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Saturday, October 21, 1882.
fjind Office at Ronclmrs. Ocn.l
Jane 30, 1880. J
To all IVhom It mny Concern:
Notice 1 hereby slien thnt I have dclg
nated the QKKISO MATINKL ax the paper
In which I diall hereafter pnbllsh all pre
empllon, boineateail and application
for mining patent Tor lnmU ijlng near
Macktsatllle. Jackoon count)-, lirecnn.
W. V. ltKN"JlUI. Ilc-Ulcr.
Distillery. At a meeting of the
stockholders of the whisky distillery
now in course of construction held on
Saturday last, Nick Fick was elected
President and Char'es Nickell Treasur
er. "Work on" the building is now pro
gressing and the company will soon
have liquor to sell.
Religious. Rev. B. J. Sharp will
"(preach nxt Sunday morning at Phoe
iix and in the evening in the M. E.
Church in this place. Elder M.
Peterson preaches at Eagle Point next
Sunday morning.... Regular services
&t the Catholich church Rev. F. X.
-Blanchet officiating.
JErz Taywr-
jpany performed here on Tuesday and
Thursday evenings of this week to
good sized audiences and gave the best
of satisfaction. Old Mart Ta) lor is a
host in himself and his local songs
never fail to please an audience. lis
"daughter, Little Maud, accompanies
him and she is surely a wonderful
'child perfortner. We can recommend
them as giving a good performance and
no one will get bilked who attends
their entertainments.
Tne Wtmass Are Com iko. This
"Company of first-class artists with Alf
Wyman and Lulu Wilson at the head
"will play at Holts Hall Jacksonville
one week. Commencing Monday Oct.
23d. This is undoubfly the best Dr
niatic company t-avlling in Oregon.
and all who fail to see the Wyman
Troupe will miss the best company
that ever visited Jacksonille. Mr.
Harry West their agent informs us
"that Yakie will be the play Monday
nicht; admission 75 cents, children half
Oi .
Exporting Woolen Goods. The
.Ashland Woolen Mills probably turn
out more goods than any other woolen
factory of the same nominal capacity
in the United States. Every resource
of the mills is taxed constantly to keep
the out-put up lo the highest possible
quantity. Every week large ship
tneuts of good's are made to Jhe San
Prancisco and Portland markets.
Blankets, flannels , shawls and socks
lire products in which for quantity and
finish these mills hold the first position
in the markets of the Pacific Coast.
The Yreka Racks After several
-weather, the Fair aiYieka commenced
on Monday last and proved a success
liotv.'thstanding. Tho main race of
the Fair was the trotting race 3 in 5.
for purse of $500. ten per cent, of
jmrse entrance, free for all, 1st ho.e
to get 5400, and 2d horse, 5100. Tin
judges were Mr. J. M. Walbridge,
'Col W. 3. Stone and Dr. W. II King;
timer, L. Swan. The following noted
horses were named for this race: Geo.
Stephenson named s. g. Professor;
Jay Beach named b. s. Altamont; and
Jas. Sutherland named b. in. Nellie, all
fast and well bred animals. On the
night preceeding race, the horses sold
in pools at 20 each on Nellie and Al
tamont, and $3.50 on Professor On
nay of race Nellie became the favorite,
and sold for $10 to 55 on Altamont
and 52 50 for Professor. The horses
were driven respectively by the par
ties who named them for the race.
The race was won by Altamontin three
straight heats, with Nellie a good sec
ond each timr, and Professor shut out
in first heat. Time. 2:401. 2:40i.
Thesccond wasa running race single
dash of one and one half mile, for a
puree of 5100, entrance 55 added, for
which the following entries were
"named: Harry B. by Blaine; Hancock
by Jas. Muse; Wilson by S. R, Wil--son;
Ida Hammond by S. S. Ford;
Brick Pomeioy by Rucker. On the
"first half mile Hancock led by a
length, and maintained the lead in
the finish, in 2:481, making the last
mile in 1:55
Second Day First race, trotting,
imile heats, 2 and 3, free for all un
tried horses in district, purse 75, en
trance 5, added, the followine entries
-were, made. JxflZaack ,vmeJ fatxjnte t
J. lierney, Mary D ; Wiu. Eckhart,
"Curti, and Ned. O.Neil, Ned. Won
by Curtis in t!ic firt heat by shutting
all the others out. Time, 3:26J.
