lie c aims that he can
cut grain lower than can be reached
wi.li any header and stands ready to
Jjirove it to all who dunbt.
Notice to the Public The travel
ing publie will take notice that the
'best stopping place for travelers and
teamsters is at Cliavner's bridge on
'Rogue River. An excellent meal can
lbo had at any lime, at A-h Heald's
vwho has just opened out in the
."Karewski building this side of the
Centennial bridge, while hay and grain
and stable room can be had of Mr.
Chavncr at the bridge. Give them a
trial and satisfaction i guaranteed.
--vRbwaud OFFKUEn.- Th County
"Court li. s offered a rewaid of S35l for
the capture of voung McMahuu, who
Ikilled his ifather, at Wagner Cieek,
last month, and who was held in the
small sum of .100, by Justice Hoot, of
.Ashland. Of couree tho bail was for
'feited, and now Mo.Mnhon, indicted for
nnurder, is wanted by tho Sherill.
There seems to be a heal'hy real' ion
:in this county andblood-thiraty folks
are advised to give their knives and
pistols a rest, as tho community is not
in a sympathetic mood.
Red Men Installation. The new
.officers for Oregoniau Pocahontas Tribe
of Red Men were installed last Tues
day evening by T. T. MeKenzie, Dep
uty Great Sachem. The following is
a list of the officers: Sachem, Jas. G.
Birdsey; Sen'or Saganipre, David
Cionemiller; Junior Sagamore, E.
.Jacobs; Chief of Record, Win. Men
sor; Keeper of Wampum, Henry I'ape;
"Prophet, J. T. Roloson; First Wairinr,
iFrank Lorraine; Second Warrior, Ur
ban Laberdette; First Saunnp, T. T.
McKenzie; Second Sannsp. B. Hostel;
Guard of Wigwam, Adam Schuiitt;
.Guard of Forest, Loui Hubeit.
"Tnc PACino Nob.tiiwi.st Illus
TRATED. L. Samuels, publisher nl that
fcterling journal tho '""West Slime," has
just issued a volume with the nbove
title. It is about 150 pages, the size
of his "West Shore," and contains te
lections from that journal for the past
s:x months, including illustiatinns of
the attractive scenes of the P.icilic
.Northwest, the N. P. railroad and
.other points in and near I In-great o-er-dand
line. The proposed new hotel in
'Portland and many views of public and
private buildings, with delightful
,natural scenery are here given with
(admirable de&criptivo ai tides. It is
-well bound and i rimmed, nnd is just
.the thing to mail to friends in the
east. It can be had or one dollar.
A Sad Sight. For the past two
years an aged couple named Pollock
have been inmates of the count hos
pital. The husband is almost eutiielv
tblind and was led about eiuefullv by
;his faithful wife in his visits about
-town. Last week the w ife died Inav ing
;her partner in poverty alone, and
'friendless to mourn th" nllectiomite
and kindly assistance of her who clung
.to him in youth and decrepitude in
prosperity and dist res isonlyn woman
can cling to the object of her affection
Daily the pjor old man gropes along
the streets apparently hoping to meet
9u8 faithful partner, but all to him is
-the silence and, nearly all, the datk--ness
of the ton b. Almost daily he
visits the postoffice asking for letters
from children who heartlessly abandon
ed their -parents to tho world's cold
charity and as often turns away sadly;
ifor he always aBks jn vain. "It is a, sad,
(touching .sight, and when death conies
to 'him too. bringing rest and relief,
.tmrely he will not call the visitor cruel
as men are used to call him but wel
come hira a a riand and fccuefi-' -
Circus is coming.
"Harvest has commenced.
Fred Grob has gone to Cinnabar.
B. F. Dowell lias gono to Portland.
Flour is quoted at 3.25 per bun
dled. Lowry Watson of Coos Bay is hero
on a visit.
Farmers are well supplied with hay
this season.
M. Gannon, brother-in-law of John
Noland is in town.
Barruch Fisher has a large stock of
goods to select from.
Prof. Royal of tho Ashland College
was in town this week.
A new hack has justbeen added to
Ply male's livery out tits.
The Sentinel is again being pub
lished by Ivtause & Turner.
Read Dr. Brown's ad in this issue
and give him a call when ailing.
Three Farms fi,r sale. E..quiro of T.
G. Rearurs, Jacksonville, Oregon.
Judgo M. Yoder will teach the
LTuiuntown school again this fall.
Some ery nice ludy's goods at Mrs.
Dowe'ls. Call and examine them.
An artift at Rostel's barber shop
will lix you up for "ten cents a bhiue."
We have an "only paper" in South
cm Oregon also. Gieat Scott, look
At Mrs. Dowell's a few dozen fuits
for buvs. Warranted fur tic and dura
Peaches are beginning to Mpen and
luscious pears have already made their
uppe.'irniice in maiket.
Tim Wynian Comedy Co. were at
Inched and tins company 'broken up at
Napa, Cal., last week.
M."W. Paisou. trnvel:ng agent fcr
the 'Ninth west New," went to Jose
phine county thin week.
James Lnughlin died at the resi
deuce of James 'Ihorntou ill Ashland
last week aged 97 vears.
All Ashland blood shut one of Geo.
F. Billings' Jersey cows last week,
mi-.tal.iug he'- for a deer.
Geo. A. King is again handling the
iillions for l lie O. i C Stage Co.,
driving nut fiom Glcndnle.
Riddle it Wolters nnd MeKn &
High have been gi anted license to sell
liquors in Ashland precinct.
S Colin went to San Francisco Inst
Wednesday or. a business trip und will
return in a couple of weeks.
A inatih race for 8200 a side will
be run on the Card well tiack on July
I'Sth. Distance one half mile.
A. D. Rockfello' it Co, Attorneys
and Counsellors at Law and Ileal Es
tatc .Agent, Ashland, Oregon.
Cutis. Wolters passed through town
this week on hn return to the railroail
where he has charge of a China gang.
Father Blanchet is making a pastoral
tour thrrugh Klamath and Lake
counties and will be absent a short
time. t
The ice supply in Jacksonville and
Ashland has been exhausted and the.
ire cream season it at an end for this
F. M. Nickerson, county clerk of
Josephine county, has gone to Port
land to attend the grand lodge A. O.
U. W.
Have you seen tho'e stylish hats,
trimmed at Mr.. J. S. Howard's fash
ionable millinery establishment, and so
The Soda. Springs hotel above Ash
land is so crowded of lato that guests
are turned away for lack of accomo
Capt. S. L. Dol'en is suffering with
erysipelas and has been confined to hi"
quarters at Rock Point for a couple of
weeks past.
Mrs. Pauline Rpa oflkiates tempor
arily as telegraph opr-iator at Ashland
while Mr. Whiting is filling up his
new residence.
SomeJ'iisiness war. done in the Re-
corder's Court this week and the town
treasury was enriched stteral dollars
in consequence.
Messrs. Fullrr it McNultey have
suli-let a portion of th-ir contract for
jetiing out the heavy timbers for the
Siskiyou tunnels.
A new mail route has been estal
lished between Cunyinville and Rid
die, distanco six miles, to be made
seven times a week.
James G. Birdsey has been elected a
member of the Pacific Coast detective
association and will keep his eyes open
for escaped criminal.
It was an Irishman who, when he
received a doctor's bill, ,mid ho would
jny for the medicines, but the
isits he would return.
Wm. V. Jones came up from the
Grae Creek tunnel ibis week and will
go to tho SNkiyous in a few days to
commence work there.
Numerous patrons of the Sentinel
are several rear behind on their sub
scription accounts. Call around and
buy one of our new teceipts.
Hon. J. M. Mason of Indiana, a
brother of Mrr. J. M. McC'ully. is heie
on a visit and will remain a hhort time
taking a look at the country.
Little it Chao have just received
the finest assortment of choico candies
ever bi ought to this "town and which
cannot be excelled anywhere.
Quite a largo number of men are
.passing through on their wav to the
Siskivous bavins formerly been em
A liquor license for six mouths wim
granted William Wor'ow by the county
court at their last session. II" 1"
po.se3 opening a saloon at Eaglo Point.
The New Slato Hotel wi.l be in
charge of Simuel R. Taylor after
Monday next. Royal Benedict will
be mine host of the Applegate hou-e.
W. J. Plymale and George F. Bill
ings have gone to Portland to repre
sent the lodges of A. O U. W. at this
place and Ashland in the grand lodge.
Dr. Yo'ung informs us that there is
considerable sicknes? in the ticinity o.
Central Point mostly fevers but
nono of them of a very serious nature
After staying one night in jail Vni.