Second race, running, half mile
fcnd rejraat, free for all horses owned
5n the district, purse 875, entrance55
added, the following entries made: Mr.
Blaine named Harry B.; Jas. Muse,
TJp and Up; and Mr. Rucker, Snip.
"Won by .Up and Up in too straight
teats. Time, 52 each heat.
Third race, trotting mile heats, 2
in 3 free for all 3 yr olds and under,
owned in district, following eniries
were made: Jav Beach names Zillo
phono and J. McDonouch Sleepy Kate.
Won by Zillophone. in 2:57.
Third Day Running race, 2 in 3,
lor a purse of 8500. Won by Harry
B., beating Hancock and Edson's Char
ley. Time, 1:501.
Trotting race, 2 in 3, for horses that
never beat 3 minutes. Won by Ty
ler's Sorrel Dick. Time, 2:58.
Fourth Dav Trotting race 3 in 5,
for purse of 100, with entrance added.
'on by Beach s Mugcio Arnold.
Hog Kahler's Nellie. Best time.
2:35. i
Running race, daslvnf three-quarters
of a mile. Won" by A.ID. Richard's
Fred Wickwire, beating Jennie H. and
Flying Gelding. Time, " 1:201.'
Wood wanted.
Twill cure your cold.
Butter and eggs scarce.
Have you seen the cometJ
Farmers are busy plowing.
Lots of amusement for next week.
AiiA we glad the railroad is comingl
A, number of marriages are on the
The Wyman's show at Ashland this
The Board of Trustees were to meet
last evening.
First night of the Wyman's next
Monday night.
Circuit Court in Josephine county
next Monday.
Miners are happy over the prospect
of a wet season.
Max Muller has just received a fine
lot of new goods.
Little &. Chase haye just received a
fine lot of jewelry.
Contractors are now furnishing flour
at Fort Klamath.
e City ilaTKinc
new coat of paiot.
Carlos Goddard advertises for a
stray cow in another column.
The Champions had a social dance
at their hail last Saturday evening.
There are thirteen patients in the
county hospital at the present time.
John Hanley returned from a short
isit to San Francisco on yesterday's
Little Maud, daughter of Mart
Taylor, will surely make a star on the
The Wyman's played three weeks
at Yreka. That ought to be a good
The weather has cleared
last week and we are aga;n
bright sunshine.
up since
Deputy Sherifl Kid well, "of Colusa
Cal., found his stolen horse at Myrtle
creek this -wek.
Architect Payne has gone to Modoo
county, Cal., to look after some busi
ness that ho has there.
We hear that W.- B. Mason Ims
received the appointment of Port Col
lector at Crescent City.
Those owing us will p'ease take the
hint and call and bettle. We will lake
anything that can be used.
No through connection with the
mails either from the north or south
was made on Saturday last.
A number of real estate transactions
have taken place of late and we will
soou have a new population.
A lnrlw t....T.i.. .t . : J-
Address M. B., Sentinel oflice.
Al. Sturgis informs us that he is
still engaged in drifting on Jackass and
is making more than good wages.
Wm. Angle, a first cbss mechanic,
has been appointed post carpenter at
Fort Klamath vice J. S. McCain.
Richard Cook is still engaged in
running a tunnel at the old Steamboat
mines and i.s new in over 200 feet.
Wm. Kahler, formerly of Willow
Springs, is now a resident of Jackson
vil'e. Such citizens are truly welcome.
Prof. Ramsdale of San Francisco is
on his way here to open a photograph
gallery. So says the Del Norte "Rec
ord." Work on the new distillery was com
menced this week and everything will
be in rea'Iiness for work in a short
Wm. Bybee has gone to Josephine
county to look after his mining inter
ests. His health is considerably im.
Frank Gilliam, traveling agpnt for
the house of Main & Winchester of
San Fran- ico, is in town on his an
nual visit.
Most of the Jackson county visitors
to the Yreka Fair failed in guessing the
winning horse in the trotting race on
Monday last.
H. M. Thatcher left Linkvillo for
Portland this week where ho cops 10
take a position in the office of the Sur
veyor General.
W. J. Wallis. chief of tho teleeranh
office at Yreka. is the hanniest man in9
J -rf JrtPWl J W rm mm m!1 .-- . f I
uaiiiuuua. xv a a gin aau arnveu last
Saturday night
Robt A. Miller and Mr. Stewart,
the artist, returned to Portland this
week. The latter made some fine
sketches while here.
S. H. Egger with a force of men is
now making brick for the new Court
House, having taken a contract for a
portion of the amount required.
Dr. J. W. Robinson was called to
Roseburg yesterday on account of the
serious illness of his sister, Mrs. Leach.
He is expected back in a few days.
The new telegraph line to Camp Bid
well is now completed and ia firrt class
working order. The tariff to any point
on the line is fifty cents from Ashland.
Telegraph messenger boys in Port
now receive 11 cents for each message
delivered and 21 cents for every replv.
Their former safary was 15 per month.
J. I. Knight ha been appointed
Postmaster at Wihlerville, Josephine
county, and F. G. Day will hold the
same position at Murphy in the same
Ruth Rehekah Degree Lodge, I. O.
O. F., will pay their sister lodge at
Ashland a fraternal visit in a counle
of w,eeks providing the weather is fa
Harry West, the advance agent for
the Wyman Comedy Company, has
billed and painted the town extensively
forthe show next week and is an artist
in his line.
Why don't some of our farmers go
into the hop raising business when they
could sell their crop at 60 cents per
pound? We have both soil and climate
that is suitable.
Long of Salem, who has just been
tried for the murder of his wife, was
found guilty of murder in the second
degree. Bingham, an accomplice, is
now being tried.
The Howland Neathammer nup
tials were celebrated at the residence of
the officiating Minister Rev. M. A.
Williams insiead of the way it was
reported last week.
John Hockenjos returned from
Poitlsnd this week and savs they
build more houses there every week
than it would take to build a town the
size of Jacksonville.
Merritt Bellinger this week brought
us in a lot of fine eating apples from
his orchard near town and our list of
visitors has increased correspondingly.
Call again, Merritt.
Senator Prim's bill for 'the -protei
thinners win iak-e notice as its pro
visions are rai her stringent and some
body will get caught.
Our friend Gage Pierce of Eden
precinct made us an exceedingly pleas
ant call this week by paying several
ypars subscription in advance. We are
ready for the next one.
If jou wanfa sewing Machine call
at E. C. Brooks' drug, watch, clock,
and jewelery store. His machines are
-t . II -ii . .. .V
a little" finer and his prices a little
snugger than any other bugger's.
W. L. Record and Ed. McGrath, of
the well known marble house of San
Francisco, are expected to arrive here
in a few days via Crescent City, where
they have furnished considerable work.
Abe and Henry Mensor will soon
open a store at Phopnix ond have al
ready got their goods on the way.
They propose keeping a good variety
of everything usual y kept in a country
A. A. Fink passed through town
this week wjth a load of supplies for
his stock ranch in Lake countv. TTe
only went as far as Ashland and then
returned to Hosebuig, beuding the
teams on.
Prof. Ramsdale once a resident of
Crescent City, with his family arrived
at this place on yesterday's stealer
on his way to Jacksonville, where he
proproses to open a photograph gallery.
The Roseburg Plaindealer" sas.
"Two miles of steel rai s were shipped
past hero last Tuesday to the front.
Heavily loaded freight trains are con
Ftantlj', moving building material and
supplier to the front"
Death to rats, mice, roaches and
ants; Parsons Isxteumi.vatou. Barns
granaries and households e'eared in a
single night. No fear of Imd smells.
Best and cheapest vermin killer in the
world. Sjld everywhere.
The Rcseburg city election resulted
as folous last week: Trustees, F. P.
Hogan, Ahher Murks, Dr. N. P. Hun
nel, G. W. Woodward and P. Bene
diet; recorder, W. S. Humphrey; treas
urer, R. S. Sheiidan; marshal" Henry
In one of the suburbs of Chicago an
eight year old boy recently shot and
killed a domestic in a neighboring fami
ly. The killing was deliberate and in
tentional, and grew out of a quarrel
because tho girl carried water from
his fathers well.
The new quartz mill recently erected
at the Black well diggings by John
Ross fc Co. has arrived and was set in
motion on Weanesday last everything
working fine. They will commence
crushing ore in a few days and have all
the assurances of Joing well.