Ruble gave bonds for his appearance
to answer for contempt of court and
his case has ben postponed till August
It is said that the finest pickles can
be made with whisky pure fiom the
distillery the proportion of water being
five gallons to one gallon of proof
In the shooting nffrav near Lake
view last week Charles Goodman hist
his life at the Imnds of B-n Clcud.
Family troubles is the cause of. the
trag-dy. ."V
A heavy shower of rain fell here
last Monday Hfiernoon which cleared
the smoke and laid tiie dut for a lime.
The whoiu valley was not favored,
however. -
C. C. Beekmin and his daughter
Canie, sailed from San Francisco lor
Portland on Wednesday. Thev may
be e:;prcted homu ubout the middle of
next week.
People should bo more than ordi
naiily careful at present with lite as
water is extr niely tcarce and a small
blaze might involve the destruction of
the whole town.
For bargains in the dry goods or
grocerv line give Birruc'i Fi-dier a
cull. He can bu found at S. Colin''
old stand and savs thai he will bell the.
goods at some iirice.
S. J. Day and Rev. R. C. Oglesby,
accompanied bv tl eir fam'lies, started
for Cie.-cent City this week on a tiii
of leir alien. TI.ey piopooe being
absent about six vvct-ks.
There are many substantia im
provements going on in Jacksonville
mill the. croaKeis u ho said it would die
on account of the railroad leaving it
will ptobsbly all die first.
The teal estate ollire of A. L John
son is being neat I v lilted up. A new
secretary, the work of .James Lawrence
at David Linn's furniture establish
ment, was added this week.
Geo. W. F.irdyce has bought the
farm owned by the lieirs of the late
Mrs. Wright, four miles from Jack
sonville on thn vi.lley road. It con
tains 1G0 acres; price 4500.
If vouvvanta Sewing Machinn cal!
at E. C. Brooks' drug, watch, c'y&r
and jewelry store. His mrchiiie.s aie
a little finer nnd bis pi ices a little
snugger, than any other bugger's.
Tim Ashland railroad depot will
likelv be, on the Mver place north east
of A-diland and ihe one opposite Jack
sonville will probably be lorated'some
vvheresnear Haskel Amy's resilience.
Thos. Kuh'er caught a trout in
Rogue River the other day vveigning
twenty pounds. Tom will have to try
again before he is the bo's as Reames'
tish outweighed this several pounds.
The Teacher's Institute of If 83 for
the First Judicial DNtrict, which com
prises Jacktoii, Jo-ephine, Klamath
and Lske countiesl will be hold jr, Jack
sonvilla during tho month of October.
It is said that, a force of graders will
begin work at Dry Digging Soi'th of
Grant's Pass next week. The build
ing, on tho old Sevtr.-on place havo
been moved to make way for the track.
Mrs. Mat lie A. Bridge of San Jo.r,
Cai., will deliver the oration at the
Odd Fellow's celebration on August
17lh. She is reported to bo an able
speaker und,a large crowd bhould greet
Wm. Bostwick, who purchased the
MiKer ranch on Applegate not long
since, aniced fiom f'liitu Roa. Cal..
his week, accompanied bv hi fan.ilv,
and will take charge of tho place at
James Thornton has sold his v farm
on Wagner eieek to Joseph I'appfor
6000. This is a choice place. The
purchaer, Mr. Rapp, has been living
upon it as a tenant for a number of
Thos. G. Reames and Alex Martin
returned from a trip to Linkvillu last
Wednesday. T-liev combined pleasure
with business anil done hoiro fishing
in the-numerous streams ou t!io route
with good success.
George Jackson of Rogue River has
over ten acres of watermelons this year
and expen s tho finest crop he has ever
raised. They will bo ripe in about
three w-teks and no doubt he will find
ready sale for them.
The determination to reduce the siz
of the gln-s in the windows of tbe new
Court lloiiso is evidently a great
mistake. It will spoil the appearance
of what, otherwise, would be a very
handsome building.
Very little work was done at Galice
cieek ast season by thn large mining
cnuipanitK, so we are informed bv W.
T. Clemons, the Superintendent for tne
English com piny. The sn.all supply
of water was the cause.
Chas. Hughes, Jr., oArnc in frcm
Lake county this week on a vi-it to J.
M. Smith, who has been ouito unwell
of late. The latter accompanied 'Jiim
on Ins return to hfs home, where lie
proproses remaining for a while with
-.r--- " iilth.