An intimate friend of Secretarv
Folger is responsible for the report that
he will not resign his Cabinet office
unless he is elected Governor. He
seem to have heard of that old ada"f
..i i.i i.- i - ... 7
luiuubuiH relative value ot a bird in
the hand and one in the bush.
" The Del Norte "Record" savs R. D.
Hume is having a tug built at San
Francisco for the Smith river trade.
Her dimensions are Length, 75 feet;
beam, 17 feet; i!epthof hold, 6 feet 3
inches.- HeritotaltcoBtVill be about
SiAsnn: 3"lL"?i --............ .-..
i500i.rB? j3uvVJ fce-'Artiiicueu' in
about a month?' ff V
The Celebrated -Wyman Comedy
Company will show here for one week
commencing on Monday next. The
"Journal" of Yreka says they have
played there for three w"eeks past and
that it is the best troupe that has ever
visited this section. "Yakie" is the
play for the first night.
Why is it that our friend of the
"Tidings" always accuses Day and
Cook of doing everything that is done
in regard to tho Court House, th? tax
levy or any other business that has
come before the County Court of late
We have never heard "of the resigna
tion of Mr. Alford as County Comuiis
It is only necessary to visit the fine
vineyard of Hon. J. N. T. Miller, just
north of Jacksonville, to realize what
our soil and sunshine will do. Mr
Miller has ten acres in vines on which
there is a crofcof at least fifty tons of
the sweetest and most luscious fruit
He will begin gathering next week
and the whole crop will be manufac
tured into wine and brandy. When
the raMroad reaches this valley the
people of Portland and other northern
towns can enjoy this delicious fruit at
low prices and still grape cujture will
be profitable to those enped in it
The "Tidings" says that Giles Wells
received a lot of "German carp from
Sdlem recently, and his them in a pond
near his house. H? .reported that
they were all drowntd by being left
out in the rain, but, as they came
from fhe Willamette, they are ac
customed to a damp climate, and he
will find that they don't drown so
f easily.
When we- see a medicine advertised
to cure a half-dozen or more classes of
diseases, we conclude that it is a hum
bug. And having noticed that tho
proprietor of Amnion's Cough Syrup
only advertises or claims it good for
coughs, colds and long complaints, we
were induced to try it, and now take
pleasure in recommending it to our
A number of the young men of
Jacksonville have sent for instruments
and will organize a brass band under
the leadership of Adjxm Sciirestit in a
hort'tiwe. The Yr"-ka band will pay
us a visit nextSprini; nnd Mr. Schmidt
sas lie will promise to meet tnem
with as good a nana
the State of Oregon
as can be found in
as all the students
are bright, intelligen
ung men.
The county of Kl
th created by
the Legislature b
of Lake
f jv
the various
aianes win ne
smilf and the fees fe.. IsTj less
three sets of nominfatiJns have
forward to the Gox
erncr with peti-
tions for appoiutmeij
t Some one will
ne disappointed and
they asked for a
curs the hour
division of the
.The Sabbath ScW
ol Assosiation of
Oregon and Washin
meeting for 1882, in
ton will hold its
on November 14 l'i,
mi ...-, w- - n i
per.jng on Tues-
day, at 7 o clock' P ji,, arm 4ccr.vi:i
until Thurnday -at mid-day. All Sab
bath Schools in Oregon, Washington
Idaho are invited to send delegates
two from each school numbering fifty
in nverjgn attendance, or less, nnd an
additional one for each twenty-tive in
excess of that number. A, largo atten
dance is expected, and an interesting
session is assured.
The C. P. railroad company will not
probably put on an extensive forco be
fore next spring and summer, ot which
lime Gen. Cadwalader tells settlers
along Sacramento river, there will be
from three to five thousand men at
worK ilie surveyors have mapped
out the Whole country between Red
ding and Shasta Valley, located the
building route, and established the con
nections with the stage road and new
roads to be used for hauling railroad
material. A wagon road on the pro
posed line, has already been built to
Spring Creek, 10 miles above Redding,
where 150 or 200 men are constantly
employed in culxert work, road build
ing and gpneral preparations to extend
track north of Redding. 'Treka Jour
nal." .
"Anexchan 'e has t!R tol
cerningthe laud formerly occupied by
the Malheur reservation but now open
for settlement: Nearly four thousand
square miles of the Malheur Indian
Reservation has been added to the
pub ie domain This tract of land em
braces one of the best stock raiding
r.'ginnsof Eastern Oregon, 8 jtt i f the
Blue mountains. It is about sixty
miles square, is well wutered, the cli
mate is equable, and the land will no
r'f iiiliuwiiiv ctiii
louht he greedily taken up. The
T1 -!-. I I ...,
u'lKt-r ny nrancn or tho urcgon
Railway and Navigation ro'iipany's
system, and the Oregon Short Line
will be in hauling distance; and if the
latter company should decide to come
to tidewater through any other piss in
the Cascade mountains, south of the
Columbia river, the road will
directly through thii country.
A reporter of the Ran Francisco
"Chronicle" has evidently seen the
comet from the following: Those who
sleep heavily o'niphts know only by
hearsay of the lovely sight that is" now
to be seen in the early morning in the
southwestern sky, but those who have
arisen from their beds lo look ot that
time in that direction, havo not been
in a hurry to regain their sheets when
once they have seen the great silver
brand that hangs over the city. With
a tail stretching over a great part of
tho azimuth line, of a soft arcentinp
brilliancy, vibrating and shimmering
like an aurora borealis. tho comet
blazes out like the broad beam from
rome invisible lighthouse. It is niw
visible by a little after 3 a ., and does
net fade dout untrl the sun reddnesthe
hill tops. It is then mcyratnly low
down, heading aifiifcom?iiinJ '
unmistakably a wondeinfni neantv.
The Railroad. S. L. Dol son, chief
of the Eegineer corps who are survey
ing the railroad route north of us ar-
uved in town yesterday on a short
business visit The party is now
camped at the mouth of Ram's creek.
They have only aboutone week's work
to do 3-et when the party will be dis
banded for the winter as no locating
will be done through the valley this
season. Hurlbert's party is still in
the Siskiyous awaiting orders while
the chief is in Portland. Chas. J.
Howard will go to work again next
week tying np section lines to the
railroad survey north of us.- Work on
construction is still being prosecuted
with vigor but the bad weather of the
last two weeks has interfered consider
aVy and retarded the work. Some trou
ble is reported at the tunnels on account
of some of the whites anil Chinesu
striking for higher wages. Jeffrey it
Co., the contractors, say the work
must and shall go on and will be com
pleted as soon as possible. On the
south of us some work is being done,
the line being definitely located forty
miles this side of Redding, and we are
informed that some grading will yet be
done this season. When Hurlbert's
surveying over the Siskiyous is defini
tely locacated some work on that tun-
nel will also be done at once.
"Chemeketa," a correspondent of the
Portland "Standard," furnishes that
paper with the following:
The Senators who live the greatest
distance from the Capital are Hon. I.
D. Haines, of Baker county, and Hon.
Dunham Wright, of Union county.
These gentlemen draw mileage on 860
miles of travel.
The Senator who lives nearest the
Capital is Hon. William Waldo, who
is reported by the committee on mile
age as entitled to draw upon the State
treasury for the amount of 2 miles
travel, 20 cents These figures include
distance to and from place of residence.
Hon. N. H. Gates, of Wasco county,
is evidently the senior of the Senators,
ind Hon. Jos. Simon, of Multnomah
county, is evidently the junior mem
ber of this body.
One of the Senators from Douglas
C-Ounty, though dignified in appear
ance, is arthing but the Stearn(e)
member tl t his natiin indicates.
The mf-mber from JosepSine has
proved to be anything but what his
name would pr.suiipos! since he add
ed one to the number voting for the
"favorite candidate" for "U. S. Senator
which an ordinary c
her Seifer)s
TiaT BSBXtor-wiio-reiiresenis
Jacksoif'taunty in the 'Senate is digni
lied and courteous, cannot be denied,
but he is seldom '-Prim" to his many
Aud now your correspondent has,
indeed, reached delicate ground that
of deciding who is the handsomest
Senator. As at previous sessions, it
now devolves upon the reporteis who
were anuointed a committee to ta.e
the matter under conside
granted leave to report at
Of the thirty Senato
?! share of
good luSlo- perhaps more than th-
average for the number the honors
would undoubtedly be divided betv-een
President McConiiell, of Yamhil.