John Miller and wife returned from
California this week where they have
been for a while past on a vi-it to their
daughter Mrs. Dr. J. A. Callendar.
llisy rep'irt her condition quite serious
but btill have good hopes.
A fine piece of work in the stone
cutting !ine in t e shape of a stand for
holding matches can be seen at Henry
Papti's salow. It is the wotk of J.
Whipp and shows that gentleman to
be a line workman in his Hue.
E'Lt children have died of scarlet
feverin E leu predinct within one week
past and several mo'o nre afflicted.
George Bailey lost a daughter, S. S-.
Biiley a littlegirl, Riley Morrison two
children, und Thos. B. Bish also two.
Mr. D D. McBean of the firm of
McBian it Jeffrey, who have the Sis
Kiynu tunnel contract, arrived at Ash
land last week, says the "Tidings" und
went up to the tunnel, where he will
remain, in personal supervision of the
It is said that the grain crop in
Sam's Vallev and the Meadows isextra
ordinarly good,those localities having
been favored with much more rain
than other localities in the cotiutv.
The wheat and oats thero are only
just lipening.
- The north bound stago on the Scott
.vallev road was turned over tho grade
into Slate creek ou luesday last by a
runaway accident. Three horse? were
killed, and several l assengers received
slight injuries. No one was badly
hurt, however.
We have received the wrdiling cards
of Leon Slinsou foimerly of Jackson
ville and remembered as a partieiilarly
bright boy and MKs Emma Wool of
Euirka Cal. We wMi tne young
couple their full share of happiness
anil prosperity.
lion. E B. Watson, Chief Justice
of the Supreme Court of Oregon, nc
cnmpaiiietl by his wife, leturneil from
Salem this week, I he Ciurl having ail
j itirned till next October. The Judge
vvi I do'soine rusticating in the cinna
bar country before he returns.
The "Journal"' reports that Maj. Q.
A. Brooks and J. W. Manning, of
Linkville, have been ciicuUtiug in
SNkiyoti cunty a petition for the. es
tabltshmeut of a tii weekly mail ser
vice between Yreka and Linkville, to
extend on also to Full Klamath.
The telegraph b-n'heihnod through
out the country are about to rng.je in
an extensive strike. They mi tin
hardest win Led men in the cnuiilrj and
more poorly compensated than any
other class requiring so much eyperi
ence and aptitude for their profession.
The blacksmith shop at Ashland
owned by M. Mickel.-on but nod to the
gioutid on Wediieidav last. Most of
the contents weie saved and thu build
ing is the main loss. Some i.etiio
work had to be done to save the Q .ur
ing mill and other auj lining building.
BsideH buibiing the Jnefc.son county
Court IInu.-e L S P. Marsh has nu
merous other u.tnlraets on hand among
which are the Amv residence and an
addition to U. V. B -all's house. Mr
Marsh is a rustler and can take anv
number of jabb and ge. awy with
them, too.
Geoige Simmons, Frank Ennis and
James Hansen have purchased the
Carrnn mines in Josephiu county for
$2,500 and pioir.se expending some
thing near 150,000 in developing the
same. A tunnel through the moun
tains for wat-r rights is on" of the im
prove ments in contemplation.
The brick work for the first storv of
tho new court house will be finished
this week and Mr. Marsh, the con
tractor, promises to havo the whole
building completed and ready for oc
cupancy by the first of September.
Excellent crk is being done and when
completed will be a credit to the
Mr. A. TJslick, gpnral agent for
the D. M. 0-,bornft & Co. farming ma
chincry, informs us that his company
dnno extraordinary well in this tection
this st-asnn, and their machines never
failed in giving satisfaction. Mr. F.
Hubbard, ken! agnt, will ctint:nui
furni-hing anvthing required in this
line at low prices.
New goods nt reduced prices at the
cash stoieof S. S. Aiken it Co. Thev
keep everything usually to bo found in
a general in rchantli'-o stoie, and their
method of giving tho best goods at
low pr'ces, and making exact change
seems to have become popular here .at
last. Their new advertisement will be
found in another column.
General T mi Reamer is having an
elegant, pair of panther skin boots made
in which to attend tlit Conclave of
Knights Templar, at San Fi-incisco.
This is the same material that Ivanhne
wore in the famous lists of Tonpjilstoue
svul vvo doubt if anv Knight at the
coming trienr.ini will be so appropri
ately booted as Sir Thomas.