county, and the senior member from
Multnomah, Hon. Sol Hirsch. One i.s
of the Saxon, the other of the Oriental
Up: hence the division of opinion.
oenaior r.nyeu, ot JLiun, is conceded
to be the most lucid speaker. He of
ten makes the resume of a bill with its
muliefarious amendments, and amend
ments to amendments until it is like a
tangled skein, and straightens it out
until the dullest listener cannot fail to
As far as known, only four Senators
nrematrimoniaHy "eligible." Senator
Waldo, of Marion, Bilyeu of Litin,
Simon, of Multnomah, and Sifcrs, ot
Senator Haines, of Baker, is the
humorist of the Senate, the only one
whose spt ejbes provoke a smile. When
he takes the floor, the Senate involun.
tarily listens.
In the matter of stature, Senators
-Myers, of Clickamas, Prim, of Jackson,
and Lee, of Polk, take the lead.
R-lml... Hii.s.j.Iiroy, .o Uit., Vet. to
the floor tho oftenest, but his addresses
to Mr. President are notably brief.
Senator Clow, who represents Ben
ton and Polk jointly, has a very quick
perception of points at issue, often
putting questions that bring out new
phases to the matter under discussion.
He never votes without perfect under
standing of the case in hand.
Seuator Tyson represents the county
that rhymes with his name Washing
ton. He has a resonant voice, peculi
arly his own, that cannot bo mistaken
lor anyone else. iUr. iyton is not
much given to speaking, but is, never
theless, well versed in tho use of lan
guage. One of the ablest Senators is Colvig,
of Douglas. Seeming to take a per
sonal interest in each measure, he
speaks oft.-n, clearly and impartially.
.Mr. Colvig holds positions on several
important committees, and is regarded
as one of the strongest leaders on the
Republican side of the House.
Senator Dorris, of Lryie, may be
called the debater of the body Senator
ial. He speaks upon the merits of
i.early every bill, is argumentative in
style, and almost convincing through
his evident sincerity.
Hon. Thos. E. Cauthorne is new to
legislation, but his contituents in Ben
ton county may rest assured that their
interests are in good hands. He has
dotted parliamentary usages naturally,
and gives the impression of belonging
to the legal profession.
Hon. W. A. Starkweather, who rep
resents Clackamas county jointly with
Hou. John Mers, is in "peisonnel"
most dignified in mein and bearing.
correspondingly pleasing, wiih courte-
s-mniiiiil I l.iu ii. iwn irtiTTeartr
and hair that bt conies one just pas. ig
down the westward slope, in life's
journey. JUr. starkweather serves on
the two important committees of en
grossed bil s and assessments.
In selecting Hon. J. M. Siglin to the
Senate, the voters of Coos and Curry
expected to be frequently "heard from,"
and have certainly not been disap
pointed. Mr. Siglin is one cf the
ablest speakers on the floor, and rep
resents tho Bay counties with marked
ability. He has been maligned some
what for changing his vote on the Sen
atorial question, but the reasons he
gave seemed satisfactory to his con
stituents, and there the matter rests.
As far as we know, he is the only ex
editor in the Senate, and his references
as ei'itor of the Coos Bay "News" was,
we venture to affirm, one of the best
schools he ever attended for clearing
the .fntelleet. and giving a ready flow
to thought and speech.
In every measure brought before the
Senate, President McConnell has ever
ruled with fairness, dignity and impar
tiality, and preserving ordpr and de
corum throughout the deliberations,
gaining the rpspect and esteem of
every member of the Senate.
For Sale. Several head of horses.
sets of harness and wagons. For f urth
er particulars enquire of Bilger ik
X Crowl.
Deskins, Oct. 15, 1882.
Ed. Sestinel: Fifteen days of rain
and no papers for six weeks. If I was
a cussing man you might expect me
to do a little of it, but as it is I must
content myself with a first-class growl.
I have got no Sextixel since you
changed my paper to this office, neith
er has Mr. Boothby nor Deskins, since
the latter has held the post oflice here.