It. is said that the railroad lie eon
tractors up Rogue River me experienc
ing much difficulty in Anting their
ties. We hear that the narrow can
von above Dekin's saw mill is fairly
jimmed so t''at it is dangerous to give
thejini a start. Tho-e cut np Little
Butte will probihlv not rach the river
until after the first winter frwlietp.
"Tidings:"' Leander Neil is a font
racer. Sometimes he speculates with
his speed. The other dav np at tne
Cove he found that his nephew from
Jacksonville, a lsd of a'-out 10 ears,
hvla dol nr in his pocket. L-ander
bantered thn bov to run a font lace
Kfor 5.1 ft -ide. After much urging the
bov put th- monov up. and 50 vards
was measured off. At the out-come
Leander was six feet behind nnd had
lost a dollar and three suspender but
Ho thiuks he will have to try
bis own boy next.
The new maobiuery for tho Jack-son-illc
steam flouring mills has ar
rived a". San Francisco and Mr. Ka
rewski has teams on the road to bring
it up. On arrival it will be placed in
position at once and the mill started
up. Mr. K. is 'one of our most ener
getic and successful business managers
and we expect to bee him da well with
this property.
The fiftieth birthday of Adam
Schuiitt, the genial leader of the Jack
souville Brass Bind, was celebrated
by his numerous friends last evening,
a large number gathering at his resi
dence in the evening. All extended
congratulations, wishing him many
more years of peace and plenty, and
she occasion will long be remembered
by those present.
A look at the bright rich green of
the vineyards north of town, some of
the vines growing on a hill where
there s;ems little possibility for the
roots to reach moisture, is evidence
that grapes will eventually be a very
valuable crop here. All .besides, in
the valley, is parched and brown while
the vines show not tho least sign of
suffering from di ought.
An individual well known for his
total lack of public spirit attacks the
city council through the "Times'' for
extravagance in bui'ding tho Town
Hull and for purchasing a (ire engine.
This person has never contributed ft
tpiarter of a dollar to the "(ire fund"
and, if he had, would take a lit of rolic
till he got his mine off tin: subset iptiou
list, so he has no right to grumble.
Tiie follo-ving are the newly elected
nllicrrvi of Ashland lodge of Workmen,
who will I e duly installed at the iiex
tegular meeting: G S. Butle-, M. W.;
J. W. Aluutt, foreman; I. W. Burri,
overseer; II. V. Bifclieller, recorder;
W. II. L'eds, linancier; A. Lamb, m
reiver; U J. J -icker, gunle; I lios
Martin. I. W ; B. L Ueeser, O. W.;
(5. F. Billings auJ I. W. Burrii, trus
let S.
Tho old carpenter shop formerly oc-
c'upi'd bv El.
b N. K. Lyt
Smith is being fitted up
tie for the purpose of
storing and rxtifwng tho liquor made
by lht Rogue River distillery. A large
quantity has been take out of bund and
sf me of it will socn be placed on the
market. Next week they can supply
nil ieiconable demand with a pure ar
tielu warranted to contain no head
aches, pizen or tangle weed.
James G. Biribry brought ta town,
yesterday, an Indian rebe that vvu-,
plowe.l up in the field of George Jack
son on Rogue River. It. is a large
stone dis'.i, oval in shape and probably
uued for pulverizing seeds in or fur
ca'ching salmon oil when the (i-h was
roisting before the wigwam lire. It is
to be pte-eiileil in Vac hontas Tribe
rmp'. 0. R. M. who me accumulating
quite a collection of such, relics.
D. M. Osborne it Co. havo rented
Sampl-Rooms it;, in Jacksonville 0:e
gnnand will sell mower at $100 each
deliv ei ed at Jacksonville f i ee f.f freights
iUo will kpon hand a full line of
extras nnd lepaiis for the nioweis and
harvesting nrtchimry and will sell
smooth nnd serrated edge sestions at 15
cents each for the season of 18S3.
Agt. for Southern Oregon.
Jay B'ach started for tho north this
week taking along some of his line
stock which ho proposes entering in
thn races to be held at Hie different
Fairs soon to take place. All the
horses taken, with the exception of
Allamont, nro colts that have never
appeared on n race track before, but
we expect and hope tochronie'e a good
report for them nevertheless. Mr
Beach expects to return ;n time to take
(tart in the races a' the Yreka fair.
Ttips to the mountains and to the
coast nre in order now. Quite a num
ber of our citizens are sojourning at
tho various Soda Springs and some
have gone to Crescent Citv to watch
thn ceas-Iess roll of tho breakers ami
enjoy the cool sea breeze. An exjiedi
tion comprising a, number of our v oung
lads and under the care of Mr. Keegan
will start next week to dip their fet
in the brine of the Pacifiu and a sight
of the oceau will bu a ::cvv experience
to them.
The work on the Siskiyou mountain
is prrgresring rapid!1-, am! the railroad
loute is alivrt with people, their houses
and shanties 1,-ing quire numerous nnd
clone together in the vicinity of the
tunnels and tlnrir approaches. The
heavy bla-ts can bn plainly heard in
this county nt Cottonuood and along
the Klamaih, sounding like distant
thunder. Th rai road work ou th
Oregon road, just over tho line, has
improved business to a great extent at
Cottonwood nnd also in this section,
bv i ('sorting to our vallev s and Yreka
for many supplies needed. Three
China tenns ninl wagons are- constantly
employed in making regular trips from
this section to the Oregon railroad
woiks on the California side of tho
Siskiyou mountain, one hauling hogs,
f .r which 10 cts. per pound gross is
paid, another hauling Chinese jns
sengers, nnd others taking groceries
needed. The, railroad will come along
the Klamath from Cottonwood, for
about a mile and half over the road
opposite the ferry, crossing to this side
of the river at mouth of Willow Creek
thence following up Willow Creek, nnd
cro-siug Oregon slough towards Shasta
river, whilo at Cottonwood it is sur
veyed to pass through the old Brick
hou'!e ranch, and t hence to wauls Cole's
in reaching the locality of the 3,100
foot tunnel now being bored through
Siskivou mountain. "Yreka Journal."
Killed by a. Horse Frank Mc
Cord, formerly of Ashl mil, son of A
McCortl, was killed by a horse in
Harney vallev, 20 miles south of Ean,
ou Juno 27th last. He was nbout 20
years of age, and well known here.
The manner of the accident has not
been reported to us. "lidwgs.
The employes of the O. it C. railroad
says the "O egonian," had n big celo
hration on Julv 4, nt Grave Creek tun
nel. The day before, the monotony of
the camp was enlivened by one China
man shooting another in the leg, thn
trouble arising over a gambling dis
pute. On the 4th, Mr. S. S. Cook, the
vvll known contractor was presented
with a handsome gold-headed cane as a
token of esteem by his men. Mr.
Cook has taken a great interest in the
workmen under hitn and the cane was
a slight testimonial of their apprecia
tion of his kindness. A little pyro
technic display not on the bills, was
the blowing up of a whisky tent with
giant powder. Some of the men were
too liberally supplied with fusil oil by
the o-vner of the concern, and the tent
was blown up to insure total absti
nence for tho time being.
Chief Engineer Chas. A. F. Morris,
of the O. & C. R. R-, who is in Ash
land this week, informs the "Tidings"
that railroatl work is progressing sat
isfactorily now along thn line of ex
tension, and good progress is being
made. Tho strikes and annoyances
whiea have been delaying tho work at
times heretofore are now past, and
from this time on rapid progress may
be expected in the extension of the
track. The Grave creek tunnel is
completed (MrMorris and party drove
through it in their conch on the way
hither) and the long tunnel nt Cow
creek will be Utiish.nl, it is believed, by
the 20th of August. The grading be
tween these two points will bo com
pleted before that time, and the road
led will be all ready for the laying of
the track. In fact, the graders will
1 o able to keep thefack layers steadily
nt work from '.hat time until the heavy
cutting in the Siskiyc u division iseti
countered. The compmy have en
hand nil tho iron lequiicd, and Mr.
Morris thinks thu tiack will reach
Ashland some time in December. A
thousand men arc already nt work this
side the Ornvi; creek tunnel, a"d the
other graders will be moved south
waul as soon an their work between
tho two long tunnels is ended. The
crossing of Rogue river will be an ex
pensive piece of work, and will require
a large amount of timber.
Tkansactio.vs i.v Real IZstatc
Deeds lecorded last week:
J. II. Ma.v field and wife to M. W.
Burckl'.dicr, ftiictioual town lots in
Ashland. Coiisideiaiion, S7C0.
Catherine R.all mlmiui-tratrix, to
John Tw per, 101 acres in Willow
Springs precinct. Consideration, ."5950.