Now what is the matter? We want
this matter looked into. I have good
reason to think the fault is in the
Sara's Valley office, and if the com
plaints I hear are true it would be well
for Ben Simpson to givo that office a
little examination. We hae been a
long time without any mail facilities
and now to have it of no benefit to us
makes us feel like growling at nearly
everv one. Our Hon. County Court
thinks wo need no bridge across Elk
creek. Our mail carrier could not
c os it on Friday without swimming
and thus endangering the mail, so he
had to go e;ght mile; .bnva to cross
and tutu rO. lost in the woods and
was a day behind time. Of copld.
di. t'link we need anv x'
. .fyou willrighV,3Soe:ctPn
you sualt havo ouretern) so popular
w. ourdte6? 9
itlM&J& " wpr
: may be
Varlotn Cnii'
tyread as
Advancing years, aire. Sic
K)iiitment, and hereditary
tion all operate to-turn
and either of then?
premaiureiy. ,5-rERS
will restoro-Taded1 or
hair to-Tfrich bro
ntvj Vin dpsirr --n or deei
ileanses the y d- - softens
action, i-taip, giving n a healthy
Y. 1 -. i . .
removes and cures d mdruff
v. iiumui.-). xv us use iaiung hair
is checked, and a new growth will be
produced in all cases where the follicles
ire not destroyed or the glands decay
ed. Its effects are beautifully shown
on brash y, weak, or sickly hair, on
which a few applications will produce
the glos's and freshness of youth.
Harmless and sure in its operation, it
is incomparable as a dressing, and is
especially valued for the soft lustre aud
.... in,ta ui tuiiu it imparts, it con
tains neither oil nor dye, and will not
ou or color white cambric; yet it lasts
long on the hair, and keeps it ficsh
and vigorous.
Fob Sale by all Dealers.
Hollovay's Fills Never Despair
Something that never fails Fever
and Ague To the sick it is of little
consequence how they are cured,
whether from a rational view of the
disease or by the rules defined for the
guidance of the profession, so long as
the cure is certain and expeditious.
To a suffering man the question on the
rrmuvu merits ot quinine or calomel ir
uninteresting. The faculty may
wrangle aud discuss their various theor
ies, but Dr. Holloway's treatment dis
pels doubt ere the disciples of Iw:uU
plus have finished the first stage
Holloway's Pills are the only remedies
which effect a speedy and radical cure
without danger of a relapse. Read
the advertisement elsewhere.
Important Cautios. None are
genuine unless tho signature of J.
Haydock, surrounds each box of Pills
and Ointment. Boxes at 25 cents, 62
cents and SI each.
rJSTThere is considerable saving by
taking the larger sizes.
Holloway & Co., New York.
31 ol her Dlcilursnlt ISlicum.
J. W. Adams. Newark. Ohio, savs:
"Cuticura Remedies are the greatest
medicines on earth. Had the worst
caso Salt Rheum in this country. My
mother had it twenty years, and in
fact died from it. I believe Cuticura
would have saved her life. My arras,
tireast and head were covered for three
years, which nothing relieved or cured
until I used the Cuticura Remedies.
.a. ca:n.x
To all who are suffering from the er
rors and indiscretionsof youth, neivous
weakness, early decay, loss of manhood,
ic, I will send a reciepe that will
cure you, free of charge. This great
remedy was discovered by a missionary
in South America. Send a self ad
dressed envelope to the Rev. Joseph T.
Lnman, Station D, New York City.
Quarterly Meeting. The Quar
terly meeting for Jacksonville circuit,
M. E. Church south, will be held at
Eagle Point on the 28th and 29th, of
Oct. Services commencing Saturday
at. 11 o'ejock, A. ji. Official members
please be there. at 3 o'clock, p if - .
- ic: orx-omenx, P. 11
McFA D DEN- -On Applegate, Oct, 5th
to Mr. and Mrs. J. S. McFadden, a
CAMERON KUBLI. At the resi
dence of the brides parents on Apple
gate, Oct. 18, 1882, by J. H. Huuer,
J. P., Zack Cameron and Miss. V.
McDOW FINCH In College city
Cal. Sept. 21st, by Rev. J. Durham,
Thos. B. McDow and Miss Sarah A.
Finch, formerly of Jackson county.
HAMLIN In Eden precinct, Oct.
7th, James infant son of T. J. and
Ellen Hamlin aged 8 months.
From the slock range of tho undersigned
about last June one pale red and white
cow about ten or ilevcn years old marked
swallow fork in the right undcrbit in the
left ears Branded with sma 1 horse-shoe
on left hip. A liberal reward wi 1 be paid
for her delivery at Byl.ce"s Ferry on
Rogue River.