John Tapper anil wife to Catherine
Ralls, 101 ncres in Willow Spring
precinct. Consideration 930.
Heirs of James Appleton, deceased,
to Ilomcr Ilarkness, interest in 80
ncr-s in Lealaud. Consideration,
$333 10.
Heirs of James Appleton, deceased,
to Homer Haikness, SO acres m Lai
and. Consideration, 51.
Thomas Everdeen to llompr Ilark
u is interests in 80 acres in Lclaud.
Consideiation, ?i,.
II E. Cooper to II. Ammerman,
23S acies in E-len preciuct. Con
sid' ration, SI, 300.
The trustees of Rock Point cenieterv,
J. N. Dolph, C. II. Prescott, C. W.
Buringe and P. Donegan havo deeded
right of way to tho O. & C. R. R. Co.
('. II. Ilargndincto Martha W. Uar
gadiue, quitclaim to different parcels
of land in Ashland precinct. Con
sideration SLSOO.
Isaac Woolen to Cordelia Wells,
land in Ariiland. Considerstion, 25.
S. Dale ni d wife to E K. Anderson
mid J. M. McCall, 12 and 41-100 acre,
in Ashland precinct. Consideration,
John Dugnn to Fred Hansen, 1C0
acres in Table Rock precinct. Consid
eration, $500.
John E. Harvey and wife to W. A.
Bodinc, 1G0 acres in Manzanita pre
ciuct Consideration, 82,100.
Religious. Rev. J. A. Slcver will
administer the rites of baptism nt
Granger's ford next Sunday .... Rev.
M. A. Williams preaches nt Eigle
Point Sunday morning.... A basket
meeting will commencu at the giovo
near thu Orange store on Applegate
next Sunday. Eider M. Peterson nnd
others will officiate. . . . Rev. B. J.
Sharp will preach at the M. E. chutch
in this place Sunday morning mid even
ing. . . .No services will he held at the
Catholic Church to marrow on account
of tho absence of Father Blanchet.
Waldo July 10. 1SS3.
Dear Sir: Sick folks hero all get
ting better, no deaths. Several tnlk of
.attending I O. O. F. celebration in
your city August 17th. Crescent City
folkswanf the wagon road opened from
Altavilln vii Peacocks to Crescent
City. The public is notified to look
out for cunning nnd deep laid lals
carrying heioabouts. Serious trouble
has recently been caused by it. Look
out for the villiau and spv. Water
fai ing verv fast. Fox AnAStS.
Julv G, 1883, to Mr. anil Mrs. Jas.
I. Fredenburg, a daughter.
rAlTON In Ashland, July 3, 18S3,
to Mr. and Mis. Jus. K. Patton, a
BRlNElt On Wagner Creek, July
C. 1883, Charles Briner; aged about
19 years.
BAILEY At Phoenix, July 8, 1S83,
Bebe, daughter of Mr. and .Mr.
Geo. Bailey; in the 15th year of her
DALEY At Eagle Point, July 10,
1883, John Daleyj aged about 75
OWrjfGS In Manzanita precinct,
July 11, 1883, Harrison Qwyigs,
"aged about 40 years.
f. &UBJL.1
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heal.br and wok:
Fuso and Ca
Paints Oils.Vnrni
Shot, Brushs, Ghah
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Mechanic, sail am prepared toil
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id hare cJ
L I uin receiving awl hare c
tuiml a full and Crstclasa stocJ
dhy-goods, gum boots.
iin.iov 3i a m: clot
7ver)lhlr.sold at returns
TncKonviH M.uclv 5 878
Jacksonville. Or
Dsalars and Wc
a firrt class assortmea
ffeb Work a Spt
Prompt attc?itio7i
all orders from
"Livo and Let
Call and
examine L.'fo:
75 cents pe
Eestlrouso forti
Nervous D(
1"W. Ji U. VVJiM'S nc
iJ treitmcnt, a sjieciflo
Dizziness, tonvu'sinns,
nche. Mental Depression. '.
Spermalorlioca, Iinpotcnc
emissions, premature o d
ovcr-cxertioii, scit-anuse
ence, which leads to niW
ueatn. une uox vvni cuJ
Each box contains one motj
ono do lar a box. or six bo I
lars; sent by mail prepaid!
puce. vc guarantee six
any case. With each ordei
for six boxes, accomnanledl
lars. we will send the nurcl
ten guarrntce to return thil
treatment noes not effect al
tees issued on v bv
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