Geo. W. Brown, 48 Marshall St., Provi
dence, R. I., cured by luticura Resolvent
(blood purifier) and Cuticuraand Cuticura
Soap (the great skin cures) of a Ringworm
Humor got at the barber's, which spread
all over his cars, neck and face, and for
six years resisted all kinds of treatments
Oltln Tlnmor,
F. II. Drake, Esq, agent for Ilarper fc
Bros., Dctioit, Mich., gives an astonishing
account of his case (eczema rodent), -which
had been treated by n consultation of
phvsicians without benefit, and which
specilily yielded to the Cuticura Resolv
ent (llood purifier) internally and Cuti
cura arl Cuticura Soap (the great s!dn
cures) (.xtcrnally.
Sorvlcl 33Concl.
II. A. Raymond. Auditdr F. "W.. J.
R. R. . Jack' on. Mich., wito cured of So
Rvad ofnint- vears duration by the (
euro Remedies.
Hon. Wm- Taylor. TtostVn, Mass.
manentlv cured of ahunorVthe fn
scalp eczema) that had beck trea
Ihre'sful I v tor twelve years Vy
I best physicians and rao
januaryvj,as well as .European
nfionffA Or--' -
Tn ftRhiJWet r il
l-hear ifcace
)n sitter's child, who vf
ust winch resisted
vears Nmr n flnl
ith a beautiful head of hair
lican. Steam Fire Engine ril
lured of Alopecia, or ialliDg"
y me tauicura Kcsolvent
t) internally and Cntirnra
fSoap (the- great skin cures)
hich comnletelv restored M
II said he would Jose it.
Tho Cuticura treatment consists In the
internal use of the Cuticura It-solvent,
the new-blood purifier, and the external
use of Cuticura and Cuticura Soap, the
great skin cures.
Cixt iourn
Itemedics arc for sale bv all druisU.
Price of CtrrirrntA, a Medicinal Jelly,
small boxes, SO. : large boxes $t ; CunamA
Ttnsni.vEj.-T, the new Blood purifier, $1
per bottle. Ccticura So.r (the queen of
medicinal and toilet soaps), 25c. Crrrr
cttka MEniciSAL Snvvrxo Soap. 15c.
Principal depot, WEEKS & POTTER
Boston, JJa
Sanford's Radical Cure.
Clear head and voice, easy breathing,
sweet breath, perfect smell, taste and he.i-
ing, no rough, uo distress, by us" oas
ronn's Kadicai. Cure
Sneeze unti' V"' Ml '3 ready to fly
off, eyes "lU nose mnnin? water, throat
pmentuand blood feverish or take Sax
Fonu's Radical Core for Catarrh and bo
cured .
Witch Hazel, American Pine, Canada
Fir, Marigo d and Clover Blossoms are
what Sanford's Radical Cure is made ot.
ne bottle Radical Cure, one box Catarrhal
Solvent and Sanford's Inhaler, in one
package tor $1. Sold everywhere.
, Boston,
Gentle, yet effectivo,
united with Healing
Balsam, render Collins
voltaic electric plas
ters one hundred times
superior to all other
plasters for every Pain.
- ASTtf
Weakness and Inflammation. Price 2oc.
Sold everywhere.
Universal Vegetable BxnaccA
Of concentrated extracts selected and com
pounded from among the many Herbs
and Plants of
Nature's Great Botanic Garden
For the speedy itntl permanent relief of
the most hopeless cases of
Sick Headache. Constipated Bowels (
General Debility, and all other disc:j
arnsing lrom a bilious state ot the s
ach or an inactive or disordered IiveJ
Redington & Co . San Francisri
for the Pacific Coast
,.i .v.... -1
I have the Agency for the
Both instruments aro unexcelled lor
purity and sweetness of tone and power of
expression. One ofthcorgans can be seen
at Mrs. AVils Berrys'.
Mrs. 1$. J. Sit Anr, Agent.
Riddle, Oregon.
All goods entrusted to my care will re
ceive prompt and careful attention.
Mark your goods care G. E., Ridd'e. Or.
Reference: Any business house in Rose
burg. GEO. ENGLE.
iwTj r.i jj
ROffiTIUL, MDElt & CO.
33 and 35 Battery Street,
Represented by N KOHN,